There are some things that take priority over all else. Today, Lisa’s birthday. My baby is 56 years old. And still my baby.

Amazing how time flies. The little girl I knew so well gone. Today, a bright cheerful person. One who has given me 2 lovely grandchildren. Robert and Ally. Both high schoolers. How swiftly they have grown.

Happy birthday dear Lisa! May I be around many more years to say that to you.

Helen Reddy has passed on at 78. The woman who gave us I Am Woman. The song became a feminist anthem. It will be so for all time.

Now to the War on Decency and Democracy.

The Presidential Debate last night. I caught the last hour.

Trump ruined it. As he does all things. He made it a dark event. The man is a buffoon. The more I see of him, the more convinced I am he does not have it mentally.

Trump has always been unhappy that New York society and elite never welcomed him into their ranks. Who would want to be a friend to someone who acts as he does.

Some comments I came across in reading various reviews this morning. One writer described the debate as a “revulsion.” Due to Trump’s presentation. Another, “ugly.”

The New York Post reported that Trump’s “over belligerence” led him to stumble. USA Today described the event as a “horror show that had to scare America.” CNN described the debate as “total chaos.”

The moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump at one time to denounce a far right or white supremacist group. Trump appeared reluctant. Biden suggested the far out radical group known as Proud Boys.

Trump’s response shocking. He told Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” In other words get ready, I may need you. Proud Boys celebrated last night their recognition by Trump and his apparent need for their assistance at some point in time.

The “stand back and stand by” sounded like a call to arms.

Mike Allen in AXIOS this morning wrote the debate was similar to what is going on in the country today. Division big time. Radicalism definitely on one side. Not much on the other. A President egging on far right enthusiasts.

On Good Morning America, Bob Woodward described Trump’s performance as “attempting to assassinate the Presidency.”

Biden said something profound. Think about it for a moment: “Dirty fighters don’t win.”

Chris Wallace failed as the moderator. Perhaps anyone being moderator would have. Trump was out of control. Ranting and raving.

Wallace could not control Trump, could not make him comply with the rules for the debate set beforehand.

If I had been Wallace last night, I would first have warned Trump re his conduct, tell him if it continued he would be cut off till it was time for him to speak again. Yes, close his mike down so he would stop interring with Biden’s responses.

Let him rave all he wanted in his own silence.

Trump has received his third nomination for the Nobel Peace Award. Would you believe!

The nomination came from a group of professors in Australia who praised the “Trump Doctrine” against endless wars.

Biden provided his tax returns several months ago. Yesterday, he and his wife provided their 2019 tax return. The return set forth $944,737 in income. Their tax payment $346,204.

Trump has not provided his. The 20 years of tax returns the New York Times has appears to be from a source other than Trump himself.

With tongue in cheek, I must say I admire Trump’s transparency.

Nicholas Kristof’s Opinion piece in today’s New York Times is titled: “Watching  A Cataclysm of Hunger, Disease and Illiteracy.”

The article’s first 2 paragraph’s telling.

“We think of Covid-19 as killing primarily the elderly around the world, but in poor countries it is more cataclysmic than that.”

“It is killing children through malnutrition. It is leading more people to die from tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS. It is forcing girls out of school into child marriages. It is causing women to die in childbirth. It is setting back efforts to eradicate polio, malaria and female genital mutilation. It is leading to lapses in Vitamin A distribution that will cause more children to suffer blindness and death.”

Trump claimed last night the economy was in the best shape ever because of his efforts till coronavirus hit. He further claimed he has done such a good job with the virus that the economy is on its way back to where it had been.

If so, why are major employers advising large layoffs?

The most recent is Disney. Disney announced it was laying off 28,000 employees. The Pandemic the cause. Disney’s theme parks taking the biggest hit. Sixty seven percent of those to be laid off are part timers.

On this day in 1927, Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run of the 1927 season. The record stood for 34 years.

College students returned to school. Within days, the numbers began coming in. Within 2 weeks, the numbers were off the wall. Many universities closed down.

High school, middle and grammar school children have generally returned to school across the country. So far no word as to whether the virus is infecting them. This includes the Key West High School.

The silence gives me concern. Are the schools free of coronavirus cases? Or, there are cases and the schools are keeping them quiet?

Some things are hard to believe. There is an underground movement to hold an unstructured Fantasy Fest. Limited to certain events.

Fantasy Fest was cancelled in July. For good reason. Some people do not understand nor fear the virus. Tourists as well as Key West bar and restaurant owners.

It is claimed the underground movement began when the hotels refused to return deposits for Fantasy Fest week. A Facebook page and other social media outlets started talking about the underground.

Tampa a big one. Tampa apparently has a 1,100 member Key West Fantasy Fest Club. They do not want to stay home during the week. So they have gone to social media and advised here would be parties, etc., except under different names. Black Lingerie Matters would replace the Zombie Bike ride for example.

Irish Kevin’s is openly advertising in Tampa for those who will be attending the underground Fantasy Fest to come party with them.

The numbers will go up. Not just in Key West. Also, in Tampa and from where ever else the tourists come.

Enjoy your day!




Tonight’s the night! The War of the Roses! A heavyweight championship fight.

The first Presidential debate. Trump and Biden. One and  a half hours. Begins at 9 EST.

I will miss the first half hour. Tuesday Night with Key West Lou.

The combatants have different styles. One a belligerent street fighter The other a gentleman. Forget not Gentleman Jim Corbett.

There was a similar fight 4 years ago. Man v. woman. Trump v. Hillary Clinton. Trump was not a gentleman.

Americans wanted a change after 20 years of the Bushes and Clintons. Understandable. Trump represented that change.

What a change! No one expected what has happened in the past 4 years. Hopefully another change is in the works. Another 4 years of Trump will mean the end of America. It will have become a totalitarian state.

The lifestyle of all will change. Food will continue to disappear from the table, there will be fewer jobs, people will be required to pay 100 percent of their medical bills, etc.

The moment of truth is upon us. The next 4 weeks will determine what our country will be. It will be determined by who is elected President. Hopefully, Joe Biden.

Amy Coney Barrett. A disaster that cannot be stopped.

Today’s Wall Street Journal said she is a Catholic. Tonight would mark 2 Catholics battling since Joe Biden was Catholic, also.

Barrett is not a Catholic. She may have been at one point. I do not know.

Today, she and her husband belong to a charismatic group. Considered a Christian parachurch. No affiliation with Rome. Though Pope Francis likes People of Praise as Barrett’s religious group is known.

I view charismatics as a cult group. One of my family had an experience with the group in 1978. I know full well the impact of charismaticism. A little far out. Weird from my perspective. Like the wife must do everything the husband tells her.

On this day in 1938, the Munich Agreement was concluded. What Neville Chamberlain referred to as “peace for our time.”

Four countries involved. Britain, France, Germany and Italy. Britain and France feared Hitler. They did not want another World War. They came to the meeting prepared to give away everything, including the kitchen sink, to avoid a war.

They did.

The 2 nations agreed that Hitler be allowed to annex Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. Amusing. Czechoslovakia was not  present at the meeting and had never consented.

Historians tell us Hitler called the meeting to pacify Britain and France. He wanted nothing. They wanted to talk. They feared Hitler was preparing to invade somewhere and start another world war.

It became obvious that Britain and France wanted to give Hitler something so he would agree to a peace. A gift, a bribe.

One of the books I read had Hitler and one of his aides in an adjoining room alone at some point. Hitler told the aide in effect he did not know what was the matter with Britain and France. He wanted nothing. On the other hand if they wanted to give him the Sudetenland, he would take it.

Chamberlain returned home to London. As he got off the plane, he raised the agreement in his hand and shouted, “Peace for our time.”

Chamberlain was heralded as a returning hero. He could have been anointed King that day.

Within a year, Hitler marched into Poland and World War II began.

It is believed that one of the ingredients in a coronavirus vaccine will be squalene. It is a natural oil found in a shark’s liver.

To produce one vaccine per person, 250,000 sharks must be killed. If 2 shots are required, 500,00 sharks.

Some flu vaccines have been using squalene. Three hundred thousand sharks a year needed for the flu vaccine.

The world is going to run out of sharks!

The problem has been recognized. Scientists have been testing for a synthetic version which hopefully can be produced from fermented sugar cane.

Key West’s chickens are in danger. Botulism. A yearly outbreak. This year however worse than normal.

The Wildlife Center is asking that people not feed the chickens.

The botulism comes from a bacteria naturally occurring in the soil. When activated, it gets into muddy street water chickens drink from. As to man’s food, people normally break the food into small pieces and throw it on the ground for the chickens to eat. The food becomes contaminated.

Governor DeSantis has made another bright move. Yesterday, he lifted all bans on masks and other items. He also gave restaurants and bars carte blanche as to number of customers and any other restrictions which had involved them.

DeSantis and Trump are birds of a feather. I think Trump is a bit smarter than DeSantis. Doesn’t say much.

The Florida Department of Health has a local office. It has been manned by Bob Eadie for many years. He is bucking his boss the Governor. Eadie says too soon. He wants people in the Keys to continue wearing masks, be smart in crowds, social distance and wash their hands.

The bars and restaurants I suspect will be packed this weekend. Tourists will fly in. Floridians who can drive to Key West in less than a day will rush in also.

The visitors will leave at some point. The rest of us remain. They will also leave the coronavirus they brought with them.

What will the impact be on Key West in 2-4 weeks?

May Johnson continues her merry ways in 1896 Key West.

She seems to be out and about with Fritol lately. She must have dumped Charlie. And then there is poor Ernesto who is always out of town working. Ernesto is supposedly May’s love.

Ain’t no grass growing under May’s feet.

If anyone is not planning on listening to the debate tonight, listen to my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Those of you who prefer the debate, remember my show is archived immediately and is available for your listening pleasure all the time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!




Oh, Trump’s tax returns.

So far reflect he has been a loser his whole life. He has lost millions, if not billions of dollars. I give him credit, however. “Credit” a key word.

Overall, Trump screwed people and banks. The bank portion the most interesting.

Trump did it with the Atlantic City casinos. He will do it again if he reaches a point where he cannot meet the $300-400 million in bank obligations that come due in the next 3-4 years.

This time it will be European Banks. Like Deutsch and HSBC. When the American banks refused to loan any more money to  Trump, he turned to Europe. Actually Putin and other despotic leaders. The government controls the banks in such countries.

Never complain when a bank loses money. They steal enough on their own. They cause pain to many persons every year. Think back to 2008. The banks caused the recession with their mortgage games. The people paid. Millions lost their homes in foreclosure.

You have to admire Trump in one respect. He screwed the banks big time, yet lived royally. In a huge gold apartment on Fifth Venue. His own private jet.

Pays no taxes! Impressive with all the money running through his business enterprises. A mere $750 in 2016 when he took office. Seven hundred fifty dollars again in 2017. In 10 of the 15 years preceding his rise to the Presidency, he paid no taxes.

His write offs will do him in. Where he took too much for a deduction or failed to be honest re the deductions claimed. Reflecting he failed to be honest in the preparation of his returns.

Trump will do jail time at some point. Unless…..My suggestion is he resign before January 20 so Pence  can become President. Pence can then pardon Trump for all his sins.

I want to write a bit about an honest man. Yes, there were and still are some in this world.

Ted Williams.

On this day in 1941, he was close to batting .400. No one had since Bill Terry in 1930.

It was the last day of the season. A doubleheader. Williams had to have a real good day to reach .400. He had 6 hits in 8 at bats that day. Ended up with a .401 batting average.

He did what he had to do.

It was another September 28. This time in 1960. It was Williams’ final game. He was retiring.

He went out in a blaze of glory. At his last time at bat, he hit a home run. Number 521 for him.

He retired with a .344 batting average.

There is still more to the Ted Williams story. He took 2 years out of baseball in both World War II and the Korean War. He left baseball to fight for his country. Returned each time to play more ball.

Williams was a Marine combat aviator.

Interesting is Trump avoided military service by claiming he had bone spurs in his heel.

More yet.

Williams was a fisherman. Loved the Keys. Bought a home on the water in Islamorada in 1960. Fished just about every day for 19 years.

Word is he sold his home when he had to wait for traffic to pass before crossing U.S. 1. Too many people for him.

Two stories. Two men. Both American. One a good guy, the other a bad man.

Enjoy your day!


Big day in the life 0f Amy Coney Barrett yesterday.

Big day for America, also. Though not a good one.

With her nomination to the Supreme Court, Trump has set the Court on a path unhealthy for America. She will lead the Court in destroying the basic freedoms that have taken years to attain.

She is the personification of a far right ultra conservative. Her judicial philosophy is based on rigidity rather than flexibility. Her approach to the Constitution is to read it precisely as written. From my perspective, wrong.

The Constitution was adopted in 1787. What was then is not necessarily now. There were no planes, cars, dishwashers, women voting, computers, the internet, nuclear weapons, birth control, tampons etc.

The Constitution should be read in conjunction with today’s life style. Not that of 250 years ago. The Court decided cases that way from the late 1930’s till recent years when the conservative block began taking control of the Court.

Barrett gives the Republican conservative block a 6-3 majority. It cannot lose. Since Supreme Court Justices are elected for life, a whole generation will pass before some degree of flexibility returns.

Note Barrett is only 48. She will sit for a good 30 years.

Barrett’s life style bothers me a bit. Not sure bothers is the correct word. However, it does make me uncomfortable.

She and her husband have had 5 children and adopted 2 more. Severn kids! A stay at home Mom would have her hands full with such a brood.

Barrett does not. She said yesterday she also drives the children here and there, and does everything other mothers do. Runs a house, besides.

All the while having been a full time law professor and in the past 3 years a sitting federal appellate judge.

Impressive. She’s unique. I appreciate today’s women can walk and chew gum at the same time. They are multi-faceted. Thank God because we men could not do it.

She is considered an intellect. Based on her accomplishments to date, it is obvious. Her intellect is not enough, however. Heart is required also.

Barrett is not Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A liberal. She had a major hand in opening the door for women in many ways over the years. Barrett will not. She will close the doors Ginsburg helped open and will make sure further such doors not open again.

It is generally agreed she will vote to repeal Obamacare. Roe v. Wade will be gone. What happens to the 23 million who rely on Obamacare today? How will their medical bills get paid? A woman’s right to choose will be limited to a back room and coat hanger.

A return to yesteryear.

Religion should not be a factor in how Barrett will vote. She is expected to separate her religious beliefs to what the law requires in a particular instance.

Kennedy made it clear such was the way it should be in 1960. The Republicans were saying he was Catholic and would listen to the Pope in making decisions. During the campaign, Kennedy hit the issue head on. Basically saying render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s.

It is not going to be Barrett’s way.

She and her husband are members of a religious group known as People of Praise. Relatively small. Began in South Bend, Indiana. Seventeen hundred members in 22 cities covering the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.

One of the group’s covenants is that the wife must obey the husband in everything.


What happened to the women’s rights that have been recognized in the past 50-60 years. Recall Virginia Slims cigarettes. Came out late in 1960 or early 1970’s. A woman’s cigarette. Specially designed for her. Advertised: You’ve come a long way baby!

No more advancement. The women’s movement will become a train running in reverse.

During her speech yesterday, Barrett made a comment something to the effect that every morning upon awakening, her husband asks what he could do for her today. Strange. Does anyone know of such an occurrence in other marriages. I assume the husband’s question is based on a belief of the People of Praise religious group.

Another strange thing about her “church”is that all members are assigned a personal adviser of their own sex. For Barrett, it would be a “woman leader.” Members become close to their “leaders” for many reasons. A requirement is the member and leader be in a constant ongoing relationship involving advice.

Will Barrett rely on her leader as to certain decisions she must make as a Justice?

Praise the People has been a slowly growing movement. I assume it will grow more rapidly now that a person of fame is a publicly known member.

For only 1700 members, the group has accomplished much. Praise the People has established 3 Trinity Schools. Private Christian schools. In South Bend, Indiana, Falls Church, Virginia, and Eagan, Minnesota.

In 2003, the group also established Praise Academy in Lakeside, Louisiana. A middle-high school. Built in the “poorest neighborhood.”

People of Praise members are encouraged everywhere to move into the poorest neighborhoods.

It is reported Barrett failed to disclose her religious affiliation in 2017 when she appeared before the Senate Committee as part of the acceptance process for election by the Senate to the federal Circuit Court.

Although Barrett appears sweet and tender and may very well be so, her mental machinery is not. It is prepared to return the U.S. to the country’s thinking as far back as 1787. Respectively, she is a Donald Trump in disguise as to the damage she will do.

Though I wished this to solely be an Amy Coney Barrett blog today, it cannot. I MUST speak of Syracuse’s victory over Georgia Tech yesterday. Syracuse won 37-20.

Simply stated, it was the finest game Syracuse has played in years. It performed as expected when it was expected. Another way of saying, Syracuse did what it had to do when it had to be done.

I will not bore you with the details. Again, it was not just the victory. It was the way they performed. As close to perfection as a team might.

Enjoy your Sunday!




I have visited Puerto Rico several times. The first time 1968. A magnificent and beautiful place. My next time 20 years later, following which I returned often. Generally for business.

The 20 year spread from 1968 to 1988 was one of growing devastation. Everything dirty. Scared to walk even the busy streets evenings for fear of being mugged.

The downward trend continues to this day.

Puerto Rico took a double whammy when Hurricane Maria hit 3 years ago. An already beat upon island was defecated upon. First by Maria, then Trump.

Puerto Rico needed help big time. Trump played games and in the end sent next to nothing to an island requiring gigantic assistance.

I suspect Trump intentionally poorly treated Puerto Rico  and forgot the island till recent days for 2 reasons.

The island’s people are persons of color. Trump is a prejudiced man.

The other is that at some time many years ago, Trump spent some time in Puerto Rico on a business deal. The deal failed. Trump left the island holding the bag.

It is thought he has always had a dislike for the island and its people because of that business failure It was the people’s fault and not his.

Trump announced this past week he was sending big dollars to help the island recover from Maria and help reestablish its businesses.

Trump made it sound like he was being magnanimous in wanting to help Puerto Rico at this time.

The island can always use money. It could have been better used 3 years ago.

Why the generosity 3 years later?

Certainly not from Donald’s good heart.

There is an election coming. Many Puerto Ricans left the island following Maria and today live in Florida. They are eligible to vote. Trump needs Florida to win the election. It is thought who ever the candidate who wins Florida wins the Presidency.

Trump was not being generous nor thoughtful in announcing funds were coming at this time. He was merely sucking up to the Puerto Ricans now living in Florida.

Buying their votes in effect!

I can see a scenario where Trump wins and the funds never arrive. Such his modus operandi.

There are new coronavirus cases everyday in Monroe County. In Key West also, with a few exceptions.

It was reported Monroe County had 11 new cases yesterday. Four involved Key West residents. Key West total cases to date 827.

In Key West, the youngest victim was a 6 year old boy. So much for the virus not affecting the young. At the other end of the spectrum, an 88 year old woman.

Key West was in great shape when the barricades went up on Route 1. They came down June 1. Since then the numbers have been accelerating for what is considered a small community. Additionally, one that has been a ghost town for several months. Very few visitors arriving because of the virus.

I blame Governor DeSantis, Key West Commission members, and Key West’s business community for most of the 827 cases. All in a hurry to get the economy going again!

Staying with DeSantis for the moment, he announced yesterday he was reopening Florida’s businesses. He thought it time to do so. At a time when Floridan’s numbers are among the highest in the nation.

Seven hundred die each day in Florida.

DeSantis is Trump’s lap dog. Does everything Trump says should be done. As a result Trump says DeSantis is America’s best governor.

Now he also says the only state with a decent ballot voting system is Florida. He needs the Florida votes. Especially the elderly’s.

There is one business flourishing in Key West. The homeless shelter.

The shelter has gone from a 12 month operation to a 24 hour one. The increased shelter availability has had some positive results.

A 32 percent decrease in indigent care, less intoxication, and higher levels of shelter clients wanting to go out and find work. The reason being they now have a place to come back to.

Increased time means increased costs to run the operation. The Shelter’s budget has risen from $483,000 to $706,000.

The City Commission believes the expansion time wise was required and has resulted in a positive investment. Commissioner Kaufman thinks the increase is very reasonable given the fact the shelter has gone from a 12 to 24 hour operation.

My poor Syracuse! Already has lost its first 2 football games. Today, Syracuse plays Georgia Tech at the Carrier Dome.

It will be the first Syracuse game of the season in the newly remodeled structure. The score box in the center of the Dome is considered one of the largest and finest in the U.S. Social media this past week described it as a “wow!”

Now we need a “wow” team!

Enjoy your day!


The saying the truth will make you free has a lot of merit.

I was disturbed that Trump would be nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. Not only is he unworthy of the prize itself, he also is not worthy of a nomination.

Turns out the nomination is not such a big deal. Anyone can be nominated. In fact, at the moment there are 317 other candidates for the Peace Prize.

In order to nominate, one must be a leader of some noteworthiness, a politician, or someone with professional status. For example, I as an attorney would be qualified to nominate someone, as would Key West Mayor Johnson, and screwball Governor DeSantis.

Trump was nominated by a far right elected political figure from northern Norway. The second time he has nominated Trump. He did so also in 2018, though we never head about it.

There are standards that must be met for the nomination to be considered an acceptable one. In 2018, Trump failed to meet those qualifications and that is why we heard nothing about it back then.

Trump is doing his usual bellowing. Making it appear his nomination is a big deal. Not so if he is 1 of 318.

Trump is not necessarily respected outside his solid core of supporters. Proof is his and Melania’s appearance at the Supreme Court to pay tribute to Justice Ginsburg.

They were booed. The boos probably for Trump. Cries of “Honor Her Wish” and “Vote Him Out” could be heard.

Trump deserves public embarrassment. If this were two centuries ago, he probably would have been stoned.

Note that the President and Melania wore face masks.

Trump announced he is going to send out in the next few weeks a stimulus to seniors. Seniors being defined as the 33,000 on Medicare.

The stimulus a card with a value of $200. With a condition attached. It can only be used to purchase prescription drugs.

What a bargain! Give the rich pharmaceutical houses an opportunity to get even richer. Most elderly can use the $200 pittance for some other need. It should be their judgment how to spend it.

Assuming Trump turns the election result into the chaos he is suggesting, a way has to be found to accelerate any court review process. The American people cannot be expected to wait 1-3 years to find out who their President is. During which time Donald will still be sitting in the Oval Office.

Chief Justice Roberts does run the federal court system. Over the years, he has proven to be a fair jurist not afraid to step over the line and join the liberal wing of the court.

He should schedule to election court fights as follows.

All election suits for any federal office must be brought in a federal court within 10 days of November 3. That court must reach decision within 20 days of filing. Appeals to any judgment must be filed within 10 days. Appeals to the Circuit Court would be eliminated.  All appeals would be directly to the Supreme Court. All appeals to the Supreme Court must be filed within 10 days. The Supreme Court must render its decision within 20 days. The decision of the Supreme Court would be final.

Such would guarantee all issues would be resolved before January 20.

My suggestion not far out. It is reasonable and practical. In the best interests of the nation and its people.

Everyone from judges to attorneys to court staff must work their asses off to accomplish these ends. It is their time to stand tall.

The Vietnamese are an enterprising people.

Vietnam police have arrested a number of its citizens for cleaning up some 320,000 condoms and arranging for their resale.

Reusing a condom, no matter how well washed and sanitized, is considered an “extreme health risk.”

Those arrested would wash, reshape, and then pack the condoms in plastic bags for resale.

No information was available as to where the condoms were sold nor if any had been sold in the U.S.

The pedophile scandal that rocked the Catholic Church surprised me as it did many others. It also shook the foundation of my beliefs in man’s Church on earth.

I have been further bothered by the Catholic Church’s involvement in far right values in recent years. To me, it represents another grave error.

Now comes a third revelation. A key Vatican Cardinal has been caught up in a real estate scandal. Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Beccia. A most powerful Vatican figure.

Whatever he did must have been bad on the extreme side. Instead of being sent to a monastery to spend the rest of his years praying for forgiveness, he has been forced to resign his status as a cardinal. In so doing, he was also required to give “up rights associated with being a cardinal.” Such verbiage indicating the “seriousness” of whatever he did.

For a century, a significant number of Americans lived in the suburbs and on farms. Then a movement occurred whereby they left their previous residences to live in cities. Especially so in recent years.

The tide has turned once again. A movement has begun whereby people are leaving the cities to live in the suburbs. The reason therefore are the protests, demonstrations, and unrest occurring in American cities with more frequency.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a number of heroes. Those who have stood and fought the virus. Those who have made a difference.

One is New York’s Governor Cuomo.

He announced yesterday that New York is setting up a vaccine checking laboratory. Cuomo said he does not trust the federal government to be truthful regarding vaccines. He recognizes health has become politicized.

He also announced he was establishing 2 clinical task forces.

One to advise re clinical safety of future vaccines. Such task force would be composed of leading scientists, doctors and health experts. The other to best decide distribution and implementation of the vaccine.

Cuomo’s goal is for New York to have the smartest and safest vaccination program possible.

One of Cuomo’s successes has to do with testing. New York reported yesterday 92,953 tests were done. Nine hundred fifty five or 1.02 percent were positive. The low number of positives an indication as to how successful the New York program is. Anything under 5.0 percent is considered “outstanding.”

Another doctor visit yesterday. From my perspective, all problems being reviewed are minor. One could be a real problem, however. Problem may not be the best wording. There is a situation unquestionably. The issue is what to do.

Since I was downtown, I decided to drive Duval once again. My findings a bit different from the other day.

The drive was at 2 pm. The number of people walking Duval was about one third greater than earlier in the week. Even the number of those wearing face masks was different. Ten percent. I would assume most or all tourists.

More people, less mask wearing.

Enjoy your day!





If this does not piss you off, nothing will!

In March, Covid-19 supplies were in very short supply. A $1 billion fund under the Defense Production Act was established to help the nation “prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus.”

Recall we were desperately short of supplies back then. Tests kits and mask shortages extreme.

To this day, we still do not have enough test kits or masks. Though Trump often reminds us there is no problem, he has millions of each.

Where? Only in his imagination I suspect.

What actually happened is the money went to the Pentagon to distribute per Congress’ instructions for Covid-19 relief. Instead, the Pentagon used hundreds of millions of dollars to support private defense contractors.

Common Sense on September 23 reported: “If you can’t get a Covid test or find an N95 mask, it’s because these contractors stole from the American people to make faster jets and fancy uniforms.”

No one knew except those spending the money and those receiving it.

Examples of where the Pentagon spent the money interesting. Car maker Rolls-Royce received $183 million for drone and space surveillance technology. Eighty million went to Kaiser for their aircraft parts business. A subsidiary of Rolls-Royce received $22 million for an upgrade to its Mississippi plant.

The Pentagon received the responsibility to parcel the money as Congress had directed because the funds were received via the Defense Production Act.

This is the same Pentagon that cannot account for trillions of dollars spent the past several years. Not even an Ernst and Young audit could discover where the money went.

I have said it many times before. Someone or some have a hand in the pot. A lot of “grease” money has to have changed hands.

Trump in response to a reporter’s question yesterday refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power after Election Day. Claims the ballots may be screwed up.

If Trump is not out of the White House on January 20, it will only be a short time before angered American citizens will storm the White House to remove him. A significant number of citizens will not stand for it.

The next step, an outright civil war.

Would you believe!

Trump tells us the economy is getting better. If so, why did demand for unemployment benefits increase last week by 870,000?

The Supreme Court presently in the news and will continue to be so through January 20.

A bit of Supreme Court history.

On this day in 1789, George Washington signed a law establishing the Supreme Court of the U.S. Staffed at that time by six justices who would serve till death or retired.

All six were confirmed by the Senate.  In only 2 days.

The number of justices is now 9. Congress can change that number at any time. The Constitution does not prohibit such action.

I reported a few days ago that a shark attacked a 30 year old man near Sombrero Lighthouse off Marathon.

One of his shoulders was torn badly. The doctors report they hope the arm can be saved.

The man’s pregnant wife was on the boat nearby. She jumped in the water and pulled her husband into the boat.

My alma mater Syracuse University announced it has cancelled Spring Break 2021. The purpose to minimize travel and the anticipated closeness of those enjoying Spring Break. Also, to avoid quarantine complications.

The students will remain in school that week. To make up for the week, second semester in January will begin one week later.

The move not uncommon. Other schools such as Ohio State and Kansas State have already announced similar action.

Cow Key Bridge is scheduled to open today or tomorrow. My compliments to the contractor. A job well done. Consideration always given drivers and traffic moving swiftly.

Enjoy your day!



Noted New York Times columnist Frank Bruni in an Opinion piece published yesterday detailed how a “minority” actually rules the U.S. The article reflects how the Republicans have been doing more with less.

The article’s title: “The Special Hell of Trump’s Supreme Court Appointment.” Subtitle: “With a non existent mandate, it does exemplary damage.” Referring of course to the Republican Party.

Begin with Trump. He won with almost 3 million votes less than Hillary Clinton. A minority President.

The Republican Party overall is significantly smaller in membership than the Democrats. Ergo, the Senate represents a minority party.

Trump and the Senate combine to protect the nation from the tyranny of the majority.

Bruni wrote, “We’re a country where the minority rules, and under Trump, it rules tyrannically.” Senate Republicans representing the smaller Republican Party must command the support of power in order to accomplish what they do. They have that power and freely exercise it, even to the detriment of the nation.

The Republican Party is down to white evangelicals. It continues to decline in membership. This campaign may very well be its last hurrah.

The annual UN Assembly Meeting is being held this week. Yesterday, Trump appeared virtually. Perhaps because his appearance was virtual, the media has reported little of what he said.

The thrust of his address was China. He knocked China big time. Blamed China for coronavirus. Tensions between the U.S. and China flared even more as a result of his words.

Those appointed to the Supreme Court occasionally acquire a new political philosophy. In modern America, two conservative Republicans became liberal Justices.

Earl Warren was respected as a Republican conservative. He had been governor of California. Unsuccessfully ran for Vice-President on the Dewey ticket in 1948 which lost in the unexpected Truman sweep. He ran early on in the 1952 Republican primary for President.  The race Eisenhower won.

Eisenhower appointed the conservative Earl Warren to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Eisenhower repeatedly said over the years that the worst mistake he made as President was appointing Warren. He turned liberal while on Bench.

Warren gave us Brown v. Board of Education. Desegregated schools as a matter of law. The decision not well received by the conservative Republican block.

David Souter was nominated by the first President Bush.

Souter was from New Hampshire. Had served as Judge there. An evident conservative based on his decisions as well as his activities prior to becoming a judge.

Souter sat on the Supreme Court 19 years. His political philosophy changed almost immediately. He became part of the liberal block on the Court and consistently voted with the liberal Justices.

You never know! Though I doubt whoever Trump appoints will change her colors once a member of the Supreme Court.

Some coronavirus observations.

Canada is the U.S.’s neighbor. Immediately to the north of the U.S. People the same in just about every respect as their neighbors to the south.

The U.S. recently passed 200,00 deaths. Canada has had no deaths in the past 6 months. One thousand Americans die each day from the virus. As indicated, Canada has had no deaths in 6 months.

The U.S. has 40,000 new cases each day. Canada, 500.


The Canadian governmental leaders when the virus first struck and they knew what they were facing, went to the people and laid the facts out. Straight. No bullshit, no lies. Told the people of Canada they were relying on the advice of medical and scientific experts as to how to handle the problem.

Canada went all in for masks, social distancing and washing hands. The people did not complain about loss of freedoms, their businesses hurting, etc. They accepted their responsibilities in defeating coronavirus.

As with other successful nations world wide, it worked. Therein lies the reason why Canada is clean today as opposed to the U.S.

Two nights ago while speaking at one of his rallies, Trump mentioned in passing that children do not acquire the virus, sometimes some do. Suggesting in effect coronavirus was no big deal with kids.

I thought his brief comments re children strange. He went out of his way to state them, I thought.

The next day the actual facts surfaced.

Five hundred thousand coronavirus cases involving children. And the point most significant especially in view of Trump’s comment the previous evening, assuming a successful vaccine was discovered before or soon after the election, there would not be a sufficient supply to inoculate everyone. Children would begin getting the vaccine next fall. At the bottom of the totem poll.

Sneaky Donald! Set the American public up for the news that kids would not be eligible for the vaccine for one year.

It was reported yesterday that coronavirus cases have surged in Monroe County and its cities. Keys governments were taking steps to attack the reasons for the surge.

What plans, the increase attributable to Key West, etc. were not available.

I am not surprised. Considering Key West alone, governmental leaders capitulated to the demands of the business community. This past week alone, mask wearing was reduced. Bar rules lightened. Then there was Labor Day weekend. The surge should have been anticipated and because of it mask and bar rules left alone. The Good Book says: As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Key West and the County are reaping the wild wind.

I had a doctor visit yesterday. Afterwards, I thought I would give myself a treat. Figure I am entitled to one after more than 200 days in self quarantine. I decided on a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich from Mr. Z’s to take home and enjoy.

Since I was in the area, I went to the one in the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center. It was after 12 noon. Mr. Z’s opens at 11 am daily.

Mr. Z’s was closed. Though disappointed, I understood. The town is dead. There is no business of any consequence.

I compensated. Stopped at the Dion’s on U.S. 1 on the way home. Dion’s chicken for lunch!

I continue receiving questions why I do not write more about Key West. The answer simple. Nothing is happening in Key West. The town is dead. Ergo, nothing of interest to report. Added to the fact I do not go out. If I am not out and about evenings, I see nothing to report.

So there is no understanding, the primary problem is Key West is and has been dead for a few months. If there were tourists and things were booming, I would hear and read about it. Nothing.

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou went well last night. I enjoyed doing it. The show as with my blogs primarily covers politics. What else is there to write and talk about?

Enjoy your day!







The individual who is one of he dirtiest men in the world has once again attacked a person to be revered and respected. Trump has attacked in effect the good name of Ginsburg before she is not even in the ground.

Justice Ginsburg dictated a comment to her lawyer granddaughter a few days before she died re the naming of a person to replace her on the Supreme Court: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new President is installed.”

Trump claims the words not Justice Ginsburg’s. Rather words Democratic politicians have made up.

Is nothing left that is sacred and untouchable by Trump? Life consists of more than money and lying.

The TikTok deal a perfect example of Trump’s warped thinking.

The Chinese company who owns TikTok wants to sell 20 percent of its business to Oracle and Walmart. The two will be TikTok’s American operation. Eighty percent will remain in Japan and wherever else the Chinese company operates.

Trump has insisted from day 1 that the U.S. should somehow benefit from the deal. The U.S. government’s approval to the deal a necessary item before the deal can be concluded.

Such in my opinion is illegal on its face.

Trump decided he wanted $5 billion set aside in a U.S. fund to educate the American people as to the true history of our country. Recall, Trump’s most recent genius point is he wants to “rewrite history” so it coincides with what he believes history to have been.

Looks illegal to me on its face, also.

If I recall correctly, yesterday I heard on the news that Trump has also demanded that the U.S. 20 percent of the company operate the whole 100 percent of the Chinese company.

He insults the Chinese company and the American people with the absurdity of the request.

It seems that Trump is in a hurry to get a new Justice of his choosing on the Supreme Court. Trump is anxious to put a person on the Court who will keep him in the Presidency following the election. He needs a favorable court to accept the “rigged election” and “phony ballots” arguments he keeps making.

The U.S. debt rose 59 percent in the second quarter of this year. The CARES Act first big stimulus package the reason.

The indebtedness justified. People needed to eat. The government finds it easy to provide the stimulus dollars . It prints more money.

It will take 50 years or longer to reduce the debt to zero.

It had to be done.

Are you aware close to 9 million people did not receive their $1,200 stimulus checks? The government is supposedly in the process of identifying them and making payment.

The $1,200 represented “survival” to probably 99 percent who did not receive it. How could the government screw up? Why is it taking so long to remedy the situation?

Although California is a leader in confirmed coronavirus cases, the City of San Francisco itself is not what could be expected based on the State’s number. San Francisco has experienced 10,000 confirmed cases and only 99 deaths.

One reason is San Francisco’s Mayor is one tough lady.

She recently announced some new rules. Religious services outside  limited to 50 persons and inside 25. Catholics disagreed. They marched in protest sunday. Leading them was San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone. His last name correct.

The Archbishop said the rule affecting churches “mocks God.” Considered the rules draconian and were being used to close churches. Also labeled the rules “unrealistic and suffocating.”

I am amazed each time I read about a for real “leader” protesting coronavirus rules. They have been initiated to protect the community as a whole and not one church or religion. Only temporary, they will be gone in a relatively short period.

The DOW dropped yesterday 500 plus points. Was down 800 points mid day. The loss continues the down market which is now going into its fourth week.

Market experts say the drop is the result of continued instability. Coronavirus continues to be the greatest fear. The market is further concerned about Justice Ginsburg’s replacement.

A jittery market is not good. Nor is four weeks of a down market good. Things are bad enough. The last thing the U.S. needs now is a market crash.

Banks are whores!

Always have been. Never will change. Even Jesus found them repugnant. Recall he threw them out of the temple where they were money changing, etc.

Never forget that 2008 occurred because of the banks screwing around with mortgages. Not one bank official paid. Millions however lost their homes in the foreclosures that followed.

The most recent wrong action by a bank(s) involves money laundering. Criminally linked transactions.

Named at the moment as being investigated are Deutsche, JP Morgan Chase, and HSBC. Giants in the banking world.

It is claimed the banks moved huge sums of money for criminals around the world. To the tune of some $2 trillion. The banks were handling monies for drug dealers, terrorists, and human trafficking.

Amazing how purportedly some of the most upstanding members in a community have dirty hands.

Today is National Registration Day. Register if you have not. Encourage your friends to register also if they have failed to do so. Keep in mind that this year’s elections are perhaps the most important in U.S. history. Our country itself is at stake.

Enjoy your day!




A shark and me.

A 30 year old Georgia man was attacked by a shark off Marathon sunday morning. Near Sombrero Key Light. His name Andrew Charles Eddy.

The shark 8-10 feet long. Bit Eddy’s shoulder. He had to be airlifted to Miami. The bite described as serious.

Eddy was attacked as he was entering the water.

Reminded me of my one and only shark incident. May there never  be another.

It was 25 years ago. In the waters in front of the Casa Marina Hotel.

It was about 3:30 in the afternoon. No one ever told me the “big ones” come up around 4.

The beach at the Casa Marina is strewn with large rocks. Swimming impossible off the beach itself. The hotel had constructed a 300 foot dock running perpendicular to the beach out into the water. You walked to the end of the dock where there were stairs into the water.

Another 300 feet out in the ocean, the hotel had erected a tall structure. Wood. About 15 feet tall. The foundation had to be concrete buried many feet into the stand.

Its construction square. A ladder to climb up and down. Dimensions on top 15 x 15 feet.

I swam out. First time. The view spectacular. Better than from the beach itself. The railing was about 5 inches wide. I sat on it and starred out into the open water for well over an hour. Sort of meditative time.

I walked over to the ladder to leave. Something caught my eye. Big! It was a shark. I was later to learn a sand shark. Fifteen feet in length. I appreciate water magnifies things. Wide. Tan in color.

The shark was swimming around the structure I was on. I assumed the fish would swim away. Did not. An hour later, I was still waiting for the shark to swim away into the deep ocean.

Good luck! Like he knew there was a meal waiting for him top side.

I looked to the Casa beach intending to shout for someone in a boat to come for me. Good luck again! No one on the beach. Everyone had left.

Now I was concerned. The shark kept swimming around. Never deviating from its course.

I was scared! No way was I going into the water. I saw myself spending the night out there.

Suddenly, my friend made a sharp left and swam away.

I remained about 5 minutes. The shark did not return.

I was down the ladder in no time and swam like crazy the 300 feet to the dock. Never swam that fast before or since.

That evening I was at the bar in Square One with several male friends. A conch and snowbird mixture. Told my story and how scared I was. They all laughed.

They explained that based on how I had described the shark to them, it was a sand shark. They told me the teeth of a sand shark are way back in its mouth. The worse it would have done was mouth an arm or leg and then let it go.

I told them if such had occurred I would have had a heart attack!

Before writing this story today, I did a bit of research on sand sharks.

They are found in temperate tropic waters. Also known as a sand tiger shark. All sizes. Mine looked like a whale to me.

Also read sand sharks are docile. Only attack humans when bothered first.

The teeth description was different from what my friends had described. What I read this morning was sand sharks have a mouthful of irregular teeth facing every which way.

So much about the shark and me.

My research however brought a couple of interesting things to my attention. Relatively unimportant. Useless actually. However, interesting.

Sharks fart. The shark gulps air from the water surface. The air runs through the shark’s body and comes out from the shark’s cloacas. I assume cloacas is the shark’s ass.

Learned something else. More useless information. Spiders fart.

The Trump nominee to the Supreme Court is a given to be seated relatively soon. As much as the Democrats feel the need to make a battle of it, it is one they cannot win.

The Democrats may lose the immediate battle, but they can win the war.

It will take a Democratic President and a Democratic Senate. So vote for the Democrats this year. God will not punish you.

Come the new session, Congress can pass the necessary legislation and the President will sign it into law. Purpose: To expand the number of Justices. The Constitution makes no mention and so it should pass Constitutional muster.

The Supreme Court can then be expanded. What number? Thirteen or fifteen will do.

The Republicans deserve it. The American people deserve it. A fitting retribution.

The court system is antiquated. It is overburdened. Moves way too slow.

One of the first things learned in law school is justice delayed is justice denied. Look how long it takes for a final court resolution. Easily 1-3 years. Sometimes longer.

Cannot be permitted to continue.

I was thinking. When people think of our government, what do they envision? What do they see?

The face of our government is Trump and McDonnell.

Nothing to be proud of.

Sadly, coronavirus deaths in the U.S. passed 200,00o yesterday. Some are predicting 400,000 plus by January.

God protect us! Trump is not!

Globally, the number of deaths is reaching 1 million.

The U.S. position one of shame and disgust. I cannot understand how Trump and his son in law Jared can say Trump has been successful in fighting the pandemic.

Note that the U.S. has 4 percent of the world’s population. It has 20 percent of the world’s coronavirus deaths.

Does not make sense.

Thump’s recent comments re a vaccine in sequence were first months, by the end of the year, by election or soon thereafter. This past weekend, in days.

Enjoy your day!