Jesus was rejected in his hometown Nazareth. Which lead Him to say: “Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown.” Luke 4:24.

Mikhail Gorbachev died yesterday at 91. The last leader of the Soviet Union.

It was 1991. The two great powers were the Soviet Union and the United States. The Soviet Union the recognized bad guy world wide. Possessor of nuclear and other weapons of destruction in large supply. The world had constantly been on the threshold of nuclear conflict since the end of World War II.

Gorbachev’s vision of the world was different from that of his predecessors. He had a concern for what would occur in the event of a nuclear conflict. His aim was to lessen the confrontation…..for every nation’s good.

The Soviet Union consisted of 15 separate nations. Except for Russia itself, all were quietly supportive of Gorbachev’s peaceful approach.

Gorbachev unleashed a breathtaking series of changes which led to the collapse of Communism, break up of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

The Soviet Union’s collapse was swift. Humiliating, also. A coup against Gorbachev occurred in August 1991. It failed. Simultaneously, the 15 nation Soviet bloc began to break up. Republic after republic withdrew. Four months following the coup attempt, Gorbachev resigned on December 25, 1991. The next day, the Soviet Union ceased to exist.

The Soviet nuclear and military arsenal ended up primarily in the hands of the republic of Russia.

Gorbachev’s primary motivation in how he handled things was to save the Soviet nation members, Europe, and the world from nuclear devastation. He succeeded.

Gorbachev received the Nobel Peace Prize for his successful effort.

Again, Gorbachev achieved hero status worldwide, except for Russia where he was despised and continued to be so till his death yesterday.

It took a long time of persons for color to achieve success in the U.S. modeling field. Nigeria had a similar problem.

Nigeria is an African nation with a primary black population. Whites however have been successful as models. Every white model took the place of what could have been a black one. A growing unhappiness by black models grew.

The situation recently reached its apex. Reverse discrimination. Nigeria banned white models from appearing in commercials in the name of “developing local talent” and supporting “inclusive growth.”

Artemis I’s launch has been rescheduled to saturday. Hopefully it will be able to be successfully launched at that time.

The Chart Room group of which I was a part had a good 20 year run. One of its members was Peter, aka English Peter, British Peter, Captain Peter. Peter was British born and raised. Came to the U.S. as a young man. Joined the U.S. Army and fought in Korea. Became a U.S. citizen.

Peter looked British. White hair, white mustache. Clearly spoken, his British accent obvious.

Steve Thompson wrote of Perter.

English Peter was a good friend to everyone. He sold sailboat rides and any waterfront fun.

His home was a classic Herreshoff and he lived there for years. We used to worry about him after too many beers so he sold the boat and moved into his van. Hung out at Fort Zach and just sat on his can.

He now lives in Melbourne. We saw him last week. He bought a nice little house and keeps it neat. He said tell everybody at the Chart Room to come. I have a guest room and they’re all welcome.

I normally get a pedicure every 2-3 weeks. Due to the right foot swelling, it has been well over 2 months since my last pedicure. I decided the swelling was down sufficiently so I could get one yesterday. My ankle was down to a size equivalent to 3/4s of a softball. Great progress! At the beginning, it was larger than 2 softballs.

So it was a pedicure and manicure with Tammy.

A foot and lower leg massage included in the process. When the pedicure was complete, I notice the croc slipped on easily. The massage had reduced the swelling about 1/4 of an inch. The quarter inch still gone this morning.

A big deal!

Treated myself to lunch at Harpoon Harry’s afterwards. Enjoyed the lasagna special. First time. Absolutely fantastic! I know good from bad. My Italian nature. So good I recommend it. The special every tuesday.

A special breakfast later this morning. At 11. With Cheryl Keast.

A 20 year friend. Cheryl and her husband Roger originally from Kankakee, Illinois. Roger an electrical contractor. Roger died several months ago.

They were snowbirds. Traveled the world in between Key West visits.

Due to Covid, I have not seen them for 3-4 years.

Cheryl is on a trip visiting places that she and Roger did. She carries with her his ashes.

She is only in Key West for 4 days. She has been stopping at all their haunts and leaving Roger’s ashes. Some in the ocean, some on land where water not available. She has already made the distribution in at least a dozen places.

We are breakfasting at Harpoon Harry’s. Her choice. One of Roger’s favorite places.

Enjoy your day!


Football and golf are daily news events. Both part of the American scene. College football begins this week. Professional football ready to go. Professional golf completed its 2021-2022 season sunday. The controversy involving the new Saudi league continues to be a daily news item.

There was a time when football and golf experienced what might be described as special newsworthy periods of time.

For football, it was 1905. Injuries a concern. As brain injuries are today.

College football the problem. The game had become so brutal that more than 100 student players  had died. College Presidents were disbanding teams. Several state legislatures were giving serious considerations to making football illegal.

In October 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt convened an urgent summit meeting at the White House. Roosevelt was a football fan. Nevertheless he had a harsh message for the men who ruled the game. If they didn’t change the rules to make football safer, he might have no choice but to ban it.

His call for reform resulted in the formation of a new rules committee. One committee member suggested an idea long advocated by legendary coach John Heisman: Legalize the forward pass. He thought such would open up the game, reducing mass collisions in the middle of the field.

The idea was not met with favor. The New York Times called the idea “radical.” However the concept was voted upon favorably to be tested in the 1906 season. Other rule changes outlawed holding, unnecessary roughness, and required a team to gain 10 yards instead of 5 for a first down.

The new rules, especially the pass, made the game safer and interestingly more popular.

Though permitting the forward pass, the new rules heavily restricted its use. The ball could not be passed within 5 yards of center, it could not be passed to a receiver in the end zone, and an incomplete pass automatically resulted in the other team gaining possession of the ball.

Way back in the 1300’s and 1400’s, golf and soccer were popular sports. British and Scottish kings were opposed. The sports were banned. English King Edward II banned soccer in 1314: “We command and forbid…..on pain of imprisonment, such game to be used. In 1491 Scottish King James IV issued this decree: “It is statute and ordained that in no place of the Realme there be use Fute-ball, Golf, or uther unprofitable sports.”

Why were golf , soccer and “uther” sports so unpopular with the Kings? It had to do with defense.

The Kings considered them “unprofitable” because they were distracting men from archery practice, which was essential to the defense of their countries. Without a populace of trained archers, the Kings could not raise effective armies in times of crisis.

The laws were as effective as modern day prohibition ones. The passion of men for the sports was so great the laws were ignored. Golf and soccer continued to thrive.

Enjoy your day!



America excited! Returning to space!

Artemis I was to launch from Cape Canaveral this morning. Mechanical problems caused the flight to be cancelled. The flight has been rescheduled to friday or monday. Which day yet to be decided.

No reason to be disappointed. Better safe than sorry. Artemis is a multi billion dollar undertaking. Thirty two stories high. Though crewless for this its initial flight, explosion damage could extend for miles. Who knows how many might be killed or injured.

Explosions always a possibility. I recall 36 years ago on January 28, 1986. Space Shuttle Challenger launched. Seventy three seconds into the flight, it exploded. All 7 crew members were killed.

Great golf yesterday! The final round of the Fed Ex Cup. The winner to receive $18 million.

Rory McIlroy beat Scottie Scheffler by one stroke. McIlroy was 6 strokes behind Scheffler at the start of the round. He bogied the first hole. Persevered, however. Went on to win in a dynamic match.

McIlroy’s play even more interesting. The coming from behind to win on the last day part of it. On the first hole the first day, McIlroy triple bogied the first hole. Bogied the second hole.

Treated myself to dinner afterwards. Hogfish. Crowd so so.

Steve Thompson wrote about the Thorntons and Hurricane Irma. The Thornton home in Birmingham became the safety haven for 5 Key Westers during Irma.

Jean and Joe Thornton live in Birmingham. They come to Key West whenever they can.

I heard a story about them I would like to share.

It was just before the hurricane Irma scare. The Keys issued a mandatory evacuation. Many old Conchs say that doesn’t apply to them.

A friend from the Chart Room said it came up so fast there was no time to prepare and he wouldn’t last. So he headed to the mainland and rented a room, hoping to be home soon. The phone almost immediately rang and once again…..mandatory evacuation.

He headed north with half of Florida and every place was packed. He had to keep driving, there was no turning back. He called Jean and she said come. We’re having a hurricane party and it will be fun.

He said he was welcomed with love and open arms. He will never forget their hospitality and charms. 

Jean was involved with Mel ‘s Treasure Salvors since the mother lode. She personally found some of the first gold.

Ernest Hemingway is often quoted. His words fit many present day persons and situations. Here is one that fits the Donald: “You can wipe out your opponents. But if you do it unjustly, you become eligible for being wiped out yourself.”

Enjoy your day!





The Reach is one of Key West’s outstanding hotels. It porch dining sits on the best hotel beach in Key West. A jewel unto itself.

Steve Thompson describes the area in the 1970’s when no hotel sat there. It was mere sand, a beach. Known to residents at the time as the Sands.

At the south end of Simonton was the perfect spot. Stored the hobie and sailboard and hung out there a lot. We had no idea how good we had it. We all just took it for granted. The Catholic Church owned it and beer was a buck. When they sold it, it really did suck. Everyone went to Sands Beach. Now it’s a huge hotel called the Reach.

I chanced upon a love comment yesterday I had not read in years. Soul searching food for thought: ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

There is a sadness attached to the statement also. When love does not reoccur a second time, the loneliness is a never ending abyss.

Today a significant one in the annals of civil rights history. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I have A Dream” speech at the March in Washington while standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

When is the fetus a person? Today science, politics and religion clash over the issue. Answers many. Conception, fertilization (can be number of days or weeks issue), hint of a heart beat, and the ability of the fetus to survive outside the womb with the help of technology.

The law of a particular state depends on one of the answers.

How the law has changed!

When I began practicing law in New York in 1960, a fetus was not a person till born. Proof of birth was required. Like crying.

Abortion was a crime at the time. Not because abortion was the killing of a person. Rather because it was a dangerous physical assault on the body of the mother.

I enjoy Bess Levin’s writings. She calls them as she sees them without hesitation. Her 8/25 article in Vanity Fair re Biden’s Executive Order re college loans an example. The substance of the writing involved Donald Trump Jr.’s comments. The article appropriately titled: Don Jr., Born With a Silver Spoon in His Ass, Doesn’t Like Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan.

Enjoy your Sunday!




Associate Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is back in the news again. The Trump nominee who turned her back on American women by voting for the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

People of Praise is a whacked out far right religious group. Barrett and her husband have been members. May still be. Though Justice Amy conveniently formally withdrew from the organization when she was under scrutiny for her seat on the Circuit Court. She denied involvement in the group during her Senate confirmation hearing. Her questioning when seeking approval for the Supreme Court was limited in that regard.

People of Praise is celebrating its 50th anniversary. At a celebratory event, one of the attendees sneaked videoed a talk by Dorothy Ranaghan. Dorothy  is the wife of the group’s founder. Amy’s father had a leadership role in the group.

Yesterday’s The Guardian (8/26) revealed the video’s contents. The article was titled: “Revealed: Leaked Video shows Amy Coney Barrett’s Secret Faith Group Drove Women To Tears.”

The Guardian article spelled out People of Praise requires “complete obedience of women to their husbands…..roles of men and women…..men considered divinely ordained as the ‘head’ of the family and ‘dominant to woman.”’

Additionally, men “making all decisions about finances and dating relationships,” embracing “traditions like encouraging members to speak in tongues, and performing exorcisms.”

Barrett has never disclosed or discussed her membership in the Christian sect. She claims “she is a faithful Catholic whose religious beliefs would not bear in the the discharge of my duties as a judge.”

I merely share the bones of Barrett’s People of Praise involvement/leanings. There is much meat. I wrote a detailed specific blog 9/27/20 titled: “Wives Have To Obey Husband’s In Everything.” If you have further interest in Barrett and the group, I recommend the blog to you.

I wrote the blog at the time of Trump’s nomination of Barrett to the Supreme Court. One line reads: “With her nomination to the Supreme Court, Trump has set the Court on a path unhealthy for America. She will lead the Court in destroying the basic freedoms that have taken years to attain.”

Her vote to repeal Roe v. Wade supports my statement.

Putin is weakening Russia a step at a time. His invasion of Ukraine the beginning of what in due course may be the end of Putin.

Putin initiated the key elements of the invasion six months ago. Ukrainian leadership and the Ukrainian people have stood tall and are thwarting his efforts. Proof is three fold.

The first is announcement this week that Putin needs more soldiers. He has initiated recruiting for men 18-60 years of age. His desperation obvious when he will take into the military ranks men as old as 60. Recalls Hitler doing the same thing as World War II was ending. He took them young and old.

A food shortage is growing in Russia. The people will only experience such a condition so long.

Finally, the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. Located in Ukraine. It is Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Putin has been shelling it. Threatens to disconnect it. Did briefly. He has reopened 2 of the 6 reactors.

The man is insane! Closing down the reactors will result in leaks. A plume will grow. It swiftly will cover most European countries, if not all. Including Russia.

The radiation will cause physical and other problems for at least a generation.

An example is a case I personally was involved in. A mother came to me with her one year old baby daughter. Beautiful curly haired blond. She was born with her left arm ending above where the elbow would be.

The baby’s father had been in Chernobyl at the time of the massive leak there. Nothing appeared to have happened to him. Years later, he met and married the baby’s mother. The little girl was their first born. The father refused to talk with me. He would not accept responsibility for the deformation.

The medical side was easy. The baby was born 14 years after Chernobyl had occurred. Doctors were aware that male exposure could result in a male’s sperm being affected years later and causing what had occurred to the child.

My problem was imposing legal responsibility of someone or entity that had money to compensate the baby. I put a lot of time into the case. Worked with legal authorities in London and Rome. All to no success.

I had been taught in law school that for every wrong there was a right. This was an instance where such was not true.

I want to stay with Putin and the job he is doing.

Russia was in Afghanistan for a number of years. When Reagan became President, he decided on a path to cause Russia’s defeat in Afghanistan. He increased financial aid and military equipment to the Afghans. He also provided CIA to train Afghans. Though not the sole reason Russia was forced to pull out, Reagan’s assistance was a contributing factor to Russia’s defeat.

Biden is doing the same as regards Ukraine. Biden’s assistance parallels what Reagan did in Afghanistan.

The Department of Justice Affidavit was released yesterday. Redacted big time. Redactions approved by the Court.

The news was replete yesterday and continues today. The only observation I wish to make involves the delay in the Affidavit being published. It was due by Court order yesterday no later than noon. Noon came and went. No redacted affidavit. Turns out the demand to DOJ for a copy so overwhelming that the computer involved failed.

Enjoy your day!





Republicans are going crazy over Biden’s Executive Order re student loans. Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin squarely nails their hypocrisy.

Levin’s 8/24 article is titled: The GOP Throws A Hysterical Shit Fit Over Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Targeted At Middle Class. Her opening line says it all: “Yes, the same Republicans who’ve never met a billionaire or corporate entity whose taxes they didn’t want to cut.”

I was out and about a bit yesterday. Foot on the mend. Right ankle less than a soft ball now. Still a ways to go.

At noon, a haircut with Lori. She has been cutting my hair for more than a quarter century. Began when she was a young lady working at the Casa Marina. Now owns her own shop Blown Away on White Street across from Fausto’s.

She mentioned Sally Barnett had died. Like I knew Sally. The name did not ring a bell.

Sally apparently had read about Lori in this blog. Years ago. She became Lori’s customer mentioning that she had heard of Lori in the blog. Sadly, Sally and I never met.

It is amazing how many people became customers of places I mentioned. The Chart Room being another. Many I met. Some became good friends. Sorry I missed Sally. May she rest in peace.

Went out for dinner last night. The new Sally O’Brien’s on Flagler. First time for me.

An Irish restaurant. Same as its Irish predecessor. Cleaned up inside. A total white paint job. Outside the same. The crowd inside the same. Working class locals. Menu the same, though shorter. Corned beef and Irish breakfast basics.

I ordered liver and onions. That is why I went last night. I had a craving. My mother use to occasionally cook liver and onions. I developed a taste for it.

The meal absolutely delicious! Everything I expected. The liver juicy and tasty. For those who enjoy liver occasionally, order it. For those who dislike, go for the corned beef and cabbage.

The more I read Steve Thompson’s writings, the more I realize the Key West I missed. The ’70’s were the real Key West. Its memory continues to attract people to our island.

Steve wrote about Vaughan. Never met him and probably never will. I share Vaughan’s story with you.

As Steve began, Vaughan Cochran was one of the first people he met. And probably the most talented. Helped open the Lantern Inn on Stock Island in ’73. He was an artist, a musician, and made first class pottery.

They had the best music at Lantern by far. From Jimmy Buffett to Gove on guitar. They were open till four every night. Everyone was there, what a sight.

Vaughan played the banjo, washboard and the ukulele at the Chart Room. Met Jerry Jeff Walker and Jimmy there in ’72. Fingers Taylor and Vaughan were the original Coral Reefers band. I sure wish I was at the Chart Room when those guys jammed.

I started to think there was nothing this guy couldn’t do. He and Don Beebe built my back steps too.

Vaughan was a master fly fisherman and guide in the Keys. He opened fishing stores in Mexico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and Belize. Vaughan excelled in more professions than anyone I’ve ever seen. He now owns “Blackfly,” one of the best restaurants in St. Augustine.

An exciting day ahead. The release of the redacted affidavit in the Mar-a-Lago search. I am anxious to read it. Will it provide substance or merely in its redacted form be of little present value?

Enjoy your day!


I have said and written many times over the years that the Key West of today would not exist were it not for David Wolkowsky. I doubt any would disagree.

Steve Thompson’s recent batch of writings makes mention of David. Steve and Cindy knew David way back when and until David’s passing a few years ago.

Steve wrote…..I pulled into the Pier House at 4 am in ’73. I was tired and I could hardly see. A guy named David was working the front desk. I told him a single room. I just needed some rest.

He said $42 was as low as he could go.. I thought he sounded snobby. I said no. He said ok, I have a room for $25 a night. I told him that would work, it sounded right.

I found out later he wasn’t a snob, he just sounded like one. And the odds he would lose a customer at that hour was not acceptable to him.

David Wolkowsky was an architect, a hotelier, and an entrepreneur. He never slowed down. He was always in high gear.

David had a private island called Ballast Key. He gave it to us for the weekend for our 10th anniversary.

In 1990, he had a penthouse above Margaritaville on Duval. He said Cindy was there to help whenever he would call.

David played a big part in the Key West building boom. Buildings all over the island. The most important, the Chart Room.

Leaving Steve and David, we move on to teachers in the Florida school system today. A despicable situation exists.

Florida schools opened this month. Short 4,000 teachers.

Two reasons.

The first are salaries. Starting salary is $44,040. Average salary is $51,009. The average salary especially shocking when one is aware the living wage in Florida is $49,625.

The other problem is the DeSantis inspired political atmosphere. School boards and teachers are constantly under attack.

A Mickey Mantle baseball card is under auction. It is anticipated the card could bring $10 million. It is in mint condition. If it does sell for $10 million, it would be the most expensive card sold to date.

The auction ends 8/27. The most recent bid $6.5 million.

My father was a baseball card collector and trader. He had 4 shoe boxes full of cards. As he got older, he was trading with grammar and high school kids. Never for money. Pure card for card trading.

Dad died at 98. He gave up the trading in his 70’s. He gave his entire co0llectoion to one of the young boys he had been trading with.

we are all aware art is generally auctioned. Rare written documents also. A rare original copy of the  United States Constitution was sold last year at auction for $43 million. “Rare” means more than one copy exists. it is believed a dozen copies of the Constitution exist.

Russia is failing in the war against Ukraine. An excuse was given yesterday as to why: “We’re failing on purpose!”

The Kremlin’s military chief admitted Russia has “slowed” its war with Ukraine, but claims it’s all part of a “kind hearted plan.” The reason: To avoid civilian casualties which he said was slowing down their progress.

Bullshit! Typical of authoritarians and authoritarian regimes. They all lie. The facts speak for themselves. Putin has bombed a maternity hospital, playgrounds, theaters clearly marked as safeguarding children, apartment buildings, a shopping mall, etc.

Busy morning. Doctor appointment and visit with Lori for a haircut.

Enjoy your day!



The primaries and certain early elections are behind us. We now know who will be running against whom in the elections themselves. The battle is on!

There were also a handful for final type elections themselves yesterday. Democrats seemed to have fared well. Abortion was a deciding influence in certain of them.

May the best candidates win. From my perspective, it means the Democrats.

Biden will be announcing his decision re student debt forgiveness today. Word is he supports a $10,000 forgiveness for those earning less than $125,000. Schumer has pushed for a $50,000 forgiveness.

I have written several times over the years re college debt. It was obvious early on that the program was a failure. More pain than good.

The kids were not the winners. Greed was. Everyone but students benefitted. Even the federal government got a piece of the pie. Universities and banks ate big time. The universities raised tuition, room and board, etc. easily and frequently. The bigger the loan, the more the banks made.

Everyone benefitted, but the students in the final analysis.

Some borrowed into the six figures. Required a lifetime to pay back. They are still paying back. A legalized rip off.

Many are quick to blame the students. Not I. They were young and stupid. Unaware of the ways of the world. Borrowing easy. Payback difficult and in many instances impossible. They were hoodwinked by the schools they attended, the banks and the government.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis is as bad as Trump. Perhaps worse. An example is the Office of Election Crimes and Security he created.

DeSantis announced his creation had caught 20 illegal voters. Florida has 11 million voters. A minuscule number apprehended.

The “election police” has an operating budget of $24.3 million. Eleven caught. Good job Governor!

I knew nothing about turtles till I moved to Key West. Over 30 years, I have learned much. And continue to learn.

The most recent information involves turtle gender.

The birth of female turtles is outpacing males. The reason involves heat/temperature. Turtle eggs are buried by the mother beneath the sand on beaches, where they eventually hatch. Temperatures, especially summer ones, have been increasing in Florida. Ergo the beaches are warmer.

Females are produced at 31 degrees Celsius, males below 28 degrees.

We live and learn.

Hurricane Andrew hit Florida this day in 1992. Homestead was destroyed.

Three weeks after Andrew struck, I was driving to Key West from Miami. The trip took me through Homestead. I had never seen such devastation first hand in my life. As far as the eye could see in every direction, the town was flat. A total wipe out. It was as if an atomic bomb had been dropped.

The end of August is approaching. Not even a hint of a  hurricane yet this season. Highly unusual. May it continue to be so.

Terri Johnston was elected Mayor of Key West yesterday. Her third consecutive victory. She deserved reelection. Works hard. Generally gets results, though not all the time

This morning’s Citizens’ Voice had an interesting comment. So true: “The city and county commissions kicked the affordable housing can down the road so long that we’ve already lost an estimated 40 percent of the service workers. Demolish trailer parks there goes another 20 percent. This time next year, visitors will be making their own mojitos and making their own hotel beds.”

On this day in 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted. Pompeii and Herculaneum buried. Twenty thousand killed.

Very little of Pompeii has been uncovered.

I was exposed to excavations frequently on my Greece trips. Especially, Athens. Digging everywhere. Homes, rooms, etc. becoming apparent. I recall having lunch in Playka one day. Behind me was an ongoing excavation. Interesting. Whole living areas 20 feet below the surface.

I came across an interesting Herman Melville quote in my readings yesterday.

Early on, I learned that in order to be a winner you must first be a loser. Applied when I was young and getting into sports. Applied to my very early career as a lawyer. I lost 12 of my first 13 cases. All small. However, important to my client as well as me.

I learned well and went on to be a highly successful trial lawyer.

Herman Melville wrote, “He who has never failed somewhere, that man cannot be great.”

Enjoy your day!




In recent years, every election day has been termed the most important ever. And so they have been. As our nation divides, voting has become the most important weapon short of civil war by which we define ourselves as a people.

So be sure you vote this primary day. Every office from the highest down to local school board elections are of vital importance.

The Monroe County Commission has approved a $100 million airport expansion to the Key West Airport. I hope it is enough money. Improvement to the airport is needed big time.

I have lived in Key West some 30 years. There have been several airport expansions. Each not enough. The County has the habit of only improving the airport to make it current. Bring it up to date. No concern is ever given to the natural growth an airport experiences. As a result, we have been left each time with a soon overcrowded too small facility. $100 million sounds like a lot of money. The question however is it enough so 5-10 years from now we will not be experiencing the too small squeeze again.

Womenfest is coming! Five days with the ladies ruling the roost. Deservedly so. Now more than 20 years old. Lesbians will arrive from all corners of the world. They will party and meet. Key West is happy to welcome them. September 7-11 are the days.

Schooner Wharf remains one of the last vestiges of Key West. Steve Thompson reminds us of its beginnings. A time he experienced.

In the early eighties, a schooner docked in Key west. The perfect place to stop for a rest. The Diamante was really cool. And Paul and Evalena were, too. They said, “Bring your own wine, enjoy it on deck.” They didn’t have their liquor license yet.

They kept spreading out getting bigger each day. And they really cleaned up the area.

There was a time you didn’t go near at night. Unless you wanted to end up in a fight.

For 40 years Schooner Wharf has survived. Good food, good fun, and good music live.

Susan Neill has been a friend more than 20 years. Susan who ran Dr. Michael McIvor’s office. Dr. McIvor was my heart doctor. He passed away a year ago.

Susan became my go to person when I had a strange ache or pain. Always a simple telephone call away. We did dinner together on occasion.

Soon after DR. McIvor died, Susan became seriously ill. All kinds of serious problems at one time. I hurt for her.

She moved to the St. Petersburg area for professional care and to be near her children. We kept in contact via telephone and e-mail.

Then nothing. No response from her. I did not know how to contact her children. This no response began several months ago. I assumed she had died.

Till yesterday. Susan telephoned me. I cried. She was alive and in a rehab facility. Her ailments had significantly minimized themselves. Tears fill my eyes as I share this good tiding with you.

St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church is a significant part of Key West history. St. Mary’s was dedicated on 8/21/1904.

Its educational facility will expand to include a high school. The high school will open August 2023. Initially for its first two years.

Too much money in politics. It corrupts and controls. Contributions become larger each year. On both sides. I have been of the position for years that elections should be publicly financed. Especially federal ones.

In addition to the Supreme Court’s recent abortion ruling, one of the worst was years ago when the Court declared corporations were people. As a result, corporations acquired the ability to contribute financially to elections. Conservative Republicans seem to have the edge in this regard.

The corporate contributions are viewed as “dark money.” The term speaks for itself.

Marble Freedom Trust is a new conservative non-profit corporation. It recently received $1.6 billion from a single donor. The $1.6 billion being the largest single contribution to a politically focused non-profit.

The donor is Bare Seid. Seid is a 90 year old electronic company executive. The $1.6 billion was in the form of corporate stock.

Marble Freedom the recipient is led by Leonard Leo. Leo is Co-Chair of the ultra conservative Federalist Society. Leo will distribute the funds further to candidates, etc.

One of the beauties of this type giving is that Leo’s group is not required to disclose to whom the money is distributed. Why such recipients are referred to as “dark money” groups.

An interesting New York Times Guest Essay today: Ukraine’s Russian ‘Liberators’ Are Seeing That We Live Better Than They Do. The author is the Ukrainian Yegor Firsov. His opening line: “The invaders have seen the reality: The Ukraine’s live better than they do.”

Putin continues to come up looking bad. From the quality of his soldiers and military arsenal to the quality of the the Russian people’s lifestyle. Have to give Putin credit however. He bullshitted the world for years. It took tiny Ukraine to expose Russia’s short comings.

Enjoy your day!


I’m back!

What a wonderful feeling!

A new game plan. The blog will be published daily for 3-4 weeks. Then to podcasting also. Three podcasts a week. One to 3 blogs per week also.

The past 2 months have been hell. I temporarily stopped doing the blog in preparation for my parathyroid surgery in Tampa July 13. Late in June, I fell down the stairs. Fractured 2 vertebrae. Hospital, 4 day stay at Lisa’s, pain for 10 days. The pain excruciating!

The parathyroid surgery went well, except the outcome not as anticipated. Could be some problems down the line.

I was home a week recovering from the surgery when my right ankle swelled to the size of almost 2 soft balls. Pain. As bad as the fractured vertebras. Difficult to walk. A potassium problem. I am on a heavy daily dosage of potassium. It has been a month. Pain and swelling gradually reducing. Swelling down to one soft ball. Pain down to 10 percent. Doctor says another 4 weeks and ankle will be ok.

Whatever, I am finally back! Thrilled!

My maladies kept me confined to home, with few exceptions. Walking and driving next to impossible.

My few home departures revealing. Key West quiet. Duval has many empty stores. Restaurants and bars with limited service. Help the problem.

Hotels expensive. Rediculously so.

Grandson Robert left for college friday. His first classes today at Florida State. Excited! A new world is opening to him. Ally is a high school senior. She begins college next year. Which will mean a whole new world for Lisa and Corey.

Corey spent more than 30 years at Mel Fisher. Corey became a world respected expert re Spanish wrecks and slave ships. He has moved on to another position.

Tom Hambright has been the beloved Monroe County historian for 36 years. He retired. Corey has replaced him as Historian. Corey and Robert starting new careers at the same time.

Many who are not targets of an investigation nevertheless seek to avoid subpoenas. Lindsay Graham being the most recent example. Such should not be the case, especially where the individual is an elected official and not a target. These individuals are taking advantage of the court system and its built in delays to avoid testifying.

The law should be adjusted to prohibit elected officials under such circumstances to avoid giving testimony. The alternative is always available for them to take the Fifth Amendment if they have something to hide.

Formal religion has been on the downslide the past 40 years. Churches consolidating and/or closing. People either practicing religion in their minds and homes or abandoning religion entirely.

People need to believe. In something or someone. It is an inherent need. Trump has replaced God for many. Most of his followers cultists. He is their new God.

God help us.

I went out for the first time in weeks last week. Fran and Tom Dixon were in from Buffalo. We met by prearrangement at the Chart Room. First time in at least a year I was there.

John bartending. Steve Thompson came down when he heard I was in.

It was good to see them. I missed my Chart Room family.

Steve brought with him some notes he has put together regarding Key West in the 1970s. An addition to materials he provided me a yar ago. Great tidbits re Key West. His historical recollections are first hand. He lived them.

I will occasionally share one with you.

Today’s share concerns Mamoo. First time I heard the name. Mamoo a 1970s character.

Mamoo hung out on lower Duval. He was the one always having a ball. He had an Aussie accent and wore a sarong. That’s a skirt from the waist that hangs long. He was always around, he never went far.

He 86ed from Sloppy’s for handstands on the bar. It would have been ok and they wouldn’t care if he only had been wearing underwear.

He came to Steve’s taco stand every day. He wanted his burrito made a certain way. Extra everything with sour cream. A whole half pound with beef and bean. We called it the Mamoo Special and it was a big hit. If you were on Duval in the 70’s, you probably tasted it. That one item turned out to be gold. In all, over a million were sold.

Jean and Joe Thornton are in town. My ankle has prevented me from seeing them yet.

I’ve made it to Geiger Key twice in the last 2 months. Like the place. The setting perfect. Like being in the quiet middle of wetlands.

News reports indicate an extra large influx of Cubans. Most caught and returned. Several of their boats have found a final resting place at Geiger Key’s docks. Why, I don’t know.

They are interesting to see. How people can endanger their lives and those of their families is difficult to understand. Drowning is as certain as reaching the Keys. It is worth a trip to Geiger Key to see the boats. Food for thought in many respects.

Jean Thornton worries about everyone. Like me during my recent days of infirmity.

Captain Peter, aka British Peter, one of her recent concerns. She has telephoned her concerns to me recently via telephone.

Peter supposedly now living in the Melbourne area. Does not answer his phone. Even his family does not know where he is.

Peter is on in his years. I am 87. I would guess he is around my age.

Steve and Cindy Thompson have been in Melbourne this past week. They found Peter. He is ok. Problem is he has a new telephone. He is having difficulty learning how to work it. Sounds like me.

Anyhow, Jean and everyone else happy Peter is alive and well.

A couple of brief comments re Steve and Cindy Thompson. Husband and wife forever.

Steve visited Key West for the first time in 1972. He came down full time in 1974. He lived the Key West life in its hey day. Knew everyone and everyone knew him.

Met and married Cindy. A charming couple even today.

Cindy had her own Key West life. She was Jimmy Buffett’s assistant for 23 years.

So much for my first blog. Hope you enjoyed!