Sheila threw a party to celebrate Peter’s visit to Key West. Yesterday afternoon. At her apartment. An outstanding event!

It was good to see Peter, of course. Captain Peter, English Peter. The same tall distinguished gentleman. White hair and a white tache. British accent, of course.

The food sheila put out was delicious. Or so it appeared. I ate nothing because of my diet. Sheila had a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. She also baked several different deserts. Ask me not what they were. I kept a respectful distance less I be tempted.

The crowd from the Chart Room were there. And a bunch of people I had not met before.

I had a very good time. Stayed about three hours. Thank you, Sheila. Thank you Peter for providing Sheila with a reason to throw a party.

Jean Thornton had been at the party earlier. Jean was the one instrumental in getting Peter back to Key West for a visit. She came down from Birmingham for the party. I missed her. Jean had run off to the burning of the 2014 hurricane flag at Truman waterfront. Each year in which no hurricane has touched Key West, the event takes place. It is conducted by the Conch Republic Navy.

It was 77 degrees yesterday. With a cool chill in the air. Sweater time!

I have to hustle. Two doctor visits today. Blood testing with my internist at 8:30. Visit with my heart doctor at 4:30. In between, a manicure with Tammy.

Seniors should be paid each time they see a doctor. We see them so often. It would be a welcome addition to Social Security.

Enjoy your day!


Captain Peter is back. For a visit, not for good. Even for a few days, we are happy to have him.

Peter moved to Washington or Oregon where he had a home he was renting out. He is back in Key West to visit with friends.

I have not seen Peter yet. However tomorrow night, I will. Sheila is having a big Thanksgiving dinner for those who love Peter. I will be there.

Still cold during the night. Heat again. Only got down to 64, however. Going to 74 today. A warming trend in the making. We should be back to normal in a few days.

I was speaking with someone in Utica yesterday. Utica is in upstate New york. I mentioned how cold it was in Key West, that the temperature had dropped to 57 the night before. I was told in effect to stuff it. It was 17 degrees at the time in Utica.

I was pushing my cart around Publix yesterday. Few shoppers the day after Thanksgiving. Enjoying the emptiness of it. Music was playing. The words came forth….,.I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. Too early!

Syracuse beat Holy Cross last night 72-68. I could not get the game on TV. It was on ESPN3. Michigan tuesday night. Watched Boeheim on a video this morning. His post game interview. He was not happy with the team’s offensive shooting. Especially the three outside men.

Syracuse football this afternoon. I will not be able to watch the last football game of the season. Syracuse’s record does not warrant TV time.

The game is Boston College. At Boston College. For many years, I used traveled to the Boston game in Chestnut Hills. A party weekend. Out on the town friday evening. The game saturday. Home sunday.

Boston College’s stadium is an outdoor one. Open air. Always cold this time of the year Sometimes extremely cold. I used to sit and wonder what the hell I was doing there!

It was the trip. Not the game. The trip was fun.

After the game, we would head into Boston proper. To a place called the Blue Marlin. A casual fish bar restaurant on the water. Actually on Lewis’ Pier. A couple of blocks from South Street Seaport.

Fresh Maine lobsters and fried clams! To die for!

Today ends one of Syracuse’s worst football seasons. There is only one way to go. Up. I feel sorry for the kids who played this year. A dramatically losing season is hard to take. Going into today’s game, Syracuse has won only 2 games.

I spent most of yesterday researching next week’s KONK Life column. I hope to write it today. I decided on a change of pace. The article will be the story of how Venice came to be.

I did not go out last night. The reason my diet. It is easier to eat at home. In a restaurant, there are too many temptations.

Enjoy your day!


It was the dentist at 2 yesterday afternoon. I now have teeth again. Thrilled I am! The best fit ever!

When you get on in years, you will understand.

Had to test the new teeth immediately. A toasted bagel at the Plantation Coffee House. They worked!

I had some time to kill. Checked out the local books for sale. David Sloan is a famous Key West author. I saw his book Quit Your Job And Move to Key West. I read about a third of it before returning the book to its place on the rack. A fine work! It was obvious why Sloan’s writings are highly regarded. Buy the book. You will enjoy.

One of Sloan’s comments in the book…..Key West consumes more alcohol per capita than any city in the U.S. A fair statement. Correct from my perspective. The comment might suggest to some considering retiring to Key West that they should buy a bar rather than
do nothing.

Stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted with Joanie. One of the happiest people I have ever met.

Then to the Chart Room and Emily. I was the first customer. Sheila came in. The three of us commiserated. Peter, aka Captain Peter, has left Key West. After 20 years. He upped and moved to Melbourne. Just like that. A Key west icon. He will be missed.

Had to try the teeth out some more. Stopped at Outback for a prime rib. Everything worked!

You have to appreciate what I have gone through the past three years. These marvels of modern dental science cost me $35,000. I have had one problem after another the first two years. This last visit merely had to do with might be described as a mechanical tune up.

Selena Gomez. I know little about her other than she is a lovely young lady and a star. I read some where yesterday that she is keeping company with pop star Austin Mahone. Gomez is 21, Austin 17. The significant detail in the article was that Mahone lives part time in Key West. I was not aware.

Big game tomorrow night. Syracuse/Duke. This game is similar to the Villanova and Pitt games. A test for Syracuse. The game is at 6:30. I will be watching it at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. With Dan, I hope.

Enjoy your day!



Once you have lived in Key West a few years, you can pretty well predict the weather. Not just by day. By parts of a day, also.

Yesterday however I was wrong! Way off!

The morning had started warm. Then it suddenly got cold and breezy. I predicted it would shortly turn warm again. The weather would sneeze and the tropical sun return.

No one sneezed.

It was cold all day. High probably 70. During the night, the temperature was 62. At the moment it is 63. The high for today is projected at 72 and the low at 63.

I was out last night. Wore long pants and a sweatshirt.

I spent a couple of hours chatting with friend Captain Peter at the bar of the Chart Room. Sheila was leaving as I arrived. Emily bartending.

Peter and I have become bar buddies. Good! It is always a pleasure to chat with Peter.

Peter shared with me two interesting things he observed on tuesday.

Peter spends his days at Fort Zachrey Taylor beach, assuming the weather is good. Tuesday it was. He always sits in the same spot. Everyone knows him.

From his beach perch, he sees can see the length of the beach.

The jelly fish are in. Peter says they are not jelly fish. They are Portuguese Man of Wars. Who am I to argue with him.

The strong wind coming in off the Atlantic has caused the Man of Wars to be thrown up on the beach. There they lie. Even though dead, their tentacles still sting. A poison shoots out.

A tourist decided to pick up one of the Man of Wars. A mistake. Her finger got stung. Then she committed another error. She put her finger in her mouth and tried to suck the pain out. A no no. The poison will cause the mouth to swell. Followed by difficulty in breathing.

As Peter was running to help the woman, one of the park rangers arrived ahead of him. The ranger had a bottle of vinegar. He quickly had the woman fill her mouth with the vinegar. Vinegar prevents and/or reduces the swelling.

The woman walked away A-OK.

Peter made another observation from his beach chair. He saw a young lady walking and running down the beach. NBC TV cameras filming her. The beach had been cleared ahead of her apparently for safety as well as room reasons. Peter was permitted to remain where he was. Someone said he is here every day and is ok.

Sound mysterious? Not really. Peter claims the young lady was Chelsea Clinton. Makes sense if it was. She is a special correspondent for NBC. The only problem is yesterday’s newspaper and other media made no mention of her presence. I telephoned Key West’s great investigative reporter Sean Kinney to see if he knew. He knows everything. No answer. No call back as yet.

Cindy and Steve came into the Chart Room later. Cindy has been Jimmy Buffet’s Key West secretary for years.

She and Steve have recently adopted a dog from the dog pound. Cindy was carrying the dog. She told us it was a rat terrier. It was bigger than normal. A pleasant contented animal. Cindy says since they got their new friend, she has found a couple of dead rats on  her property.

On the way home, I stopped at Outback. Ate a whole meal again. This time lamb chops. I thought I was going to devour the bones, also. I fear I am pushing my luck food wise.

This morning AT 10, my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I have selected some interesting topics for discussion. Listen in and enjoy.

The show is available via television from Key West through the whole of Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide via the internet.

Enjoy your day!





It has been ten days since I ended my diet. Since then I have been extremely careful about what I eat. In reality, I have consumed small portions of this and that. Never anything even close to a meal.

Till last night. I did it big!

A prime rib, baked potato (no butter) and steamed vegetables. No bread. Ate it all! My plate was clean at the end. It was as if I had not eaten in ages.

I was at the bar at Outback.

Renee sat next to me. Originally from Ghana, she now lives in Homestead. She went to college here in Key West for two years. Then elsewhere to get her bachelor degree. Now she is working on her masters via the internet. She works with blood donations in the keys. Brings her to Key West once a week.

Interestingly, she has never given blood. Needles scare her.

I started the evening at Don’s Place. Don, Herschel and Mike there. Nancy came in later on. I was happy to see Mike and Nancy again. About two years ago, they pulled up stakes and returned to Pennsylvania. They are back! Everyone is is thrilled they are!

My next stop was the Chart Room. Captain Peter and Charlotte. The lovely Charlotte from North Carolina that I wrote about a couple of days ago. Even more striking last night! Mary was bartending. Business was slow. The four of us chatted a while.

I did my blog talk radio show earlier this morning. My sixth week. It is a talk show. Not enough people are calling in, however. I end up talking with myself. No fun. I have heard myself before and know what I think.

I can tell there are a number of people listening in. From all over. Even one from Italy and one from South Africa this morning. There are stats on the computer screen providing and updating the information during the show.

Call!!! I feel like a woman waiting for a recent date to call back. Not nice.

A tragedy occurred in Key West sunday. Sailboats were engaged in the annual Wreckers Race. The weather was warm. High 70s. However, there was a strong breeze coming in from the north east. The wind at times gushing 30-35 knots.

The Schooner Hindu is a Key West icon. Seventy five feet. Has the highest mast in Key West. Besides racing, it takes tourists out for sunset cruises.

Hindu’s mast snapped. People were injured. Ambulances all over.

The incident occurred off Fort Zach beach. Captain Peter spends his afternoons at the beach sunning and reading. He was watching the race. He saw the mast snap and fall. Peter is an experienced seaman. He said the gusts were too strong for boats to be out there.

Enjoy your day!



I started coming down to Key West some 25 years ago. Two mainstays then either are or soon will be no more. I refer to Square One Restaurant and Fat Albert.

Square One Restaurant opened its doors about the time I discovered Key West. I became an instant customer. For years as much as 2-3 times a week. In recent years, not so much.

Michael Hayes opened Square One. In Duval Square. The perfect place for a restaurant. You had to look for it.

Michael was the perfect host. Always the gentleman. Tall and thin. His shirts perfectly pressed. He did them himself.

The bartender from almost day one was Patrick Hayes. Also known as Patty Cakes. Patrick knew everyone in Key West. Whenever I was in need of anything, I would ask Patrick. He would tell me who to see.

Patrick and Lisa have a bond. Patrick is Lisa’s best friend.

Square One’s food was great! Always! The service equal to the quality of the food. The restaurant attracted an upscale clientle.

Square One closed last thursday. For all time. The word is Michael sold to Carmelo. Carmelo is an experienced Key West restaurateur. He started the original La Trattore and Virgilio’s.

Whatever you do Michael, I wish you well. Patrick, also.

There is a large white blimp  that hovers over Cudjoe Key. To the left of US 1 going north. It has been there as long as I can remember. Turns out it has been operational for 33 years.

It took years for me to find out what the blimp was for. No one seemed to know. Then I was told it was for Radio Free America to air in Cuba.

Actually, the blimp had a two fold purpose. Beam television freedom type shows to Cuba was one. The other was as a tethered radar station. Generally used in recent times to help interdict drug runners.

The blimp acquired a name along the way. Fat Albert.

We are in an economic crunch. One of the things cut from the federal budget was Fat Albert. As of March 15, it will be no more. Not even to be seen. It will be taken down.

Turns out there were two blimps rather than one. A smaller one. Way up, also. I never saw it. Do not know any one who did.

I will miss Square One. It is another piece of Key West to disappear that will never be replaced. Probably could not be replaced. I will also miss seeing the big white blimp as I drive north on US 1.

My first stop early last night was Don’s Place. Sat and chatted with Herschel quite a while. I enjoy talking with him. He is a political junkie as I am.

David came in for a moment. He has a new dog. Female, 9 months old. She was jumping a bit as young ones are apt to do. David will have her trained shortly and she will be the perfect lady. David is a dog expert.

I stopped at the Chart Room. Captain Peter was there. I spent a couple of hours talking with Peter. Worldly, a knowledgeable man.

I was lucky. Two unusually intelligent people with whom to communicate.

My neighbor Andrew has returned. Andrew owns the MTV home across the water. He has spent the past several months in Switzerland. He called yesterday. We are having dinner together tonight.

Enjoy your day!




I went out last night. A big deal. I have not been going out because of my diet. I am easily tempted. To be near food and drink is difficult.

Jenna was my date.

Just what a 77 year old needs. A 26 year old dinner companion.

We started the evening at the Chart Room. Ran into Captain Peter in the parking lot. A good man.

JJ was bartending. Jean and Joe Thornton were there. Two of the best. Alabama grads. I may watch the game with them Monday night. Told them I am pulling for Notre Dame.

Dinner was at the Hot Tin Roof. Jenna ate. She eats little, however. I had two diet Pepsi’s, a glass of water and a cup of coffee. The company kept me going.

After I dropped Jenna off, I headed over to Don’s Place. I have not been there in five weeks because of the diet. I felt like I had returned home!

Rob and Bebe, Herschel and Erika, and Boomer at the bar. Stayed a brief ten minutes talking with them. Then got out of Dodge fast! I was dying for a drink!

It is amazing! I feel so good this morning. I attribute it to having gone out last night.

Syracuse basketball today at noon. We play South Florida. I will be watching at John’s Big Ten Sports Bar. Only diet Pepsi on the menu for me.

I see in the news this morning that Syracuse is losing its head football coach, Don Marrone. Sad. Don has done a terrific job in returning Syracuse to winning football. Don is going back to professional football. He will be head coach for the Buffalo Bills.

Don of Don’s Place is a Buffalo native and die hard fan. I am confident Don will be happier with Marrone as head coach.

The debt ceiling problem gnaws at me. It should not be a problem. Never was till the Republicans made it one last year.

The Republicans are playing a dangerous game if they shut down the government as threatened. The United States will not be able to pay its bills. Any of its bills. No Social Security checks, no doctors and hospitals being paid via Medicare, no federal salaries, no nothing where federal dollars are involved. Globally their conduct could bring down our economy and that of the world.

Washington mugging the people!

People will go to the streets. There could be riots and the like. I would not expect federal troops to interfere. They are not being paid. Additionally, I cannot conceive of them exercising force against their fellow citizens under the circumstances.

It will not be as after World War I when veterans were protesting in Washington pension problems. They established a tent city. MacArthur went in with federal troops and broke up the demonstration. I have always considered the day to have been a black one in American history.

I am assuming Obama will prevent the debt ceiling crisis by exercising certain never used before Presidential powers under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Enjoy your Sunday!





I cannot diet and visit my usual haunts. The near occasions of sin are food and drink. So, I remain home evenings. My recollection is that last night was the second time in the 35 days I have been dieting that I went out.

I was excited. It was exciting.

The Chart Room was the venue selected. It had not changed. JJ bartending. Dave, Sheila, and Captain Peter in attendance.

I was good. Did not drink nor eat pop corn. Two diet Pepsi’s instead.

Captain Peter never ceases to amaze me. I learned last night he was a bird watcher.

The Captain spoke specifically of two birds. I did not know them. I know nothing about birds. He had sighted one species here in Key West. Another flying in mass over Miami recently. Both totally foreign to Florida.

The birds’ habitat is Labrador. They were far from home. Captain Peter attributes their Florida presence to Hurricane Sandy. Interesting.

Duval Street was packed. Jam packed. Traditionally, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is the busiest for Key West. Come Wednesday morning, there will be no one. You can throw a bowling ball down Duval from one end to the other without hitting any one.

Tomorrow my blog talk radio show! Seven in the morning my time. You can listen and/or call in. The show is quick moving.

This will be show #3. Help me! Not only listen, telephone me from anywhere with a comment or thought. I am going to lead with the fiscal cliff, France trying a 75 per cent tax on its millionaires, and Silvio Burlosconi having to pay his wife $3 million a month. We are not limited. Can talk about any topic you wish.

Those living outside the United States can listen in/participate via Skype.

It may be radio, but a computer is required to join me. It is a radio internet show. Found easily at Click on the second box that appears. The one with the date of the show. Voila, you will be in business!

I plan on going out again tonight. I will cheat, however. Plan on drinking. The game plan is to walk Duval a bit and at midnight watch Sushi come down on the red shoe at the Bourbon Street Pub. If I change my mind and stay in, I will still watch Sushi. CNN carries the drop live each year.

Hillary Clinton. How sad! How terrible! Hope her condition clears up swiftly.

Many were critical of Hillary when she announced she could not testify before the Congressional committee looking into Benghazi because  she had fallen and suffered a concussion. Many thought it was a convenient made up excuse. One of this blog’s loyal readers wrote and referred her malady as an “immaculate concussion.” I must concede, I thought ill of the situation as well. A lesson to be learned. Never jump the gun…..give a person the benefit of the doubt. Not all political figures are the same. Some tell the truth.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve day! Better yet, enjoy this evening!



There is no joy in Mudville. Mighty Casey has struck out!

Famous words now applied by me to football.

There was joy in Mudville yesterday for Syracuse. A poor football team this year. Yet yesterday, Syracuse out did itself! Syracuse beat previously undefeated Louisville 45-26. Fraternity row was jumping last night in celebration.

There was no joy in Mudville for Alabama. #1 in the country! Previously unbeaten! Got their asses whipped by #11 Texas A & M. Jean Thornton threatened suicide. David has not been seen since the game ended.

Today is the start of the Syracuse basketball season. It will be another good year! I am excited. Syracuse plays San Diego State at San Diego. The game will be played on the deck of the USS Midway. San Diego is no soft touch. They won 26 games last year. A West Virginia star transferred and will be starting for San Diego.

Syracuse rarely begins its season against a ranking team. Today’s game should be good.

I spent a significant portion of yesterday reading. Fifty Shades of Grey. Really three volumes. I am into the third volume. The book is a best seller. Receiving much comment, especially from women. I am with holding my thoughts regarding the book till I finish it.

My first stop last night was the Chart Room. Captain Peter at the bar. Always good to be with Peter. A finer person does not exist.

Soon we were joined by Andrea. First time I met her. Peter knew her. She does double duty. Rents scooters and is a concierge.

Andrea was very good company. Intelligent. Piercing. The three of us had an interesting couple of hours.

I then walked over to the Wine Galkley. Figured I would grab a bite to eat and listen to Larry Smith play. While at the bar, I met another interesting lady. Judy. We chatted a bit at the bar. I invited her to join me for dinner. She declined. Already had eaten. Did join me at the table, however.

Judy is from Solon, Ohio. She is a nurse anesthetist. She was in Key West for a medical conference at the Weston and stayed a few extra days. She is the mother of two and grandmother of one

Judy has been visiting Key West at least three times a year since 1993. Loves Larry Smith!

I enjoyed Judy’s company. We had a good time at the Wine Galley.

The author Michael Dennis came in. Judy said that he looked familiar. She remembered him from when he owned a bar on Duval and used to play the piano and sing. A number of years back. She picked up on the familiarity when Larry turned the piano over to Michael. Michael has a unique singing style.

I received a communication from a friend in Paris. He said Paris has not been the same since Stephanie Kaple arrived. She made an impact! Stephanie apparently will be remembered even after she returns to Key West.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Tomorrow is friday. Friday means The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My internet show. World wide. Ten in the morning my time. KONK Broadcasting.

Great topics. Interesting. Some thought provoking. Included tomorrow is the story of a girl raised by monkeys in the Columbian jungles, the United States suing Bank of America for mortgage fraud (about time!), the story of two new Catholic saints who both had ties to my hometown, the first televised Presidential debate, cow manure being used at a Vermont ski resort to generate electricity, an Arizona ski redsort making snow from sewage, the man with size 24 feet, Panama wanting to use the euro as legal tender, a French man who died in bed whose body was not discovered for 15 years, the Miami Archdiocese filing a lawsuit over birth control, and more.

Of course, there will also be comment regarding the Presidential race.

I spent most the day yesterday working on tomorrow’s internet show. I also published a new article to Amazon Kindle: The Popcorn Lung Lawsuit.

I was a babysitter when Robert and Ally got out of school. Picked them up. Always a thrilling experience! Ally was quietly sitting on a bench waiting for me. Robert walked out a few minmutes later. Both could not wait to run over and hug and kiss me. God is good!

We went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Then to the gas station. I was near empty. I asked if either wanted to hold the pump. No. Neither was interested.

Then home to Lisa.

The Chart Room was my first stop last night. Early. Actually before 5. Emily bartending. Still setting up. I do not think I have ever been to the Chart Room that early. Had two drinks and chatted with Emily. I like her.

Emily made fresh popcorn. The best! Buttery and just enough salt.

Since it was so early, I decided to walk Duval a bit. Glad I did. I am a voyeur at heart. I saw enough to satisfy me.

A significant number of women of all ages walking around exposing their breasts. Most were spray painted with a palm tree or bird or what have you. Some of the younger ladies were basically bare ass. A slight thong and painted breasts. Such beauty!Magnificent!

Some men were wandering around with next to nothing on. One was a gentleman easily weighing over 400 pounds. He had a g string type thong on. It barely covered his privates and covered his ass not at all. He was a hit! People were going up to him and putting dollar bills inside the g string.

There was electricity in the air. The crowd was building. The evening would provide a fun time for all involved.

I wanted to sit and watch. I walked myself out on the European trip. I ended up on the second floor of the Bull. On the terrace sitting on a stool. Duval and all its excitement below me. I chatted for a while with a Jersey couple seated next to me. The lady was kind. She had two roses made from palms. She gave me one.

Then to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. On the way, I stopped at the Chart Room for a minute. Saw the lovely Jean Thornton and Captain Peter at the bar. Hellos and hugs exchanged. As I was leaving, I spotted this lanky young man standing at the end of the bar. He was dressed like a Swiss yoddler. The hat and short pants with shoulder straps.

He looked like Sean Kinney. Could not be, however. Sean was in Arkansas for the week. So I walked by and said nothing. It was Sean as I later found out. My apologies Sean for not saying hello. And a chastisement for not saying hello to me!

Dinner was great. I was into my appetizer, when Jean walked in. I invited her to join me for dinner. We had a good time!

Jean was going to at least three Fantasy Fest events after dinner. I went home to bed. I cannot keep up with these young people!

Sandy is with us. Ran over Cuba during the night. Winds all night. Around 30 miles per hour. Dark and overcast this morning. A light rain. The weather the result of Tropical Storm Sandy. Soon to be a #2 hurricane. It will not hit the Florida keys. However, Key West and the rest of Florida will experience adverse weather from Sandy for the next couple of days.

Sandy will not affect Fantasy Fest, unless it pours during the float parade saturday night.

Tonight is Pretenders at the Pier House and Toga Party at Sloppy Joe’s. My favorite Fantasy Fest evening. Especially the Toga Party. It empties into the street. Something to see!

I shall see neither event this evening. There is no bocce scheduled. However, we have a bocce make up game to play. It is being played tonight. Duty ahead of pleasure. I will be at the bocce court instead of on Duval with all the crazies.

Enjoy your day!