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44 comments on “Contact Key West Lou

  1. Hi Lou,
    For the cold of yours, with your red nose …. I have found that the tissues with LOTION help a lot. But, don’t use them to clean your glasses. LOL

  2. Where are Larry Smith and Christine Cordone?
    Read that Larry was fired and the Wine Bar closed by new
    Owners of the Pier House????

    • Larry occasionally playing tuesday nights at Virgilios. Christine joins him. Larry was out of action for a long time till recently. He had double knee replacement surgery after the Pier House. Christine is now a recognized painter. She spends much of her free time painting. She is selling big time!

  3. Hi Lou … for what it’s worth …. I’m reading Freakonomics … and they don’t seem to think big money buys elections …
    “In a paper that tried to isolate the effect of spending in campaigns, here’s what Steve Levitt found:
    LEVITT: When a candidate doubled their spending, holding everything else constant, they only got an extra one percent of the popular vote. It’s the same if you cut your spending in half, you only lose one percent of the popular vote. So we’re talking about really large swings in campaign spending with almost trivial changes in the vote.

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  7. Not many Hillary-Trump campaign signs around, a rarity. Dems afraid GOP will punch them in the face, GOP afraid to reveal their dumbness to Dems. Fear, fear, fear dominates this election.

  8. If Trump wins, I fear that we won’t be “the good guys” anymore, which is what I always loved thinking about this Country. No more white hats for us.

  9. Just think about it, the existence of people like Trump and his followers is the reason our election ballots are kept secret in this country.


  11. No difference between alcohol and drugs. People will do what they want. It will be cheaper for us uncool cats in the long run if you legalize it all, then pile it up on the street corners, free to whomever. Then just let Nature take it’s course.

  12. I was watching cspan, Truman biographer interviewed. He said he went to where elderly Truman was in a nursing home. He was on the sidewalk approaching the place and saw Truman on the porch in a wheelchair. Just then an attendant burst through the screen door yelling ”there you are, don’t you ever come out here alone again!” Then they wheeled him back inside. The leader of the free world who dropped the atomic bomb. Sad ending.

  13. Pope speaks, talks down Trump types. Kurds, Sryian rebels assaulting ISSIS base , Raqqa, what will Russia, Assad do?? And who cares? Anybody?? What’s it like up there in the happy positive clouds above Key West???


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