key west louI am a retired New York attorney. Retirement came after 46 years in the practice. I retired to a home I had earlier purchased in Key West, Florida. I enjoyed living in Key West. I did not enjoy being retired. The pace of retired life was too slow for me. I decided to write. What? A blog. About my life in Key West. I was not computer literate. I paid a young lady $20 to set up the Key West Lou  blog for me. She did it and showed me how to get in and out of it. That was 2007. The Key West Lou blog has a substantial number of loyal daily readers which continues to increase. The blog encouraged more from me. I started Key West Lou Law on Amazon Kindle.  Both blogs resulted in me doing a radio show and then an Internet show. Both were and are known as The Key West Lou Legal Hour. What began as strictly a legal endeavor is now a talk show that covers sins and happenings everywhere. The Internet show is enjoyed weekly world-wide from places such as Papua, New Guinea to Beijing, China to Jakarta, Indonesia to Crete, Greece to Milan, Italy to London, England to Calitzdorp, South Africa and most of the fifty states. The Internet show led to a column in a local weekly newspaper which provided further opportunity for me to pontificate on a multitude of issues.

Check out the Law Page for sampling of my  unique perspective on today’s legal topics. If you like, we offer all past blogs digitally through Kindle!

All of the preceding has led me to this web page…..The opportunity to share my thinking with you. Enjoy!
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    • Hi Lou, thank you v. much! for keeping us all informed on how life is according to your perspectives… and wisdom. great stuff from Key West….. was there in 1995, wow, was long ago.

      I’m in Spokane WA, working as Holistic Quantum Reiki Energy healer and teacher of same. (we do amazing higher consciousness energy work
      helping people and animals).
      thank you, love Aranka

  1. Hi Lou..

    Great blog!!!!

    wanted to let you know about one of Key West’s best contemporary artists..
    Stephen La Pierre. http://www.stephenlapierre.com

    He and his donated “Sign of Sanford” oil painting will be at Gardens Hotel Jazz this Sunday 5:30-8pm…painting is grand prize in raffle (benefit for Busting Breast Cancer http://www.bustingbreastcancer.org )

    LaPierre is doing one man show at Custom House Museum in KW ..opening is Dec 15th …
    would appreciate any good words you can say in one of your upcoming blog postings.. about this Sunday’s event. Can send press release if you send me your email address.

    thanks so much
    all best,

    PS for more info on LaPierre’s work .. also see: Key West Hide Outs – Absolutely Florida!


  2. Lou,

    I do enjoy reading your blog each day. Thank you for sharing your life to all. It’s such a pleasure to read in this day and age.

  3. Hi Louis,

    So sorry to hear about your dad. He was one odd the nicest people I have ever met. Hope all is well with you.


  4. Hi Lou,

    Interesting site…

    I always love Elena’s art, so beautiful and unique…as is She..

    We have been sister’s since 1965.. 🙂

    Boston, Mass.

  5. Lou: I enjoy reading your blog each morning. I would like to hear your thoughts on raising and educating children in Key West. My guess is your daughter is pretty hands on! I have a 9 and 4 year old and the wife would like to live in Key West/Key Haven in the worst way. Her parents live on the base during the winter months. I can’t really find much information on this anywhere, other than go the Montessori route if you can get in. Your thoughts????

  6. Hello Lou,

    I happened upon your blog and your comment about shooting pool with Muzzy Garramone. I entered the US Navy with Muzzy on July 14, 1954 and we went through boot camp together. There is more to the story. Very coincidentally, I went through Utica today and drove right his home on Sage Court. It looks like the compound from the Godfather movie.

    Always wanted to visit Key West and your comments may get me there.


  7. Lou:
    We met last year in the Chart House, I played the guitar for a little while and introduced myself to you. We are headed to KW in a few weeks. Any suggestions for new restaurants or ones we may not hvae found after 8 years of coming down.
    Also do you know if and when Mary works at the chart house. we had a lot of fun with her last year.
    Best regards
    Virginia Beach

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