For the first time in the 30 years I have been in Key West, I welcome the rain. I was always hungry for the sun. However after the heat spell we suffered, the rain is welcomed big time.

It is pouring at the moment as I write this blog. It is 6:30 am. Wonderful! Hope it continues all day.

I had a session yesterday at Select Physiotherapy. Tiffany worked me. Brutal. Left me tired. Good, however.

A discussion arose among some of the other therapists and people such as me who were being treated. We were in total unison that the rain was welcome!

Bess Levin has a terrific article regarding North Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Robinson in Vanity Fair. From my perspective, Robinson is another “flipped out” candidate this year. He wants to “go back to the America where women couldn’t vote.”

Among other things, Robinson says a number of additional bad things about women, feminism, the Holocaust, Muslims, and the LGBTQ+ community. He is a “conspiracy theorist” who says he “wouldn’t be surprised” if 9/11 turned out to be an inside job or the 1969 moon landing faked, and is “seriously skeptical ” John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

He is supported by Donald Trump. What else would you expect! Trump in March said re Robinson who is black: “I think you’re better than Martin Luther King. I think you are Martin Luther King times two.”

Robert F. Kennedy is an independent Presidential candidate. He is not his father Robert F. Kennedy nor his uncle John F. Kennedy. I have written such in the past.

His mind works differently. Consistently a bit off base. 

He has repeatedly claimed he has appeared on enough statewide ballots to qualify for the first Presidential Debate. Those in charge of the Debate say he has not met the number of state ballots required.

He threatens to sue CNN for preventing him from appearing on the stage.

Respectfully, Robert F. Kennedy is a loose cannon. His history proves the same. For example, he is anti-vaccine. Something I do not understand about those who are so.

I would describe Kennedy as a “disjointed Donald Trump.”

Baseball great Willie Mays died yesterday at 95. Considered by many to have been the greatest player in major league history. Even better than Babe Ruth.

Lefbeth the great white shark has returned to New England waters. Weighs 2,400 pounds, is 14 feet long.

Fishermen whose boats have been circled by Lefbeth claim the experience is “petrifying.”

How an epidemic can be brought to an area and spread. On this day in 1865, the bard Adventure arrived in Key West in distress. Four crewmen were sick with yellow fever. They were sent to Marine Hospital for treatment.

The disease spread to Army troops on the island and resulted in an epidemic that caused 331 cases. The 331 cases included 71 dying among military personnel. An unknown number of civilians also became infected with some dying.

Today marks “Juneteenth.” A day celebrated since 1865 when Union troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, with news the Civil War was over and all remaining slaves in Texas were free.

Still pouring.

Enjoy your day!


Like doctors, more nurse practitioners are heading into specialty care. My experience says it works. 

April Gallagher is a nurse practitioner. A heart specialist. 

She has been my heart care person for three years. I swear by her. Earlier this year, she saved my life the way she handled my heart problems. Understand clearly, I would be dead today if she had not guided me during those times. She “beat me” into doing that which I did not want to. Had I not succumbed, I would not be here writing today. I would not be here period!

April is affiliated with the Keys Medical Group at 1111 12th Street in Key West. Her telephone number 305-294-5727.

Again, I swear by her!

Byron De Chambeau won the U.S. Open. Beat Rory McIlroy by one stroke. McIlroy missed a 3 foot 9 inch putt on 18 to tie, De Chambeau sunk a 4 footer to win.

Unusual! Twenty three sets of twins graduated from the Pollard Middle School in Needham, Massachusetts on wednesday. The 23 sets made up approximately 10 percent of the eighth year group.

Typically twins amount to 3 percent of live births in the U.S. Ergo, this number of twins was “quite unusual.” The school is heavy student wise. It has approximately 450-500 children in each grade.

An American tourist was found dead on the Greek isle of Mathraki, just west of Corfu. Discovered dead on a beach.

Another American remains missing on my favorite Greek isle Amorgos. A 59 year old retired Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff. He went for a walk and has not returned. 

There are also two more missing on other islands.

Authorities believe extremely hot weather to blame for all persons dead or missing.

Though Columbus is considered to have discovered America in 1492, the truth is he was not the first. The Viking Leif Erikson arrived in 1021, nearly 500 years before Columbus.

The amusing incident to both “discoveries” is neither man was looking for America.

“ATM Jackpotting” a Syracuse success. A team of 3 people in two out of state cars hit 2 Syracuse ATMs. They hacked the machines so they dispensed cash continuously. They made off with more than $280,000 in one night.

France gave the United States the Statue of Liberty as a gift. The dismantled Statue arrived this day in 1887. It was delivered in 350 individual pieces packed in more than 200 cases. It took nearly one year to assemble.

The extent of love. The Taj Mahal.

On this day in 1631, Mumtaz Mahal died during childbirth. Her husband, Mughal Emperor Sheh Jahant, spent more than 20 years building her tomb, the Taj Mahal.

Netanyahu’s government continues to weaken and fall apart. Two key members of his War Cabinet quit. So Netanyahu disbanded the War Cabinet.

Netanyahu is disrupting much of the world with his continuing conflict. When will it stop? When will he be tossed from his Israeli leadership role?

The man is a troublemaker. He will add more fuel to the fire when he appears before a Joint Meeting of our Congress in July.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore will issue a mass pardon for more than 175,000 marijuana convictions this morning. A sweeping act of clemency for a drug now in widespread recreational use.

In 1856, the Republican Party opened its first national convention. Four years later at its second convention, Abraham Lincoln was nominated to run for Presidnet.

I close with Key West and the price of meat. A problem today. A problem in 1914. The price of meat got so high that Key West labor organizers called on their members to stop buying beef. As a result, cattle brought by boat from elsewhere ceased.

Enjoy your day!


The thrust of this blog is that Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas are dominated by their wives. The men pussies.

Marriage is a two person arrangement. Considered a partnership.

Not necessarily an equal  one. One partner can be dominant and rule the roost. In a male/female marriage, does not mean only the man. Women have become a dynamic force in the relationship. In some marriages, partners remain equal and dominant/submissive is not an issue.

Which leads to an exploration of the Alito and Thomas relationships.

Equal, or one partner dominant?

Let’s examine the Thomas marriage first since it has been “in the public eye” the longest.

I have always thought Clarence was a pussy. Dominated by his obviously strong wife Ginni. A man who spent his first 25 years on the Bench rarely asking a question suggesting a weak person. Lacking in “balls” to even engage from his high position with lowly counsel appearing before him. Lacking in self-confidence.

An indication to me his marriage was likewise. Ginni grew in public stature while Clarence remained static.

As to the Alitos, whoever heard of Martha-Ann till recently. It took two flag incidents to bring her to our attention. However she has hit public awareness big time in a short time. The way the flags and other items have been handled by the Alito husband and wife lead me to believe Martha-Ann is the dominant force in the marriage. Husband Sam the “Yes, Mam!”

Which means the two ladies are influencing their men on the Bench. Pillow talk with their husbands including Court matters. Their relationships influencing how their husbands think and decide. The ladies have become “silent Justices.”

Sam Alito is not the hard ass Justice he portrays. He is the individual his wife has molded/created over the years. The same with Clarence. Ginni has provided his brain and back bone, whatever they may be.


Perhaps the spouses of nominated Justices should be interviewed also. We should know what we are getting. On the other hand it may not be a worthwhile use of time. The spouses may be as adept, or even more so than the nominee,  in avoiding truthful responses.

I, for one, do not want a “secret Justice” sitting on the Supreme Court. I want a tough person, a thinker, to handle the responsibilities of the Nation.

Ginni and Martha-Ann are not the only spouses of concern. I have written in the past of another that gives me concern. Down the road, this individual and the individual’s spouse will become of public concern also.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Supreme Court screws up again! In a 6-3 decision, the Court threw out the ban on bump stocks for guns. The decision basically legalizes machine guns.

How do we protect school children and the public in general from guns if our highest court passes this type decision?

The decision a Republican one. All 6 Republicans on the Court voted to throw out the ban. Clarence Thomas wrote the decision. He had to write an extremist type decision to support the position the majority took. Something about the “trigger mechanism” not reengaging after each shot per the statute.

The 3 Democrats on the Court dissented. Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote the dissenting opinion. Her reasoning simple: “When I see a bird that walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I call the bird a duck.”

Justice Sotomayor’s dissent explained that the supermajority flouted the “ordinary meaning” of the law, adopting an “artificially narrow” interpretation that will have “deadly consequences.”

The Supreme Court will be squarely at fault for the next mass shooting enabled by a legal bump stock.

Trump yesterday proposed one of the most “deranged” policies of all time. Behind closed doors to Republican legislators.

The policy eliminates the income tax and replaces it totally with tariffs. Such in effect a sales tax. One economist afterward said it would amount to 133 percent. It would give a huge benefit to the rich since the rich spend little money. It would impact greatly the rest of the population since they are the everyday spenders.

Trump had another meeting later in the day with CEOs. They left the meeting disappointed. They said Trump was “meandering” and “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Trump’s “shit.” And his followers buy it! He wrote in a fundraising appeal wednesday that his beheading is “the Sick Dream of every Trump-Deranged lunatic out there!”

In a second email, he added: “THEY WANTED TO SENTENCE ME TO DEATH!” And warned he would be terminated if his supporters didn’t give him money immediately: “If we fail to have a MASSIVE outpouring of patriotic support – right here, right now – they’ll TAKE ME OUT and move on to their real target: YOU!!”

As I earlier wrote, his followers buy it!

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The Republicans wanted to get Hunter Biden. Took them several years, but they did. Technically, Hunter was wrong. The jury said he improperly signed a gun permit application.

Trump is consistent in telling us “retribution” will be at the head of his list of things to accomplish if he is elected Presidnet again.

Has the Hunter Biden thing come back to slap Trump in the face? His son in law is Jared Kushner. Kushner was deeply involved in White House business during Trump’s Presidency. Soon after Trump was out of office, Kushner got a $2 billion deal with a Middle East nation/bank.

Yesterday, it was announced the Senate Finance Committee officially opened an investigation into Kushner.

I have suggested several times in the past that Kushner’s activities deserved investigation. My recommendation had nothing to do with Hunter Biden. I just felt Kushner’s financial involvements warranted scrutiny.

Now the time has arrived. A time that might never have arrived if the thirst for Hunter Biden’s jugular had not motivated Republicans.

Governor DeSantis signed a new bill into law that will require homeowners to declare when making a sale if their homes are vulnerable to flooding.

Greece announced it will begin to cap the number of cruise ships to Santorini and Mykonos beginning next year.

Too many tourists! Not enough room for them! Both islands cannot handle the crowds.

I am familiar with both islands. Visited both for long periods several times. I have not visited in about 15 years, however. Crowded back then, but not badly.

I never liked Mykonos. Visited because my lady friend at the time loved it. Even back then, I was too old for Mykonos. It was a young peoples and late night place. Things did not get going till 11 pm.

Santorini was normal for me. Eleven in the evening and Oia was dead. My kind of place. I enjoyed the island all day and until 9-10 in the evening when I hit he sack. Everyone was in bed by that time.

Attended a local event yesterday at 5:30 at The Tennessee Williams Theatre. Sponsored by Hometown Key West. Hometown is a non-partisan group of informed voters whose purpose is to promote good government.

It was a “Meet the Candidates Night.” This year’s ballot for all offices was set at noon yesterday. Candidates attended last night and had 3 minutes each to say why they were running and should be supported.

Being a political freak, I loved it!

The parking lot was full. Two to three hundred people attended.

A strange occurrence for me in one respect. All those people and I only knew one. Struck me as unusual. Whenever and wherever I go, I know people and people know me.

Ninety percent were my people. Senior citizens. Did not recognize one face nor did anyone recognize mine. The only person who jumped from her chair to say hello to me was a much younger person.

Whatever, I enjoyed the event. A healthy thing for Hometown to sponsor. I walked away knowing many of the candidates a bit better.

Enjoy your day!


A good friday morning!

I was up at 5 to research today’s blog. To be saved to write after my physiotherapy appointment at 9.

My second appointment at Select Physiotherapy. A satisfactory hour. My therapist was Steven again. Very knowledgeable. Adept. We chatted and got to know each other better. He has a Doctorate in Physiotherapy. 

He worked me well and hard. This physio thing is going to be good for me.

Met Jan again. Met her monday also. She overheard me mentioning to Steven that I wrote a blog. She commented across the room how she read it on occasion.

A new love of my life!

Got her name this morning. We are going to be friends.

After physio, I drove to Stock Island to see George. George owns Zip Auto. Has taken care of my car for years. He needed to put back a tire I had left with him when it became flat. Checked the oil and water and everything else. Added air as needed to my tires.

George has been responsible care of my cars for more than 20 years. The best! Fair, also. I highly recommend him.

Made a quick stop on the way home at Date & Thyme for my Monkey Smoothie hit. Always enjoyable as is the entire staff at Date & Thyme. They are like a second family.

I try to get a smoothie every day. Good for my health sayeth my primary care physician Dr. Norris. Taste good too!

One type of abortion still alive.

The Supreme Court came down with a surprise decision yesterday. Recall, the Court eliminated the right to abortion in 2022 in the Dobbs case. That left the pill mifepristone out there. The drug is used in 60 percent of U.S. abortions. 

Two antiabortion doctors who refused because of their antiabortion belief to prescribe mifepristone brought a lawsuit to bar other doctors from prescribing the pill. The Supreme Court basically held that non-abortionist doctors do not have the standing to sue under the facts of the case.

The decision was unanimous. Does not mean another case will not be forthcoming by persons who have standing. The present case is not the end.

Yesterday in 1940 was a big day for Adolph Hitler. He and his thugs celebrated two events. One was German troops entered Paris. The other and more vile was it was the first day Nazis began transporting prisoners to Auschwitz concentration camp in occupied Poland.

Thurgood Marshall became the first African American to be nominated to the Supreme Court. This day in 1967. Too bad Clarence Thomas lacks Marshall’s character and ethics.

The Supreme Court established Miranda rights in 1966. Included in those rights were the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. 

South Florida got a break from the rain yesterday. Key West included. However, it poured all night.

Rainstorms, lightening and 35 mph wind gusts expected over the weekend. Key West not in danger. The storms will strike Miami and north.

Peter Kalvel is a construction worker who was on a project tuesday at La Te Da. He was injured when a wall collapsed on him. His injuries serious. Open skull fractures and bleeding from his ears.

Adverse weather made helicopter and ambulance service unavailable. Helicopters could not fly. The rain also delayed the critical care ambulance from arriving.

Kalvel was stabilized at the Lower Keys Medical Center till transportation became available. 

He is now in a Kendall hospital. Information as to his present condition is unavailable.

My yesterday included a haircut at Blown Away with Lori. She has been cutting my hair for 25 years.

I was surprised when I arrived for my appointment. There are 8 chairs. All empty. I laughingly asked Lori if she was going out of business. She sighed, “All my customers have gone home up north.”

Followed my time with Lori with a visit to Date & Thyme for a Monkey Smoothie fix. Got two. Why not!

Enjoy your day!


Boog Powell! A Key West baseball hero. Went on to play professional baseball. Distinguished himself, especially with the Baltimore Orioles.

On this day in 1959, the Key West High School baseball star signed a contract to play baseball with the Baltimore Orioles.

Boog returned to Key West in retirement. Lives in Key Haven. An avid golfer.

Heavy rains yesterday and last night in South Florida. Roads closed, flights grounded.

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Naples hit hard. Eight to ten inches of rain.

Key West experienced light intermittent rain yesterday. Poured big time all night. Kept waking me. Don’t know about Key West flooding yet as I have not been out this morning.

Judges Alito and Thomas appear to have strong powerful wives. Husbands and wives influence each other. It’s the nature of the relationship. Query: How much have their wives influenced their decisions?

Alito’s wife tough. Distasteful, also. Spit on a neighbor’s car she disagreed with.

The Republican Majority in Congress conducts itself in every fashion other than governing. Their goal is to “get” Democrats, embarrass them.

Their latest ploy is they held Attorney General Garland in Contempt of Congress yesterday. The reason therefore so stupid not even worth elaborating on.

Garland will never be prosecuted. The Republican House is directing the Democratic Department of Justice that Garland heads to prosecute him. Won’t fly.

“Game playing” is not governing. Our Nation continues down a hazardous path as long as Trump and Republicans “play games” rather than governing.

Canada thinks we are heading for a civil war. Are we?

A written document 1,600 yeas old has been described as the oldest writing detailing Jesus’ childhood. It has sat unnoticed for decades at a German University.

Now described as perhaps the “oldest surviving written copy of a gospel detailing Jesus’ childhood.”

Thomas is the attributed author. The work is called the “Infant Gospel of Thomas.” Thought to be originally written in the second century A.D. Parts of Thomas’ writing have been incorporated in the 1,600 year old document.

One of the stories in the work is that of a 5 year old Jesus playing near a stream molding clay which he finished in mud into sparrows. Joseph scolded Him and asked why He was doing it on the Sabbat, the day of rest. Jesus clasped his hands and the figures came to life.

A busy afternoon yesterday. A smoothie. Followed by a pedicure and manicure with Tammy. Then shopping at Publix.

Today a haircut. Rather long. Three weeks since the last.

Enjoy your day!


Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro fears a second Trump term. He sounded off on Trump: “Stop shit talking America!”

Canada fears a U.S. civil war. Canada has a “think tank” exploring the problem. One phrase in a  recent Canadian publication spelled out Canada’s concern: “U.S. ideological divisiveness, democratic erosion, and domestic unrest escalation, plunging the country into civil war…”

It is unsettling when your next door neighbor is getting nervous about the possibility of violence in your home.

Hunter Biden’s jury returned yesterday morning. He was found guilty of all 3 gun related charges. Felonies. The jury deliberated only 3 hours.

The prosecution was a “Republican too much” move. Hunter had agreed to plead guilty some time ago. However, Republicans did not think the agreement was enough. They could not get his father President Biden so they worked the system to get his son.

The Hunter prosecution is retribution type government that Trump has promised if he is elected. You don’t want it folks! It will eventually reach into your home and those of your neighbors. 

The charges levied against Hunter were the making of a mountain out of a molehill.

Secretly recording conversations is generally wrong. Unless legally permitted. What I refer to here are personal discussions. Especially ones involving prominent people. Sometimes not wrong. Justified. Like those involving a Supreme Court Justice and his wife.

I refer to Alito and his wife.  They’ve joined the whackos. Their basic beliefs hard to understand. They have left normalcy.

Time for Alito and his companion Thomas to leave the Supreme Court. They are destructive to the well being of our country.

In a speech sunday, Trump denied calling dead U.S. soldiers “suckers” and “losers.” All of a sudden he refers to them as World War I dead. Not World War II Normandy dead.

He also claimed the “false statement came from the FACIST SCUM that is destroying our country.”

Trump lies and lies and lies some more. Even the Fascist claim! It is he and his followers who will bring Fascism to the U.S. should they win.

Trump says he will neuter Congress. How? By taking away its “spending power.” He, as President, will do the spending.

An example of how Trump intends to destroy the Constitution and three branches of government if he is elected.

He will spend your monies as he did his own. Do you want that type spendthrift signing the checks?

Do you want this type of destruction? Change? Trump spending your tax dollars? The havoc it will portend?

Two Citizens’ Comments this morning are right on.

One has to do with the $30 million suggestion to rebuild the 10 year old Amphitheater: “$30 million to rebuild a 10-year old amphitheater? Are you kidding me? Our streets and parks are like a war zone, bus service is horrible, street trees look like leftovers from a Home Depot sale and half the island floods! Get your priorities straight!”

There were 4 other negative comments re the $30 million rebuild.

The other comment involves the type of tourists visiting Key West: “I was shocked at the number of people I know who were called gay slurs during Pride. The trash this town is attracting is just disappointing. It’s a shame what our tourism has become.”

Thunderstorms yesterday. Big time! Will repeat today. I assume it is part of the storm moving off the Gulf into central Florida.

I think the rain is great! Cooled off the heat wave! We needed the break.

The weather report advises rain through saturday.

The I Love Stock Island Festival begins today. Runs through sunday. Have fun! Laughing, eating, drinking, etc.

Enjoy your day!


Biden visited a U.S. cemetery in France as part of the Normandy D-Day celebration last week. The Aisne Marne American Cemetery.

Trump bypassed the site in 2018 after reportedly referring to the troops buried there as “suckers” and “losers.”

Who is Presidential timber? Biden or Trump?

Trump the worst in every respect. America needs a “true American” as Presidnet. Not a deviate like Trump.

Trump was eligible age wise for Vietnam. He avoided the danger with 5 deferments. Four were because he was in college. A common deferment at the time for those working towards a Bachelor degree.

As he was set to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, he appeared to be and had been healthy. Six feet two inches tall, he claimed he was an athlete in college. However at that time, he saw a doctor and was diagnosed with an affliction that that kept him out of Vietnam: Bone spurs. In later years, Trump said the bone spur condition healed itself. The bone spurs did not affect the many rounds of golf he played over the years either.

The “claimed” bone spurs made it possible for Trump to avoid military service and Vietnam.

He made sure he would not be a “sucker” or “loser.”

The date has been set for Netanyahu to address a Joint Session of Congress. July 24th.

It is wrong he is appearing. Republican Speaker Johnson invited him. However it is to be noted that both Houses in effect have extended the invitation. Many Democrats included.

I view the invitation as an insult to President Biden. I believe no leader of a foreign nation should appear to speak before Congress without the invitation having first been extended by our Presidnet.

This is the second time Netanyahu has played the game. Netanyahu last spoke before Congress in 2015 when both Chambers were controlled by Republicans. He used the opportunity at that time to criticize President Obama for pursuing a deal with U.S. allies and Iran to curtail Tehran’s nuclear program.

Netanyahu is a political pig at heart. Especially this time when Biden has gone out of his way to support Israel in the Gaza dispute.

It would not surprise me if Trump in some fashion participated in welcoming Netanyahu.

I came across a short simple quote yesterday that said much. The quote: “Friends are the siblings God never gave us.” Its author a man named Mencius. I never heard of Mencius. Dug a bit to find out who he was that could come up with such a brilliant phrase.

Mencius was a Chinese Confucian philosopher who has often been described as the “second sage.” Second to Confucius himself. He is part of Confucius’ fourth generation of disciples. Mencius inherited Confucius’ ideology and developed it further.

His basic belief was that “human nature” was good.

He lived 83 years. Born 372 B.C., died 289 B.C.

The heat wave is extremely oppressive. I find it very bothersome. First time in my life. Is it my age? The result of my surgeries? I don’t know. Or, is it just that hot?

Anyhow, I spend my afternoons inside. The heat is too much for me. I have no choice.

The heat is reported to be much worse in the western part of the U.S. Hope it ends for the people there and fails to make it east.

Fresh water a Key West problem yesterday and today. Today, we primarily pipe it in from the mainland. Problems constant. Renovations required. Completed on a here and there basis.

A problem in 1909 also. On this day in 1909, S.O. Johnson contracted to have a well dug 1,000 feet in the hope of finding a source of fresh water. No fresh water was found.

Like digging for oil and no oil comes up.

Sally Rand, the famous fan dancer, was a Key West resident in the late 1940s and early 1950s. She was in debt to the IRS who ordered her two pieces of Key West property sold to pay back taxes.

Key West was home to a national war hero during the Korean War. Captain Manuel “Pete” Fernandez returned home to Key West to a hero’s welcome this day in 1953. He was the second ranking jet ace in the Korean War having shot down 14 MIGs.

As a follow up to my heart surgeries, physiotherapy was required. I should have started several weeks ago. Put it off a bit, however. Began today. My first 1 hour session. I will have 2-3 one hour sessions per week for the next few months.

I am having the physiotherapy at Select Physiotherapy in Key West. This morning’s 1 hour session was excellent. Detailed. Steven my therapist. 

I left confident that the attention I will receive from Select will richly contribute to my staying alive.

Enjoy your day!


How does something like this happen? Why?

Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell were two law enforcement officers who defended the Capitol on January 6. Both have been decorated for their efforts on that day. They appeared by invitation before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives yesterday. The Democratic Speaker introduced them.

The two were jeered by a number of Republicans. Hissed and booed. Eight to ten Republicans walked out of the Chamber.

The hissing, etc. Republicans had to have been deaf and dumb to what happened on January 6. Even if not at the Capitol that day, TV covered the event thoroughly. It is impossible for them to not have been aware of what occurred.

Some of our politicians get sicker by the day. My concern is not everyone recognizes it.

Last Wednesday, the Senate voted on a bill that would guarantee the right to contraception. The bill required 60 votes to pass. Failed. The vote was 51-39, with 10 not voting. The bill was a Democratic one.

The vote a disgrace. Half the people in the Senate were so spineless they could not vote for something as simple as a right to contraception. Something which 90 percent of women have used at one point in their lives and which is considered basic preventable healthcare.

Only 2 Republicans voted for it. Both women, Republicans, especially MAGA ones, are tying contraception and abortion together.

Note that Justice Clarence Thomas in the Dobbs decision which overturned Roe v. Wade 2 years ago, wrote a concurring decision suggesting the Supreme Court “revisit” the landmark 1965 decision in Griswold v. Connecticut. Griswold granted married couples the right to birth control.

Thomas has to go!

The Republican Biden smear campaign is sick! Down and dirty! Lacking in truth!

There is a photo of Biden purportedly in the process of sitting down in Normandy. Within hours, the “photo” and alleged story behind it hit the press worldwide. MAGA whacks claimed Biden was “pooping.” No basis for the representation. In fact, it was soon reported that the photo was “deceptively edited footage.”

Childish politicking. Typical Trump and Republican game playing. Insults American politics.

Trump has been successful over the years in transferring most Republican politics to the gutter level. 

Not the way the “political game” should be played. It makes the U.S. look like “shit” around the world.

Republicans pitch tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy in 2025. Trump has asked wealthy donors for donations, promising in return large tax breaks if he is returned to the White House.

Harry Truman’s father had a haberdashery business that failed during a recession. Truman responded to the Republican reference: “My father was not a failure. After all, he was the father of a President of the United States.”

Which is cooler in summer? Cotton or linen? Three textile scientists said linen.

Dornoch left the starting gate with 17-1 odds yesterday in the Belmont Stakes. He won.

The Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes were all won this year by horses with long odds.

The Belmont this year was run at Saratoga Springs. The Belmont Stakes track is under renovation.

Saratoga had to be exciting yesterday. Saratoga is exciting every racing day. It is the nature of the town and those that enjoy its August racing month.

I spent much of August for many years in Saratoga. Not so much to watch the races. I would only see 3-4 each day. My reason for loving Saratoga was the partying. The best!

I did see two Belmont races. A client had a box at the finish line and I was his guest two consecutive seasons back when.

One thing to be noted is the beauty of a racing horse. Magnificent! Hard to believe unless you see one up close.

Key West’s Pride Week Parade today at 5. One end of Duval to the other. The very large Pride flag will be carried the route. Duval will be full of spectators. One of Key West’s best parades. 

I had an interesting experience Friday. Time for physiotherapy follow up to my heart surgeries. Select Physical Therapy was recommended. I went with Dr. Norris’  printed order to receive “cardiac rehab in patient status post pacemaker and TAVR aortic valve.”

The Select people were very kind. I was informed they do not do cardiac rehab nor does anyone in Key West. Back to Norris who was back to Select. Worked out. They will not be giving me cardiac rehab. However will provide some form of rehab. I start tomorrow at 9.

One of the problems with living in Key West. Key West too small to have certain levels of medical care. Like the aortic valve replacement Mount Sinai provided me in Miami. Sounds like cardiac rehab a similar problem. I would not be in the mood to travel to Miami or some other number of significant miles for rehab care several times a week.

Key West requires us to make choices. I understand.

Enjoy your Sunday!


I am a bit late with my D-Day blog. Did not feel well for a few days so did nothing.

My D-Day story a special one. About a special person. Someone I knew well and respected. His name Marcus Curry.

Marcus’ roots were Boston. His grandfather a judge, his father an attorney. Marcus graduated from Harvard in time for World War II. The Army infantry. He was one of those who was trained for D-Day.  A sergeant at the time. 

It was Omaha Beach for Marcus. Not everything went as planned. Marcus was on one of the first landing larges.  It did not land timely. Due to poor weather and German bombing from the beach, his landing barge bounced around for hours before it headed inland as originally planned. Circled and circled in the weather. Everyone sick throwing up.

His barge headed in the second day.

Never made it. Got blown up on the way in. 

Marcus survived. However, he was way out in the water, a long distance from the beach. Somehow he had lost all his equipment and clothing.  He was able to finally make it to the beach where he crawled up bare ass. Marcus portrayed what happened next to me in simple terms. A colonel was standing on the beach. Saw Marcus unattired and without a weapon, shouted at him: “What are you doing? Don’t you know men are dying inland. Get some clothes and a weapon and get up there.”

Marcus told me he thought the colonel was a “dumb fuck.” He, Marcus, was lucky to have made it to the beach and be alive, and this asshole colonel was chastising him.

Marcus did his duty by God and country, found some clothes and a gun, and moved on.

A few days later, he was captured. For some unfathomable reason, the Germans thought he knew some secret information.  They tortured him to obtain it. They placed his balls in a metal vise and screwed away. Turned and turned.

At first Marcus screamed. Then laughed. Does not know why the laughs came. But they did. He just laughed and continued to laugh out loud big time instead of screaming.

To the day he died, Marcus claimed his balls in the vise was the worst experience of his life.

The Germans finally realized Marcus was either crazy or they had made a mistake and devised him. 

A few days later, Marcus escaped and continued the fight into Germany.

When the war ended, Marcus and thousands of other American troops were rather promptly released. Marcus decided to play golf for a while. He did so everyday for months. Then decided he wanted to go to law school. It was the early summer of 1946. Harvard accepted him. However cold not take him till January. Boston University would take him in September. It was Boston University for him.

Somehow Marcus became a New York City lawyer rather than a Boston one as his grandfather and father had been. He became an insurance company trial lawyer. Rode the subways daily from one courthouse to another.

He apparently did a good job. Judge Lockwood was a retired New York State Supreme Court Justice in Utica. He did not enjoy judging as much as being a trial lawyer so he retired and went back to work at his former firm. He hired Marcus to move to Utica and work with his firm. 

Marcus was a good 15 years older than me. We met when he came to Utica. Sometimes we were on the same side of a lawsuit, others on opposing sides. Marcus I soon discovered was an outstanding attorney. Quiet and sedate. Knew what he was doing all the time.

Marcus was with the Judge’s firm for several years. I was in need of another good trial man. A top gun. I thought of Marcus. Could I attract him away from the Judge’s firm? We talked. He agreed to join me. Acquiring him, one of the best moves I ever made.

Marcus was with me 22 years before he passed on. A lawyers’ lawyer. He handled many of the “big cases” for my firm. Made me a ton of money, as well as himself. I compensated him well. He was worth every penny.

I eulogized Marcus when he passed away. One of the things I shared was he and I in 22 years never had a bad word or disagreement between us. He understood his position and responsibility and performed accordingly. He was a mentor to me as well as a friend.

Enjoy your day!