Tucker Carlson has come up with a new conspiracy theory. The train coming off the tracks in an area with a lot of white people was probably on purpose: “East Palestine is overwhelmingly white and it’s politically conservative and that shouldn’t be relevant, but it very much is.”

The people of East Palestine must be heard. Tests coming up negative at this time meaningless where environmental problems involving escaping toxins are involved. The bad stuff is fermenting, germinating. Valid results not available for years.

In the meantime, people exposed and suffering.

Most East Palestinians believe they are “dying slowly.” Sudden bizarre health issues affecting some.

A man whose voice has dramatically changed. He now speaks in a high pitched tone making him sound like Mickey Mouse. Sore throats developing. Temporary loss of smell and taste by some. Eye infections. Out of breath.

People believe they are being “poisoned slowly.”

Recall “Love Canal.” I referred to Love Canal and compared it to East Palestine early on when no one else was so doing. Early persons were comparing East Palestine to Chernobyl. I said not Chernobyl, but Love Canal. East Palestine now being referred to as the “new Love Canal.”

A new love and learn. Involves movie actor Steven Seagal. Surprising!

Yesterday, Hollywood actor Steven Seagal had bestowed on him the Russian Order of Friendship by Putin.

Turns out Seagal has been a long time Kremlin apologist. He cheered Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. He became a Russian citizen 2 years later. Also, a Siberian citizen. He maintains “triple citizenship.”

He visited eastern Ukraine in August 2022.

He is close to Putin and considers him a special person: “One of the great living leaders.”

Now 70, he was prominent in U.S. films in the late 1980’s and through the 1990’s. Always portrayed as a protector of the poor and downtrodden. Always on the side of and working in some fashion for the U.S. government. In the 2000’s, he has continued in film and TV to a lesser degree.

How long can Putin put boots on the ground in Ukraine?

He is losing 600-1,000 troops a day. He is getting “troops” from any source. Russian jails an example.

How long can he continue in this fashion? He has to run out of troops and sources at some point.

When will the Russian people say no more to the war?

Syracuse plays Georgia Tech at 7 this evening. My recollection is Syracuse has lost 4 in a row. Only 3 games left in the season. May Syracuse win this one. May it win all 3!

Enjoy your day!


Majoring in the arts in a free fall in college since COVID. One reason, a significant one for students and the high cost of education, is which major will produce a decent paying job upon graduation.

Technical studies produce the most dollars. Those that develop a free for all thinking mind significantly less. The loss is more than in dollars. Art/humanities studies are sensitive and thoughtful in nature and produce similar conditions in the student. An arts major broadens a person’s soul as well as mind.

Man has to appreciate smelling the flowers as well as knowing how to grow them.

In the last six months, residential rents have fallen. The reason being the crush of a newly constructed supply of rentals has hit the market.

At one point during the COVID pandemic and following, rents increased 25 percent over a 2 year period.

I question whether the news will affect the Key West rental market. Remodeled residential properties are renting for $10,000 to $25,000 a month. Key West is a tourist community. The market is different. Key West’s ever increasing rents have dramatically affected seasonal and long term renters who cannot afford the present high rates – whether a house or apartment.

Such is one reason the bottom has fallen out of Key West’s labor force. Workers continue to leave Key West because they cannot afford the higher rents.

Home telephones have come a long way.

I can recall when no one had a telephone. The neighborhood grocer did and calls were filtered through him. Such was before and during World War II. Then came home phones. Party lines. Began with 4 parties (homes) each having a phone line they shared. Not always pleasant or convenient. Recall the movie Pillow Talk.

Four line phones went to two. Then homes were able to get their own line. No waiting for a neighbor to get done with their call.

The phones described to this point were dial ones.

Yes, we’ve graduated. Now most have a cell phone and use that for home and everything else. A home phone alone today is referred to as a land line. Most have done away with land lines. I still keep mine. Need it for certain things I do with the blog.

Which brings me to Key West and the dial phone. On this day in 1952, South Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company began installing a new dial telephone system in Key West. A big deal at the time!

Pence’s refusal to testify before a grand jury is doing him more harm than good. America will definitely never elect him President under the circumstances. Doubt the Republicans will even nominate him.

His pompous goody two shoes attitude is backfiring on him.

Frank Pavone once chaired Catholics for Trump. He is a defrocked Catholic priest. Now, women are coming forward accusing him of sexual misconduct.

The sex scandal is rocking the anti-abortion movement. Pavone is presently director of Priests for Life, a non profit that funnels millions of dollars a year into the anti-abortion movement.

I close with a comment by Ernest Hemingway that I came across. Words of wisdom: “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

Enjoy your day!



What a night! A champagne reunion at La Te Da. Fran and Tom Dixon and Louis.

The champagne was Tom’s idea. The three of us have been dear friends for 15 years. Tom and Fran from Buffalo. Visit Key West at least 4 times a year. For a number of reasons, Fran and Tom missed a visit or two recently. It has been months since their last visit. We were celebrating getting together again, especially after the long time between recent visits.

The meal excellent. The fourth I have enjoyed at La Te Da in the past several weeks. Last night, snapper. The other three meatloaf, crispy duck and a pasta dish. Each superior.

A long fun evening among old friends. We meet again wednesday evening at the Chart Room. Fran and Tom leaving thursday. However, this time they plan to return in April.

Christopher and Tom Luna walking around chatting with their guests during the course of the evening. The personal touch nice.

One thing I have noticed everywhere I have enjoyed fine dining the past several months is that the tables are not turning over. Prior to COVID, turned over 1 or 2 times. Now, one seating. Strange since Key West itself is packed this season.

Spoke with Steve Thompson last night on the phone while I was waiting for Fran and Tom to arrive. Told  Steve I was at La Te Da.

He leaves for the mainland today. He is scheduled for hernia surgery tuesday. Ouch!

Steve told me that when he and Cindy married in 1981, they spent their first night at La Te Da. Larry Formica owned it back then. Steve says La Te Da had the same charm then that it does now.

Long time Key West resident Tennessee Williams was found dead this week in 1983 in a hotel room in Manhattan. His death was ruled accidental.

On this day in 1852, St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church was dedicated. St. Mary’s was located on Duval Street at the time.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

On February 25, 1948, Truman arrived in Key West from Guantanamo Bay. He spent 8 days in Key West before returning to Washington. It was one of 11 visits Truman made to Key West. He enjoyed a total of 175 days visiting Key West.

South California has been hit hard with a storm bringing rain, snow and cold. Thousands without power. Eighty five thousand in Los Angeles alone.

Disaster befell Syracuse again last night. Purdue beat the hell out of Syracuse 99-82.

The Orange defense collapsed in the second half. The zone failed Syracuse. Purdue made 3 point shots with ease.

This was Syracuse’s third straight loss. The team’s next opponent Georgia Tech tuesday at 7 o’clock.

I cannot wait for the season to end!

Boeheim will have to devise a zone that stops 3 pointers. Otherwise, next season will be as this one and last year’s also.

Enjoy your Sunday!



What makes a Vladimir Putin? His childhood. It gave birth to the man of today.

Putin’s childhood adversities created the man intent on destroying present day Ukraine.

Putin was born in 1952 in Leningrad. He was a street kid in a city devastated by a horrific three year siege by Nazis during World War II. Three million died, one million starving to death. His father badly injured in the war, his mother nearly dying of starvation.

He lived in a rat infested apartment with two other families, No hot water, no bathtub, a broken down toilet, little or no heat.

Small in size. Left to fend for himself, severely bullied by other children.

From his parents, he inherited their wartime trauma. Personified by Nazi forces that had threatened his parent’s’ existence. The Nazis affected his parents in every respect. They had little time to be attentive to their son. Grandparents and other close relatives were non-existent. Kindness and affection were not part of young Putin’s world.

He was a troublemaker in school. A sixth grade teacher befriended him. Her attention made some changes in his life. He became an excellent student in high school. Learned judo to defend himself, got a law degree, and was elected to the KGB.

Nevertheless, the damage to his psyche had been done by his earlier years. The man that developed was machismo, distrustful and unpredictable. An individual who cultivated disinformation to advance his own agenda at any cost.

History tells us that abused people without love in their childhood, are capable of severe damage. Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong all suffered years of merciless beatings and other unconscionable abuses in childhood and went on to be responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

A childhood similar to Putin’s, with abuse and/or neglect and not enough love, were ingredients to becoming the abusive dictator and autocrat he is.

Putin’s statements following 2/22 one year ago reveal his childhood influence affecting his thought operation. Phony, of course. Putin was out to save Ukraine from the humiliation and genocide being perpetrated by the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian Nazis. Also, his goal was to bring to justice those Ukrainians who had committed bloody crimes on upon the Ukrainian people.

What Nazis? What bloody crimes? The experiences of his youth had radically warped his judgment.


Today marks the one year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Zelensky is the Winston Churchill of the 21st century. He said earlier this morning: “We will defeat everyone…..the longest day of the war lives…..we woke up early and haven’t slept since…..we will do everything to win this year.”

All types of natural disasters worldwide. The canals of Venice one of the most recent.

The canals are running dry. The smaller ones already bone dry.

Recall Venice is carless. The canals ae everything when it comes to moving about.

Drought the cause. A severe drought. Of historic proportions.

It has become a challenge to move around. In many cases impossible. Emergency boats, water taxis and delivery persons cannot get about.

A new study reveals shocking information. In 2020, there were 287,000 maternal deaths globally. That is equivalent to a woman dying every 2 minutes. Nearly 800 deaths a day.

There has been no progress in reducing the number of deaths in years. Health officials call the numbers “unacceptable” and encourage new studies as to causes be initiated.

Massive winter storms continue to batter much of the U.S. Nearly 950,000 households nationwide were without power last night.

A Citizens’ Voice comment this morning re Key West and change: “I, too, wish we could remember the past while promoting it to the next generation, but that is only a pipe dream. The island is changing fast.”

Too fast! Speed kills.

Enjoy your day!



I love Key West. That love gives me the right to share my observation that Key West has become greedy. Exceptionally so. From the cost of homes and rents to hotel and restaurant charges.

An example. high end restaurants now charge for ice cubes. Anywhere from $3 to $4 per drink. And they are not ashamed to let you know. Menus specifically show the “rocks” charge next to the mixed drink.

I have written and otherwise commented on the greed that has over taken Key West in the past. It cannot keep up! It will not continue!

However the time frame between now and when it ceases even I cannot say. It has to reach a point where locals and tourists alike say no more! Such is a built in self destruct mechanism.

It has happened in the past. Key West was once a significant gay community. No longer. Things got expensive. The gays turned to Miami and Fort Lauderdale where everything was 50 percent cheaper.

A comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice addressed the issue: “For the love of God, please stop the slow, painful death of Key West! Greed is hell bent on running the town. Government officials where are you? Do something to stop the carnage before it’s too late.”

Another comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice provides food for thought: “If guns don’t kill people, then drugs don’t kill people.”

The Georgia grand jury foreperson has been on a “full blown” media tear. I am concerned. Discussing grand jury minutes has always been a no no.

Bess Levin succinctly discussed the situation in her 2/22 Vanity Fair article: What The Hell Is The Trump Grand Jury Forewoman Thinking?

She described Emily Kohrs’ “media” as “bizarre.”

I agree. Kohrs’ conduct not responsible citizenship.

Since Trump’s visit to East Palestine yesterday, many media persons have “mocked” his gift of “Trump Water.”

By so doing, Trump played into concerns about the local water. Trump said the bottles were mostly of his own brand, plus some of lesser quality.

Pictures showed pallets of bottled water labeled “Trump” on their face. Trump standing beside the pallets of water, of course.

I found his delivery generous. In any amount.  Yet concerning. Eighteen thousand bottles of water not that much. I was unaware Trump has been selling “Trump” bottled water. Researched a bit to find out more about it. Found nothing! Which raises the question in my mind whether Trump had the 18,000 bottles specially put together to make a Trump type impression on the people of East Palestine.

The other thought that occurred was something I recall from Trump’s past when he was President. Trump’s administration repealed safety rules for “high hazard cargo trains.”

On this day in 1861, President-Elect Abraham Lincoln arrived “secretly” in Washington to take office, following word of a possible assassination plot in Baltimore.

“Secretly” is the key word.

I mentioned the other day Biden’s trip to Kyiv. “Secret” and involved a 10 hour train ride.

The word was out of a possible assassination on his life. Lincoln dressed not in his usual attire. Also wore a strange hat. All so he would not be recognized. His trip of course was by train.

Two great Presidents!

Turkey has 900,000 persons living in tents. Nowhere near enough.

The tents are set up in orderly fashion. Food, water and clothing still in dire need.

Total deaths in Turkey/Syria combined now in excess of 49,000 and growing each day.

Clemson decimated Syracuse last night 91-73.

Two observations.

The season can’t be over too soon for me. And, Biden has to come up with a way for his sacred zone defense to stop 3 pointers.

Enjoy your day!



Key West mourned saturday at the funeral service for 21 year old Garrett Hughes at The Basilica of St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church.

Garrett had been shot in a parking lot incident last week behind a building on North Roosevelt Boulevard.

Garrett was much loved. Such was obvious by the crowd at St. Mary’s. More than 700 attended the service. The huge overflow crowd extended outside and onto Truman Avenue.

Former school administrator Amber Acevedo said, “There are some that bring a light so bright to the world that even after they are gone, the light remains…..Garrett was one of those special people.”

Georgia grand jury revelations by a chairwoman confuse me. Grand jury proceedings are “secret.” No disclosures, except as provided by law. What the chairwoman of the Trump grand jury did, definitely outside legal boundaries.

The Georgia grand jury system appears to be different from that of other states. The grand jury in question merely recommends who should be indicted, if anyone. Then it is up to the District Attorney to decide if indictment(s) should be sought. If so, another grand jury is convened for that purpose.

Fulton County is where the purported crime was committed. The District Attorney of that county Fani Willis would take the grand jury inquiries to the next step. She has done a good job so far with the first grand jury. Now time to move swiftly and indict. Trump’s indictment long overdue. Trump is no different than anyone else. He must be treated as all persons are under the law. No special consideration.

There is an old saying in the law to the effect that justice delayed is justice denied. I fear time works in Trump’s favor. Willis should nail him without further delay.

The East Palestine train derailment/toxic contamination matter continues to cause me grave concern. I am not impressed with government follow up to date. The EPA Director visits and offers words of condolences. Even had himself photographed drinking local water. Keeps advising responsible parties will be held responsible.

All does no good. The immediate concern to the East Palestine residents is safety. They feel insecure. They are afraid. All properly so.

I am disappointed for the first time with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. He is doing a lousy job on this problem. It is obvious he does not understand the nature of the problem. Just as the EPA Director does not.

This is a different environmental problem. The government is lucky it has been involved since day one, not years later. Therein lies the problem. Environmental  agencies are unaccustomed to handling a problem of huge proportions from day one.

New investigative approaches are required. What, I don’t know. The government does not either. What the government must do is begin thinking outside the box and put on board persons who can think that way.

Some economic insights.

U.S. home sales have fallen for the 12th consecutive month. Down 37 percent over January 2022.

The average American tenant is rent-burdened. Now pays more than 30 percent of income. Wages have failed to keep up with rent hikes. Affordable units remain scarce.

Real estate property taxes dramatically different when states compared one to the other. Cheapest state is Hawaii. Most expensive, New Jersey. Florida in the middle. Ranked #24.

January found grocery prices creeping back up. Rose 0.7 percent as compared to December.

Step back 5 years to when Trump first became President. He wanted the U.S. out of NATO. He spoke of Putin in the most friendly terms. He knocked U.S. intelligence for decrying Putin and Russia.

Syracuse/Clemson tonight at 7. Clemson a 4.5 point favorite.

I had a most enjoyable 2 hour luncheon with Don Manaher yesterday. At Harpoon Harry’s.

The first time in years we have been together. It was wonderful for the both of us!

Don has survived two cancers, both affecting him at he same time. A brain tumor now gone and lung cancr which is now in remission. He  now lives in Chicago to be near family and all the doctors he has needed and continues to need.

We talked about everything. We laughed about most.

His one month visit ends next week. We both assured each other we would have lunch together next year at this time.

I have said it before and repeat it again. Don is one of the nicest guys I have known in my lifetime.

Enjoy your day!



Anti-war protesters met at the Washington Monument and marched to the White House sunday. Waving Russian and red Soviet flags. Putin being praised as a “Russian patriot.”

The rally was promoted by FOX News’ Tucker Carlson.

Tolerated because of Freedom of Speech. So too my feelings: Sick and disgraceful!

Biden’s secret trip to Kyiv. Unbelievable. The Lord watched over him.

Biden snuck out of Washington to Kyiv. In the middle of the night. Not even Air Force One used. Instead an Air Force C-32 to Poland. Then a 10 hour train ride from Poland to Kyiv.

Hours before beginning the journey, U.S. officials had given notice  to Moscow of Biden’s trip. Moscow was advised for “deconfliction purposes.”

Rare for a U.S. leader to travel to a conflict zone where the U.S. or its allies do not control the airspace.

A black cloud continues to hang over Turkey and Syria. They were hit by a second earthquake. Another big one. A 6.3.

The people were panicked. Properly so. How much of a beating can a people take? Additional dead bodies will be found above and below the rubble. Dead from first quake two weeks ago exceeds 47,000 and was still growing.

Historically, artists do not get paid to perform at a Super Bowl. Rihanna was not paid for her half time performance.

It is the custom.

Only “expenses and production costs are covered.” The NFL additionally offers  a “union scale,” which is a fraction of the six or seven figure sums performers usually earn.

There is a reason behind the practice. The half time show is considered a Super Bowl commercial for an artist’s work.

Rihanna’s post show sales are not yet available. However, sales by past performers clearly indicate sales “soar” after their performances. For example, Lady Gaga’s album and song sales increased by 1,000 percent following her 2017 performance. J. Lo’s by 335 percent after her 2020 show.

A live and learn tidbit for today from British history.

There was a time when British boys wore pink and young girls blue.

Red was considered a strong, virile, masculine shade while blue was dainty, delicate and feminine. So young boys were frequently seen in pink, young girls blue.

It wasn’t till the early 20th century – quite possibly as late as the 1940’s – that pink began to be universally assigned to girls and blue to boys.

I shall be enjoying lunch to day with a special person. Don Manaher.

Don and I have not seen each other in years. He is in town. We are lunching together at Harpoon Harry’s. The tuesday lasagna special motivated the selection of Harpoon Harry’s.

Enjoy your day!


An early morning surprise wakeup! Biden in Kyiv!

A great show of support for Ukraine and NATO. An act of bravery. Though I do not believe it was necessary. If Putin had wind of it, he would have taken all steps necessary to take Biden out. Ergo from my perspective, an act of foolishness on Biden’s part.

The media says Biden crossed over into the Ukraine and traveled to Kyiv by train. An extra secret move. Reminded me of the train trip(s) Lincoln had to take to be inaugurated. History tells us Lincoln had to camouflage himself by wearing a strange cap.

Today is President’s Day. Among the oldest federal holidays. Originally signed into law in 1879 to honor George Washington’s birthday February 22. Today recognizes all Presidents, past and present.

A Presidential live and learn tidbit.

John Tyler was the Nation’s tenth President. “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!”

The live and learn item: Tyler was our most prolific President. He fathered 15 children. Eight by his first wife, seven by his second.

The Civil War began in his last year on Earth. A Virginian, Tyler went with the Confederacy. He was elected to the Confederate House of Representatives. However died before the Confederacy’s first Congress could be assembled.

Spain thursday approved a law allowing women to take medical leave for “period pain.”

“Menstrual leave” is not common by law in the U.S. Some companies do offer it however as part of their benefits package.

This day in 1967 a momentous occasion in Key West. The beginning of something big by a big man. The man one of the most important in Key West history. Among other things, he had the vision to see what the Gulf end of Duval Street could be.

The man David Wolkowsky. It was on this day in 1967 that he began construction of the Pier House Motel.

Brittney Griner, the American woman basketball star who was imprisoned for nearly one year in Russia, has signed a 1 year contract with the Phoenix Mercury. Salary $165,100.

Her salary shows why she and other female stars go to foreign countries in the off season to play. They need the money. Professional women’s basketball should be ashamed to pay such paltry monies to its players.

I was critical yesterday of sportswriters who do not recognize the greatness of Jon Rahm. They say he has yet to make it in the world of golf.

They can’t be serious! His statistics already are historic.

Rahm won again yesterday. The Genesis Invitational. His 3rd win this season. The season only a few months old. The win his 5th in his last 9 starts. The win also made it possible for him to return to the #1 ranking as the best golfer in the world.

All this and he is only 28 years old.

Tiger Woods was able to play all 4 rounds, though his pain in walking was recognizable yesterday. He did well overall. He ended one under par. Woods considered this “progress” on his part.

He played poorly yesterday. Shot 73. The day before 67.

Enjoy your day!



Jimmy Carter is in hospice. He is 98 years old. He entered home hospice care Friday. His choice. The former President opted to spend his remaining time at home with his family and receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention.

The former President’s decision was preceded by a series of short hospital stays. His decision has the full support of his family and medical team.

His grandson Jason Carter said in a tweet that he “saw both of his grandparents…..they are at peace and – as always – their home is full of love.”

A Turkey/Syria quake update.

Friday 3 more persons were rescued. They had been buried 11 days. Their survival a miracle. Water is key to survival. The human body generally cannot live more than 3 days without water. In some instances, there are those known to have survived as long as a week. Longer, God’s will.

The quake obviously horrific. Rescue teams have only been able to work 5 percent of the affected area. Which means those buried in the other 95 percent never had a chance. The devastation covered too large an expanse. There were simply not enough rescue teams available.

Rescue work has ceased in all except two areas.

Yesterday was a sports day all day. From early morning till just after 8 in the evening.

It began with the Genesis Invitational. Third round.

Tiger Woods is playing. His first tournament in months. He just made the cut. You never would have known by the way he played in the third round yesterday. He shot a 67, four under par round. One of the best rounds shot yesterday.

Tiger’s not in the running to win unless he shots a 60 today and the leaders fail dramatically. What he dd yesterday however was dramatic in itself.

I hope he plays as well today.

He hit a once in the lifetime shot on the 13th. The jacket of one of the spectators was wrapped around his waist. Tiger’s shot ended up in the pocket of the jacket.

Jon Rahm leads the tournament by 3 shots.

It upsets me how the man is consistently criticized by sportscasters. Rahm a top player for several years. Big money winner. Many fail to give him the credit he is due. Always saying he’s not there yet.

Rahm’s problem is his drives do not always land on fairways. They have a habit of finding the rough. Nevertheless his shots from the rough find the greens. And so he wins!

Syracuse/Duke in the early evening. A disaster for Syracuse! Duke won 77-55. Syracuse looked terrible. So bad, I would not even place them in the NIT post season. However, that is where they will go.

Dick Vitale was one of the announcers. I can’t warm up to the guy. For years, he has never spoken well of Boeheim or the Syracuse team. Actually, he just plain never speaks of them. Even when they play poorly.

Several times he mentioned Duke had a young team and next year they would be even better. Syracuse’s team is young! Boeheim starts 3-4 freshmen each game.

Dave Bing was in the audience. One of basketball’s greats. A Hall of Famer. Former Mayor of Detroit. Played in the backcourt with Boeheim. They had a great year together in 1976.

Also in the audience was Buffalo Bill’s Damar Hamlin. The crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Thirty thousand were in attendance. College basketball does not attract that number of spectators. Syracuse does and has in the past. Generally so when Syracuse’s team is a top one in the country that season.

I attended many home games over the years. Some games were in excess of 34,000.

Attendance has been poor this year. Averaging 17,000 a game. Makes sense. If a team does not play well, loyalty is not 100 percent. What is humorous is that few universities even have the capacity to hold 17,000 for a basketball game. Ergo Syracuse’s attendance even at its worst is better than most.

Enjoy your Sunday!