Today special for Americans. Even with all the the strife confronting our governments and people. One thing must be kept in mind. Each side believes they are doing right. That they are on the side of God and country.

It is Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the military personnel who died in the performance of their military duties while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

By law, celebrated on the last monday of May.

The day recognized also as the “unofficial” beginning of summer.

Every American should visit Arlington National Cemetery. I stood in awe. My eyes filled with tears. All the grave stones representing someone who made it possible for me to live a protected life.

Arlington was my second military cemetery. My first one 30 years ago. I was staying in Livonia, Italy. A small community near Anzio where the Allied troops landed during World War II.

A horrendous battle. Many died.

National cemeteries exist today where gallant men fell.

I was driving around with no particular place to go. Suddenly, I came upon what had to be a military cemetery. It was. It contained the remains of British military who died in the Anzio battles.

The cemetery was the first military one I had seen anywhere. Arlington came a good 30 years later.

I stopped and walked among the white grave stones representing who lay below.

I was first impressed with the preciseness by which the cemetery was laid out. Straight lines horizontally and vertically. Not one stone out of line. The grounds and shrubbery meticulously manicured.

Reading cemetery grave stones has been an historical activity for me for years. Wherever I am, I find time to stop at least at one.

The inscriptions at the Anzio Cemetery blew my mind!

First, most who died were young. Kids in many instances. Eighteen, nineteen and twenty. At 24, many were already majors.

My most difficult moment came when I found myself among grave stones which all contained the same description: “Known To God Alone.”

The national Democratic Party does not fight as its rival the Republican Party. Republicans wage war. Democrats pussy foot around believing Republicans lies, looking for bipartisanship, etc.

What’s the saying? Fight fire with fire!

Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives showed gumption this past week. They pulled a Mitch McConnell. Utilized the rules. Did the unexpected.

It was the last day of the session. All bills left to be passed had to be passed by midnight.

A quorum is needed before a vote can be taken.

The bill in question was intended to be the new Texas voting rights one. Considered the worst in the country when it comes to preserving and protecting voting rights.

The Democrats without fanfare walked out of the legislative chamber before the vote was to be taken. A quorum no longer existed. The bill would die an automatic death since not dealt with at the moment.

Not only did the Democrats walk out, they en mass went to New Mexico. The reason simple. The Governor has the power to have them arrested and returned to the State Legislature. Such an arrest is considered legal.

The reason the Democrats escaped to New Mexico is that the arrest power of the Texas governor does not extend in this instance over the Texas state line.

The Democratic win may be a short one. The Governor has called for a Special session. Not scheduled yet. Will the Democrats be able to walk out again?

One party walking out to avoid a quorum is not uncommon.

The most famous occurred in 1840 in the Illinois House of Representatives. Lincoln and his party were in the minority. The opposition was sure to vote for the bill. To avoid a quorum, Lincoln jumped out a first floor window.

More recent avoidance of a vote to preclude a quorum has occurred in Oregon, Indiana, and the U.S. Senate. The U.S. Senate one occurred in 1988. The Republicans did not have the necessary votes to block a bill. They played the lack of quorum game.

The Republican avoidance appears to have been a last minute thing. The Republicans were running all around the Capitol  looking for places to hide. The Sergeant at Arms was looking for Republicans. His instructions were to arrest and return them to the Senate floor.

Senator Packwood tried to hide in his office. He was pushing one side of his office door to prevent it opening while Sergeant at Arms people were pushing from the other side.

Packwood was not giving up without a fight. They carried him onto the Senate floor feet first.

Yesterday’s blog spoke of the pillory. I would like to follow it up with a specific occurrence.

Men were generally the ones to be pilloried. A lady on occasion.

The most famous pilloried woman was Elizabeth Needham. Known also as Mother Needham.

Elizabeth was an English procuress and brothel keeper. In short, she ran a whore house. The most exclusive one in London. Her clientele were from the highest strata of fashionable society.

Elizabeth ran her brothel beginnig around 1710, ending in 1731.

In 1731, she ran afoul of moral reforms. Led by the wives of the most prominent men in London. Most Elizabeth’s customers, of course.

Her “well connected” customers had kept her protected for years.

She was tried and convicted. Her “friends” tried to protect her. They were powerless to prevent her arrest and trial. It would have meant separate bedrooms at home.

Her sentence was lenient. In spite of the fact her judge was an adamant reformer. He never the less had a soft spot in his heart for brothels. I suspect his friends must have drummed the hell out of him to go easy on Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was convicted of keeping a disorderly house. She was fined one shilling, sentenced to stand twice in the pillory, and to find sureties to speak for her good behavior for 3 years.

The pillorying was thought to be better than several years in jail. The overall sentence considered the work of her male friends continued harassing of the judge.

Her first pillorying was April 30, 1731.

Again because of the influence of her male clientele, she was allowed to lie face down in front of the pillory. A favor. Considered a “safe” approach to the pillorying. Her friends also paid guards to protect her during the pillorying.

Despite the protections, Elizabeth “received such a pillorying” from the very large crowd assembled that she died before her punishment was completed.

It is reported Trump is frustrated about his mounting legal fees. The probe into the Trump organization is heating up. Trump needs more attorneys.

Two interesting observations. Trump’s attorneys are advising him he won’t get indicted. I find it hard to believe he will not. Additionally, Trump announced he is not paying Giuliani’s legal bill. Trump claims he was unhappy with Giuliani’s services in the second impeachment trial.

An interesting afternoon of golf yesterday. The final round of the 2021 Charles Schwab Challenge. John Kokrak was a 2 stroke victor over Jordan Spieth.

I thought Spieth would win. He has been playing excellent golf the past couple of months. He failed to come through when needed yesterday, however.

The last 5-6 holes were tough for both players. Spieth coming from behind, then falling back to 3 strokes behind. It was obvious that Spieth was pushing to win. Such was his problem. He was quick to his shots and did not take his usual deliberate time before hitting.

As a result most of his shots were all over the place

Such is a professional golfer’s life. Calmness does not always prevail.

Money wise, Spieth did not come out badly finishing second. His check for second place $817,500. Kokrak’s for winning $1,350,000.

Stayed in again last night. The finals of the golf tournament and the selection of Memorial weekend movies in the final analysis appealed more.

Enjoy your day!


Keys History continues to provide a glimpse into the past. William Hackley’s diary for this day in 1856 provides such a peek.

Hackley mentions that “a man was put in the pillory for one hour for larceny.”

A pillory is a wooden framework with holes for the head and hands, in which an offender was imprisoned and exposed to public abuse for one hour.

The pillory extends back to Anglo-Saxon times when it was known as “Healsfanj” or “catch-neck.” The Dutch word for pillory when translated to English defines it well: Pole of Shame. In Dutch, “Schandpaal.”

A specific time of the day was involved. Generally from 12 noon to 1 pm. The “dining hour” for persons who made a living by “labor of their hands.” The streets were crowded by the working class during the meal time.

The pillory was intended to physically abuse and humiliate the person in the wood structure. The ordinary working folk enjoyed the activity. Participated  in the extreme. It was their “game time.”

I suspect the pillory was a much cheaper way to punish a wrongdoer.

I read somewhere yesterday that a man was convicted of larceny. His sentence 7 years in jail or 1 hour in the pillory. He opted for the pillory. Though the one hour was significantly less than 7 years, the public abused him to the extent that he almost died.

I further suspect it was cheaper for whatever the “government” was at the time to pillory for one hour than incarcerate for 7 years. Imagine the money saved for food and shelter.

Pillorying generally ceased in the early 1800’s world wide. Why Key West still pilloried in 1856, I am not sure. To save money by not having to feed and shelter?

The hurricane season begins tuesday June 1. The date firm. However, hurricanes are unaware. They come and go as they please on whatever their timetable might be. Key West has experienced hurricanes before the first day of hurricane season many times.

The Keys are very much susceptible to hurricanes. Regarding hurricanes, the Keys are referred to as “Hurricane Alley.”

Key West is fortunate in that a National Weather Service operation is located here. A huge building on White Street across from City Hall. Key West’s hurricane news, warnings, etc. are very timely.

Bayview Park today is not the same as it was 30 years ago when I began visiting Key West. There were a couple of statues honoring those who fought in the Spanish American War and also one or two honoring certain Cubans who had a connection to Key West.

In the 30 years however, Key West has developed a memorial park to honor U.S. war participants and war dead.

I recall attending the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial. It was a special day. A very special one.

I was a practicing attorney during the Vietnam years. America was not happy with the war. U.S. military who fought and died there received no special recognition. Not even a well done when they returned.

Time heals all wounds. Ten years ago, I attended the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial. Many Vietnam veterans were in attendance. Proud they were. Their salutes still sharp in their senior years. Key West was finally honoring them. The U.S. at the time as well.

At 10:30 monday morning, there will be another dedication. This time for Key West Blacks who fought in the U.S. Marines.

An overdue honor.

Blacks were not permitted in the U.S. Marines till 1942.

Thirteen men of color will be honored at the dedication.

I plan on being there.

Two major wrongs were committed on this day, though in different years.

In 1921, a massacre of Blacks occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many killed and beaten. Today the 100th anniversary of the event.

The History Channel is carrying the story beginning at 8 tonight. Worth watching.

Another major wrong occurred on this day, though hundreds of years ago. The year 1431. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

Her crime heresy. Two facts purportedly supporting the heresy were she wore pants and she rejected Church authority in favor of direct inspiration from God.

Joan wore pants during the wars she fought. She also wore them during her trial. A no no for women in those days.

Though her pants wearing bothered the judges, she was formally convicted for her alleged rejection of Church authority in favor of direct inspiration from God.

She was sentenced to death.

Joan apparently did not wish to be burned at the stake. She recanted. Her new sentence was perpetual imprisonment. Life. She also was ordered to cease wearing pants and wear solely women’s clothing.

Two days after her reduction in sentence and admonition to dress like a woman, the judges visited Joan in her cell.

She was wearing pants again. The judges were upset.

Joan’s excuse to the judges was that St. Catherine and St. Margaret appeared to her. She claimed they reproached her for giving into the  Church and the Church’s will.

Her death sentence was in effect signed.

The judges found her to be a “relapsed heretic.” Joan’s original sentence of being burned at the stake was reinstated.

There is a new game being played weekends. Every weekend without fail. Mass shootings.

In the early hours of this morning, a mass shooting occurred at Northwest Miami-Dade. Three assailants jumped out of a SUV and shot into a crowd of persons attending an event at a Florida club.

Two were killed and 25 injured. Assault weapons and hand guns were used.

No further information is available at this time.

When will we pass necessary legislation to somewhat control what is happening?

Jews and the yellow star. The brainchild of Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels who sold the idea to Adolph Hitler. The star to be worn on the left side of a Jew’s coat.

The first place the star was ordered worn was Paris.

There was another time when Jews were required to wear a yellow star. Catholics in central Italy were responsible.

When Parisian Jews were required by the Nazis to wear the yellow star in Paris, a French newspaper wrote: “It renews the most strictly Catholic tradition intermittently, through out the history of the Papal States, that in territory in central Italy, controlled by the Pope, Jews were often confined to ghettos and forced to wear either yellow hats or yellow stars.”

The Department of Homeland Security warned law enforcement this week about increasing attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions in the U.S. The DHS wrote that such were “motivated in part by the conflict between Israel and Hamas.”

The thrust of the warning: Be prepared to act.

Terri White sings again today. At Marylin’s from 3-5.

I plan on being there. Hopefully I will make it.

My good intentions have been poorly paved. The last time I was out was a week ago wednesday.

Yesterday, I had a good excuse. Anna was my housekeeper for 20 years. She stopped by to visit. Brought me a bowl full of perogis. Love perogis! Why go out when I could sit home and enjoy the perogis. Anna had already cooked them

Anna was born and raised in Poland. She cooks Polish dishes well!

Enjoy your Sunday!




Two “rising stars” in the Republican Party are Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz. The nuts are taking over. If successful, they will be more crazy and depraved than Trump.

Greene and Gaetz appeared together at a rally in Dalton, Georgia, last night. Two interesting comments came out of the debate.

The first not spoken by Greene herself. Rather, one of her supporters. When asked by a reporter about the number of people who appeared to dislike Greene, the woman being interviewed responded, “A lot of people didn’t like Jesus Christ.”

The Greene supporter equating Greene to Jesus?

Gaetz was talking about the anxieties and concerns in the U.S. today. He told his fans to carry out “armed rebellion” against the government if necessary.

The times we live in!

The Catholic Church seems to have unending involvement with matters anti-Christ. Will it ever end?

During the Spanish Inquisition and even before, the Church involved itself in sick actions that God would not condone in any way. As dumb is dumb, bad is bad.

In my life time, the abortion issue the first to cause me concern. The 1950’s and 1960’s a time when young ladies were driven to despair because God purportedly forbade it.

The 1950’s were a time I was in high school, college and law school. I always wondered how an unmarried young lady could have sex saturday night and receive Communion the next morning.

Some place, some how, ant-abortion had become ingrained in them. If pregnant, Catholic Charities and other social groups had a way out. The pregnancy to be continued, of course. Away from home facilities provided where a young lady could complete the pregnancy, deliver in most instances a healthy baby which immediately was adopted or placed for adoption. Most times, the new mother did not get to see or hold her baby.

If the young lady was part of a married couple, things to me were even worse. Many Catholic wives would not even consider abortion if they became pregnant. The Church told them it was forbidden. A mortal sin.

So a couple would continue to enjoy sex and make babies. It was not uncommon for a young couple to have 6 or 7 children in the 7-8 years following marriage.

The sadness of it all was most of the young couples could not afford a large family. Their lives would be hard. Even worse, their young ones would grow up in poverty followed by an adult life in or bordering on poverty. Going to college was not something the poor did in those days.

Abortion would have rectified the problem. However, the Church said it was a no no.

Then came pedophilia. Blew my mind! Never, no way would a priest do such things.

Pedophilia came into public view around 1980.

I could not buy it. I knew priests my whole life. I was about 45 when the notoriety hit. Why were people making such things up?

I was at a basketball game my son was playing when I ran into a lawyer younger than me. Probably in the practice 10 yeas. We were professional friends, not personal ones. We each had respect for the other professorially..

He was attorney in 5 cases against priests, etc, the cases all involving pedophilia. I chastised him for getting involved in such obviously untrue cases. His comment was simple: “Louis, wait and you shall see.”

Then came the avalanche and no one could deny priest involvement in pedophilia.

These matters rocked my Catholic up bringing and education.

Another new problem has come to light in Canada. Two hundred fifteen bodies of young children found in a mass grave at a former Catholic institution.

Back in the first half of the 19th century, Canada became concerned that its indigenous population was not assimilating. The Indians preferred living their own lives.

Young Indians were removed from their families. Many never to be seen by their families again.

A “residential school system” was developed. The Indian children were sent to residential schools to be brought up thinking and acting like the white Canadian population. Kamloop Indian School was opened in British Columbia. The School was operated from the late 1800’s to the late 1970’s. At one point in the 1960’s, the Canadian government took over the institution. Recently, the bodies of 215 children were discovered in a mass grave on school grounds. As young as 3 years old.

Removal and studies are being done. Detailed information should be available down the road.

The discovery has been described as an “horrific chapter in Canadian history.”

Bodies had been discovered at other residential schools in earlier years. In 2018, Prime Minister Trudeau wrote Pope Francis requesting an apology. Francis “rejected” the appeal.

In 2019, Trudeau said what had occurred at certain of the residential facilities “amounted to genocide.” Other comments have labeled the killings as “cultural homicides.”

Survivors are now 60 plus years old. They describe the abuses as “physical and sexual.” Additionally, the children did not receive adequate medical care. Some died prematurely from deaths tuberculosis caused.

A former student said staff members would just “start beating you…..hurl you against the wall, throw you on the floor, kick and punch you.”

Another Catholic tragedy.

Enjoy your day!






A major water rescue yesterday 16 miles south of Key West.

There were 16 passengers on the boat. Eight have been rescued so far. Of the 8, 2 were deceased. Ten persons are still missing.

People in the water were first sighted by the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Resolute. Helicopters aided in the rescue also.

The search for the remaining 10 continues.

The vessel left Cuba sunday. Capsized wednesday evening.

No further information available at this time.

Sidewalk cafes back in the news. There will be a public meeting to discuss the issue on June 8 before the Key West City Commission.

The most vocal complaint thus far is  that to proceed with sidewalk cafes will necessitate eliminating some spaces for cars. Parking already a major problem in downtown Key West.

I have visited Milan many times. There street cafes the best planned I have ever seen. The cafe concept takes up several blocks of one of the busiest retail Milan streets. All stores handling expensive top shelf items.

Milan removed all sidewalks. Thereby making the street level from one side to the other. Tables were not set exactly in front of any restaurant. Close to, however. The tables ran down the center of the street. Each was canopied covered.

No vehicular traffic was allowed. Walking the sole method of moving about.

To devise a plan similar to Milan would require a certain section of Duval to be redone as in Milan. Tables set in the center of the walkway/road. Cover with canopies. What remains on each side is more than sufficient for persons walking and shopping.

This plan will not work with a band aid approach. The present sidewalks and curbs have to go. To set up Duval leaving the sidewalks and curbs remaining would be a band aid approach and ultimately result in failure.

I trust not the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District. The work they do is noble. The manner sometimes scary.

The Mosquito Control Board has been promoting off and on for several years a relatively new concept by the British firm Oxitec. Male mosquitoes somehow receive whatever. When the male meets with the female mosquito, conception not possible. Something occurs which prevents birth

A news release first came to my attention in some Key West publication this morning. Key West was to be sprayed from 6:30 am to 8:30 am. The time has now passed and today’s operation completed.

The news article was so brief it did not mention whether the spray would be pursuant to the Oxitec plan or merely a regular anti-mosquito spraying.

The new plan is actually to be tested in the lower Keys. We are being utilized as guinea pigs. Some people are happy. Others, unhappy.

Yesterday’s blog was titled: “Brains and Money Behind New Election Laws in Republican States.”

I received one comment almost immediately following its publication. The public’s reaction interesting. One especially so: “For the first time I will not be flying my American flag on Memorial Day. I cannot bare to look at it after the scenes of January 6. I hope that someday I will again. Bless all who served for us.”

The U.S. Bishops Conference Communion issue for politicians who are pro choice has encouraged many articles on the subject.

The U.S. Bishops actually are bucking the trend of Bishops and peoples of other countries.

Most European countries have legalized abortion. It is no longer an issue inside the Catholic Church or on the streets.

The pro choice movement is growing in strength in Latin America.

An interesting question arises: How can bishops prohibiting pro choice politicians from receiving Communion in the U.S. and not in Europe and Latin America make sense?

Volkswagen was founded this day in 1937. It was a state owned company. The brain child of Adolph Hitler. He wanted the German people to have an affordable vehicle. Affordable meant under 1,000 Reich marks. Equivalent to $140 American money at the time.

Hitler’s purpose was to satisfy transportation needs and to give the German people joy.

Some quick observations.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the U.S. It has been so from the time Trump was first elected. Many American Jews are concerned.

Rightfully so.

Marjorie Taylor Greene. She views herself as America’s new poster lady. She believes that she and Matt Gaetz are “taking charge” of the Party during the GOP’s “civil war.”

Word is Greene has her eye on a 2024 Presidential run.

Republicans have come up with many false claims concerning January 6. The newest is that the insurrectionists were actors hired by the Democrats.

MSNBC has guest commentators on every show. One who is somewhat of a regular and whose name escapes me at the moment said yesterday she fears the U.S. is on the verge of a civil war.

The Key West Cemetery is unique. Especially the verbiage on some of the stones. The best…..”I Told You I Was Sick.”

There is very little shade at the Cemetery. Hot is hot!

Fifty thatch palm trees are to be planted. The work has begun.

The January 6 Commission vote may take place later today. The result will say many things and impact the political future of the U.S.

Were you aware? There was a female Paul Revere. Her name Sybil Ludington. Sixteen years old at the time. She rode 40 miles on horseback to warn local troops in Putnam County, New York, of an imminent British attack in 1777.

I never left the house wednesday or thursday nights this week. In fact, the last time I have been out in the evening is 2 wednesdays ago. Twelve days of continued home confinement during the early evening hours.

I blame in on coronavirus. The 412 days of self-confinement changed my life style. Got to kick it! Not healthy!

I am not unhappy I am remaining in. In fact, I enjoy it. However I know what is good and bad for me. Staying in is not. I will try to force myself to go out tonight.

Note that there have been many articles written re the condition I am undergoing. Each blames it on the pandemic.

I finish with COVID-19. I was doing a series of blood work and asked my doctor if I could have my antibodies checked. He said ok.  Received the results in a phone call from his office this morning. His nurse was excited. I was excited. I have 20,000 antibodies. A wow! I suspect I could go swimming in a vat of coronavirus and not get infected.

I am not a doctor. All I am saying and sharing is my antibody number came back at 20,000.

As many do, I have been reading over the past year that persons may have zero antibodies following completion of the vaccine program. The virus hits the person’s body. The antibodies may be hiding somewhere in the body that does not show on a blood test.

One situation was where the antibodies were in the person’s bone marrow. If coronavirus attacked the body, the body supposedly would know enough to ship the antibodies out of the bone marrow  to wherever it is supposed to go.

Enjoy your day!


Republicans  are smart people. Perhaps smarter than Democrats.

Devious also.

The Democrats found the game plan to win in Republican states in 2020. The Republicans saw and understood what had happened. They needed a new game plan to continue winning the Republican states. Otherwise in due course, each would go Democratic in subsequent years.

The Republicans did not sit on their butts. By January, a new plan had been devised and placed in action.

Brains and money were required. The Republicans came up with both. No question about the money. The affluent Republicans could be relied upon. As to the brains, the ultimate success with their plan would determine the degree of success.

Two organizations are primarily responsible. Both Republican to their roots. The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America, hereinafter referred to as Heritage Action.

First, the Heritage Foundation.

The Heritage Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. A key ingredient to being such is that the organization is not required to disclose its donors and donations. Additionally as a tax exempt entity, contributions are tax deductible.

Smart! Non disclosure and tax deductible to the contributor.

The Heritage Foundation was founded in 1973. It received its greatest initial boost from Ronald Reagan. He thought the group and the thought process behind it terrific. Reagan claimed the Heritage Foundation was a “vital force” in the success of his Presidency.

Funding is the name of the game. The Heritage Foundation was initially funded by Joseph Coors, the beer magnate.

Other 1973 contributors were heavy hitters financially, also. Chase Manhattan Bank, Dow Chemical, General Motors, Pfizer and Mobil Oil.

The organization has come along way financially since 1973. Its total reported revenues for 2011 were $72,170,983.

The Heritage Foundation  in essence is a think tank. It receives outstanding reviews as such. It is considered one of the world’s most respected think tanks.

Hans von Spakovsky heads the Election Law initiative. His role has been influential in making “alarmism” about voter fraud mainstream in the Republican Party. Despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud. His work, which claims voting fraud as rampant, has been discredited. Though discredited, he remains the bright light in Republican efforts.

Heritage Action is a sister organization of the conservative think tank group the Heritage Foundation. Heritage Action is a  conservative policy advocacy organization founded in 2010.

A tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization similar to the Heritage Foundation. It also is not required to disclose its donors and donations to the federal government. Donations are likewise tax deductible.

The organization’s 2012 tax return revealed 44 percent of its overall contributions came from donations of  $5,000 or less.

Though not required to disclose contributor names, the Heritage Action did disclose in 2013 that the Koch Brothers had donated $500,000.

Heritage Action is considered a “powerhouse in a new generation of conservative groups… the most influential lobby group among Congressional Republicans.”

Heritage Action, through its political arms, plans to spend $24 million across 8 states to influence the change in elections laws to benefit Republicans. Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Described as a “trigger effort” is the plan to work closely with other groups to “produce model legislation for state legislatures to adopt.”

The game plan is to usher in an array of new reforms to party leaders and outside groups, working also to coordinate their efforts.

Presently, 68 bills are pending in state legislatures to “reform” election laws. Twenty three have similar language or are firmly rooted in principles laid out by Heritage Action.

Republican party leaders are instructed to export successful statutory language from one state to another. Included are “best practices” principles for completing new legislation. Impetus coming from outside groups such as the Heritage Foundation.

The game plan once again is to re-engineer voting systems in states where Republicans hold control.

The plan is well organized. Involved also is the Republican National Committee. The RNC has created an “election integrity” committee. The committee consists of 24 RNC members. They are likewise tasked with developing legislative proposals for voting systems. The members have been deeply involved in the “stop the steal” effort to overturn Trump’s election loss.

The NRC’ committee’s primary function is to help with “widespread coordination.” The committee is chaired by Florida Republican Party Chairman Joe Gruters. He thus far has had 2 significant responsibilities. The first, the use of a #stopthesteal hashtag. The second, the implementation of ways to encourage people to attend the January 6 rally that ended in an insurrection at the Capitol.

The Democrats were successful in getting the vote out to elect Biden. They cannot rest on their laurels, however. The next step is to elect local candidates. Especially those running for state legislatures. Additionally, to fund the court fights about to occur regarding what the Republicans are attempting to do.

Again the Democrats did exceptionally well with regard to Biden’s election. The result of being proactive. However Democrats are rarely proactive. They are generally reactive. Republicans are not. The present attempts at turning over state election laws a perfect example. The Democrats must learn to be proactive. To think ahead to what the opposition will do next. They must always be one step ahead in their thinking. In politics, one victory alone cannot be relied on.

Enjoy your day!



Marjorie Taylor Greene. The woman is pure lunacy. Never the less, that is what got her elected to Congress. Half the American population prefers the lunatic fringe to represent them. Trump is the perfect example.

There is a possibility Greene could end up Speaker of the House of Representatives should the Republicans take control in the 2020 elections.

Kevin McCarthy stands in line with his tongue hanging out in his quest to become Speaker. He will not make it. He kisses too many asses to get what he wants. His obvious desire to become Speaker is evident in his every move.

If Republicans continue to want the Trump mentality, Marjorie Taylor Greene is their person. She says what many Republicans want to hear. She is a lunatic. I do not think she is acting. We are looking at the real her.

She is part of the right wing conspiracy fringe. Her utterances substantiate the statement.

Her most recent is her comparing the mask mandate to the Holocaust. Then there is last year’s claim that the California wildfires were caused by a Jewish space laser. How about: “A bullet to the head the quick way to take out Pelosi.”

Today is day one in a series of medical tests and doctor visits. This morning with my primary care physician. This afternoon my heart doctor.

As one ages, the number of doctor visits increases. At 85, I am on a roll!

My blog today though interesting, is short. Time the problem. Doctors first. Tomorrow back to normal. I have in mind what I want to explore. The real power behind the Republican audits still being requested and which will continue to be requested. Forty seven states have begun or have announced plans to audit the Presidential election results.

Terri White later today. Five to 8. Marylin’s. She sings again with Larry Baeder. Go. The two are a fantastic duo.

Enjoy your day!


As the world turns. No question about it. The world does turn. Things change. Some dramatically.

An elite Manhattan prep school is Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School. Founded in 1764. In 2015, Business Insider listed the school as one of the “nine most elite prep schools in New York City.”

The cost per year $47,000.  Barron Trump attended the school before his father became President and the family moved to Washington.

A porn literacy class is taught. Teaches pupils about “kink and BDSM.”

Change. I can recall a fourth grade event that involved sexual revelation.

I attended a Catholic grammar school. It was the last day of school. The girls were removed from the class room and the fifth grade boys brought in.

Soon one of the parish priests came in. He had something to discuss with us. It was shocking! I and many of my class mates were ignorant as to the subject matter. We were 8 year olds.

The good priest gave us a talk on masturbation. I thought what was this thing called masturbation. Glanced at several of my friends. Each’s face as blank as mine.

The priest’s message alarming. Don’t masturbate. If you do, you will grow hair on your hands and could go blind.

I kid you not!

Now we were aware there was such a thing as masturbation.

Let me go a step further. I went to a Catholic college in New York City. Manhattan. Nearby was a Catholic girl’s college. Mount St. Vincent.

The Mount occasionally had a dance. Not a dating event. A mixer of sorts of college students of both sexes. And we danced all night. Not because we wanted to. Such was a rule of the house.

Mount St. Vincent was run by nuns. They attended the dances. There was a balcony running around the perimeter of the dance floor. Nuns stood up there. Others mingled with the students on the dance floor.

Their purpose to keep the Holy Ghost between the boy and girl dancing. The balcony nuns were spotters. The floor ones the message carriers. The floor nuns would come upon a couple dancing too close, put her arm between them, and say “keep room for the Holy Ghost.”

Such was the extent of my “formal” sex education in grammar school and college. I received none in high school.

We had to learn on our own.

I just calculated my time at the grammar school level. I was 8 years old. It was 1943.

How things have changed!

Babe Ruth. America’s hero even to today. One of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Ruth slowed down in his later years. The New York Yankees let him go. He ended up playing with the Boston Braves. His talent had considerably diminished.

It was this day in 1935. Ruth was packing it in. I believe it was his last day as a profession player.

He went out in a blaze of glory. Hit home runs 712, 713 and 714.

Bipartisanship is not working. The Democrats keep hoping. The Republicans make like they are cooperating. However as a leopard does not change his spots, neither does a Republican.

For whatever reason, the Democrats get sucked in every year thinking the Republicans are working with them to get things done.

This past week, the Democrats have been indicating there “may be” cooperation on certain major issues. The Republicans say no way.

The Democrats neither listen nor learn.

Democrats must do what must be done so they can achieve a good part of their proposed legislation. One of the first things is eliminating the filibuster.

Bipartisanship is of a former day. Same as the teaching of sex. Things change. Bipartisanship began dying 30 years ago. It is dead today.

Anyone who thinks it has a chance of succeeding is blind. Especially  Senator Manchin.

I worry the American people do not understand Biden’s infrastructure plan. Total it is $4.1 trillion. The number includes what might described as old time infrastructure. Bridges, roads, school, etc.

The old time infrastructure number is spread over 8 years.The $2.1 trillion would be spent at the rate of $300 billion a year. A pittance in Washington.

The balance of the $4.1 trillion is for airports, railways, broad banning, etc. Might be labeled today’s infrastructure. That number $2 trillion. It also will be spread over a number of years. Exactly how many I am not sure.

In addition to the expense of each portion of the infrastructure being spread out and therefore less of an impact on the federal pocket book, think how many new and good paying jobs will be created over the extended period of time.

The word blind comes into play again. The Republicans are intentionally blind in this instance.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. An interesting show is coming together. Join me. You will enjoy my ranting and raving. Nine my time.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday an exciting one in sports. At age 50, Phil Mickelson won the PGA. The oldest player ever to do so.

Golf is a game that can be played till death. As one gets older, his score increases with age. What Mickelson achieved is therefore especially noteworthy.

Besides his winning, two things occurred worthy of mention.

First, he appeared to be tiring on the back nine. At 50, no wonder. Again age takes its toll.

The other was the crowd. I have been a golf fan forever. I have had the good fortune to travel and attend professional golf tournaments all over the U.S.

Never have I seen the crowd that followed him to the 18th green. And appeared to swallow Brooks Koepka as he approached the green. Amazing! Koepka got lost in the crowd. I wondered if he ever was going to appear.

If Mickelson never wins another tournament, it will make no difference. His lifetime record speaks for itself: One of the greatest golfers of all time. He’s done it all and at the age of 50 won another big one!

One of the sad news articles this morning involves the crash of an Italian cable car on a mountain overlooking Lake Maggiore. Fourteen killed. The sole survivor a 5 year old Israeli boy.

Reminded me of my trips to Italy. I spent some time in Courmayeur in northern Italy. Stayed in a Swiss chalet half way up Mont Blanc. Each visit was in the summer.

There was a somewhat small central square. The place the locals spent time chatting and drinking. I was in Courmayeur enough times to have made friends and be considered a “local.”

Towering in all its majesty above us was Mont Blanc. A number of cable cars made the trip up a mountain adjoining Mont Blanc. Tall in itself. However, nothing as tall as Mont Blanc which is the highest mountain in Europe.

Cable cars were taking tourists up the mountain. Stopped at the top. Some took a second cable car from that point to Switzerland.

I was anxious to see Switzerland. My Courmayeur friends suggested I take the 2 cable cars. The view terrific and the cable car trip easier than driving.

I declined. Openly admitting each time I was concerned the cable car I was on would crash and I would be killed. I was the butt of local jokes. However, I remained adamant.

The Italians tried to convince me it so rarely happened, that it would not. I was not swayed. I was happy to be a coward.

You never know when danger will strike as it did yesterday.

Where oh where is bipartisanship? Where oh where is Manchin’s dream?

Gone! As it has for many years. Bipartisanship requires two to dance. The Republicans refuse to dance.

Democrats who still believe are dreamers, not realists.

In order for the Democrats to get helpful legislation passed, they must do the necessary. Including getting rid of the filibuster.

Another weekend of mass shootings! Twelve. Will they ever stop? Will the necessary legislation ever get passed to help move gun safety forward? Never seems to be enough votes to get the job done.

Black Lives Matter is a fervent group. Out there to do what is right for persons of color.

BLM is not only a U.S. group. Many countries have BLM chapters.

One is Great Britain.

Sara Johnson is an English BLM leader. She was shot yesterday in the head.

Johnson has been very active in the movement. She played a leading role in the BLM movement last summer in England. She is described as a “young mother and fearless.”

I fear what happened to Johnson may occur in the U.S. If so, it will ignite retaliatory action not yet experienced.

I have been critical of the U.S. Bishops organization for several years. Not all Catholic bishops are members. Maybe half.

The group does not think as Rome does. The U.S. Bishops rebellious re many issues. One is abortion. Their most recent goal was a plan to deny Biden and any other politicians who supported a woman’s right to chose from receiving Communion.

Note that the U.S. Bishops have grown in power once they became subject to/joined up with the Republican far right. The Communion denial was more to embarrass Biden.

Note also that the Vatican wrote to the U.S. Bishops several weeks ago and told them to cease and desist re the Communion issue. Pope Francis warned them to stay away from it.

The U.S. bishops are anti-Pope Francis also. They want him deposed. For real. U.S. political leaders who have been working with them in this regard are Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich.

It seems what the U.S.Bishops want to do pretty much lacks precedent. One cleric said, the effort is “pretty distinctly American…..I don’t have a sense of bishops in any country doing anything like this.”

Cocaine keeps washing up on the shores of the Keys. Last wednesday and thursday, several packages washed up onto Islamorada. Each package weighed 2.4 pounds.

I have four medical visits this week. The first two wednesday. If my blogs are shorter or I miss one, such is the reason why.

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In a time of war, dirty politics, threats of rebellion, discrimination, etc, there is good. Angelica’s story portrays that good. Love personifying the final result.

When Angelica’s condition came to my attention in October 2020, I wrote a blog seeking assistance for her. Followed it up with 2 or 3 reminders. Made it part of one of my Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou shows.

Other social media sites did likewise.

Angelica had a problem. Besides professional help, she added her own assistance. she contacted many social media sites hoping they would share her search.

Angelica needed a kidney.

This blog is a combination of 3 separate social media messages. My initial blog and 2 by Angelica on Facebook.

God held Angelica in His hand and took care of her.

Following is Angelica’s story.



Her name is Angelica Harris. Age 35. She needs a life saving donor kidney.

Angelica was born in the Philippines. Met a U.S. service man stationed there in 2012. They fell in love and in 2014 married.

Her husband eventually was stationed in Key West. They moved to Key West April 19, 2020.

She worked at a Key West resort a short time till the Pandemic hit. She was furloughed, then laid off.

Along the way she became a U.S. citizen and completed her Masters in Business Administration.

She and her husband continue to reside in Key West.

Angelica was having difficulty getting pregnant. She and her husband went to Miami to see a reproductive specialist. Lab work was done.

Her creatine level was 3.14. Normal range 0.50-1.10 mg/dl. She was retested. Her creatine levels remained high.

In April, Angelica was referred to a nephrologist. More tests done. The results scary. Her kidneys were only functioning at 16 percent. She was told she had less then 5 years before she would have to go on dialysis.

Angelica diagnosis stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

A preemptive kidney transplant was recommended.

Her stress level building during this time.

In July, Angelica completed her kidney pre-transplant evaluation.

In August, she was approved for a kidney transplant at Cleveland Clinic Florida. At that time she was listed on the United Network for Organ Sharing waiting list. Angelica was told at the time locating a kidney donor to meet her requirements could take up to 5 years.

The next month was September. Angelica was blessed. She had matched with a living donor in California. The donor went through all donation processes and interviews.

The donor was denied because of a urinary tract infection history.

Hope springs eternal. Angelica has faith. However, she is not waiting for another donor to pop up on the list. In addition to the posting, she is also out there seeking a donor on her own.

Social media the vehicle. Facebook and Instagram. Her Facebook site is Kidney for Angelica. Instagram (@kidneyforangelica).

The Key West Weekly on 10/22/20 wrote an article about Angelica and her search. I discovered it yesterday on a month old copy which I came upon by chance. I e-mailed Angelica and asked permission to write her story. She agreed. I will also be talking about her tonight on Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Angelica’s mission in seeking a donor kidney is threefold. She wants to live a long and healthy life, she wishes to avoid dialysis, and she wants to become a mother.

May God grant all of her three wishes.



Ashley found out about my story through The Keys Weekly Newspaper in October 2020. She registered at Cleveland Clinic Florida and went through a long process of lab work and interviews for months. Cleveland Clinic Florida confirmed that I have a living kidney donor in April 2021. Ashley and I had our kidney transplant at Cleveland Clinic Florida on May 17th at 9:00 AM EST. The procedure went for a total of 5 hours. I am now at home in Key West and will be traveling to Weston twice a week for lab work and follow-ups. Ashley lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Praise to God for blessing me with an amazing living kidney donor like Ashley!

Thank you so much for the love and support!!



I could not transfer the photo attachment short of bringing the whole thing over. What follows is part and parcel of Angelica’s story. It reflects love. A love that will last a lifetime.



Enjoy your Sunday!











Over the years, the Republicans always held themselves out as the purveyor of good. They were chaste and would not even consider a sexual impropriety.

The Democrats of course were the wild and sexually unbalanced ones.

I will concede the Democrats had their share sexual deviates. Though in number and type of sexual imbalance, the Republicans were always a step ahead.

I have always respected Liz Cheney, though we are philosophically far apart.

Cheney’s strength of character has been obvious the past several months. She has stood up to Trump and his cohorts. Taking a beating. She has no fear, however. A person of character!

In the meantime, her party has gone off the wall sexually. First with Trump, of course. A Democrat with a similar record would have been destroyed. Not Trump, however. Truly a teflon man.

More recently Matt Gaetz. Paying for sex with a 17 year old. Solicitation of a minor for sex. What could be worse?

Back to Cheney.

The Republicans are out to destroy her. Definitely defeat her in a primary in 2022.

One of Cheney’s announced challengers is State Senator Anthony Bouchard. Proof of wrongdoing follows one forever. Especially if sex is involved. Bouchard recently admitted he impregnated a 14 year old girl when he was 18. He described the scenario : “It’s like the Romeo and Juliet story.”

He eventually married the girl one year later. When she was 15 and he 19. The marriage lasted 3 years. She remarried. Committed suicide when she was 20.

There has to be a person with a better track record to oppose Cheney. Perhaps the Wyoming Republicans believe Cheney can be beaten by anyone because of her opposition to Trump.

Congress is sharply divided. Has been for years.

The last time there was a serious division was in the 1850’s. Slavery the issue. How new states would come into the Union. Free or Slave. Ill will ran deep.

On this day in 1856, a Southern Congressman Preston Brooks savagely beat northern Senator Charles Sumner.

Appreciate the severity of the beating. It took Sumner 3 years to recuperate

Slavery the issue. Sumner an abolitionist. Brooks a supporter of slavery.

Sumner stood for 2 days filibustering in effect a bill involving slavery and Kansas.

Andrew Butler was a southern Senator. His position obviously diametrically opposed to Sumner’s. Butler was at the time elderly, sick, and absent from the proceedings. Butler had a cousin by the name of Brooks in the House of Representatives.

Brooks had a history of violence. His nature rendered a place for him in the history books.

Brooks was furious. Decided his cousin Senator Butler’s honor required defending.

Brooks required a cane to walk. The cane the result of a duel he had fought in the 1840’s.

Brooks walked into the Senate Chambers. Sumner was seated at his desk. Brooks perpetrated a “savage beating” upon Sumner with the cane. Sumner was unable to protect himself. He could not get out of his seat.

Brooks became an instantaneous hero in the South at the same time he was being vilified in the North.

You may say we have not taken to fist cuffs yet. I ask what was January 6. Far worse than what occurred in 1856.

A police/black person story. Involves desecration of a 2 year old’s ashes.

Dartavius Barnes a Black man. He was stopped for speeding and failing to stop at a stop sign. His car was searched. Some marijuana was found.

The police went through the glove compartment. There they found a container. The police claim they “tested” the contents and came up with a finding of meth or ecstasy.

The police showed Barnes the container. Some of is contents spilled. Barnes exclaimed when told the contents were drugs: “No, no, no, bro, that’s my daughter!”

The container was a urn carrying the ashes of his 2 year old daughter.

The police discussed the matter among themselves. Finally decided they believed Barnes. Told Barnes he would only receive an appearance ticket for the marijuana.

Police body cameras recorded the whole episode for 47 consecutive minutes. The facts are not in dispute.

Barnes has sued the police officers involved in federal court. The basis of the suit is the desecration of his daughter’s ashes: Opening the container and spilling some of her ashes on the ground.

In death, the desecration of her ashes. In life, neglect and starvation. The baby’s mother was living with some man. The baby died of starvation and neglect. The mother and boy friend have been sentenced to decades in jail for their crimes.

Never made it out last night. Staying in has to stop! My game plan is to go out tonight. Hope I make it!.

Enjoy your day!