I need sleep! My ass is dragging!

Another night of watching the Ryder Cup. Been up since 1:30 am. I’m destroying myself! And for what? The USA team sucks!

We are into the second half of the second day at the moment. The USA team has started well. Hope they keep it up. 

Dinner at Brady’s last night. Sat with Richard at the bar. An old friend from Don’s Place. Chef at Half Shell Raw Bar. Good company.

Enjoyed perogies. Amazing…..An Irish pub that serves great Polish perogies and Italian lasagna and chicken parmigan!

Hope I can stay awake for the Syracuse/Clemson game which begins at noon.

That’s all for today. I’m beat. Have nothing more to give.

Enjoy your day!


Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) died. Ninety years old.

A dedicated public servant for 50 years going back to her time in local public office in California. Her Senate reputation that of a work horse as opposed to a show horse.

Yes, she did out spend her years in the Senate by a year or so. However, she earned that time.

May she rest in peace.

Syracuse/Clemson tomorrow. Syracuse a 7 point favorite. Available on ABC at 12 noon.

Ted Williams is one of America’s greatest baseball players. A legend. It was September 1960 and the last day of the season. He played in a doubleheader. Went 6 for 8. Drove his batting average to .406. The last player to hit .400 since Bill Terry in 1930. No one has done so since Williams did in 1960.

Williams finished his career with a .344 batting average. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame immediately upon eligibility in 1966.

What is most interesting is that Williams achieved his baseball distinctions while having spent time serving in World War II and the Korean War as a Marine fighter pilot. For certain of those years, he was wingman for John Glenn.

I write about Williams for a second and more important reason. He lived a significant number of years in the Florida Keys. In his later years as a player and in retirement. In Islamorada at mile marker 82. 

Williams was a fisherman. Not sure what he loved more. Fishing or playing baseball. He selected Islamorada for his home as Islamorada was and still is known as the Fishing Capital of the World.

He finally sold his home in Islamorada for an understandable reason. He said he sold it when he had to wait to cross U.S. 1 because of the traffic.

Greta Thunberg is a force in the modern climate change revolution. She was a mere 16 year old when in 2019 at the UN Climate Action Summit she chastised world leaders for their inaction in the face of threatening climate change. She warned: “Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up, and change is coming whether you like it or not.”

Note her words: “…..change is coming.” Spoken only 4 years ago. Right she was!

Today is National Coffee Day. There is a second coffee day also – International Coffee Day in 2 days on October 1. Coffee consumption is so powerful it deserves two days for celebratory purposes.

Americans drink 517 million cups of coffee a day. That’s more than any other beverage including water.

The Ryder Cup.

Europe has a commanding 4-0 lead after initial four ball matches which began at 1:30 am ET time. The Europeans looked far superior to the Americans.

The handwriting was on the wall and obvious with Hovland’s play on the first 2 holes. He chipped in on the first and sunk a long putt on the second. His team had an early 2-0 lead and won 4-3.

I woke at 2:30 am and watched on TV. It turned out not to be worth losing sleep over.

An interesting story in this morning’s Key West Citizen occurred this day in 1847. A “ship boy” was rescued from the schooner St. Mary’s which had been wrecked at the Dry Tortugas. “He” was discovered to be a girl, surprising crewmates and rescuers.

The girl, Johanna, was taken to Key West and placed with a family. The community was divided over her “donning attire not belonging to her, some admired her pluck, others found it offensive.”

There had to be a story here. I researched it briefly on the internet. Found nothing.

Neville Chamberlain: “Peace for our time.” I have always believed Chamberlain simply stated got bullshitted by Hitler.

His words those of appeasement. Detrimental. Their failure a warning for all time not to try to appease a dictator. Millions subsequently died when Hitler voided the agreement.

On this day in 1938, British, French, German and Italian leaders concluded the Munich Agreement by allowing Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland.

On this day in 1978, I was godfather to a newly baptized niece. I had not been to Confession, Mass or Communion in 20 years. I did it all preparatory to my godfather function.

Mass, Communion and Baptism were in the morning. Later that day, I was lying on a chaise lounge in my brother in law’s back yard enjoying a party honoring the Baptism when the news was announced that Pope John Paul I had died. He had only been Pope just over one month.

I laughed. Thought it funny. I go to Mass and Communion, and the Pope dies. Not funny, though at the time it struck me as such.

It was 15 years more before I did  Confession, Mass and Communion again. No relationship between John Paul’s death and the time involved in my failing to adhere to the rules of my Catholic faith. Merely part of my being a fallen away Catholic.

Government shut down possible this weekend. Hope it gets averted. Nothing good can come of it.

Wake up America! Start voting for people who are not power crazy MAGA nuts.

Enjoy your day!


Tell me why?

I go to Walgreens for COVID and flu shots and have to make an appointment. I go to CVS and they will take me immediately without an appointment. Doesn’t make sense. 

I take 17 pills a day. Walgreens lost me as a customer several years ago because I got sick and tired of putting up with their bullshit and waiting in non moving lines for my prescription drugs.. There have to be others like me who went elsewhere.

I did not get my shots yesterday at CVS. I planned on going out in the evening and wanted to enjoy a few drinks. Today or tomorrow I will get the shots.

It was the Thai Island Bar in the early evening. Enjoyed a California roll and Kim.

Kim a beautiful 35 year old who looks like she’s going on 25. Works with Island Dental as a receptionist. A terrific conversationalist. Enjoyed my time with her. 

Forgetful me. I left my credit card on the bar. Kim ran after me to return it.

I may make appointment for dental work at Island Dental so I can run into Kim again.

Home and in bed at 8. Got comfortable to watch the Republican debate at 9. Never saw it. Fell asleep. Woke at midnight.

From what I saw of the reruns and heard on the talk shows this morning, the debate sucked. I missed nothing.

Two most important issues were in the news yesterday. A judge in New York having found Trump guilty of business fraud and Trump’s text that General Milley deserved execution. Not even covered during the debate. Moderators’ fault. They should have raised both. FOX was sponsoring the event. Guess that explains it.

We are a screwed up Nation. Republicans love Trump by a wide margin and he does not even debate. Democrats worry about Biden’s age. They forget Trump is only 3 years younger. More especially, I consider Biden to be one of the best Presidents we have had. He saved us from the debacle Trump left us in.

Actress Bridget Bardot is 89. She was the hottest thing going in movie films in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Introduced the bikini. I remember her well.

Carl Hiaasen is a successful author. He writes for adults and middle grade readers.

I never heard of him. Till yesterday. Morning Joe gave him a full 20 minutes interview with everyone questioning him. Each excited about his new book Wrecker which was published two days ago on 9/26.

Wrecker sounds specially interesting. It is Key West based.

Its “hero” is 15 year old Valdez Jones who calls himself Wrecker because his great, great, great, great, great grandfather salvaged ships for a living. Is it destiny, irony, or just bad luck when Wrecker comes across a speedboat that has run aground on a sand flat? The boat people do not want Wrecker to call for help. In fact, they’ll pay him to forget he even saw them.

Wrecker would be happy to forget, but he keeps seeing these men all over Key West. At the marina, even in the cemetery. And now they want more than his silence. They want a lookout.

The story involves Wrecker’s deep dive into their shady dealings. 

The story takes place during the pandemic. Key West’s mask wearing history is briefly referred to. As a result, cries are already being emitted demanding the book be banned from libraries. Such bullshit. Wreckers is good enough for 20 minutes on a top talk show and not enough for some local nut(s).

Wrecker has significant Key West value. Covers Key West’s history of the vaccine, the environmental impact of cruise tourism, and the effects of COVID 19 on both people’s lives and criminal activities.

A must read.

Today another “shame” by House Republicans. They will hold their first hearing on the Biden “impeachment inquiry.”

 Within hours, certain House Republicans will have closed the government down. That is where their attention should be directed. Not at Biden. The charges are not new. Old! They have been debunked over and over again for years.

Enough for today. Ryder Cup on TV!

Enjoy your day!



Busy day yesterday. Too much running around. More than normal. Right hip and leg gave out. The pain! Residue still felt this morning.

One stop was Walgreens for COVID and flu shot. Couldn’t get it. Need an appointment. One which has to be made on the internet. First time I have run into this. Normally walk in, give them ID and insurance cards, fill in a form, get the shots. 

Why the extra steps?

Typical Walgreens. I got my prescription drugs from them for 15 years. Always a problem. Finally gave up. Now deal with Walmart and Publix. Both provide great service. Always cooperative and concerned.

Why can’t Walgreens be the same?

Did happy hour at The Grand. First time in 2 weeks. Got there a bit late. Bar packed. One empty seat. Turned out to be next to Christina. We had an enjoyable time. She works at the airport in security checking luggage and people as they are on their way to their planes. Interesting work.

Some people were impolite near the end of the evening. Tourists.

My heart doctor visit went well. No doctor. Saw nurse practitioner April. The hear doctor problem persists.

Loved my blood pressure, 106/65. Other arm, 110/69. I recall days long ago when the numbers were spiraling and took a long time to get under control.

Enjoyed my manicure and pedicure. Tammy always good company. She recalled I was one of her first customers 18 years ago. Amazing how time moves on.

We chatted about her son. I recall him 3 years old and running around the salon. Now in high school and driving. We both agreed – Time moves on too rapidly.

Trump continues to do well. His lifetime conduct is catching up with him. The judge in the New York civil case brought by the New York Attorney General did not even wait  for the trial scheduled to begin next week. The judge issued  a summary judgment decision yesterday saying no trial needed, the facts were clear. Declared Trump and his two sons guilty of business fraud. A trial will be required however to assess damages. 

The issue involved in the litigation is Trump having over evaluated his holdings by as much as $2.2 billion.

The judge found Trump’s actions “persistent.” The judge stripped Trump, his two sons and companies of control over some of Trump’s sensitive New York properties.

Trump exaggerated the value of his holdings in order to secure favorable terms on loans and insurance deals.

Trump’s comments following the decision included the judge was a Democrat and referred to him as “deranged.”

Trump’s wrongdoings piling up on him. They do not make him look good. Less than honorable. Such being the case, how can half the county still support him for President?

The second Republican primary debate is tonight. Will be held at the Reagan Library in California. Trump will not attend again. In addition to other reasons well known, it is claimed he also is upset with Reagan and the Reagan family. Whatever the Reagans did, Trump has a memory like an elephant. At some point, he will have a dislike and need for retribution against everyone.

I believe Trump’s primary reason for not appearing in the debate is he does not want to face the wrath of Chris Christie who would denut Trump in their first exchange.

The debate is 9 pm ET on FOX News.

Biden did a first ever for a President yesterday. He was on the picket line in Michigan with UAW strikers. Pro-union all the way. 

Trump is doing his thing with the strike today. He will appear in Michigan. Definitely will be interesting. Will he appear with the strikers? If so, how many? The union President has been openly anti-Trump. Additionally, Trump does not have a reputation for being pro labor.

My beloved Greece is suffering the effects of Climate Change. As is most of the world. Heatwaves, wildfires and extensive floods. Areas of farmlands destroyed. Livestock struggling to find anything to eat.

Storm Daniel beat up Thessaly. A herd of sheep were left searching for fresh grass as food. They found a greenhouse producing cannabis. The crop had already been badly damaged by heatwave and Storm Daniel. The sheep finished “what was left.”

The sheep ate around 100 kg of cannabis. A sheepherder noticed the sheep were acting strangely. They were stoned!

Enjoy your day!


How women’s rights were viewed 100 years ago. An editorial in the Key West Citizen this day in 1918. Note an “editorial.” Took on more importance back then: “When the women take over the county offices, the cuspidors will go out of the courthouses. With a woman judge on the bench, the lawyers will have to quit smoking. And with women councilmen we may expect ordinances making it a misdemeanor to wear a dirty shirt or come downtown unshaven. There is considerably more to this woman suffrage question beyond what appears on the surface.”

The editorial was born of fear and ignorance. Nothing really changed as women’s rights were recognized.

Matthew 11:29: “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I started driving in 1953. One gallon of unleaded gas cost $ .28. Those were the days!

I recall being on a date with a girl friend. Looked like we were going to run out of gas. All we had was some change between us. Totaled $ .25. Not enough for even one gallon. Even got our windows washed for the money. Bought us enough gas to drive to our favorite parking spot. Necking time. Dating back then.

The new Florida cross-state Brightline train service opened from Miami to Orlando friday. The Miami/West Palm Beach portion had opened in 2018. Tampa to Orlando still in the planning stage.

Basically, a high speed local. Took a while to complete construction. Tampa/Orlando will make it almost perfect. Hopefully at some point in time, Brightline will be extended to Tallahassee.

Sophia Loren is 89. Still going strong. Typical of 80 year olds (as I well know), she fell in her home in Switzerland yesterday morning and fractured her hip and thigh bone. She underwent surgery in the afternoon. Everything is reported to have gone well.

Sabrina Peckham, the women found in the jaws of an alligator, was a homeless person. It has been reported she was walking back to her homeless site in the dark when the attack occurred. The path took her along a canal in Largo, Florida.

Doug Bennett publishes “This Week on the Island.” I recommend reading it.

A favorite Bennett admonition re Key West: “Close to Perfect, Far from Normal.”

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter are beyond amazing!

The former Presidnet will be 99 in one week. He was diagnosed close to death several months ago. Placed in Hospice in February. Wife Rosalyn was diagnosed with dementia in May.

Yesterday, both made an appearance at the Plains Peanut Festival in their hometown. They rode through the Festival in a black SUV.

The couple has been married 77 years.

Will the gun war ever be won?

California banned magazines holding over 10 rounds. A federal court judge declared the law unconstitutional writing: “The state’s ‘sweeping ban’ of the detachable magazines – something referred to as high capacity magazines – violates the Second Amendment rights of firearms owners because it bars people from using such magazines for lawful reasons, including self-defense.”

Who needs a 10 plus round magazine for self-defense?

What about killing school children , religious worshipers, and the like?

What is needed is a judge with “balls” to do the right thing!

Army’s defensive tackle Andre Miller is out of the hospital and back at West Point after a scary collision saturday during play. I reported on the collision of helmets in yesterday’s blog.

An amazing and dramatic move. On this day in 1926, Henry Ford announced an 8 hour, 5 day work week for workers at the Ford Motor Company.

Christopher Reeves was born this day in 1952. Best known for his portrayal of Superman in movies.

I saw a rerun of his on TV the other night: Somewhere In Time. One of my all time favorite Reeves’ films. A sensitive love story.

I met the star and his wife Dana at a fund raising function in Utica. This was after his horse fall which left him a quadriplegic. We chatted briefly. It was sad to see this handsome hulk of a man confined to a wheel chair with no body movement possible, yet able to communicate a bit.

There will be no blog tomorrow. I have a heart doctor office visit in the morning and a manicure and pedicure with Tammy in the afternoon.

Enjoy your day!


Alligators are in the news this year. Deathly so.

Forty one year old Sabrina Peckham’s body was found in the jaws of a 13 foot alligator in waters off Largo, Florida. Her body was recovered.

No further details are available.

Key West weather. Heavy rainfall and thunder during the night. Lightening flashing through the blinds. Rain continues to pour as I write. Thunderstorms predicted to end around 9 am.

Usual Key West streets are probably flooded this morning.

Thunderstorms are predicted everyday for the next week.

This day in 1789, the first Supreme Court was established  by the Judiciary Act of 1789. Six justices to serve till death or retirement.

Since that time, the number of justices has fluctuated. Such possible because the original number of six was set by an act of Congress.

Ergo, it is legally proper to change the number again. If adverse conservative decisions continue which are contrary to the will of the people, I am all for increasing the number to eliminate the problem.

Mahatma Gandhi: “All through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fail. Think of it – always.”

The Associated Press reported this morning Speaker McCarthy is giving hard right Republicans what they want, but it never seems to be enough. The MAGA far right has but one goal. To disrupt life for millions of Americans by hurling the country into a shutdown.

Then, what?

Hospital malpractice more than tripled over 3 years in Maryland hospitals. The years 2019-2022. Staffing shortages and the pandemic blamed. 

Examples of missteps included a premature baby being given four times the safe daily dosage of a steroid for 13 days, a patient being operated on one leg who ended up losing his good leg, and 3 people who died after a maintenance worker inadvertently shut off an unlabeled oxygen line.

I believe the numbers would be roughly the same if hospital wrongdoing in other states were revealed. I also believe there is another reason for the increase in malpractice. Most hospitals are owned and run by outside corporations who are more concerned with number of patients treated, number of tests given, and speed at which patients are tested.

Forced speed care ends up in mistakes being made. Can’t be helped. A fact of life. Latitude in care is required to avoid such happenings. Means the “outside corporation” making a few million less a year.

Syracuse/Army one of the oddest football games I have watched. A terrific game. Different, however.

Syracuse won 29-16. I did not think it would end that way at the end of the first half, however.

Army was leading 10-7. Army had dominated the first. Syracuse could do nothing correctly. Schrader didn’t have it.

Army scored the first time it had the ball. Impressively. Mostly on runs. Army’s offensive line was like a stone wall. Moved forward on each play protecting the runner. Syracuse totally inept. Could not stop Army.

Army also plays some strange football. Rather than kick on 4th down, it would run a play. Made 3 or 4 4th down plays in the first half. Wow!

I sat thinking at half time no way was Syracuse going to win.

The second half was totally different. As Army had dominated the first half, Syracuse dominated the second. Even more so. In the third quarter alone, Syracuse gained 222 yards while the Syracuse defense held Army to 4 yards. The improbable had occurred. Syracuse had come alive. Schrader’s throwing arm and running legs began working. Receivers catching.

What a game!

Clemson next Saturday. Will also be “what a game!”

Army’s defensive lineman Dre Miller was injured during the game. He and another Army tackler struck helmets while making a tackle.

The game was delayed quite a while. Miller’s injury serious. Total silence in the Dome.  Fear and concern evident.

Eventually even both teams surrounded the many giving care to Miller as he lay unmoving on the ground. He was finally removed from the field on a stretcher. The fear of paralysis though unspoken was evident.

Report this morning is Miller has feeling in his extremities. Let’s pray he fully recovers with no permanent disability.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Enjoyed lunch at Hogfish thursday after Lori cut my hair. An opportunity to chat with Julia again who was bartending.

The day was sort of double duty. Twenty five years ago when Lori started cutting my hair, it was at the Casa Marina Salon. Julia worked there also. Doing nails as I recall. Now I get to see both ladies on certain thursdays. Lori does my hair and Julia feeds me.

Lunch was unusual. I went for fish and chips. Changed my mind when I saw on the special menu lasagna! No way at Hogfish. But, there it was.

I ordered it. The size way too large. Took more than half home. Enjoyed pat of it for dinner last night. Like many foods, even better when reheated and eaten the second time around. What a meal!

The House has very few days left to avoid a government shutdown.

So why did Speaker McCarthy send the House home ? Gave them 4 days off.

Disaster in the making. House MAGA Republicans and their behind the scenes leader Donald Trump should be proud they are driving the Nation to a disaster. They may celebrate their success next week. They will fail in many respects come November 2024.

Senator Bob Menendez is going to have a hard time beating the new charges filed against him. Just under $500,000 in cash found stuffed in jacket pockets in his closet openly and in envelopes.. Gold bars in other places. Plus a new Mercedes and an apartment, both of which he did not pay for.

He’s in trouble!

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has not looked good on TV the past few days. I fear for him.

It was announced Biden will be in Michigan tuesday and will walk in the picket line with UAW strikers.

Cassidy Hutchinson says Trump is “dangerous for the country.” She should know, she worked in the White House.

Zelensky is a man under extreme pressure. He has been so since day one of the war.

He stepped on Poland in his UN speech this past week. Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecui took Zelensky’s words to heart. He said afterwards: “I want to tell Presidnet Zelensky never to insult Poland again, as he did recently during his speech at the UN.”

Poland has been a major supporter of Ukraine in many respects. Morawiecui  said Warsaw would no longer arm Ukraines and instead focus on its own defenses.

It is thought the problem will resolve itself within a month.

A sick horrific tale. A woman was sentenced for murdering her 3 year old stepdaughter because the girl was conceived from an affair her husband had.

Bella Seachrist died died due to starvation and neglect. Investigators reported Bella also had bruises on her face and body, a broken nose, burnt cigarette marks on her body, sores on her feet, sores on her back, and bruises in her pelvic area.

The stepmother Laura Ramirez was sentenced to life in prison. Death would have been better. Death slowly and painfully. She should have been made to suffer as her stepdaughter did.

Sounds cruel on my part. Nevertheless, fitting.

Ray Charles: “You better live every day like your last because one day you’re going to be right.”

Clarence Thomas’ ethics violations never ending. Now revealed he participated in at least two Koch donor events. Some participants had multiple cases before the Supreme Court.

Thomas became over the years a tool of the rich. The man had no shame.

United Way puts out a report titled ALICE Survival Budget. Its newest report shows Monroe County continuing to be one of the most difficult and expensive places to live in Florida, if not the country. Makes clear why people of all ages are finding it necessary to leave.

Syracuse/Army at noon today on ESPN.

Enjoy your day!


The Lower Keys Medical Center is a money maker. Typical of many hospitals today, it is owned by an outside corporation Community Health Systems of Brentwood, Tennessee.

Lower Keys Medical Center sent $31 million in profit to its owner for 2022. Terrific for Community Health Systems, no value to Key West. The Key Werst area does not have enough doctors, no cancer center, or a top shelf cardiac care center. Brentwood should do something with a piece of the $31 million to correct these shortcomings.

The Lower Keys are not a place to need ongoing cancer treatments or needful attention re heart care. I have a special concern. I have a heart problem. I have required care for 20 years. At my age, the problem is suddenly progressing. In the past two years, I have had 3 heart doctors. One died after 20 years, the second retired and I just learned this morning my third is leaving Key West. Most of my heart care has been from nurse practitioners the past two years. Definitely the past year. 

My understanding is Key West has only 3 heart physicians left.

There is another medical disparity. Primary care physicians. They are the first line of medical attention. More are needed.

Key West is a paradise. However even doctors cannot afford to live here and that is a reason why many leave or do not want to locate here. Increased living expense is also a reason why many locals are opting to move away. And to the elderly especially, lack of sufficient medical care.

The medical assistance problem is only getting worse. I don’t know the answer. I can only suggest one may be for Community Health Systems to spend a portion of that $31 million profit to attract and keep the medical care the community needs.

Possible court consolidation is being responded to in volumes by Monroe County residents. Persons directly and adversely affected by the proposed change.

The people of Monroe County are speaking. A public survey resulted in 2,087 responses. Of that number, 1,490 or 71 percent came from Monroe County residents.

Hooray for us!

Monroe County must keep up the pressure. This is one battle Tallahassee cannot be permitted to win.

Retired Monroe County Judge Defoor said it effectively: “Delivery to justice closest to the people is more just, and more respected by all concerned, and suspect more economical with less waste. We should be looking at the idea of more, not fewer circuits.”

Yesterday, I wrote about the number of yellow fever cases, new and total, in Key West on September 21, 1899. Part of my today COVID the yellow fever of the 1890’s.

Today, one day later, the number of new yellow fever cases for September 22, 1899, was up 47. Two resulting in death.

Locals so concerned with the epidemic instituted a “shotgun quarantine” against all Key Westers by patrolling and placing signs on the water’s edge warning sponge boats and other Key West vessels not to land.

For years up to and including World War II, the U.S. Navy had what might be described as an abnormal interest in the “moral condition” of Key West. The need to protect its sailors “abnormal.”

In 1917, the U.S. Navy reported the moral condition of Key West had improved. Though gambling and illegal liquor sales had not been fully eradicated, Key West was given “an almost clean bill of health.”

Wonder what the U.S. Navy’s concern was with the Key West of the 1970’s?

Three to four inches of rain fell yesterday morning. It was intense. Flooded many Old Town streets. I had to change course several times on my way to a haircut with Lori.

Learned by me and other American students early in grammar school. Nathan Hale’s words at the age of 21 when he was hung as a spy by the British during the Revolutionary War: “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

With so many changes in what is taught in schools today, is it still part of the teaching curriculum? Has anyone seen fit to ban his words in teaching or library books?

My inquiry not so crazy in view of the many changes being sought and made.

Zelensky has a problem with funding. Yesterday Poland, next week perhaps the U.S.

Why so many crazies re the issue? If Ukraine falls, expect Putin to invade Poland in the next 5 years and China Taiwan whenever.

Why can’t House politicians leave well enough alone? Biden did a great job bringing the U.S. and Europe together on the issue.

Rome was not built in a day nor can the Ukraine/Russia war be resolved in 1 or 2 years. Especially when Zelensky is forced to fight with one arm tied behind his back. He needs planes yesterday and approval to attack Russia more than he has been permitted. The Russian people will force Putin to end the war if they suffer a few months of death, injuries and damages as the Ukraines have.

“If we don’t get the aid, we will lose the war.” Zelensky’s words yesterday following a meeting with certain Congressional members.

Tomorrow Syracuse/Army football. Syracuse 3-0, Army 2-1. Syracuse a 13.5 point favorite.

Enjoy your day!



Some Jimmy Buffett recollections. Taken from Key West On The Edge by Robert Kerstein.

In 1980, Buffett recalled his early days in Key West: “I was fast footloose and fancy free and going crazy. We didn’t have much money and didn’t know about cocaine so we stayed drunk a whole lot. Key West was the most wonderful place I’d ever seen in my life. That’s why I wrote about it, and that is the way I still feel about it.”

“Living in Key West in the early seventies was not like being in America…..You could not live in Key West without being exposed to Cuban culture.”

Besides Cuban culture, Buffett celebrated other elements of Key West’s mix as well, including “the wonders of musicians, Conchs, rowdy shrimpers, and drug smugglers.”

Buffett was glad the gay community benefited from the fact that the “Puritans had never made it this far south.”

Buffett’s hangouts in the Key West of the 1970’s: The Old Anchor Inn on Duval street, the Chart Room in the Pier House, Louie’s Backyard which was located behind his house on Waddell Street, and the Full Moon Saloon on United Street.”

The move to rename the Key West Airport to the Jimmy Buffett International Airport is gaining steam. A petition to that effect is being circulated. Public sentiment supports the move.

Cassidy Hutchinson’s new book “Enough” has many interesting revelations. Two especially stand out.

One where she claims Giuliani “groped her” while they were standing backstage as Trump was talking to the crowd on January 6. His hand up her skirt.

The other, the “real reason” why Trump would not wear a mask during COVID. It ruined his bronze make up. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland was treated abusively by Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday for 5 hours. He held his own and forcefully rebuked the Congressional Republicans.

The Republicans acted as expected. Like bullies. Their heads up their asses. They did not embarrass Garland, they embarrassed themselves. 

Issues were rarely discussed. “Alleged wrongdoing” by Garland, the DOJ and FBI the Republican issues. 

The longer House Republicans keep this conduct up, the more they will guarantee a sweeping Democratic victory in 2024. The people, regardless of party, are increasing in their dislike for the type governing Congressional Republicans are guilty of.

Senator Tommy Tuberville’s door preventing the approval of 301 military promotions opened “slightly” yesterday. Three top positions are in the process of being approved. Will take several days to accomplish.

Three out of three hundred one. Big deal! Better than nothing. However, not enough. My attitude re Tuberville: Throw the bum out!

Key West’s COVID of the 1890’s was yellow fever. On this day in 1899, 45 new cases were reported bringing the total to 438.

How many remember TV’s “Perry Mason” which starred Raymond Burr? It premiered on CBS this day in 1957.

Citizens’ Voice this morning: “Keep our courts the way they are. Period. End of story.”

Yesterday’s marijuana is today’s fentanyl and cocaine. An example is former Hallandale Mayor John Steele who was arrested in 1974 in Key Largo for possessing $1.5 million worth of marijuana smuggled from Jamaica.

Will there be a government shutdown? Only 9 days left. How stupid a shutdown would be. Five House members can force the shutdown. In the Senate, one Senator can block 301 promotions. What happened to government by a majority?

Trump does the implausible again. Yesterday, he used his social media account to order the House of Representatives to shut down the government. So far, House Republicans appear to be complying. 

Trump’s post included: “Republicans can and must defund all aspects” of the government.

Amazing how House Republicans continue to dance to Trump’s tune. When Trump says jump, they ask, “How high?” When Trump says overthrow American democracy, they say, “Name the date and time.”

Cripple the economy, destroy the lives of millions of Americans, throw the country into chaos, House Republicans say, “Yes, Dear Leader.”

I worry so many Americans still believe in and support Trump.

Have to hustle. Haircut time with Lori at noon. Missed last week. Forgot.

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The President the doctors killed was James Garfield. He was shot July 2, 1881. Died 2 1/2 months later. Yesterday September 19, 2023 was the 142nd anniversary of his death. 

Had the shooting occurred today, Garfield would not have died. Medical science is too far advanced. The bullet would have been located and removed the day of the shooting. Another difference is the assailant Charles Guiteau would not have been executed for murder nor would he have been incarcerated in a jail. He was a nut plain and simple. He would have ended up in a mental institution for most or or the balance of his life.

I have republished this blog four times. I found the facts interesting. The blog following was titled The Doctors Killed The President and was published 5 years ago on July 3, 2018. I trust you will find the fact pattern as interesting as I did.


It was July 2, 1881. James Garfield had been President of the United States less than four months. In the early morning, the President arrived at the Washington, D.C. railroad terminal with his two sons. They were going to Massachusetts.

There was no Secret Service yet for Presidential protection. Although Lincoln had been assassinated sixteen years earlier.

Charles Guiteau was waiting in the shadows for the President. He had a gun. He had purchased it with $15 borrowed money. His intention to kill the President. He shot the President two times. The first bullet creased his arm. The second bullet entered his back where it became lodged behind his pancreas. No vital organs were hit.

Within minutes, twelve doctors appeared at the scene. The President was lying on the floor of the railroad station. The doctors with dirty hands and instruments were probing for the bullet. The floor of the railroad station filthy.

American doctors at the time did not believe germs existed. Dirty hands, instruments and places were of no concern.

The President was taken to the White House and placed in his bed. A Dr. D. Willard Bliss assumed authority for the President’s care. He was not the President’s physician formally or otherwise.

Bliss happen chanced to be at the station at the time Garfield was shot. He was the first to rush over to care for him and somehow became the President’s primary physician from that moment forward.

Bliss dominated the President’s medical attention till his death. Other doctors were called in by Bliss for assistance.

Bliss was arrogant and ambitious. He enjoyed being referred to as the President’s doctor during the time of the tragedy.

The President died September 9, 1981. Ninety one days elapsed from being wounded to dying.

Alexander Graham Bell was famous at the time. He was not a physician. Bell was famous for having invented the telephone five years earlier. Bliss counseled with Bell. Could Bell help in locating the bullet? The bullet could not be found. In fact, it was never found till after the President’s death.

Bell worked hastily. There was no x-ray at the time. He developed a metal detector. Also referred to as an induction balance. Its purpose to identify the area of the bullet in the President’s back.

Bell first tested the metal detector on veterans. Civil War veterans who were walking around some twenty odd years after the war with bullets still lodged in their bodies. The metal detector was successful in every instance.

It did not work on the President, however. To the dismay of Bell. The reasons two fold.

The President’s bed had a metal spring mattress. One which set beneath the regular mattress. Also known as bed springs. Metal spring mattresses were relatively new. I am assuming the metal spring mattress was a gift to the President. There were no sales per se of them till two years later.

The reason Bell’s metal detector did not work was because of the metal spring mattress. The metal spring mattress diverted the charge resulting in static. It identified nothing.

Bell and Bliss were not aware that the metal spring mattress was the cause.

A second reason was that Bliss was convinced the bullet was on the President’s right side where it had entered. He limited Bell’s use of the metal detector to the right side. Bell wanted to use it across the President’s back. Bliss said no.

An autopsy following the President’s death revealed the bullet was on the left side. It is assumed it was moved there by the fingers of doctors at some time during one of the probing finger examinations.

The President lay in bed a little more than two months. His condition deteriorated rapidly.

Washington was typically hot during this time. Air conditioning not yet invented. A Simon Newcomb designed a system to hopefully cool the President’s bedroom. Tons of ice in the cellar. Replenished daily. Tubes from the cellar to the President’s bedroom. Fans blowing air over the ice which carried cool air to the President’s bedroom. It helped, but not much.

The summer heat was so intense that the President was removed to the Jersey shore in early September. He died there September 19, 1881.

Doctors with dirty hands and instruments constantly probing contributed greatly to the President’s death. The dirty floor at the railroad station, also. Bliss’ arrogance in preventing Bell from using the detector on the President’s left side another factor.

Doctors in subsequent years have been of the opinion the President would have survived if the bullet had just been left alone.

The President suffered greatly. He developed blood poisoning and infection. His body was full of infection. Body pus. Described also as abscesses. The technical term uncontrolled septicemia. The President also starved to death. He could not keep food down. His weight dropped from 210 to 130 pounds. On top of which during one of the probings, a doctor punctured the President’s liver.

Guiteau was tried for murdering the President. He was convicted and hanged. His defense…..I did not kill the President, the doctors did. Though there was truth to his statement, Guiteau was legally guilty because he had initiated the situation by shooting the President.

Guiteau’s background and reason for killing the President play into the scenario.

The United States was still into the spoils system. There was no civil service system. Upon election, a President was bombarded with persons coming to Washington seeking a job. The President would see most. Reportedly, one hundred a day. Guiteau was one of them.

Guiteau met the President once. In the President’s office. He did not campaign for him. However, he did write a piece which he had printed and distributed. About two hundred copies. Guiteau believed this entitled him to an ambassadorship to either Austria or France.

He continued to visit the President’s outer offices and those of influential people in Washington. He was not held in esteem. Considered a nut. He was without money. He stopped shaving. His clothes became tattered. He looked dirty. Finally, he was barred from the White House and other government offices.

It was at this time Guiteau claimed God spoke to him. He claimed divine inspiration. God wanted him to kill the President.

He took certain steps prior to the shooting. He wrote to General of the U.S. Army William Tecumseh Sheraton asking for protection from the mob which would be upon him after he killed the President. No one paid any attention to the letter. He wrote the Warden of the District of Columbia jail asking permission to view the cell where he would be incarcerated. No attention paid to this letter, either.

Guiteau’s trial was a joke. Caused by Guiteau alone. He repeatedly told the court he was merely God’s instrument. He sang John Brown’s Body. Dictated a lengthy letter to the New York Herald. His autobiography. At the end, he wrote a personal ad seeking a nice Christian lady under thirty.

He constantly insulted his defense team which was lead by his brother in law. Much of his testimony was in poem format. He frequently would turn around and seek legal advice from spectators.

His execution a show in itself. Guiteau danced his way up the gallow steps, waved to the audience when on the scaffold, shook hands with the executioner, and recited a poem he had written for the occasion…..I Am Going to the Goody.

The President was 49 at the time of his death. He was a young man well thought of. The feeling was the country was going to do great things under his leadership. Much akin to President John Kennedy. Unfortunately, neither was given enough time.

Notice Guiteau’s actions as they relate to today’s shootings. A gun easy to acquire. The killer a mental case.

Nothing seems to have changed.

Enjoy your day!