Happy New Year! Less than 24 hours away!

I have no specific plans for this evening. I’ll take it as it comes.

Mike Yutzy, my friend from Las Vegas, is in town. He called last week. He was supposed to arrive yesterday and will leave in a couple of days. I am surprised he did not call last night. He and some friends have rented a house around the corner from La Te Da.

It was gym time with Courtney Aman yesterday. He killed me! We were working on the legs and arms with weights. With each successive session, the weights get heavier. I feel it!

I plan on stopping at the gym later this morning to box on my own.

Stopped in to Don’s Place after the gym. I needed a cold glass of water. Puff bartending. Don, David, Herschel, Billy and Joanie at the bar.

Don and David were engrossed in a conversation about bocce. The season is over. The new season doesn’t start for a couple weeks. However, you will recall that we play a side bet with three other teams.We ended up tied with another team for first. The playoff game will be Thursday night.

I wanted a quiet time last night. Did not feel like shaving or getting somewhat better attired. Hogfish became the place.

Hogfish was packed once again. The tourists and snow birds are definitely in town for the New Year holiday!

I sat at the bar alone, read the newspapers and ate. Amazing how one can be alone in a group of 300. I neither heard the noise nor sensed the crowd.

I did not sleep well last night. Tossed and turned. Awake most of the night. Could it be anxiety over New Year’s Eve? I doubt it.

Kathy telephoned. She will be back working as a bartender at La Trattoria this Sunday evening. Stop in and say hello. I am thrilled she is able to return to work so soon after two heavy abdominal surgeries. She is a good person. Everyone loves her. I love her.

Be careful tonight. Watch the drinking and driving. The authorities are out all over the place with DUI’s ready. Otherwise, have a very good time!

Happy New Year again!

As anticipated, yesterday was lovely. A comfortable 75°. Felt warmer. The 60° weather that had been projected for the evening never arrived. Last night was a comfortable cool.

A unique experience awaited me yesterday.

I spent most of the day revising my recent writings. The day was warm. I took a break and walked outside on the deck. A tree branch had been blown down. I went over to remove it. And there it was! A manatee!

I have seen several manatees over the years in Key West. This was first time I had seen one by my house. He/she was lying close to the dock.

I immediately ran down to view and communicate with my visitor. Manatees are described as sea cows. They are large hulks. Many bear propeller scars. My new found friend’s back was covered with them.

Fortunately, I have fresh water on the dock. I grabbed the hose, turned the water on and placed the end of the hose near the manatee’s mouth. The manatee took it in and swallowed away.

For those of you who may be unaware, manatees are fresh water drinkers.

I also took the opportunity to touch the manatee’s back. Then I rubbed the back. I had done this before when close to a manatee. Manatees enjoy being massaged as much as humans.

How much should a manatee drink? I did not know. When I felt the manatee probably had enough, I gently removed the hose. A few more rubs by me and the manatee headed for open water.

An interesting experience.

Last night it was Jenna and me at the Yacht Club.

Jenna has just returned from her Christmas holiday at home with her parents in Indiana. It had been a long time since she and I were out together. We sat and talked and talked and talked.

I like Jenna. She is a talented young lady. A hard worker. Her career is blossoming. She has a fantastic life ahead in the communications industry.

Enjoy your day!

As predicted, it was cold yesterday!

The high by day was 69°. By night, 63. Sixty three is cold in Key West! I needed to throw a quilt over me last night. In addition to which, I wore long pants and a leather jacket when I went out.

The cold front came and went in 24 hours. It did leave the keys however with a slight temperature change. Though the high today will be 75°, low this evening will be 60°. That is cold! Warm days and cold nights ahead of us.

I was diligently working on my Friday Internet show when I received an e-mail from Guy de Boer. Guy is the owner of the station. He advised that he was tired and that the station would be closed Thursday and Friday so he could go boating.Typical Key West. Ergo, no show this Friday. My three or four hours work yesterday may be for naught. Some material can be used the following week. Most cannot since it has become dated.

Made a quick airport run to pick up a returning neighbor.

Terrific Syracuse victory last night! Syracuse beat Seton Hall decisively. By about 30 points. It was exciting!

I was shocked when I walked into the Sports Page Bar. Key West is busting out all over! The bar was packed ! The holiday season is bringing a lot more people than normal.

About 20 persons in the bar were there for the Syracuse game. Some were fans I had met last year last year. I got to talk with some of them. We will be sitting together over the next few weeks watching Syracuse games. Syracuse’s Key West cheering section!

I sat at the bar next to Brian and Anna. Brian is a vacationing attorney from Tampa. He did not go to Syracuse. He went to SUNY Buffalo. However he grew up in the upstate New York area and is a die hard Syracuse fan. It was obvious as we chatted during the game. He he knew everything about the players, scheduling, shots, etc. I enjoyed his company.

It was only nine o’clock when the game ended, so I stopped at the Chart Room. Glad I did. There was Jean Thornton and husband Joe. They were getting ready for a 9:30 dinner reservation at Michael’s. There were some other people in the Chart Room I had met previously. We chatted briefly.

It was still early when I left the Chart Room. So I stopped at Don’s Place.

Cheryl and Roger at the outside bar. A bit cold. The leather jacket helped. I am not ashamed to say I was wearing a leather jacket. I needed it. I had a drink and enjoyed their company. As always.
Then it was home to bed.

I have a busy day ahead. Sloan will be here at nine to work with me. At some point Lisa and I have to sit down and go over some things. I believe I have a dinner engagement with some one this evening. At this particular moment, I cannot remember who. Alsheimers? Old age?

Enjoy your day!

His name is Jack Pittorino. Better known as Yankee Jack. If you asked 100 people in Key West who Jack Pittorino is, no one would know. He is Yankee Jack. Celebrity and entertainer.

Yankee Jack sings and plays the keyboard at the Bull on Duval. He only works 20 hours a week. Four hours a day for five days. Not bad.

Yankee Jack recently wrote a book. Was it Something I Sang? There are some interesting tidbits in the book I would like to share with you.

The book is dedicated to Yankee’s wife Kathryn. They met over the Internet. Married 12 years ago. Katherine is from England. Yankee says of Katherine…..You cannot bullshit this woman.

Regarding his working a mere four hours a day, five days a week, Yankees says…..There is no substitute for life in Key West.

Yankee loves being an entertainer. Enjoys being on stage. He says of his life…..When I perform it is as close to masturbation as one can get with his pants on.
All of the above is contained in the first three pages of Yankee’s new book. You can imagine what the rest of the book must be like! Read Yankee Jack’s book. You will enjoy it.

Boxed on my own at the gym in the morning. Love hitting the big bag!

Then it was to Publix. The cupboard was not merely bare. It was woefully bare. I have been living on stale bread crumbs the past few days.

Spent the rest of the day working on this Friday’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Join me at 10 AM my time. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/. A great show in development.

Last night began at the Chart Room. I knew from Facebook that Jean Thornton was returning yesterday. I hoped to run into her. I did. There she was seated at the bar with her husband Joe. Sheila and Cindy there, also. JJ bartending. Good people all!

I ate later at the bar at the Hot Tin Roof. Jean and Joe were already there.

Big night tonight! Syracuse basketball! Syracuse plays Seton Hall. Syracuse is 13 – 0 and Seton Hall 11 – 1. I will be at the Sports Page Bar at 7 for the start of the game.

Enjoy your day!

Key West weather continues to be terrific. 80° by day, low 70s in the evening.

Tomorrow brings a cold front. Do not laugh when I tell you what the temperature will be. It will feel cold to those of us who live in the lower keys. The high tomorrow is projected at 71 with a low of 65. Long pants weather!

I spent yesterday morning sitting outside by the water under the umbrella. Research and writing time.

Early afternoon found me at the gym. I had a scheduled workout with Courtney Aman. Grueling! I left a bit beat up. Stopped by Don’s Place for a glass of water. Read the newspapers and chatted with Rob and Todd.

When I finish this blog, it will be to the gym once again. This time to box alone.

My evening started at the Chart Room. Mary bartending. Mary works the Chart Room one night a week. A steady group of people in  and out. All tourists. I knew no one.

I decided to eat at the Pier House. Dinner by candlelight while sitting by the water. Larry Smith playing in the background at the Wine Galley. Fantastic! Saw Alex and Pati.

A simple day. A pleasurable one.

Enjoy your today!

Twas the day after Christmas…..

Holidays are great! Especially Christmas. But there comes a time when enough is enough. This morning marks the return to normalcy.

Brunch at Lisa’s was at 9 yesterday morning. Gift opening time. Robert and Ally all excited.

Santa Claus brought Robert drums. Are they called bongo drums? Two small drums bound together. Robert is always banging out tunes on the kitchen table. This will be better.

Ally got a pogo stick. She was thrilled. Robert wants to use it. He keeps asking if she will share. She consistently said no.

I spent the afternoon outside by the water. Reading Yankee Jack’s new book. Was It Something I Sang? Fun. Interesting. Read it. The book is available on the Internet and Yankee is personally selling them at the Bull when he is playing.

I wanted some private time last night. Opted for the bar at Tavern ‘n Town for a couple of drinks and a light dinner. The bar was packed. All tourists. Half the dining room was full, also. I sat alone at the bar for a couple of hours, off and on watching pro basketball, and contemplating my navel. That last phrase is another way of saying I was deep in thought.

Today I have nothing scheduled, except a work out at the gym at 2. Each morning I wonder what the day will bring.

Enjoy your day!

Christmas Eve. Some good, some bad. Last night was good.

I arrived at  about 5. Robert and Ally ran out to greet me. They were all excited. Better word might be hyped. Santa Claus was coming!

It was me, the grandchildren, Lisa and Corey, Corey’s parents Karen and Curtis, and Betsy. We were picking at shrimp and other goodies prior to dinner. Christmas caroles playing in the background. .

At some point, Lisa got Robert and Ally to sing Christmas caroles. They enjoy doing it. As they were singing….. Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa himself came through the door!

A new Santa last night. My former Key West Santa Claus left town.. A disaster. I did not know how good the new one would be. He was terrific! He actually looked like Santa Claus. Big rosy red cheeks, great costume and terrific gift bag. The gift bag was lined with large bells which added to the moment. Best of all, Santa Claus had a Santa Claus personality.

As soon as Santa entered, Robert and Allie were quiet. Color drained from their faces. They were in awe.

Robert and Ally sat on Santa Claus’ lap and spoke with him. Santa insisted I sit on his lap, which I did . We took pictures. Lisa posted one on Facebook last night.

I have arranged for a Santa Claus for my children and  grandchildren in excess of  45 years. I have told the young ones in the past, and now Robert and Ally, that Santa Claus is my friend. That he and I speak on the telephone during the course of the year. They all believed in the past, as Robert and Ally do now, that such communication between Santa and me takes place.

Since last night was a new Santa, I spoke with him prior to the visit. I asked him to remind Robert and Ally we were friends. At some point Santa said, ” Poppa is my friend. We speak on the telephone all the time.”

Their eyes lit up! I was made!

Great dinner. Four fishes. Shrimp, clams and butter, stone crabs and anchovies in the antipasto. Lisa struggled to get the fourth fish. The meal was excellent as was the company. Good job Lisa!

I left as Robert and Ally were getting ready for bed. I doubted they would fall asleep soon. They were running at high intensity.

As I entered the door of my home, the telephone rang. Donna was calling from New York City to wish me a Merry Christmas. I wished her a happy Hanukkah. We talked about different things. Bernadette Peters will not be going with show to Los Angeles. She and Terri were disappointed, but Donna did not think it would affect the show.

I asked to speak with Terri so as to wish her a Merry Christmas. Donna said Terri was on the other phone talking with Liza Minnelli. Not uncommon. They have been close friends for years and have often performned together. Nevertheless, I am always impressed.

I received an earlier telephone call from Jenna who is visitng her parents in Indiana. Telephone calls also from Ahua in Bejing and Anne in Milan. Plus numerous emails from all over the world.

Thank you one and all!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I have to hustle. Lisa is having a Christmas Day brunch at nine in the morning where we will exchange gifts.

Enjoy your Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

My Italian tradition celebrates Christmas both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is the bigger of the two events.

Christmas Eve is the dinner of the seven fishes. Lisa has cut back a bit. She only does four. Seven or four, Lisa’s fish preparations are delicious!

It was Internet show time yesterday. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Another great show. Crazy things happening all over the world. Makes it easy to prepare a fast moving and interesting program.

The big topic of the day was my dissertation on Christmas. No question. No one commented on anything after the show except for my talk on Christmas.

My thought initially was to say a few words as to how Christmas became legalized in the United States as a holiday. My research ended up going much further. All the way back to Babylon of old testament times. I traced Christmas from 1000 years before the birth of Christ to present day. The research revealed some interesting things. I shared them with those who were watching the show. You would be amazed!

It was gym time yesterday afternoon with Courtney Aman, my trainer. He did not have me boxing. I was primarily lifting weights. As I was doing so, the thought came to me that I’m supposed to have a heart problem. If I had a heart condition, I would be dead by now! I am doing some big stuff!

I’ve been going to the gym to box every day. I thought this would be helpful. Courtney has seen me there. He told me yesterday to cut back on the boxing. Not to exercise every day. I will now be working out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday only.

Finished my Christmas shopping. One gift. Then it was to the Dollar Store. I needed wrapping paper, bags, and those sort of things. The line was long. It took me forever to check out. People were friendly, however. I was talking to a couple of people in front of me and one in back of me as we slowly move through the line. Took about 30 minutes to get through.

It was Hogfish last night! The place was absolutely packed! The most people I have ever seen. Standing room only. No exaggeration. Many people are visiting Key West this Christmas.

I ran into Pati and Steve. They were together having a drink. We talked a bit. Then I grabbed a seat at the bar for dinner. Hogfish fish and chips..

Then home to an early bed. Slept late this morning. I am doing this blog and it’s close to 10 in the morning. My apologies. I was comfortable in bed and stayed there.

Enjoy your day! Get ready for Santa Claus!

Did you know the colonists did not celebrate Christmas at the time of the American Revolution? Did you know that Christmas was illegal in Boston for about 15 years in the late 1600s? Did you know the Christmas as we know it today was given to us by Washington Irving?

Many unknown and interesting aspects with regard to Christmas on The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning. 10 AM my time. Available worldwide. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.

Busy day yesterday!

A 10 o’clock hair appointment with Lori. Then directly to the gym. Yes, I boxed again.

I spent the afternoon Christmas shopping. I am almost done. One more gift to get.

The high point of my shopping spree was what to buy for the grandkids. They already have everything. I recalled the toy store in Mallory Square on the second floor of one of the buildings. A good place to buy toys. There I went.

Confusion! So many toys, so many games. I was befuddled!

I finally zeroed in on a battery operated helicopter that could fly. It excited me! I telephoned Lisa to make sure it would be okay. She said Robert already has one. And so it went. Every time I would find something for Robert or Ally, they already had it.

Lisa finally zeroed me in on some huge educational toy. Lisa and her family are game players.

I did something extra. It was really for Louis. I saw small bags of marbles. I have not seen marbles in years. I knew Robert and Ally did not have marbles. I bought them each a bag of marbles. Different colors. My purpose is so I may teach them how to shoot marbles. I did as a child and I want them to have the same experience.

Syracuse basketball last night! I was anxious to see them play Tulane. I was at the Sports Page Bar. The Sports Page has the best sports TV reception in town. Especially for college basketball. But not for the Syracuse game last night. With all the stations and games available, it was not carrying Syracuse/Tulane.

I was disappointed.  I ended up staying and grabbing a bite to eat. Steve showed up. He was disappointed also. He left.
I see from this morning’s news that Syracuse won handily 82-61. No big deal. It was expected.

The Big East starts next week on December 28. Syracuse plays Seton Hall. Every one of those games will be televised! The Big East will test Syracuse’s mettle.

Met an interesting couple at the Sports Page. From Morehead, Kentucky. He was Eric. She I cannot recall. My apologies. Eric is the director of business development for a small telephone communications company. She a college student at Morehead State, soon to be a teacher.They have been at the new Ibis Bay for three days. First timers to Key West. Love it! Plan on returning. Eric was asking about employment opportunities.

I have to hustle. Shower, shave and all those sort of things to get ready for the Internet show. Again, please watch me at 10 this morning my time if you can.

Enjoy your day!

I feel like Little Jack Horner……What a good boy am I! I went to the gym again yesterday. Boxed. My upper arms are getting tired.

I played good neighbor yesterday. Picked a friend up at the airport.

Some things were blatantly noticeable. Twenty five years ago when I first started coming to Key West, there were 3 to 4 taxis for pickups at the airport. Yesterday, I counted 14. The receiving terminal was very busy. Extremely busy. The action and relatively new building reminded me of a big city airport like Tampa.

I do not like the Key West growth factor this evidences!

I worked on Fridays Internet show all afternoon on. Still have a bit more to do today. A good show in the making. Topics include some unknown things about Christmas, the Cuban embargo, Gingrich and judges, Iraqi woman released, Florida community advertising for nudists in Europe, a Washington update, Egypt and women, and more.

Join me at 10 AM my time. www.konkbroadcasting.com. Worldwide.

It was the Chart Room first last night. Emily bartending. When I arrived, there was no one else. Emily and I chatted a while. Then the place filled up. By that time I had had my fill of the Chart Room and left.

I ate at the outside bar at Kelly’s. Wings. The best wings in Key West! Big, tender, and juicy. Chatted with Chris the bartender.

Syracuse basketball tonight. Syracuse plays Tulane. Syracuse should win. I will be watching the game at the Sports Page Bar.

Someone commented yesterday why I was not using the new Big Ten Sports Bar to watch basketball. The reason is simple. The Big Ten Sports Bar is not open yet. It was scheduled to open last Saturday. However, the remodeling was not complete. The new start up date is this Saturday. If does open on Saturday, I will be there for the opening night party.

I have a conflict of interest developing. The Sports Page Bar and Patrick have been good to me the past three years. The service outstanding. John Lukas is the proprietor of the new Big Ten Sports Bar. John is a good friend, also. I will be splitting my time between the two bars watching Syracuse basketball.

Big day ahead. Haircut with Lori, boxing at the gym, buying grandkids Christmas presents, looking for Christmas presents for everyone else, and Syracuse basketball tonight.

Enjoy your day!