Good morning world!

Dark outside. Pitch black. And yet 6:30. It is like getting up in the middle of the night. Weird!

My radio show is this friday at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I am going to have a guest for the entire hour. Broadway star Terri White!

You may say how does this tie into legal. Easy. Terri’s recent life has been gigantically impacted by three current legal issues: Homelessness, same sex marriage and hospitalization insurance. A wow show! Listen in. KONK 1500 AM. Or even better, see and hear Terri and me on the internet at

Terri and her relatively new spouse Donna are my house guests this week. They are upstairs sleeping. I have no idea what time they came in. Probably late. There was a big time welcome home gathering at the Keys Piano Bar last night for them. Lynda Frechette spearheaded the event. When they wake up early this afternoon, they will fill me in.

It will be this afternoon. These show people sleep late! Their schedules are different from ours.

I stayed in last night. Actually I went to bed late yesterday afternoon. The cold temperature at the Seder the night before did me in. Coupled I think with my old age. I felt the beginnings of a head cold. I am very conscious of my health. So it was better to bed than out on the town.

Yesterday started as a very good day for me.

A haircut at 10. Always happy to see Lori.

Then a manicure with Tammy at her place afterwards. Her little 2 year old son was running around. A cute young man.

Just before I left home, I received a telephone call from old friend Ann. Ann and I knew each other back in Utica in the early 1960s when she was a young newspaper reporter and I a young lawyer. She left after a couple of years. I never saw her again till about 5 years ago when we ran into each other here in Key West. She and her husband were living in Big Pine.

An old friendship renewed. We get together several times a year now to catch up.

She said lets have lunch. She was buying. How could I say no.

We met at Hogfish.

Ann’s dieting. Lost 15 pounds already. It showed! I told her.

We talked for a couple of hours. It was pleasant time well spent.

Stephanie Kaple is the shoe lady. So called because she spends all her free monies on female shoes. She is also very much into the homeless. Devoted to the cause. She is executive director of a not for profit homeless organization.

She had a comment on Facebook this morning wherein she said she was “…..very excited about an awesome donation…..2 new sets of pots and pans…..we got from the good people in Key West.”

Little things mean a lot!

Remember the book The Shack I have been raving about. One of the best novels, if not the best, I have ever read. That good!

Yesterday I decided to check out the author. I had never heard of him. His name is William P. Young.

Turns out Young is Canadian, was a hotel night clerk and is the father of 6. Wrote the book. Could not get a publisher. Self published the book. The book took off. Sold over 1 million copies. Was #1 on the New York Times paperback fiction best seller list for almost 2 years.

A wow!

Golf this morning. My head cold seems to have gone away. I hope. Anyhow I shall be out there struggling.

Enjoy your day!

I grocery shopped yesterday. Donna and Terri were coming.

My cupboard is always bare. Necessities were needed. Like eggs, bacon and bread. Orange juice and milk. Yogurt. Cookies. Fruit. And booze. They drink Maker’s Mark, a bourbon whiskey.

I rarely drank at home here in Key West. Did my drinking out in bars. So I rarely went to a liquor store to make a purchase. I was shocked at the prices! It’s expensive to be an alcoholic!

Donna and Terri arrived at around 4. We had to be at her daughter’s for Seder at 5:30.

The girls looked like hell! They had been driving since midnight Saturday. They could not leave New York till Terri finished a gig. They drove straight through, except for one 5 hour stop to sleep.

A quick drink and shower and we were on our way to daughter Stacey’s home.

I did the Passover Seder with Donna’s family last year also. So I knew the guests.

The dinner is a family event. I was the only outsider. Though I did not feel nor was I treated like one.

About 20 people.

Three of Donna’s four children. Scott, Brett and Stacey. Derek could not make it. However modern science is wonderful. He was with us all night. A computer at Stacey’s and another at Derek’s in Detroit. The two Seder dinners were simulcast, so to speak. Total communication and interaction all evening.

Scott and Brett ran the show. The Seder, that is. They led the prayers and chants.

Cathy was there. A lovely lady. Scott’s wife. And Tal. Tal is Brett’s partner.

Stacey’s husband is Rob. A Key West school teacher. A good guy and a good father. Very much in love with Stacey as she is with him.

Rob’s mother Mickey joined us also. She has moved to Key West. Her husband died in December. Mickey is 80 and a joy. Never stoped talking.

Then there was Donna’s first husband and his present wife. He is father to Donna’s 4 children.
And his brother and wife from St. Louis.

And Donna’s third spouse, Terri.

Plus 4 kids from about 2 to 12.

They all had fun together. It was like my Christmas Eve.

I wore my yarmulka. In days of old, I referred to it as a beanie. Stacey’s children made it for me last year. It has my name on it.

The Seder was held outdoors. Too many people to sit in the house. A long table.

I have been telling you how great the weather has been lately. That it had finally turned. Not last night. It was 64 degrees! Cold. Windy. A cold front came upon Key West suddenly.

I was not dressed for it. No one was. I wore shorts and a shirt. Fortunately I had the good sense to bring a sweater in case it got cold. The sweater was not enough! Donna brought out a blanket to cover my legs. I have become an old man.

I cheated. I drank for the first time since October 29. A bit of wine. The 4 sips that are part of the tradition. It was Manischewitz grape wine. Fruitty. Delicious. Only 11% alcohol. I checked the label before drinking. Four sips led to 2 glasses. Oh, well.

We all prayed and sang. I did a couple of readings. Everyone read.

Scott and Brett were the masters of ceremony, for want of a better description. They did it with joy and humor.

The Seder dinner itself was outstanding. Donna usually spends 3 days cooking for it. Since she was traveling and unavailable, her children did it. And in only 2 days!

We had matza soup. Great soup. A floater. I learned it is important for the matza ball to float. In order to do so, seltzer must be added in the preparation.

Then brisket and potatoes. And turkey. And beans.

Desert was very intersting. Three types.

Matza covered with chocolate. The Jews know how to suffer!

Then 2 cakes. Both made with ground matza. Looked like cake and tasted like cake. And rose. I found that aspect interesting. That the cakes could rise. Since they were made with ground matza. No leavening. The Jews forgot the leavening when they fled Pharoh. Each cake stood proudly 2 inches tall.

That was my evening. Did it all! And then took Donna and Terri back home with me. They both needed to hit the sack immediately. I doubt they will wake before noon today. Then, Key West watch out!

Enjoy your day!

I am being invaded today. Pleasantly so. Donna and Terri are arriving to spend a week with me.

Today marks the beginning of Passover. Donna is Jewish. And a tough Jewish Mom to boot. It is a maternal family requirement that all her children gather with her for the Passover Seder. No matter where Donna is.

So this year they will all be traveling to Key West.

The Seder dinner is at 6 tonight at Stacey’s home here in Key West. Stacey is Donna’s daughter. Nine months pregnant and waiting. Donna’s 3 sons are also coming in with their families from all parts of the northeast.

Donna and Terri have been living in New York this past year where Terri has had some terrific gigs. Terri last job was Saturday night. Donna and Terri did not leave the City till midnight. They are driving.

I have heard from them via telephone as they move along I 95 towards Key West. No stopping. They must get here today. Before 6 this evening.

What wrecks they are going to be!

The reason they are driving is that they both have clothes in storage that they want to bring back to New York with them. Terri goes into rehearsal for the Chicago revival upon their return.

My house is in tip top shape. Even put clean sheets on their bed. I am ready for them.

I join them at the Seder dinner. I have for the past two years also. I drink the 4 glasses of wine, chant, pray and eat matza and other symbolic foods. I come out of Egypt with my Jewish brethern.

Yesterday was a pleasant day.

Meet the Press from my bed. Then the drugstore where I ran into Christine. Love her! She calms Larry.

I stopped at Lisa’s for a bagel. She had bought fresh ones. I enjoy onion bagels and she had one for me. My girl!

Then I was off to the beach. The fantastic weather continues. Mid 80s with a touch of humidity.

This time it was Higgs Beach. A lot of people. Again I could only handle one hour. The sun is too much for me. But the hour was good. I sat in my sand chair and read the Sunday New York Times.

I was hungry. Salute was behind me. So I stopped in for a sandwich. Yellow snapper. Delicious!

Ran into Clayton at Salute’s. Clayton is a former premier Key West bartender. Last worked at Antonia’s and Bagatelle. Now he is self employed. Makes tee shirts.

Clayton is originally from New Zealand. Owns a condominium in Dubai. And most importnantly is married to the lovely Valerie who bartends at Hot Tin Roof.

I asked Clayton when he worked. I go to the Sports Page and he is there shooting pool. I stop at Salute’s and he is lounging at an outside table. He laughed.

Then it was home for a nap. The sun does get to me.

Dinner last night was at Lisa’s. It was Cameron’s birthday. Cameron is Corey’s son and Lisa’s step son. A good kid. Now 15 and maturing well.

Corey’s grandmother is quite old. She lives in Germany. Corey is going to visit her in June. A two week trip. He is taking Cameron. Father and son. Both are excited.

They are going to stop for a few days on the way back in London. Corey is working on his doctorate at a university just outside London. He is stopping to visit his professor.

While in London, Corey is taking Cameron to a concert of some sort. 90,000 plus people. I forget the star’s name. Not my game. But Corey and Lisa’s birthday gift to Cameron were two tickets to the concert.

Cameron went crazy!


I have to move this morning. Company coming. I need to buy some groceries. My cupboard is always bare. I cannot be a poor host.

Enjoy your day!

Good morning! It is Sunday!

I just went outside for a few minutes. A Key West day is starting. Already a bit warm. The sun breaking over the horizon. And I could taste the salt. First time in a long time.

Yesterday was a strange one. Started slow. Finished in good order.

I overslept. That I told you yesterday. I rarely oversleep.

My plan was to go to the beach again. The weather was perfect for it.

I never made it.

I stayed in bed all day.

Do not know why. Just did.

Watched TV. Old movies, basketball and golf. And slept a bit in between.

Marty called at dinner time. He’s back in town. We decided to meet at Michael’s for dinner.

Dinner was at the bar.

Michael’s is one of the finest restaurants in Key West. I ordered meat loaf. You figure. Guess I needed some comfort food.

Many friends at the bar. A lovely blond came up to us to say hello. We talked a bit. Who is she, I wondered. I could not place her. She then returned to her seat with friends. She was sitting two seats away from me.

Then it dawned on me! It was Janine! Janine from the Pier House. She is the outside bartender.

I had never seen Janine out of her Pier House uniform. Nor made up as she was last night. Wow! She looked terrific! I did not recognize her!

I leaned over her date and apologized. Told her why I had not recognized her. We all had a good laugh.

It turned into a big night. After dinner, Marty and I headed over to the Keys Piano Bar. It had been a couple of months since I was there. When you are not drinking, you tend to avoid bars and the like.

Brooke was waiting tables. Brooke is a young lady. Probably all of 27 or 28. Last year her grandmother was going through chemo and was losing her hair. Brooke shaved her own head. A good girl! A great granddaughter!

Last night Brooke’s hair was growing in. It was a couple of inches long. Grandma is better.

Captain Dan was bartending. The last I saw of Dan was sometime last summer. He used to work the bar at the Pier House’s Wine Galley. I would run into him when I would go over to listen to Larry Smith.

Dan is both bartender and boater. A sailboater. He owns a 42 foot sailboat.

Last summer Dan decided to change his life a bit. He had turned 50. Figured he needed a new residence. So he filled up the sailboat with his belongings and left for Puerto Rico.

Dan was traveling alone.

Somewhere south of the Bahamas and north of the Turks and Caicos, he ran into a storm. An unexpected one. A ferocious one.

The area he was in when the storm came up is also known as the Bermuda Triangle.

His sail got ripped. His boat got broken up. His body took a beating.

Dan and boat ended up on a reef. He was rescued by the Bahamian Coast Guard.

Dan ended up for a few weeks on a small island in the south Bahamas. No civilization. Just natives. He had next to no cash. Credit cards were useless. But he says the people there took care of him.

The type of story movies are made from.

Dan is healed. And wiser. Does not plan ever to travel a long distance on the ocean alone again.

Ricky was playing the piano. His hair style reminded me of Jerry Lee Lewis. A big white pompadour high up on top.

Jennifer is in from New York singing. A talent.

Ricky was playing and Jennifer singing All of Me. The lyric begins…..Why not take all of me, don’t you know I’m not happy without you!

Rickey told us Gerry Marks wrote the song. When Marks died, he was cremated. His ashes placed in a urn. A small plaque was attached to the urn. The plaque read…..”All of Me.”

It was a good evening!

Enjoy your day!

I overslept. Something I rarely do. It is close to 9. Wow!

I had a great time last night. I was Cheryl and Roger’s guest at dinner. Martin’s. Good food. Good company.

It was weinerschnitzel time for me.

Cheryl is a dynamic looking woman. Roger not so pretty. They are from Chicago. They have been coming to Key West the past 4 years. This year they arived in November and are leaving next week.

Cheryl and Roger have one of those monstrous mobile homes. When it Key West, they can be found at Boyd’s on Stock Island.

We have become friends over this past season. I suspect we will remain friends forever. I look forward to their return in November.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday morning was terrific! I seem to get more and more excited with each show. It is amazing how the radio show and this blog have taken hold!

I thought I would be baysitting after the radio show. However Lisa telephoned to tell me Robert and Ally were ok and had gone to school. It appears the antibiotics had finally took hold.

So the day was mine!

I headed for the Coffee and Tea House on Duval. Read the Key West Citizen and New York Times. Said hello to some friends. Emmet was there. Emmet is the bartender at Michael’s and also plays golf in Don’s League. A good guy.

Then I walked. The weather is finally what it should be. Warm! Mid 80s. A touch of humidity.

I am still only walking 20 minutes. Do not want to push it. The colors to be seen are beautiful. Bright and vibrant. A good time to walk. And Key West obviously a good place to walk.

Since I did not have to babysit, my afternoon was free. What to do? I decided to go to the beach. It has been months since I did so.

I opted for Smathers Beach. Close. Easy to get to. Just me, my sand chair, a towel and cap. And oh yes, a bathing suit!

I sat at about mid point on the beach. Looked to my left. Looked to my right. I was basically alone. I do not think there were a total of 50 people the entire length of the beach.

You never know who you are going to met on a a beach. Especially an empty one.

Sean! Sean my young boat captain friend. Sean of bocce. And Sean of recent tragedy.

He was walking the beach. With a friend Michael who had flown in from Boston the night before.

We talked a bit. Sean is one of the best people I have met in Key West. Solid. Good. He will make it!

I intended to spend 2 hours at the beach. No way. The sun was a killer, even with the overcast. I lasted one hour and left.

On the way home, I stopped at Lisa’s to see her and the grandkids. I sat in the easy chair and fell asleep. For a whole hour. That one hour of sun knocked me on my ass.

Lisa just telephoned. She calls me 80 times a day to see if I am alright. She was on her way to the hairdressers. As she put it, this is her free time every month. One and a half hours for her. No children, no job.

Lisa says Ally’s words as Lisa went out the door were to the effect that she, Ally, was in charge while her mother was gone. Only 4 years old!

Speaking of Lisa, take a look at her internet department store Via Key West. She has tons more of Key West jewelry she is showing. The Key West Lou tee shirts continue to sell. She just had to reorder a new batch.

Enjoy your day!

Ernest Thayer wrote in 1888 lines that apply at this moment.

“…..Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright; the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light, and somewhere men are laughing and somewhere children shout; but there is no joy in Mudville–mighty Casey has struck out.”

Syracuse lost last night. To Butler. The season is over for Syracuse. Perhaps the finest basketball team in Syracuse history went down to defeat.

The ultimate glory–winning the Final Four–is not to be.

I watched the tragedy occur at the Sports Page Bar. There were only 2 of us pulling for Syracuse. A handful of Butler fans. And a houseful of West Virginia patriots.

So be it. It is done.

Yesterday was babysitting time again. Me and Ally.

Ally did not want to play. She colored a bit at first and otherwise just layed on the couch. She slept quite a bit.

I made macaroni and cheese for lunch. She said she wanted it. However she only picked at it.

In the middle of the afternoon Lisa telephoned to tell me she had received a call from the school. Robert was sick. She was going to pick him up.

I have not heard yet this morning. But the call will come soon that I am babysitting again this morning. This time for the both of them.

After the radio show, of course.

Please listen in at 10 to KONK 1500 Am. Or even better, listen and watch on the internet at A good show today! Much has happened in the legal community this past week.

I stopped at bocce after the Syracuse game. The third game was in progress. Our team lost all 3 games last night to Larry Smith’s team. Close games all, but all losers.

Such is life.

I stopped at Don’s Place afterwards. It was packed. I passed time with Beebe, Rob, Don, Michelle and Tino. Kurt was bartending.

Cheryl and Roger have invited me to dinner tonight. 7 at Martin’s. Should be an interesting evening.

Enjoy your day!

Lisa just telephoned. Ally sick again. Have to babysit.

Yesterday Robert and Ally were both fine. Or so Lisa thought. She sent them both to school.

I spent yesterday inside. All day. Had business to attend to. What a pain! Interferred with my Key West way of life.

Even prevented me from playing golf. Me thinks my priorities are getting screwed up!

I was tired last night. The choice was go to bed or go out. Bed looked appealing. However I pushed myself to shower again and hit the road.

My dinner spot was Hogfish. Glad I went.

I sat in the bar at a small table alone. Watched the NIT and read some local papers.

The weather was absoluteely perfect. No breeze. No humidity.

The water and boats were all of 15 feet away.

Roger and Cheryl were there. They came over to say hello as they were leaving. I am having dinner with them tomorrow night at Martin’s.

A distinguished appearing gentleman came over at one point. Elderly. Like me. White haired. Well tanned.

His name was Bruce. We shook hands. He stopped to say he read my blog every day and how much he enjoyed it.

And he was gone. I know nothing else about Bruce. However I appreciated his saying hello and his comments.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and french fries. Ate everything! Left not a fry nor any part of the sandwich. Even salted the french fries.

When I finished dinner, I felt terrific! The tiredness of the day had left me. A full stomach can do wonders!

Tonight is bocce. I am ashamed to say I will miss bocce. My life is really getting screwed up. No golf yesterday and no bocce today!

Actually it is a good choice that I will not be playing bocce. Syracuse basketball! Sweet sixteen time tonight! Syracuse v. Butler at 7 pm!

Instead of the bocce courts, I will be at the Sports Page Bar watching the game. It is called priorities.

Remember it is radio show time tomorrow morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. You can see as well as listen on the internet anywhere in the world at

Tomorrow’s show is ready. A little bit of weird dumb law from the hills of West Virginia. Like it is illegal to whistle underwater. Updates on medical marijuana and same sex marriage. And some tidbits about how banks screw the public with overdraft fees, how President Theodore Roosevelt saved football, an example of where justice delayed was not justice denied, and a Florida hardcore obscenity decision that may be on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Time to move! Ally awaits! Hope she is well enough to play bingo with me. The last time I sat her, we did a huge puzzle together. The kind that takes weeks to do. I get impatient easily and walk away. Not Ally. She sits there until she finds a piece that fits. Every now and then she mumbles…..this is hard. But she does not give up. Only 4 years old!

Enjoy your day!

My yesterday was as the day before. Babysat. Grandkids still sick.

I bought a game for them. Bingo! But different. Instead of numbers, it had letters, fruit, toys and other objects. A good learning tool for Robert and Ally. A good learning tool for me.

The game is for ages 4-6. Robert and Ally learned quickly. It took me a few minutes.

We each won one game. Which was good! Ally had not won yet when we started the third game. She had a pout and was getting a bit testy. She does not like to lose.

Fortunately, she won the third game!

Last night was a meeting at Larry Smith’s home. We are forming a tea party. No! Only kidding!We are trying to put together a TV show. Larry, Don, Tino, Alex, Doc, Petra and others. This was our second meeting. It will be a Key West show. If we get it off the ground.

After the meeting, Don and I went out for a bite to eat.

We stopped first at the Chart Room. Michael bartending. Captain Peter at the bar. I had not seen the Captain in a couple of weeks. A good person, always.

Cheryl and Roger were there. Good to see them! They invited me to dinner friday night at Martin’s. I am looking forward to it.

Don and I walked across the street to The Hot Tin Roof for dinner. Sat at the bar. Valerie bartending.

John is manager. A Wisconsin fan. He is still hurting from the Cornell victory last week over Wisconsin. Very sensitive!

Don and I had a leisurely dinner and good conversation.

A pleasant evening all around.

I dropped Don off at Don’s Place afterwards and came directly home to bed.

Marty, where are you? You have disappeared from sight!

Jean Thornton. Lovely lady! You were in town last week and I missed you. Sorry.

Today is wednesday. Golf day. No golf for me, however. I have business matters to attend to which will take all day.

Lisa telephoned. Grandkids still sick. She and Corey are taking turns today staying home.

Try to tune into the radio show on friday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, watch and listen on the internet at It will be an interesting show. Great topics! From football to sex to clean water to Aceevedo.

Enjoy your day!

Good morning!

Rise and shine!

Another great Key West day in the making!

My day yesterday was relatively quiet. I babysat. All day. Robert and Ally both sick.

Temps of 101 plus. Some coughing. Ally has a sore throat. I looked with a flashlight. Robert upchucked.

I return this morning for another day of duty. Not really a duty. A pleasure! A joy!

I told the grandkids yesterday that when Poppa gets sick, they have to come over and sit with me. All I got were blank stares in return. Guess Poppas don’t get sick.

There was no play time with them. Robert and Ally just quietly laid on the couches all day. Sick.

I had some time to work on friday’s radio show.

Every week I do a brief bit about some dumb weird laws. Every State has them. Old laws which had meaning when passed, but are meaningless now. And someone forgot to take these antiquated laws off the books.

This week I am doing West Virginia.

The City of Huntington is located in West Virginia. Many many years ago, Huntington passed a law that made it legal for a husband to beat his wife. However the beating could only take place if done in public on a Sunday on the Courthouse steps. Public flogging as it were.

The law had to have been passed a long time ago. Guess Huntington never heard of Virginia Slims. Women have come a long way! They can even vote!

I updated my materials on medical marijuana and same sex marriage. Part of the radio show will involve how banks are ripping off checking account holders with overdraft fees. Many new lawsuits in the area. There will be a bit on the move to outlaw football in 1906 because it was too dangerous and how then President Theodore Roosevelt saved the sport.

Time to get ready for my day. Too bad the grandkids are sick. I enjoy being with them.

Enjoy your day!

I dislike the dark in the morning when I awake.

I prefer being greeted by the sun. Especially a rising sun.

I have to hurry this morning. Grandkids sick. I am babysitting.

Robert and Ally were well when I visited them yesterday morning. They were excited. A birthday party at Fort Zachrey Taylor Beach in the afternoon.

When I returned for dinner last night, they were both knocked out on couches. Cold. Covered with blankets. Quiet. And each had a fever of 101.

They ate nothing at dinner. No appetites. Preferred to lie back on the couches where they soon fell asleep.

So this morning is my time. Soon I will have earned a Masters degree in babysitting!

Two big things yesterday!

Big, big!

Syracuse won and the health care bill passed.

I was worried about the Syracuse game. March Madness is an uncertain time. Look what St. Mary’s did to Villanova.

Syracuse was playing Gonzaga. A good little school. A known entity. Not like St. Mary’s who no one ever heard of.

Interestingly, St. Mary’s and Gonzaga play in the same league. Gonzaga had beaten St. Mary’s a couple of times this year.

I was concerned.

Should not have been.

Syracuse won big time. 20 plus points. They were ahead a couple of times by 30 points. With out Syracuse’s star center who was not playing because of a bad knee. And one of our stars, Jackson, who was on the bench for quite a while in the first half because of fouls.

A lovely game to watch!

As to the health bill, what an eye opener! These Representatives were crazy on the floor of Congress. A disgrace! Reminded me of a bunch of kids!

Throw the bums out at the next election! All of them!

I supported the health bill. We need change and improvement in the health area. So this bill is not perfect. Neither was Social Security when passed. The bill/law will be amended many times over the years. Fine tuned is the word.

Lets move on to other issues that need adressing. Like jobs. And more jobs! And more jobs on top of those. And energy and immigration.

People are hurting. March madness has its place on the basketbaall court. Not on the floor of Congress.

Oh, I cheated last night!

On the way home after dinner at Lisa’s, I had a craving for something. I was not sure what.

I stopped at Publix. A mistake.

I bought a chunk of blue cheese and a carrot cake. Then went home and ate half of both!


Actually tasted good! And went down easily.

I fell asleep early and slept well.

Enjoy your day!