Happy birthday Lisa!

It is my baby’s birthday. The last born. A joy in my life.

The crocodile off Smathers Beach bothers me. Actually, scares me. I fear someone is going to be bit or worse. State wildlife authorities apparently do not share my concern.

Crocodiles are an endangered species. State officials should capture the beast and remove it from our waters. Key West Citizen photos show the croc floating along the beach shore.

State officials refer to the crocodile as a juvenile. Only three feet long. Looks a hell of a lot bigger in the pics. State officials tell us adult crocodiles are meat eaters. Juveniles, not. However, we are warned to keep our distance.

We are also told the croc will move on after several days. It has already been here several days!

Arrogance, laziness, and stupidity best describe the action of state officials in this matter.

This is my pick on government morning.

The Congressional subcommittee questioning Cecile Richards yesterday a disgrace. The Republican members. A kangaroo court. Richards the President of Planned Parenthood.

I was ashamed of my government for its conduct.

I am against what planned Parenthood has done re the sale of fetal tissue and body parts. For profit, I suspect. Never the less, Richards was entitled to respect. Not being bullied.

Somewhere along the line Congress has forgotten what governing was meant to be, how to govern.

I spoke concerning the subcommittee’s conduct on my blog talk radio show last night.

Yes, I am on a soap box this morning!

George Will’s turn.

His column regarding Pope Francis is carried in this morning’s Key West Citizen. Disgraceful! He wrote extremely disparagingly about Pope Francis. I have never read anything by him assaulting Putin or Assad in a similar fashion.

Why is the Republican right/conservative element so fearful of this 78 year old man of God? He speaks the truth.

Is it because he speaks for the 99 percent and not the 1 percent?

Trump’s tax plan. If it does not scuttle his candidacy, I don’t know what will.

I have an early airport run shortly. I have happily become the neighborhood taxi service.

Enjoy your day!


For several years, I enjoyed dinner 1-2 times a week at La Trattoria. The one on Duval. Generally at the bar. Enjoyed Kathy and Erin and the many locals who dined there. Then, I stopped going. Parking the reason.

Parking is a pain in Key West. I used to park behind Antonia’s. The City decided to build a new city hall, fire station and parking lot. Gone was my parking place mid-Duval! Gone was my time at La Trattoria and other places mid-Duval.

The construction took 3 years.

The new parking lot is open. I have yet to adjust my routine, however. To get back to La Trattoria and other places in the area.

Last night, dinner at La Trattoria. Not the one on Duval. The one on the Atlantic Ocean/Southern Boulevard. I was driving by and decided to stop. The only other time I had been there was when the location opened about 5 years ago.

The food was excellent! Same as La Trattoria on Duval. A pleasant atmosphere. Quiet bar. Three people. A big TV. I can see my stopping by for dinner at the bar on occasion.

And, I will get back to the La Trattoria on Duval!

My yesterday started with the anti-gravity treadmill. A wonder! Terrific machine!

Cupboard bare again. Stopped at Publix. They are renovating. Make it as lovely as they wish. However, stop moving things around. Not all products are where they were. Confusing till I get it down.

Researched material for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 my time for some interesting commentary. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics include the deceptive method by which the unemployment rate is arrived at, Australia and vaccinations, interesting facts re Pope Francis, the American worker earning less today than 40 years ago, subliminal messages and movies, Chinese troops heading to Syria?, and more.

Then a nap. I was tired from the treadmill in the morning.

Filled the gas tank 2 days ago. First time in years the cost was under $30. Twenty nine dollars and change. The band played!

The cost $2.45 a gallon. That was two days ago. Yesterday, I noticed the price had risen ten cents to $2.55 a gallon.

I can remember buying gas when I first started to drive. Cost $.17 a gallon. For real! The attendant pumped the gas and washed your windows.

Price and service gone forever!

Enjoy your day!



Front page picture in this morning’s Key West Citizen is a crocodile sunning on a boulder off Smathers Beach. The crocodile was described as a juvenile. Looked pretty big to me. Ominous.

In my years in Key West, I am not aware of a crocodile sighting. Maybe 1 or 2 up the keys. Crocs are not common  to our area. Iguanas, one python, vultures, mosquitoes, cats and dogs. But, no crocodiles!

I hope something can be done about this crocodile. Many swim Smathers Beach waters as well as those of nearby Higgs Beach. The Citizen’s short news report indicated the crocodile had been viewed off Smathers for a few days before the photo was taken. Was the public warned?

The humorous/sad part of this story is that crocodiles are a protected species. I assume that protection  does not extend to the authorities doing something about the crocodile.

I went to Church yesterday morning. Unity Congregational. To show honor and respect to my friend Rick Boettger. Rick announced several weeks ago in KONK Life that his time on earth is limited. Prostrate cancer.

Rick reflected on his life. Touching.

Rick’s wife Cynthia sitting in the front row. Afterwards, we exchanged a hug and kiss. Rick and I hugged, also.

Rick is an intellectual of sorts. He expressed an interest in our sitting down together  to discuss world problems and solutions. I believe such a meeting will take place soon. We did a similar get together several months ago on the rear deck at Rick’s home. Cynthia and Pru Sowers present. With drinks in hand, the world was a better place by the time we finished our talk.

Wrote this week’s KONK Life column in the afternoon. Young Man To Pope. Unusual human events in Pope Francis’ life that contributed to the man we have come to know today. Events that helped mold Francis into the person he is.

Watched the end of the golf tournament and race to the FedEx Cup. Jordan Spieth impressive. Twenty two years old. He won $22 million this year.

Sunday night for me has been Roostica. The special is spaghetti with meatballs, sausage and pork. Like my grandmother made.

When I left home, it was not raining. Roosstica is 2 miles from my home. At the end of one mile, it started pouring. By the time I got to Roostica, the rain was extremely heavy. Limited vision.

I sensed the rain was not going to end shortly. I did not want to run the ten feet to Roostica from where my car was parked. I would have been drenched!

I turned around and drove to the Marriott’s Tavern ‘n Town. The Marriott’s parking garage is covered. The lobby a door away. No rain cascading down on me.

Yesterday’s Citizen carried the bocce listings. Our team is tied with another for second place. Our records 13-2. The number one team is 14-1. A great year so far!

Enjoy your day!




My yesterday was too busy. All screwed up. Never got to do what I wanted my way.

My plan was to watch the Syracuse/LSU game and research this week’s KONK Life column. I got to watch half the game. Had to move my ass to get the research done.

Let me explain.

I have a new TV. Comcast said I needed a new box. An updated one. Mine was ancient. I had to return my old box and modem and get a new box. Modem part of box now. I went to Comcast with both items in tow at 10 am. Comcast opens at 10.

I expected a miserable Comcast staff. Comcast is not customer friendly. I was shocked. Comcast rep Liana could not have been nicer. She explained everything to me in detail 2-3 times. I do not absorb mechanical info easily.

Thank you, Liana.

Rushed over to Tammy for a 10:30 manicure. Tammy always good company. Lovely in appearance. If I were 50 years younger and she unmarried, I would be chasing after her.

Then home to watch Syracuse/LSU at noon. Leave me alone! I wanted to enjoy the game!

It was not to me.

The exterminator showed up. Fifteen hours late. He spent two hours doing what he had to do and constantly interrupting me with questions, see this, etc.

While this was going on, Tim Reynolds showed up. He was going to hook up the new TV. He wanted to talk.

I was ready to yell screw everybody, screw everything! I want to watch the game!

I only got to watch the first half. Syracuse has a team. Proved it yesterday in spite of losing 34-24. A couple of missed touchdowns at the end of the first half might have resulted in a Syracuse win.

After many years, I was proud of a Syracuse football team. A once again moment.

The flies are gone. Maggot flies from the dead rat. Ugh! The exterminator knew exactly what to do.

I had a couple of hours to kill after everything settled down. Time to research this week’s column. I decided to write something about Pope Francis. Something off the beaten track.

The column yet to be written will be titled Man To Pope. The history of Francis’ transition from man to Pope. The odd ball human things in his younger life that molded the man we saw this past week. Like his three love affairs. The third and last while he was in the seminary. Also, his bouncer job in a night club while working on his graduate chemistry degree.

It is starting to thunder and lightening. Going to storm!

Dinner last night at Latitudes. I had one drink too many. Required after my day.

What can I say about Latitudes. Fine food, fine presentation and perfect service. Manager Susan visited a while. Met Olga the reservations person in person. Our previous relationship had been via phone. Olga is a tiny lovely young lady of French extraction. Met another staffer named Andrea.

Everyone attentive to make sure the evening was no less than perfect.

I like Rick Boettger. Unfortunately, we only became friends this past year. Rick used to write for KONK Life also.

Rick wrote his last KONK Life column three weeks ago. Wrote he was going to die. Cancer had gotten the best of him. No one knew.

This morning at 11 at United Spiritual Center, Rick is going to speak to his friends for the last time. I will be there. In church, to listen to a friend.

Rick is deserving of credit. He is going out his way. Not just writing his obituary as some do, he is planning his good byes step by step.

God love you, Rick!

Enjoy your Sunday!



All of a sudden yesterday flies! Many. The kitchen primarily. At bedtime, my bedroom. This morning, the bedroom. Went downstairs, none in the kitchen.

They do not fly around. They do not move. They just sit where ever they are.

This fly thing a first time experience.

I called an exterminator last night. Will be here at 8 this morning.

I assume the flies are maggot flies. Origination the dead rat several days ago.

An ugly situation!

Started yesterday with the anti-gravity treadmill. Making a new friend. Dave. He is on the treadmill before me.

Then hurried home to do the KONK Life News Hour on 104.9. Hosted by Guy deBoer.

I got all of 10 minutes. Guy and I discussed my KONK Life column of this week. U.S. War Ready? The emphasis on China.

Tavern ‘n Town for dinner last night. Very crowded. All tourists. I knew no one. Thursday night, Key West was dead. Had to be jumping last night. Weekenders from the Florida mainland.

John Boehner’s retirement may be for the best. I thought he had a hard time with the far right. In turn, he had to give Obama a bad time. I doubt things will improve with a new Speaker.

Boehner walks away financially secure. And probably into a lobbying job which will make him more secure.

Boehner has two campaign funds. One with $4 million in it. The other, $1.1 million. He can only use the $4 million one for PAC campaign contributions. The $1.1 million however is his.

Eric Cantor got a job within three weeks of losing his primary. One in Washington at $3.4 million a year. A Speaker is more important than a Majority Leader. Boehner should do better.

It’s the American way!

Leaves no doubt why government does not work.

Big game for Syracuse today. Play #8 nationally LSU. LSU a 24 point favorite. LSU will win. Syracuse quarterbacks #s 1 and 2 injured and cannot play. We are going with #s 3 and 4. Other reasons include a star LSU running back being touted as a Heisman Trophy winner and the fact that LSU is a much better team.

Hope springs eternal. I hope for a Nebraska type victory from many years ago.

Tonight, Lattitudes. I am looking forward to it.

Enjoy your day!


Papa is Italian for Pope. Papa is the vernacular for father and grandfather. I am Papa to my grandchildren Robert and Ally. Though we spell it differently. Poppa.

Francis is Papa Francis because he is father to all. Catholics and non-Catholics. The non-Catholic portion from his perspective.

Papa was in Washington yesterday. Big time! Addressed a Joint Session of Congress. I was scheduled to be on the anti-gravity machine at the time he was to speak. I cancelled the treadmill appointment.

I continue to be taken by Papa. How can anyone not like someone who says feed the poor, love one another?

This Papa is extra ordinary. He touches everyone. Again feed the poor, love one another.He asks the haves to share a bit with the have nots.

Some dislike Papa’s views. The 1 percent. Papa advocates for the 99 percent. The 1 percent are reluctant to see the 99 percent get a piece of the pie. No one wants to give anything up. Especially the rich when it comes to money.

Did some shopping for Louis in the afternoon. A pair of crocs and 2 pairs of sneakers. The sneakers were what got me out. I have reached the point where it is difficult to bend over and tie the laces. Problem solved! I now wear what I always viewed as old man’s sneaks. No laces. Velcro straps.

Bocce last night. We won all three games. Our record now 13-2. Last night was relatively easy. This is the first year the other team has played. They have only won 1 game. Fifteen years from now, they will be 13-2.

I will be on the radio about 12:15 today. 104.9 The X Key West. My 10 minutes of chatter on the KONK Life News Show. I will briefly talk about this week’s KONK Life column U.S. Ready For War? Then some Middle East observations. If time permits, seed vaults. Something I knew nothing about till one week ago.

Enjoy your day!


She was raised in the Madison/Hanover area of Indiana. Popular. Went on to become a school teacher. Found emeralds and gold with Mel Fisher. Became known as the Key West Golden Girl. Married Joe. Became a mother. Then a grandmother. Loved by everyone.

First known as Jean Esther Crabtree. Then and now Jean Thornton.

I first visited the Chart Room last night. Met Paula and David. Presently reside in Louisville, Kentucky. Paula raised in the Madison/Hanover area. Paula knew Jean. In a subordinate way. Actually, Paula’s sister Sheila was one of Jean’s best friends. Jean and Sheila went to grade school together. Paula is six years younger than Jean.

Paula has not seen Jean in 46 years. Last in 1969. They are Facebook friends, however.

Paula shared all the secret poop about Jean. Ho ho!

Jean, glad you married Joe. Thornton a more attractive last name than Crabtree. Funny, you are the farthest thing from a crab. A shining Key West star, you bring a bit of joy to everyone you touch.

Your long ago “friend” Paula a lovely lady. She now works for Duke Energy. Her job sounded important. Paula’s husband David is a retired accountant. He did not know the Jean we were talking about.

At the other end of the bar sat two lovely ladies. Nina and Mary. Both retired. Both had visited Key West previously. Having a wonderful time!

My day yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Had to wear my yellow slicker to get there. Raining big time!

For whatever reason, I was tired. Spent the afternoon lying around. Sleeping a bit, watching Pope Francis a bit.

After the Chart Room, finished the evening with a leisurely dinner at the Hot Tin Roof.

Key West is extremely quiet at the moment. Very few tourists. The weekend was boisterous with the bikers. Activity will pick up this weekend.

In between the treadmill and collapsing on the couch, I got to chat with Susan Wadia-Ells. A charming interesting lady. A full time Key West resident since 2012.

Susan is into the prevention of breast cancer. She has been working at it for eight years. She has researched breast cancer ad infinitum and traveled far speaking with experts.

Susan has come up with what she describes as a metabolic theory re cancer. Not a treatment. Treatment comes after a woman develops breast cancer. Her theory is to prevent breast cancer from even occurring. Stop the cancer before it starts!

Her program involves three basic steps. Diet, sufficient in take of vitamin D3, and no progestogen based drugs.

She has written a book spelling out her thoughts. Soon to be published. Busting Breast Cancer A Revolution. She also will be scheduling Busting Breast Cancer Workshops.

Pope Francis’ visit continues to be an emotional experience for me. As far as the Pope is concerned, respect has gone out the window. Many conservative and far right Republicans are knocking the hell out of him. One referred to the Pope as “…..just a guy with a funny hat.”

The Pope speaks at 10 this morning before a Joint Session of Congress. I hope all listen to his words and pay him the respect his due.

I spoke on my blog talk radio show tuesday night about Martin Shkreli. He had purchased a generic drug company and increased the cost of a highly used drug 5,000 percent overnight. He was porky about having done it when being interviewed on TV.

Twenty four hours later, the bad publicity must have been too much for him. He announced he would reduce the cost of the generic. He did know yet by how much. Claimed he had to study the numbers.

Shkreli is only 32 years old. He has had an interesting business career in the short time he has been working. He is a former hedge fund manager. At some point in his career, he took a stock company public. The company was insolvent. Shkreli has been sued for $65 billion dollars.

Bocce tonight.

This week’s KONK Life column U.S. War Ready? linked this morning to my Key West Lou website. If you are unable to read the column in the paper, you can find it there.

I view China as a problem in the column.

China’s President Xi Jinping is in the U.S. this week seeking business for China and to meet with President Obama.

While this kumbaya visit and meeting with Obama is to take place, China announced it will shortly launch a new vessel carrying new intercontinental ballistic missiles, each capable of carrying two nuclear warheads.

The new missiles are capable of targeting any area of the U.S.

I wrote about the new vessel(s) and missiles in my column re whether we are war ready. I also pointed out that the U.S. did not have the present capacity to ward off the missiles.

Enjoy your day!


It recently was mentioned that United States ground forces will be the smallest since the end of World War II. Four hundred twenty thousand. Strange. At a time when the U.S. is confronted with hostile forces and hostility in many places, ground troops may not be sufficient in the event of a major conflict. Some experts say two conflicts in different places definitely will create a situation the U.S. cannot handle.


How did all this come about?


The U.S. is a war weary nation. Seventeen years of fighting somewhere. Often more than one place. Troops are tired. The American people sick of war. Sequestration cutting heavily and disproportionately into the military budget.


ISIS is with us everywhere. Americans have to be vigilant militarily and personally. ISIS is not the major concern, however. The concern is with Russia and China. Who is not war weary. While the U.S. has been fighting here and there for 17 years, Russia and China have not.


There are trouble spots in the world today. Hot spots. Tinderboxes. A spark which can ignite world conflict. Even a World War III.


The four sensitive areas are the South and East China Seas, the Ukraine, the Middle East, and the Arctic.


China has decided to flex its muscle. Primarily, in the last five years.


China is making claim to significant portions of the South and East China Seas. Areas that historically and by treaty have generally belonged to Japan.


China is building islands where no land previously existed in these areas. Similar to erecting an oil rig in ocean waters. However, a bit larger. Airfields are being constructed on these manmade islands. China wants the capacity to project its power beyond the borders of its homeland.


There are a series of islands in the South and East China Seas. China now claims title. Japan says no, they are ours by treaty and historically. China ignores Japan’s claims. The situation is becoming heated. The islands are valuable because of the gas and oil reserves in their off shore waters.


By several treaties, the U.S. is duty bound to defend Japan in case of conflict with another nation. Would the U.S. meet its obligation? Many think not. If the U.S. did, a confrontation would be triggered between world powers.


Russia is in the China game. Russia and China have become bedfellows the past several years. While the U.S. and other nations have been sanctioning Russia heavily, Russia and China have become closer. They have entered into agreements regarding oil, gas and railroads spreading across two continents.


If the U.S. were at war with China, the U.S. could be at war with Russia also.


Until five years ago, China’s navy was insignificant. In the past five years, it has grown monumentally. China’s navy today may very well be more sophisticated than that of the U.S.


Today, China has 300 surface ships. Constructing more rapidly. The ships have high speed anti-ship cruise missiles. An expanding armada of guided missile warships, submarines and vessels. They are building carriers at a faster rate than the U.S.


China is building new naval vessels at the rate of 60 a year. The U.S. nowhere near that number. U.S. naval strength is numbered at 430 ships. Older and behind the times. Nowhere as up to date as China’s. The 430 number includes reserve vessels. Those not in use, sitting somewhere for the day they may be needed again. China’s 300 are active, not on a reserve list.


Some experts believe that the new missiles would be hard for the U.S. to guard against. The U.S. has yet to come up with a plan to answer China’s new found naval strength.


There is another reason why the U.S. has fallen behind China in addition to the reasons set forth earlier. U.S. intelligence. It appears to be the type of intelligence that got Bush 2 into Iraq.


It is said the U.S. does not understand. Perhaps so. Fifteen years of intelligence continues to suggest China’s military is merely for defensive purposes and focused mainly on the conflict with Taiwan. U.S. intelligence apparently never saw China’s new navy coming. China’s naval development in the last five years and the sophistication of its equipment.


China appears to be building its naval forces for eventual global power projection. Only the U.S. has been able to do it thus far. If China continues as it has the past five years, it will have to be feared.


Let’s look at Russia for a moment.


Russia is the thorn in the Ukraine and the Middle East. Russia generally takes a position in opposition to that of the U.S. and supports anyone whose interests are opposed to that of the U.S.


Russia is a half million military personnel behind the U.S. That is counting active military. If active military, reserve military and paramilitary are combined, Russia is 700,000 persons ahead of the U.S.


The Russian navy is no competition for the U.S. Its big ships are aged. Russia cannot afford to replace them. The Russian fleet has been described as a geriatric maritime giant. Old and unreliable.


Whereas the U.S. spends $600 billion a year on its military, Russia only $60 billion.


Russia does not seem to worry about the numbers or overall condition of its forces. Not if it can depend on China.


In July, Russia did come out with a new vessel. One that exceeds anything the U.S. has. A ship designed to conduct electronic warfare.


Russia recently spread its wings into Arctic waters. This past July, Putin announced Russia was claiming over a half million square miles of the Arctic Sea. Arctic waters have acquired a value of their own. Global warming has a part in it.


The Arctic Sea contains untapped gas and oil reserves. Also important, new shipping lanes are opening as Arctic ice melts.


Readiness is involved. Russia has 40 icebreakers operating in the Arctic Sea. The U.S. only 2.


The solution to the U.S. problems as described must start with Congress allocating more monies to the military budget. If conflict comes. it will be on our shores this time. An expanded 9/11. It will not be as with Pearl Harbor where the U.S. was able to convert its peacetime plants to the production of war equipment.


Another concern is the type of military. The U.S. has a volunteer military. It has worked well. However in any major conflict, more military personnel will be required. It will not come in the numbers needed voluntarily. The U.S. should start thinking draft again. Everyone for two years  out of high school. Unpopular. However better than living under Russian and/or Chinese domination.


The U.S. must not be caught with its pants down. Too many lives, too much of everything at stake.


Few would take lead comment this morning away from Pope Francis. One of the few is Yogi Berra. An outstanding baseball player, nice guy and recycler of the English language. It ain’t over ’till it’s over…..One of the best!

He died yesterday at the age of 90. Never will be forgotten. May he rest in peace.

Now for the second team. The Pope!

I was glued to the TV set yesterday watching his arrival in Washington. I found his arrival emotional. He speaks to the masses today outside at the National Mall. Tomorrow, he addresses a Joint Session of Congress.

Many dislike him. Prominent persons. Especially Republicans.

This morning’s column by George Will attacks the Pope without mercy. Certain Washington figures speak aggressively concerning him.

Why, I do not understand. The man is Christ like. He is being referred to as The People’s Pope. His concern is for the downtrodden. Not the wealthy, not capitalists. He simply says feed, house and clothe everyone, be concerned for everyone. What is so troublesome about such? Jesus spoke no differently.

The Seven Mile Bridge will be closed off and on today. For five minute periods each time. A permit has been given to an advertising firm to do so. A commercial is being filmed.

My yesterday started with an airport stop. It was good friend time. I picked someone up.

Roostica for lunch. I am becoming more Italian every day. Enjoyed a dish of sauce covered meatballs.

Spent the afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show.

Dinner at Hurricane Hole. It had been several years since I was last there. It is close to my home. I stay away because the bar is not placed correctly. The setting sun shines directly on the bar. Reflects off the water onto the bar. A steam bath!

I sat at a table with an umbrela to avoid he sun. Fortunately, it was overcast which helped.

At 9, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Two mid-east stories seemed the most popular.

The one about the Afghan commander who handcuffed a young boy to his bed. The boy was used as a sex slave by the commander evenings.

The other concerned Saudi Arabia. Our false friends. Saudi Arabia is Chairman of the UN Human Rights Commission. They are about to crucify a 20 year old for illegal protesting and carrying a gun. His head will first be chopped off. His body then hung headless on a cross for three days.

Screw off day today. Finally, wednesday! No writing to do. Except for this blog, of course.

Enjoy your day!



Pope Francis’ plane lands late this afternoon in Washington. He meets tomorrow morning with President Obama.

As a Catholic, I am pleased the head of my Church is meeting with the head of my country. Note however that I am a fallen away Catholic. Once a Catholic always a Catholic, however. The nuns drove Catholicism into our heads!

Francis is impressive. He stands for change. Matters such as a welcoming approach to gays, cohabiting couples and divorced Catholics. He believes in global warming and the need to do something about it.

Many in the Catholic Church oppose the changes he recommends. The division is obvious.

A synod is a meeting of Bishops to deal with Church affairs. The last Synod was in October 2014. The next October 4-25 in Rome. Many bishops opposed him at the last Synod. It is expected they will again at the October one. They consider the changes the Pope wishes to implement heresy.

There also are lay persons in the United States who oppose the Pope’s recommended changes. Many sit in the U.S. Congress. They view the Pope as a politician and feel he is fair game to take on. Perhaps exhibiting disrespect, also. I hope not. However, respect has become a waning virtue in the U.S.

My day started on the anti-gravity treadmill yesterday. Then a stop at the Marriott Beachside to read the newspapers. Followed by a too heavy lunch at 5 Guys.

I need a new pair of sneaks. My recollection was there was a sneak store at the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center. No more. Still need sneaks.

Spent the afternoon researching for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Join me for a fast moving interesting half hour of political and social commentary.

Topics tonight include a recent study indicating 75 percent of Americans consider their government corrupt, Afghan sex slaves, generic drug rip offs, an imminent Saudi Arabia crucifixion, comment re this week’s KONK Life column U.S. War Ready?, Pope Francis and U.S. Representatives, Trump immortalized in a painting done with unusual type paint, and more.

I mentioned yesterday that Poker Run appeared to be highly successful. Since that time I have heard rumblings to the contrary. I am interested in what the Citizen will report.

Had dinner last night at Salute’s. A long time since I dined there. Sat outside. Devoured a tasty piece of grouper.

My companion was Nancy Miracle. First time I met her. She authored a biography of Marilyn Monroe a couple of years ago titled From Sardi’s To Sicily. She gave me a copy. It is on my reading list.

Ran into old friends at Salute’s. Bob from Sugarloaf. At least three years since we last saw each other. Bob was a successful television producer in his other life. Ran into John. John has hosted at most of the upscale restaurants in Key West.

Key West loves Harry Truman. Truman loved Key West. He vacationed in Key West 175 days over 11 visits.

Truman visited Great Britain  in 1956. The London Daily Telegraph wrote following Truman’s visit re Truman: “The Living and kicking symbol of everything everyone likes best about America.”

Enjoy your day!