Good morning!

Happy Sunday!

Another beautiful Key West day! I am sitting outside writing this blog. In the shade of the tiki hut by the water. Sun bright. Not one cloud in the sky. Colors brilliant.

God is good!

I stayed in bed late yesterday morning. Around noon, I headed over to see Tammy. I was in need of a pedicure.

The contrast businesswise for Tammy from Friday was dramatic. From a full house to literally no customers yesterday. As a result, Tammy spent extra long massaging my feet. Knocked me out! I fell asleep.

Then to Borders to read a bit. Interestingly, very few customers. Fantasy Fest visitors obviously do not visit Key West to read.

I enjoyed the quiet and solitude. It went well with the foot massage after affect.

The cupboard was bare again! Publix time. I enjoy grocery shopping. Something I never did in my other life. I would not waste my time nor would I be seen dead grocery shopping! What I missed! I enjoy seeing friends and making new friends. I have discovered a supermarket is a great place to meet new people.

I had a late lunch at home. After all, I had just bought all kinds of new, fresh foods.

The Fantasy Fest Parade last night!

I rarely see the whole parade anymore. It takes about 2-3 hours. Standing on a crowded street with 60,000 to 80,000 other people and grabbing for beads no longer turns me on. I enjoy watching a very small part of the parade and doing something else during parade time.

Last night it was to be dinner with Marty and his wife Donna at Marquesa at 8. Marquesa is on Simington, one block off Duval. The parade is at one point on Duval.

I got there at 7:30. Walked the one block to Duval. I was directly across the street from La Concha. The parade would not pass by till well after 8.

Duval is cordoned off for the parade. People are permitted to walk Duval in the street till the parade arrives. And they do! Thousands of them! Most in costume. Or lack thereof!

I stood on the curbstone and watched festive party people walk by.

My first observation was that those walking the street were more attractive than the day time reveleers I had been observing. Then it dawned on me! Those a bit younger preferred to party by night. Those a bit older by day. I am in bed asleep by 10 most evenings. So I had missed this group of partyers.

Some terrific bodies! Especially the females! And a distinct and obvious lack of clothing.

Most women had only spray painted a small portion of their nipples. In previous years, the whole chest would have been spray painted. Another difference was their privates. A fig leaf painted or a fig leaf itself. Nothing more! Probably illegal. However, if the police were to arrest, they would have had to arrect 20,000 women.

One woman particularly impressed me. She was absolutely beautiful! Stunning! And she knew it!

50ish. A terrific body. A lovely face. She walked upright and proud. A bit of paint on her nipples. A fig leaf painted below. Strutting on high heels. Every 10 feet or so, someone would shout out and she would turn and stand proudly to have her picture taken.

Everyone well behaved. Whether participant or spectator.

At 8 I walked into Marquesa. Just as Marty and Donna were arriving. Marty’s cousin Billy was with them. They call the cousin Cousin Billy.

Dinner was terrific. Good food. Good company.

Donna is a spectacular woman. Marty is lucky. Now in her 60s, Donna is originally from Poland. Her true name is Donata. She is lovely and warm. And takes no guff from Marty! She frequently gives him a shot. He takes it well. They seem happy.

Marty still has the gout. But he was drinking last night. He did not care.

Cousin Billy is from Washington, D.C. He has been here before. Not his first Fantasy Fest.

Cousin Billy is Bill Banner. He is in the courier business in Washington. His stepfather has taught at the American University Law School for 55 years. At one time he was Dean.

At a point during dinner, I mentioned that someone had told me that the pool at Dante’s on Sunday was the place to be. Packed with naked bodies. Marty, Donna and Billy laughed. What do you mean Sundays? Every day during Fantasy Fest! They took out their cell phones and showed me the pictures they had taken. Wow! What I have been missing!

Next year, Dante’s!

After dinner, I walked the one block back to Duval. I knew the parade would still be ongoing. It was. Float #35 was going by. That would be mid point in the parade. I watched a few floats. All interesting. And then started walking back to Marquesa.

Parking is a pain on parade night. Recently my car got towed two consecutive years. So last year I started a new process for parking. Which is only possible because I have the best son in law in the world. I park at Lisa’s. Corey drives me to Marquesa and then returns and picks me up when I call him.

I called him at 9:30. I was home in bed sleeping by 10.

I had a good time last night.

Today is Sunday. Things will quiet down quickly. There are few Fanasy Fest events remaining. Most of the party goers/vistors will leave early today. US 1 will be one way traffic north!

I have no idea how I am going to spend my day. Isn’t that nice!

Enjoy your day!

Yesterday was a big day for me personally. An anniversary. My first one.

It was one year ago yesterday I was laying in a Miami hospital and told you have heart problems young man! This was after a heart catherization and some other tests. Ok, I said. What do I do? Stop drinking and smoking was the response.

I did at that moment. I have had neither a drink nor cigarette for one year.

I am proud of myself.

It has not been easy. I still miss both. I still crave both. Some days more than yesterday. Even now. But I hang in there! There is no choice when the option is death.

I do feel better. I am stronger. That is why I am hitting the golf ball farther!

The radio show yesterdy was a hit! So I am lead to believe by those who communicated with me afterwards. Three topics received the most interest. Terri White. A story for the ages! And Social Security and the comparison of stimulus packages between Eisenhower and Obama.

After the show, I had to hurry over to Lisa’s. Robert and Ally did not have school. I was needed to babysit for an hour. The grandkids were engrossed in a kids’ movie. After my kisses and hugs, they settled back to continue watching the movie. I read the newspapers.

Babysitting again was only for one hour. I was a fill in between Lisa and Corey being available.

Then it was to the Pier House for lunch.

Gerg Lindeberg is from Forest Lake, Minnesota. He reads this blog. He wrote and told me he and his wife Cady would be in for one day. They were planning on walking in the Masquerade Parade. They are staying with friends up in the Key Colony area.

He asked if we could meet. We planned a 12:30 luncheon.

Greg and Cady brought friends. Ted and Sue Kolbe from Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.

We had a fun luncheon.

Greg is a financial planner. Though he is not happy with that title. He refers to himself as a “Social Security Alternative Model Representative.” Quite a mouthful!

Cady works at Home Depot in bookkeeping.

Greg and Cady are not strangers to Key West.. They visit here 5-6 timnes a year. I told them that eventaully they will buy. It is the pattern.

Ted and Sue both work at Penn State. What a great place to be employed!

Greg is a Construction Manager. He oversees the outside contractors to make sure they do their jobs properly. Sort of like a clerk of the works. Sue is employed in the Psychological Clinic.

This was Greg and Sue’s seventh visit to Key West and their fourth Fantasy Fest.

All four were walking later in the day in the Masquerade Parade.

Nice people! Key West types! Locals to be!

I hope they keep in touch. I am sure they will. And we will be visitng together again on their next visit.

I needed a pedicure. It was over to Lee Nails. Good luck! The place was packed! Tammy asked me to return tomorrow.

The Masquerade Parade was fun! I did not march. Never have. Some year I must.

I watched the parade on Fleming Street. Walked around a bit. Popped into a couple of house parties and watched from the porches.

Great costumes! Happy people! Everyone waving! No rowdiness! Of course, it was only five o’clock!

After the parade passed me by, I headed for Duval.

The key spot for merriment from my perspective on friday night is the corner where 801 and the Bourbon Street Pub sit. Kiddy corner from each other.

Both are gay estgablishments. Drag queens abound. Tourists and locals packed into the intersection like sardines.

There is a scaffold. Two stories high. In the middle of the intersection. Music on top. At least one guy in leather pants with his butt exposed at all times. Bare breasted ladies climbing the scaffold to dance on top.

A place to stand and watch. Which is what I did.

Then I returned home to bed. Before 8! It had been a full day for me!

This is the big night! The parade! The Captain Morgan Fantasy Fest Parade. Sixty thousand to 80,000 people will line Duval watching the parade. I am amazed every year that the island does not sink! I also wonder every year where they all sleep! There is not enough room in Key West for all of them!

My friend Howard Livingston has the honor of being the Grand Marshall of the parade. He will be on the first float with his Mile Marker 24 band. I recall 4 years ago when Howard put his own float together for the parade. He asked me to be on it. I was thrilled.

Howard was relatively new to his musical career at the time. Not everyone was aware of him. My recollection is that our float was # 57 out of 64 that night. No respect. By the time we started into the parade, some floats had already finished the parade.

Four years later Howard is numero uno on the #1 float!

Go Howard!

Enjoy your day!

Radio show this morning!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour!

10 am.

Listen in on KONK 1500 AM radio through out the keys and Havana, Cuba. Better yet, watch and listen on the internet world wide at

Stimulating topics! One on Social Security that hits you right in the face! A mortgage foreclosure issue no one is talking about. Another Terri Whie success. Virginia weird dumb laws, a walk back in history with Theodore Roosevelt, the funny dumb lawsuit of the week, civilian cops and corporately employed soldiers, quotes by famous persons regarding banks, Thomas Jefferson’s take on banks, an Arizona update, and more.

Yesterday was costume day at Montessori. Robert’s class was required to dress as some historical figure that the student admired. Robert opted to be Theodore Roosevelt. Ally’s class merely dressed. Ally was a pink power ranger. A very cute one!

Robert selected Teddy Roosevelt because he had studied him in class. As Robert told me, Roosevelt was a conservationist and wanted to save the earth. I want to saved the earth, said Robert. So Roosevelt it was!

Lisa showed me a picture of Robert costumed on her cell phone when we had lunch together yesterday. Robert was Teddy Roosevelt! Hat, glasses. Even a moustache! Terrific!

Last night was one of those nights of nights at Fantasy Fest. Much going on. The best was of the best was Pretenders and Toga Party.

Pretenders each year is at the Pier House. A stage on the beach. Thousansds of people. Beads galore. Contestants wearing huge tall headpieces. Like 10 feet and better! Great music!

What made it especially good this year were the two hostesses. The lovely and vivacious Kathleen Peace. And the charming and beautiful Jenna Stauffer. A winning duo! The pefect combination for a premier event.

Then it was to the street for the down and dirty. Toga party time!

Toga Party is an annual event also. It is held inside Sloppy Joe’s. Impossible to get in. The place is jam packed early. The party overflows into the street. Duval. Jammed also. Just a little room to move about.

I did the street action. Watched, that is.

No toga. Just me and my shorts and a tee shirt. I am a voyeur, not a participant.

The females were extremely attractive in their togas. Scanty and skimpy.

Negotiations were on going. The men want the ladies to bare their breasts for a peek. Also their privates and butts. Beads are offered. The women set the price. Two for a breast peek, more for privates and so on. Once the price has been determined, a quick flash!

Such negotiations were ongoing all over the place all night
An adult party! All in good fun!

One of the big events today is the Masquerade Parade. An annual event. It starts at 5 pm. Everyone dresses in costume. The parade starts from the cemetary entrance. Two different routes. Stops at guest houses along the way for refreshment. Parties in private homes along the way. People on their porches drinking and watching. Everyone having a good time!

I have the radio show at 10. Babysitting at 11. The grandkids do not have school. Later I will be out on the street enjoying more of Fantasy Fest!

Enjoy your day!

Good morning!

Another lovely Key West day in the making!

I played golf yesterday morning. A disaster!

The best description of my game is what occurred on the very first hole on the first tee with my first shot. My drive. I did not even make the ladies’ tee!

I was the big loser, of course. $14.

Played with Rob who bartends at Don’s place, Mike who bartends at Schooner’s Wharf and Yankee Jack who sings at the Bull. Mike was the big winner. $23.

It was hot! I got tired! Not an excuse. Just a recitatation of the facts. After golf, I hurried home and napped most of the afternoon.

Dinner last night was at the Yacht Club. With Marty and Kurt. A good time.

Afterwards, we sent over to the Bottle Cap. It was wednesday. And wednesday is the Larry Smith variety show which is broadcast radiowise at KONK 1500 AM and ustreamed over the internet worldwide at

Great show! The best yet!

Larry was into a halloween frame of mind. He was wearing a bright orange beret with a tiny green stalk on top. Jenna was excellent and lovely to boot. A true professional. Alec did his usual great stuff.

And then there was Petra. Petra is a diamond in the rough. A talent in disguise. A blossoming flower. Cute. Petite. Formerly of the Czech Republic. A developing talent!

Tino and Maria are back! They have returned to Key West from Chicago for several months. I ran into them at Larry’s show. Love them both!

Tonight is the best evening of Fantasy Fest from my perspective. The best of the ten day event.

Tonight…..Pretenders! At the Pier House. The classiest show of the evening…..of the week! Don’t miss it! You will be cheating yourself if you do. Larry, Kathleen and Jenna are hosting the event. Howard Livingston is involved. Plus a spectacular and colorful show.

Then there is the street. Sloppy Joe’s. Tonight is Toga Party!

When I went to college, the kids neither knew nor had toga parties. Tonight Sloppy’s and the street in front of Sloppy’s will be replete with males and females attired in nothing more than a white sheet of sorts. Some a bit skimpy.

The toga party is an adult one. The ladies show their wares for a bead or two. So disgusting! Not really! A sight to behold! A voyeur’s paradise!

Further down Duval, Cowboy Bill’s is sponsoring a wet t-shirt contest. Speaks for itself!

It is like March Madness. I call it Fantasy Fest madness!

Enjoy your day!

It rained yesterday morning. Heavy. Unusually heavy. The rain was different in two fashions from previous downpours.

First, it was prolonged. Started in the night and continued to late morning. Key West is a small island. Generally, a rain storm moves over us rapidly.

The second unusual feature was that it rained straight down. Never rains straight down. Always some manner of sideways. The angle of the rain is caused by the wind. A rain storm in Key West is like a monsoon. The rain blows horizontal. There was no wind yesterday morning.

I spent the day inside. Had to catch up on paper work and started preparing for friday’s radio show, The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

I met Marty at the Chart Room last night.

For all the people in town for Fantasy Fest, the Chart Room was empty. It was Marty, me and Michael the bartender for an hour.

As I was walking to my car to drive to dinner, I ran into Sean and Katherine. Dressed for the occasion. For Fantasy Fest. Terrific costumes.They appeared to be Swiss mountaineers. Sean was in shorts with suspenders and a billowy shirt. Plus an appropriate cap. Katherine was in a fluffy dfress. Slightly short. And one which accentuated her breasts. She looked darling!

I expected them both to start yoddling at any moment!

In my drive to the Chart Room and then to Michael’s, I had occasion to see other Fantasy Fest participants. Last night must have been plaid night. Most of the ladies were wearing short plaid skirts.

Marty and I had dinner at the bar atMichael’s. A good crowd. Emmett bartending.

We stayed a long time. Chatted with Emmett about his Italy trip. Chatted with a couple sitting next to me.

The couple were Mike and Holly Mele from Tampa. Mele is a name I am familiar with. My hometown of Utica had a Mele family. The husband ran a huge successful jewelry box business. Interestingly, Mike knew of the Utica Mele manufacturing business. He had come across the name and its history previously via the internet.

Mike is a commercial realtor in the Tampa area. His specialty is storage units. Those things people rent by the month to store what does not fit in their homes. He said business was especially good this year. I thought to myself it is probably all these mortgage foreclsures which are forcing families out of their homes. They need a place to store their goods as they size down.

Holly does interesting work. She is employed by a company called Tower which is somehow tied into either the drug or MRI industry. She is presently involved in a gout study. Previously she worked on an alzhiemer study.

Her present gout study proved interesting to Marty. He is still suffering from the gout. The pills are not doing it yet.

Mike and Holly haved visited Key West four times previously. They are ardent Fantasy Fest participants. I asked if they would be costumed up at all during the week. Yes. They had brought their costumes to Key West with them. Each would be wearing plaid. Though not last night. They were dressed in typical Key West attire. Tee shirts and shorts. When they do costume up, Holly said she will be wearing a plaid skirt. Short? Yes. Skimpy was the word she used to describe it. Mike said he would be wearing plaid shorts. We never got into length. Who cared!

Golf this morning!

I am anxious. It has been two weeks since I played. The group this morning will be sparse. Don is on his way north to visit his daughter and grandson. Larry has a rehearsal scheduled. He is playing at Pretenders tomorrow night. Kurt was in an automobile accident three weeks ago and hurt his shoulder. He is not healed yet.

Enjoy your day!

Great news!

Donna and Terri telephoned me yesterday. Terri has a new show!

She opens in the spring in Washington, D.C, in Follies. A musical about the Broadway musicals of the 1920s. Terri will be a principal in the show. Which means she has a starring role.

With three other ladies of the theater.

Linda Lavin of TV Alice fame. Bernadette Peters, the diva of the American musical theater. And Elaine Paige. Paige is an English singer and actress who was the first Eva Peron in Evita.

What a group to star with!

Terri White’s story is unique and interesting. Three years ago she was down and out. A homeless person in New York city sleeping on a park bench. Then she was rediscovered. Finian’s Rainbow. Followed by a stint on Broadway in Chicago as Mama Morton.

Go Terri! Continued success!

I was tired yesterday. Stayed in bed till 4. Then had to hurry to the dentist for a 4:30 appoinment. I am heading for some heavy dental work after the first of the year. I am not looking forward to it.

I was tired from my vacation. I was on the go every day all day. Not my style. I like to lay in bed awhile each day. Nap a little.

Dinner with Lisa and the family last night. The best!

I brought presents back for the grandkids from Arizona. Crocs and some other goodies. Robert and Ally were thrilled. I showed them the pictures of my ballon ride and the zoo animals. Really excited them!

Robert lost a tooth during dinner. A baby one. His second. He was excited. Robert considers the loss of his teeth as a rite of passage into manhood. Lisa was excited that I was there to share the experience with Robert.

I met Marty at La Trattoria later in the evening. He ate. I merely had an appetizer.

It was good to be back at an old hunting ground. Sometimes even a week away is too long. I received my usual hug and kiss from Becha. Kathy was bartending. She even kissed me.

Marty has the gout. On medication. He could not drink. Depressing for him.

This is Fantasy Fest week in Key West. No question about it last night. The town is packed. The streets full. Many in special attire. Perhaps lack of attire might better state it. Even the men. Unquestionably an adult party. Thongs prevailed. Male and female. Butts out all over the place. Not all that attractive. As Marty observed, a lot of cellulite out there!

Female breasts were particularly prominent. Some with pasties. Others painted over.

Everyone having a good time!

The amazing thing I have discovered over the years is that many Fantasy Fest visitors are conservative Americans. They come from middle America. Would never dress this way back home. Come to Key West to let it all hang out. Which is precisely what they do!

Enjoy your day!

I am back! In Key West!

A joy!

I had a good time in Phoenix. But there is no place like home!

My morning yesterday started at the Phoenix Airport. I was impressed with everything I saw and experienced in Phoenix. Except for the airport! It is a throwback to the 1950s. Old and worn. Needs updating. Actually some new buildings. A perfect place for some stimulus dollars!

I was afraid I would run into the luggage problem on my return trip. I did!

Just as you can fly Delta out of Key West with only one bag, the rule applies in reverse. You can fly Delta into Key West with only one bag.

I had two bags. Large ones. Not for the compartment above my seat.

I had to go through 3 people before I got resolution.

The first was the red cap checking bags at the curb. He said the computer would not permit two bags. I gave him the stand by routine for the bag. I got a blank stare in return. He said go inside and try the kiosk.

I hate the kiosks. I am too old! Not mechanically inclined! The kiosks intimidate me!

Fortunately there was a Delta attendant at the kiosks. I explained my problem. She tried. Kiosk rejected me. One bag too many.

She said go to the Kiosk Assistance desk. This was new one! I had never heard of a kiosk assistance desk before.

It is like going to the counter to check in. Two places are set aside with signs above the counter reading Kiosk Assistance.

There had to be 200 people waiting in long lines to get to the Delta counter. Immediate depressiion set in. Then I noticed the Kiosk Assistance line had only 6 people in it. Redemption!

The guy at the Kisosk Assistance counter was terrific.

I explained my problem to him in detail. He said no go. Only one bag. That is what the computer says. He claimed he had never heard of a bag going stand by. I rspectfully suggested he research the program. It had to be there. I also lied. I told him the counter person in Key West had told me one of my bags could return stand by.

He took a few minutes. Did his homework. And voila! It was there! My bag could go stand by!

I was happy he found the solution. He was happy he learned something new. He repeatedly thanked me as he did the paperwork for my stand by bag.

The tension drained from my body!

I was seated next to a sailor on the Atlanta to Key West leg of the trip. The sailor was into his 22nd year of service. He is presently stationed in Key West.

We chatted a bit.

I asked him what he thought of Obama. He said he preferred a Republican adminisration. The Republicans did more for the military. Democrats were prone to cut.

I got into don’t ask, don’t tell. He was generally opposed to gays in the military. He described it as a “comfort factor.” Especially when at sea. He explained how tight and close the sleeping situations were.

Corey met me at the Key West airport. It was late. The grandkids were in bed. Corey is a good guy! Good to Lisa and the grandkids. Good to me.

I explained the stand by problem. Low and behold, one of the first bags to come through was my stand by bag! I was relieved.

The Key West air hit me as I walked out the airport doors. Warm solft humidity. I had missed it!

Marty, I am back!

Marty telephoned me while I was on route. Caught me in the Atlanta airport. Where are you? When will you be back?

Tonight Marty! We will be out on the town!

Enjoy your day!

Phoenix vacation over!

It was a good week! I am pleased I did this.

The only thing I did not get to do was play golf. It just did not fit in .

I planned on playing yesterday. Troon North was my choice. If you are going to play, you might as well play one of the best!

Troon North is two courses. Monument and Pinnacle. I searched the internet. Both had available tee times for a single around lunch time. Just what I wanted.

I did not bring clubs with me. Only golf shoes. My intention was to rent clubs. I could not get through to a human voice to find out if any were available. I was concerned that because it was Saturday, clubs might not be available.

I telephoned Troon North. It was like calling the power company, a telephone company or a credit card company. All preprogamed responses. Punch 1 for English, 2 for Spanish. Then more numbers to punch.

I finally got frustrated. Said screw it!

I went to a zoo instead. Trust me, a terrific substitute! A winner!

The Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium. Minutes away from my hotel. Troon North would have been an hour drive each way.

I was a bit upset with the entrance fee. $27.50. A lot of money I thought!

I was wrong! It was worth every penny.

First, I did the fish. Saw more type fish than ever before.

Then the animals! A WOW!

Giraffes, zebras, deer, rhinoceroses, camels, wart hogs, gazelles, antelopes, ostriches, tigers, jaguars, turtles, parrots and more! An experience! The only sadness was that grandkids Robert and Ally were not with me. They would have enjoyed and remembered it all!

I took pictures with my cell phone of most of the animals. I will share them with Robert and Ally when I return.

I was particularly impressed with the giraffes. Tall creatures! Spectators were permitted up a high stand to be eye level with them. And feed them! Yes, feed them! There were coin machines so food could be purchased. You held your hand out and the giraffes licked the food particles off.
I learned giraffes have long tongues. Easily a foot. Their tongues brushed the palm of your hand as they licked up the food morsels. Their tongues are soft and smooth to the touch.

Last night my pattern remained the same as previous evenings. First a movie and then dinner at a steak house. I am a creature of habit when I like something.

On my way back to the hotel after dinner, I passed the local Margaritaville again. The crowd was so large there was a line outside waiting to get in! Wild!

Howard my friend, you’ve got to get into Mile Marker 24 restaurants at some point. People everywhere seem to want a touch of Key West.

Tomorrow’s blog will be from Key West.

Enjoy your day!

Happy Saturday!

It is my last full day in Phoenix. I leave tomorrow to return to Key West.

The vacation has been good so far. I am not bored or restless. But I will be happy to return home.

Miss Lisa and the family. Miss my Key West friends. Robert and Ally are sick. The bug. Missed some school this week. Lisa missed some work. The babysitter is in Phoenix!

I stayed in bed later than normal yesterday. The Sedona trip left me a bit tired.

When I got up, I needed to find a Walgreen’s. I was running out of one of my pills. I had seen a building 3 stops away on the highway running by my hotel. The Walgreen sign stood out on the side of the hideway. I drove over. It was not easy to find once I got off the highway. It was stuck way back behind a series of buildings.

I finally found it. Went in. Not a normal Walgreen’s. Not a drug store. It was a Walgreen’s that sold what might be described as durable medical goods and supplies. Wheelchairs and the like.

I wanted to ask the sole Walgreens’ employee where a for real Walreen’s drug store was located. However, she was too busy. The store was crowded. With old people. Then I realized I am an old people. Probably older than half the people there.

It was scarry. My Walgreen’s next? I hope not! I am happy to remain a drug prescription customer!

The metropolitan Phoenix area has a great highway system. The infrastructure appears relatively new. Well developed. Many aerial loops. Very impressive! Obviously John McCain has obtained many federal dollars for his state.

I enjoy talking with the natives. Whenever I can, I bring up McCain’s name. A waitress, the car man, people in restaurants. He is revered! McCain is a Diety! They cannot understand how he was not elected President. And everyone calls him John!

I did the Spa in the afternoon. An 80 minute massage. Almost fell asleep on the table. The masseuse left me dozing on the table when she was done.

Then a late lunch at the hotel. In its Zen type court yard. The perfect setting following a massage.

I spent the balance of the afternoon sleeping. I collapsed on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The massage had been good for me.

Went to the movies again last night! The fourth movie this week. I rarely get to the movies in Key West. So I have been pigging out.

It was the opening day for Hereafter. A movie about a psychic who can communicate with the dead. The movie starred Matt Damon. He was excellent! It was directed by Clint Eastwood. The pace of the movie can only be described as slow tension. Loved it!

I have always been into the after life. Does it exist? I believe it does. I am confident I will be with my long gone beloved Mother and Grandparents.

John Edward is a psychic of reknown. He wrote a series of several books dealing with Passing Over. I have read all of them. He also had a televsion show for several years. If the subject has any interest for you, read one of his books. You will not be bored.

I had dinner at the bar of a steak house in the commercial piazza afterward. The place was packed! The whole piazza was packed! It was friday night!

I return to Key West tomorrow just in time for Fantasy Fest. It has already started. This weekend is Goombay.

I am rested for the week ahead!

Enjoy your day!

Today is Friday. Friday is radio time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

I am still in Phoenix. Not Key West.

There will still be a radio show, however. A rerun. Listen in. It might be one you missed. KONK 1500 AM radio in the Florida keys. World wide via the internet. Voice only. No picture with a rerun.

Next week I will be back. In the flesh. Voice and picture.

The weather cleared yesterday morning. So I ventured out. To Sedona and the red rock formations. I reserved a jeep trip by phone before I left.

A two hour drive each way. Not bad.

Phoenix is 1,000 feet above sea level. Contrasted with Key West that is zero sea level. Where I was heading, Sedona, is 4,500 feet above sea level.

The altitude/elevation has been bothering me a bit in Phoenix. Ankle swelling has been a problem. I am winded a bit when walking. Everything seems to take effort

My initial thought was that my heart had suddenly taken a step back. Then I realized it was the altitude.

Sedona was even more difficult at 4,500 feet!

Before that however, let me tell you about the drive. Straight up! From 1,000 feet above sea level to 4,500 feet.

Along the way, there are road side signs telling you that you are at 3,000 feet, 3,500 feet, 4,000 feet, etc.

The vegetation changes. I had been forewarned to observe it.

From vegetation of one sort to almost nothing and finally to a heavy different vegetation at the highest levels.

Nature is amazing and surprising!

I arrived in Sedona just in time to hop in the back of an open air jeep. For a two hour exploration.

A rough ride. Especially when we were driving off highway. I was buckled in with a seat belt. Needed the seat belt. Not in case of an accident. Rather to hold me in so I did not fly out.

I also was covered with a blanklet. It was cold! Cold cold! No one had told me that the weather is chilly at that elevaation. I should have thought of it. The natives were dressed for cold weather. Long pants, heavy shirts, jackets and hats. I could have used all of it! I was wearing shorts and a sweat shirt.

Absolutely enjoyed the rock formations! Red sandstone. What words to describe? Difficult. Magnificent? Perhaps. The formations stand tall and proud. They are overwhelming. Sun shining on them dramatic. The thought crossed my mind at one point that this was truly God’s country!

I mentioned earlier that the vegetation was thick and heavy at the highest levels. Many different trees.

One was a cottonwood. Huge. Thick. Reminded me of Key West’s banyan trees. I was told this particular cottonwood was a couple hundred years old. The bark showed it. The tree was standing near Cold Creek. The roots apparently were rooted into the creek. So the tree was well hydrated which I was told contributed to its longevity and size.

Nearby was another cottonwood tree. A much younger one. Its trunk merely 2 inches in diameter.

What a difference two hundred years makes!

The 4,500 feet elevation got to me on occasion. At one point I had to walk 50 feet up an incline. It was red rock. The incline was about 45 degrees. Nature had provided steps in the incline.

The short trip was an effort! My heart was pounding! I thought it was going to happen there! I was going to die. My heart was going to explode.

I made it the short 50 feet to the top. The trip was worth it. The view spectacular. I felt like I was standing next to God. Perhaps I almost did.

After the jeep exploration, I walked Sedona a bit. Not too much. The elevation was still affecting me.

Sedona is a tourist town. No question about it. Boutique stores everywhere selling tee shirts, souveniers, art, etc. An attractive community. Not garrish. I was told code enforcement is strict. Sedona does not even have street lights. The community believes street lights would detract from the natural ambiance of the community. McDonald’s does not have its usual red arches. No arches. And the red of a McDonald’s is a muted forest green.

I had an early dinner at some restaurant on Sedona’s strip. I selected the restaurant based on its proximity to my car. I wanted to walk no further. My car was parked right next to the restaurant.

The retaurant turned out to be a good choice. Excellent food. Better yet, the setting. Behind the restaurant in the distance sat several of the huge red rock formations. The back wall of the restauant was glass window floor to ceiling. I had a great view to go with the excellent meal.

The best thing about the restaurant was that it was heated! I had finaly come out of the cold!

Then a pleasant two hour drive back to my hotel. And bed! I was shot!

Today, What? Golf? I want to play once. But I think my body has been beaten enough. Maybe a health spa day. My hotel has a great spa. I hurried through it the other day to see. Perhaps a massage. Maybe a pedicure. Some reflexology?

As you can see, I am into this vacation thing!

Enjoy your day!