Netanyahu’s speech yesterday was great theater. Better than any State of the Union address. The content worthy of the Biblical expression…..Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

He indicated he knew the contents of the US/Iran deal. Does not surprise me. Israel has the best intelligence service in the world. My problem with the talk was that it offered no alternative. Merely that a better deal should be had.

I took what he said with a grain of salt. This is the same man who said authoritatively that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction back when Bush and Cheney were promoting an Iraqi invasion.

The Republicans beamed as never before. They had insulted the President.

While I am at it, a comment re Petraeus. The mighty shall fall. Unfortunate in his case. The man was an exceptional military leader. Similar to Eisenhower. Considered Presidential timber.

We have lost what might have been a great leader. He took a bite of the apple.

My blog talk radio show was last night. Love doing it! I talked about everything. It was that kind of evening. Actually, week. Many things happened.

The topic that garnered the most interest however was my advising a new type banking on the horizon. At some point, banks will pay you to take out a loan and charge you for holding your deposits. A reverse! Already being done in many European countries. So far in the U.S. only by J P Morgan Chase with big accounts.

My yesterday began with a manicure. Tammy always good company. Then a walk at Home Depot. Followed by a business meeting downtown.

The World Almanac section of this morning’s Key West Citizen set forth that there were 77,865 ready people in the U.S. waiting for body transplants. Makes it easy to understand why the black market in body parts is such a big business. Most body parts go for $100,000 to $150,000. Even ISIS is in the  business. They remove body parts from some captives. Men, women and children.

This week’s KONK Life hits the stands at 5 this afternoon. My column this week is on the light side. The Minnie Ball Pregnancy. I guarantee you will find it amusing.

Enjoy your day!


Being home bound for a few days gave me time to catch up on my reading. Operation Sea Lion had been started several weeks ago. Then deserted for a time because of the Italian book. It was back to Operation  Sea Lion which is an inside story of Great Britain during the early days of World War II.

Churchill obviously a major character.

Churchill’s speaking ability was discussed. I have always considered him to be  one of history’s great orators. Exciting. The revelation was that his great speeches were not off the cuff. Churchill was not a natural speaker. He spent considerable time writing each oration before its presentation. His approach was meticulous. He sought particular words that best conveyed his message. Resulting in the quality the world came to know.

One of Churchill’s most memorable speeches was given in 1940 before the House of Commons. Sentences crafted before hand word by word. “We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and on the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender.”

My health is better. Back still hurts, but less and less each day. Face still looks like I got beat up.

I went out last night. It was like getting out of jail! St. Paul’s Church and Publix.

The Friends of the Key West Library’s lecture series continued last night. Edward Hower was the speaker. An author of some note. I did not enjoy his presentation. He read the whole thing. I had difficulty keeping awake. The question and answer period which followed was better.

Then a hurried stop at Publix. I was anxious to get home for the Syracuse game. Publix is changing product locations. For example, fresh fruits hit you almost upon entering. My only problem concerned Entenmann’s. No longer at the end of an aisle near the milk. I could not find it. I asked a stock person where it might be. He did not know what I was talking about. I will find Entenmann’s next time when I have more time.

The Syracuse game was a disaster. Lost to Virginia 59-47. As it should have been. Virginia ranked #2 nationally. Only one game left. Then the season is over. It is impossible at this stage for Syracuse to get 20 wins. Only the third time in Boeheim’s illustrious career this has happened.

My blog talk radio show tonight. I spent much of yesterday in preparation. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou airs at 9. A quick half hour of current events and my thoughts. Join me.

Topics include Homeland Security and Netanyahu, new shocking bank rules on the way, and life at hard labor without parole for being involved in a $20 pot purchase.

Almost forgot. I shaved! A close call. A close shave. I was seriously tempted to go for the beard.

Enjoy your day!


I continue to heal. Black eye lighter. Still obvious. Cuts by eye not totally healed. Scab fell off lip. Cuts still obvious, however. Back better, but not good.

It is called progress.

I have not shaved since wednesday. I have a good start on a beard. Not sure which way I will go.

I have been in since wednesday night. Time to get out of the house today. A brief walk somewhere. Tonight the Friends of the Key West Library at St. Paul’s. Author Edward Hower is speaking re his latest book about writing personal essays and travel stories.

Syracuse plays Virginia tonight, also. Normally, I would miss the Friends event and watch the game. It does not make any difference this season however. Syracuse plays Virginia, #2 in the country. I expect it to be as the Duke game went saturday.

If I work things properly, I should be able to watch the second half of the game.

Syracuse only has two games remaining. They have won 18 so far. The goal is always 20 wins. It has been years since Syracuse failed to reach 20. Though two games are left, I see Syracuse losing tonight. Which would mean that at best it might only be a 19 win season.

Nobody’s fault. It was a hard year for Syracuse from the beginning. Three players from last year expected to return this year did not. They went pro. Our big freshman center was injured early on and has not been able to play. I am not even throwing the NCAA investigation into the mix.

Wait till next year! The whole team returns with the exception of Christmas.

There was an article of interest in this morning’s Citizen. A four year study has revealed that Big Pine, No Name., and Bahia Honda have the lowest death rates in the County. Makes sense. The area is quiet country. Limited hell raising. Tranquility.

On this day in 1951, Harry Truman started a three week vacation at the Little White House. I often wonder if he ever visited the local haunts in the Duval Street area. We know he read, swam, fished and walked. Enjoyed a drink. Truman is recognized as a regular guy. He had to be at Sloppy Joe’s on occasion looking for the next Hemingway to talk with.

Enjoy your day!



Back better, but not there yet. Going to take a few more days. Lip the same. Black eye blacker.

Actually, I feel good except for the back.

I put together this week’s KONK Life column yesterday. Off and on. Could not sit in one position too long. I opted for lighter material. The world is heavy and my columns have been heavy lately. Enough. This week a bit of humor. The Minie Ball Pregnancy.

My bocce team did well thursday night. Won 2, lost 1. We are now 8-1 for the season. Best start ever!

Not only was I absent, so were Don, Norm and David. Don was in California for his sister’s wake. Norm had some minor surgery earlier in the week. David only was available for two  games. He had to be at work for the third. His company is doing some runway work at the airport which can only be done night time.

There is a Catholic archbishop in California raising hell with the Church’s position on such things as abortion, gay marriage, etc. The usual. He has imposed some severe rules on lay persons teaching in Catholic schools. Even those not Catholic. I view his actions a step too far.

Ergo, I was searching the internet for situations where the Catholic Church did something wrong which resulted in pain and suffering to many. I am not referring to the Inquisition which speaks for itself.

Witchcraft was in vogue from the 1200s through the 1600s. The Catholic cry was to get rid of the witches. They were the Devil’s representatives on earth. Good people were burned at the stake.

Cats got involved. Witches and cats go together. In 1232, Pope Innocent VIII declared cats diabolical, associated with the Devil.

That was it for cats. They were executed in large numbers. Very few, if any, cats were around for 400 years.

Cats are the #1 rat predators. Without cats, the rat population flourished. Rats were the ones that spread the bubonic plague aka black death.

It took 100 years for the effect of the slaughter of the cats to be felt. Europe experienced its first bubonic plague outbreak in the early 1330s. Three more thereafter. It is estimated 50 million died. The number represented 50-60 percent of the world’s population at the time.

All because a Pope assumed cats were evil.

Proof again that even the Catholic Church can err.

Enjoy your Sunday!


From day one this blog has been primarily about my life in Key West. Since the fall has kept me home, my life is how I feel, etc. No bars, restaurants or dancing girls.

I now have a black eye! Started coming out yesterday. A beauty! I don’t remember the last time I had one. The cuts on the side of my eye still there. However, healing.

My back started hurting yesterday. I have had a bad back for years. Whether the fall caused my back to go out or it was just time again, I do not know. I do know it hurts like hell! Not sciatica this time. Pain confined to the lower lumbar region.

I bled the most from my lip. A scab remains where it was cut. I think the cut was good size. I cannot see it because of the scab.

I look like shit. However, I will be staying home so few will see me.

I am an expert on sore backs. Except for the sciatica one. A couple of Beefeaters has always helped relieve the pain. I am going to Beefeaters at noon. Two good drinks before lunch. Even if it does not relieve the back pain for a while, I am guaranteed to feel good.

I have no food. Called Anna. Gave her an abbreviated grocery list. She is picking things up for me.

Saturday night at home will not be bad. Syracuse plays Duke at 7. On ESPN so I will have no difficulty getting the game on TV. Probably enjoy a Beefeater or two during the game.

Duke is #4 in the country. Duke is a 14.5 favorite. I expect Syracuse to lose. I expected them to lose last week and they won! Who knows.

Years ago there was a movie about the gang that could not shot straight. The House of Representatives is a gang that cannot shot straight. They play politics with Homeland Security while we have threats of ISIS and soldiers being killed and wounded yet in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our country is disjointed. One solution is to vote the bums out who are playing games with our safety. Simple to say. Hard to accomplish. They are gerrymandered, locked in.

One further comment. Washington does not understand what is going on in the rest of the country. If they did, they would not be playing these games. Or, maybe they would. For some, the hatred for Obama is so deep they know no other way to legislate than to obstruct.

Enjoy your day!


I appreciate the many comments expressing concern for my well being. They came from as far away as Thailand and Italy. Two suggestions had a common tread. One was drink more. The other get a cane.

An interesting observation. The blog has made us friends. Though few of us have met face to face, we have come to know and care for each other.

I felt lousy till mid afternoon yesterday. I would have assumed I would spend the day quietly reading and writing. I did neither. Felt blah! A bit uncomfortable.

Slept well last night. Woke in good shape. An hour after waking, I feel as I did yesterday when I spent the day in bed. It looks like I will be doing the same today.

Face a bit of a mess. Left eye and left jaw. Interestingly, no bruising.

The eye is decidedly swollen on the bottom side. The cuts longer than I thought. Two in excess of an inch.

The swelling has left my mouth. Two cuts. The one that bled the most, I cannot see. It is still coated with dried blood. I tried to take it off first with cold water and then warm. It would not budge and I was not going to push it.

As soon as I finish here, I am back to bed. It felt good yesterday and I assume it will today also.

Enjoy your day!



This blog is going to be short. I hurt all over.

Getting older is not without consequences. One of mine seems to be falling. Generally down stairs. The same way all the time. I miss the last step.

I was leaving Hot Tin Roof with Don. Missed the last step. Hit hard.

I was a mess. Broke my glasses. My face looks like I have been in a fight. Left eye swollen, going black, cuts on the side. Two cuts on the chin. Another cut on the left side of my bottom lip. My right knee with three large skin scrapes. My left knee immediately swelled.

Big time bleeding. Especially from the lip. Which is still swollen this morning.

I ache all over. It seems like every part of my body hurts.

It was fortunate Don was with me. A good man to have around if you get hurt. He helped me up. A difficulty under normal circumstances. He tried to wipe away the blood. However, it kept coming. Finally he covered the cuts with pieces of paper napkins just as you would with a piece of tissue if you cut yourself shaving.

I feel rough this morning.

I was not drunk. I was out from 5-9 and only had one drink. I drank diet Pepsi at the Chart Room earlier.

This will be a day at home. No haircut, no bocce. First, because I look like Muhammad Ali did me over. Second, because I ache all over.

Enjoy your day! I expect mine to get progressively better.


Fog yesterday, fog today. Rare.

Why the fog? The reason given is that when moist air travels over warm water, it creates condensation which is brought onto the land by the wind.

One problem. There is no wind this morning. Absolutely none. My palm trees move not at all. The pool is like a mirror.

The fog this morning is thicker than yesterday. I can barely see the MTV house across the way.

I spent all day yesterday writing.

Last night was my blog talk radio show at 9. I was not surprised that the 3 teenage girls fleeing to Syria story was best received. Young ladies going over to ISIS to marry a jihadist and make babies has to be scary to all parents.

This week’s KONK Life hit the stands yesterday. My column consisted of my thoughts as to why young ladies find ISIS life attractive. Read it, if you can.

If KONK Life is not available to you, the column will appear starting this evening on Key West Lou. A top row description reads Key West Lou KONK Life Column. Click on it.

I have a new toy. ESPN streaming. Also known as ESPN 3.

Syracuse is not going anywhere this season basketball wise. The major networks have abandoned us. No one carries the games. We are relegated to ESPN streaming.

The Notre Dame game last night was the second Syracuse game in a row I have watched on my computer screen. Love it! Full screen. Clear and distinct. And for some reason, it appears I am closer to the game/action.

Syracuse not ranked. Notre Dame #9 in the country. Syracuse won 65-60.

My radio show interfered with my viewing. I was able to catch most of the first half. Then I had to stop to do the show. When I returned, there were six minutes left.

Worked for me.

Syracuse plays Duke saturday night. Duke is ranked #4. We are finishing the season against the big guys!

I received my royalty check and numbers for the last six months of 2013 yesterday. All of a sudden, the book is big in Canada. I do not know why. However, I am thrilled.

The World Upside Down is available on and barnesand

One of Key West’s most notable authors was Tennessee Williams. He resided on Duncan Street for roughly 40 years. He died on this date in 1983 in New York City.

Enjoy your day!


When the sun came up this morning, there was a mild fog laying over the island. Within an hour, it was a heavy fog. Thick. It is now another hour later and the fog is lifting. Still out there, but drifting away.

About 3 weeks ago, Key West experienced fog on two different days. I mentioned how unusual it was to experience fog. Strange. Strange because it is not common to the lower keys.

Larry Smith was at his best last night! He was the speaker at Friends of the Library at St. Paul’s Church. Many in attendance. Twice as many as last week.

Larry served up a musical education. I learned some things about composing I never knew. Catherine sang some medleys which fit into Larry’s talk. I enjoyed!

Dan joined me for Larry’s talk. Wife Lisa did not. Their daughter and 5 1/2 month old grandchild are visiting.

Afterwards, we went across the street to La Concha for a drink. The bar located off the street has been redecorated. Strictly a wine place. Dan said there was another bar in the lobby. We had a drink there after which Dan left me to return to his grandchild.

I crossed the street and walked back towards the Gulf. My goal was the Hot Tin Roof. Streets crowded. People waiting in line outside of restaurants to get in. It appears to be a terrific season.

Today is tuesday. My blog talk radio show once again this evening. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 for a half hour of interesting and eye opening material.

Topics will include some background re the young girls running off to join ISIS, Home Land Security, Berwick, Pa. may soon have chickens running around like Key West, American people understanding, and more.

My diet. I have now lost 36 pounds. Not bad!

Two problems occurred recently. I got stuck at 27 pounds for 10 days and at 30 pounds for two weeks. My doctor says it was because my body discovered I was starving and was storing food. I guess I stopped starving each time.

I am not starving myself, though I am eating much less.

Syracuse/Notre Dame tonight. I anticipate Syracuse will lose. Notre Dame has an exceptional team this year. They are ranked in the top 10 nationally.

To the basketball gods, please let the basketball season end!

My home town is Utica, N.Y. The Adirondack mountains an hour drive away. I do not recall seeing any bears in Utica, though I did see many over the years when in the mountains.

I never considered the Florida keys as having bears, let alone a bear problem. This morning’s Key West Citizen reported on the problem.

Years ago, the bear population was decreasing in south Florida dramatically. The government made bears a protected species. Now Florida thinks there are too many. Estimated at 3,000. There have been four maulings recently.

The State says we are going to start hunting bears again, a few have to be killed.

I do not recall anyone ever having seen a bear in the lower keys. My recollection is that there might have been one or two seen in the mid keys. Whatever, a hunting we will go!

Enjoy your day!



My friend Larry Smith is doing a presentation tonight. For the Friends of the Library. Six this evening at St. Paul’s Church. Besides being an overall good guy, Larry is an accomplished musician. He plays, composes and sings.

Larry’s talk will center on the types of music which influenced him as a musician and composer. The talk should be interesting.

Few are aware that Larry studied music in college. His first job after was teaching music at some school in a little hamlet in upstate New York. From there, he branched out into what he has become. A premier entertainer.

I spent my sunday writing. All day. First the blog. Then several hours composing this week’s KONK Life column. Young Ladies Join ISIS.

The column was motivated by the 3 young girls who are on their way to Syria to join ISIS. Each wishes to marry a jihadist and have babies. The girls are 15, 15 and 16. My article centers on the factors causing them and other young ladies to run off to Syria to experience such a life.

Keith stopped over later in the day. There were a few little things to complete in my bedroom. I must say…..The best bedroom I have slept in!

I have watched the Academy Awards my entire life. Always enjoyable.

This year I had a bit of a problem. I had only seen one of the nominated movies. American Sniper. Some winners were strangers to me. I do not get out to the movies much any more. Though I do watch many on television’s movie channels. Generally old films. Most of the stars dead and gone.

The History portion of this morning’s Key West Citizen has a 1960 picture of then sheriff John Spottswood and Harry Truman. Spottswood later became a state senator.

I never knew the man. However, I have known for more than 20 years his son Robert and Robert’s wife Elena. Two of the warmest people in Key West. Both moving forces over the years in developing Key West. Each getting things done.

Enjoy your day!