A guest on Morning Joe this morning made the comment: “Bad things happen to good countries.” So true. Look at where we are.

The comment was inspired during a discussion of the Paul Pelosi attack.

The U.S. is going through horrible times. We survive, or end up like Hitler’s Germany. The nation ruled by Trump or someone comparable to him.

Even Donald Jr. has seen fit to get into the act. He issued on social media last night a picture of a pair of Haines underwear and a hammer. The suggestion/inference being Pelosi might have been involved in a homosexual relationship of sorts with his assailant. A rumor being spread yesterday over social media.


Pelosi’s attack occurred close to Halloween. Another negative event occurred many years ago during Halloween. A good 50 years ago. Factually different. Just as sick, however.

Our 4 children were very young. Probably 4-8 years old. Excited to be out tricking or treating Halloween night. The media had forewarned parents. Beware! Mental deviates planned on putting common pins in candy and cookies and razor blades in apples. Items to be given to children as they visited homes.

I hawked my kids as I walked with them. Permitted them to accept all kinds of goodies. Immediately to be placed in their bags. Not to be eaten till Daddy or Mommy approved.

When we got home, we spread the “goodies” on the family room floor and examined each one. It was taking forever and we could not be sure our examinations were perfect. So we threw everything out.

The kids were exhausted by this time. Helped make them good troopers about the whole thing.

A hammer to Paul Pelosi’s head and common pins and razor blades in children’s Halloween goodies comparable evils.

There were 35 floats in the Fantasy Fest parade saturday night. An accurate estimate as to number of spectators not available. KeysNews does not print till tomorrow. At the moment the number suggested is in the “tens of thousands.”

Victor Rodriguez is Police Chief of McAllen, Texas. Part of the Rio Grande Valley. In the middle of the “border crisis.”

Chief Rodriguez announced the crime problem is not as is being represented. He claims: “Violence has gone down year after year since 2020, no matter what the fearmongers are selling.”

He provided numbers to support his position. Reported crime down for the 13th consecutive year and the present crime rate the lowest in 37 years.

The FBI agreed.

There are seats in Hell waiting for Putin and Trump. Next to Hitler.

Putin’s present approach to the Ukraine problem he created is if he can’t take the Ukraine, he will break it. In certain Ukraine areas, Putin has destroyed water and power systems. Ukrainian people are drinking water out of puddles in the streets.

Children will be out tricking and treating tonight. Drivers be careful. In my old age, I have taken to remaining in Halloween evenings. Not so much to greet those knocking on my door. Rather to be sure I don’t run over anyone.

Not that anyone will be knocking on my door tonight. I live far back in the golf course in the Sanctuary section. No one ever gets this far back. Most living in the area itself are seniors or those without children.

I lived in Key Haven for 23 years. A somewhat affluent community. As evidenced by how parents viewed the neighborhood.

Key Westers drove children in large vans and the back of pick up trucks from Key West to Key Haven. Why not! The goodies were the best in the lower Keys. The kids were dropped off, did their thing and returned eventually to the vehicles that had brought them.

Many living on Key Haven did it up big for the little ones. Some even set up tables on their front lawns loaded with goodies.

I miss Halloween. Enjoyed walking with my children back in Utica. Walked with Lisa and Corey as they walked Robert and Ally in Key West.

I am out of little ones.

Be well.



I have been a Syracuse fan since the first day I entered law school at Syracuse University in 1957. Not true blue, true orange.

It has been 65 years. I have supported every football coach, and Jim Boeheim of course, through thick and thin. Good and bad. More bad than good. Never even thought a coach should be fired. Now for the first time, I do. Dino Babers as the football coach.

Even when Babers went 1-10, I did not speak ill of him. My school, my team, my coach.

This season began a great one 6-0. Clemson last week the first loss. Could have been a Syracuse victory. Babers screwed up a few times. I called him on it. No one is perfect, however.

Syracuse should have beat the pants off Notre Dame yesterday. Instead, Notre Dame took Syracuse to the cleaners 41-24.

Against Clemson, Babers ran Tucker 5 times. Yesterday, he began the game by running Tucker multiple times. Even forgot to let Schrader pass after his first one that was intercepted.

The Syracuse defense has been stellar all season. Not yesterday. Notre Dame is known for its running game. Straight up the middle. Our defensive line could not stop them. Did not make sense. Syracuse should have been prepared for them. Why wasn’t it?

Schrader passing was off in the first half. Because of the injury which kept him out of the game in the second half? I don’t know.

I do know there is one major passing problem. Schrader likes to pass to one person…..Gadsden. Opposing teams know it. Double and triple team Gadsden as he runs to catch the ball. Babers should have Schrader throwing the ball to other receivers.

Syracuse looked like the Babers team that lost 10 games in one season.

The announcers were attributing Syracuse’s poor play to the Clemson game. Thought it was a tough one. The guys were tired and beat up.

No excuse.

The freshman Carlos Del Rio-Wilson distinguished himself in the second half when he replaced Schrader.

Syracuse will not fire Babers. They will not want to pay him the millions to buy his contract out and have to pay a new coach at the same time. The firing issue is all about money.

The last 2 home games have been sell outs. Fifty thousand fans. One more game like Notre Dame and the Dome will not be sold out. Fans are money conscious also. They want to see a winner play! Otherwise, they can sit at home and watch the game for free on TV.

Money an issue in home purchases, also. Home buyers are having a “come to Jesus” moment. Mortgage rates now top 7 percent. Recently topped 7 percent for the first time in 20 years. The 30 year fixed rate has gone to 7.08 percent. One year ago, it was 3.14 percent.

Home purchasers are dropping in numbers. Sellers are trying to unload. In September, sellers dropped asking prices an average of 20 percent. Many withdrew their listings.

Items associated with home ownership have also risen. Home insurance policies for example. Forty percent higher than 12 years ago.

Steve Thompson continues writing about Key West in the 1970’s.

The Boat Bar on Duval was well known in the seventies.

The Taco stand had to deal with their hookers and junkies. The Key West topless bar was on our other side. They all used our restrooms when they wanted to hide. Syringes and paper towels all over the place. The clean up crew said it was difficult to face.

There were fights almost every night. Everyone came to the taco stand for a bite. We had a good crew and they handled it just fine.

It was by far the best store of mine.

The New York Times ran a different and interesting article on 10/17 written by Rachel E. Gross. For some reason, it took till today to receive some prominence. The article’s title: Half The World Has A Clitoris. Why Don’t Doctors Study It?

The organ is “completely ignored by pretty much everyone” medical experts say, and that omission can be devastating to women’s sexual health.

The article identifies how little time is spent in medical school on the subject and how doctors are ignorant of its problems.

The article is shocking. Worth reading, especially by women.

Paul Pelosi fortunately is reported to be on the mend.

Many have offered their condolences and wishes for a speedy recovery to Nancy and the Pelosi family. Even Republicans. Except for Donald Trump who has not been heard from.

Be well.


No one is safe any longer. Death and injury have become too commonplace. Today, Speaker Pelosi’s husband. Yesterday, blacks and school children. Tomorrow, Jews.

We are a nation out of control. Trump let the vermin out of the their holes.

The solution? Vote! Get rid of the Republican Party that has crossed over the line and permits and encourages these activities. If the people do not recognize the evil for what it is, the remaining alternative will be outright civil war.

January 6 was close to 2 years ago. Hundreds have been arrested. Mostly the small guys, the followers. Time to go after those at the top. Time is wasting. Two groups must be sought out. The political leaders and the money bags who support what is happening. Those who foster the evil.

It may already be too late. It takes forever to prosecute, convict and jail. At least 2 years. Could be 4 with appeals. In the meantime, the bad guys continue to get their way. Once the top guys are toppled, the body will fall.

Tonight the Fantasy Fest parade. As many as 60,000 will line Duval. I have always wondered where they sleep. There are not enough beds between here and Marathon to hold them.

Back when, I thought how much fun it would be to be on a float. The opportunity arose some 20 years ago. My good friend Howard Livingston asked me to join him on a float he had prepared. I jumped at the chance!

One time was enough. Never again.

A float can be work. The one I was on was. I was totally exhausted at the end of the evening.

There were about 70 floats in the parade that year. We were number 64. It took 2-3 hours to make the trip. The first floats had finished before we even began.

Howard had purchased 30,000 strings of beads. There were at least a dozen of us on the float. We threw 22,000 to the crowd.

Howard had it organized. We kept one arm extended. He had people running to “reload” our arms with beads as they ran out.  The other arm was used to throw.

Throwing was initially exciting. Show me this, show me that had its pleasures. After a while, became work.

I noticed as we moved down Duval there were many in wheel chairs who were not getting any beads. I changed my modus operandi. Threw beads only to those in wheel chairs and on crutches.

The first portion of the trip was down Whitehead to Front. Then Front to Duval. The world changed the moment we hit Duval. It was like entering the mouth of a whale. The crowd and noise devoured us.


My game plan was to hit La Te Da after the parade to party. Never made it. I was too exhausted. Found my car and drove home.

A good experience. However as indicated earlier, a one time experience.

The flu season is upon us. Flu season 2022 has begun early. Experts say its severity is the worst in 13 years.

If you have not, get a flu shot! Don’t be stupid! Flu is non discriminatory. It kills as well as making one ill.

The first game of the World Series over. The Phillies beat the Astros 6-5.

The interesting thing about the game is that the Astros initially had a 5 run lead.

At noon today, Syracuse/Notre Dame. Syracuse a 10 point favorite. Whatever, I don’t care. As long as Syracuse wins. Though my heart tells me Syracuse will defeat the Irish by much more than 10 points.

Over the years, I have closed the blog with: Enjoy your day! Many have been critical. Wondering how I could suggest that when many of the things I wrote about were of an unpleasant nature.

I have decided to change my closing. To something hopefully more fitting: Be well!

So au revoir, auf Wiedersehen, good bye to Enjoy your day! Hello to Be well!

Be well!



Steve Thompson wrote about the first Fantasy Fest parade. He was proud of Cindy’s attire. Related to me everyone thought she looked terrific. He mentions Cindy in his recollection of the parade.

I remember the first Fantasy Fest. I believe it was one of the best. 

It was so dead for so long around here. We needed something to kick off the year. Tony and Bill from Fast Bucks came to the rescue. They put in many hours and built the best float too.

Those first few years were really great. There was some nudity, but none overweight.

I had a white standard poodle that looked like a sheep. My wife Cindy went as Little Bo Peep.

La Ti Da had a pink Cadillac convertible with a big sign. “Let them eat croissants” was their line. So they threw out croissants to everybody there. My dog Harry ate more than his share.

Cindy and Harry made it on the Poster that year.

That was forty years ago, now we stay clear.

Toga party last night!

For some reason, I was very tired. I was in bed and asleep at 8. Unusual for me.

Apparently I was the only one.

Received an e-mail from Tom Dixon in Buffalo this morning. He watched the festivities on Sloppy Joe’s cam last night. Filled me in. A voyeur in his own right. His observation: “Many togas do not cover everything.”

My housekeeper Sylvia is in this morning. She is the last one I would expect her and her husband to be on Duval in front of Sloppy Joe’s last night. They were there! She told me they will be back tonight and tomorrow night. They do Fantasy Fest every year.

My sole venture outside the house was at 2 in the afternoon. Tammy’s for a manicure and pedicure. The place was deserted. Like a morgue. Asked her why. She explained it is this way every year during Fantasy Fest. Her business is local and they are all working extra hours during Fantasy Fest.

She explained next week will be different. They are already overbooked.

Trump and DeSantis have become mortal enemies. Bess Levin wrote about it in an article published yesterday in Vanity Fair: Trump Plans To F–K Over Ron DeSantis Two days Before the Midterm Elections.

Levin’s comments included: “The ex-president…..despises the Florida governor.”

Trump has scheduled a rally in Miami the sunday before elections.

Levin reported: “DeSantis is pissed.” A DeSantis aid told her DeSantis feels Trump is placing “an elbow to his throat.”

I believe the two deserve each other. Neither is of value to the people they have represented, represent or hope to represent. Let them kill each other off.

Tampa Bay lost last night. To Baltimore. Tampa Bay’s record now 3-5.

All about Tom Brady. He’s screwed up. The split with his wife. It is affecting his game.

The way life is. Emotional problems can be a killer.

I feel badly for Brady. His wife and the children, also. Marital woes are disruptive. I know.

Exxon yesterday announced a record breaking third quarter profit. The most lucrative quarter Exxon has ever had: $19.66 billion.

Exxon should shout a loud THANK YOU to the American public AND drop prices to help reduce inflation.

What’s a few billion dollars to Exxon? Compares insignificantly to the few dollars it would permit American drivers to pocket every week.

Enjoy your day!


From my perspective, the best Fantasy Fest event is thursday night. Toga time!

Tonight the night!

Go to Duval and stand around in front of Sloppy Joe’s.

My recommendation assumes you enjoy a bit of nudity and perversion. Men and women alike clothe in white half sheets. My appreciation has always been in viewing the female gender naked. Some of the ladies enjoy showing off their wares. A sale, of course. For beads. First the breasts, then what’s in front down below, then their derrieres. Some then offer more. If a deal is made, she is off behind a building with some gent.

I only looked. A voyeur at heart. Never even bought a view. Watched on someone else’s beads.

Another “attire” option, spray painted. Ladies basically naked. Spray painted with private parts covered with a piece of material in some tiny fashion.

My joy will not be satiated tonight. Nor has it been since the beginning of COVID. I do not do Fantasy Fest any longer. Incapable. I walk with a cane. Even with a cane, my walking is limited to one block. Pain too much any further. Parking a pain, also. So I am compelled to deny myself the toga evening.

The first Fantasy Fest Parade was this day in 1979. Down Duval. Twenty six floats. Fast Buck Freddie’s Bride of Dracula won the Best Float award.

It is too bad Key West no longer has Fast Buck Freddie’s. One of the finest department stores in the world!

Yesterday, I did my duty by God and country. Voted. Completed my mail in ballot and personally delivered it to the Voting Offices on Whitehead. Mailing it in required too much work. A stop at the post office, waiting in line, etc.

I was surprised at the scarcity of voters. No one. Louis alone. I was there all of 20 seconds. Walked in, handed it to a woman and I was done. It was 2 in the afternoon. I have voted this way in the past. Normally people like me dropping their ballots off and others waiting in line to vote.

I had lunch earlier at Harpoon Harry’s. Told Ron to read my recent blog titled Harpoon Harry’s. Mentioned Angela and Vince DiLoreto that I had met at the Chart Room and recommended to them Harpoon Harry’s tuesday special lasagna. They stopped in tuesday. Angela wrote me and said how much she and Vince enjoyed the meal.

After voting, I stopped at the library to see Corey. Frist time. He has a nice office set up. We chatted about Robert and how he is doing in his first semester in college.

Gasoline in Key West fluctuating within 10 cents. Three days ago, it was $3.99 a gallon. Two days ago, $3.89 a gallon. Yesterday, back up to $3.99 a gallon.

The media is not always correct. Today and yesterday. On this day in 1941, the Chicago Daily Tribune in an editorial dismissed the possibility of war with Japan: “She cannot attack us. That is a military impossibility. Even our base at Hawaii is beyond the effective striking power of her fleet.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene tells a woman she is too old to have a say on abortion.

An elderly woman called in to a talk show where Greene was guesting: “My body is my body and I don’t want the government telling me what I can do with my body.”

Greene’s comment was out of line. At 87, I am too old to fight. However, I should be able to have an opinion and say whether I believe my country should go to war.

Syracuse/Notre Dame saturday. At Syracuse. Twelve noon.

Syracuse is 6-1, Notre Dame 4-3.

The Syracuse Dome holds roughly 50,000 spectators. Sold out.

Enjoy your day!


More than 1 million pythons call the Everglades home. Prior to Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the number was minimal.

Andrew hit Homestead as a Category 5. Totally wiped out Homestead. I was there 3 weeks after Andrew. The community flat. Nothing left standing except an occasional wall.

Pythons were home pets. Scattered by Andrew. Eventually made their home in the Everglades.

Pythons are sexual creatures. Active. Gestation period 60-90 days. Twelve to 36 eggs normally laid. Can be up to 100.

The pythons took over the Everglades. They have devoured 80 percent of animal and bird life.

The warning signs were there. The State of Florida did nothing. About 10 years ago, Florida became concerned. It was too late. State officials are quick to admit the error of their ways. Also that the best that can be done is to “control” python growth. “Eradication” impossible.

Florida has done a poor job of controlling. Probably never will be able to control. Several methods attempted to control. All a failure.

One was to have an annual hunt and award money prizes for the most captured. The program still ongoing. Called the Florida Python Challenge.

The winner of the 2022 Challenge is 19 year old Matthew Concepcion from Palmetto Bay. He captured 28 pythons.

Note, not an easy task. Some run 15-18 feet long.

Concepcion hunted for 10 days. At night. He claims it is the best time. Especially around 4 in the morning. Similar to the big fish that come up around 4 in the afternoon. Only the time difference involved.

At 4 am Concepcion says the pythons are stretched out relaxing. He grabs them. The “best way to get them,” he says.

He has been a python hunter 5 years. Bitten 5 times: “Their teeth retract backward so you have to let them bite us, and you either pour alcohol in their mouth or pray it lets you go.”

Concepcion’s victory significant. More than 1,000 python hunters from all over the world participated.

Concepcion’s prize was $10,000.

Inflation. Gas and groceries, yes. Mortgages, also.

South Florida has seen mortgage payments increase 95 percent. Interest rates have skyrocketed. Doubled since the beginning of the year.

John Fetterman and Dr. Oz debated last night in the Pennsylvania Senate race. I watched portions. Can only describe Fetterman’s performance as “painful.” I felt sorry for him. He is recovering from a stroke.

His first answer last night: “Hi! Goodnight, everybody!”

It was downhill from there.

Fetterman is still recovering. At some point, he will be normal. Will folks understand and give him a chance?

Proud Boys and Oath Keepers are signing up as poll workers and drop-box watchers.

A ground up, localized effort to control elections.

Pennsylvania an example of what is happening. In 50 of 67 counties, election chiefs have left because of threats, harassments and intimidation against them and their families.

Gunfight at OK Corral. So many movies!

It was on this day in 1881 that the famous shootout occurred in Tombstone, Arizona. The good guys led by Wyatt Earp.

On this day in 1825, the Erie Canal opened in New York State. It connected the Hudson River and Lake Erie.

My home town is Utica. Right in the middle of the State and middle of the Canal. The Canal made Utica a political and commercial giant for almost a century. Two U.S. Senators, Governors, a Presidential candidate, and a U.S. Vice President. Served as an overnight stop on the Canal. Hotel and retail businesses thrived. Manufacturing, also. Cotton goods.

All because of the Canal. No more, however.

Utica had a population of 150,000 when I was in high school. Today, 65,000. It has been reduced to the 10th largest city in the State. The cotton mills long gone. They moved south in the 1950’s where labor was cheaper, not unionized.

Today, the home of several colleges. New businesses come in. Some stay, some leave. Its claim to fame is it is a good place to live and raise a family.

The Canal’s impact obviously long gone.

Enjoy your day!




The wonder of it all! Only in Key West! Men and women alike! Wearing tutus!

One of the Fantasy Fest events tonight is Tutu Pre-Party. Skirted persons will march the streets stopping at specified bars to imbibe. Oh, what a night it will be!

I went out last night. I had no intention of going downtown. Sloan was to be at my home at 5. We had a ton of work to do. At 4:45, Comcast/Infinity failed. Everything. No computer, TV or land line. So much for Sloan and I working. I called her off.

I can’t live without TV or internet. Need one or the other. My only remaining option was the Chart Room.

Glad I went! Enjoyed myself!

John bartending. Only ono other person. Jeff. Within an hour, the bar had a good crowd.

Steve and Cindy arrived. Monday is their night at the Chart Room.

We chatted with a couple from upper Florida who were seated next to us.

Everyone at the bar was talking tutu. Even John. I don’t think Steve and Cindy. What they were wearing, how they were going to handle the evening, etc.

I won’t be joining. Not the tutu type. Will spend the evening at home. Hope I can get Sloan so we can take care of the work that is piling up.

Driving home my stomach started to rumble. I was hungry. Stopped at Hogfish to grab something.

Sat at the bar. Fellow next to me looked familiar. I had played bocce against him for years. Name, James. Good conversation. One of the bartenders I had not seen in years. She worked at Don’s Place at the outside bar. Her name escapes me.

She filled me in on Don news. Don survived his cancer problems. Retired and living in Chicago. Recently returned for a visit. Fat. Surprising. Never was. Disposition good. He’s happy.

I will have to get in touch.

It was lobster bisque and key lime pie for me. Bisque fantastic as usual. The pie horrible.

Key West has had many successful industries. They come and go, however. Cigars for example. In 1923 there were 25 cigar factories producing more than 60 million cigars a year. Today, no cigar factories. All that remains are a few stands on the street where old men sit and roll by hand for sale to passerbys.

We are going through an era of bad judges. Especially at the Supreme Court level.

Clarence Thomas one of the worst. I have not been a fan of his since the day he was elevated. It was obvious he did not have the requisite talent. His color got him the position. His more than 25 years on the bench have proven his lack of judicial ability.

He blew it again. Yesterday by not routinely dismissing Lindsay Graham’s emergency application to the Supreme Court. Graham wants the subpoena served upon him in the Georgia vote fraud matter to be set aside. He does not want to testify before the Grand Jury re two telephone calls.

Two lower courts had already dismissed Graham’s application and said he had to testify. Thomas’ action now delays the matter and leaves it up to the entire Court. Good luck for the rule of law!

Thomas had a decided conflict of interest. He could have recused himself. He should have. His wife is involved with an “interest” in the matter as has already been evidenced.

Another federal judge had a sensitive matter before him yesterday and handled it judiciously. Quite the opposite from Thomas.

The Judge a Federal District Court one. Emmett Sullivan.

Michael Flynn was before him for sentencing. The charge was lying to federal officials. He pled guilty a year ago and promised cooperation.

Apparently both sides thought he had cooperated sufficiently. The prosecution and defense agreed to a minor guilty plea and no jail time.

Judge Sullivan did not buy it. He refused to accept the plea and deal. He in effect gave Flynn a “new asshole.”

The good Judge Sullivan said, “I’m not hiding my disgust.” He expressed his “disdain” for Flynn. Unequivocally said to Flynn, “You sold out your country.”

Nothing further happened. Flynn’s attorney asked for a continuance when Judge Sullivan said he was not sure he was going ahead with the “deal.” The matter was adjourned.

We need more Sullivans and fewer, if not none, Thomas’.

Judge Sullivan reminds me of a Judge with similar toughness and honesty some fifty years ago. Judge John Sirica. The Watergate Judge. He sensed wrongdoing and would not go along with a white washing. Men went to jail, Nixon resigned.

What I am about to share I find hard to believe. Guess I should not.

Rolling Sone and Bess Levin of Vanity Fair claim Trump is actually plotting to steal the midterm elections: “Rolling Stone claims Trump has convened lawyers and advisers to scheme how to challenge the results in November if they do not go his way.”

Trump does not appear concerned he is already under criminal investigation by the Department of Justice for attempting to steal the 2020 election. Perhaps he is without fear. Why not, he so far has gotten away with everything wrong he has attempted.

Enjoy your day!


Harpoon Harry’s! My favorite place for breakfast and lunch.

I frequently mention Harpoon Harry’s. The food is outstanding and reasonably priced. The staff friendly. The decor/atmosphere warm old time diner.

I headline Harpoon Harry’s today for a special reason. They have a spread on Facebook. Tons of pictures.

My “special” favorite meals are lasagna on tuesday and turkey dinner on wednesday. Lasagna like my grandmother made. Turkey dinner is Thanksgiving every wednesday.

Paul Newman’s posthumous memoir The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man was recently published. . I have had the opportunity to read excerpts. Especially good. Particularly the sex life he and his wife Joanne Woodward shared.

Their daughter Clea shared a funny recollection re Newman’s sexual reputation: “I was walking through a supermarket with my Mom. We were paying, and there was a magazine at the checkout. Mom looked over and it was Dad on the cover – and it said, ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ or whatever. By that time he was like 75 or 80. She looked at me and said, ‘Oh, for Christ’s sake, still?'”

Bob Woodward’s new essay is being released tomorrow. Eight hours of audio of interviews he had with Donald Trump. It is reported Woodward’s comments are not “coy about Trump as a danger to American democracy and to  the future of the country.”

Certain of Woodward’s comments.

In 2020 when “Rage” ended: “Trump is the wrong man for the job.”

Two years later: “I didn’t go far enough, Trump is an unparalleled danger…..Trump was overwhelmed by the job.”

After 4 years in the Presidency, the record shows: “Trump – led and continues to lead – a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the 2020 election, which is an effort to destroy democracy.”

Trump brought a lawsuit last week against publication and dissemination of the audio in which he also seeks damages. Claims any monies his because they are his words.

What a smuck!

Pope Francis continues to be under serious attack.

Catholic hierarchy are split as in the U.S. and rest of Europe. Far right Cardinals have wanted to depose Francis since he was elevated to the Papacy. A question continues whether the good man can survive the schismatics. Francis’ opponents continue their efforts to gather like-minded Cardinals in conspiratorial meetings not known since the Medieval Ages.

I have addressed the issue several times over the years. Mentioning each time the involvement of Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich on the side of the anti-Francis group.

Bannon has sought to overthrow Francis since day one. Received Trump support big time when Francis compared Trump’s election to the rise of Hitler.

Bannon was joined in his efforts by Newt Gingrich. Gingrich got a front row seat. Even shared offices in the Vatican with the U.S. Ambassador to the Holly See. Trump appointed Calista Gingrich. Newt’s wife, Ambassador.

The dynamic duo, Bannon and Gingrich, had it knocked during Trump’s Presidency.

Eminem is an American rapper and record producer. Some acclaim him the greatest rapper of all time.

I am not particularly a fan. His beliefs and mine run in different directions. However every now and then someone I do not necessarily agree with comes up with a saying I do subscribe to. Eminem has: “The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.”

Enjoy your day!



There is no joy in Mudville…..

Says it all!

An excellent game. Syracuse the obvious winner for 3 1/2 quarters. Then fell apart.

The score favored Syracuse 21-10 at half time. Clemson the winner at the end 27-21.

Coaching a significant reason why Clemson won. Yesterday Clemson Coach Swinney was better than Babers. Proof included several things.

Clemson made 4 ball losses in the first half. Syracuse capitalized. No team comes back to win after 4 turnovers.

Things continued going bad for Clemson in the second half. Swinney pulled out his star/All -American quarterback and replaced him with a freshman. Swinney’s reasoning simple. Nothing was happening under his star. He had to do something. Couldn’t be any worse with a novice.

Turns out the move was a brilliant one. The freshman’s inexperience was obvious. He made “freshman” mistakes. However, he got things going. Scored a touchdown, etc.

Swinney played Syracuse’s 2 receivers and Tucker well. Threw them off.

Babers major error was the clock. Not the first time this season. He blew 20 seconds in the last moments of the game by failing to call a time out to preserve the time. Syracuse might have won if it had those 20 seconds and did not have to throw the Hail Mary pass when it did.

Schrader screwed up at the end. He always looks for one of his two favorite receivers. When he let the Hail Mary pass go, the receiver he intended was covered by 3 Clemson defense men. On the other side of the field running unencumbered was Syracuse player Jackson. No Clemson player within 20 feet of him. Schrader never looked. A blown touchdown!

There was an overall team problem also. A meltdown. When things started going bad for Syracuse with several minutes left in the game, they lost heart. You could see it on their faces and the slouch in their bodies. An announcer said the Syracuse coaches were going around telling the players to have confidence, etc. It was obvious they had mentally lost it.

Syracuse will learn from the loss. Its season will still be a great one. A significant bowl in the wings.

We learn from our mistakes.

I am not unhappy with the loss. I got 3 1/2 quarters of….. We’re going to win! I saw the team fall apart. Such is life. They tried, but in the end when everything counted, they didn’t have it.

Less I forget, the Syracuse defense was outstanding! The offense blew it.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Big day for Syracuse football. Syracuse v. Clemson. Battle of the undefeated.

Clemson a 2 touchdown favorite.

I don’t know who will win. Of course I am pulling for Syracuse. Kick off at noon. The better team will be public knowledge later this afternoon.

Goombay began last night. Can’t share anything about it. I was not there and will not be. The walk too much for me. Whatever, a terrific event. Two evenings of family and neighborly fun.

On this day in 1962, President John Kennedy went on national TV with fearful news. U.S. planes had discovered Soviet missile bases in Cuba. Under construction, not yet complete.

The news and what followed over the next few days extremely scary for the American people. Nuclear war a distinct possibility.

It was kitchen table husband and wife discussions. How do we handle the situation? What about the children? Though young, they could sense something was amiss. We held them closer.

Utica is 14 miles from Rome. Rome was home to the Griffiss Air Force Base, a SAC base. Any war and Griffiss would be one of the first to be hit with an atomic bomb. If such occurred, my family and I would be instantaneously wiped out.

A year earlier, Kennedy spoke before the U.N. General Assembly. He said, “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” Russia did not get the message.

A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked Biden’s student loan program just as it was beginning. The stay may be short. Both sides must file papers no later than tuesday. A decision could be forthcoming within a matter of 7-10 days.

Biden’s program involves forgiving $10,000 in some instances, $20,000 in others. In a few, the entire debt.

Those opposing the Biden program are 6 Republican states.

It is amazing how Republicans can take this position. Republicans when in power or able to do so, pass huge tax cuts. Tax cuts that primarily benefit the rich. Trump did it big time during his  term in office.

This same political party now begrudges a minor cut in student loan debt. Debt carried by the relatively poor as opposed to the very rich who benefit all the time from tax cuts.

Kevin McCarthy this past week indicated that if Republicans took control of Congress in the elections scheduled in less than 3 weeks, there would be cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

A new label for those Republicans who oppose student loan cuts and want to cut Social Security and Medicare: Pigs, mean pigs.

A recent revelation re the Mar-a-Lago documents. Seems to be a new revelation every week. All bad for Trump.

No question certain of the documents contained “highly sensitive” information. “Secret information” about Iran and China. Information as “bad as it can get.”

Query? Why did Trump take such secret information with him to Mar-a-Lago? Did he intend to make Mar-a-Lago a profit operation? Did he plan on selling the information?

Whatever the motivation, the odds of Trump being criminally charged have accelerated as a result.

It is reported the information re Iran described “Iran’s missile program.”

Intelligence experts describe the information overall “so sensitive” because it endangers human resources aiding U.S. intelligence efforts, compromises collection efforts, and could lead to adversaries retaliating against the U.S.

Steve Bannon received a 4 month jail sentence. I would have given him more. At least one year. He deserves as much for his open and frequent rejection of the law. He placed himself above the law. Told everyone he was so doing. Probably never expected to be punished for it.

Bannon considered himself “special.” He did not have to follow the law, no matter how simple, as most others are required.

Amazing how his attitude is similar to that of Donald Trump. These men consider themselves a law unto themselves.

Enjoy your day!