Oia is a town on the Greek island of Santorini.

I spent ten days there last summer. You will recall it as the place where I failed in my attempt to climb the volcano.

Santorini is a huge cliff sitting in the water.  The sides run straight up to the sky. At one particular point in order to get to the bottom, one drives a car or walks. The walk is a wide pathway seemingly attached to the cliff. The cliff is at least 1,500 feet tall at that point.

The pathway is in reality a donkey trail. It has steps, widely apart. Donkeys carry people up and down. People walk the path also. However, they do so gingerly because of the dung along the way.

Others drive to get to the bottom of the cliff. I drove. There are restaurants and apartments at the bottom which sit on the sea. My favorite Oia restaurant Katrina Taverna is one of the restaurants.

About a month ago, my dear friends Bob and Helen Marks visited Oia. They walked the donkey trail. That same day, they climbed the volcano. Bob is 75 years old.

I never met anyone who rode a donkey. Until last night. Her name is Elaine Jette. Met Elaine and her husband Fred. They are visiting Key West for a few days.

Elaine likes to travel. She goes all over the world. In addition to Greece, she recently visited Africa. Fred does not like traveling so he stays home. He mentioned that the only places he travels to are the Bahamas and Key West..

Elaine was in Oia. She rode a donkey! It had to have been a fearful experience. If you fall off, you fall off the pathway also. Into the sea below.

Fred and Elaine are from Stuart, Florida. Fred is a civil engineer. He builds roads and bridges. Elaine works for Merril Lynch.

I met Fred and Elaine at the Chart Room.

Frankie came in while we were talking. Frankie is Admiral of the Conch Republic Navy. A big deal! Frankie got into the Sea Battle which takes place every year. Fred and Elaine listened attentively.

I pointed out to them that you can’t experience anything like the Sea Battle in Stuart. They agreed.

I wrote about killer whales yesterday. I forgot to mention how they got the name killer whales.

Killer whales do not kill humans. There is no record of any human fatality, except with whales in captivity. Turns out their name initially was the reverse of what it is today. Whale killers. Why? Because killer whales kill bigger whales of a different breed.

We all know dolphins are not afraid of whales and that whales fear dolphins. Killer whales are not whales. They are dolphins.


This morning my tv/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten my time.

I will be chatting a bit more regarding killer whales. I will also get into Senator McCain’s recent foray into Syria. A bit on the Catholic Church and hypocrisy. Some words about Father Andrew Greeley who died this week. Plus more.

Join me for a fast moving informative hour. The show can be viewed on television from Key West all the way up through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

Enjoy your day!







The front page of yesterday’s Key West Citizen had a photo of some whales. A brief article described them as killer whales and indicated they were discovered about 30 miles offshore of Key West.

A question entered my mind. Who do killer whales kill? I did a bit of research

Killer whales kill no one, except for seals and fish to feed themselves. There is no recorded instance of any human fatality involving killer whales. There have been situations however where those in captivity have turned on their keepers and killed them.

Turns out killer whales are good people, so to speak. They live in groups. Known  as pods. They live their entire lives within the group. Do not go out of it even for sex. Killer whale society is matriarchal. The mother/grandmother rules the roost. Females live to 80-90 years of age. The males only 40-50 years of age.

I learned much more. I plan on sharing additional information during the Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning.

I was up early yesterday. Had chores to perform. The cleaners, post office, and optician. The optician to tighten up two pairs of glasses.

The optician’s door was closed and locked. A phone number on the window. I called. The optician said she did not feel like working yesterday, might do two hours today and did not know about friday.

I stopped at Don’s Place on the way home to see if he was there. As I was leaving, someone was behind me. As we walked to our cars, he told me he had called his employer and told him he would not be in yesterday. It was too nice to work, he said. This was before the rain storm.

There must be something in the air or water in Key West. Two people who did not feel like working and did not. Typical Key West.

Stopped at the Plantation Coffee House. Enjoyed the coffee and morning papers. Diane working.

Theo her husband is an artist. He is painting up a storm. Every time I visit, there are new works on the walls. The place is turning into an art gallery. A lovely one.

Rained again yesterday. I do not know where all the rain is coming from. Torrential. Went on for a while. Streets flooded again.

I was driving north on Fogarty. It had not rained yet. All of a sudden, I saw this dark gray wall four blocks ahead. It was coming straight at me. It was the rain! It hit like a ton of bricks.

Florida’s Governor Scott signed a bill into law yesterday. A much needed one. An anti-texting law. No texting and driving from this point forward.

The Key West Citizen does a Day in Key West History. One of yesterday’s entries  set forth that Sloppy Joe’s had its grand opening on Duval on this day back when. Sloppy Joe’s advertised the grand opening. Its ad stated…..Free Dancing!

My Tuesday night blog talk radio show was a total screw up. We switched to Skype and everything became confused. I thought I was not on the air. I telephoned Sloan while the computer was still on. I said a bad word. The whole world heard me. The show had been broadcasting correctly. I heard from Italy, Indonesia, Key West, and Iowa that they heard me say a naughty.

I still have the Skype problem. Sloan and I worked on it with the blog talk radio people for two hours at dinner time. Still screwed up. I finally called computer guru Tim Reynolds and asked if he knew what to do. He will hopefully have an answer this evening.

On my way into town last night, I stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted a bit with Don, Hershel, David, Tom, and Joanie.

Then to the Chart Room. Not many people. Emily, Peter and I. Plus, two tourists. Don showed up. He never goes to the Chart Room unless he is with me. He came to find me.

Don and I had dinner at Hot Tin Roof. Lite fare. We shared shataki, mashed potatoes and a shrimp cocktail.

Please watch my tv/internet show tomorrow morning at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I have a terrific show prepared! Comcast Channel 87, U-Verse Channel 19, and

Haircut time this morning. I have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!



This mechanized world can be a pain in the butt!

I have my blog talk radio show down to a science. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Works well  every week. I decided to expand a bit. I wanted to be able to do the show from where I might be in the world. Greece, China, where ever.

After some investigatory work, the solution was Skype. The audio portion.

Sloan and I worked on it. Thought we had it. Sunday morning spent 1.5 hours with the Skype people making sure we were doing it correctly. We were. No problem.

Tonight, the show would not broadcast. I tried the Skype way first. No success. Then went back to the old way with a telephone. Again, no success. I suspect it is the Skype involvement that is screwing things up. Or maybe my ineptitude.

I called an end to my attempts at what would have been 10 minutes into the show. During that time, I had Sloan on my cell phone. We were trying to figure things out. I uttered a few well chosen cuss words.

I suspect the archive portion of the show might have been recording. There is where most of my audience is. They will get an earful!

We now have another conference call with the blog talk people tomorrow night and a test run.

Sad the show could not go forward. The material was terrific. All because we live in a crazy topsy turvy time.

The topics for the show included Senator McCain and Syria, Catholic hypocrisy, Myrtle Beach’s attack on thongs, my prediction of what will occur next in the Jodi Aria saga, Prague love trains, an 87 year old grandfather who sky dived to bring attention to his grandson who might need a lung transplant, a post Rubygate trial Silvio Berlusconi update, and  horsemeat’s popularity.

There is a benefit/advantage derived. I can still use the research on friday’s tv/internet show. Which means I am half way home in my preparation for friday’s show.

Dinner tonight was alone at Hogfish. Me and the newspapers. I ate a Philly cheese steak sandwich. First time at Hogfish. Absolutely delicious! Out of sight! Recommended!

Today’s Key West Citizen headline article was on hurricanes. The experts say  an “… season expected.” The season starts in a few days. June 1.

Three reasons were given. There is no El Nino this year, increased rainfall in western Africa, and warmer Caribbean sea temperatures.

All of this does not mean Key West will definitely be hit. The article suggested a greater number of hurricanes, noting it is problematic what areas will be affected.

To those less knowledgeable, most of the hurricanes that hit the Florida keys get started in the ocean waters off the western coast of Africa. We follow them across the ocean hoping they will not pass over Key West.

There is no certainty till the last minute specifically where a hurricane will hit. Hurricanes are fickle and unpredictable. Much like women. They do what they want when they want.

The weather today was unusual. It poured big time non stop with booming thunder and lightning. It was ok by me. We needed the water. A storm like this also cleans things up a bit.

I have always enjoyed seashore storms. When my children were young, we vacationed at the Jersey Shore every summer. I loved the rainy days. The feel, the smell. You could taste the salt air.

Enjoy your day!





The weeks roll by. Another tuesday has arrived. Tonight my blog talk radio show.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is at 9. Join me for some interesting chatter.

Tonight, I would be remiss if I did not comment on Senator McCain’s surprise visit to Syria yesterday. He came in over the border. The intimation was he snuck in. To visit with rebel leaders.

Another topic I intend to discuss involves what I term the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church. Certain facts I will be sharing with you will open your eyes wide. Your first inclination will be to say….. No way!

Of course, I am happy to discuss any other issues which may be of concern to you. Merely call in and tell me.

I spent a part of yesterday doing something I absolutely dislike. Paying bills. My whole life it has bothered me. When not balancing the check book, I was researching for this evening’s show as well as friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour.

The weather was threatening all day. Rain off and on. When on, heavy. Some thunder and lightning.

Downtown Key West was quiet last night. Most tourists had left for home.

Dee’s cousin Gloria was in from some town north of Fort Lauderdale. I joined them for drinks and dinner. The Chart Room and Hot Tin Roof.

I was home in bed by 9. Slept well.

I woke in the middle of the night to see Senator McCain on television. All smiles, surrounded by rebel Syrian forces. Dramatic. Impressive. Stupid. He should remain in Washington where he belongs.

Enjoy your day!




My yesterday was spent as a holiday should be. A day off is a day off. I appear to have done a lot. In the end, it was nothing.

I hung around the house till about 4. Read, wrote and napped. Lisa and the family came over to swim. Everyone in the pool. Except Jake! Ain’t no way he is ever going in the water.

My reading and writing was in preparation for tomorrow night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Interesting topics. Like the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church regarding providing insurance coverage for birth control. Turns out the New York Archdiocese has been providing it to union employees for 12 years. The coverage includes abortions, also. Then nutty parents who deny their children medical care on the grounds of religion. Plus, what Jodi Arias’ mistrial means as a practical matter.

Nine tomorrow night.

Don was having a holiday cookout at 3 at the bar. David cooking. Roast pork the entre. I got there one hour late. Some food remained. Very few people, however. I chatted with David and Pati.

Then off to the Chart Room. I got there early. A little before 4:30. I have never been there that early. The door was locked. JJ was inside. He opened and let me in.

I watched some golf and chatted with JJ. Then Peter arrived. Soon followed by Sheila.

John showed up. First time I met him. Originally from Kentucky, he has lived in Key West 28 years. Everyone knew him. Turns out John fishes professionally. His specialties are yellowtails and kingfish. Just him and a mate. He sells his catch to the wholesaler.

A nice guy. We had a good conversation. I look forward to running into John again.

John is a fisherman. Peter a boater/sailor. Others last night Key West locals. As the conversation grew, it got into the waters surrounding Key West, the channel vote, the reef, and other ocean matters. I was impressed as to how knowledgeable each was of matters affecting the ecology. Concerned, also.

When I left, I headed to the lobby to pick up a free newspaper. I spend enough money at the Chart Room and Wine Galley to  warrant one.

No newspapers! Gone was the bookcase where they were stacked. A chair in its place.

I hurried back to the Chart Room and announced how unhappy I was with the Pier House’s new management. Taking away the free newspapers! Cheap, I thought. JJ said wait. They did not. Yes, I said. JJ walked me over to the lobby. There they were. The newspapers. In a different place on a table in a corner.

Happy I was! Relieved also that the new owners are not tight fisted.

Where to eat? John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

John had stopped into the Chart Room earlier. We had a drink together. I knew his place would be empty. I wanted quiet to enjoy my meal and read the newspapers. Which is what occurred. Sat at the bar. One of three customers. Enjoyed a meal of meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Divine!

I headed home. My intention was early to bed to watch the Miami/Indiana game.

When I arrived, Pati and Blackie were there. Blackie Pati’s dog. Pati’s place was being fumigated and she needed a place to stay. I had offered one of my bedrooms.

I was enjoying the game. Then I fell asleep. I conked off sometime during the second quarter. When I woke about 2 in the morning, I could not figure out who won.

That was my Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend. Seems like a lot. Was not, really. Pleasant, however.

One more day to go. I have no plans for today, other than to enjoy it. You do, also!







Key West is into it! Memorial Day weekend!

Key West alive. The town packed with tourists. Driving a pain. Bars and restaurants full. I wanted to eat at the Hot Tin Roof. Good luck! There was hardly standing room.

I complain…..but it is all exciting! You sense it, feel it.

Unfortunately, it rained a couple of times. Not long each time. However, heavy! Big drops. The first storm lasted all of five minutes. Enough to start flooding some of the streets.

I wrote of the crocodile shot in  the head recently. I am still getting emails on the subject. The  emails continue to support the crocodile(s). Man cannot win!

I started my day with Sloan. We worked hard on expanding my tablet usage. It comes slow to me.

I started my evening with a stop at Don’s place. Most of the bocce team there. David, Don, Erika, and Hershel. One night left and the season is over. We are already talking possible trades. Negotiations go on off season and players are traded one team to another.

Serious business.

Then the Chart Room. All tourists, except for David and Sheila. JJ bartending. Enjoyed a drink.

I ended up at the Wine Galley for dinner. An excellent one! French onion soup and bread!

As usual, Larry entertained. Christine joined him in  singing occasionally. Larry’s mom Helen was in the audience. She has to be proud of Larry. English friends John and Ali were there. As was Pati.

Michael Dennis was in attendance. He is the well known author. He is a former entertainer. He once owned a bar on Duval and played the piano and sang all night. He played and sang a while last night. I love his music!

No Steven. Steven has been the premier bartender  and caretaker of the Wine Galley for years. He is no longer employed by the Pier house.

I knew something was wrong as soon as I walked in the room. Steven gone. Emily bartending. Emily has never bartended the Wine Galley. The Chart Room is her post. She had been asked to come in last night to help out.

Steven could bartend and wait tables all alone. Rarely needed help. Last night three persons were working the room in his place.

I have a practice blog talk radio show at 11 this morning. I am trying to run it through Skype at my end.

Enjoy your day!



This morning is not just spectacular, it is glorious! Perfect. Even the birds are chirping.

I worry it is a prelude to what might be coming. Hurricanes. The season begins soon.

Babysat last night. Lisa and Corey went out to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.

Where to go for dinner? The grandkids and I talked about it for a half hour. They are knowledgeable and experienced. We went from IHop to Turtle Crawl to the Half Moon Raw Bar to Matthesson’s to Harpoon Harry’s.

Harpoon Harry’s won out.

Dinner was great. Robert and Ally ate their usual. Cheeseburgers and french fries. I was in a breakfast mood. Ham and eggs.

We walked the waterfront afterwards. Robert is easy to deal with. Ally can be a problem. She is a free spirit. She climbs and walks on anything she can find. A mound of dirt, a concrete abutment, a raised curb. I am in constant fear she is going to fall and break an ankle.

We decided on ice cream. Dairy Queen. A gold mine! We had to wait 15 minutes in line before being able to order. Robert spoke right up. He wanted a double fudge chocolate shake small with a cherry on top. Got it out all in one breath! Ally ordered some crazy colored ice cream with chunks of chocolate. Poppa settled for a small cone of chocolate.

All night we talked. Constantly. About everything. The most exciting from their perspective was that Robert is going to get Cameron’s bedroom. Cameron is off to college in August. Robert and Ally presently sleep in a bunk bed in the same room. Robert is thrilled. So is Ally. This means she will have her own room, also. She told me Mom and Dad were getting her a new bed and desk.

Yesterday morning’s Key West Lou Legal Hour went well. Post show comments indicated Senator Coburn and Venezuela garnered the most interest.

Venezuela has a shortage problem. Toilet paper. A serious one. I read a story of a woman who looked for two weeks before she was able to buy some. Venezuela uses 125 million rolls a month.

The number by the way staggered me. How much do we use in the USA monthly?

I commented in yesterday’s blog regarding the crocodile who was recently shot in the head and killed in the Keys. A big deal. Crocs are an endangered species by law. I thought much ado was being made. They even had a beach front service at which the crocodile was eulogized by the Vice Mayor. He described the croc as having been assasinated.

The comments received yesterday and this morning are the most I have received on any subject. Amazing! Most disagreed with me. Protect crocodiles was the cry!

I wrote my column for next week’s KONK Life in the afternoon. Titled it Three Disgraces.

The first was Major Nidal Hasan. He shot and killed 13 soldiers and wounded 30 others at Fort Hood in 2009. While shouting God is Great! He is still in jail waiting trial. He is receiving full pay. $70,000 a year. Total so far $278,000.

The second was the Republican House of Representatives voting 37 times to repeal Obamacare. One vote was enough. The process costly. $1.5 million wasted so far.

The third involved tax avoidance. Apple’s CEO appeared before a Congressional committee this week investigating tax avoidance. Apple saves $102 billion a year with off shore accounts. All legal. My thrust was Congress should not be putting the CEO on the hot seat. They belonged there! They were the ones who listened to corporate America’s lobbyists over the years and passed the necessary legislation permitting tax avoidance.

You may find the entire article interesting when it is published next week.

Yesterday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour was recorded and is being rerun this afternoon at 4:30. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19.

Enjoy your day!




Today is Lisa and Corey’s wedding anniversary. Congratulations and much love!

They are going out to night to celebrate. Which means I am babysitting. For several hours. We will do dinner and at this point I do not know what else.

Bocce last night. We did it! We won the money match!

We won 2 out of 3 games. The first we lost 16-14. The second we won decisively. The third we won 16-15.

It was a battle!

It was Larry’s team we defeated.

Jessica plays on Larry’s team. She is also Shane’s girl friend. Shane likewise plays on Larry’s team. Jessica has an interesting job. She works for the State. Her responsibility is watching and preserving the reef. She frequently dives the reef as part of her job.

I have been put to shame!

An old and dear friend is Bob Marks. I was best man when he married Helen a long time ago. Bob and Helen were recently in Greece. They visited Santorini as I did last summer. You will recall I failed in my attempt to climb to the top of the volcano. Bob tried and succeeded! On the same day, he climbed up the donkey steps. Perhaps even a more arduous feat.

Bob did it all at 75.

I hate you, Bob!

Show time this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. On television and the internet. Television via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

A good show today. So much going on in Washington and the world. Join me for an interesting and informative hour.

Enjoy your day!



Last summer I was on the Greek island of Santorini. You will recall the volcano. I could not make it to the top.

I was 77 at the time. Obviously out of shape.

Today’s Japan Times reported regarding Yuichiro Muira. He is 80 years old. He reached the top of Mount Everest yesterday, the tallest peak in the world. Not his first time. He did it 3 previous occasions, also.

Muira once skied down Mount Everest. A helicopter dropped him somewhere high up. He needed a parachute to help him stop at the bottom.

To make even more of a hero out of Muira, he had heart surgery in January. His fourth heart surgery.

I have been shamed.

Another beautiful Key West morning. A slight breeze.

I worry. The past year has been one of the best. I cannot recall one better weatherwise. We experienced no winter. Two weeks of cold. Meant long pants and a sweater. Otherwise, it has been summer all year.

The hurricane season is around the corner. I walk with a black cloud over my head regarding a hurricane this year. The weather has been so perfect that only one thing can spoil it. A hurricane.

I hope not.

This crocodile thing is out of control. The 19 foot female crocodile that someone shot in the head.

Last Sunday, a memorial service was held for the croc on the beach at Lower Matecumbe Key. The Vice-Mayor spoke. Thirty people in attendance. The Vice-Mayor eulogized the crocodile. Someone commented the crocodile had been assassinated while sleeping. There is a $6,000 reward for the capture and conviction of the vermin who did it.

Another comment was that the land belonged to the crocodiles. Man had displaced them.

A crock!

The Keys have never been a crocodile habitat till recent years. They have been moving south into the Keys in limited numbers in recent years. Man and crocodile cannot live together in peace. Crocodiles are dangerous beasts. They contribute nothing to the natural habit. They only have the capacity to take away.

I was up early yesterday morning. Why, I do not know. Did my blog right away. Then shopped a bit at Publix and Walgreen. Amazing! I who never shopped anywhere in my previous life. It was all done for me.

The evening was fun. I was out with good people. Keith and Jen. Friends and bocce teammates.

We ate at Roostica. A first for all of us.

Roostica is a pizza and Italian food place. Hogfish owner Bobby opened it on Stock Island. The food is basic Italian. All good. Huge portions. I went for the lasagna. Half of it is sitting in my refrigerator. Too large to finish last night.

Word is Bobby spent 10 days in Italy researching pizzas. Put on 10 pounds. He came up with what he describes as a Neapolitan pizza. Good!

The restaurant itself is deceiving. Looks small from the outside. Huge once inside. A big bar. Many tables. Nooks and crannies. Liked it. It is a locals’ hangout in the making.

Tonight, bocce! We play Larry’s team. A blood match. For first place in the 4 team side bet we have every season.

Tomorrow morning at 10 my time the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Available on television and the internet. Comcast Channel 87, U-Verse Channel 19, and

Normally, I spell out topics to be discussed. This morning I am not. Many things have happened and are happening world wide. Many issues to pick from. My program will not be finalized till tomorrow morning.

Join me for the show. You will not be disappointed.

Enjoy your day!









What a beautiful morning! The kind that tells us to worry not, a good day is ahead.

This morning’s Key West Citizen had an article on hurricanes. Specifically about shelters available on the mainland for Keys people.

What struck me as interesting was the mention that hurricane season starts June 1 and runs through November 30. When I purchased my Key West home 15 years ago, the hurricane season started  August 1 and ended October 31.

In 15 years, the starting date has moved up 2 months and the closing date extended 1 month.

The reason simple. Hurricanes have come earlier and later over the years.

June 1 we will start worrying. We do every year. The dread is always there. The question. Will it happen this year?

You never know.

I do not walk enough. Not even close. Yesterday, I decided to. I picked the right day. It was 92 degrees! I did walk. In home Depot.

Spent yesterday afternoon working on last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Enjoyed an early dinner alone at Hogfish. Me and the newspapers. A lobster role.

Last night’s blog talk radio show was wild and wooly. I may have stepped on some toes.

Normally, I receive 0-3 calls after the show commenting on something I said. Last night there appeared to be a deluge.

Two issues hit sensitive spots and/or interested listeners.

The first involved Oklahoma’s Senator Tom Coburn. No one was on his side. The Senator said yesterday that he was opposed to federal aid for Oklahoma if there were not corresponding federal budget cuts. I stated Coburn was speaking for his ideology rather than his constituents. Not proper, I thought.

The other topic involved the new Vermont death law. Suicide is permissible by those suffering and dying. A doctor may now prescribe the drug to cause death and teach the sick person how to administer it to himself or herself.

I was opposed to the new law. I stood almost alone. I received telephone calls from those approving of death in such a manner. There are many Hemlock SSociety supporters out there.

I look forward to this evening. I am having dinner with Keith and Jen. We are going to Bobby’s new pizza/pasta restaurant on Stock Island.

Enjoy your day!