Good morning world!

It is still dark outside. I got up earlier than normal this morning.

Humid. More so every day. It is that time.

Yesterday started with a walk. I decided to walk Duval. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and back. Do not be impressed. It is only 20 minutes at a fast clip each way. I jazzed the trip up with ventures onto some of the side streets.

One thing was obvious. Key West has more ice cream stores this year than last. I counted 6. Last year and for many years prior, there were only 2.

Two of the stores sell only gelato, the Italian ice cream.

Some of the new stores are large and in high rent areas. Around $10,000 per month and more. Have to sell a lot of ice cream to pay that kind of rent!

Then it was to the Coffee House. No coffee for me, however. I needed water to cool my body down. Read the newspapers.

I had lunch with Lisa at her home. She goes home for lunch every day. Nice and quiet. No grandkids. Sometime that type solitude is required.

Borders was next on my list. I am reading the new Oprah biography by Kitty Kelley. Unauthorized. No cooperation involved.

So far I am unimpressed.

I have read two of Kelley’s previous works. Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra. Reagan I thought was terrific. Sinatra only so so.

I had a first time experience at Borders. I fell asleep. Sitting in one of those black chairs. While reading Oprah. Slept for about an hour. Head down. Book in lap.

Who is this drunk people probably thought!

No one bothered me. I am a fixture at Borders. Customers think I work there. They ask me directions. The staff treat me like one of the family. Maybe I should move in!

Dinner was at Hogfish alone. Picked up some local weeklies to read.

My dinner was unique!

I am still on a good health kick. Watching my food. Dieting a bit. Needed protein. Wanted to stay away from fried foods.

Hogfish had a fajita special. Chicken and shrimp. Good protein.

I rarely eat fajitas. Last night was the first time I ever ordered one out. Usually I will eat them at Lisa’s.

I ordered the fajita special.

One of the best meals I have ever eaten. What taste!

My Cuban waitress could tell how much I was enjoying the meal. She joked about having prepared it herself for me.

Golf this morning. Good! I have not played in two weeks. Miss it. Love to play. Competence has nothing to do with desire!

Tuesday July 6 is my birthday. I shall be 75. Wow!

I neither feel it nor think I look it. Vanity! The years have been good to me appearance wise. I do tire more easily. Forget why I walk in a room on occasion. Take a lot of pills daily. All part of the aging scenerio. Appearance a different item, however.

James Cagney was a movie star of old. Yankee Doodle Dandy was one of his more memorable flicks. Back in the 1930s he did a gangster movie. He played the bad guy. He had a line…..Live fast, die young and have a good looking corpse!

I have not lived fast. That is why the body is still in good shape. I obviously have not died young. Will I have a good looking corpse? Who cares!

I will be in Utica next tuesday. I am leaving saturday for a week.

So we are celebrating my 75th birthday tonight at Lisa’s. Lisa, Corey, Robert, Ally and me. Dinner, cake and the works! It will be fun! I do not plan on dieting.

Because of the trip to Utica, my radio show this friday and next will not be live. Tapes of previous shows will be rerun. Still listen in. The news and stories remain interesting and exciting, though a week or two old.

I do not know which tapes the station will be running.

This blog will run new every morning, however. The tale of my upstate New York exploits.

Enjoy your day!

A weather man I apparently am not!

I predicted rain yesterday. It did not rain.

Defensively, I might add that my rain prediction was based on the wind blowing from the south. Yesterday morning as I wrote the blog, it was. Then turned around. Noon it switched and came in from the east.

Oh, well.

Syracuse Universtity’s basketball team this past year was the best ever. We may have had more talent on certain teams in the past. And cetain teams did make it to the Final Four. However, this past year’s team had talent, played together and had it all going for them. Most of the time.

A star of this year’s team was Wesley Johnson. He only stayed 2 years at Syracuse. On the bench one year as a transfer. Then played last year. What a player! The star! High scorer!

No more will he be at Syracuse.

He was drafted by Minnesota. # 4 pick overall. Big time! Millions of dollars to sign.

I am happy for him. He is economically sound at a young age. Don’t blame him for going pro for the money.

But…..I think it is wrong for college students to be drafted before they finish school. True, some can’t finish academically. Whatever, there should be some rule that forces them to stay in school 4 years. Life is long. Money gets dissipated. Especially without knowledge or experience as to how to handle it.

Key West has a flagship. The Schooner Western Union. 130 feet long.

The vessel was first launched 71 years ago in Key West. Near where the Pier House sits today.

The boat has history. Laid the first telegraph cable from Key West to Cuba. And later did similar work between Florida and Latin American countries.

Now you can understand where the name Schooner Western Union came from.

The vessel fell into disarray. Needed restoration badly. About $1 million worth.

A group of locals got together to do the restoration. A non profit group was formed. Monies came in from several sources. Ed Swift and Historic Tours of America helped. First State Bank also. Plus grants from other sources.

The restoration is complete. The Schooner Western Union will be relaunched in Key West once again. Tomorrow, in fact. At the Truman Waterfront at 9 am. Attend, if you can. It should be an interesting event.

Guy deBoer is the owner of KONK 1500 AM radio station. My station. Guy sits on the board of the non profit group that directed the restoration. He and his fellow board members are to be congratulated.

Guy is to be complimented for another reason, also. KONK radio just celebrated its first birthday. It is a community radio station heard world wide over the internet. A terrific accomplishment! Just think. My Key West Lou Legal Hour is heard in Canada, Cuba, Mexico, England, South Africa, Greece, Italy and Indonesia, as an example.

A major accomplishment, Guy!

Key West was quiet yesterday. Things will pick up as the weekend approaches. It will be July 4th weekend!

I did the Chart Room last night. Very quiet. I was the only one there when I stopped in for a drink. That is quiet!

Dinner was at the bar at Outback. I am watching my weight. Outback has a 6 ounce sirloin steak with a baked sweet potato and steamed vegetables. Just right for me at this time!

Golf tomorrow morning. I am excited. I could not play last week. I am playing and riding with Kurt. A big deal! A top notch golfer. The best and the worst will be playing together. He will have to give me a ton of strokes!

Enjoy your day!

The wind is from the south this morning. The humidity heavy.

When the wind is from the south, it rains. Normally the wind is from the north or east.

Does not look or feel like rain at the moment. We shall see. And we shall see whether my weather forcasting abilities are correct.

Yesterday was Sunday. I did nothing.

Layed around the house. Watched the morning talk shows. A little sun bathing by the pool. A nap or two.

It was Lisa’s for dinner.

Robert, Ally and I watched the PGA playoff together. Robert is learning. Everytime the ball goes in the hole, he normally shouts hole in one! We were watching a par 4 being played. The pro got the ball in the cup in 3. Robert yelled…..birdie! I asked him what that was. He said he got it in the hole in 3 instead of 4.

Impressive! Wow!

Then it was home to bed and tv for me.

Nothing dramatic yesterday. Just a restful Sunday.

Enjoy your day!

Yesterday was a good day.

I started with a late morning walk at Smathers Beach. I am back into good health. The humidity was a killer. I was soaking wet at the end of the walk.

Then home to shower.

I was in need of a pedicure. So it was off to see Tammy. I enjoyed the manicure. Very restful.

Then with sparkling toes (ho, ho), I was off to Don’s Place. For Jim’s retirement party.

The place was packed. Everyone there to do honor to Jim. A likable guy. And to his wife Jules, also. A special woman. They make a great couple.

Respect is important. And respect was what was being shown yesterday to Jim and Jules.

Participating in the frolic were Don, Nancy, Karen, David, Michael, Cathy, Boomer, Karey, Maria, Jean, Rob, Beebe, Michelle, Michelle’s son, Joanie, Bill, Angus, Jules’ parents and many more.

The U.S. v. Ghana socccer game was playing. Every one was engrossed in the match. Many were dressed in red, white and blue for the event. I thought Joanie was the best dressed female and Angus the best dressed man. Loved Angus’ flag styled/colored top hat!

I thought about the King of Ghana. Actually the King of La. You will recaall he visited Key West about a month ago for the commeration of the 150th anniversary of the slaves being brought to Key West for safety. Some of those slaves now lie below Higgs Beach. Corey met him and spent the day with him. I wrote about him in a blog and spoke at length about him in a radio show. I thought he must be there in Africa watching the game.

As a side, my friend Rita from South Africa e mailed me after the match commenting on it and offering her condolences on America’s loss.

The food was terrific! Great ribs. The best pulled pork I have ever tasted. Cole slaw, baked beans, salads and much more. I went back for seconds on the pulled pork.

The food came from tht rib place on the Boulevard behind Checkers. It is relatively new. I do not even know its name. I have to stop there. It was that good! Lisa and Corey take the kids there. That speaks well for the place also.

After the party, I headed over to Lisa’s. I was just in time to watch Robert’s graduation video. Fun! Brought tears to my eyes! And to Lisa and Corey’s, also. Robert watched the video proudly. Ally was intent. Kept reminding us that next year it was her turn to graduate from kindergarten.

I was home before 7. Tired. Went straight to bed. Slept till midnight. Woke. And never fell back to sleep again! I suspect I am going to feel lousy as the day progresses.

Enjoy your Sunday!

I am out of bed late this morning. Got hooked on an old World War II movie and stayed in bed watching it.

Yesterday’s radio show went well. I received many favorable comments afterwards. Two segments were especially appealing to the audience.

The first had to do with my friend Cindy. Cindy of Tom and Cindy. From Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

I have written of Cindy before. Yesterday I spoke of her.

Cindy and husband Tom are snowbirds. About 10 years. Winter here in Key West.

Cindy has had a bit of misfortune in her life. Five different cancers. Seven cancer surgeries. She is missing one leg and two breasts. The leg was removed to the groin. Ergo, she cannot use a prosthesis. Her last two surgeries were for a cancerous brain tumor.

In spite…..she is clean, alive and well!


A terrific personality! A happy woman!

Last week she had what might be considered a minor tragedy for her. She fell and broke her arm. Not a big deal to most. But it is to her. She needs both arms to balance herself on her one leg when she is not in a wheel chair or using crutches.

The break requires surgery. She cannot have the surgery. The previous cancer treatments do not permit it. Her bones will not allow it.

So Cindy is casted. For 8 weeks. Not even the usual 6.

With all this adversity heaped upon her, Cindy is still cheerful and perky. The sun always rises as far as she is concerned!

Cindy just wrote me an e mail and thanked me for my thoughts yesterday. She and Tom watched on ustream together with several of their friends.

Cindy! Love you! This too shall pass! Key West misses you! Hurry back!

The other story that made an impact of sorts yesterday was the minie ball pregnancy. Serious at first. Then funny. A real joke! Concerns the Civil War and a rebel soldier who was shot by a Yankee. Bullets were called minie balls. The ball passed through the rebel soldiers reproductive organs and then struck a young lady standing on a nearby porch.

The young lady got pregnant.

The baby born was the original son of a gun.

If you want to know more, I suggest you look up minie ball pregnancy on the internet.

Jules is my bocce partner. I speak of her often. She and husband Jim leave this week for their home in New Orleans. No more Jules!

Husband Jim retired yesterday from the U.S. Air Force.

Jim joined the Air Force sometime after college. Went through officers training school. He retires now as a major after 20 years of service.

Major James Nevius’ retierment ceremony was yesterday at Boca Chica Air Base. I was invited. However, I could not attend.

I did hook up with every one later at Don ‘s Place where they were partying. There is a formal party this afternoon at 2 at Don’s Place. I will be there.

The party last night was fun. Of course, every one was pleasantly snockered by the time I arrived.

They were playing pool table bocce. Eventually I got to play. It is fun.

Maria and a friend were in from Tampa. Maria is Jules best friend. I like Maria. We Facebook a lot.

She partnered with me in the pool table bocce games.

Later at the bar, Maria was drinking a beer. The bottle fell over. On the both of us. My shirt, shorts and crocs were a mess. Maria was wearing long. The dress was soaked as well as her sandals.

I accused her of knocking the bottle over. She said no. It was me. Ok. I find it amusing since I no longer drink. The only sober one in the house was the clumsy one.

I stayed a little longer. Smelled like a brewery. Said my good nights and drove home with the windows open. Took a shower. Threw my clothes and crocs on the shower floor first. I had to get the beer smell off me and out of everything else.

I have decided to have a Louis day. A walk. Some newspaper reading at the Coffee House. A pedicure. A visit with the grandkids Then Jim’s party. I plan on getting to the party late. It starts at 2. I will get there at 4 when the food arrives. It is difficult for me to be in a bar for a long time without drinking.

Enjoy your day!

Today is the day!

Radio show time!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour!

10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio in the Florida keys and Cuba.

The show also can be seen as well as heard on the internet. With a change from previous weeks. There is a new internet address.

The visual portion of the KONK radio is under readjustment. Means a new way.

Stat with Then go to the top right corner of the screen and type in konk in the SEARCH box. The station will appear with several others. Click on the KONK picture. Voila! KONK will be there! I will be there!

The show today will report on many interesting topics. First and foremost is the Gulf oil spill. I will be discussing several different aspects of it from a legal perspective.

Then some issues like Presidential power, Mississippi weird dumb laws, the minie ball pregnanacy, the school concession stand, the weird lawsuit of the week involving a cell phone, a walk down memory lane with Abraham Lincoln, additional comments on the new Arizona immigration law and more.

Hope you can join me!

I am up early today. Sun just rising. Great weather! Makes for terrific days!

Yesterday started with a walk along Smathers Beach. Amazing how many people were out in the early morning doing the same thing.

Then over to the Coffee House. Read the morning papers.

I spent the day at home. Laying by the pool. Occasionally napping. Lazy.

The humidity was and is heavy. It is that time of the year. It tires you out even when you are doing nothing.

Dinner was at the bar at Outback last night. I am trying to watch it. A chicken ceasar salad.

It was still early after dinner. So I stopped at Lisa’s on the way home. The whole family was there. The grandkids hid on me. They cannot fool me, however. They are easy to find. They giggle loudly giving away their hiding places.

Robert and Ally took me into the yard. They wanted to show me how they are doing at golf. Both swung small clubs. They were hitting, or rather trying to hit, plastic balls.

Robert makes contact. A big deal! He is so excited!

Ally swings like hell. Has a lovely round arc. But rarely hits the ball. When she achieves the hand to ball coordination, she is going to knock the ball into the next yard. She has the swing.

Then it was home to bed.

Enjoy your day! And don’t forget to tune into the radio show!

I slept late.

What a great morning!

Sun up. No clouds. Sky absolutely blue. And a terrific breeze.

Another great Key West day has been born.

Yesterday’s American soccer game was terrific. I know it is called football. However, I feel strange using the term.

It was a great World Cup event. America has a new hero. Landon Donovan! His goal will live in memory forever!

When I was young boy, no one knew soccer. When I was a young lawyer, I noticed a soccer field and some players near my home. It sort of appeared over night. The players were mostly Italian immigrants.

I thought at the time this game is never going to go anywhere.

When my children were in school, soccer was nothing. Then when my grandchildren were in grammar school, they all played in organized soccer leagues for little ones. Most of my grandchildren are young adults today. So it was a while back.

I thought at the time that if a whole generation was being trained in soccer, the game had to take hold.

And it has! And will even more so after yesterday’s exciting victory!

President Obama did the right thing yesterday in the General saga. He was correct to replace McChrystal. The chain of command has to be followed. Civilian control of the military has to be respected.

I dislike a professional army. And we have one. There is always the danger of a military take over. Trust my concern. That is how revolutions occur in many countries. And with all the crazy factions out there today, it is a possibility.

I have spoken of this concern on the radio show and in this blog in the past. Just beware. Ever cautious.

The solution to the possible danger is simple. Return to the draft. Or perhaps one or two years of compulsory service starting at 18. If such occurred, our military would be less a possible danger to democracy. It would also result in less wars. Politicians would be less inclined to get us involved if their contstituent’s children would definitely have to serve.

Last night was dinner at Michael’s. Emmett bartending. I played golf with him last week. Sorry I could not make it yesterday.

I stopped at Lisa’s on the way home. She said Robert is practising golf in the backyard morning, noon and night. Who knows! Perhaps another Tiger in the making!

Radio show toimorrow. KONK 1500 AM. On the internet worldwide at An interesting show! Many great issues have arisen this week begging for discusion.

Enjoy your day!

Good morning world!

Welcome to Key West!

The weather is lovely! People terrific! The place to live!

Yesterday was outstanding! A good day all the way around.

My morning started with the grandkids.

Robert and Ally had slept over. They were to be at the golf course at 8 am for their very first golf lesson.

Robert was excited. Ally appeared a bit intimidated. Lisa was a wreck. Make sure they have water. How will Ally go to the bathroom? What if they get hungry? Leave my phone number in case the want to leave or get hurt. And on and on it went.

I took them to the golf course. Left them with several other little ones at the marked table in the restaurant. No one talking. All just sitting. Like what am I doing here!

Then the pro came in. I took him to the side. Gave him my phone number. In case some one of them breaks an arm I told him. He looked at me strangely. Like I was some sort of a nut. He told me this was not their first rodeo. They had done this many times before. Safety came first. I was the only one who had left a phone number.

Oh, well.

I watched as they left for the first hole. Robert and Ally were riding in a cart. Both beaming. I instantly knew there was nothing to worry about.

I left. I would retrurn 4 hours later to pick them up.

I had a haircut appopintment at 10. It was only 8. So I headed for the Coffee House.

Glad I did. In walked Jane. Lovely Jane. My contemporary age wise. She is about 3-4 years older. Short. Beautiful. White hair. Always a smile. Wears long white dresses. Like gauze. She floats. Does not walk.

We had an interesting catch up conversation. The last time we were togethr she had told me she was reading War and Peace. Why, I asked. It’s a task! Self abuse. Over 1,100 pages. Because I never did, she replied.

She was proud to tell me she had finished War and Peace. And was now reading Anna Karenia. This woman loves to beat herself up!

She was still looking for the War and Peace DVD I had told her about. The one starring Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda and Mel Ferrer. I told he I had recently watched Anna Karenia on Turner’s Classic Channel. It was a talkie starring Greta Garbo.

A great conversation which lasted till I had to leave for my haircut.

I was Lori’s first customer. She thought my bringing the grandkids for their haircuts last Saturday was cute. Her observation was that I had a good time with them and they with me. She was correct.

I was back at the golf course. Precisely at noon the door to the restaurant opened and the kids came trampling in. All appeared a bit tired. They received a pep talk and their season passes as new members of the golf course. A big deal!

Then Robert and Ally came to me. They were beat but uplifted. They each explained how the club was to be held. They had the science down. Interlock grip, thumb placement and all that.

Hot dogs, potato chips and diet Pepsi for lunch. All the bad things their Mother does not permit them to eat.

After lunch, I took them to my home and pool. I figured their hot bodies needed an immediate cooling off. Had them strip down. No nudity laws here. And jump in. Just for 5 minutes.

Then it was off to bed for them. I figured they needed a nap. I was correct. Within 5 minutes, they were out cold. And slept for 2 hours!

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge started from Key West this past weekend.

The Marriott was loaded with motorcyles and motorcyclists. Around 500.

The Hoka Hey Challenge is sponsored by Harley Davidson. It is a 14 day race from Key West to Homer, Alaska. Just like riding a horse. The participants sleep outside by their steel horses. The cyclists are considered the most elite riders ever to saddle up on a motorcycle. Like Top Guns.

There is only one prize. To the #1 finisher. $500,000 in Alaskan gold. The theory is there is no reward in a warrior society for second place.

Tough guys!

Hoka hey means a good day to die. Comes to us from Crazy Horse. The Indian chief who defeated Custer. Crazy Horse used to shout it as he was racing into battle. History records that he shouted hoka hey at Little Big Horn the day he slaughtered Custer and his troops.

Dinner was at La Trattoria last night. At the bar. Many locals. Good conversation.

I had an urge. Spagheti with oil and garlic. It was good!

On the way home, I had a second urge. Ice cream. Stopped at Publix and bought a half gallon of ice cream. And devoured half of it when I got home! Good, but not good.

Today is Wednesday. Golf day. I cannot play. Bad. I have something more important to do.

Enjoy your day!

I spoke of the topless rights event scheduled for July 4 yesterday. I received a comment mentioning the Garden of Eden.

I have only been to the Garden of Eden on two occasions. About 10 years ago when it first opened.

The Garden of Eden is located on the roof of the Bull on Duval. It is an outdoor clothing optional bar.

My wife and I visited.

Did nothing for me. I never returned.

I will concede I was anxious to see bare ass women running around. I was disappointed. Everyone, including the wife and I, wore our clothes. Only the barmaid and waiter wore less.

It was boring and drab.

I understand the place is now more active. Disrobing does take place. Not a bad thing. This is Key West.

However the nudity begins around 11. Too late for me. I am generally fast asleep by that time.

Lunched at BO’s yesterday. It has been years since I have done so.

BO’s is a shack on Caroline near the waterfront. Shack aptly describes the place.

BO’s is famous for its fish sandwich. I had one and read the newspapers. And fought off an ant or two.

The food and atmosphere were good. Different. Not my cup of tea, however. It will be a number of years before I return.

I spent the afternoon at Smathers Beach. At the quiet end. Under a lone palm tree. Peaceful. Good for the soul.

Lisa and the kids came over to sleep last night. Termites still a problem.

I took them to dinner at Outback. The grandkids loved it. Their first time.

I ordered one of Outback’s gooey desserts. With 3 spoons. Lisa did not want to partake. Actually, she did not want me to order it. She permits Robert and Ally to eat ice cream. But nothing gooey and rich and chocolatey as I ordered. It was a hot chocolate cake covered with a scoop of vanila ice cream covered with whip cream covered with hot chocolate syrup.

Watching Robert and Ally go at it was priceless! With the first bite, they knew it was something different! And good! Very good!

The look on their faces! They could not get enough fast enough! And all the time Lisa was having fits.

Then it was home to bed. My home.

Robert and Ally must have been wired from the dessert. They could not make up their minds where they wanted to sleep. First, Ally was in bed with me. Then she left. Robert came in. He was almost asleep when he decided to return to Lisa’s bed.

Then tragedy! Robert knocked over a ceramic lamp on the bedstand. Clean up time!

It is now morning. The grandkids are eating chocolate cheerios as I write.

Then we are off to the golf course. They are taking their first golf lessons!

A big day!

Four whole hours.

Professionals in the making!

Enjoy your day!

Father’s Day started off terrific!

Breakfast at Camillle’s with Lisa and the grandkids. All of Key West was there.

In the afternoon, I was to attend a bowling party followed by a pool party. I never made it. I got sick. Tired sick. Dizzy.

I called host Don Manaher with my apologies and went to bed. And stayed there the rest of the day.

Feel ok this morning.

I am already up and at Lisa’s. She has left for work. I am to drive Robert and Ally to summer camp in a little while.

Key West is at the cutting edge in many things. At the forefront at this moment is the right of women to go topless. Yes, topless. That means breasts exposed. Hanging out in all their natural glory.


Key West has an anti nudity law. It is being challenged. The claim is it is unconstitutional in that it is unequal in its treatment of men and women. Men can go topless any time. Women cannot.

What is described as a gender equality rally is planned for July 4. Independence Day. An appropriate time. A topless parade is scheduled.

Key West has a local law that basically prohibits bare breasted women in public. The local law speaks in terms of sexual organs. The operative terminology. Whoever drafted the local law went to extremes in drafting it. Exposure of the female breast “…below the top of the nipple” is prohibited.

Those opposing the Key West law, most of whom are women, claim female breasts are not sexual organs. They may be legally correct. Florida has a state law defining nudity which does not include female breasts. Said simply, the state law does not recognize the female breast as a sexual organ.

The claim is state law supersedes local law. Makes sense to me. Good legal sense.

The local State Attorney has indicated he will not enforce the local law via arrests during the parade. There is still a question as to what the Key West police will do.

Whatever…..Key West is at the forefront of this civil rights issue.

I plan on watching the parade. Without the grandkids, of course.

By the way, I discussed this issue on my radio show The Key West Lou Legal Hour last friday. And got a lot of feed back on it.

Enjoy your day!