The Memorial Day weekend is over. It was one of the best I have ever experienced!

Fun each day. And night!

Mikey and Marissa leave tomorrow for Lexington. No more will they live in Key West, though I am sure they will visit. They are as attached to Key West as Plymouth rock is to Massachusetts.

The day started with a scramble in their honor. My team consisted of Nate, Rob, Jeff, Marissa and me. Marissa of Mikey and Marissa fame. I was honored to ride with her. She hits the golf ball better than me! But then, who doesn’t!

Nate is a former pro player. Need Nate on your team. He was our #1. He can drive greens on par 4s! However, not yesterday. But close enough. The rest of us were actually playing pitch and putt.

We won the overall. A minus 5. We all contributed. I sunk a few long putts.

Two other teams won also. One team for having the most birds on the front. The other for the same on the back.

Each winning team won a $100. We put it together and contributed the $300 to the bar tab at the party to be held in the evening.

The party in Mikey and Marissa’s honor was huge! Everyone there. Don’s Place, of course. The $300 ran out early. The food was filling. I enjoyed the people and the evening.

About 2 this morning, I was awakened by a big bang. It was raining Key West style. You really have not experienced a rainstorm unless you have lived on the water. Noise, wind, streaks of lightning. The palm trees a chorus in the background. A bit eerie, a bit scary.

We needed the rain. Things are very dry in the keys this year.

Today is a day of rest. Breakfast, a shower and a walk. Tonight dinner with my neighbor Andrew who soon will be returning to his other home in Switzerland.

Enjoy your day!

I am beginning to worry. I actually think that thus far this has been the best Memorial Day weekend of my life.


And I still have another day!

Today can’t miss. A scramble golf tournamnet this afternoon and a big party tonight at Don’s Place. All in honor of Mikey and Marisa who are leaving Key West. Mikey has been offered a lucrative position with a major corporation in Louisville. Which also happens to be the home area from whence both Mikey and Marisa originally came.

Last night was Jean Thornton’s surprise birthday party. All of sixty years old! Still a kid!

The party was at the Chart Room. Everybody there. Like David, Sheila, Clayton, Valerie, Stephnaie, Frankie and Jean’s husband, Joe. Plus, Jenna and me. And many more I did not even know.

Jean came in wearing a tiara. A Key West thing done by woman on their birthday. The celebrant and friends wear tiaras and do the Duval crawl. Jean did the crawl with part of her gang last night. They were in five bars before they arrived at the Chart Room.

Jean is a little girl at heart. She literally jumped with joy when she arrived. Surprised she was!

The birthday cake was a key lime pie. Delicious!

I have spoken of Jean many times. She is one of Mel Fisher’s golden girls. Jean was an Indiana school teacher. She and another school teacher friend visited Key West a number of years ago. They wanted to dive with Mel fisher. They persuaded him to take them out. The girls found emmeralds and gold! Ergo, the golden girls title.

It was a life changing event for both ladies.

Jean and husband Joe now have a condo here in Key West and a home in Alabama. They shuttle back and forth. Jean still dives. Primarily with the Mel Fisher group. And, she has found more goodies on the ocean floor since that first time many years ago.

Some one described Jean’s party on Facebook this morning. EPIC was the term used. It was.

David told me to mention something on the blog this morning. Dementia is setting in. I have no recollection what you asked, David!

I have been able to continue on my low carb diet while undergoing all this dental work. Not yesterday, however. It was Key lime pie last night at Jean’s party. During the day it was brownies! Yes, brownies!

Jenna made me brownies. I ate them all yesterday afternoon. I was only going to have one. One lead to two, two to three, and soon I had consumed the whole plate.

I had absolutely no guilt!

Enjoy your day!

Good morning!

It is the middle of the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

In my former life up north, we readied for the weekend. Got the yard clean. Pulled out the lawn furniture. Opened the pool. Cook out time!

We had our cook outs. Rarely swam, however. The weather did not generally work hand in hand with our desires. It was always too cold to go in the water. Pool use took another 2-4 weeks. Sometimes as late as July 4th.

I woke early this morning. I watched the sun come up. There was a bank of black clouds over the horizon. The sun came up behind the clouds. A dull orange across the sky. Beautiful!

The black clouds are gone. A few white ones remain. The weather is the same as yesterday and the day before and the day before. Going back several months. Sunny. There is a strong wind coming in off the Atlantic. I hope it helps with the humidity.

Another big night last night!

Jenna was my companion. Becoming a habit. We are merely friends, however and unfortunately.

We started at the Chart Room. Michael bartending. Sean there. No Katherine. She was working. She coordinates weddings and parties at the Ocean Key . She had a big wedding last night.

Then it was off to Sloppy Joe’s. My idea! I had not been there in roughly 3 years. Neither of us were that hungry. I said then we are off to Sloppy Joe’s. I know just the dish!

Sloppy’s serves a side order that is sloppy! But…..oh, so good! Fries covered with ground beef, melted mozzarella and red sauce. To die for!

Jenna and I shared one order. It was just enough.

And I was able to handle the food. My mouth was not a problem.

We then walked to Maison de la Pepe on Mallory Square. I probably spelled the name wrong. We went specifically for some salsa dancing. Wowie!

When we left, I was still full of vim and vinegar. Jenna was not. She died on me. I dropped her off at her home.

My car then found its way to Don’s Place. I am glad it did!

It was party time! Just like a fraternity party. Darts, pool, dancing and booze! Lest I forget, beautiful women!

I sat at the end of the bar and chatted with Russ, Erica and Herschel. Jiummy was wandering around. Rob and Bebe were shooting darts. Kurt was bartending. He said he knew about 6 people in the whole place, including those I mentioned. The rest were tourists partying big time! They provided another dimension to Don’s Place last night.

Today is Sunday. I have a party tonight. Other than that, I have absolutely no idea what I will be doing.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday morning! Bright and lovely! Sunny and cheerful! Another great Key West day in the making!

Someone has been commenting recently that I write too much about Key West weather. True, I do write a lot about it. But… must remember that weather was the driving force which brought most of us here. We wanted bountiful sun. What better place than Key West!

Additionally, the weather is part of my day. Part of the Key West experience. So it belongs in a blog about my life in Key West.

Finally, the weather is not always perfect in Key West. You will recall we have hurricanes! And tropical storms! I write about them, also. They are part of the Key West experience. You have not lived till you are forced to remain in a boarded up home for 3-4 days with power off and on, your food supply down to peanut butter and crackers, and no bottled water left. All the while it is black outside for 24 consecutive hours and the wind and rain are howling and beating.

I write about those things, also. They are part of my Key West experience.

So my friend Anne, whoever you are, I love you dearly. But…..I hope you now understand why I write about Key West weather, good, bad or indiffernt, as part of my daily blog. I thank you for reading the blog. Hopefully, some day we may meet. In Key West, of course.

Yesterday afternoon was a treat! I took Robert and Ally for their haircuts. Lisa was still under the weather.

They go to Lori, also.

Robert and Ally were fighting as to who would get their hair cut first. I solved the problem by flipping a coin.

Ally likes her hair long. At 5, soon to be 6, she knows what she wants! Lori cut it a big shorter yesterday and also put her hair in pigtails. I almost did not recognize Ally! I could see her face! Her whole face! She looked like a different person.

The three of us took a short walk on Duval afterwards. Fun!

Jenna and I were scheduled to do dinner and a movie last night. I canceled. I was too tired. Not from the haircuts, but from too much activity the past three days. We are back on for tonight.

I was in bed by five and had a long restful sleep.

Ally will be six years old wednesday. Today is her kids’ party. All girls. She wanted no boys. Ten years from now it will be a different story.

Ally telephoned me earlier this morning and invited me to today’s party. I told her I would stop in for a moment. I was too old to stay. She said she understood. I also told her I was a boy. She said no, I was not! I was Poppa!

Love her!

Getting back to the weather, summer is definitely here. Each day the humidity increases. It is where it is becoming uncomfortable. I am not complaining, just sharing. I am aware as to what is going on in the northwest.

Enjoy your day!

It is late. Close to 2 in the afternoon. I was in a hurry this morning because of my internet show. Blog got delayed.

My apologies.

It was The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning over the internet world wide. Another great show! It is not me that makes the show so good. It is what I report. The world is full of crazy people who do whacky things. Makes for great material.

For example, during the 1930s Hitler spent millions of dollars in an attempt to educate dogs. To do what? To read, write and talk, of course. A nut from his very beginnings!

After the show, I hustled over to see Lisa. She is sick. Not the kids this time. A big bug.

I never got to babysit last night. When I arrived at Lisa’s to do my duty, she informed me she was sick and my services were not required. So, I was off to the bocce courts!

We won all three games last night! The first time this season we have won three games.  We all played well and poorly. The ladies were the best. Jennifer and Erica.

We are playing well enough that we just might make the play offs. It would be the first time. We need to win six out of the last nine games to do so.

Time will tell.

Don’s Place was jumping after bocce last night. Met a new lady. Deamma. Yes, that is the way it is spelled. Lovely. Around 40. I apparently was too intent watching the Miami game. Harry stole her from me.

My Buffalo friend Tom asked if now that I had the grandkids into golf, was I planning to get them into bocce next. They have already been there, Tom! For about 2 years. Occasionally I take them to the bocce courts. I have my own balls. The problem is the balls are heavy for them. I fear one dropping on their tiny toes.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

A weather comment again! Absolutely magnificent! Warm by day, cool by night!
It was 83 degrees at 10 last night and cool! The wind off the ocean is what does it.

I think I am losing it a bit. My head keeps telling me I have somethiong to do at 10 this morning. What? I do not know. I will learn at 10:30, I am sure!

Golf yesterday morning!

I played with Tom and Yankee Jack. I won the first five holes!!! Wowie! I was on a run!

That was it, however. My game reverted. I never won another hole.

Fortuantely, I only lost $4. Tom was the big winner. He won $4. Yankee broke even.

I visited with Lisa after golf. She has laryngitis. It was a one way conversation.

Dinner was at the Yacht Club last night. Chatted at the bar for a while with Paul Toppino. Then Jenna arrived. We were scheduled to have dinner together.

As Jenna and I were sitting down to dinner, my cell phone rag. It was Jean Thornton. She told me she was at Vino’s and that Stephanie Kaple was having a stiletto competition. The judge failed to show. Would I come over and judge? No. I was hungry.

I did know what I was missing!

After dinner, Jenna went home. I went to Vino’s. The place was jam packed! I was thrilled for owners Clayton and Valerie.

I spoke with Jean and Stephanie. What is this stiletto thing, I asked. Stephanie is into female shoes. High heeled ones. Her life! She has a club. The Stiletto Society. Sounds like a mafia hit squad!

Once a month, the Stiletto Society has a competion. The girls parade at Vino’s. Red carpet and all!

I made my apologies to Stephanie. I promised to judge the contest next month. One problem, however. What do I know about female shoes! One high heeled pair is like another to me. I told Stephanie I would have to judge based on the whole torso. She said, no! Nothing above the ankles!

Joe Thornton was in. Just arrived yesterday. How he keeps up with Jean, I do not know. She is go, go, go!

As part of the festivities at Vino’s last night, there was a woman from Boston. She had a table of goodies. Sex toys and the like. She was talking about sex/love situations. Very seriouis commnets by her and in return by those she spoke with. Covered it all!

Only in Key West!

I had a great evening and was home in bed by ten! Alone, of course!

Tomorrow morning is my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning. World wide on the internet. Please join me.

The show seems to get better each week. The topics help. The world is full of crazy people doing crazy things.

Tomorrow’s topics include present day slavery, Nazis and talking dogs, high blood pressure among the young on the rise, a prison bar in Mexico, children being cheated in the New York City educational system, a nursing bra store closed by New York City, a suicide update, Texas and guns on campus, second hand smoking from a new perspective, Philip Morris, human breast milk and cheese, poincianas, Highwood Bocce Club, U.S. Post Office in economic distress, and more.

A United States submarine lost during World War II was discovered this week. Ten miles off Key West in 600 feet of water. It was the USS R-12. The submarine was of World War I vintage still in use during World War II. It went down on July 12, 1943. Sank in 15 minutes. Forty two lives lost.

A bit of closure for the families of those lost.

The King of Ghana was back visiting Key West this week. He is actually the King of La. A huge tribe in Ghana. The King is a political heavy weight.

His full name is King Nii Kpobi Tetty Tsuri III.

He and son in law Corey are friends. Corey has been one of the primary movers with regard to the slave cemetary at Higgs Beach. Two hundred ninety five Ghana persons lie buried there. Brought here as slaves, their vessel destroyed by a hurricane, they ended up on the beaches of Key West. Key West took care of them. However, 295 died.

The graves were only discovered in the last several years. The King came for a ceremony last year. He returned for another ceremony this week which honored the dead. He considers the dead his people, his responsibility also.

Corey says he is a good guy.

Bocce tonight.

Bocce is important. But babysitting more. I have been called to duty. Lisa and Corey have somewhere to be. Hopefully, I will make the last game.

Enjoy your day!

My girl Terri White opened Saturday in Follies at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

She was a hit! The show was a hit! As one reviewer said, it is not “if” the show will make Broadway, but “when.”

Terri’s Follies is a revival of the 1970s landmark musical. Music and lyrics by Stephen Sonheim. The one month Washington revival is costing its producers $7.3 million.

My Terri, Key West’s Terri, played the brassy Stella Deems. One reviewer said that song and dance of Who’s That Woman was the knockout number of the show. Some testament when you consider that Terri’s costars included Bernadette Peters, Esther Paige, Linda Lavin and Regine. Furhter reviewer comments stated Terri….. stole the show…..was a showstopper…..her performance galvanizing…..delightfully unbridled…..was full of irrepressible exuberance……and that  Terri’s performance, especially of Who’s That Woman, had snap and style.

Go, Terri! We all love you! Continue breaking a leg!

A contingency from Key West attended the black tie opening. It included Lynda and Bob Frachette and Diane May. I had planned on attending. In the end, could not make it. My apologies, Terri.

I had a pleasant morning yesterday. A haircut and manicure. That became my day. I was so tired from staying up till 1:30 the night before, that I slept the rest of yesterday away. I tried to watch the Miami/Chicago game from bed last night. Kept falling asleep. I had to wait till this morning when I woke to learn who won.

This morning golf! I am rested and ready.

Enjoy your day!

Jeff Beil died.

I found out last night when I arrived at the Chart Room. Sheila was a wreck. They were good friends.
Jeff was a Key West artist whose work has been exhibited world wide. He was on the brink of outstanding success. He left us early. I would estimate his age around 50.

I was out with Jenna last night. We did the Chart Room and Kelly’s together.

We met an interesting couple from the Toronto area at the Chart Room. Michael and Marni. They are frequent Key West visitors. Michael’s work involves emplyee benefits. A nice couple. Marni very lovely. They are here for the week. Hope I run into them again.

Jenna and I decided to eat at the outdoor bar at Kelly’s. I had not been there in ages.

It was wings for me! The best in Key West!

Helen was bartending. She looked familiar. Knew Jenna by name right away. Turns out Helen used to work at Bottlecap. She bartended when the Larry and Jenna show played there.

The Bottlecap was always crowded for the Larry and Jenna show. Helen surprised me, however. She said the show patrons were not drinkers. Simply stated, it was not a good night for the Bottlecap and its staff moneywise. I felt bad.

I dropped Jenna off after dinner and stopped at Don’s Place. I was anxious to watch the Dallas/Oklahoma basketball game. Caught the second half.

Many familiar faces at Don’s. Mikey, Marisa, Angus, Toni amongst others. Kurt showed up towards the end of the game.

I watched the game with Michelle. I was pulling for Dallas. She, Oklahoma. Michelle is a fun person to watch basketball with.

She blamed me for Oklahoma’s loss. When I sat next to her, Oklahoma was ahead by 15 points. Dallas won in overtime. Ho ho.

The game finished late. It was close to one in the morning. I did not get to bed till 1:30. Very late for me!

I am going to do a Louis morning. A haircut by Lori at 10 and a manicure from Tammy at 11.

Enjoy your day!

These storms being experienced world wide remind me of God’s wrath brought down upon Egypt and its Pharoh by Moses.

What a beating Joplin, Missouri took last night!

 A tornado of such intensity that cars flew about and were crushed as easily as a beer can. Whole neighborhoods wiped out. Numerous dead.

 I spent the day home yesterday. Read the papers and watched the talk shows in the morning. Lisa and the family came over in the afternoon to swim. Robert and Ally became my afternoon. Last night, I remained in to watch the Heat/Bulls game. A terrific game! I was thrilled to see Chris Bosh play so well.

Skinny dipping is rather common place in Key West. Not at the public beaches or hotels. At private homes. Most homes have pools.The pools are generally landscaped so privacy is assured. Ergo, skinny dipping.

Yesterday,  I was doing some historical reading. One of our Presidents was a skinny dipper. At first I thought it might be John Kennedy. He had a bad back and it was popular knowledge that he swam in the White House pool daily to relieve it. I had never heard of Kennedy swimming in the raw, however.

Turns out it was not John Kennedy. It was another John. John Quincy Adams.

Adams is historically known to have been very straight laced.. Not when it came to his exercise, however. Each morning he would rise just before dawn and walk down to the Potomac. He would tie his clothes in a bundle and jump in.

Forget Secret Service. It did not exist back then as it does now. Adams would make his swimming trips on his own.

Historical folk lore says a female journalist showed up while Adams was skinny dipping one morning. Her name was Anne Royal. She wanted to interview the President. She could not get an appointment to do so. The story goes that she followed him to the Portomac one morning. She sat on his clothes and would not leave till Adams gave her the interview.

An enterprising woman.

I did a Suicide Update on my Amazon Kindle legal blog yesterday. It had to do with mail order suicide kits. A 91 year old California woman is selling them. The kit has specific directions, a plastic bag, tubing and instructions regarding the use of helium. I wrote about the mail order suicide kit because Oregon is in the process of outlawing suicide by mail order kit. Oregon has a Death With Dignity law. It permits physician assisted suicide. However, Oregon considers suicide by mail order kit to be sleazy.

This morning’s newspaper reports the death of Joseph Brooks in New York City. Brooks won an Academy Award for his song “You Light Up My Life.” He committed suicide via the method described in the mail order kit. Whether he specifically utized the kit described, I do not know.

Enjoy your day! Go out and have some fun!

Key West weather!

I apologize for talking about it so much. But it has never been better! We have had 5 consecutive months of warm days and cool evenings. Good for body, mind and soul!

Big lunch yesterday! Me and grandson Robert. Ally was at an all girls’ birthday party.

Robert and I finally made it to Mr. Z’s for Philly cheese steak sandwiches. Robert was excited.

The sandwiches were only so so. I thought after the first bite that No Name Pub’s were vastly superior. Mr. Z’s cheese was not to my liking. Robert looked at me after his first bite and said, “…this tastes like eggs.”

The sandwiches were good, but not great. Nevertheless, Robert and I had a terrific time. We sat at the bar. The tables were full. He enjoyed sitting at the bar. We talked of many things. Conversation non stop. Robert is an interesting person in development.

I started my Key West saturday evening early. Wanted to watch the Preakness with others. I headed over to Don’s Place.

I was pulling for Animal Kingdom. He ran a good race. Shackleford a better one. The Belmont is going to be interesting!

Next was the Chart Room.

Chatted with Michael a while. Valerie there. She was leaving to head over to Vino’s. She and husband Clayton own Vino’s on Duval.

Visited a while with Sean and Katherine. His parents are visiting. They were meeting them later at Santiagos for dinner. I like Sean and Katherine. Good people. Sincere people. Interesting people.

Customers are constantly coming and going at the Chart Room. A woman a couple of seats away at the bar said… are Key West Lou! I am thrilled when this happens. Her name was Terri. She and her husband Mark are here visiting.

Terri followed up her you are Key West Lou with….I read your blog every day! Wowie! Love it!

Terri and Mark are from South Dennis, New Jersey. About a ten minute drive from Stone Harbor. Stone Harbor was one of my summer haunts in days gone by. My beloved friend Doc Paladino had a place there and we vacationed with him a week or two every summer.

Terri and Mark are in the windshield replacement business. The economy is affecting their business also. People would rather get a ticket for a broken window than pay to replace one. The ticket is much cheaper.

Terri and Mark are not strangers to Key West. They visit a couple of times a year. Stay at the Pier House. Try to get the same room each visit. Ground level, just a few steps from the Chart Room. They also frequnet Vino’s. They bought one of the chairs at Vino’s bar. Their names are emblazoned on it.

I talked with a charming lady. Rita. A bit older than even me. She and her husband used to live in Key West in the 1960s. Now they do six months here and six months up north.

Rita told me she had been coming to the Chart Room for over forty years. She recalls in the 1960s when Jimmy Buffet was a non entity. He used to sit on a chair in the corner of the Chart Room and play for tips. Sometimes he was too loud and disruptive. Customers used to yell at him to shut up.

Little did they know!

I never got to eat. Instead, I returned to Don’s Place. Watched some of the Dallas playoff game with Kurt. I was home in bed and asleep before ten.

I wrote yesterday about Doomsday. According to some, the world was going to end. It did not. I was thinking this morning how many of this religious cult must be in a deep state of depression today.

Enjoy your day!