This is the big day! Rather, evening! It’s Halloween!

It is the night before the Christian holy day of All Saints Day.

In days of old, hallows was an interchangeable word with saints. They meant the same. Today was called All Hallow’s Eve. Over time, All Hallow’s Eve became shortened to Halloween.

Halloween’s beginnings are clouded. There is no certainty as to time and where. Many different stories. Suffice to say, Halloween has both Pagan and Christian roots. Its date of beginning covers centuries.

When I was young, my father walked with me as I went door to door tricking or treating. I did the same with my four children. I used to  stand in the shadows on the street as they went to the doors.

Lisa does the same with Robert and Ally. I generally join them. Not tonight. Bocce.

I worry when driving Halloween night. Key West children are all over the place. In the roads, also. Lighting is not the best in  Key West nor Key Haven where I live. Caution is the order of the day.

Great baseball game last night! I rarely watch baseball. I did last night. Glad I did. I was particularly impressed with the third or fourth inning where Boston got all those runs. I felt bad for St. Louis. Even with 2 out, Boston kept getting hits. St. Louis had to be saying mentally…..guys, stop…..get it over with!

My day out consisted of a trip to the bank. An exciting day.

I spent time preparing for my TV/internet show  tomorrow. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. A ton of topics. The problem this week is selection. So much has happened.

I plan on stressing poverty a bit. I feel its is exploding in our country. Plus, some NSA observations including bugging the new Pope, General Motor’s continued screwing of the American public, an example of why Golf Channel analyst Brande Chamblee is an ass, additional shocking examples of governmental waste, and more.

The show is 10 in the morning my time. Airs on television Key West through Boca Raton on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Airs on the internet worldwide.

Also You Tubed in case you miss the show.

I bought a printer at Office Max more than a year ago. A fancy one with all of the buttons. I should have purchased the cheap one. I have never been able to make it work. Nor has Sloan nor anyone else I asked to help.

I went to a pro yesterday. A nerd. Within minutes the machine was operational. Amazing!

I have been dieting again. The story of my life. Up and down for 50 years. I know, not healthy.

I started a different type diet this time. I am just cutting back. Eating little. Around 1,000 calories a day. Walking, also. Though still not as much as I should.

I feel like a good boy. I have lost 10 pounds in 16 days.

Enjoy your day!



My Tuesday nights have become stay at home ones. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is aired tuesday evenings at 9. My blog talk radio show. I do the show from home. Actually, the kitchen table. Headset and all.

I do not mind missing a night out on the town. I derive great pleasure from doing the show.

I spent some time last night discussing poverty. The 99 per cent are on  a fast road downhill. Not a good situation. The stats are shocking. Like 1.2 million public school students are homeless. Can you imagine going to school from a “home” under the bridge, in the woods, or an abandoned car. Consider also that the U.S. is purported to be the wealthiest nation in the world. If so, why is one out of every four children enrolled in the food stamp program?

Snuck off for a little Louis time during the day. Went to Fort Zachery Taylor. The most beautiful beach in Key West.

I tried to find Peter. He spends his days there. Could not. He might have taken yesterday off.

The water always clear. The views spectacular. Especially of the boats coming in and out of the channel. All sizes, including the big cruise ships

Did a bit of research on gender inequality. An interesting topic. If I decide at some point to do a column on the issue, it will take considerably more research.

I did learn a few things from my brief perusal. Women have always been considered second class citizens. Religion one of the reasons. Another is insecure men who try to keep women in their place, so to speak. Whereas, a real man would not.

The thrust of the research again was that women are basically inferior to men.

These thoughts are the same ones that have existed since the beginning of time. Inroads have been made. However Congress is a perfect example of why women have such a hard time being equated with men. The thinking of the males in Congress is the same that has permeated society for thousands of years. Even before the birth of Christ.

The Key West Citizen carried an interesting article this morning. A small airline is planning to open direct flights between Key West and Havana on November 15. Some approvals are still required. Can you imagine, a weekend in Havana!

Key West loves Harry Truman. No question. Key West was his vacation home during and after his Presidency.

I learned something about the President I never knew. It bothers me that I did not know. I read the Pulitzer Prize winning 1,000 page plus book written about ten years ago. A Harry Truman biography.

What I do not recall having known: Truman was the least formally educated President in history. His education consisted of nine years of schooling.

Sometimes it is not all in the books. Truman made some of the heaviest decisions ever confronting a President. Like should the atomic bomb be dropped on Japan. His life is proof that it is not all in the books.

Enjoy your day!




I had a busy day yesterday.

Spent time completing the editing of the manuscript. Including the cover. Love the cover! Then delivered the materials to the publisher.

Spent some time at the bank.

Ran some errands.

It was 5 when I arrived at Don’s Place. It was there I met David and Sue. Visiting from a small community just outside London.

David is Erika’s uncle. Don and Key West’s David had taken the couple to play golf. They were just returning when I arrived.

I was introduced to David and Sue immediately. Nice people. In their 60s. As our conversation developed, I noticed Sue was a spunky lady. Good for her, I thought.

I referred to she and David as husband and wife. We are not married, she retorted. With emphasis. As the conversation developed, she let me know that they had met last September on line. Good for her, again.

An interesting couple.

Hershel was there, also. Erika was still at work. Claire, Stan, Jimmy, and Toni at the bar.

Teresa is a friend of my across the water neighbor Andrew. Andrew is the fellow who owns the MTV house. Teresa decided to move to the keys. She stopped her trip down in Marathon. Why, I do not know. There is nothing in Marathon. Key West is the place. Everywhere else in the keys lovely, but mundane.

Marathon is 45 miles north of Key West.

She has decided she wants to settle in Key West. She spent all day yesterday up and down Duval and other places looking for work, handing out resumes, etc. I admire her effort.

I ended up having a drink at the Chart Room with Teresa and Jean. Yes, Jean Thornton is back! Key West is a better placed when she is here.

Peter later joined us.

Che was in. We see each other seldom. I refer to him as a Cuban rebel. Actually, Che is a transplanted New York City Jew. Where he picked up the name Che, I do not know.

On the way home, I stopped at Publix. The cupboard bare again.

I was home in bed by 8. I lead an exciting life!

My radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Blog talk radio. On the internet. Nine in the evening. One half hour. I talk bout whatever moves me at the moment.

Tonight, I suspect I will be discussing what a lousy job it must be to be President. One headache after another. Plus, the Secret Service Service, the Venezuelan Ministry of Supreme Happiness (I kid you not!), Saudi women who defied the driving ban, the intelligence fiasco, and I do not know what else. I probably will not have time to hit all of that which I would like to discuss.

Join me. The show is interesting and many times revealing.

Enjoy your day!






Yesterday was a for real Sunday at home. Never left the property.

I was busy writing all day. I appreciate it has become an integral part of my life. Some days too much, however. Yesterday was one of them.

I researched and wrote from 6:30 in the morning till 4:30 in the afternoon. Two spots. My kitchen counter and in the shade of the tiki hut on the deck.

Started with the blog. Then I had to get out next week’s column for KONK Life. It was due. I did not have a topic. A couple of things interested me. One was Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel. A hard ass from my perspective. I figured out why. One reason at least. She grew up in East Germany.  The Communist side of Germany at the time. Her formative years have to be affecting how she handles things today.

I decided not to go with Merkel. Saved her for another day.

What tickled my interest was the announcement that friday, Venezuela’s President Maduro announced a new Cabinet ministry. The Ministry of Supreme Happiness. I kid you not. That is its name.

Things are bad in Venezuela. People cannot even buy toilet paper. How much worse can it get?

I wrote the KONK column about  Venezuela’s new ministry. Although President Maduro views it as serious and important, I see it as a joke. My article details why.

After the KONK column, I continued revising the manuscript of The World Upside Down.

By 4:30, I was dead. I must have been. Jenna and I were going to have dinner together. The bar at the Mariott Beachside. I telephoned her and begged off.

I had to be tired to give up an evening with Jenna!

I have to readjust my schedule. Go back to the old one. Go out every night and for a few hours in the afternoon.

Enjoy your day!




No, I did not get way laid at one of those super sexy Fantasy Fest parties!

No blog for two days because some one was trying to hack my personal computer. Had to have it cleaned up. Everything ok now. I caught it in time and did not contaminate anyone. My back up computer (20 years old) refused to type consecutive words as typed. Ends of sentences would all of a sudden be at the beginning.

I could have run to Lisa’s or used anyone else’s computer. However, the computer breakdowns seem to have coincided with a Louis break down. For the past couple of days, I have been tired. Really tired. Bed was the only attraction for me.

I feel alright this morning and hope that whatever was bugging me is gone.

Whether I was actually present is immaterial in describing some of the highlights of this year’s Fantasy Fest. I have seen so many, I know them by heart.

To me, the Toga Party on Thursday night at Sloppy Joe’s and in front on the street is the best! Naked breast time and whatever else. It’s a barter system. The ladies show their privates in exchange for beads. Each woman wants to end up with the most beads. So… me your breasts and I will give you a string of beads…..ok!

The interesting aspect of this scenario is that most of the women are middle aged and older. Out of towners. Many from the mid west. Places like Indiana and Iowa. Church goers, school teachers, community leaders, mothers, grandmothers. They visit Key West with their husbands this one week a year and do what they would never think of doing at home. They take off their clothes!

Especially to show their breasts. And  proud to do so. You can see it in their expressions. Even the husbands are beaming. The breasts are not all perky 34-Cs. Some are quite large and drooping. Such is not important. It is the excitement of being a bit risqué in a far away place.

Friday afternoon was Masquerade March time. Tourists and locals join together. Costumed, of course. A lot people. In the thousands. They march from the cemetery to Duval. It got so big several years ago that an extra route had to be added.

I have never done the Masquerade March. However, I have viewed it many times from a friend’s porch on Fleming Street. There are parties going on all over the routes of people observing and drinking. And cheering the marchers on.

The Masquerade March has been ongoing for more than 30 years.

The parade Saturday night was a big deal. Always.  A grand marshal, 50 plus floats, and 60,000-70,000 people watching. The floats loaded with scantily attired ladies. The floats throwing out beads to the viewers. Beads are everything! Yelling and screaming. Hands raised overhead to catch the beads.

I always wonder where the 60,000-70,000 people sleep. There are not that many beds between Key West and Key Largo. I suspect the beaches are full.

The grand marshal this year was Diana Nyad. The lady who recently swam from Cuba to Key West. A big deal in itself.

Diana has become a sort of folk hero already to Key Westers. The town has adopted her with open arms and she has done the same in return. Lisa and family were there to greet Diana when she landed on Smather’s Beach a month ago. Robert and Ally found the experience exciting. Both are serious swimmers.

Yesterday afternoon prior to the parade, Lisa took Robert and Ally to the Tropic Cinema to see Diana. The grandkids were thrilled. Even had their pictures taken with her.

In spite of my dragging ass, I did do my TV/internet show friday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Based on subsequent conversations and emails, Social Security and the U.S. now being the biggest oil exporter world wide were the topics which garnered the most interest.

I keep hitting on the Social Security topic. Most people are unaware that the government has legally stolen $2.7 trillion dollars from Social Security and never paid it back. Social Security is the biggest creditor of the U.S. Not China or Japan.

Social Security is not broke. The U.S. is broke.

Angela Merkel continues to worry me. The woman is dangerous! An opportunist!

Merkel has known for several months that the U.S. was bugging German telephones and emails. She laughed it off each time the issue came up. Now she discovers that her cell phone was bugged. She is upset.

I think it is a too late phony reaction. What I perceive it to be is a reaction to the world perhaps now viewing the U.S. as a weakening power. The recent government shutdown being a major cause. If we cannot govern ourselves, how can we govern/guide the rest of the word.

So Merkel took the opportunity to take a shot at us. She is sending the German intelligence team over to talk with the U.S. Humiliating. The problem should have been taken care of behind closed doors.

I cannot really blame Merkel for taking advantage. I blame those who gave us the shut down debacle. Those who care little or not for the US.’s image. They are too wound up in their selfish ideological interests.

Syracuse did not play yesterday. Fortunately. They needed the extra week to recover from last week’s 55-0 beating. Hopefully, the remainder of the season will be better. I am a die hard fan. I have not been able to stop bleeding orange.

Enjoy your sunday!





A part of yesterday was dog day. Good dog day!

It started in the morning when I visited Lisa. Jake was barking like hell at me before I even came in the door. Two minutes later he was lying snuggled against me on the couch sleeping.

Fantasy Fest has something for pets. A Pet Masquerade and Parade. At dinner time. At the Casa Marina. I went. Have done so in previous years, also. Mostly dogs. All pets in costume. Well behaved. Something to see. Proud owners, also. Obvious from the smiles on their faces.

Then it was off to Sunset Pier for the Original Homemade Bikini Contest. A mob scene. Lovelies all over the place in their scanty home made bathing outfits.

I remember the first Homemade Bikini Contest. It was held some 15 years ago upstairs at Hogs Breath. A commemorative event. I was there.

I spent the afternoon re-editing my book manuscript. The World Upside Down. A series of essays. Publication slated for sometime in November. So much to do. I don’t know how we are going to make it.

Tonight is my favorite night of Fantasy Fest. Toga Party! In the street in front of Sloppy Joe’s. I go to look.  Some ladies exhibit it all in exchange for beads.

Enjoy your day!


I  am excited! I feel like a little boy who just received a new toy!

I frequently mention the books I am writing. One completed manuscript went to an interested publisher several weeks ago. This morning I received two emails from the publisher.  One with a draft of the manuscript laid out, etc. The other with suggested covers.

Publication is aimed for sometime in November. Apparently in time for the Christmas market.

Even more exciting is the manner of publication. The book initially was only going to be available via the internet. I have been advised the book will also be published soft cover. Wowie!

The title is The World Upside Down. A series of essays by Key West Lou.

I have been writing a column for KONK Life for four years. Over two hundred  articles. The book is a compilation of 30 of the articles. Most regarding present day and historical happenings. Each revealing and opinionated.

Last night was my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I rarely go out tuesday evenings because of the show. I make myself a light supper and watch TV before the show begins. A few times I have fallen asleep. I wake with 5-10 minuites to go to showtime. I really have to move  my ass at that point.

Because of the show, I never made it to Fantasy Fest.

Two topics discussed on the show involved school shootings and the theft of Social Security. Re the school shootings, were you aware there is one every eleven days? A sad commentary on our society.

Enjoy your day!





Without a doubt, Fantasy Fest has arrived! In all its naked glory! That is how I know!

Today’s discourse will be limited to last night at the Chart Room and a brief walk down Duval thereafter. Any more would be too much to relate.

I arrived at the Chart Room just after 5. About four people there. Tourists. They had ridden bikes in the Zombie Ride the day before. The Zombie Ride celebrates its third year as part of Fantasy Fest. It originally was conceived for locals. To give Key Westers something to do on Sunday before the avalanche of Fantasy Fest guests arrived.

Somehow, and properly so, the tourists have discovered the Zombie Ride. Over 4,000 bicycle riders participated in a ride through Old Town and along Duval. Bikes decorated in scary type zombie taste. Most bikers stopped frequently along the route to indulge.

The four in the Chart Room had participated. They were thrilled with the event!

Merri was bartending. She was a guru re the Zombie ride. Knew its brief history and some strange stories attached to the ride.

Merri told me the Pier House was sold out. For the week! I have a sense that this is going to be one of the best Fantasy Fests for the merchants in many a year.

Two couples came in from the pool. In their bathing suits. Middle aged. Happy as hell! One said they were drinking their way back to their room.

Peter arrived. He has been doing Fantasy Fest for more than twenty five years. Not this year. He is off to Melbourne this week to visit a lady friend. Preferred the quiet, he said.

A Princess of the Chart Room arrived. Charlotte! With  boy friend Skip. This is the second time in weeks they have  visited. Charlotte said it is here fourth trip this year and plans on making another one in December. She and Skip are from the Carolinas.

They are into Fantasy Fest. Participated in the Zombie Ride the day before.  Charlotte had a 2 x 1.5 inch spider web tattooed above her breasts. I did not recall ever having seen it. It was a temporary one. She had it put on for the Zombie Ride the day before.

Sheila arrived. Freshly returned from her vacation in Cancun. Looked rested, looked terrific. Not staying long. She is off in a day or two to visit her girl friend Sandy in Houston. Sheila is another Key Wester escaping Fantasy Fest week. Same as Peter. Must be something in the air.

Jean and husband Joe arrived. Jean is the Key West’s Golden Girl! She discovered gold while diving with Mel Fisher. Changed her life.

The Chart Room was now packed. People were moving about as if at a cocktail party. Charlotte returned to chat.

Charlotte told me she and Skip were going to a kink party later in the evening. Kink? What do you mean kink? A BD/SM party. At Dirty Harry’s. An appropriate name.

Charlotte was chatting with Peter and me at the time. She told us her costume would fit in her clutched fist. That small. She then showed us a picture of her in the costume on her cell phone. She would not need to use her entire fist. Wow!

I am constantly surprised by things people do. I am still on Charlotte. It is not the BD/SM party I am referring to. It is what she did the weekend of October 12 and 13. Charlotte ran in 2 marathons back to back on consecutive days. 26.2 miles each time. The first was in Hartford, Connecticut, the second in Newport, Rhode Island. She told me it takes her about five hours. However, the Newport one took an extra half hour because she was tired from the day before.

All this transpired in 1.5 hours.

I decided to walk Duval a bit. Only three blocks. To the Bull and Whistle and back.

I saw a few topless ladies on the way to the Bull. I saw many more on the return trip. I guess good viewing and  timing go hand in hand.

The women were of all ages. From the early 20s into the 50s. Breasts spray painted, of course. All happy and giddy. And proud!

The return trip also revealed several couples obviously dressed for the BD/SM party. Women for this type event appear to wear generally less clothing and next to none. A couple of pasties on the breasts and a g string covering on the lower front.

I enjoyed it all!

By Saturday, there will be hundreds,  if not thousands, of women walking around bare chested.

Tonight is my blog talk radio show. I hope I can keep my mind on it. Only joking.

Nine o’clock. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

I will be talking about the computer glitch involving Obamacare, the U.S. spying too much, governmental waste, and I do not know what else at the moment. Join me. You will enjoy.

Maybe I will chat briefly about Fantasy Fest.

Enjoy your day!




A couple of random thoughts to begin.

The weather continues to be outstanding. I cannot recall a Fall season so consistently good.

Venezuela continues to have a toilet paper shortage. A serious problem. I have written about and discussed it on my TV and radio shows several times. A CARE program is needed.

I consider Wuthering Heights one of the great love stories of all time. The book and also the 1939 movie starring Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon. It comes to mind because I watched the movie again late yesterday afternoon on Turner Movie Classics.

Emily Bronte wrote the book. It was published in 1847. She died one year later at the age of 30. Wuthering Heights was the only  book she  wrote.

Heathcliff’s “Cathy, Cathy” as he spoke to his love on her death bed memorable. Heart wrenching. The Yorkshire moors soul touching as the dead lovers take their final walk among the heathers.

Emily had a sister Charlotte. Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre. A talented family.

You are already aware of my 7 am visit to Publix yesterday morning. An experience of sorts. Try it some time.

I enjoyed the diet foods I purchased as part of my breakfast. Followed the dining experience immediately with writing yesterday’s blog. Then leaned back and enjoyed the Sunday newspapers.

I spent several hours yesterday completing the research for this week’s KONK Life column. It is the true story of how our government has legally stolen $2.7 trillion from the Social Security Trust Fund. Intended never to be paid back. Secured by simple IOUs, not legal notes. Such is the reason Social Security will be in trouble 20 years down the road.

A shame! Our money was legally stolen and now the cry is benefits have to be cut. Bullshit! The government should start paying the money back!

Key West is  into Fantasy Fest. Started last Friday. Ends next Sunday. Things will start warming up this evening. By Thursday, they will be boiling over. The parade Saturday evening is the event of events.

Key Westers are aware what happens each evening. Many readers are not from Key West. Many from foreign countries. I would like to share each day’s events as we stumble through the week.

Today, the costumed Hero and Villains 5K Run/Walk. Womankind will hold a Decorated Bra Auction. There will be a Sunset Luau and Pig Roast at the Reach. A burlesque musical is scheduled for the Waterfront Theater.

A mild evening. As the week progresses, there is more and more. In addition to the scheduled events, people will be walking up and down Duval costumed. Some well covered. Others, scantily. The scantily can be very scanty.

Whatever, everyone having a good time.

Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine in the evening.

What will I be talking about? I am not sure at this point. So many things happen on a daily basis. I have found the topics to be discussed formalize themselves in my mind about two hours before the show. Whatever I decide to talk about, I guarantee it will be interesting. Please join me.

Enjoy your day!