Harry Truman was chatting with friends on one of his post Presidency Key West trips. The discussion turned to fathers and whose was a success, ordinary, etc.

Truman’s Dad was not spectacular. A farmer and livestock dealer. Those partaking in the conversation into the less than successful category made it sound like Truman’s father John Anderson Truman was a part of that group.

Truman spoke up, “My father was not a failure. After all, he was the father of a President of the United States.”

A lot of money floating in in Keys’ off shore waters.

It has happened again. A small brick of a white powdery substance was found by lawn care workers monday on the 1500 block of Florida State Road 4A. It was floating in seaweed.

There is a followup to the cockfighting story I reported yesterday.

Luis Blanco had 310 roosters. All caged.

State Attorney Dennis Ward said he would seek the “stiffest penalty possible.” Jail time.

Luis Blanco was not the only member of his family involved in the cockfighting business. In the past 10 years, members of his family were arrested for organizing and hosting cock fights on the same property on Rockland Key where Luis was arrested.

A family business. Reminds me of moonshiners.

Cockfighting is pervasive in South Florida. Sheriff Ramsey refers to it as “a big lucrative industry .”

The drop in crime in Florida is impressive. Crime has dropped for the 50th record year.

Authorities say the drop has nothing to do with the pandemic.

Monroe County Sheriff Ramsey stated crime in Monroe County is down 50.2 percent in the last 5 years.

Life was different in William Hackley’s time back in 1856. On this day in 1856, Hackley wrote in his journal: “Drew up a bill of sale from Faina to A. Arron for a negro boy named Emanuel aged 4 years for $400.”

The filibuster is treated as a sacred cow. Not to be changed or eliminated. The skies would fall down on Congress were it done.

All bullshit.

The filibuster has been amended 161 times. Nothing sacred about something which has already been changed 161 times.

The high cost of groceries is a topic which often arises. By the people who push the carts and purchase the food.

If you think food is expensive now, watch for what is coming! All indications are the cost of groceries will be higher post pandemic.

This day in 1934 is historically referred to as “The Night of the Long Knives.”

Adolph Hitler feared some close to him had designs on his job. So he had them all killed. A “blood purge” of political and military rivals.

Donald Trump could be another Hitler in a similar regard. January 6 clear evidence. The insurrection, hang Pence, and kill Pelosi.

Yes, we live in strange times. Many forget history repeats itself. Another autocrat could appear on the scene. Not necessarily Trump, though it could be.

An editorial in the National Catholic Reporter yesterday addressed the Bishops’ Conference, Bishops themselves, the Catholic laity, the Catholic Church, and who in reality the Catholic Church belongs to.

The editorial indicated that the Bishops may lead, but the Church is not theirs. The editorial strongly advised against placing faith in the Bishops’ Conference.

The editorial without reservation described the Church as “a mess” and that which it proposed regarding politicians who support free choice being denied Communion part of “an ill advised scheme.”

Letters and e-mails received by the National Catholic Reporter were generally opposed to the Bishops’ position. Many described the Catholic Church as “an institution that has lost its way.”

The most important editorial comment was the “Church belongs to God” and the people. Not the Bishops.

Repeated because of its importance something that has been forgotten over the years: The Church belongs to God and the people.

Another doctor visit day. An appointment with heart Doctor McIvor to get the  results of the nuclear stress test taken 2 weeks ago.

Enjoy your day!



Cockfighting never totally goes away. There is always a fight somewhere around.

The “sport” is illegal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Illegal for spectators also, though only in 43 states and the District of Columbia.

Luis Blanco’s arrest yesterday prompted me to write about cockfighting as today’s lead topic. Luis is 54. A Key West resident. He also maintains a cockfighting operation on property owned by him on Rockland Key. A mere 5 miles north of Key West.

Though illegal, cockfighting can be found in the backwoods and mangroves. Blanco was breeding chickens to fight and holding fights at his Rockland Key property.

Cockfighting is referred to as a “blood sport” for obvious reasons. Whether winner or loser, the chickens bleed big time.

History tells us cockfighting is thought to be 6,000 years old. The first recorded mention of the sport is 1591 when Magellan discovered cockfighting in the Philippines.

The sport is popular among Latinos. Probably why there is always a cock breeding farm and game site in the Keys somewhere.

Blanco will probably do time. Cockfighting is frowned upon. His bail set at $50,000 suggests the seriousness of the charges.

Key West is part of Monroe County. Monroe County is home to all of the Keys.

It was reported thus past week that the highest property taxes in Florida are those in Monroe County.

It had to happen! Inevitable! A male who considers himself a female appeared in the female section of the Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

He was naked as were all the women. Some of the females were teenagers and children.

A woman customer saw him/her walking around naked with his “dick” slinging left and right. She shouted out, “He has a penis!”

The woman was upset.

The Spa refused to evict him. Spa management was aware he was a member of the LGBT community and considered him a woman also. The Spa felt it was duty bound to permit him use of the female section.

Surfside deaths now up to 11. One hundred fifty persons remain buried in the rubble. Search efforts continue. No one relenting in the search for survivors.

The $9 million repair work that might have prevented the collapse had a different number reported yesterday. The cost now estimated at $15 million.

Another interesting development. Thirty six hours before the building fell, a contractor was in the pool/lower area of the building. He was there with permission in order to prepare a bid for cosmetic restoration of the pool and the price of new equipment.

He observed cracks in the concrete, an exposed rebar, and a wet floor in the pool equipment room.

He took pictures. The photos telling. He gave the photos to the press. They were shown on the internet this morning.

I cannot agree with everything Blacks want. They forget certain things may require them to change rather than the white population.

Towson University recently conducted a symposium titled: “Antiracist Pedagogy Symposium.” Certain professors and students were of the opinion that what is considered proper grammar is racist. Racist because it perpetuated whiteness.

Those maintaining the view took the position that Blacks have their own way of talking and writing. The Black language referred to should be taught and used.

Blacks will probably see it differently. However, I have an opinion on the subject. To me what the blacks want is to be accepted into white society. They want to be white. The solution is simple. They should adopt “white methods.” It is the Blackswho  seek change, not the whites.

The arrogance, stupidity, stubbornness, etc. has to stop as it concerns being vaccinated against Covid-19. The proof is obvious. It has arrived.

Somewhere between 99 and 100 percent coronavirus deaths are now by those who were unvaccinated.

Speaks for itself! Stop being a “show off” and get vaccinated! Your life and the lives of others have value.

It also was reveled this past week that it appears there may be a “lasting immunity” for those who were vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna.

Unvaccinated…..Get vaccinated!

The Arizona audit is back in the news. New polling indicates independent voters oppose the controversial recounting of ballots by a wide margin. Overall taking into account the entire voting population, 1/2 oppose the recount effort.

Sean Noble is a top Arizona GOP operative. He says re the audit, “It’s a failure. It’s a joke.”

Another piece of news re the machines themselves being audited. Their has been concern the machines could not be used in any further elections. The present audit has misused, abused, moved, taken apart, etc. so accuracy cannot be depended upon.

Makes sense. The issue was raised about 2 months ago also. The problem was raised and explored. Same conclusion as to the sanctity of the machines. They could not be used again.

At the time, it was indicated the cost to replace the machines was $6 million.

Those who promoted the audit should be made to pay the$6 million. Not the taxpayers.

Tuesday again. Tonight at 9 my time, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me. Fun time/serious time. I rant and rave about what I feel good is happening and that which I consider bad.

A quick moving half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

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I was out on the town again last night. Dinner with Fran and Tom Dixon at one of Key West’s finest restaurants. I am intentionally not naming the restaurant.

The food and service outstanding! The best.

Prices likewise outstanding. Off the wall! Expensive beyond belief! Most entries $60.

I should have known. If hotel rooms, homes to purchase, and rental apartments are expensive, why not dining out food?

Everyone likes to make money. Bothers me the level charged is gluttonous. Key West is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

The restaurant had a good crowd. Several families with little children. How they could afford the bill, I cannot understand.

I read in one of the travel magazines a couple of weeks ago that Key West was the most expensive place to vacation in the U.S. What an achievement! Wondered then and wonder now whether such a distinction is a good one.

Many first timers may not visit Key West again. An equally fine vacation can be found in other places in Florida and the United States. Second homes equally as nice, if not better in many instances, available for purchase other than Key West. Rentals a joke. Working staff pay most of their salaries for rent. The result not uncommon to find 3-4 people sharing a 2 bedroom apartment.

Hotels and restaurants have staffing problems. Many left because of the pandemic. Many not returning because of the astronomical cost to live here.

When you call for a restaurant reservation and are told tables only available too early or too late, it is not because the restaurants are doing a bang up business. They do not have the staff to operate their businesses! Tables must intentionally be left empty.

I give it 2-3 years at the most. The gluttony will come to an end. The number of people coming will decrease dramatically. It is nature’s way of balancing things out.

Surfside a disaster. Only 9 persons found thus far. Each dead. One hundred fifty two still under the wreckage. No one knows if any are alive.

A national tragedy.

Beginning in 2018, there were two engineering reports. The first reported “major structural damage.” It was followed one month later by a report from another engineering group. This one directly to the condo board. Reported the building had serious problems.

In between somewhere, a third entity reported the building was “in very good shape.”

Heads are going to roll! Misfeasance, malfeasance, whatever. Accountability required. Absolutely no question in view of the reports involved.

Do not be surprised if along the way, investigation reveals “money may have changed hands” It has been reported the cost of repair prior to the building’s fall was in the area of $9 million.

College taught me how to think. To question, to challenge. Understandable. The purpose of a college education is for students to learn “how to think.” Note not “what” to think. But, “how.”

Leonard Petts on 6/25 in the Miami Herald wrote an excellent Opinion piece on the subject. His motivation as well as mine in writing this piece is how to think will not continue if Republicans like Florida’s Governor DeSantis have their way.

Last week, DeSantis signed a bill requiring the State’s public colleges and universities to survey students and faculty concerning “indoctrinating students.” DeSantis hinted those failing to show “intellectual diversity” would face budget cuts.

Petts suggests “today’s Republicans are terrified of educated, curious, open minds. You know, people who can think.”

DeSantis uses simple understanding terms. He makes people think the State will control what college kids learn. Not the faculties or the students themselves. Somewhat like Hitler did in the late 1930s.

DeSantis’ questionably activity came 2 weeks after he pushed to ban teaching of the “critical race theory.” The academic framework which “originated” with legal scholars over 40 years ago.

The purpose of what DeSantis and his cohorts are trying to do “is not further intellectual diversity, but to prevent it.”

Petts believes Conservatives find education dangerous.

Pew Research Center in a recent study found “the better educated tend to be liberals.” Their conclusion based on the premise that once a person learns to think, the less susceptible “thin reasoning and easy answers.”

Petts added “perpetual resentment” is on daily display. He wrote, “I mean is anyone overawed by the profundity of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene? How about Louie Gohmert? Or, even Ron DeSantis?”

An interesting line from Pett’s writing: Conservatives work “to make the world safe for ignorance.”

It was announced yesterday that the Trump corporation/business was going to be arrested this week.

Sounds strange, I know. However this is how it works.

The corporation is first arrested. Some time following, the officers. The officers can be arrested at the same time as the corporation. However, it appears prosecutors are only going to arrest the corporation first.

The Trump corporation in this instance is Trump, his children, son in law, other titled officers, and principals.

My gut feeling is the government needs more Michael Cohens. Which means the government may not have sufficient wrongdoers willing to “blow” some other “person or persons” in.

It comes as the officers sweat more, feel the noose tightening. Then it is a race to see who will talk first. Cooperation leads to no sentence or a shorter one.

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Read the famed movie actress Sophia Loren is 86. Since I am 9 days short of being 86, thought I would write about certain aspects of her life     .

Sophia is returning to the cinema after an 11 year absence. Excited.

The film a Netflix drama “The Life Ahead.” Sophia plays a Holocaust survivor who now befriends children of deceased sex workers with whom she once was a street walker also. She befriends 12 year old Mono, a Senegalese orphan.

The film is directed by Sophia’s son Edoardo Ponti.

Apparently this is Sophia Loren time for me. This past week I watched her interviewed on TV. The interview had to be at least 15 years ago. Her son Edoardo interviewed her.

Sophia’s love life was a part of the interview. She was in love with two men at the same time. Cary Grant and Carlo Ponti. She fell in love with Grant while making a movie with him.

Who to marry? Weighty. She opted for Ponti. Remained good friends with Grant, however.

Additional writings I reviewed prior to writing this portion of her life names Carlo as Edoardo’s father.

In the TV interview, it was intimated, suggested, Grant was Edoardo’s father. Sophia and Edoardo laughingly danced around the issue.

In a recent interview, Sophia said in spite of being 86 she felt 20.

I can understand. Mentally, I have remained 35. Sharp. My body however isn’t 35. It seems to be falling apart. The number of doctor visits and hospital tests attest to the fact.

No problem. Happy to be here, doing what I do. The cane no longer bothers me.

Sophia has her physical problems. In one of the articles I read, there was a picture of Sophia being pushed around in a wheel chair.

Such is life!

Florida Governor DeSantis is inept. Mentally deficient. Trump smarter.

DeSantis is sneaky also.

He recently signed a bill into law that bans “vaccine passports.” He made a big deal of it. No way was he going to impose the vaccine passport requirement on the people of Florida.

He failed to advise that another portion of the new law allowed the State to “use any means necessary to vaccinate” citizens. If the virus gets out of hand, the State can “force…..vaccinations” and such power is “immediately enforceable.”

Sort of hypocritical.

DeSantis “wants his cake and eat it too.” Which means he “can’t have it both ways.” A person cannot have the best of both worlds.

The Houston Hospital situation is interesting. The hospital told its employees they had to be vaccinated n order to continue employment. If not vaccinated, no job. They could not continue employment with the hospital.

Some 150 plus employees have sued in federal court  to have the hospital’s decision declared illegal.

Now comes the City of San Francisco. Thirty seven thousand employees. San Francisco has passed a “somewhat” similar determination.

A quirky decision.

The San Francisco ordinate or what ever it is called, requires workers to be vaccinated within 10 days of “final approval by the FDA” of a vaccine.

Thus far no vaccine has been “finally” approved. All vaccines permitted to be used are for “emergency” purposes.

Donald returned in a public appearance last night. Trump did a “rally” in Wellington, Ohio.

Trump ranted about items of which he disapproved.

One was the Biden administration embracing the critical race theory. He mocked “woke generals.”

Woke is defined as an alert to injustice in  a society, especially in the area of racism.

The military under Biden teaches now its members the history of racism in the U.S. Trump does not want it continued. Makes sense. Trump is a racist. No way should people be made aware of the evils of racism.

Trump told his admirers that the military will revolt if the teaching continues. He claims privates will refuse to follow orders of a general.

Trump slammed Biden repeatedly during his 90 minute speech. Throwing in lengthy asides that the 2020 election had been stolen.

A final theory espoused by Trump was that Biden was “squandering the hard earned respect the U.S. had earned on the world stage.” He claimed Biden and his people “were bowing to our enemies and embarrassing our country on the world stage.”

Dinner out tonight with Fran and Tom Dixon at Hot Tin Roof. A fun  evening guaranteed!

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I went 412 days in self-quarantine. Six weeks since. I have found it hard to go out. Interesting, since I was out almost every night before the self-quarantine.

My desires had changed. Watching a movie on TV became better than out on the town. I have only gone out about 6 times in the past 6 weeks.

Neither good nor healthy. Finally broke the glass ceiling last night.

Fran and Tom Dixon are in town. Buffalo residents. They visit about 4 times a year. Always stay at Ocean Key House. Tom owns a small piece of it.

The three of us have been friends more than 15 years. Good people, fun people.

We met at the Chart Room last night. By design. The first time we have been out together since before coronavirus. Game plan was the Chart Room and dinner afterwards.

It was yesterday! We sat and laughed for about 2 hours at the bar. I was with people I knew and liked!

They drank. I did not.

Time to eat arrived. We decided the Pier House. Tom went back to get a table. Returned and shocked me.

It was 7. Hostess told him no tables available till 9:30.

Tom walked across the street to Hot Tin Roof. He is obviously well known there. Ocean Keys’ gourmet restaurant. No table even for him. No table for anyone. They were taking no more reservations. Booked solid for the rest of the evening.

No problem. We laughed and enjoyed ourselves for another hour at the Chart Room. In the meantime, Tom made a reservation for sunday night at Hot Tin Roof.

On the way home, my stomach was churning. Stopped at 5 Guys for a cheeseburger. About 1 1/2 years since I had been in. The place was packed. A lot of families. I enjoyed my greasy cheeseburger and fries. Then home.

An observation. Last night was like season. Key West packed. Difficult to find a place to eat. The Chart Room wall to wall.

Why? The Dixons and I discussed the situation.

Two reasons.

The first is people have accumulated a few dollars staying in during the pandemic. They have not gone out. Europe difficult because of the virus. So they opt for Key West. The busiest vacation spot in the U.S. at the moment.

The second reason involves how expensive Key West has become. A national travel magazine mentioned two weeks ago that Key West was the most expensive place to vacation in the U.S.

People who have accumulated a few bucks want to tell their friends back home they spent a week in Key West. Then back it up with what their hotel room cost. Last night one of the leading Key West hotels’ cheapest room was $1,000. Most expensive, $2,500. Eighty seven percent occupied.

I kid you not.

Visitors have to be crazy to spend that kind of money for a room.

Restaurants the same way. Prices astronomical!

Note that Key West is into its slow season. Not this year!

The Surfside condo collapse last thursday scary. How does something like this happen in this day and age? The building  coming down reminded me of Twin Towers on 9/11.

So far 4 persons discovered dead. None alive. One hundred fifty nine still not found. Dead or alive!

An engineer said he reported in 2018 that there was a “major error” which dated back to the building’s origin. He said a lack of proper drainage on the pool deck had caused “major structural damage.” He thought that might be the reason the building fell.

Other engineers are guessing at the moment the concrete or metal piping inside the concrete had eroded and failed. I am confident that at some point the precise reason will be determined.

Rescue workers from around the world have arrived to assist. Dogs trained to sniff live humans walking about.

The pictures on TV show massive pieces of concrete that had fallen. How could anyone survive the falling concrete?

I am hopeful there will be survivors. Air pockets and small spaces are beneath the fallen slabs of concrete.

Another reason as to cause has entered my mind. Was the fall the result of a human act? Don’t laugh. Who ever thought 2 planes could be flown into the buildings on 9/11 and they would collapse?

If something can happen, it will happen.

Biden’s press appearance with several Republican Senators the other day on the White House driveway may not have been as intended. Biden the only one smiling. Everyone else poker faced. Even Joe Manchin.

Biden saying we have bipartisanship. No one else seeming to agree. None saying they agreed or denied it. No one smiling, other than Biden.

It is still a long road to getting an infrastructure bill to which everyone can agree.

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Privatization rarely works in the long run. Governmental agencies have discovered that all that glitters is not gold.

I read Key West is considering privatization. A bad idea. If Key West does, it will find there is no free lunch. My recommendation is the City leave well enough alone. A local department under the watchful eye of the Mayor and City Commission.

Chicago is a perfect example of how parking privatization can easily result in disaster. Chicago was attracted by the “immediate cash” generated for the municipality. It turned out to be pie in the sky. After several years, Chicago was denied parking meter cash flow for 62 years per the contract with the private company.

Public parking meter fees skyrocketed in Chicago. Key West cannot stand any higher parking fees. The fees constantly move up now.

What turns a municipality on re the privatization is the upfront payment to the city. Grandiose initially. Within a few years, it becomes evident the payment turns into an “expensive loan.”

Chicago entered into privatized parking in 2018. The private company paid Chicago $1.16 billion. Paid in one lump sum up front.

The company recovered from parking fees that amount in four years. The full $1.16 billion. Totally recovered in 2021.

The contract between Chicago and the private company still had 62 years remaining. Chicago will not enjoy the cash flow the 62 years would provide. It belongs to the private company.

Wherever the Delta variant strikes, it affects the most those not vaccinated. One or two percent have. They are not affected. The 98 percent unvaccinated are.

It is pure obstinacy that prevents those not yet vaccinated to find themselves easily susceptible to the virus.

I believe the reluctance to get vaccinated is based more on that pure obstinacy than anything else.

There is the Houston Hospital where a a large number of medical workers refused to be vaccinated. Mostly nurses. One hundred fifty three were fired or suspended tuesday for refusing to get vaccinated.

The hospital had earlier required its staff be vaccinated. One hundred seventeen and some others disagreed and took the case to  federal court.

The position of the 117 was that the claims re the drugs effectiveness elsewhere were exaggerated, the hospital staff were being used as “guinea pigs,” and to compel the vaccination was comparable to what occurred in Nazi concentration camps.

The federal judge disagreed and dismissed the nurses’ lawsuit. The nurses intend to appeal.

The Delta variant is causing great concern. And properly so. It recently doubled in 2 weeks from 9.9 percent to 20.8 percent.

The government expects the rate of increase to double again in two weeks. Delta is a more serious type COVID-19 and affects recovery more than the initial virus.

Scientists and doctors have discovered that those vaccinated are more protected than those not.

Weddings can be big and expensive. Note Key  West is a huge marriage market.

The pandemic affected the numbers. As everyone learned to work from home and use the computer, so has the wedding business. Such weddings are called “hybrid weddings.”

Zoom already being utilized to a large extent. Two results evident. Cheaper and more fun. Experts believe the hybrid wedding concept will grow.

The sky is falling on Rudy Giuliani.

For 2 years, I have been advising Giuliani and many of Trump’s lawyers were going to get in trouble with the way they were handling Trump’s cases. Lies, exaggerations, etc. I also warned such attorneys would be sanctioned.

Especially in federal court. Excuse the vernacular, you don’t screw around with a federal judge.

Giuliani did in a New York case. The judge has suspended Giuliani’s license to practice law. The suspension could turn into a disbarment.

The cases involved the multitude of false statements re election fraud that were easily proven to be lies.

Giuliani’s present predicament was inevitable. You cannot lie to a judge and get away with it.

Others may similarly be sanctioned or disbarred. Attorneys Sidney Powell And Mike Lindell. Both exaggerators and liars as Giuliani has been in the Trump fraudulent ballot cases.

Giuliani’s predicament is humorous and sad at the same time. His client President Donald Trump has not paid his bill. May never pay it. All that legal work and sticking his neck out have resulted in Giuliani earning in the end a suspension and possible disbarment. Plus a sanction.

Infrastructure success was demonstrated yesterday by Biden and a number of Republicans standing on the White House driveway advising that bipartisanship had been reached re infrastructure.

I recall no Democrats other than Biden standing there. The rest Republicans. With only Biden smiling.

I worry that the infrastructure bill when completed will fail. It definitely will not have total Republican support. Some progressive Democrats may also be against it.

A bill has been agreed to by Biden and a small number of Senators. Not a guarantee that all in both Chambers will vote for it. The details will be problem. They always are. Another consideration that could blow everything up.

There is much more than infrastructure involved. All having been a part of Biden’s’ initial proposal.

Biden, Schumer and Pelosi have stated that the balance of what the Democrats want and which was agreed to yesterday by the small group of Republicans will be a reconciliation bill which the Republicans will have to promise/guarantee they will not oppose.

McConnell has already said no way.

Getting laws passed in recent years is like pulling teeth.

I enjoy old movies. Those that came out in the late 1930s and early 1940s. One is an Errol Flynn western. He plays General George Custer.

Today is the anniversary of the battle of Big Horn where Custer and his men were all slain in 1876.

Sioux tribal leaders Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull lead 3,000 tribesmen against Custer’s 200 men. The battle was over in less than an hour. Custer and his men became a part of American history.

Enjoy your day!


Famed New York Times writer Nicholas Kristoff wrote a soul searching Opinion piece 6/23/21. Titled: The Biggest Threat to America Is America Itself.

Why would America be a threat to itself? Isn’t America the greatest nation on earth?

Kristoff believes America is not what it used to be. It has been sliding downward in many areas. Some of the reasons as Kristoff sees them. Each a sliding mediocrity.

The Greeks have higher high school graduation rates. Children live longer. Fifteen year olds in Russia, Poland, Latvia and many other countries are better at math. Twenty percent of American 15 year olds can’t read at levels expected of a 10 year old.

Kristoff believes the “greatest threat to the United States is less a surging China and a rogue Russia than our under performance at home.

The U.S. says “we’re Number 1.” Not true. In a recent study, the U.S. was ranked Number 28 in health, safety and well being.

The U.S. is not as good as it thinks with regard to women. Sliding backwards here also. The U.S. was one of only 3 countries out of 163 that has gone backward in well being over the last decade.

The U.S. has dropped economically as well over the past 10 years.

Kristoff wrote: “So it’s great that we again have a President respected by the world. But we are not ‘back!’ We must face the reality that our greatest vulnerability is not what other countries do to us but what we have done to ourselves. The United States cannot achieve it’s potential when so many Americans are falling short of theirs.”

Louie Gohmert is a Republican Congressman from Texas.


He describes January 6 as “mostly peaceful.”

I wonder what desk he was hiding under?

A comment in yesterday’s blog: “If election rules are fine as they are like Mitch says, than why are the GOP state legislatures rewriting them all?”

Elton John confirmed yesterday he will be doing “a big concert at Syracuse’s Carrier Dome on 9/10/22. The show is part of his final U.S. shows ever. Will still perform. However, not on the road again.

John refers to his final road show as his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road.”

Did the nuclear stress test yesterday morning. Took about 4 hours. I was totally exhausted the rest of the day. Cancelled an evening out with Fran and Tom Dixon. Rescheduled for tonight.

I am thoroughly beat at the moment. Worse than yesterday. When the blog is finished, I will be on the phone with Fran.

I have had a multitude of stress tests over the years. First on the tread mill. I was young then. Years ago was graduated to the nuclear stress test. Easier. You lie down and the doctor orders the nurse to shoot whatever the nuclear stuff is into your body. Within 10 seconds, your heart beats like hell. Just as if you were at the 12 or 13 minute mark on the tread mill.

The test went well. Dr. McIvor came in for the nuclear injection part. Always a doctor present for that moment. In case the patient blows up?

Three nurses. The boss nurse was Jo. She ran the room well. She moved me around well. I knew everything that was going to happen  before we were in a next phase.

I’m going to bed.

Just spoke with the doctor’s office. I am not supposed to be tired. Then why am I tired?

Enjoy your day!


A news report this morning suggests Elton John might be the opening concert at the newly remodeled Carrier Dome at Syracuse University.

There was another first. October 22, 1980. The Carrier Dome brand new. Frank Sinatra!

I had purchased a box at the new Carrier Dome. It was perfect for the concert. It was just off to the side of the stage.

The box seated 16. I invited my closet friends.

It was a night!

Last night an embarrassment for the U.S. There was a procedural vote to determine whether a debate should take place re the proposed election bill. The Republicans filibustered. The vote was negative. The Republicans who generally permit nothing were consistent.

Continued results as last night indicate clearly the U.S. is sliding into authoritarianism. I fear within 10 years a despot will be running this country.

Unless Democrats  stop being nice and start KICKING ASS. In every respect. Beginning with an end to the filibuster.

Congratulation to Joe Manchin for the bipartisanship reflected last night in the election vote.

Manchin belongs in the hills of West Virginia. He is better suited to making moonshine than deciding what is good or bad for the American people.

That is the blog for today. Another test. I have to be at the hospital at 7:30 for a nuclear stress test.

Enjoy your day!


What will be occurring today in Congress is comparable to the Olympics. Let the games begin!

Congressional battles to this point have been a warm up. Time now for the main events.

The last such games involved the pandemic financial packages. Biden had it right. Turned out to be a winner for the American people.

Big time legislation on the table again.

Two main events at the moment. Today the serious part. Other than the financial packages, anything before merely a warm up.

The election reform bill on tap first. The beginning of a multi-day event.

The Republicans expected to win today’s skirmish. Those supporting election reform will fall far short. Sort of a test vote. One called by Schumer to embarrass the Republicans. A procedural vote on the issue.

The second event is Manchin. A nobody in the Senate for 10 years. Now enjoying his 15 minutes in the sun. The man either stupid or misguided. Fighting for bipartisanship.

A joke! He will never succeed. The Republicans will defeat him big time. They are dancing with him at the moment. Killing time till there will not be sufficient time left to deal with issues where his yes vote was needed.

Manchin is incapable of seeing how he is being used. He will end up a laughing stock.

These two events would be exciting were it not that the country desperately needs what Manchin is preventing from happening.

The U.S. has become a sick nation. Screwed up.

Yahoo News reported on a recent Monmouth University poll concerning the number of people who still believe Biden stole the election. One third. One third being the same number that believed in November Biden had won by voter fraud.

Was it Lincoln who said a house divided cannot stand?

Today, a significant one in American history. On this day in 1944, President Roosevelt signed the GI Bill. Its technical name the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944.

The substance of the bill unprecedented. What came to Roosevelt for his signature was legislation designed to compensate returning members of the armed forces – G.I.s – for their efforts in World War II.

It provided assistance in 3 areas: Unemployment compensation, low interest home and business loans, and funding for education. The education portion the most important.

The GI Bill drove economic expansion that lasted 30 years.

It is impossible for such a bill to come before a President today. Can you see Republicans supporting it? All that money, opened ended, etc.

In 1944, Congressmen were respectful of each other. They were legislators! Today’s group on the Republican side are no better than hyenas. Dispute, disrupt, destroy their cry.

Woe are we!

Tonight sit in your favorite chair, lean back, and enjoy 30 minutes of Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Whether you agree with me or not. The show hard hitting.

Nine my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Good friends Tom and Fran are due to arrive today for a one week stay. From Buffalo. Wonderful people! I will not be able to be with them tonight because of the show. Tomorrow night yes!

Enjoy your day!


Jim Boeheim calls them as he sees them. Straight from the shoulder. The good, bad or indifferent can be depended upon.

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim will have a good offensive team if he says so. Even with months to go before the season begins.

The Coach did not mention how good his team would be defensively, however. Which means he does not know.

I believe any problems a Boeheim defense has is attributable to his fabled “zone defense” having been around too long. A killer for many seasons. Its age is showing.

He has used the zone defense so many years that opposing coaches are aware of its slight of foot moves. Makes it difficult on many occasions to present a formidable defense.

Boeheim does frequently make his teams rise to the occasion defensively. Hopefully, the season coming. A solid marriage between the offense and defense would make for a hell of a season.

Jon Rahm distinguished himself by his play in the U.S. Open. Especially with the long birdie putts he made on holes 17 and 18. He deserved to win.

Professional golf winning prize money is in ascendancy.  Especially the money for the top 2 players in the Open. Rahm’s first place finish awarded him $2,250,000. Louis Oosthuizen’s second place finish had him taking home $1,350,000.

An excellent pay day!

The most recent The Week Magazine had an interesting article re millennials titled: “Millennials: The Generation That Can’t Catch Up.”

The article noted millennials have begun entering their 40s. Without much to show for it!

Millennials are those born 1981-1999. They are “doing worse than the generations that came before them.”

Home ownership an example. Millennials are at 61 percent, whereas baby boomers 66 percent.

The reasons obvious.

Millennials have fallen behind in terms of income and wealth. The 2008 financial crisis partially the blame. Millennials were just starting their careers. Jobs were significantly fewer. Good paying jobs even less.

The financial situation being faced caused many to put off having children, buying a house, getting married, investing in a car.


The Western Conservative Summit was held this weekend. A Presidential straw poll was taken as to who should be the Republican candidate in 2024.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis came in first. A disgrace. The worst Governor Florida has ever had. He has been dressed up this past year to look like a star rising on the horizon.

A close second was Donald Trump. First time Trump has come in second in one of the polls. Generally, the situation is reversed. Trump first, DeSantis second. DeSantis has already let it be known that in the even the candidate is Trump, he would be happy to be #2 on the ticket.

Weekend mass shootings have become common place in the U.S. There were 10 this weekend. Seven were killed, more than 40 injured.

When will it stop?

The U.S. Bishops’ Conference concluded this weekend.

The President of the group is Los Angeles Archbishop Joe Gomex. Reports have it the Archbishop had difficulty controlling the Conference. He has been President for 20 years. Many believe Gomez has reached the point where he lacks the ability to lead.

The National Catholic Reporter’s political columnist Michael Sean Winters had much to write about the Conference. He described it “outrageous.” Bishops were openly questioning each other’s motives.

The #1 issue was “Eucharistic Communion.” Winters’ personal observations were the Conference was in “shambles…..lacking in leadership.”

The issue still is and will continue to be “Eucharistic Communion,” with the assault being primarily directed at President Biden.

Someone in a recent Comment asked where was Diane Millikan? She had not been heard from in quite a while.

Diane is alive and well. I have heard from her more than once in the past 6 months. She has written to me on my personal e-mail.

I suspect Diane’s “disappearance” is she no longer rents space in Key West and her uncertainty whether she will ever return.

The last e-mail I received from Diane was right after the blog where I mentioned Sahara sands. Diane was in Haiti recently. While there, a strong wind blew over. When it passed, her car was covered in sand. A native told her the sands were “sands from Africa.”

I am not sure how many if any are aware Diane is a world traveler. Always on the move.

The heat/humidity is heavy in Key West. As it is in many part of the U.S. June is not Key West’s heavy humidity season. Such is with us in August and September.

June heavy humidity another climate change quirk?

Enjoy your day!