The mini lobster season ended yesterday. It lasts all of 2 days. A teaser. Excites everyone. And then it’s over!

The report is that the Florida lobster season will be a good one. The bounty is plentiful.

The lobsters are captured by snorkeling. A person floats along the top of the water, spots a tentacle sticking out from under a rock and dives. The diver generally has a poker stick in hand. A 2 or 3 foot metal stick. Shoves it under the rock. The lobster jumps out. It is scooped up in a gloved hand and taken up to the boat.


The mini season has a limit of 6 per person. Most people abide by the rule. Some are pigs however and go in and out with the boat so more can be captured. Does not make sense to me. The lobsters will always be under the water. The season is around the corner. Fresh catch is the best. And look at all the fun that can be had by additional trips diving for them.

Brain and Lori were at the Chart Room last night. Tourists. From San Diego. First time for her here. Brian was briefly in Key West 10 years ago.

We talked of many things. One was La Costa, the health spa located outside San Diego.

I shared my experiences with William Holden, Rodney Dangerfield and Evil Knevil whom I met there. Lori recently spent a day at La Costa. With Gwen Paltrow. Wow! I would have been happy to swap my Holden, Dangerfield and Knevil for her one Paltrow!

It was lobster day all around. I stopped at Kelley’s for the Thursday night Maine lobster special. So good!

Fred Tillman was at the bar with his wife. We chatted for a few minutes. Not only does he own Kelley’s, he is also a neighbor here in Key Haven.

It was still early. So I opted to stop at Don’s Place on the way home.

Kurt was bartending. One of the best guys in the world!

Rob and Beebe were at the bar. Friends and bocci team mates.

I have not seen Beebe in a while. A special woman! Always a smile! Always a kind word! Always a hug and kiss!

Beebe has worked at the Hyatt for over 20 years. She is assistant to the general manager. All 10 previouis ones! It is called staying power. She also is a Notary Public. Which in Key West means she can legally marry people. Which she does!

We talked of bocci. The last season was terrible. Rob and I are measuredly hopeful for the new one which starts in 2 weeks. Beebe, ever the optimist, says the season will be great!

We shall see!

The days continue to be humid. The nights not so bad. The worst is yet to come! August is hotter and Septemebr even more hot. Sweat is the order of the day! Few clothes as possible are worn!

The best way to describe the inceasing intensity of the heat is to describe the ocean water. The ocean this time of the year is like bath water. Warm!

Have a good day!

Yesterday was a tough golf day in more ways than one!

It was the humidity! The worst I have ever experienced!

Some one told me last night that the heat factor was over a 100. I believe it.

It was especially unbearbale on the holes where the trees blocked the minimal wind that was out on the course. The air was heavy. Breathing was an occasional problem.

I wear a hat when I play. For two reasons. The first is to prevent sun stroke. The second is to absorb my brow sweat. Yesterday there was no absorbtion factor. I could feel the salty sweat constantly flowing into my eyes. My eyes were burning the whole round.

When we finished playing, I went into the men’s room to wash up. I looked in the mirror. My eye balls were bright red! Fire engine red!

I played with Don, Yankee Jack, Larry and Randy. All four played terrific. I played lousy. I ended up the big loser!

I spent the afternoon in my darkened bedroom. The air conditioning was blasting away. I had to crawl under the covers to keep warm. It felt good!

Last night Don and I had drinks and dinner together at the Yacht Club. A good evening!

Don is a first class business man. He runs Don’s Place with anal precision. And for that, he is successful.

Don came to Key West from Buffalo where he was a newspaper executive. He was with a newspaper chain outfit whose name escapes me.

Whatever he brought to that job and whatever he learned at that job, he has interejected into the running of Don’s Place.

After dinner, we stopped at Don’s Place for a night cap.

I was home in bed before 10.

Yesterday was the start of the mini losbster season. A big deal!

For 2 or 3 days each year at this time, the government permits diving for lobsters.

The boats were going out like crazy yesterday morning. It is an event! Some of the boats were overloaded. It reminded me of that scene in Jaws where all the boats, big and small alike, went out to capture the shark. Most of the boats were overloaded. So it was yesterday!

There are thieves out there also.

The mini season starts at midnight. Divers with dark water suits and tanks swim along in front of homes on the water. They are capturing the lobsters that lie in the rocks beneath our docks. A couple of times over the years I have gone out in the middle of the night with a flash light. As one of these scoundrels would swim by, I flashed the light on him. They would look up with startled expressions and abruptly swim away.

It is called stealing! All of us own 25 feet out from the shoreline. The lobsters are within the first 5 feet.

I can feel the humidity already this morning. It is blowing thru the open window like a blast furnace. Back to the air conditioning!

Enjoy your day!

Today was absolutely outstanding yesterday!

The show featured Key West for 2 hours. Perfectly!

Everything on Today was the real Key West. No politicians, no phoney boloneys.

Every one and every thing featured was what we locals know and appreciate.

Familiars faces and places.

I was pleased to see Bob from Hogfish, Kermit from Key Lime Pie, Howard Livingston (2 times), King Timothy, Queen Kate, Fast Buck Freddies, the Red Pepper, Hemingway House, the Trolley, Mallory Square characters (in the early morning) and on and on.

All well known to we who live in Key West and to the viewers who might have visited here.

Congratulations to Today for the quality of the show. Congratulations also to the on screen locals who helped make the Today show the highlight it was. My congratulations extends also to those locals behind the scenes who worked to make the show a representative success.

Of course, I did not go down to the Westin to see Today in person. I watched from my bed. Too early for me to be up and out!

I had a quiet lunch yesterday at the Yacht Club. Read the papers.

Then to Borders to read. I have to be Borders’ best non paying customer.

When I returned home, Lisa was here with the grandkids swimming. A joy!

Last night I hit the Chart Room first. Dead! Where is every one? Second night in a row it has been empty!

I went over to La Trattoria for dinner. I did not believe what I saw! Not one person at the bar! Only a couple of tables in service!

The Chart Room is a locals place. So I do not understand why no one was there.

La Trattoria is more of a tourist place. It is summer time. That would explain it.

Erin was grumbling a bit. All of a sudden, 5 customers showed up at the bar. A whole party of 5!

Erin said I brought her good luck!

And then the restaurant started filling a bit also.

I was home in bed by 9:30.

This morning golf! I can’t wait!

Have fun today!

Good morning!

The Today show is in town! Matt Lauer and Ed Roker.

They are down at the Westin.

Too early for me to be there. I am watching the show on TV as I write this blog.

Glad to have them here in Key West!

I used to watch the Today show religiously. Then came Morning Joe. No comparison! I am hooked on Morning Joe! I am awake every morning at 6 to watch it!

I spent yesterday in. Paper work again.

Last night, I hit the Chart Room first. It was just me and Michael the bartender. No one else!

Marty was still home in Hallendale. He had a stress test yesterday. We talked afterward. He did well, though a bit tired. Captain Peter had been in and left. Sean had not been in at all.

While I was enjoying my drink, Kurt showed up. Kurt is the late afternoon/evening bartender at Don’s Place. So I had never seen him at the Chart Room.

Turns out it was Kurt’s night off. Also, his friend Richard was playing the drums with Larry at the Wine Galley.

I had planned on having dinner at La Trattoriria. Kathy was bartending. However I opted to join Kurt and listen to Richard.

I had a light bite to eat at the Wine Galley bar.

Then the world showed up! From Don’s Place. Even Don! And Michelle! And at least a dozen others.

Richard appears to be an accomplished percussionist! He blended well with Larry. Alex was blowing his horn.

All in all, a pleasant evening.

Humid this morning. And overcast. Looks like rain at some point. Wind strong, though. And from the north. So it could pass over. Probably will.

For whatever reason, I have found that a wind from the south guarantees rain. Whereas a wind from the north means not necessarily so.

Wowie! My friend Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 are on the Today show. Singing “Living on Key West Time!”

Now Roker is showing and talking about the 4,000 chickens running around the island.

Today seems to be picking up on the real Key West. They already have featured the Hemingway House and the Little White House.

I am going back to bed to watch the rest of Key West on Today.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday has once again come and gone.

It was a good day.

I did basically nothing!

I watched Meet the Press. Hillary Clinton for the whole hour! Interesting! She is a dynamic figure!

Then Lisa and the family came over. It was swim time.

In the pool and in the ocean. Robert and Ally were terrific! They are fish! Take after their father Corey who dives for a living as an archeologist at Mel Fisher Museum.

Lisa laid out a couple of big bath towels on the deck. She made some sandwiches and cut up some fruit. We had a picnic sitting there on the towels!

After they left, I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed watching TV and snoozing.

Last night I had dinner at Lisa’s. Read the Sunday papers afterwards. Articulated with Robert and Ally.

And then home to an early bed.

Truly a day of rest!

Required by the mind and body on occasion!

Yesterday it was for me!

It is a glorious Sunday morning! Bright sun, moving water, little humidity.

I slept late again. It is getting to be a habit.

Marty is up in Hallendale for the weekend. He just telephoned me. “Where is the blog? It’s after 9!” Actually, he woke me!

I went to the Shrimp Shack for lunch. Fish and chips. Great fish! Large chunks, lightly deep fried! And the fries were a wow! Big and salty!

I know. A bit of a cholestrol trip!

All the shrimp boats were in. And I mean all of them! It had to be the weather. There was no room to park another boat. Nor was there an ability to see open water beyond the boats. That is how packed it was!

The Shrimp Shack is also a fresh fish market. Fish markets have tons of old newspapers to wrap the fish in. I forgot to buy a newspaper. So I walked around till I found a stack of old newspapers.

The newspaper I selected was several days old. The main article had to do with the 40th anniversary of man setting foot on the moon.

The most spectacular thing I have seen or experienced in my life!

I remember the evening well.

It was later in the evening. We were all glued to the TV.

My four children were between 5 and 10 years of age. They were sleeping as the landing approached. I woke them and herded them into the family room.

My sense was this was a monumental moment! I wanted them to be a part of it! To share it! To be able to tell their children some day that they were there, so to speak!

I explained to them what was about to occur.

They are all adults today with children of their own. None remember that evening.

I tried!

I do remember, however. The fact that we were able to fly to the moon and actually have two men walk on its surface that evening excited the hell out of me! On top of which the whole thing was being transmitted electronically back to earth as it happened!

A big night! A proud one for all Americans at the time. And still a proud moment for us!

Last night I skipped the Chart room and stopped into Don’s Place.

Don was there! I had not seen him in 5 weeks.

And I am happy to say there was a beer sitting in front of him! He’s back!

My bocci partner Jules and her husband Jim were there also. Plus their Tampa friend Maria. Sitting on the same stools I had left them on the night before. Do not get the wrong impression. I am sure they went home and about in between.

I chatted with Maria for a while. A lovely person! Personally and appearance wise.

Maria is 41. She is a special education teacher back in Tampa. Loves her job! It was easy to see how good she must be at it.

Afterwards, I decided it was time to do the Duval crawl and see the Hemingway look alikes.

The tourist end of Duval was blocked off from traffic. Had been that way all day. Will be that way all day today, also.

It was a street party! Stands selling all kinds of things from food to jewelry. Tons of people milling about.

And Hemingway look alikes up the ass! That is the only way I can describe it. All white bearded and beer bellied!

A sight to see!

I stayed a while. Drank a bit too much. Never ate. A big head this morning!

But it was a good time!

Enjoy Sunday! For whatever reason, I consider it the best day of the week! Part of it is Meet the Press, the Sunday papers and Sunday dinner with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids!

Slept late this morning.

Woke to big time thunder. Loud and continuous. It’s going to rain soon.

Very humid this morning. I have the window open so I can see the water and the lone palm tree. The hot air is blowing in.

Yesterday can best be described as a pleasant one.

I lunched at the Paradise Cafe. Cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. Read the papers.

Then to Borders for a couple of hours. I am into a book about the last 30 days of World War II. I keep drifting from the Truman book. Too long. Like War and Peace. Someday I will finish it, however.

Lisa, Corey and the grandkids came over around 5. Thanks to Robert I now have bloodied sheets!

Robert and Ally love to jump up and down on my bed and roll around. Robert had scrapped his knee earlier in the day. The band aid came off. So did the blood. All over my white blanket and light blue sheets! How am I going to explain that one to the cleaning lady?

The Chart Room was busy again last night. The Golden Girls were in. Jane and Debbie. Che, Marty, David and Sean also. Great conversations, back and forth. A person could never write the dialogue I hear there every night.

Every one has been reminding me that I left out one of the “regulars” who has a name plate and hole on the bar rail. May I be forgiven!

He is Panamah Peat. Yes, I spelled his first name correctly. It has an h at the end.

Panamah is still alive. He makes jewelry. Occasionally he works at Mel Fisher Museum, also.

I have never met him. He apparently does not frequent the Chart Room as much as he once did.

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at Square One. It was good to see Patticakes and Michael and other friends. A great meal, also! It was supplement my iron intake time last night. A steak and spinach!

On my way home I decided to stop at Don’s place. Don returned Wednesday from a month long vacation at some lake in Indiana. I had not seen him yet.

He was not there. Means he is not drinking.

Don gives up alcohol consumption for the whole month of his summer vacation every year. It is dry out time, as he desccribes it. I am assuming he is continuing the healthy life for a few days longer. Worry not, he will return!

My bocci partner Jules was there with her husband Jim. Also, Jules’ childhood friend Maria who is visiting from Tampa. Kurt was bartending. Good people! I enjoyed the company of all!

The night got even better after I fell asleep. I woke in the middle of the night. The TV was on. And so was Mamma Mia!

I loved that movie! Meryl Streep was terrific! It was a happy film!

I caught the last 15 minutes of it!

I worked hard on some paper work this week. I plan on a Louis weekend. Yesterday is a reflection of what today and tomorrow will be. I may go onto Duval to see all the Hemingway look alikes walking around. Tomorrow there is an art show at Green Parrot. Who knows! What ever the mood and the moment direct!

This being retired can be difficult!

Enjoy your day!

Good morning!

I slept a bit late. Good!

The sun is up. A slight breeze. The water creeping along.

Another great Key West day in the making!

I had a late lunch yesterday at Hogfish. It was quiet at the time. A cool breeze was blowing in. I took my time and read the newspapers.

The Chart Room was crowded again last night. Marty, David, Che, Sean, Captain Peter and many more. The conversations are wild! I sometime wish I could record them to report later on word for word. The Chart Room and its guests would probably make a good plot for a TV series.

Thursday night has become Maine lobster time at Kelley’s Restaurant. Marty, Che and I hit the outside bar for dinner. A great meal and a good time!

This is Hemingway Look Alike Weekend in Key West! There will be Hemingways everywhere! The contest is an annual big time event. Although island wide, the primary action is at Sloppy Joe’s.

Enjoy your day!

I was correct in the prediction of my golf game yesterday.

I sucked!

I had not played in 3 weeks. I was really bad on the front nine. No swing! I was lucky to get passed the ladies’ tee on my drives!

Then things started turning on the back. The swing returned. I started striking the ball well. Well enough to win $2 overall!

I played with Larry, Yankee and Randy. No one was really a big winner or loser. It was that kind of day.

The Chart Room was a bit busy last night. Marty, Captain Peter, Dan and Che.

The big item of discussion was Che and the moose.

Che had killed the moose the night before!

Chart Room walls and ceilings are full of all kinds of novelities and writings. Most if not all of which contribute to the folklore of the room.

Last year at Fantasy Fest, some one brought in a plastic inflated moose head. And hung it on the wall!

It did not belong. It was out of place. But, there it stayed.

Che loves the Chart Room. He is one of its oldest attendees. He considers himself the room’s protector as well as keeper of its folklore.

Apparently the plastric moose head has been bugging Che.

Two nights ago he took the bartender’s fruit knife and went over and stabbed the moose head!

The moose head is no more! Che was strutting last night! Proud of his accomplishment!

Only in Key West, my friends! Only in Key West!

It’s 5 am. I am up early.

Very dark outside.

I can hear the water.

Strange weather yesterday. There was a storm around noon. Lasted a couple of hours.

It was almost like a hurricane. Dark, thunder, lightning, wind. And rain!

The storm was not predicted.

Summer is the rainy season in Key West. Normally it rains for about 10 minutes every afternoon around 1 o’clock. Not this summer. Either it does not rain at all for several days or we get a storm. Storm times are not predictable. It will rain in the morning. Sometimes at dinner time. There is no pattern this year.

A scientist I am not, but I think it all has to do with global warming!

I had a very pleasant evening. Kate Miano had a small dinner party to which she invited me. Good company! Good food!

Her Italian extraction was evident. Pasta with meatballs and red sauce. She cooked the sauce herself. Made the meatballs also. Her mother taught her well.

Kate is reigning Queen of Fantasy Fest. She had her cohort Captain Timothy, the reigning King, at dinner also. Bob was there. Celeste also. Celeste is a partner in Mama’s Flowers. Her partner Danya did the florals for my daughters Lori and Lisa’s weddings several years ago. Good people!

The wine flowed. Second helpings of pasta were in order. And ice cream for desert!

I will have to run 5 miles this morning! Only joking! Run I do not!

However, I do play golf. And today is Wednesday. So I will be teeing off at 9 this morning. That will be exercise enough!

I have not played in 3 weeks. So my poor game excuse is already out there!

Enjoy your day!