I got eye strain last night. Bad!

I walked Duval from the Pier House to 801 and back. Naked breasts galore! Spray painted or with pasties. Some ladies even painted their privates.

It was a good night to be a man!

Sandy was still affecting Key West. Winds and a light rain. The winds are cut in half this morning. Down to 20 miles per hour. A few scattered clouds. White ones. Not gray or black. Palm trees no longer bending. Sun bright already.

The bullet missed us again. Fortuantely. I fear for those up north where ever Sandy hits. Sandy is a triple cocktail. The hurricane, a northeaster and an Artic cold front all coming together. A first! All three have never joined before. Even the experts are not sure how bad Sandy will be.

To my friends north of me, listen to what you are told to do. Get ready. Sandy will not be a joke once it hits.

I was enjoying doing the internet show yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Love doing it. About 35 minutes into the show, everything went crazy. A song came on. A 4.5 minute one. I good not get rid of it. I was alone in the studio. An engineer I am not. I assumed my face could still be seen. No voice, however. Just the music. I said screw it and waved good bye to everyone.

Though shorter than normal, the show did arouse significant interest with one topic. Sandy! Hurricanes are interesting and serious business.

After the show, I stopped at the Plantation Coffee House. Read the newspapers and enjoyed a coffee. The place was packed. Fantasy Fest. Sandy also helped get people into Plantation. The dark clouds and rain kept visitors off the beaches.

Diane was working. Swift and hard. Lovely as usual. She must have gotten sun earlier in the week. What a tan!

Ally telephoned while I was at the Coffee House. No school yesterday because of Sandy. Poppa, will you take me and Robert to lunch at the new Five Guys? Of course. What else would I say. I was pleased she asked.

We have a new Five Guys in Key West. A big one. In the Winn-Dixie Plaza. Real big! Packed. It was lunch time. The line about 20 deep at all times. Moved fast, however. There is twice the staff as the one at Truman and Duval.

We each had a small bacon cheeseburger and a cheese hot dog. Robert and Ally said they were still hungry after downing the burgers so we tried the hot dogs. These grandkids of mine have healthy appetites!

My evening started at the Chart Room. Emily working. These are big nights for her. Peter and Ollie there also. Chatted a bit with each.

Then I took the trek down Duval where my eyes were hanging out of my head. Evryone in a festive mood. Some in wheel chairs. Some of the ladies in the chairs proudly exhibiting their twin sisters. Good for them, I thought!

I was hungry. It was back to the Pier House for me. I ate at the Wine Galley. Enjoyed Larry Smith while dining. A good crowd in the Wine Galley. Mostly locals. Exchanged a lot of hugs and hellos.

The parade tonight. Fifty to 60 floats participating. Tomorrow’s newspaper will tell us 80,000 people watched the parade. I believe the figure. Key West will be busting at the seams tonight. The parade is the big event of Fantasy Fest.

I wonder every year where they all sleep. There are not 80,000 rooms in Key West. Not even 40,000. If you drive half way up the keys, like 60 miles, there are still not enough rooms. Some will sleep on the beaches. Some in their cars and vans. Where do the rest go? The question perplexes me every year.

Enjoy your day!

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