Hollywood has a tendency to play with the truth.

Hollywood has made several Mutiny on the Bounty movies over the years. All depicting William Bligh as a despicable mean naval captain.

Typical of the industry, Bligh was misrepresented. He was not the Charles Laughton of the 1935 movie, nor the Trevor Howard of the 1962 movie, nor the Anthony Hopkins of the 1984 movie. Bligh was a competent caring ship captain.

Fletcher Christian as portrayed by Clark Gable, Marlon Brando, and Mel Gibson respectively not quite the nice guy reflected in the films. Though not bad per se. I think in the end his penis got in the way of his judgment.

Bligh’s notoriety comes from his Bounty experiences. The Bounty was not his only court martial trial, however. Two more followed the Bounty episode.

The Bounty mutiny occurred in 1789. The second was the Spithead Mutiny in 1797. The third and last, the Rum Rebellion in 1808.

Bligh was exonerated/found not guilty in all three court martial trials. He was returned to duty in each instance.

He was a Lieutenant at the time of the Bounty mutiny. He thereafter captained eight major vessels rising in rank from Commodore to Admiral. Followed by appointment as Governor of New South Wales.

Not reflective of Hollywood’s Charles Laughton, Trevor Howard or Anthony Hopkins.

The Bounty was a small ship. Not even referred to as a ship. It was a cutlass. Had on board only one officer. A lieutenant. Bligh was the lieutenant. No Marine contingency. Marines were placed on ships to maintain security.

Fletcher Christian was on board the Bounty. He and Bligh had met in the early 1800s and became close friends. Fletcher a younger man. Fletcher was eager to learn navigation. Bligh took him under his wing.

The Bounty was headed for Tahiti. The purpose of the voyage was to obtain breadfruit which grew on Tahiti. Then return the breadfruit to slave islands in the Caribbean. The British government was hopeful the cheap breadfruit would suffice in feeding the slaves.

Bligh’s intent was to take the Bounty around South America’s Cape Horn and then onto Tahiti. Bad weather confronted the Bounty. Bligh could not get it around Cape Horn. He was required to change direction to South Africa and around its tip.

The change in course screwed up the Bounty’s time table. Involved was the breadfruit growing season. The Bounty arrived in Tahiti not at the end of a growing season. Relatively close to the beginning of the season. The Bounty was required to remain in Tahiti five months waiting for the breadfruit to reach harvesting time.

Fletcher was a Master’s Mate. Bligh gave him the added responsibility of being in charge of one of the three watches. In effect making Christian a sort of number 2 in authority.

The crew had nothing to do during the five months of wait. Tahiti was beautiful. A care free attitude existed among the natives. Love making was a constant activity. Sexual license pervasive.

The crew became accustomed to the hedonistic pace.

When the time came to leave Tahiti, the men were reluctant. They had found heaven on earth.

During the trip to Tahiti, Bligh might be described as a kinder captain that most in the British Navy. He punished sparingly. Never hung. Whipped where other captains would hang. Maintained a good diet for the men and strict sanitation on the ship.

He could not be labeled as cruel.

His one negative was that he could be abrupt and insulting.

Bligh’s nature and disposition had nothing to do with the mutiny. Most of the crew was reluctant to leave the idyllic life they were enjoying on Tahiti.

The Bounty did depart Tahiti. It did not get too far. In the middle of the night, Fletcher led the rebellion. Fletcher and some mutineers entered Bligh’s cabin, woke him, tied him and brought him upon deck.

Bligh chastised his friend Fletcher. Fletcher’s response was short…..I am in hell.

Bligh and most of the crew not supporting the mutiny were placed in a 23 foot launch. Too many bodies for such a small boat. They were given four cutlasses, food and water for a week, a quadrant, and a compass. No charts.

The Fletcher led mutineers returned to Tahiti. History tells us they lived the exotic life a while till Fletcher told them they had to leave to avoid discovery and arrest. Fletcher and the crew took their native loves and sailed off. History knows not where they went.

Bligh was a sailor of the first class. He was determined to get himself and his men home.

The nearest island with European settlers was Timor. 4,164 miles away. Bligh got the cutlass and men there. Only one died on the way. The trip took 47 days. Bligh and the crew survived on 1/12 pounds of bread per day. Bligh navigated the whole way. To this day considered a marvelous accomplishment.

The court martial honorably acquitted Bligh. Note was made that had there been more officers and a Marine detachment, the mutiny would never have occurred.

A small number of crewmen were found guilty. Only three hung. Found guilty not of mutiny, but barratry. Barratry was defined as the misappropriation by those entrusted with the care of a ship to the detriment of the owner (British Crown).

Bligh was returned to duty as a captain of a larger vessel.

Bligh was to stand court martial a second time in a mutiny situation in 1797. Bligh was captain of the HMS Director. Several other ships were involved in the mutiny. The mutiny referred to as the Spithead Mutiny.

The mutiny had nothing to do with Bligh personally. The crews mutinied for more pay and an end to brutality.

Bligh was found not guilty and returned to sea duty as captain of an even larger vessel.

Bligh’s competency and leadership were recognized by the British government in 1805 when he was appointed as Governor of New South Wales. New south Wales was near or a part of Australia.

New South Wales had a high society consisting of colonists and senior officers of the New South Wales Corp.

They were stealing the island and British government blind.

Bligh was confrontational. Actually pissed off. He ordered them to cease and desist.

No one heard him. No one wanted to hear him. Those he was chastising were making huge profits from illegal private trading. The trading primarily in rum. The incident is referred to as the Rum Rebellion.

Four hundred soldiers revolted. Took over. Found Bligh hiding under his bed. Arrested him. Kept him prisoner for two years till a court martial trial was held.

Bligh again was acquitted. The rebel leader was found guilty and dismissed from the military service with loss of pension. Meant nothing to him. He returned to New South Wales and enjoyed the balance of his life living off his ill gotten gains from the rum trade.

Bligh was obviously a competent leader. Good to his crews in comparison to other naval captains of the time. A straight arrow, however.

He faced trial three times. Was exonerated three times. Continued in service after each acquittal.

Why do I write this piece re Bligh? Simple. I think Hollywood has given him a bad deal. Hollywood has portrayed him as a villain in the Bounty movies. I wanted to set the record straight. Showing also that Bligh walked with a black cloud over his head. Three times subjected to court martial trial.


Received a surprise call yesterday from Amorgos. My favorite Greek isle.

It was Anna. She decided to skip Santorini and go directly to Amorgos.

She was calling from Mythos. My favorite restaurant on Amorgos. She was with the owner Vangelis. Anna said as soon as she appeared at Mythos, Vangelis asked …..Where is Louis? Amazing. I have not seen him in three years.

I got to talk with Vangelis. He and his wife run Mythos. Their young 20ish daughter waits tables. They also have another daughter. A late in life surprise/joy. Has to be five now. When last there, she was a two year old toddler wobbling around the restaurant most of the day.

I spent most of my time at Mythos. Researching and writing. I did not miss a stroke while there. I got to Mythos about 10 in the morning. Had a late breakfast or early lunch. Worked til about 4. Returned in the evening for dinner.

Vangelis watched out for me. If I ordered something he thought I would not like, he nodded his head no. Sometimes he would not let me even order. He would say eat this tonight.

There are no sheep on Amorgos. Only goats. Hundreds of them. Yet the few restaurants are always selling lamb.

One morning, Vangelis said…..Tonight, you eat goat!

He had prepared the goat himself. Took me in the kitchen and showed it to me. It was rotating over a fire. Vangelis said when you taste this tonight, it will taste like lamb. It did.

I enjoyed Amorgos. Spent close to three months there overall. I should be vacationing there now. Maybe I would not have experienced chest pains. If I had, I would have been in trouble. No hospital, doctor or nurse. No airport. A boat ride to where ever.

Boring yesterday. Many days I screw off and do nothing. Stay home. Yesterday was different. I was required to stay home. No fun when there is a compulsion.

I read, watched TV and napped.

Television and Trump go hand in hand. He is still getting most of the TV time. The free time. Ninety percent of the TV time. It is a new issue with him every day. You forget anyone else is running for President.

I had an appointment with Tammy for a manicure at 2. Obviously could not keep it. Tammy will be my first stop when I am out saturday.

Edward B. Knight is a Key West icon. Ninety nine years old. Still sharp.

The White Street Pier was renamed yesterday in his honor. Much deserved. Key West is a better place because of him. He and David Wolkowsky could walk down the street arm in arm.

Oil, greed and politics go hand in hand.

The Golan Heights was part of Syria. Technically still is.  Israel occupied the Golan Heights in 1967 following the Arab/Israeli Six Day War. Israel never left. Israel has been building on the property over the years. While the United Nations has been trying to resolve the dispute over title. Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting for years.

Rupert Murdoch is well known world wide. He owns among other things FOX News and the Wall Street Journal. A billionaire. He is a major shareholder in Genie Energy. Genie Energy has an Israeli subsidiary.

Newt Gingrich is an adviser to Genie Energy.

The Israeli subsidiary is prepared to start drilling for oil on the Golan Heights.

While Palestinian/Israeli fighting continues.

Enjoy your day!


I am alive and well. Cathereization results show no change in heart past three years.

A good sign. So why the chest pains relieved by nitroglycerin? I am not going to worry about it. Blame it on stress. Except I am not supposed to have stress living the good life in Key West.

They have handicapped me. No driving or drinking for three days. I can do without drink. No car? Bad! I live three islands up from Key West. Need wheels.

I will hibernate the next few days. Read. Writing a no no. Do not want me to use mt left hand. I am punching the keys  with one finger of my right hand as I write.

Thank you for all the e-mails wishing me well. From all over. Thailand and South Africa included. My Thailand follower had Buddha working for me.

Your messages lifted my spirits.

The Key West hospital is named the Lower Keys Medical Center. They did a good job. Everyone pleasant and concerned.

Ambulatory care had three nice ladies prepping me. Nancy, Lenora and Monica.

Cath lab where the deed was performed had amongst others Catherine and Omar. Top shelf.

Recovery Alicia and Sean. Alicia in charge of me for three hours. A boss! Repetitive! Made sure re the do’s and do nots when I left. Kept me in a good mood for three hours.

The doctor who did the cath was Dr. Vandormal. Attentive during the procedure. I was awake and aware of everything going on. The process interesting. And painless.

There were others. I cannot recall their names.

The hospital clean and equipped with relatively new equipment. When I was in for major surgery 14 years ago, everything and everyone sucked. From staff to the care of the building itself.

I did not do my podcast last night. I asked Sloan to go on at the beginning and read a short two line statement that there would be no show. We have done this before. Sloan got home late from work. The message never got out.

I will apologize next week.

Enjoy your day!












For some reason, the tune has been running through my head since I woke this morning.

This is the day. Heart catheterization.

The blog will be limited because I have to be off to the hospital soon. There will be no blog talk radio show tonight.

Yesterday morning was terrific. Elizabeth Warren! Trump is no competition for her. She cut his testicles off. I would enjoy watching the two debate face to face. Unfortunately, it will not be.

Decided to get out a bit.

Enjoyed a pedicure with Tammy. Ran into Kate Miano. She was getting a manicure, also. She will soon leave for France for a month. Kate is renovating an apartment in France she recently purchased.

Then home to rest for a couple of hours. manicure was tough!

I was at Aqua around six for Dueling Bartenders. Rick Dery and Tom Luna are terrific!

The flavor/atmosphere is comparable to Bobby Nesbitt. He used to do a sing in on wednesday nights at cocktail time. It was the best event in town.

That’s it folks.

Enjoy your day!


I continue to baby myself. It’s my nature.

Ergo, spent yesterday home again. Reading, writing, napping and watching TV. Not bad. Relaxing.

I did some extra reading to fill in the time. Came across an article whose contents may rile some of you. Concerns microaggressions. Microaggressions are everyday words that radical leftists have decided to be angry or frustrated about.

First however two other items.

I spent several hours writing this week’s KONK Life column: Captain Bligh A Good Guy. He was not the person as represented by Charles Laughton in one of the Mutiny On The Bounty movies. His entire life he was recognized as a competent naval officer. Rising over the years to become an Admiral.

I am hooked on William Hackley’s diary as most Key Westers are. This morning’s excerpt talks about the weather being a bit off. It appears to have changed the way Hackley bathe that day.

Hackley describes the sea being full and walking bad as he took his early morning walk. My sense, sand blowing and the air humid.

He found the bath water pleasant and decided to use the bath tub to bathe. Which suggests his normal bathing was a sponge bath.

I have gotten old. No question. Next week, I will be 81. Makes it difficult for me to understand some things.

The University of North Carolina is a public institution. The University published a tax funded guide for its students: Career Corner Understanding Microaggressions.

The guide was written by two University administrators. Required reading for students.

Certain words/phrases can no longer be used in correct and proper society.

Some examples.

Christmas vacation. A vacation term organized around a religious holiday which diminishes non-Christian spiritual rituals and observances.

I love your shoes! The shoe admirer values appearances more than intellectual contributions.

A male may never interrupt a woman speaking.

Golf outings. Infers country club or round of golf. Assumes many school employees have the financial resources to participate in a fairly expensive and inaccessible sport.

Boy friend and girl friend. Correct terms to be used are partner and spouse. The distinction has to do with sexual identification. Transgenders not taken into consideration.

Male and female blocks on bureaucratic forms. Not proper. Transgender thing again.

Men who dress as women. Cannot be referred to as he or him.

The article recognized another problem that required correction. Band aids. The article claims band aids are made for white people. The hue of the band aid matches a white person’s skin.

As the world turns.

It does.


Enjoy your day!


George Will and I are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. With one difference. He is to the far right. I consider myself a liberal tending more toward the middle.

Will has been in the forefront of the Republican establishment forever. I read his columns. Enjoy the times he is on TV talk shows. Even though I do not agree with his positions, I enjoy keeping up with what the other side is saying.

Will announced yesterday that he is leaving the Republican Party because of Trump. A man of his convictions. He could have taken the easy way out and said he was not voting for Trump. No pussy footing involved. I respect that.

Will’s position simply is let the Democrats win this election. Work on 2020. Trump is that bad for the country and he must not win.

Speaking of Trump, I mentioned yesterday that no camera shots were shown of the crowd Trump was talking to in Turnberry. I suspected it was small. It was. The crowd was shown on TV this morning. Less than 30 people.

Spent yesterday afternoon researching this week’s KONK column. It will be about William Bligh. Captain of the Bounty. Remember the movies Mutiny on the Bounty.

Movie making takes liberties with the truth. In the Bligh/Bounty movies significantly. Bligh was not the bad guy. Actually good to his men.

Surprisingly, Bligh faced three court martials. He was exonerated in all three. Historians view him as a good leader wronged by events not of his making.

I plan on writing the column this afternoon.

Never got to see and hear Terri White at Blue Heaven last night. My reservation was for 7:30. Jenna got held up at work.

It was a later dinner for us at Martin’s inside. Wienerschniztel and brie. We ate in the air conditioned inside dining room.

Tuesday weighing on me. Don’t know why. I have been through this before. In addition, my sciatica has returned.

Can’t win.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Tonight…..Terri White sings! At Blue Heaven. 6:30-9:30.

This is Terri’s first Key West performance since returning. She is retired. Moved back home to Key West with her wife Donna. Terri will do an occasional Key West gig. Nothing more.

Terri is officially retired. She had no choice. She went blind rather suddenly in one eye. If my recollection is correct, her last solo performance was at Kennedy Center. She fell off the stage. Her depth perception is shot.

I will be at Blue Heaven enjoying Terri. My evening will be doubly pleasing. Jenna will be with me.

I did nothing yesterday. Laid around. Read, napped and watched TV. I am taking it easy till we are sure what if anything is going on with my heart.

Hemingway. I have been reading a lot of Hemingway this past week. Not his works. Stories about the man himself. Interesting and revealing.

Hemingway was not a nice guy all the time. Especially as he got older. Mean.

Once an enemy, always an enemy. He wrote of his former friends, now enemies, as characters in his books. Making them look bad.

His sex life all over the place. Besides several wives, he had at least two long term affairs with lesbian women. Who apparently became bi as a result.

Hemingway is considered to have been bisexual by several who wrote about him. Going as far back as F. Scott Fitzgerald during their Paris days.

I would love to write a Hemingway column taking in all these facets. Too much involved, however. Also, I would owe it to the man to research even more deeply than I have. A lot of work. A ton of material. It would have to be a novel.

Anna telephoned yesterday from the Milan airport. She was waiting for a plane to Athens. She decided not to let the immigration problem screw up her summer.

She will spend a few days in Athens in a small hotel near Playka. She promised to visit my favorite outside cafe and drink a silent gin and tonic toast to me.

Her second stop will be Santorini. Things safe there, she says. After that, not sure. Maybe Amorgos.

I envy her.

She mentioned that Silvio Berlusconi had heart surgery ten days ago in Milan. An aortic valve replacement. Appears to be doing well.

My primary problem is with my aortic valve. Interestingly, my father’s problem was with his aortic valve.

Anna follows Berlusconi’s doings closely. Most Italians do. In spite of everything, he is a loved man in Italy. Anna says Putin has been in constant touch with Berlusconi. The two are known close friends. Putin built a home next door to Berlusconi in Portofino.

Trump in Scotland as seen on TV. Boring. Unimpressive.

My sense is he did not have a crowd. Hard to determine. The camera remained on him and never showed us those listening to him.

Americans are movie lovers. Especially of the old west. On this day in 1876, the Battle of Little Bighorn took place. Custer and his 200 men were wiped out by Chiefs Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. The Native Americans had 3,000 against Custer’s 200.

I have to research this week’s KONK Life column today. I research on saturday and write on sunday. My usual problem again. Do not know yet what I am going to write about.

Enjoy your day!




The news of the day! The result of the British Euro Union vote. Interesting.

Whether the proper outcome, I don’t know. Beyond my understanding of everything involved.

The result did hit me between the eyes with one factor. Loud and clear. The unhappiness, populist movement, immigration problems, concern and anger of the American people is the same as those of the British. Our problems are common. and seem to be similar to the problems of many other countries.

Which makes a Donald Trump possible.

Even a Bernie Sanders.

I watched Sanders on Morning Joe earlier. He needs as vacation. The man is tired. Aggressive in his responses. He has reached the point where he is taking himself too seriously. He is heart attack material.

Saw Trump land at Turnberry. His new golf course. His only one in Scotland. I was not sure if it was one or two when I wrote yesterday.

Trump is not loved in Turnberry. He had a multitude of fights with local officials during the course’s construction.

My yesterday was a haircut with Lori and a visit to my heart doctor, Dr. Mc Ivor.

No problem with the haircut. May be a problem with the heart. I have been scheduled for a heart catheterization tuesday. All recent test results good. however, I am getting frequent chest pains. Nitroglycerin relieves the pain almost immediately.

Could be stress. Too much sun and good times.

We who live in the lower Keys and read the Key West Citizen every day have acquired a new friend. William Hackley. The Citizen obtained a copy of Hackley’s diary. 1855. He lived in Key West. Rose around 4 each morning, took a walk and then a bath. Gives us the temperature. Then tells us of his daily exploits. He was a prominent citizen, lawyer and public attorney.

Hackley also owned land. Farm land. Grew hemp. He worked the fields some days together with his field hands.

Hemp had value back then. Maybe even now. I came across an article written by Ellen Brown titled: The War on Weed Is Winding Down – But Will Monsanto Be the Winner. Published June 23, 2016.

Lengthy and informative.

An interesting portion…..”In early America, it was considered a farmer’s patriotic duty to grow hemp. Cannabis was legal tender from 1631 until early 1800s. Americans could even pay taxes with it. Benjamin Franklin’s paper mill used cannabis…..Hemp was also an essential resource for any country with a shipping industry, since it was the material from which sails and rope were made.”

I do not sense Hackley was in the cannabis business. 1855 appears to late for the hemp to be used as money. Hackley however did reside in Key West which was a shipping port. A significant shipping industry existed at the time. I suspect Hackley sold his hemp crop to those who manufactured sails and rope.

His diary so far is silent as to what he did with the hemp.

A lot of talk re the black topping of the White Street Pier. Some say it looks lousy. I agree. Supposed to gray with time, however. Some say too hot to walk on. I agree.

End of story. Job complete. It will be many years before it is covered again.

Ninety nine year old Key West icon Edward B. Knight still alive. Active. The White Street Pier is being renamed in his honor. July 2nd at 10 in the morning. A large crowd expected.

Turtle time again. This morning’s KONK E-Blast ask boaters to beware of turtles. They need to come up for air. Boat blades are prone to cut them up.

We are turtle crazy in the Keys!

Two Syracuse players were drafted by NBA teams last night. Freshman Malachi Richardson went 22nd. Senior Michael Gbinije 49th.

I question whether Richardson will make it. He has a temperament problem. Does not listen. Boeheim had to bench him a couple of times causing Malachi to miss whole games.

Gbinije a winner! Talented, level headed and can play different positions. I look for him to bloom.

My KONK Life column this week is Napoleon 2 Xs. Story involves mosquitoes, yellow fever, and hemorrhoids. As Napoleon was impacted by them.

The article hit the stands yesterday. It is featured in this morning’s E-Blast and was also linked to my Key West Lou website this morning.

Enjoy your day!



Nature and illness have a way of thwarting events.

As Napoleon well learned.

Two times.

First in what led Napoleon to sell the Louisiana Territory so cheaply to the United States. The other the cause of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo.

Napoleon was a busy man in 1802 and 1803. He was waging battles all over Europe. A war was contemplated against the United Kingdom. A slave revolution was taking place on the French island of Haiti in the Caribbean. Thirty thousand French troops were headed for New Orleans. Napoleon intended to land in New Orleans and move out to establish a French presence in the Mississippi Valley.

Napoleon’s plate was full.

He sent his brother-in-law General Victor Emanuel LeClerc to New Orleans to do the necessary to make North Americans aware that France was a player on the continent. LeClerc led a force of 30,000 crack French troops.

A slave mutiny was underway on Haiti. Napoleon told LeClerc to stop at Haiti first and put down the insurrection. Napoleon viewed the uprising as a fly on his arm. It could quickly be put down. He thought it would take 2-3 months. Then on to New Orleans.

At the time, there was a small garrison of French troops on the island guarding French planters and colonists.

Napoleon and LeClerc failed to take into account another Haitian enemy. A small one. The mosquito. Whose bite caused yellow fever.

Note that the Haitian slaves in rebellion had come from Africa. They had a built in immunity to yellow fever. Those white colonists born on Haiti developed an immunity after suffering a mild yellow fever attack in their youth.

Within a year, most of LeClerc’s troops were dead or dying. LeClerc himself died.

Napoleon sent General Rochambeau to Haiti with 20,000 additional troops. In less than a year, those troops were laid low by yellow fever. Rochambeau returned to France late in 1803 with only 3,000 survivors of the 50,000 troops sent.

Interestingly, twice as many French troops were felled by yellow fever on Haiti than were killed in the Battle of Waterloo years later.

Medical science did not know how to deal with yellow fever at the time. The best remedial/preventive activity engaged in was the burning of Haitian cities and villages to the ground.

Napoleon was infuriated. His response in effect was screw the Americas! He was not going to waste one more French life in Haiti, New Orleans or the Mississippi Valley.

Thomas Jefferson was President at the time. He had envoys in Paris negotiating with the French to purchase New Orleans. All of a sudden, France was offering to sell all the Louisiana Territory to the United States. Cheap. Dirt cheap.

Four cents an acre. Total price $15 million. A give away.

Jefferson jumped on the opportunity. Bought it all. Eight hundred twenty seven square miles of land. The purchase doubled the size of the United States. Opened the country to westward expansion.

Jefferson had to work hard to get Congress to agree to the Louisiana purchase. A major effort. History gives Jefferson credit for the purchase.

Few historians mention Napoleon, Haiti, or the mosquitoes. Few tell the story set forth herein.

Twelve years later, the Battle of Waterloo. June 18, 1815. Napoleon’s final fall from grace.

Historians again tell only a part of the story. Fail also to give credit to the actual cause of Napoleon’s defeat. His hemorrhoids.

The night before, Napoleon’s hemorrhoids were killing him. On top of which he had a bladder infection.

In order to relieve the pain and help him to sleep, Napoleon took a dose of opium. It worked. Worked so well that he failed to wake in the morning . Slept till just before one in the afternoon.

Napoleon’s delay in getting to the battlefield gave opposing armies time to change their positions. To more favorable ones. Such would never have occurred had Napoleon been on the job early that morning. The opposition moves assisted them greatly in countering Napoleon’s actions.

Napoleon had another problem. He had difficulty mounting and riding his horse. The hemorrhoids again.

Napoleon’s habit was to ride around the battlefield while the fighting was ongoing. Based on his personal observations, he would make tactical determinations to redeploy his forces.

Such reconnaissances were not possible that day.

Napoleon continued taking opium during the day. It is thought the opium affected his judgment.

In spite of these negatives confronting Napoleon, victory did not come to either side till late in the day.

Credit for the victory is generally given to the Duke of Wellington, leader of the allied forces. Prussians were part of that force. However the Prussians did not arrive on the battlefield till late in the day. Some historians give the Prussians credit because victory was achieved only after they arrived.

No one gives Napoleon’s hemorrhoids credit, expect for a handful of historians.

Historians look for flesh and blood heroes. Human ones. Rather than mosquitoes and hemorrhoids.

People want heroes, people need heroes.


Two political observations. Re current happenings.

Democrat sit in in well of House of Representatives. A shame grown men and women have to conduct themselves as they are to make a point. Not the way for government to be run.

I do not blame the sit ins. I blame the Republicans. Who are cowering to the NRA, who are under the thumb of the NRA.

Trump off to Scotland for the opening of a golf course. I believe his second course there. The Scots have been pissed off with Trump re the construction and operation of one of them. I am curious to see how well he will be received.

Trump should stay home. He needs to address the American people more. One good speech a President does not make.

A local political update. The genetically modified mosquito fiasco.

The Mosquito Control Board voted last night to adjourn the vote re the issue from August to election day in November. If Zika is a true crisis, the vote should not be delayed. I thought even August was too far away.

Politicians never seem to get things done properly/timely. Recall the Flint water crisis. Some six months ago made public. Recall further the furor in Washington re the problem. Congressional hearings held. Local officials defecated upon by Washington know it alls. Something had to be done.

Nothing done yet.

No federal monies have been allocated yet. The President, Senate and House have different numbers in mind as to how much. So nothing done so far. While Flint water no better today that six months ago.

Anti-gravity treadmill yesterday. Moved up a few additional notche. Still a long way to go, however.

Still have not grocery shopped. Wanted a heavy lunch to make up for a minimal breakfast. I was hungry! 5 Guys the winner.

Back Bar at cocktail time. Mark Watson bartending.

Good company. Rick, John, Donna and Terri, and Donna’s daughter Stacie.

Speaking of Terri, she sings saturday night at Blue Heaven. Visit. She is not to be missed. Her voice outstanding.

Dinner later at Duffy’s. Maybe my last time, except for an occasional Maine lobster. It bothered me spending $5 extra for a prime rib I could not finish. Duffy’s other dishes do not appeal to me.

I have been doing some Hemingway reading the past few days. Re his loves. The man was a cocks man. Amazing how many women he had in addition to his wives. A couple were popular Key West writers.

The research was for a possible column. Will not be next week’s column. Too many and too much involved. The subject requires more research.

Enjoy your day!