With all due respect,  local Key West governments sometimes operate with their heads up their asses!

Two incidents of note for today.

The first involves Key West parking. The City Commission has decreed a new residential parking program which goes into effect October 1. Basically, residents will be able to park. Non-residents will have to go through hell.

I live 2.5 miles outside Key West on an island called Key Haven. I drive into Key West every day two times. Lunch time for a couple of hours. Then in the evening for drinks, dinner and fun. I spend money on both occasions.

I do not want to have to walk long distances nor pay what I consider an exorbitant fee to park.

Then there is my friend Jimmy. He has a small but active painting business. Himself, his wife Joanie and John. Jimmy paints homes and commercial buildings inside and out in Key West. He drives a beat up old van. Carries his ladders on top. Jimmy wants to know where he will park. Jimmy thinks the new parking plan is a scam for the City to take in more money.

Jimmy is astute. He approached me with a solution last night. He said…..Remember that movie with Santa Claus where the judge said….. if the Post Office thought the guy was Santa Claus, he was Santa Claus…..the Post Office is an agency of the United States government…..the United States therefore thinks he is Santa Claus…..that is good enough for me.

Jimmy lives on Stock Island. Even closer to Key West than me. Less than a mile out.

His mail and mine bear a Key West address. After our specific street and numbers, the mail for those residing in Key West and out is addressed: Key West, Florida 33040. Jimmy’s statement simply stated…..If it’s good enough for the Post Office, it should be good enough for the Key West City Commission.

The other problem involves the Monroe County Commission. In their divine wisdom, they have decided that public employees (County employees) should not smoke. They have passed a law which is in the process of going into effect. No County employee may smoke. Not even at home. There will be cigarette testing similar to drug testing. Pee in a cup. Get caught with tobacco product in your urine and you will be fined. Worse? I don’t know.

The County Commissioners say it will save on insurance premiums. Taxpayers of the County should not have to pay for a higher cost of health insurance because of those who get sick from smoking.

Hear this from Louis. The law will never pass muster in court.

Finis. So much for preaching.

Enjoy your day!


My name has been misappropriated. A public agency has a program which encompasses Lou in its title. Lookie Lou. The agency is the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. FWC for short.

Lookie Lou involves state wildlife officers searching for violations, safety errors, etc. while out on a separate mission. Ever vigilant.

Yesterday for example 29 Cubans successfully made it to American soil. Good for them! They set foot on Loggerhead Key. The FWC went out to pick them up. On the return trip, the FWC crew came upon fisherman with four undersized snappers and also made several boat safety stops.

Lou is universal. A name from the ages. I have used it for eight years as Key West Lou, 79 years as Lou. The FWC has been in business since 1999. I do not know when the FWC started Lookie Lou.

My blog talk radio show went well last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I had a good time doing the show.

No boots on the ground appears to have drawn the most comment. Obama says no U.S. boots on the ground. The European and Arab nations who have joined with the U.S. to combat ISIS have all said no boots on the ground from their end. All willing to provide air assistance. Nothing more.

Who fights the war then? Unless nuclear bombs are used (which I cannot conceive the U.S doing), a war cannot be won by air action alone. Soldiers on the ground are always required.

My conclusion was and is that military contractors would be hired by the U.S. to do the fighting. Mercenaries. Solely in the beginning and partially later on if American ground troops are sent in. My question was why have we not been told this? The government should be honest with the American people. Lay it all out now. The good, bad and indifferent.

A physiotherapy session yesterday. I was not impressed with the treatment. Be that as it may, I threw my back out while doing it. The therapy exercises were extremely simple. One short movement however and my back hurt! Hurt all night and still hurts this morning. I am back to where I was.

My back hurt, I felt sorry for myself. Decided I was entitled to a treat. My lunch was a chocolate milk shake at 2Scoops. Didn’t help my back. Did help my state of mind.

Some afternoon time was spent in final preparation for last night’s blog talk radio show.

The line re saturday’s Syracuse/Maryland game has changed. It dropped from 2 to 1 1/2. Syracuse still favored.

I know I am sticking my neck out. However, I think Syracuse walks away with this one. By a significant number. I was impressed with Syracuse’s play against Central Michigan last week.

Enjoy your day!



Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Nine my time. A quick moving eye opening half hour.

One of the topics involves Obama’s representation that the U.S. will have no boots on the ground. If we do not have soldiers fighting and the other nations joining us do not, who is going to wage the ground war? I suspect mercenaries. Military contractors will provide the boots.

Why is this not mentioned? Why the secret? Who will be paying the mercenaries?

Other interesting topics include the Pentagon providing college campus police with grenade launchers, Guatemala striking down Monsanto Law, and Pope Francis’ statement that World War III may already have begun.

Yesterday started with a visit to the main Post Office downtown. I did not receive mail this past week. They are looking into it. I get too much mail to miss even one day.

The Post Office is a good place to run into people. Caught David walking back to his job with his lunch in hand. Ran into Jim from Joy Gallery. He has my Jack Baron’s for sale. We had a good conversation.

Next was a business meeting at the Marriott Beachside. Every time I walk into the lobby, I think how lucky we are to have this hotel with a touch of New York City situated in Key West.

Roostica for lunch. Megan at the bar. Not working. A guest. What a beauty! Got two hugs and kisses. One when I first came in and one when she was leaving.

Worked on Growing Up Italian. Wrote a chapter, refined and rerefined. Got to get my ass in gear with the bookwriting. It comes in spurts.

Stopped at Don’s Place for a drink early evening. Chatted with Grant. Petey at the other end of the bar. Petey from saturday at JDLs. She came over and gave me a hug and kiss. I love the attention of these young beauties. Even if it is only because I am a likable old man.

Then to the Chart Room. Spent some time chatting with Che. I have not seen him in a couple of months. Che my friend with a Cuban name who is a New York City Jew. Love it!

Syracuse plays Maryland saturday. Syracuse a 2 point favorite. Which means no one knows who is going to win.

The Key West Citizen ran a front page article on tegu lizards. Every kind of lizard eventually finds its way to the Keys. Tegu is new. Was found in Key West. First one. Experts say probably a pet that the owner did not want anymore and set free.

Only four have been discovered to date in the Keys. Not nice guys. They have sharp teeth and claws and are aggressive. The one found in Key West turned out to be a honey. It is now at the Sheriff’s Animal Farm. The attendants say the lizard is docile and likes to be touched. Not consistent with its purported nature.

Enjoy your day!


Today is the birthday of James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851). A famous American author. Penned Leatherstocking Tales. His most well known work, The Last of the Mohicans.

Cooper spent most of his life in Cooperstown. The same community in upstate New York that today is the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. His father founded Cooperstown. A community which sits on beautiful Otsego Lake.

Cooperstown is a 45 minute drive from my hometown of Utica.

Father and son Cooper were men of wealth. The elder having come by it the old fashioned way. He worked for it. His son inherited substantial monies at age 21. Nevertheless, the younger Cooper worked hard. First as a seaman and then as an author.

Father Cooper built the family home on Otsego Lake. He called it Otsego Hall. His son James lived there after his father’s death. The home at some point burned down.

It was replaced in later years with what today is known as The Fenimore Art Museum. I have  visited the building many times. As an attendee at cocktail parties and as a tourist. The home sits on a small hill overlooking the lake.

A rural village and farm were constructed nearby. It is called Farmers’ Museum. America, 1845. A whole village. Small buildings for a doctor’s office, a lawyer’s office, a grocery store, a blacksmith shop, a home, a farm, farm animals and more. Very real.

The buildings and furnishings are the same as they were in 1845. People back then were smaller than today. The beds and furniture reflect the difference in size from today. Even the smallest of us would be too big for the beds.

The Farmers’ Museum is the home of the Cardiff giant. All 10.45 feet of him. The Cardiff giant was a hoax. Someone had this giant constructed from wood and other materials. The body was planted on a farm. “Accidentally” dug up a few years later. Touted as the discovery of a prehistoric man. It was several years before the statue was deemed not for real. It has no place at the Farmers’ Museum, but there it lies. I found the Cardiff giant interesting.

My father took me to visit the Farmers’ Museum. I took my children and most of my grandchildren.

On one of the visits, it was me and twin grandsons Mathew and Michael. They were 4. We passed a horse who at the moment had an 18 foot erection. Their eyes bulged. I said nothing. Just hurried them along.

A little later, we were in the Museum’s drug store. This was the time of the Clinton/Lewinsky matter. A radio news show was discussing the matter. Matthew looked up at me and said…..Poppa, he did something wrong. Didn’t he? I responded…..Yes, he did.

An observation. Cooperstown is small town America. Yesterday preserved. The Baseball Hall of Fame and the Fenimore sites have made the community neither touristy nor tarnished. Much of its condition is due to the care and attention provided by the Singer Sewing Machine family. They have resided in Cooperstown for years. It is their community. They are proud of it. They have controlled building on the lake, kept the area pristine clean and sparkling. Nothing happens with out their blessing. They are to be complimented for what they have preserved and achieved.

Yesterday was a normal Key West sunday. A visit to Walgreens and Office Max. Lunch outside at Salute’s. A mahi mahi sandwich and the sunday papers. A couple of hours at Don’s Place watching professional football. Don was in all his glory as Buffalo won. Spent a bit of time working on tuesday’s blog talk radio show. Dinner in the evening with Lisa and the family.

Enjoy your day!


Syracuse 40 Central Michigan 3

Would you believe! I did not even pick Syracuse in the pool. After Villanova, I expected another bad season. Central Michigan is a decent team. This was a good victory because of the number of points Syracuse scored. Syracuse was also phenomenal on defense. Now to the ACC.

I watched the game at John Lukas’ Sports Pub. I was the only Syracuse fan. There were a bunch of Ohio State fans. I do not know what game the third group were watching.

John let each TV set go full volume. Blasting! I was listening to three games at one time. Not easy.

Met Carrie, a new bartender. Originally from the Boston area. Had a place for skiing in Killington, Vermont. Vivacious. Recently engaged.

Petey works part time for John. I did not know. She is a Don’s Place and bocce friend. A very nice young lady. Always a kiss and hug for me. I am a cheap buy. All it takes is a hug and kiss.

Key West parking has been come more difficult. October 1, it will be the worst! Guaranteed! As of October 1, the rule basically is that only Key West residents can park in Key West. Except for some non residential parking spaces. I have been looking for two days and have only found a half dozen.

Yesterday’s parking problem was of a different nature. I generally park in the empty lot next to John’s place. Yesterday signs had been erected that were not there before. Parking permit needed or you will be towed. I had to park in the City parking garage around the corner. Cost me $10 for 5 hours. Aggravated the hell out of me!

I did not get to watch golf today. I see Furyk is in third place. Two strokes behind the two leaders.

Jim is a senior citizen as far as golf is concerned, He has not won in a couple of years. He is always up there, however. He keeps earning good checks. So much so that he is #5 of active players in earnings. He has won a major and won the Fed Ex several years ago. He is my dark horse pick to win tomorrow.

I had the pleasure of meeting Furyk and his family 15 years ago at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona. They were there for a few days of relaxation and fun. A nice guy. Down to earth.

Since Joan Rivers’ death, I have wondered if she ever visited Key West. Most celebrities have at one time or another. Parade is a local newspaper. Joan’s picture is on the second page of this week’s edition. Shows her doing a book signing at Voltaire Books in Key West in 2009.

I have decided to stay in tonight. For some reason, I am tired. Perhaps the enthusiasm during the game.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Today’s Key West Citizen makes mention in its Key West History section that plane fares Key West/Miami 50 years ago were $8 one way and $15 round trip. Those were the days! Today one is looking at something in the low $200 to has high as something in the $600 range.

In the 1970s, I had a condo at the Jockey Club in Miami. My Shangrila at the time. I spent at least one long weekend a month there. The airfare Syracuse/Miami round trip was $80 tourist and $100 first class. First class included a small tablecloth and cloth napkin, steaming prime rib sliced at your seat, all flavors of ice cream, etc. Again, those were the days!

I spent several hours yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column. Mob Rule. It publishes wednesday evening. The article took much longer to compose than I had expected. The subject matter has its twists and turns. My view of things definitely controversial. I wrote what I did because I thought it had to be said.

Last night was a fun night. I did nothing but sit and sip with friends at two of my favorite Key West places.

First was Don’s Place.

Jimmy and Joanie have become parents! They adopted a dog. Four years old. His owner wanted to get rid of him. The dog has social/mental problems. He was left alone 20 hours at a time. Jimmy and Joanie had him at the bar and intend to take him to work. They will make great dog parents.

The dog sat quietly the whole time I was there. Neither a peep nor a move.

Lori is a physical therapist. I engaged her in talk re my shoulder. She was helpful. Yanked my shoulder and back around a bit in evaluating me.

Chatted with John.

Frankie was at the bar when I walked in. A king at bocce and Lisa’s neighbor. Their backyards adjoin. I like Frankie and his wife Sandy. Two great people!

Then the Chart Room. A very enjoyable time.

David was holding court at the end of the bar. I had not seen him in a while. We sat together for about two hours and chatted with each other and everyone else.

David is gay. Two lovely young ladies in black cocktail dresses walked by. Tanned, long blond hair. David told me they were ladies of the night. In from Miami for a job. I thought he was kidding at first. They kept walking around. We continued to observe them. David was hooked on the working girl thing. I finally asked how he knew. He had talked with them earlier on the street.

I am the type who could not get laid in a whore house, as the saying goes. David who has no interest in such ladies has no difficulty in engaging them in conversation.

Sheila came in. A kiss and hug. Love her!

Emily bartending and keeping up with our conversation.

Met an interesting couple from the Washington, DC area. Actually, they live in Arlington, Virginia. Shawn and Michele. One L. Shawn is a senior VP for a footwear company. Michele works in the retail field.

We buried them in places to go. Dinner, drinking, and dancing. Shawn was entering the info in his computer as fast as his fingers could move.

It is amazing. I have lived in Key West for years. Think I know everyone. Not the case. Two lovely ladies came into the Chart Room. Both locals. For many years. One is Christy. She is a massage therapist. I am embarrassed to say I cannot recall her friend’s name. I thought the friend unusually attractive. A senior with all white hair. Loved the white hair!

Two days ago, I chastised the Key West Citizen for failing to make mention of 9/11. The day was September 11, 13 years later. The topic is and will always be major in our history.

Yesterday, the Citizen made mention three times. Photos and reporting re memorial services at Mallory Square, the new Fire House on Grinnell, and the 9/11 campus in New York City. Great. However an historical rendition at the very least should have been a major front page article on September 9 itself.

Syracuse football today. Syracuse plays Central Michigan at Central Michigan at noon. I will be watching the game at John Lucas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

Enjoy your day!




Ho, ho, ho! The good guys won last night. We beat the opposing team 2-1. Wowie!

Everything has to be read in perspective. Our team is named Don’s Place. The other team, Not Don’s Place. Larry Smith humor. He captains Not Don’s Place.

The game was a money one. The inner competition five teams have.

Larry’s team came into the contest last night with a commendable record. 11-1. We, a modest 6-6. We killed them in the first game. Won a close second game. Lost the third. Who cared by the third game!

It was a difficult fun filled night. A lot of yelling and challenging back and forth. I mean yelling! Especially Larry who wants to make sure he is heard.

We all made our contributions to the victory. However, there was a star on our team. A person who excelled. Stan! Stan made a closing shot in the second game that gave us three points and the win. An impossible shot!

John from JDL came over to say hello. One of the nicest guys in town. I told him to save me a seat saturday at noon. I would be over to watch the Syracuse/E.Michigan game.

Started physiotherapy for the right shoulder yesterday morning. The torn rotator cuff problem. My therapist is Debbie. Welcome her to the blog.

Then to see Tammy for a manicure. I always feel better after I chat with her. She has a soothing disposition.

There was a pregnant woman enjoying a pedicure. Seven months. A girl. I felt sorry for the baby. Mom had the vibrator on and her body was rapidly bumping back and forth. The child in womb was reseiving a hell of a ride!  The baby had to wonder what mom was up to!

My column for next week’s KONK Life is researched. I will write it this morning after I finish this blog. It is titled Mob Rule. Interesting. It is my thoughts re where society in general is taking us these days. The article cannot help but be controversial. Not intended. I doubt many will agree with my observations.

Turtles. Back in the news.

First, the study I mentioned the other day will be difficult to interpose. It suggested kill off a portion of the turtle population world wide to save the seagrass. I discovered this morning that turtles are a federally listed endangered species. Good! The message is stay away from our turtles!

The other item concerns another turtle found in dire straits in the waters off Key West.  The turtle was entangled in a fishing line. It also had wrapped around its front right flipper a rope from a lobster trap. The rope was still attached to the trap. The turtle had been carrying the trap about. The flipper was almost completely severed. The turtle was taken to the Marathon Turtle hospital. Lets hope they can perform wonders. They usually do.

It rained big time yesterday afternoon and through out the night. The sky is black outside at the moment. No question, a rainy day ahead all day.

There was a question whether we would be able to play bocce last night. Obviously, we did. Between storms. The new courts are clay and the water was quickly absorbed. They were a wee bit slow when we started and soon were up to speed.

Enjoy your day!


I was rummaging through some boxes stored in my closet yesterday. I came up with a wedding dress! Lisa’s! It is now in her hands for cleaning and saving.

The discovery brought back many fond memories for Lisa and me. It was 11 years ago that she wore the dress.

Today is a solemn occasion for the people of the United States. 9/11. As infamous as Pearl Harbor. Almost 3,000 killed. A day for recollection and thought. The enemy still exists.

I have a problem. 9/11 being such an important occasion in our history, why is there no mention of the event in today’s Key West Citizen? The event is worthy of a front page article.

A slight correction. There is mention of 9/11 in the Citizen. On the comic page. Seven lines as part of The World Almanac.

Visited Walgreens yesterday. Another prescription. The pharmaceutical companies are getting extremely rich as a result of senior citizen needs.

It was a new Walgreens yesterday. Each and every employee, whether behind a counter or passing you in an aisle, smiled and greeted you with a …..Welcome to Walgreens! It has to be the competition. CVS has three stores at the present time with two more under construction. The competition will be 5-1. Walgreens has initiated a public relations program to keep its customers.

The joyful greeting, etc. was needed. I found Walgreens’ staff generally cold and uncaring. Even surly on occasion.

Lunch was at Harpoon Harry’s. The wednesday special. A turkey dinner. $9.99. Loved it!

I discussed turtles yesterday or the day before. A study suggested there were too many turtles and the seagrass was suffering world wide as a result thereof.

Yesterday’s USA Today had a brief turtle story. The number of sea turtles in North Carolina waters is apparently dropping off. North Carolina measures by counting turtle nests. Two years ago there were 1,300. Last year only 549. A 58 percent reduction. Must be the sharks predominate yet in North Carolina.

The study I commented on yesterday and mention today must be in error. I felt that way upon reading about it. I spoke with some Key Westers who know and make their living via the ocean. To a person, they agreed the study could not be correct as far as Key West waters were concerned.

I dined at Hot Tin Roof last night. Remained quite a while. Even watched the President’s speech while there. The meal was excellent. Scallops risotto. Joseph and the bartender good company.

The bartender is originally from Old Forge. Fifty miles from my home town of Utica. In the Adirondack Mountains. We did a lot of reminiscing.

I finished the meal off with a snifter of Grand Mariner and a slice of Key Lime pie. The crust was it! Cashew nuts and gram crackers crushed together.

The President’s speech disappointed me. Yes, he is going a strep further. He will be bombing parts of Syria and doing some other things. Not enough

I believe ISIS is a growing threat and will be a major thorn in our side in a short time. We should not futz around. ISIS should be destroyed now! I do not believe the President’s plan is sufficient to accomplish such a result. Do we have to wait for ISIS to blow something up and kill many here in the United States before we react sufficiently?

For years there has been a large bodied man with long white hair and a long white beard reading palms in a booth on Duval Street. No more. He was shot in the head and killed by a thief in Trinidad yesterday where he was visiting relatives. His name Mahadeo Bhan Jerrybankhen. May he rest in peace.

I have to hustle. Physiotherapy for my shoulder starts later this morning.

Before I go, bocce tonight. I am going to try to play. Big game! A money one. A blood match. We play Larry Smith’s team. Serious bocce and a lot of hell raising.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning world!

I feel great this morning. Slept well. The best in ten days. Even my back feels good. I suspect that is why I slept better and am vitalized this morning.

I am into my 26th year of Key West. First as a tourist. Then as a regular vacationer. Then as a home owner. And now for eight years as a full time resident. In all that time, I have been under the impression that the chickens roaming the streets were the result of a City Commission folly.

As the story was told to me early on, the City fathers imported a number of chickens to add to the local color. The politicians did not realize that chickens are sensuous beings and propagate. I think the gestation period is 28 days. Soon the chicken population was and continues to be out of control.

A new story has come to my attention as to the source of the chickens. This one has to do with Cuban immigration. In  the 1950s, many Cubans escaped Castro’s revolution. They came to Key West to work in the booming cigar industry.

They brought with them chickens. For meat and eggs. And for cockfighting.

Over time, many of the chickens escaped or were released. The supermarkets became larger. It was cheaper and easier to buy chicken and eggs at the market.

Chickens have no known predators in Key West. Now generations later, they still roam Key West streets. Running freely here and there.

More Beatles lore.

This morning’s Key West Citizen, in its Florida Keys History section, reported that during and following the Beatles visit at the Key Wester Motel, people wanted to buy anything the Beatles had touched or used. Including the pool water they swam in.

Did my blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Most of the show involved income inequality. Seems to have been well received based on the post show comments.

Some of the facts exposed included net worth. Since 2007, the average net worth of most Americans has dropped 43 percent.

There was another time when Americans were faced with a 1 percent / 99 percent situation. In 1928, one year before the Great Depression.

Another interesting tidbit involved a babysitter’s pay. A babysitter’s average hourly nationally is almost twice the national minimum wage. More than that in Key West from what Lisa tells me. She pays $20 an hour for a babysitter.

KONK Life hits the stands at 5 this afternoon. I have an extended article in this week’s publication titled Income Inequality. Take the time to read it. You will the column interesting and revealing.

Enjoy your day!




There was a time…..Yes, the Beatles came to Key West…..By accident…..Not planned.

The year 1964. The Beatles were flying to Jacksonville to do a show. Hurricane Dora was on its way to Jacksonville, also. The Beatles plane was diverted to Key West.

The exact day, I am not certain. Today’s Key West Citizen suggests 9/9. I searched the internet a bit. I came up with 9/10 and 9/11 also. Some articles suggest the Beatles were here a couple of days. Others, merely overnight. One of the articles has them arriving around 3 in the morning.

I suspect the Beatles were in Key West more than 24 hours. They broke loose!

They were staying at was then the Key Wester Motel. Gone now, replaced by a Hyatt facility. The Beatles at some point found the Key Wester bar. They took their instruments and played and sang for hours. Word spread they were in town. Other musicians showed up after their work day ended and played with them.

The articles are consistent that the Beatles did a bit of drinking. They became inebriated. One of them is described as having made love to the toilet bowl. Something most of us have experienced on one occasion or another.

Whatever, the Beatles enjoyed Key West. The locals enjoyed the Beatles.

It was fortunate their plane bypassed Jacksonville. Dora hit Jacksonville hard. Five dead and over $2 million in damage.

I have not mentioned JJ in ages. A friend. Formerly a bartender at the Chart Room. JJ now bartends at the Galleon. JJ’s wife’s picture is in the Key West Citizen today. Ann Jonas. She is Citizen of the Day. The brief article mentions that she and JJ will be celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary this week. Congratulations! I only met Ann once. JJ obviously many times. He always spoke of Ann as if he were deeply in love. Obviously he was and is.

Turtles in the news again. Sharks, also. Our friends and foes in the sea.

There was a recent newspaper article concerning the two. A world wide study was completed. Apparently man has been killing off too many sharks. Sharks kill turtles. With fewer sharks, the turtle population has over grown.

Turtles eat seagrass. Sharks do not. Little fish live and eat in and off the seagrass. In some areas such as Bermuda, the seagrass is down to nothing. The turtles responsible. Scientists are trying to figure out a way to diminish the turtle population.

It does not appear there is a similar problem in Key West. Our seagrass is in full bloom. Our ocean conservation people are interested in protecting both sharks and turtles. We even have a Turtle Hospital in Marathon.

Since the study was world wide, does it have any validity as regards Key West and the rest of the Keys? I don’t know. Perhaps. I am sure some of our ocean people will be playing close attention to the situation over the next several years. In the meantime, there is no plan to kill a portion of the turtle population. I hope there never is.

Scotland votes soon re independence. The people will vote. They want to disconnect from the United Kingdom/England.

The southern states wanted to and did the same thing in the U.S. back in 1860-1. State legislatures voted to secede. Lincoln stood up to them. The Civil War occurred. You know the rest.

Re Scotland, the people are voting as opposed to their elected representatives. Does it make a difference? Will the Queen and Parliament stand by and permit the secession? It seems like everyone is waiting for the vote to take place before taking a public position on the issue.

My back problem has returned, though not as bad.

Because of my back, I have been late with certain of my writings. I did not do my KONK Life column which publishes tomorrow till Sunday. The article is titled Income Inequality.

My blog talk radio show is this evening. I did not get to preparation till yesterday. Spent all day working on tonight’s show. A significant portion will concern income inequality. The reason is there are so many interesting sidelights to the issue. Some pieces of information most of us might not have known.

Join me this evening. I guarantee you will enjoy the show. Nine my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Enjoy your day!