We are into the stone crab season. One of man’s finest foods. I have many times said that if I were to be executed, my last meal would be stone crabs.

I met Howard Livingston about 15 years ago. A different man at the time. Though possessed of the same basic charm as today. Howard was a Chicago executive. Wore three piece suits. Short cropped hair.

Howard had built a new home on the water on Summerland Key. We used to go out together frequently, visit each other’s homes. Howard gave a call one morning and said to come up. We were going out on his boat.

We enjoyed a delightful day on the water. If my memory proves correct, we went out to Marvin Key. We returned late afternoon. While the ladies were preparing dinner, Howard told me to join him.

We went out in a small flat boat. At a particular point, Howard stopped and threw the anchor in. Then he directed me to the front of the boat where he was standing. Howard had some stone crab traps sitting down under the water. Each had an attached buoy floating on top.

We were going to collect some stone crabs! A first time for me. Lest anyone think we were poaching, these were Howard’s traps.

We developed a system. I would lift the trap out of the water. The traps were wood strips attached in box form. Spaces in between the strips. Howard would take the stone crabs out. One at a time. Size was important. If too small, the stone crab was returned to the water.

I learned a lot that day. Only one claw can be removed. Then the crab is thrown back in the water. The claw regenerates. Amazing!

Howard did the claw removal. Ever so carefully. He held the stone crab in one hand and carefully snipped away where the claw attached to the body. He admonished me to be careful if I ever graduated to removing the claw. The claw where attached is close to the crab’s lungs. A miss cut and the crab would die.

The crab was returned to the ocean. The trap followed. However, Howard first put something in the trap. A large frozen pig’s foot. Apparently pigs feet are gourmet dining to stone crabs. The pig’s feet would attract the stone crabs and induce them to enter the trap from which there was no escape.

The day was not yet finished. We returned and had a healthy dinner. Stone crabs not included. They had to be boiled and then cooled. To be eaten another time.

It was midnight and I was still there. For what turned out to be the best part of the evening. Howard and I were seated out on the dock. My feet in the water. Howard sitting with his back to a post. Howard was playing his guitar and singing. Jimmy Buffett songs and songs he himself had written.

We were both smoking cigars. Howard had brought a bottle of Gran Marnier out on the dock. We each dipped our cigar in the Gran Marnier before smoking. We followed it with each of us periodically taking a swig out of the bottle.

A day in Key West time as Howard would later set to music.

Enjoy your Sunday!


A very pleasant evening with Jenna last night. Dinner and the movies.

Dinner at Outback. It was a stretch to stay on my diet. However, I made it.

The movie was American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper. Excellent! Received six Academy Award nominations. I can understand why.

The movie was first shown for a full weekend last week. Grossed over $100 million. This being the second week, I assumed the theater would not be crowded. I was wrong. Not a seat left in the house. Jenna and I had to sit in the fourth row. The spread of the screen was wider than my eyes could encompass.

Jenna has a new Audi. Big and sleek. Black. With Jenna behind the wheel, it looks like the car was made for her.

The history portion of the Key West Citizen mentions Sally Rand. A fan dancer in days of old. Made 26 movies from 1925-1938. Danced at the World’s Fair in 1933. Danced for the astronauts and their wives at a Right Stuff party in the late 1960s.

More importantly, she was a part time resident of Key West.

I met Sally Rand. Enjoyed 10 private minutes with her. It was 1964. I was at a Police Conference PBA convention at Grossinger’s in the Catskills. I was counsel to the organization at the time. Rand did her famous fan dance for the conventioneers.

Afterwards, there was a private cocktail party. I was there. She was there. I got roughly 10 minutes alone with her. Which meant we were so engrossed in whatever we were talking about that no one interrupted.

She was on in her years. Still the perfect body. The face showing a bit of aging. The aging was not apparent while she was performing. Whether the distance of the stage or make up, I do not know.

I was 29 years old at the time. I found her exciting. I wish I could remember what we talked about.

The Key West Craft Show this weekend. On Whitehead in the area of Caroline. One of Key West’s top events. About 150 white tents with various hand made items for sale. I bought my first Jack Baron years ago at the Show. A black Madonna and Child.

Syracuse/Miami at 4. Syracuse a 3 1/2 point favorite. I don’t know. I have no opinion. I will be watching the game. I am not sure from where.

About six weeks ago, I wrote a column for KONK Life concerning Theodore Roosevelt. Somehow, I lost it in the computer’s never never land. Somehow, it reappeared this week. The article is Theodore Roosevelt the Phrase Maker. It publishes next Wednesday in KONK Life. It has already been posted on Facebook.

I have concluded that the battle against GMOs has been lost. The only fight left is labeling. While the world slept, the international food corporations snuck genetically modified seed grown foods into our diets.

Seventy countries presently grow, import and/or use genetically modified foods. All of north and central America. Only two countries in south America forbid it. France, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Greece and Poland oppose. The tide is obvious however.

Certain central American and south American countries have fought and continue to fight the use of GMOs legislatively and in the courtrooms. With a degree of success. However, giants such as Monsanto fight back in appellate courts. In the meantime, GMOs move ahead in those countries.

We were not vigilant. Some may have been. Others did not pay attention.

My concern and opposition was based on the fact that no one knows the long term consequences of eating such foods. In the next 10-20 years, we will find out.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I watched sunrise this morning. A Key West sunrise. It was not planned. I was up. Looked out the window and there it was breaking clean over the horizon.

Interesting I should have caught it this morning. Last night, I enjoyed Fiddler on the Roof for the zenith time. Sunrise, sunset…..

Another beautiful Key West day. This past week has been unusually good for this time of  year. May it last and what ever winter we were to have let it be behind us.

Got a pedicure yesterday. From Tammy. Lee Nails was unusually busy. Every chair taken for whatever service, every staff person working. I told Tammy she was getting rich. As I often state, she and her husband personify the American dream.

All the years I have been in Key West, there should be little I do not know about the island. Something new popped up yesterday. The Quantum Boat Races.

I know the races are here every year. I go to the waterfront to see the sailboats tied up. I have never seen a race, however.

I went to Fort Zach. Figured I would stand at the point where the rocks and beach meet. A perfect spot for watching the races. So I thought.

No way! The boats do not race/sail near shore. They are way out. Mere specs on the horizon.

Strange and not so strange things happening internationally.

We are negotiating with Iran  re nuclear arms. A big time long time process. The whole world knows. Putin continues to be smart and Iran says we do what we want to do.

Tuesday an agreement was signed between Russia and Iran. A military cooperative deal. A joint response to U.S. interference. They pledged cooperation in the “struggle.” The struggle referring once again to the interference of foreign forces in  the region. Primarily, the United States.

Query: Is Iran  dealing in good faith with the U.S. in the nuclear talks? Many think not. I am one of them. They are buying time.

Then yesterday Speaker Boehner made a startling announcement. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu will shortly speak before Congress.

Foreign affairs have generally been left to the President to take the lead. Not Congress. Boehner may think we are screwing up the Iran talks. Perhaps. He may want to make the President look bad. Perhaps. Boehner invited Israel’s Netanyahu to speak before Congress. Netanyahu constantly warns not to trust Iran re nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu may be correct. Whether correct is not the issue. Boehner in this instance went over the head of the President with regard to an international matter. A no no.

With those thoughts, I leave you.

Enjoy your day!


The morning of what will be another good day in Key West!

Today’s Key West Citizen’s Day in History section made comment re Key West chickens. On this day in 2004, the City Commission appointed an official chicken catcher. An experiment that failed.

The contract with the chicken catcher was for 9 months. He would be paid $20 for each chicken captured. There was a limit of 900. At the time, it was estimated there were 2,000-3,000 free roaming chickens.

The chicken catcher captured 542. Considered to be roughly 25 percent of the chicken population. At that point, the chicken catcher packed it in.

He claimed the City leaders were not committed to the cause. He felt they were micromanaging by providing him with chicken lists which specified particular areas where he should do his catching. The chicken catcher found this difficult. Many chickens might be in  a particular area today, but not tomorrow. They moved at will. The chicken lists were useless. By the time he got to an area to catch them, they were gone.

The chicken catcher claimed Key West residents were not cooperative.  They would stomp on his traps and taunt him. The oral abuse was too much.

Another consideration was involved. Money. Chickens are an endangered species or have some sort of protected status in Florida. They cannot be killed. The chicken catcher was required to ship them to a chicken farm located somewhere in northern Florida. The chickens would spend their remaining days in chicken comfort. The cost of shipping the chickens north came out of the $20.

There are chickens in Key West to this day. They probably will be here for all time.

Where did the chickens come from? Two sources are suggested.

The first involves cock fighting. A big sport in the keys for years. It is said cock fighting matches still go on in the wooded mangrove areas away from highways and police. The chickens of today are the descendants of the chickens originally brought to the lower keys for cock fighting purposes.

The other source is that early on, chickens were part of the food chain. There were no super markets. People kept chickens for food and eggs. A number of today’s chickens are descendants of those chickens.

Personally, I do not like the chickens. They are dirty and I fear germ carrying. I will concede however they are lovely to look at.

On to professional football. When I first heard of the deflated ball problem and the Patriots a few days ago, my initial reaction was that whoever was involved should be barred from professional football for all time. The wrong as bad as that committed by the Chicago White Sox many years ago. However after watching many retired pro football players on TV commenting on the issue, it appears every team does it. If so, then the punishment, if any, should be nominal.

The NFL however must put means and rules in place that will prevent this from happening again. The whole matter leaves me with a sour taste.

We close with my diet. I finally lost another pound. I am thrilled. It is now 28 pounds I have shed. I look forward to 30, though I do not plan quitting at that number.

Enjoy your day!




A perfect Key West day in the making! Everything just right. No wind. You can hear the silence. Sun shining. No clouds. Colors bright and cheerful.

I took a walk yesterday morning. Afterwards, I went over to the Pier House Beach Bar for a cup of coffee. Sat at the corner of the bar reading the newspapers. It was around noon. Cool to cold on the water. No one on the beach even though the sun was shining.

One of the newspapers was USA Today. Its feature front page article concerned Pope Francis and recent statements he made concerning birth control. I disagree with those statements. The first time I have disagreed with anything he has had to say.

The Pope opposes artificial means of birth control. That means the pill, inserted devices and condoms amongst others. “No need to breed like the rabbits” he said. The Pope said there should be “responsible parenting.”

The Pope recommended Church approved ways to limit pregnancy be used. The primary one being the rhythm system. Most who have tried it understand that in reality it is Vatican roulette. You take your chances with regard to a pregnancy.

All Catholic women were religious back in the 1950s and 1960s. Good Catholics. They would not think of practising birth control. Couples were having babies like crazy.

We had five pregnancies in 5 years. We lost the last one. We were the perfect example of the failure of the rhythm system. I was very much involved with the process. I kept track of the daily temperature readings. I had a chart on the back of the bedroom door so we would not screw up.

Eventually, priests realized the hardships involved in not practising birth control. A time arrived when women would go to confession and tell the priest they were practising birth control. Instead of denouncing the conduct, the priests were telling the ladies to follow their conscience.

Catholic Churches are empty today. I believe one of the reasons is the birth control issue. It started driving people away as early as the 1960s and 1970s.

I have strong feelings re the issue. I believe the Catholic Church’s position is based on man’s misinterpretation of the Bible. Just as some present day followers of Mohammed misinterpret the Koran.

The basketball game got me fouled up. My blog talk radio show was at 9. At 9, I was so engrossed in the Syracuse/Boston College game that I forgot what time it was. As a result, the show started 10 minutes late. I could only do a 20 minute show. Sorry.

Syracuse won 69-61. The team looked good and bad. I have no further comment.

I had to contend with the State of the Union which began at 9. I went through this last year. My total numbers will be consistent. Those that did not listen last night, will do so during the week in the archive or on Facebook or You Tube.

I caught the last part of the State of the Union address. Caught the rest in reruns through the night. It was a sales pitch. Democratic candidates should have used the information provided in the November elections instead of walking away from the President.

I find the State of the Union exciting to watch. It is part of our governmental process. Whether you agree with the President had to say is immaterial. The speech is as American as apple pie.

KONK Life publishes this week’s column today. Debtors’ Prison. It has also been posted to my Key West Lou page. Left hand corner, second listing. It is titled KONK Life Key West Lou Column. It is easy to find from that point. One click away.

The column is also featured today on WordPress. An accident in figuring out some things to get the posting working correctly. After today, the column will no longer appear on WordPress. Only Key West Lou.

Enjoy your day!


This morning’s Key West Citizen ran a picture of a cover of Collier’s Magazine. Collier’s is no longer in print. It was a 1912 cover. The lead in to a major article entitled Opening of the Overseas RR to Key West. The cover picture was of a train on a bridge over water.

I want to share some things I know about the railroad. Some or all you may know. Others perhaps not aware.

The railroad was completed in 1912. Construction had started in 1905. There were a multitude of building problems. Like swamps, ocean, insects and hurricanes. There were two or three during construction.

The railroad was the dream of Henry Flagler. He built it with his own money. Cost him $50 million. $1.3 billion in today’s money.

Flagler was quite elderly in 1912 when the railroad was dedicated. He had become blind. His speech contained the following words: “Now I can die happy. My dream is fulfilled.” He passed on 18 months later.

The railroad was constantly referred to at the time as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

The hurricane of 1935 was a big one. It took out about 40 miles of the bridge. No one wanted to rebuild. Many today fish and walk on portions of the bridges left standing.

Did my stress test yesterday afternoon. A biomed stress test. Hope I spelled it correctly. A piece of cake! I don’t know why I was concerned, but I was. I will get the results next week.

The only negative was I was exhausted when the test was over. Makes sense. They shoot this stuff into you which makes your heart beat faster and faster.

I stopped to see Lisa and the grandkids on the way home. Lisa asked what was the matter as I looked tired. It was that obvious.

I stayed a very short while and went home. To bed for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I was wiped out!

Another power outage yesterday. Three in two days.

State of the Union tonight. Special guests are invited to sit with the First Lady. One tonight is Larry Merlo. He is President and CEO of CVS Health. CVS is on a roll in Key West. Already have 4 stores open and operating. Working on a fifth. In the former Fast Buck Freddie site on Duval.

Merlo has to have accomplished something significant. I did a bit of digging and found out why he was invited. Last fall CVS stopped selling tobacco goods. Cigarettes. A big deal as it cost CVS a lot of money. Merlo sits with Michelle Obama tonight because of that.

Something wrong with my diet. I have been at 27 pounds for two weeks. Did not cheat once. It is getting discouraging. I need to see the weight loss on the scale. It keeps me motivated.

Syracuse/Boston College tonight. Syracuse a 9.5 point favorite. Means nothing.

My blog talk radio show tonight also. I will miss the State of the Union and the game. I will also lose some of my audience to the President’s address.

The show tonight particularly interesting. An update on the NYCPD/de Blasio situation, the story of a 9 year old boy arrested for stealing a pack of gum who was jailed, a Greece update/the election is 1/25, the State of Washington threatening to take a woman’s two month old foster child away if the whole family does not get flu shots, and more.

The show airs at 9.

Enjoy your day!


This week’s KONK Life column Black Panthers Return was posted yesterday on Key West Lou.

Race week is here! An annual event. Proper name Quantum Key West 2015. The races begin today and will continue for the week. Each day 10-3.

The boats are large sail boats. Sixty, seventy foot and more. The kind that take teams of upwards 18 persons to operate. There are 115 boats in 10 classes participating. Several of the persons sailing are members of the National Sailing Hall of Fame.

The best way to describe the races are that they are like the America Cup. The races a rich man’s sport.

My walk yesterday took me down Conch Republic way. Many sailboats were sitting in front of the Conch Republic and along the Galleon.

There was a Half Marathon yesterday. The race started at sunrise. Too early for me to be up and watching. Some 3,000 participated. I am aware of the race because Lori who does my hair runs in it. She is a dedicated runner. The reason why she is so thin.

I caught a part of the Seattle/Green Bay game in the afternoon. Most of the last half and the overtime. Great football! How to come from behind!

Seattle meets the New England Patriots in Super Bowl. A big deal. I attended 11 consecutive Super Bowls before buying my Key West home. I became too comfortable afterwards to leave Key West.

I can distinctly remember Super Bowl I. It was not called such in 1967. The name was AFL-NFL World Championship Game. The fact that the two leagues met was a first. The NFL considered the AFL upstart and inferior and did not enter into a playoff till that time. The AFL acquired credibility in the game Joe Namath played a few years later.

Key West suffered two power outages in  the afternoon. No electricity for about an hour.

The Republicans have announced Carlos Curbelo will make the Republican Spanish language response to the President’s State of the Union address tomorrow night. Curbelo is Key West’s Congressman. He has had an honor bestowed upon him.

I did not vote for Curbelo. He ran in November for the first time. I did not like what he stood for. His speeches were hard to the right. The man sounded as if he had no sympathy. I expect the same from him tomorrow night.

Today in Keys History mentioned two Hollywood films. The Rose Tattoo and Operation Petticoat. Both were filmed in Key West.

The Rose Tatoo premiered at the Strand and San Carlos Theaters. The Strand today houses a Walgreens. The San Carlos is no longer a movie house. It is an historical site. Life theater is often presented.

The movies brought major Hollywood stars to Key West. Burt Lancaster, Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. The Rose Tattoo house still stands. It is on Duncan, two block’s from Lisa’s home.

Today my odd ball stress test. I am positive it is scheduled for this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!


The cartoon on the editorial page of this morning’s Key West Citizen has boldly written thereon Welcome to “In Season” in Key West. No question, the season has arrived. Tourists everywhere. Walking and driving difficult. Everyone happy. Why not, they are in Key West!

Twenty six years ago when I first visited Key West, the  “in season” was February 15 to Easter Sunday Monday. The first two weeks of January were dead. The next two weeks a smattering of tourists. Things picked up the first two weeks in February a bit. Then the avalanche began on February 15. It was like a water faucet had been turned on. People gushing all over the place.

Things have changed. Most certainly. And for the best! Key West is a vacation town. Its only business is tourism. Better closer to 12 months a year than 2.

I felt like a man lost in the desert yesterday afternoon. I wanted to watch the Syracuse/Clemson game. The plan was to meet Dan and Lisa at Jack Flats. I got there early. No Syracuse game. Jack Flats did not carry ESPN 3. Hustled over to Don’s Place. He gets everything on his TV sets. Again, no game.

David came in while I was complaining and explained to me that ESPN 3 only airs on the internet and certain cell phones.

I learned something.

Never got to see the game.

Probably for the best. Syracuse got whipped by Clemson 66-53. Prior to yesterday’s game, Clemson was described as the worst shooting team in the ACC. They found the range yesterday!

I have no further comment re the game.

The weather was a surprise yesterday. The weather report said 70 in the afternoon and 68 in the evening. Cold for Key Westers! It was cold cold on my deck overlooking the water. The ocean breeze always adds to a  cool day.

I dressed accordingly. Long pants, which I hate to wear, and a heavy long sleeved shirt.

When I got out of the car in Key West, the temperature was 78. I had to walk several blocks to Jack Flats and back. Sweating! It was a shorts and tee shirt day!

I mentioned yesterday hearing from some Greek and Italian friends about four jihadists hiding somewhere in Greece. One of some importance. Later in the day, they were arrested in Athens. The leader was Abou Omar Soussi. He was arrested in Omonia Square. Just behind the Square sits the Monastiraki. A Greek restaurant where I spent some afternoons sitting outside and enjoying a drink and bite to eat. I sometimes sat there a couple of hours. A great place to people  watch.

The world seems to get sicker by the day. Generally in Africa and the Middle East. Yesterday, on a road in South Jersey. A baby was found on fire in the middle of the road. Suffered severe burns. No further news was available.

My apologies for ending today’s blog on such a sick note.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Sometimes I think I am beginning to lose it.

I thought I had an appointment to do a special stress test yesterday at 2. For some reason, it was giving me concern. I prepped for it. Stayed in thursday night. Missed the Bocce Party. Did not drink. Skipped lunch friday.

I walked into the doctor’s office, said my hellos and sat down. The receptionist walked over to me…..Mr. Petrone, your test is not till monday.

I went out last night and had a few drinks to make up for the previous 36 hours.

Jenna was my companion. A striking 28 year old woman! Does my heart good to be out with her on my  arm. Jenna advised we had not seen each other since Thanksgiving.

We started at the Chart Room. I had arranged to meet Don and Chris and Dan and Lisa for drinks. A good time. Good people.

Then it was Louis and Jenna off to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. The place was jam packed. People waiting for tables. The bar humming.

Jenna is good company. It is constant conversation.

Don and Chris showed up a bit later. They were having dinner at the bar. They return to Syracuse tomorrow. Will not be with us for the Syracuse game this afternoon. I probably will not see them again till April.

I am watching the game at 4 at Jack Flats with Dan and Lisa. I have never watched a game at Jack Flats. When I used to try, I never could get a seat. Dan assures me not to worry. He will take care of everything.

Syracuse plays Clemson at Clemson. Syracuse a one point favorite. We shall see. My enthusiasm is contained.

Something disturbing is developing in the United States. Actually, many things. The one that concerns me today are debtor prisons. In 10 States, you can go to jail if you cannot pay certain bills. Traffic fines, for example. The problem is the incarcerated soul cannot work while in jail. The sum owed grows. He is charged with the cost of his confinement and other expenses. The bill gets larger and larger. He can never get out. Sort of like a Mafia loan. If you could not timely pay, the amount owed would double.

My KONK Life column for next week is Debtor’s Prison. I hope to write the article today before leaving for the game.

Turn a wrong into a right. I speak of Penn State and Joe Paterno. Yesterday, Penn State and the NCAA voted to reinstate Penn State’s 112 game record. More importantly, they voted to reinstate Joe Paterno.

The Sandusky scenario a perfect example of mob rule. Someone had to pay besides Sandusky. It was Penn State and Paterno. Joe Paterno’s statue was removed from campus, his name stricken from the glories of Penn State. He died soon after. Incomprehensible.

Justice was done yesterday.

Some interesting developments in the terrorist situation in Europe. It is thought the ISIS leader is holed up on one of the Greek isles. Two terrorist groups were captured near Chamonix. Chamonix is the French city I have visited several times in recent years.

I watched an interesting show on TV in the middle of the night when I could not sleep. Till recently, the girls and young ladies ISIS captured were forced to marry ISIS troops. Those refusing were killed. Not necessarily so any more. ISIS troops need blood for their wounded fighters. The girls and young ladies are used to provide it. Each person becomes a blood bank. Frequent withdrawals.

Love these people!

Enjoy your day!


Monday night, the Tropic Cinema is showing the classic A Place In The Sun. The movie is based on Theodore Dreiser’s novel An American Tragedy. A movie worth seeing. I have seen it several times.

The court scene in the movie takes place in Herkimer, New York. Herkimer is a small community of about 8,000. It is the county seat. Also, it is 14 miles from Utica.

The court room in the film still stands. It continues to be used on a daily basis even today. The room is of so so size. Neither large nor small. The judge’s bench, witness chair, and jury box very close. Closer than in most court rooms. The room high ceilinged.

At the time of the filming, the ceiling was a robust painting. At some time, the ceiling was covered over.

The reason for this background information is simple. I tried many cases in that court room. It had its moment in history and you felt it every time you walked into the room.

Bocce party last night. I never made it. I was feeling tired and have a stress test today. I wanted to be in shape for the stress test so went to bed early.

One event at each bocce party is the Larry Smith Award. I do not know who it was presented to last night. It is a big deal! You have to be a bit crazy or unique to win it. Maybe something else. Hard to figure.

The reason I take the time to mention the Larry Smith award is because one year I won it. A proud moment!

The Cuban Queen is a sandwich shop. Its original location was and still is the side of the parking lot next to the wharf. I went for a while. The Cuban cheese toast with tomato was outstanding. I stopped going because the place had no tables. Merely a bench to sit on. It was not to my liking. Not convenient when trying to eat and read the newspaper at the same time.

The Cuban Queen recently bought Lobo’s. They are calling the new place Lobo’s Cuban Queen. Tables as well as benches. I will have to try it. I walked by yesterday looking it over. Looked good! I cannot eat Cuban bread while dieting. The key to good Cuban bread is pig lard. ‘Nuff said.

My yesterday was a 10 am meeting downtown. Then to the Beach Bar at the Pier House for a cup of coffee and newspaper reading. Followed by a hair cut with Lori. Spent the afternoon researching next week’s KONK Life column. Debtor’s Prison. Will write the article tomorrow.

The column will also be run on my Life in Key West page. Upper left hand corner: KONK Life Key West Lou Column. Hit it. Then hit the verbiage that drops down. Hope you enjoy the columns.

Yesterday was a perfect day weatherwise. 74 degrees and cool. Cool enough for some to be wearing sweaters and jackets. Comfortable. The sun shining bright, of course.

A visit to Key West is not complete with out a ride to Big  Pine to visit the flea market. Huge and old fashioned. This weekend the 11th annual Nautical Flea Market will be held. Everything ocean involved. Worth seeing!

If you go, stop afterwards at Boondocks or No Name Pub for lunch. Makes for a perfect day.

The US and Cuba entered into an agreement yesterday making it easier for Americans to travel to Cuba. Visits will now be permitted without any special licensing. The trip must still be a supervised group one. You cannot just buy a ticket and fly down. However, all the paper work previously required has been done away with.

Big afternoon ahead. A stress test at 2. I hate them. Both the test and what might be discovered.

Enjoy your day!