Antonin Scalia died yesterday. A Supreme Court jurist who did much to mold the thinking of the Court. In the wrong direction.

I never agreed with his manner of interpreting the Constitution. Nor other instruments such as the Federalist Papers that he relied on.

Never the less, Scalia succeeded over a period of thirty years in changing the Court’s thinking. Assuming a more liberal replacement, it will take another thirty years to undo the negative impact of Scalia’s decisions.

What is ahead?

Obama as President will nominate Scalia’s replacement. The Senate then comes into play. The Senate has the right to advise and consent to the nomination. Obama’s candidate will first have to get through the Republican controlled Judiciary Committee. Then receive a majority vote of the entire Senate.

The Senate situation creates a difficulty. It is Republican controlled.

The year ahead will be interesting.

My choice would be Joe Biden. Prior to becoming V ice-President, he was a U.S. Senator for thirty some odd years. Chairman at one time of the Judiciary Committee. He made friends on both sides of the aisle. An individual some Republicans would vote for.

Last night’s Republican debate a disgrace. As have been the previous ones. The candidates fight like mad dogs. With the exception of Kasich. Do we want one of the combatants as President?

Remember, crazy people do crazy things.

Happy Valentine’s Day! A day for lovers. Enjoy.

Was out on Duval yesterday at three. Stopped at Viva, the new bar. Nothing special. A drinking place.

Did Martin’s happy hour. A good deal. Atmosphere perfect. Food terrific. I enjoyed tiny lamb chops, brie and calamari.

Then to Louie’s Backyard. The perfect time of day to sit on the outside deck and watch the setting sun..

Syracuse plays Boston College at 1. Syracuse should win. An 11 point favorite. Boston College is having a bad year.

I completed the research for this week’s KONK Life column yesterday. I will write the column today. I am not sure of the title as yet. It will be the story of one of the fiercest pirates of all time. Cheng I Sao. A woman.

Theodore Roosevelt was a great man. One of our best President’s. He accomplished much in his lifetime. Always a smile on his face. A happy camper.

Not on February 14, 1884. His wife and mother died the same day. It took him several years to overcome the impact.

His mother died of typhoid. His wife of a kidney ailment.

Enjoy your Sunday! Enjoy St. Valentine’s Day!


It is time again! For the handful of righteous to complain about Fantasy Fest. Specifically, the nudity. More hearings. Press attention.

The group is a squeaky wheel. Receives more attention than deserved.

Fantasy Fest is an adult party. If the nudity offends, stay away!

Dinner at La Trattoria by the Ocean last night. Food good. Food always good over the years.

I tried Open Table to make a reservation. For 7 o’clock. Received a confirmation. Arrived at 7. The hostess told me my table was still occupied. I asked how long a wait. She did not know.

She had already noted I had an Open Table reservation. I reminded her of that fact. Give me any table. She said the next one. I told her I would be at the bar.

Forty five minutes and two drinks later, I returned to her. Asked pleasantly when I should start complaining? About what, she asked. I told her and reminded her of our earlier conversation. She remembered neither me nor the reservation.

She told me my Open Table reservation showed a no show/cancellation.

Politely, I said just give me a table. She looked up and said, Oh, I see one over there.

Ordered. A century later, still no food. A long wait. No drinks, either.

I do not know whose fault it was. I suspect the hostess. I was there on time. She probably failed to click some part of the Open Table program..

Anti-gravity treadmill in the morning. Research in the afternoon. Next week’s KONK Life column will tell the story of a female pirate.

US 1 and Northern Boulevard are both dangerous travel lanes. An accident slows down traffic and sometimes causes delays of 3-4 hours.

A three car crash occurred on US 1 yesterday. On Niles Channel Bridge. Minimum injuries, fortunately. Police directed traffic over one lane for two hours. During that time, traffic was backed up 8-10 miles in both directions.

An interesting fact. Locals do not seem disturbed when delays occur. An accepted part of the Key West life style.

Harry Truman. Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman. Visited our island 11 separate times for a total of 175 days.

In 1953 after leaving office, Truman decided to tale a family vacation to Honolulu. Wife Bess and daughter Margaret joined him. A Kansas City newspaper made it sound like a desertion of Key West.

Nothing farther from the truth. Truman returned several times to Key West after he left the Presidency. Stayed at a private residence those times.

Commercial air travel was not yet in vogue. It was a train from Kansas City to San Francisco. Then a boat to Honolulu. The Union Pacific Railroad and the liner President Cleveland.

Truman had been to Honolulu one time before. On his trip to Wake Island to chastise General Douglas MacArthur. When he landed in Honolulu, he refused a flower lei. Said it was not appropriate for a President to wear. On the later trip no longer being President, he accepted the lei.

The Catholic Church has screwed things up more than once over the years. Religion in general has.

On this day in 1633, Galileo made his first appearance before the Roman Inquisition. He was charged with heresy for advocating the earth revolved around the sun and not vice versa. The Catholic Church disagreed. The Church claimed the earth and not the sun was the center of the universe.

My problem is not with the Church’s ignorance. It is why the Church was even involved in an astronomical/scientific issue. One that had nothing to do with saving souls.

Greece, my Greece. Poverty and hard times still abound.

The Eurounion imposed a new and more severe austerity program on Greece last year. Since that time, farmers have had their social security payments tripled and their taxes doubled.

Last month, the farmers protested. In Athens. Eight hundred strong. Drove their tractors into town and blocked a main thoroughfare. A demonstration followed. Soon a battle between farmers and police. The farmers defended themselves against the police with tomatoes and shepherd’s crocks.

Question: Why was this scenario not reported to us by the media? I have no recollection of reporting or discussion.

If I am correct, it is further proof that the news we receive is selective in nature. I blame the corporations owning the various news media. They call the shots.

Enjoy your day!


Change in plans last night. Reardon could not make the Syracuse game till the second half. I do not like watching a game without another fan. Decided therefore to stay home and watch Syracuse/Florida State and the Democrat debate from the comfort of my recliner chair and bed.

Best basketball game Syracuse has played this year. Shot 63 percent in beating Florida State 85-72. Go Orange!

I am afraid to get enthused.

The Democrat debate interesting. I could discern a winner. Both were good.

Hillary continues to disappoint me. She talks with a forked tongue. Whatever she did yesterday is changed today. Her positions slide from one position to another. People sense this.

My only outside activity was the anti-gravity treadmill in the morning. Cold out. I wore a leather jacket to ward off the cold when I left Body Owners. I am sweating profusely at that time.

Jenny’s mother in law in St. Augustine is in a bad way. Jenny and her husband are with her.

The outstanding female author of modern times has to be Judy Blume. Young girls read all her books. She guided the young ladies through their formative years.

Blume is still writing these days. This time for the older generation. Many of whom were part of the younger generation who previously read her.

Today is Judy’s birthday. Happy birthday, Judy! Born this day in 1938.

One of Key West’s most popular places is known to locals only. Unfortunately. Everyone should know about Dion’s so all can enjoy the place.

Dion’s is a gas station and convenience store. Dion’s prepares fried chicken. Every day. The best! Perhaps too oily. Artery clogging. That is what makes it so good!

It was announced yesterday that Dion’s is being sold. After 68 years as a family business. I hope the new owners continue selling the tasty chicken.

This week’s KONK Life column  Joe Btfspik of Li’l Abner Fame appears today in E-News Blast.

Bum Farto, where are you?

Joseph “Bum” Farto was Key West’s Fire Chief. He was accused of being involved in the selling of drugs. Arrested. Tried. Convicted. In 1976, sentenced to 31 years.

A couple of days following the sentencing, he disappeared. Some say from the front of his house. Two cars pulled up and took him away. Whether abducted or simply disappeared on his own is not known to this day.

Farto disappeared never to return. The Jimmy Hoffa of Key West.

Enjoy your day!



Arrogance knows no bounds. Stupidity, also. Two things have come to my attention that should be shared with you. Thus far, the media has failed to discuss either.

Flint, Michigan. Lead in the water. The world shocked. Authorities knew and failed to warn its citizens. The Governor himself complicit.

General Motors has a factory in Flint. Soon after the change over to Flint River water, GM noticed car parts were becoming corroded when washed with water on the assembly line. GM complained to the Governor.

The Governor saw to it that GM’s water line was reconnected from the Flint River to Lake Huron. Immediately. At a cost of $440,000. The $440,000 to be paid by the State.

This was during the time the Governor and other authorities were aware of the lead problem and failed to make the citizens aware.

The other involves the Tamir Rice estate. Tamir was the 12 year old black boy shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer. Cleveland is the operative word.

EMTs who were at the scene tried to help Tamir. They also removed his body from the scene. They too were Cleveland employees. The EMT operation part and parcel of Cleveland government.

There is a $500 bill for the EMT services. Cleveland has filed a Creditor’s Claim against Tamir’s estate. They want his heirs, his parents, to pay the bill.

Yesterday morning turned out to be special. For whatever reason, my mind and hands worked well together. I wrote much. All good. I was happy with the final product.

Decided to party. Went to Square Grouper for lunch. Even had a drink to celebrate.

I had never been to Square Grouper before. Excellent!

Decided on a late dinner. Tried Tavern ‘n Town and Hot Tin Roof. No room at the inn. Key West overloaded with tourists. People standing around waiting for tables.

Ended up at Ibis. A good choice, even if my third one. Enjoyed stone crabs. My favorite food.

Birth control and to some extent abortion are issues with a long history. More than a 100 years. Let me take you back to 1916.

Emma Goldman was a crusader for women’s rights and social justice. She was arrested for lecturing and distributing birth control materials.

Goldman was a mentor to Margaret Sanger. In the same year, Sanger opened America’s first birth control clinic in Brooklyn. The police shut down the clinic after ten days.

Why is it that things having to do with women are decided in the first instance by men?

Had to fill the gas tank yesterday. $2.01 a gallon. Lowest I have paid in years. Can’t wait for it to drop below $2.00.

Syracuse basketball tonight. Syracuse playing Florida State at 7.

Dan Reardon, lets watch the game together at Jack Flats. My guest Barbara will be with me. Will need an extra seat.

Confirm by e-mail that we will be together.

My sort of Li’l Abner tale was linked to my Key West Lou website this morning. The title: Joe Btfspik of Li’l Abner Fame.

Enjoy your day!



My blog talk radio show was at 9 last night. It takes me five minutes before to connect with the radio station. The process is not permitted till 8:45.

It was 8 o’clock. I was watching primary returns. I fell asleep. Woke precisely at 9. Rushed to the computer. It took till 9:06 to connect.

This has happened before. I have to move my ass under pressure to connect.

Listeners last night were cheated of five minutes. Those archived will never know. I know and apologize. Promise to never fall asleep again.

The blog talk radio show went well. In spite of the lost five minutes. I hit hard on two issues. Female genital mutilation in England and Michigan’s Senate passing a bill last week making oral and anal sex illegal. Good for 15 years in jail!

The high number of mutilations in England is due to the high number of Muslim immigrants. Michigan’s soon to be law is the government invading the bedroom. Nine states already have such laws.

Today is wednesday. Wednesday is Hump Day. For me, Screw Off Day. No writing till the weekend.

The anti-gravity treadmill in the morning. Increasing my speed. I am impressed!

I misjudged my preparation for last night’s show. I thought I had things pretty well ready. About an hour’s work to complete.

I was wrong. Took me 3.5 hours. The reason being I found some items more interesting than that which I had prepared.

The New Hampshire results telling. I hate to admit it. It appears Trump will end up the Republican nominee. The Sanders/Clinton race still up in the air. Sanders victory impressive. Beat Hillary by 22 percentage points.

I suspect Hillary may be on her way down. Not because she is a bad woman. Her time has passed. She represents yesterday’s thinking. She has too many other problems on her plate.

Sanders an interesting candidate. He is of the Jewish faith. He would be the first Jew elected President should he win. Much like Obama’s victory as the first black.

We were all shocked by Flint, Michigan. It now comes out the lead problem has occurred in the past in other cities and in each the news of was kept from the public. Sebring, Ohio, Washington, D.C., Jackson, Mississippi, Durham and Greenville, North Carolina.

On this day in history in 1763, the French and Indian War ended. Recall, I made mention two weeks ago in KONK Life of the war as part of my Yankee Doodle Dandy article.

The Brits won  the French and Indian War. As a result, France lost most of its colonial empire. France did not forget. Many historians believe the French supported the colonists in the Revolutionary War for that reason.

Enjoy your day!



Saw Randy Roberts one person show last night at the Tennessee Williams Theater. The event titled 2016 Valentine’s Cabaret.

Roberts was absolutely outstanding! Spectacular!

I have seen Roberts several times in his very popular drag show at La Te Da. Unquestionably excellent as Cher, Judy Garland, etc.

Last night different! It was the male Randy Roberts. First half of the show in a suit. Second half, a tuxedo. Another dimension.

He is one of Key West’s best!

Today’s Key West Citizen carries the third complaint recently expressed re Lower Keys Hospital. Complaints include over inflated costs, not accepting certain insurances, and hospital doctors who do not check with a person’s personal physician.

I do not know if true. I was in the hospital for 6 hours in the emergency room six months ago. I experienced none of the problems complained of.

Never the less, some appropriate group should investigate the claims. Hospital patients should not be screwed over!

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9 my time. Tuesday Talk with Key
West Lou.

Strong topics.

One an issue rarely discussed. Female genital mutilation. In England for example, one occurs every 109 minutes.

England easily explainable. England has had a significant Muslim influx in recent years. Instead of acclimating, they continue to live as in the old country. Female genital mutilation part of that lifestyle.

Another topic involves the arrogance of some elected officials.

The Michigan Senate recently passed a bill outlawing oral and anal sex. Up to 15 years in jail if convicted. It is expected the bill will become law.

I wrote a KONK Life column four years ago titled Stay Out of My Bedroom. The title applies to this scenario, also. The bedroom belongs to you and me. Not to the politicians. It is private and personal. Consenting adults free to do what they want.

On this day in 1965, the United States sent its first combat troops to South Vietnam. The beginning of a war that never should have been. The war extremely unpopular with U.S. citizens.

The reason why we entered the fray is rarely discussed. Johnson was President. He wanted to be as great a President as his hero FDR. Roosevelt had a war. World War II. Johnson did not have one. Vietnam became his war.

I mentioned the Beatles two days ago. I mention them again today. It was on this day they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. America met the Beatles. The most successful musical match in history.

Enjoy your day!



An emporium providing male pleasures existed on Stock Island in the 1940s and early 1950s. Ladies of the night. Prostitutes. A popular place. Mom’s Tea Room. A house of ill repute. A whore house.

In those days, there was a large contingency of U.S. Naval Forces stationed here. The sailors were Mom’s best customers. The Navy was not happy with the situation. Tried several times to have Mom’s closed. The Navy was finally successful in 1953.

Selling one’s body had to be difficult back in those days. Not that it is much easier today. Women were transported to a city to work generally two weeks at a time. Then moved on to another city. New ladies brought in. Prostitution was a big business controlled/operated by organized crime.

Some of the women could not take it. Suicides inevitable. Two occurred at Mom’s Tea Room. Interestingly on the same day, though different years.

Cecilia Thompson Trucks committed suicide in 1941. Rita Brown in 1952.

I did a bit of digging to see if there was anything concerning the two. I found nothing, except what is reported here.

Key Westers do crazy things. Locals and tourists alike. The quirkiness of Key West the reason.

Yesterday was the third Polar Bear Plunge. Higgs Beach. Two hundred participating.

Up north, a polar bear plunge is definitely into cold waters. In Key West, generally not. Yesterday it had to be. With the weather cold by day and night, the water temperature had to be abnormally low. Yesterday’s participants at Higgs Beach had to freeze their butts.

I enjoy Meet The Press. Watch it randomly during the year. Except during election season. Then I make sure I see every show. I watched yesterday.

Following Meet The Press, I wrote this week’s KONK Life column. Joe Btfspik of Li’l Abner Fame. Btfspik the introduction. The column really about U.S. inventor Walter Hunt. Btfspik and Hunt each had a black cloud following them.

The column publishes wednesday.

Super Bowl last night. Watched the game at a private party. Good food, drink and company.

The Bronco’s definitely the better team. Broncos won over the Panthers 24-10.

Lady Gaga  and Beyoncé outstanding! They represent American music today. I do not enjoy the music they sing. Probably my age. At 80, I desire something softer. However, I must admit I take pleasure in watching them dance. My age coming into play again. Beyonce was hot last night!

We have been become acclimated to watching Super Bowl advertisements. Always a highlight. Not last night. I thought there were fewer and most of poor quality.

As a nation, we never learn. We forget history repeats itself. History that warns of a coming danger.

On this day in 1904, Japan launched a surprise naval attack against Russian Port Arthur. The beginning of the Russo-Japanese War. The surprise attack a sneak one.

The same thing happened to the U.S. on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor. We failed to be super cautious prior to Pearl Harbor. Knowing full well at the time that war was a probability.

Today busy. The anti-gravity treadmill this morning. A doctor visit later in the day. Dinner at La Trattoria by the Ocean. Randy Roberts in performance afterwards at the Tennessee Williams Theater.

Enjoy your day!



The Waterfront Playhouse’s fund raiser at the San Carlos last night a hit! It could not miss! Laurie Breakwell and Vicki Roush entertained. Their singing representative of the best Key West has to offer.

I stopped at La Concha for their happy hour before the show. Sliders and flat bread. A half block from the San Carlos.

A private party afterwards at Mangoes. Opted not to attend. I was not in the mood for a crowd. Stopped back at La Concha for a night cap and then home.

The weather sucks! No other way to describe it. Cold and rainy. Rain and strong winds comparable to a monsoon. Long pants, slicker and an umbrella time.

Sixties during the night. Tonight in the high 50s. At the moment, the winds are driving right into and through my bedroom wall. Cold projected through friday.

Key West enjoys a variety of crimes. Those with an odd twist are reported daily in the Key West Citizen. Page 2, under the title Crime Report. This morning’s a bit different.

Told of a woman who lost her driver’s license. She was walking from her home on Eisenhower to see the sunset. She put her driver’s license and a credit card in her bra. The credit car made the trip. The driver’s license did not. She called the police to report it missing.

Such was the “crime” of the day.

Florida’s state capital is Tallahassee. Tallahassee is located at the northern end of Florida. Key West, the south. Many miles apart.

I sometimes wonder if State officials ever make their way to Key West. I think Key West is considered by them as a Siberian outpost.

US 1 is the State’s responsibility. A State road.

The State took three years to redo Northern Boulevard in Key West. Northern Boulevard is US 1. The State screwed up as to crossing points for pedestrians. No lights, except for one yellow blinking one. Problem is it blinks all the time. Even when no one crossing..

Accidents guaranteed. A pedestrian death to occur.

Key West wants a button and a red light. The State says nothing needed. They did a good job in the first instance. However to satisfy local clamor, they will add a button and blinking yellow lights.


The State official involved should visit Key West and try to cross Northern Boulevard at different times of the day. His life will be in danger!

Super Bowl tonight! I will be watching at a private party of two.

On this day in 1964, the Beatles landed in New York. Two days later on February 9, they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. Seventy two million watched them on TV.

It was a moment in American musical history.

Money/value was different in those days. The Beatles signed to appear on three Ed Sullivan shows for a grand package of $10,000.

The Beatles made it to Key West later in the year. They were flying to Jacksonville and had to put down in Key West to avoid Hurricane Dora. They stayed at a Southern Boulevard motel.

It is reported that after the Beatles left, people were going onto the property to fill small bottles of water from the pool the Beatles swam in.

Between this morning and late afternoon, i will be writing this week’s KONK Life column. A Li’l Abner introduction. Joe Btfspik and the cloud always over his head.

Enjoy your Sunday!


A little Al Capp to be reincarnated. Not today. In next week’s KONK Life column.

I completed the research yesterday. Following a long early afternoon nap. It would be interesting if the inspiration had come as a vision while asleep. It did not. I thought about it in the morning.

The column will not be a Li’l Abner, Daisy Mae, Dogpatch story. I needed Joe Btfspik. The little guy with the black cloud over his head.

Btfspik will be the introduction. Introduction to a great inventor who never made a penny from any of his inventions. A black cloud over his head.

The column will be written tomorrow.

The only time I was out of the house yesterday was in the morning to work out on the anti-gravity treadmill. The power went out. Strange to stand there on the machine in the pitch black. I was locked into the machine. Could not move. Fortunately, the power was out only eight minutes.

I was to attend two gallery openings last night. I cancelled. I was dead tired. Too much out and about during the week.

Tonight, back on the road. San Carlos. The Waterfront Playhouse is having a fund raiser. Many to attend. A similar show being presented at the same time at the Waterfront Playhouse.

A sell out. No tickets available since wednesday.

The weather forgets this is Key West. By this time, it should be sun every day. Not so. Cold yesterday. Cold today. Cold during the night.

Sixty five at the moment. High supposed to be 75. Hot! We shall see. Sunday night temperature will drop to high 50s. That is cold! Poor weather to continue through friday.

The NCAA is a black cloud over college basketball. The Joe Btfspik of college basketball.

Louisville self imposed a sentence/penalty yesterday. Announced Louisville would not be playing in any post season tournaments this year.

Pitino was unaware. Administration made the decision.

The NCAA has Pitino in its gun sight. Perhaps deservedly so.

There is an anguish that goes with an NCAA investigation. For team, coach, school and fans. Syracuse suffered through a ten year investigation till the bombs fell. Boeheim got a raw deal. Nothing will change my mind.

Enjoy your day!




Key West has another winner!

The new Waterfront Brewery.

I enjoyed dinner there last night. The site of the former Waterfront Market.

Great looking place. Terrific bar. Huge. I sat at a table next to the water. Giant overhead doors open. The restaurant crowded. I am not sure the place can ever be described as packed. Big! Too big!.

I sufficiently enjoyed I intend to return soon.

Yesterday morning was the anti-gravity treadmill. I am proud of my progress. I am proud that I am keeping at it. My tendency has been to quit a physical exercise thing after a while. Too much work.

Went to the movies last night. 45 at the Tropic Cinema. The 4 o’clock show.

45 good. Not great. On the heavy side. Worth seeing. Portrays the pain that can occur after 45 years of marriage.

There were only six of us watching the film. The others were talking age. In their 60s. The oldest 64. All proud. I kept quiet. I did not want to bust their bubble by telling them I was 80.

Stopped into La Concha for a drink. The new bar in the middle of the first floor a perfect place for solitude drinking. Try it. Better I am sure with a partner.

Then to Christine Cordone’s gallery exhibit on the lower end of Caroline. I walked from La Concha. Parking would have been a problem had I driven.

Christine’s work the best! A talent discovered by others in her senior years. Brilliant watercolors.

A step back in history. Instigated by the marriage this date in 1826 between Millard Fillmore and Abigail Powers. Fillmore later became President of the United States.

Their names. Millard and Abigail popular in their day. Not today. Unless a family name, no one would label a son Millard. Abigail stands no chance at all.

Reverse the situation. Think how odd the popular names of today would be in 1826.

This week’s KONK Life column Things That Concern Me appears in two additional places today. It is linked to my Key West Lou website. It also ran in this morning’s E-News Blast.

The weather has changed again. For the cold! Fickle weather since the first of the year.

It was 78 yesterday. Today will be in the mid to high 60s. The wind started blowing during the night. Woke me. Loud. I could see why this morning. My palm trees were being driven straight south by a strong north wind.

Memories. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The movie made its debut this week in 1938. An unexpected hit at the time. Only Walt Disney had faith in the film. He put all his money into it. Even his wife thought it was not a wise investment and tried to dissuade him.

I distinctly recall seeing Snow White about a year later in 1939. I would have been 4 years old at the time. The opening scene was the Wicked Queen looking in a mirror and asking…..Who is the fairest one of all? The mirror answered…..Snow White.

The Wicked Queen scared the hell out of me!

Saw the film at a neighborhood theater in Utica. The Rialto. My cousins Phil and Lois took me. Phil four years older than me. Lois, two.

A great movie! We stayed and watched it a second time. If my memory is correct there were two films showing. The other was Gunga Din. We saw Gunga Din a second time also.

I mention my cousins for a specific reason. Phil is now 84. Lois, 82. You know Louis 80.

Aunt Mary, Phil and Lois’ mother, lived to 102. My father, her brother, to 98. The body breaks down. Theirs did to an extent. Their minds however sharp till the day each died.

Enjoy your day!