On the mend. Not there yet.

Pain considerably less. Problem now nausea. The antibiotics and pain killer. We’ll get there.

I spent the day in bed and on a recliner in the bedroom. Slept on and off. In between, I did the research for next week’s KONK Life column. Concerns Saudi Arabia. You will not believe!

The start of hurricane season around the corner. June 1. Let us hope it ends as quietly as it begins, with nothing in the middle.

This week’s KONK Life column The President Who Saved Football is available everywhere today. Printed in KONK Life. Carried in this morning’s E-Blast News. Available via link on my Facebook Key West Lou and Louis Petrone sites.

You have to get sick to know how much you are loved. I thank everyone for the telephone calls and e-mails.

Enjoy your day.


On the mend. I think.

Home basically lying down all day yesterday. Awake off and on through the night. Did not want to miss a pill!

I am about 30 percent better. Still have pain, but nowhere what it was. When asked in hospital pain on 1-10. I said, 10 plus!

The pain pill is terrific! Love it! Within 10 minutes, I am in la la land. Reminded me of my daughter Lori when she gave birth to her son. She was suffering in labor as women do. Got an epidural. Oh, this is wonderful repeatedly came out of her mouth afterwards.

I am on antibiotics for 10 days. Pain killer as needed. I skipped a pain pill during the night. Intentionally. A mistake. Will stay on the every four hour routine today.

I consume a lot of fruit on a daily basis. Strawberries and blueberries every day. I suspect the seeds may have contributed to my condition.

It is stay at home time for a few days. Think I am able to do a bit of research. What, I do not know as yet.

Sorry that my life will be boring for a few days. Nothing to report, except how I am handling and what I am doing with home confinement.

Enjoy your day!


An exceptional evening last night! I met Stacy!

Stacy found me. She has been a loyal blog reader for years. A frequent Key West visitor, our paths did not cross till last night. At the Chart Room, of course.

Stacy was with her husband Steve and friends Sue and Ron.

Stacy and Steve live in Erie, Pennsylvania. Parents of two. Steve is in IT with GE. Stacy a stay at home Mom. Parents of two.

I do not mean to lessen the pleasure of meeting Sue. Sue also a blog follower. However, it was Sue who went out of her way to be sure I knew Stacy was the one who really wanted to meet me.

Sue and Ron live in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Ron is in marketing. Sue a stay at home Mom like Stacy.

I was impressed that Stacy and Sue were stay at home Moms. And proud of it! A dying breed today.

We had a good time. Especially the ladies and I.

Along the way the discussion centered on  my book The World Upside Down. I chastised Stacy for not having read it. She promised she would order a copy.

My book led to a book Stacy helped author. Laura’s Gem. My recollection is Stacy wrote the last three chapters. The book was a joint effort. Several ladies involved.

May I be fortunate to meet up with Stacy and Sue and husbands on their next visit.

Sheila, Frankie and Jean Thornton at the bar.

Jean suggested we have dinner together. I begged off. She was into Hot Tin Roof and I not. I was not sure at the time we talked where I would eat.

I missed dining with a celebrity! This morning’s Key West Citizen front page has a major article on Jean. Key West’s Golden Girl. The story of Jean diving with Mel Fisher some 20 years ago and discovering a 21 link gold chain, a silver coin and an emerald.

Jean’s life changed. The Indiana school teacher quit her job. Soon she and husband Joe bought a second home in Key West. Jean is here 6 plus months a year. Joe much less. He still works for a living and travels often.

Jean leaves today. She will return July 8. I can’t wait to have dinner with her. A celebrity! (Though true, said in a joking fashion. Love Jean and always enjoy being in her company.)

Dinner was the outside bar at La Te Da. Monday night. I was alone with the newspaper. Duck the meal. Always outstanding!

My morning began on the anti-gravity treadmill. A wonderful invention! I never tire when on it. I feel like I could walk forever. As soon as I finish, I am dead! It takes me several hours to recover. I spend the time in bed.

I visited T.J. Maxx. I was not impressed.

Today is Ho Chi Minh’s birthday. He died in 1969. He was Vietnam’s leader during the Vietnam War.

Minh was initially our friend. He fought with our troops in Asian jungles during World War II.

Following the War, he made a personal request to Truman to support he and his followers in their fight for freedom from France. Truman declined. He said Minh and his people were of the wrong political party. They were Communists.

Sixty thousand dead Americans could have been avoided had some sort of relationship been possible.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me for a fast moving half hour of interesting topics. Many eye opening.

Tonight’s list includes Iraq and what are we doing there?, Obama yesterday advising certain military equipment would no longer be shared with local police departments, my concern–what about the equipment already in their hands?, Australia raining spiders, IRS employees who do not pay their taxes, and more.

Enjoy your day!



Mad Men! Last night, the final show. The end of a great series.

The ending different from most. I expected a negative ending. Nothing good for the key characters. Not the case. Everyone ended up happy. Everyone got what they wanted. Even Don’s first wife who was dying of lung cancer. She controlled her last few months.

Sunday night movies great, also!

Cabaret! Roughly 45 years old. Liza Minnelli. Joel Grey. As good last night as when I first saw it way back when. I was fortunate along the way to see two Broadway productions, also.

Key West’s Kelly McGillis in Top Gun! She and Tom Cruise. Around 30 years old. A terrific action/love flick. Remains an appealing movie.

My yesterday was spent writing. Researched and wrote this week’s KONK Life column. The President Who Saved Football. A not well known story of Teddy Roosevelt’s involvement in the game when there was a move to outlaw college football. There was no pro football back then.

T.J. Maxx opened its doors in Key West at 8 yesterday morning. I never made it at anytime.

This morning’s Key West Citizen is silent as to any T.J. Maxx news. Is it because of advertising, too late to print for today’s edition, or what?

No problem. Maxx went viral. Social networking. Everyone in Key West appeared to be on the internet yesterday singing the wonders of the new store.

I hope to visit T.J. Maxx today.

On this day in history in 1980, the Mount Saint Helena volcano erupted in Washington State. A Harry Truman was involved. Harry Randall Truman. Eighty three. Spent most of his life on the mountain.

When  warned to leave, he said…..I’m going to stay right here… way that mountain could reach me. It did. Harry and his 16 cats died. Harry’s body never found.

Harry was an arbitrary cuss. Much like Harry S Truman. I sense the similarity between the two.

Slavery. Two items have come to my attention.

Another day in history thing. On this day in 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court in Plessy v. Ferguson decided the separate but equal doctrine Constitutional. A perfect example of how warped judicial thinking at the highest level can be. We fought the Civil War 40 odd years earlier to free the slaves.

The other slavery item is one I never knew. It came to my attention the past few days. I cannot recall the source.

There was a time African muslims enslaved 1.5 million white Europeans. Between the 16th and 18th centuries. The situation referred to as the Barbary Slave Trade. The Africans would invade seaport communities in places like Italy and Greece. Take captives. They would also attack Mediterranean traveling ships and take passengers off. The scenario on land and sea a pirate operation. The Barbary Coast pirates.

Why did I not know? Why had I never heard?

My curiosity was further aroused. What happened to the descendants of the white slaves? I did some quick research. I could find no answer.

Enjoy your day!


Bocce playoff finals today. My team will not be playing.

We did well in the quarter finals yesterday morning. Won two successive games by good margins. Yesterday afternoon was another story, however.

We played Turtle Kraals in the semi finals. Turtle Kraals has been #1 in the monday league for years. They lose 0 to 2 games a season. That good! They generally win the playoffs. We were stuck playing Turtle Kraals in the semi finals.

We did not do well. We were up 7-2 in the first game and lost. The second game was downhill from the start.

Turtle Kraals is excellent! They play with precision. They know what they are doing with every shot. They do it. They play bocce like chess. Always a shot or two ahead mentally.

It was a pleasure watching Turtle Kraals play. None of us on our team felt bad that we lost. We expected it going in.

We have developed into a good team over time. Otherwise, we would not be consistently making the playoffs in recent years. However the difference between Turtle Kraals and us is like professional baseball. Turtle Kraals a major league team. We, triple A or class A.

Bocce playoffs are a festival. People galore. Food and drink free. People bring chairs to watch.

The only negative was the sun. Blazing hot during our first match. Tents were available, but not used. Management said the wind was too strong. They would blow over. I did not think the wind was that strong.

The sun affected me. It affected everyone. There was little protection from it.

I went home after the first match, showered and napped.

The evening was a bit cooler and then ok when the sun set.

Cuba and Key West have officially begun the bonding process. The Havana Challenge. An amateur boat race. Starts Tuesday in Cuba.

Five 16 foot catamarans left Key West yesterday for Marina Hemingway in Cuba.

The races were held in previous years. Illegally, however. This year the U.S. Commerce Department issued a license authorizing the event. First time! A step forward in relations.

I missed the Preakness. We were sitting around waiting for the game with Turtle Kraals to begin. I see where American Pharoah won. Great! Two legs down, one to go. The Belmont next.

American Pharoah’s victory indicative that he may very well be a top flight racing horse. He had the number 1 pole position, gale force winds came up as the race started, and torrential rains fell.

Can’t get any better than winning a horse race under those conditions!

Today is Sunday. The first of my three consecutive writing days. Today, I will spend most of the day writing and rewriting next week’s KONK Life column.

The column will be about football. The Tom Brady event is upon us. Brain injuries in the news.

There was another day, another time, when football was in a bad way. Much worse than today. On the verge of being outlawed. By federal law. The President at the time stepped in and literally saved football.

A yesterday scenario similar to today’s events.

T.J. Maxx opened at 8 this morning. A circus atmosphere advertised. The opening a big deal!

I will not get there today. I probably will never leave the house. I will be typing away all day. Tomorrow hopefully I can shoot over for a look.

Enjoy your Sunday!


We made it! The bocce playoffs!

We ended the season in 4th place. The top 5 teams in each of the four leagues make the playoffs. We play at noon today against the 5th place team of the wednesday night league.

A big deal! A festive occasion! Tons of people watching. Tents and food.

Another pleasant evening last night. Stopped at Louie’s Backyard first. Met Aziza. A local. Lives on Big Coppitt. Married. Four lovely children. Proudly showed me their pictures. Her husband prominent in the area. A realtor. Aziza a paralegal.

Aziza is originally from Russia. This led into Flora and Albania. Recall Flora’s Story in my book The World Upside Down.

A lovely interesting woman. She was killing time. She had an hour till her husband’s plane flew in from Washington where he had been on business a few days.

Then to the Chart Room.

Che at the bar. First time I have seen Che in three months or better. He was sick and rushed off to Miami. A stent problem and pneumonia.

Che is a robust appearing 82. He left, never telling anyone he was sick, etc. His door was locked, his car gone, no one answering the telephone. We all thought the worst.

I chewed Che out royally for not letting anyone know what was happening with him. We were all worried. Properly so. Chart Room regulars consider ourselves Che’s family.

Met Laureen and Chris at the bar. An enjoyable conversation evolved. Included Che.

Laureen and Chris have been visiting Key West for 18 years. They live on Amelia Island. Probably the northern most point in Florida. They come to Key West to visit Florida’s most southern point.

Laureen is CEO of a private health care company. Ted a third grade teacher.

Nice people.

Several movies have been filmed in Key West over the years. One is the 1947 Reap The Wild Wind. Starred John Wayne. The movie was based on a 1940 novel by Thelma Strabel. She serialized the story and sold it to the Saturday Evening Post.

Apparently the book resulted in big dollars to Strabel. She took the money and built a home in Key West. She did this immediately upon selling the story to the Saturday Evening Post.

The house was at 400 South Street. At the time, it was the southernmost house in Key West. The house no longer exists. Someone bought, demolished, and built another in its place.

My personal reading is not consistent. I seem to enjoy everything. Mid-week, I mentioned reading several World War II stories. Yesterday, I got into Fatima. Our Lady of Fatima.

Catholics believe that the Blessed Mother appeared before three Portuguese children in 1917. I am a fallen away Catholic. Nevertheless, I continue to believe Fatima occurred.

There is much to read regarding Fatima.

All that glitters is not gold. As we all know. I refer to a GMO situation not in the best interest of the American people.

The Agriculture Department has or soon will adopt a regulation permitting GMO Free to be put on the labels of all foods not containing GMOs. A sop!

The movement across the country is to have foods containing GMOs labeled as containing such. Monsanto and the other GMO big guys have been fighting this movement. By providing the opposite, the government has once again succumbed to the desires of Monsanto and friends.

GMO Free is not Contains GMOs. Intentional misleading.

Big sports day! The bocce playoffs and then the Preakness. I have always enjoyed racing. As a sport. A gambler I am not. I spent many an August day in Saratoga.

Enjoy your day!


I learned this morning that my former classmate and friend John Ringrose had passed on. A nicer guy never lived!

John and I went to law school together. John was from Rome, about 15 miles from Utica. We were both married while in law school. John’s wife Darlene a gem. We had our first borns while in law school. We occasionally babysat for each other.

John went on to become a Judge. Surrogate. Surrogate Judges handle wills, estates and the like. I did not do that work at all. I only once appeared before John. It was a court proceding. I thought John did a good job as Judge. I hope he thought I did a good job as a lawyer.

John and I roomed together in New York City for six weeks while taking a cram course for the bar exam. We stayed in a dilapidated fire trap of a hotel. Our room was on the sixth floor.

It was the middle of the night. I was sound asleep. I was hearing fire engines and smelling smoke. I opened my eyes. There was John going out the door with his books and notes in his arm. I asked what was going on. He yelled there’s a fire. He was leaving without waking me! I never let him forget.

Though John’s upbringing was far from wealthy, his early years were more affluent than mine. I knew no affluence. John’s father was a Surrogate and Supreme Court Judge.

John’s background provided him with a degree of experience that accompanies such. John unknowingly introduced me to many new and exciting things. He expanded my world.

John took me to my first Broadway Show. Sound of Music. He introduced me to fine New York City restaurants. I enjoyed my first Manhattan with John at one of those restaurants. I tasted my first standing prime rib with John. John and Darlene invited my wife and I to dinner while we were in law school. We all lived in left over army barracks from World War II.

Friends come in and out of our lives. Especially if we live a long time. While John and I were close in law school and our early years in the practice, we drifted thereafter. No particular reason. Just the way it is. We always remained friends, however.

I feel sad. It is that time for our generation, however. We move on to that other life. I look forward to running into John there. Perhaps enjoying a Manhattan with him.


I really enjoyed a slow day yesterday. Started with the anti-gravity treadmill. Next Lee Nails for a manicure and pedicure by Tammy. Then home. Never left home the rest of the day.

Watched some TV and read in the afternoon.

I subscribe to a World War II magazine. World War II History. I was 5-10 years old at the time of the war. It remains etched in my mind. The war definitely had an impact on me.

I enjoy reading stories of the various World War II battles. Yesterday, it was a tank fight on Makin, a daring attack on Guadalcanal, insights into the Nuremberg trails, and the Hitler/Stalin pact.

My plan was to stop at Don’s Place at 6 and move on from there. Never made it. Came 5 and getting ready time and I thought…..I’m tired…..why not stay home. I stayed home.

Not the best of ideas. I fell asleep early. Woke at 2 and could not get back to sleep.

The stone crab season ends tomorrow. The season may be described as bad and good. The take this year was 3,000 pounds less.  However the net profit estimated at $11 million. Most of the crabs were larger. The big ones bringing a higher price.

I love stone crabs! The restaurant cost this season prohibitive. The cost generally $10 per stone crab. Medium/large sized.

Sunday will be a big day for Key West. T.J. Maxx opens its first store in the keys at 8 am. I am excited. The natives are excited. The store is in the Sears Shopping Plaza.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my Miami trip and stop at a Walmart. I bought some shorts and tee shirts. Dirt cheap!

Several people not familiar with Key West wrote and asked how could I shop at a Walmart. Wasn’t I ashamed?…..I had to be embarrassed telling people I even shopped at Walmart.

Key Westers and frequent visitors know that the dress code in Key West is simple. Shorts and tee shirts. Suits, jackets, expensive sport shirts, have no place.

I have $5,000 custom made suits hanging in my closet. For 10 years. In addition to custom made shirts that cost me $340-$560. Ties? Yes, I use to have them custom made also at $160 per. I even have a custom made tuxedo that cost me $6,000. All purchased during and for my other life in New York.

I have never worn any of them since living in Key West!

I am thrilled we now will have a T.J. Maxx and soon a Walmart on Rockland Key. For me and the rest of my Key West neighbors.

My KONK Life column this week is Banks Hurt People. They do! The column has been linked to my two Facebook sites. Key West Lou and Louis Petrone. Enjoy, if time permits.

Bocce tonight. The last night of the season. We are on the bubble re the play offs. If we win all 3 games, we will make it. Lose one and I do not know.

The Amtrak accident is a disgrace in more ways than one. First because safety equipment available for railroads was not installed. The other the arrogance and ignorance of the western Congressmen who appeared on TV yesterday.

A House Committee was voting on railroad funding. The vote had been scheduled prior to the accident. The Committee voted party line to cut Amtrak’s budget $251 million knowing the accident had occurred.

The same thing initially happened when New Jersey needed hurricane assistance after Sandy.

The next time a western State has a crisis and comes to Congress hat in hand looking for money, they should be permitted to look and nothing else. Give them the same consideration they give the east.

Another observation is that Congress, whether Democrat or Republican, continue failing to vote monies for infrastructure. Our bridges are going to start collapsing, roads are in terrible shape, our schools with structural cracks and leaking roofs.

Congress fails to recognize that infrastructure monies create jobs. Look what Eisenhower did. He knew the Korean vets would be coming home and needed jobs. He created the jobs at the same time building the first national highway system. Prior to Eisenhower, we had no national highway system.

Enjoy your day!




Each week, sunday, monday and tuesday are consumed with writing. A pleasure. After tuesday night I need a break, however.

Wednesday has become my screw off day. The best way to describe it. The intent is to do nothing. What I end up doing are regular every day things. Like grocery shopping, now the anti-gravity treadmill, some sun, and a night out. Sometimes, even these activities are too much. I may do only some.

Two activities consume my sundays through tuesdays. First is the research and writing of the week’s KONK Life column. The other is the preparation and broadcasting of Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Each a pleasure. Each time consuming.

I finished research and preparation for Tuesday Talk at 5 yesterday. Show time not till 9. There was time to go out for dinner.

I have not been to Pepe’s in two years. The last time was lunch with Robert and Ally. Pepe’s was quiet. I sat alone at the bar. Enjoyed the barbecued chicken and mashed potatoes. Love the gravy covering the mashed potatoes!

A woman sat opposite me at the bar. She was harassed. Obviously so. Speaking rapidly. She had just arrived in Key West an hour before. First time. Staying at a guest house. Did not know what to do, where to go. Someone said eat at Pepe’s.

We talked. On different levels, however. I could not keep up with her. An odd conversation.

The show last night was a bit different. I devoted all but two minutes to banks. One of my favorite topics.

Banks/bankers are devious and conniving. No more one of the most respected members of a community. They seem to consistently come up with new games/procedures which work to their benefit and to the detriment of the customer.

New ones include negative interest, no cash in safety deposit boxes, and electronic banking. My column this week in KONK Life is titled Banks Hurt People and covers in detail the three items. KONK Life hits the stands today.

This morning’s E-News Blast included pictures of the Larry Smith Show at The Studios of Key West last week. A few were of my friend Jenna. A striking woman!

The Key West City Commission wastes hundreds of thousands and in some instances millions of dollars. Generally because they do not pay proper attention to projects they approve. It is in the details!

There is a plan under way to paint rainbow crosswalks at the intersection of Duval and Petronia. Total cost $4,000. Some one else paying half. The City’s end $2,000. Several Commissioners are up in arms. Who is going to pay for it?

Love their concern where pennies are involved. One Commissioner even expressed he was a taxpayer. Wow! Where was he and the others when major projects in Key West resulted in huge over runs?

Enjoy your day!