I am down this morning. I just heard about a dear friend in Utica. Her husband e-mailed me. She has been diagnosed with cancer. Everywhere. Breasts, lungs and spine. Plus a mass in the pelvic area larger than a softball. The doctors are still testing to determine if the mass is cancerous.

A sweet woman. Never hurt a soul. Her husband my best friend.

In a split second, the world turns. Life changes.

Don’s 60th birthday party last night at Don’s Place. Packed! Larry Smith and his group entertained. Christine and the lovely Kathleen Peace singing. Ray on the guitar. Skipper on the drums. A loud night.

The crowd was a three way combination. Don’s friends, Larry’s followers from the Wine Galley, and Don’s usual friday night crowd. A good time was had by all!

Don is one of the finest people I have met in my lifetime. I feel fortunate to have met him. We are friends. I wish him sixty more years!

Hershel and Erika are in town. They left Key West several months ago for a northern state. They flew in for Don’s party. Good people! Love them both!

I saw something last night I never thought I would again. Gas under $3! $2.99 at the K-Mart station on the boulevard. My sense is the price will continue its downward trend for a  while.

Every time I think about the price of gas, I recall its cost when I first got a driver’s license. $.16 a gallon! Would you believe!

Today is Joyce Kilmer’s birthday. He died in World War I at the age of 31. He was part of the Fighting 69th.

Kilmer was a poet. Trees being one of his finest compositions. The best lines…..”I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…..Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”

Syracuse basketball tonight. Play St. John’s. A former Big East foe. Syracuse is a 7.5 point favorite. I hope.

I recall when Lou Carnesecca coached St. John’s. A short, thin amiable sort. A powerful sense of humor.

I met Lou two times. The first in Utica. My son was chairing the United Fun Drive. The final dinner a big deal. We were able to get Carnesecca as guest speaker with Jim Boeheim’s assistance. We met prior to the dinner. My father was with us. Carnesecca said several nice things about my Dad during his speech.

Lou would not take pay for his attendance and speech. Only asked that his plane ticket and motel be covered. That is the kind of guy he was.

The second time I saw him was about a year later. I was in New York City to see the Syracuse/St. John’s game at Madison Square Garden. My seats were first row behind the St. John’s bench. Lou saw me and came over to chat for a few moments.

Lou Carnesecca is still alive. He is 89. God bless him!

Dinner tonight with my Buffalo friends Tom and Fran. We are meeting at the Chart Room and then off to Hot Tin Roof for dinner. The third consecutive night I have been out on the town. For a while there, I thought I had slowed down.

Enjoy your day!


Before I get into Michael Sweeney, let me tell you how great the weather continues to be. Warm and cool at the same time. A perfect breeze coming in off the ocean.

Met the talented Michael Sweeney yesterday.

I have decided to dress up my blog talk radio show a bit. A significant number listen. I have no formal introduction. After a welcoming statement, I start talking. I wanted more. A musical introduction. Talked with Larry Smith. A musical genius. He said we need equipment and engineering, I got the guy.

The guy was Michael Sweeney.

We met at Sweeney’s studio complex on Stock island mid afternoon. We were there into early evening. We finally came up with something we all liked. I do not have the final product in hand. Sweeney is polishing it in the vernacular of his business.

I am neither musically nor machinery inclined. What Sweeney was doing was impressive. Sweeney would add drums, take away the trombones, up the audio, move the music back a step, etc. All with special equipment. The final product sounds like I have a whole symphony behind me.

It was a lot of work. All to create a six second introduction.

Lori cut my hair thursday. Tammy gave me a manicure yesterday. Both places seemed to have more business. The increased activity was evident. Both attribute it to two things. The snowbirds are beginning to return. The locals have more spending money because of Fantasy Fest. Ladies hold off getting their hair and nails done when cash flow is limited.

The Parrot Heads are in town. Tons of them. Difficult to realize, however. Parrot Head headquarters is at the Casa Marina. Ninety five per cent of the Parrot Head activities are at the Casa Marina. The Casa Marina eats, the rest of the community benefits little.

They did go off campus yesterday. The Parrot Heads left the Casa Marina for their Margaritaville Street Festival. In front of Margaritaville on Duval and at the intersection of Duval and Fleming. Music and everything. My friend Howard Livingston and his Mile Marker 24 group played.

On this day in history, November 1, 1939, the Key West Naval Base was reactivated. It was established in 1823. The 1935 Labor Day hurricane wiped the base out. The government did not reopen the base till this date in 1939.  World War II obviously made the base busier. Interestingly, the Key West population increased during those years primarily because of the base’s presence. Key West’s population in 1940 was 13,000. In 1945, it was 45,000.

My pool broke this morning. I was hearing strange noises. Went outside. The water level in the pool was down a couple of inches. Followed the noise. Something wrong with the motor. A cap blew off the top and water was spraying out. I could not turn the pool off as I normally do. The lever was frozen. Finally got everything to shut down by throwing the pool breakers.

Enjoy your day!


Last night was a doubleheader of pleasure. Square One and La Te Da.

Before catching Larry Smith’s show at La Te Da, I stopped at Square One for a bite to eat. Square One has been a part of my Key West life for over 20 years. I became a customer when Michael Stewart first opened the restaurant.

Walking towards Square One, who should appear but Michael Stewart himself. I have not seen him in at least two years. He looked great, as usual. Thin! I hate him. He was with another old friend, John. We enjoyed a fun filled conversation.

As I was walking into Square One, I ran into Carmelo. Carmelo was the second owner of Square One. He bought from Michael Stewart. Operated the restaurant for two years and then sold. It was good to see Carmelo again, also.

Bartender Mandy remembered me. We met last week for the first time. Besides being exceptionally lovely, she is good company. Mandy worked at Sunset Key for five years before coming to Square One. She replaces Patrick behind the bar. She is as good as Patrick was. Patrick having been the bartender supreme!

Mandy is married. Her husband works at Blue Heaven. Mandy has a daughter. Rylee. Rylee opened the door to a long conversation regarding Montessori. Rylee attends Montessori, Robert and Ally’s school. She is one grade behind Ally and two behind Robert. They must know each other.

I am in effect testing the new Square One. Will I like the food? So far, good. A part of my meal last night was cream of tomato soup. Excellent! The best I have ever tasted!

Then it was La Te Da for Larry Smith’s show.

What was a construction site last week, was an open and booming bar/restaurant/hotel last night. The place is beautiful. A new top on the outside bar. Drapes in the inside bar that were absolutely lovely. La Te Da dressed up and stepping out.

Larry’s show once again the best. He is one of Key West’s premier musicians. Christine singing and Alex on the horn.

Christine amazes me. She has improved with age. Her singing spectacular! Her performance outstanding! She had it all.

Christine painted for fun for years. Watercolors. Several years ago, she started selling them. Her work took off! She is a recognized Key West artist today.

By day, Christine teaches school.

Christine has one more distinction. For those of you who may be unaware, she and Larry are husband and wife. I may have stated it incorrectly. Larry may be the one who has the distinction.

Go Christine! Love you!

La Te Da was packed for Larry. Like days of old. A comforting feeling. Many familiar faces. Aaron and Karen, Mary Deasy, Ray, Martha Robinson, Jane, ML, Robbie and Lois, and more.

Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock my time. The tempo the same. A quick moving hard hitting half hour of political and social commentary. I call things as I see them. Join me.

Topics include ebola, Italian medical marijuana, Jamie Dimon and shadow banking, women permitted to walk on only one side of the street in London, walruses and global warming, corporations benefiting from increased war activity, political bigotry, and more.

I have a problem. The hot water tank blew. I cannot take a shower. Which means I am confined to home till it is fixed. Waiting for Frankie the Plumber.

Enjoy your day!


This is the week! Fantasy Fest kicks off friday evening with Goombay. Key West is getting ready.

It is estimated 60,000 persons will visit Key West during the 10 day event. It has been reported hotels are already sold out. Available bookings are 30 miles and further up US 1 in Big Pine and Marathon.

Streets and sidewalks get barricaded during certain events. The barricades are laying against buildings on Duval waiting to be erected.

Body painting is a big deal. Especially for the ladies. Store front and other places already have posters up inviting people to be body painted at their establishment. Not a cheap endeavor. Cost this year will probably be between $150 and $175. One advantage is that the body paint lasts about a week. A person can shower, etc. and the body paint remains.

As an inducement, one person who provides the body painting service is offering a free touch up.

There is a charitable purpose involved in Fantasy Fest. Raising money for AIDS Help. Candidates run for King and Queen. He/she who raise the most money become King and Queen for a year. Candidates will raise six figure money. This is the closing week for the fundraising. Candidates are pushing for last minute donations. Most seeking significant check donations.

Goombay kicks off Fantasy Fest. It is held the first two nights of the event. This friday and saturday. Goombay is a family event as opposed to the next eight days which unequivocally are an adult party. Leave the kids home!

Goombay is a street festival. Food, trinkets, and clothes being sold. An area set aside for gospel and reggae music. The music outstanding!

My grandchildren Robert and Ally will visit Goombay with their parents. Poppa does Goombay late in the evening. Too late for the grandkids.

Larry Smith appears again tomorrow evening at La Te Da. His show begins at 9. It was a blast last week. Will undoubtedly be as good, if not better, this week. If you are in Key West, I suggest you go. I plan on being there.

I have decided to add a musical introduction and closing to my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Larry has been helping me put something together. Five to six seconds. Never thought it would be that hard to come up with something that short. We have not finalized on anything yet.

Yesterday was Don’s Place for pro football. I got there a bit late. No place to sit. I stood a while and then thought this is not for me. I went to Salute’s and sat outside by the door. A shady area. I enjoyed some refreshment and read the sunday papers. I also watched the ladies in their bikinis on the beach. It is thrilling to be a dirty old man!

I was home early in the afternoon. My ankles coming along. Still large. I put my feet up for four hours. It helped.

I cannot explain why. My book The World Upside Down is having a resurgence in sales this past month. Happy I am! If you would like to obtain a copy, the book is available on and

I almost forgot. For shame. Today is Columbus Day. For persons of my heritage to take special pride in. I am of Italian extraction and proud to be so. My mother was born in Italy. My father here, of parents who were born in Italy.

Enjoy your day!






Big night ahead! Larry Smith opens at La Te Da at 9. Everyone will be there. A new gig and a new opening for Larry.

See you there!

My day started yesterday at 5 am. As I explained in yesterday’s blog, I was like four days late in getting my KONK Life column to Guy. Rose early and got it done! A lesson learned. Get it out on time next time.

The column is interesting. It concerns banks and a new game they are playing… I describe it as whorish conduct.

I spent part of the afternoon at Don’s Place watching pro football. Larry was there. We chatted a bit. He asked why I was not at Unity Church in morning. He played. Next week perhaps, I told him.

Aaron stopped by. The Jewish holidays are over. For some reason I cannot fathom, Sy Turret has been on my mind this past week. Of the Jewish faith. He transplanted from New York City to Utica. Sy was a court stenographer. We were close friends for many years. A better person could not be found. Sy has been dead at least 10 years now.

Marty Leshaw is a transplanted New Yorker to South Florida. A court reporter, also. He and Sy were cut from the same bolt of cloth. Typical New Yorkers. Loud, boisterous and friendly. I believe Marty and I became good friends because he reminded me of Sy so much.

I become more impressed with Don as time goes on. He has become a Key West icon. The world can be found at Don’s Place. Many stop in to meet him. He has become Joe of Sloppy Joe’s and Captain Tony. It is his time.

The five days of steroids got rid of my back/leg pain. However, it created another problem.

I have heart problems. Occasionally my ankles swell. Not healthy. Five years ago, Dr. McIvor got the problem under control. I no longer needed water pills. I was proud of my thin ankles. The steroids accumulate sodium in the body. My ankles are big again! It has been a week since I stopped taking the steroids. I am back on water pills. The ankles have yet to budge. Could be a real problem. The last time I had swelling, it took a whole year to correct.

The water pill encourages bathroom activity. I woke in th middle of the night. My bladder needed emptying. I have lived in my Key West home for 16 years. I walk from my bed to the master bathroom at night in the dark. No problem. Till last night. I walked into the door jam instead. Head first!

The King and Queen race will soon come to an end. Please remember to do your thing for my friend ML.

Fantasy Fest itself is around the corner. Eleven days to Goombay.

Enjoy your day!


You win some, you lose some. We only won one game last night.

Played Larry Smith’s team. A money game/a blood match. We won the first game 16-15. A battle! We lost the second game 16-15. Another battle! They out did us in the third game.

I played the second game. I was not up to par. I was not getting the ball there. The courts were damp from the rain and I did not have enough umph  to get to the polina.

Captain David has redone the parings. No longer will I be playing with Frankie. Keith is my new partner. We will work well together. Keith had a good evening last night.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon at the Plantation Coffee House. Had lunch there. Coffee and a toasted bagel. Read the newspapers. Chatted with Diane.

Before I forget, Happy Valentine Day! I have no one to give candy and flowers to at the moment. I am uncertain whether I will be out tonight. This is the busiest night for restaurants in Key West. Like New Years Eve.

After the Coffee House, I headed over to see Tammy. It was time again for a manicure and pedicure. Ran into Martha Robinson. I had not seen her for a while. A charming lady. One of Key West’s leading citizens.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Needed food again. Basics. Bananas, grapes, strawberries, bread, and milk. The wrong time to shop. Too many people. Only four empty carts available when I arrived at the store.

Ran into Karen at Publix. Another person I have not seen in a while. She congratulated me on my book The World Upside Down. Said she had been trying to buy the soft cover edition. Each time she looked, there was a waiting period/backlog of 4-6 weeks. I suggested she order it and wait. The backlog has been that way since about a week after the book came out. I told her to check and barnesand

Italian politics is back in the news. Prime Minister Enrico Letta is resigning as of today. His own party dumped him. Mark what I am saying. Burlusconi will be back! Not soon, but soon enough. Not as an elected official. Rather as the power behind the throne.

I love talking politics with my Italian friends. Every politician they do not like  they refer to as Mafiosa.

Italy presently has 45 per cent unemployment. The highest in 40 years. It is right behind Greece on the poor economy list.

I have a bug up my ass again. A situation has developed in Connecticut. The State passed a gun registration law. It went into effect. A very low percentage of known gun owners registered their weapons. We are noyttalking about handguns. The law covered those modern day machine gun types.

Very few  gun owners registered the guns per the law. An act of civil disobedience or does it border on anarchy? Interesting.

A society cannot survive where its members decide for themselves which laws to follow and which not.

Syracuse/North Carolina State tomorrow. We should win. My recollection is North Carolina has lost 8 games. Syracuse, none. But…..Syrcuse is due. Most Syracuse wins have been close this season. I wish we would win one going away. My heart cannot take these last second (note not minute) victories.

Enjoy your day!





I spoke with Larry Smith yesterday morning on the phone. Asked if he knew Mary Angel Coploff. Her name had come up the night before at the Chart Room as being his friend.

Do I know her, Larry exclaimed! I was engaged to her!

It is a small world indeed. Mary lives in Pennsylvania. Larry told me not only are he and Mary still friends, her husband is one of his best friends!

Bocce party last night. Don’s Place. Strictly for the five teams that play their own competition during the bocce season. A side bet sort of thing. The best bocce party yet! Good company, good food. What more could be desired.

The sliced tenderloin was exceptionally good. David cooked it on an outdoor grill. I had two helpings.

Inside and out were packed with bocce partiers. Larry Smith showed up. He is doing good. He is now walking with the aid of a cane. His legs are straight. He had the worse case of bow leggedness I had ever seen!

Larry brought Kathleen Peace with him. Everyone loves Kathleen! Everyone misses her! She has moved to northern Florida. She is visiting Key West for the weekend.

I joined a health club yesterday afternoon. WeBeFit. It is located on First Street. In Doc Covan’s building. I can see my psychologist and trainer at one time. Joking, of course. Though I probably have always needed a psychiatrist/psychologist, never did it. doubt that I will at this age.

I start my actual workout on Tuesday. three days a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Hopefully, my body will become beautiful.

I am signing an increased number of the book each day. Humbling and interesting.

The book is The World Upside Down. By yours truly, Louis Petrone. It is available on and

Enjoy your day!



Two things bugged me yesterday. Though I have labeled them in the title as the complaints of an old man, they are such that would bother an adult of any age.

Publix. I was grocery shopping around 10 yesterday morning. A good crowd of shoppers. Such as one would expect on a Saturday morning. With all those people and all the carts they were pushing, why did Publix pick that time to stock its shelves? Boxes stacked here and there in every aisle. Stock clerks busy.

It was no fun shopping. For anyone!

Next came the Syracuse/Pitt football game. I was surprised to find it being shown on TV. It was on channel 3. Six minutes to go in the last quarter. The score 17-16. Syracuse down by one point. Syracuse had just gotten possession of the football via an interception or fumble. All of a sudden, I was watching another game. The station never went back to the Syracuse/Pitt game.

Can you blame me for being upset? Syracuse lost, by the way. 17-16.

My morning yesterday started with an early visit with Tammy for a manicure. Then to Publix. Following which I visited Larry Smith.

Larry is home convalescing from surgery. Double knee replacement. The surgery was done about 10 days ago. Larry was half propped up in the middle of his bed. There was a machine moving his leg up and down. The machine was periodically moved to the other knee.

Larry’s walking is limited to a walker to and from the bathroom.

He looked good. Apparently convalescing well. He was calm. Unusual for Larry. I suspect it was the pain pills.

I enjoyed my visit with Larry and Christine. Christine, always the dutiful wife,  was constantly doing her part. Move the machine, a new setting, etc. Whatever Larry needed. A terrific woman! A first class wife!

The World Upside Down has a review. On In Italian so I do not know if it is good or bad.

The adage that you get what you pay for always seems to run true. Two years ago, a friend bought me a large flat screen TV. Forty five inches. It was purchased over the internet. When delivered, the delivery guy carried it in and set it up. Great service.

I looked for the brand name on the set. Could not find one. Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth, however.

The TV died this week. I had Tim Reynolds in to evaluate the situation. The problem has to do with the picture part. He told me I would be better off buying a new one.

I sense the purchase price was a bargain.  The set lasted only two years. An example of getting what you pay for.

My TV/internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour is available on You Tube. Enter Key West Lou and the date of the show. The show is each Friday so it is easy to recall the date. The show will come out on top and be easy to click on.

I share this information with you to simplify things. I thought all one had to enter was Key West Lou. The show did come up but was buried amongst my shows for the past year. By putting in the date, no further searching is involved.

I am probably going to irritate some people now. I do not mean to do so. However, I have an opinion I feel compelled to express.

The deal with Iran announced in the last 24 hours bothers me. I question the trustworthiness of the Iranians. I question the competence of Kerry to have made the deal. I worry about Obama embracing it.

My experience business wise has always been that when doing business with a Middle Easterner, he would shake my hand with one hand while picking my pocket with the other. Or, at least trying.

The deal concerns me.

Enjoy your Sunday!




The pharmaceutical companies have had a free ride in the United States. Government oversight/control is lacking. The companies are permitted to charge outrageous sums for drugs. The profit factor has to be big time.

When the President was pushing Obamacare, he excluded most if not all drug coverages. I assume the reason why was he did not want the drug industry working against his bill. They did not oppose it. This action left the drug companies free to continue charging outrageously.

Now comes the Louis story. I am leaving tomorrow for two months in Europe. I take tons of pills each day. My heart is not the best and requires all type of medicinal support. I get my prescription drugs in a 90 day supply. Three of them would have run out while I am on the trip.

I need what is termed a “vacation override” to get my pills ahead of time and have the insurance company pay for them.

I have been on the phone two times to the insurance company, three times to Walgreen and two visits two Walgreen.

I started the process monday morning. It is now wednesday morning. I still do not have the pills, though they have been authorized. I pick them up today.

Adding to the aggravation, I am now in the donut. You who have prescription insurance understand. My costs skyrocket at a point during the policy period till I spend close to $5,000 out of my pocket. Note that I have already paid the policy one year in advance.

Walgreen told me the three prescriptions will cost me roughly $870 because I am in the donut.

Screw United Health Care who was recommended to me by AARP. Screw Walgreen.

Last night, I did my blog talk radio show. I was not directly discussing Walgreen. However, I did point out Walgreen does $18.65 billion a quarter. Walgreen was recently required to pay a fine to Florida of $80 million for something having to do with Oxycontin. The $80 million a drop in the bucket.

I have vented. Sorry. I am exasperated!

I spent yesterday afternoon in final preparation for last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Sloan came over at 5 so we could work on my getting ready with my equipment for the European trip. Verizon is another screwed up major corporation. We spent two hours on the phone with them trying to figure out data port coverage areas, costs and needs.

The blog talk radio show went well. I opened with the House’s abortion vote yesterday. The Republican controlled House voted overwhelmingly to limit abortions to 22 weeks. I love the Conservative Right. They are intent on taking women back a thousand years. I wonder how these members treat their wives and how the wives treat them in return.  If they treat their wives as they do American women in general, most will end up sleeping in separate bedrooms.

The Heat/Spurs game last night was one of the best basketball games I have ever seen. Either side could have won. It appeared to me the Spurs lost control at the end of the game and in the overtime. I also thought the officiating was slanted a bit in favor of the Spurs. A lot of too close to call calls.

Cathy’s service was Monday at La Trattoria. Lovely Cathy Hollner. Virgilio’s was packed. Many teary eyed women. The men sad faced. The service was more a celebration of life. Food and drinks were provided. Things were heavy when people arrived and again at the end when some spoke. Good bye, Cathy You were good people. There should be more like you.

The Pier House saga continues. Word is Larry Smith will no longer be at the Wine Galley after the first of the month. Too bad! Larry made the room what it is.

Enjoy your day!





Every Sunday at 9, Larry Smith presents his Sunday Showcase. I attended last night. To enjoy my friend Ray Sigismondi’s electric guitar playing.

I arrived an hour early. The Wine galley was already filling up. Fortunately, I was able to grab a table near the wall.

Ray was the featured entertainer. Backing him were the lovely Kathleen Peace and Christine Cordone. Two of the best female voices in Key West. Larry at the piano, of course.

The program was Rock and Roll. The entire show.

To say the performance was outstanding, does not do it credit. It was several levels above. Best may be the proper adjective. Best of the best more correct.

Attendance was overwhelming. Extra tables had to be set out on the deck for those who could not get inside. Ray and the ladies periodically went outside and worked through the crowd.

Picture the scene. Rock and roll. Loud and blaring. From another generation. Guests from that generation whooping it up. Men and women alike. Waving their arms over their heads, jumping up. Some dancing in the crowded aisles inside and out. Faces smiling. Eyes bright with excitement.

This was their night.

Larry, you did yourself proud!

Before the show began, a lovely woman came up to me and asked if I was Key West Lou. Her name was Faye. She lives in Melbourne. She is a loyal reader of this blog.

I was thrilled to meet her.

I kept my eye on Faye. She had a very good time!

She was sitting with friends at a table nearby. Her body moving to the music when the show began. Then her eyes wide. Bright and shining. Her lips mouthing the words. Soon she was standing in an open space. The Wine galley was very crowded. She was dancing in place to the music. The radiant smile continuously on her face.

Whether seated or standing, Faye’s body never stopped moving. This was her music from her time. She was enjoying every note.

As were the other guests. Everyone moving in one fashion or another. Even me. Though not as much as most. My conservative self being difficult to override.

I caught Ali from England dancing. She was out on the deck dancing with another lady as the Rolling Stone ensemble was performed. Her husband John inside. Waving his arms over his head. Periodically jumping up from his seat.

Many friends in attendance. Larry’s friends, also. Amongst others, Pati, Aaron and Karen, Tom and Nancy, Mary Deasy, and Key West’s Southernmost Shrink Doc Covan. The good doctor having been so introduced by Larry.

A lady sitting near me leaned over during the show and whispered…..I think larry is very sexy! I  never saw him in that light. Whatever. Sexy Larry was born last night. He will be so referred to from this point forward.

Larry, my friend, I could not resist.

Permit a digression. Tomorrow night is my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Please join me at 9. I promise a fun filled informative half hour.

Enjoy your day!