I flew to Washington, DC yesterday. Key West to Atlanta to Washington. Tropical storm Anderea had no effect on the trip. The ride was smooth throughout.

Just as I was getting into the car at Washington-Reagan, it got dark and started to rain big drops. I thought it might be Andrea. It was not. Merely a precursor. Andrea not due till later this afternoon.

The plane trip was different. It was announced several times as we entered that the plane was carrying the body of a deceased Airman. There was an Air Force Major on the plane who was upgraded to first class. He was accompanying the body. He did not want to move. The attendant insisted. She also quietly thanked him for his service to our country.

A strange feeling permeated the plane. There was an unusual silence throughout the flight.

When we landed in Washington, we were asked to remain in our seats till the body was removed. We did and thereafter walked off as if leaving a friend’s wake.

The solemnity of the moment was apparent as we entered the terminal. It seemed as if everyone in the terminal was at our gate. Noses pressed to the window. All quietly watching a group of Airmen lifting their brother into the hearse. Each move a precise measured one.

On the drive to the hotel, I passed by the Holocaust Museum, the Washington Monument, and many federal buildings. I even got a quick look at the White House.

I am staying at the JW Marriott. Not the usual Marriott. This place is first class all the way! The first floor lobby space reminded me of the Waldorf Astoria.

I am on the concierge floor. My first stop. I needed a drink. I stayed and had a couple more. Free. Including some goodies to pick on.

It was late. I was tired. I knew Washington not at all. I decided to stay in and eat in the hotel’s dining room.

I was not really hungry. Ended up ordering a burger, a couple of drinks and a brandy after dinner.

The JW Marriott is a new hotel. It is in the middle of everything. The White House is just around the corner.

This Marriott has amenities I have never before seen.

The refreshment center. We all know what it is. Booze, soda, water, peanuts, etc. Convenient. Extremely expensive. I learned years ago to stay away from them.

This hotel has gone a step further in grabbing you. There is a tray of peanuts, soda and water sitting on the corner of the desk. The bell boy warned me. Move an item and it is automatically billed to your account. Even if you put it back. Same for the items in the refrigerator.

The elevators impressed me. You punch your room number on a large key pad where the elevator bank sits. Same as you did when you wanted an elevator. You pressed the button. Instead here you enter your room number. When you get on the elevator, you press nothing. The elevator automatically takes you to your floor.

The wonders of modern science!

This morning’s news announces that Russia’s Putin and his wife have divorced. After 32 years of marriage. Speculation is there is another lady in Putin’s life and she is pregnant. A wedding is imminent.

Turns out Russia has a high rate of divorce.

I thought how terrible that the head of a nation divorces while in office. Then I discovered it was not uncommon. My friend Silvio Berlusconi did it. So too did France’s Nicolas Sarkozy.

I do not like divorce. I was divorced after 52 years of marriage. I have always and still do consider divorce a blight on our society. There are too many. Even in the United States.

This trip is a trial run for my European one which I will soon undertake.

I was all excited. I was going to use my tablet. First time. I could read the New York Times and Key West Citizen on the plane. I could not. No wi-fi for me. I had a data port. However, I did not know how to get into the tablet’s settings. Sloan will teach me when I return.

I am doing this blog on my laptop which I fortunately also brought. It is already set for the data port.

Show time this morning. The Key West Lou Legal hour. A recording of a past show will be aired. Comcast Channel 87, U-Verse Channel 19, and www.weyw19.com. Watch the show. You may not have seen it before. I am going to watch. I rarely get an opportunity to view the show.

Enjoy your day!



2 comments on “I BEAT ANDREA

  1. Lou, if you have a tablet, you should have wifi. The Marriott should have wifi for guests. You may have to pay a bit but it’s worth it. They may also have free wifi. I’m sure they can show you how to hook up your tablet to wifi.

    DC is a beautiful city. You can feel the power and energy all around! If you get a chance, check out the Old Ebbitt Grill for lunch or dinner. http://www.ebbitt.com/
    It’s across the street from the Treasury Department building and not far from the White House.
    We always make it a point to have lunch or dinner there.The food is always good and you may just run into some high powered politicians around the bar. Certainly would make for some spirited conversation!!
    Finally if you take the Metro around town, which is very easy to do, just be aware that they shut down around midnight or so. I don’t recall the exact time but you don’t want to get stuck going somewhere and then finding out the Metro is not running until the morning. Sometimes cabs are hard to come by late at night. Have fun!! John

  2. Don’t miss the US Botanical Garden at 100 Maryland Avenue near the Capitol. It is really neat and will remind you of Key West in parts. Best of all it is all free.

    You may also want to venture out of DC and head into Virginia to Mount Vernon, George’s estate and resting place. I am sure the concierge at the JW could set you up with a trip. The estate is amazing and huge and the trip along the Potomac be it by car or better boat is great and scenic.

    If you don;t want to go that far into Virginia a trip to Arlington National Cemetery is extremely important. Especially given your experience on the airplane. I don’t know if you have ever been present for a Full Honors military funeral there but let me tell you they do it right. I have many retired military friends headed there who actually are looking forward to the ceremony believe it or not, if even watched from above.

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