I have no idea what time this blog will publish today. I have to take Terri to the hospital for some tests. You may not be getting this till late afternoon.

Lisa is 55 today. Imagine, I have a daughter that age! She probably wonders the same having a father my age!

We celebrated last night. Dinner and cake at Lisa’s. Her in laws were in for the event.

Cameron in Washington.

Take out from El Siboney.

Blew out the candle. Only one. No one puts them all on anymore.

Reminisced a bit. I recalled distinctly Lisa’s birth. She was supposed to be a boy. We had a son first. Then 2 girls. Never thought the fourth would be anything but a boy. To be named Louis.

Ergo, we had no name for a girl. Took us 4 days to come up with a name. They kept maternity cases in the hospital 4 days back then. We finally came up with a name because they could not discharge my wife without a name for the birth certificate.

Lisa has always been the love of my life. A charmer. My charmer. Always a hug and kiss for Daddy, regardless of our ages.

Shana Tovah to my Jewish friends. It is Rosh Hashanna. Marks the new year 5780.

A 1906 photo in yesterday’s KONK Life of  the corner of Greene and Elizabeth Streets. Not today. Not one house! Actually a messy nothing.

A few wooden shacks. Lots of water. And some sort of warehouse.

What a 100 plus years will do.

Trump in an exceptional warring mood this morning. Attacking everyone!

He bothered me re his comments concerning House Intelligence Committee Chairman Alan Schiff (D-Calif.) He said Schiff should be arrested for treason, a crime punishable by  death or prison time, for exaggerating parts of the negative aspects of the President’s leadership.

The U.S. is not a third world country nor an authoritarian regime. Yet! If it were and Trump was eventually deposed, Trump could expect jail or worse.

He forgets whatever goes around, comes around.

Several months ago, Trump mentioned that if he lost the 2020 election the people would go to the streets. The people would not accept his defeat. It could only happen as a result of a rigged election

A commentator mentioned the possibility that if Trump was narrowly defeated, he might refuse to leave the White House.

I wrote I concurred. And that ICE would be the military force protecting him. I worry. Trump keeps building up ICE to act as his personal guard similar to Hitler’s Gestapo.

Robert Jeffress is a strong Trump supporter. A man of much influence with evangelicals. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas.

He was a guest on FOX & Friends sunday.

Jeffress commented during the interview, “If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they never will be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this nation from which our Country will never heal.”

Later in the morning, Trump picked up on the comment and tweeted it to the world.

Jeffress is part of the silent majority. Supported big time. He holds sway over evangelical voters and the President.

Yet, he viciously attacks other faiths.

His words: “God sends people to Hell” who are Germans, Islamists, Jews, and Hindus. He claims, “They lead people away from God, they lead people to an eternity of separation from God in Hell.” He forgot not the Catholics: “The Catholic Church is an instrument of Satan.”

Donald knows how to pick his friends!

By the way, Trump had Jeffress speak at the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14. You figure that one.

Yesterday was a significant one in British and European history. The year 1938. Great Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was in Munich negotiating a peace treaty with Hitler. The Munich Agreement was signed which permitted Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland.

Chamberlain’s famous words will never be forgotten: “I believe it is peace for our time.”

Turned out to be the worst peace treaty in history.

Floating around the internet yesterday was “news” that Iran’s legislature had passed a bill permitting a father to marry an adopted daughter if she was 13 or older.

Sounded strange. Did a little searching. The statement was false. It was first reported 6 years ago when it was false also.

Moral of the story: Do not believe everything you read on the internet.

Enjoy your day!


I have always thought the Chart Room popcorn the best. Something about its taste. A step above.

Never gave any  attention as to why till recently.

I was at the Chart Room. Enjoying their popcorn when a lady from Ohio at the other end of the bar exclaimed how good the popcorn was. Another agreed.

Why so good?

Tammy said, tabasco sauce. Added into the mix.

Who would have thought!

The funny part is the popcorn is neither hot nor spicy. Just tastes good!

Spent yesterday afternoon reworking some pages in Growing Up Italian. While the TV was running on the wall. The Clemson game.

Clemson #1 in the nation won by 1 point. A great game. North Carolina had nothing to be ashamed of.

The best of the best Clemson seems to have one tough/bad game in them most years. Three years ago, Clemson was ranked #1. Till they played Syracuse. Syracuse was having its usual nothing special season. Syracuse won.

Two years ago, Clemson won by about 3 points. Won on a touchdown in the last minute of the game. Syracuse had a good team last year.

This season, Clemson whipped Syracuse’s ass.

The reason I watched the Clemson game was because I still cannot get a Syracuse game on Comcast. Comcast and the ACCN apparently still fighting over money or have walked away from the table not caring about fans like me.

Syracuse did win. Beat Holy Cross 41-3. Nothing to cheer about. Holy Cross not in the same league as Syracuse. Don’t understand why Holy Cross is on Syracuse’s schedule so late in the season. Normally an easy game is played first or second.

All alone last night. Decided on a quick trip to Hogfish for dinner. Glad I went. Occasionally, I luck out and get to sit next to fishermen who have worked the docks for years. Great stories, great conversations.

Last night, it was Adam and Oliver. Oliver preferred to be called Ollie.

Both appeared to be in their 50’s. Being on a boat for years in the blazing sun weathers a man’s face. Ages it. Throw in a couple of missing teeth and you have the Key West fisherman.

They had come back to dock because of the weather. The horrific rain storm in the morning.

I got an education. There are all kinds of shrimp. The ones I recall are pink, brown and rock. Key West famous for its pink shrimp. Referred to as “Key West pink.”

I asked about the shrimp season. Turns out there really isn’t a season per se. Shrimp can be fished all year. The type of shrimp decides which months. Combined, the months make for a year long season.

Hurricane Lorenzo still out there. Surprising everyone. Especially the meteorologists.

At the moment, Lorenzo is a category 5. Very much in the east Atlantic. Closer to Europe than the U.S. Will never reach the U.S. Has already turned and is heading northeast.

Meteorologist claim they have never seen a hurricane of this size so far north and so far east at this stage of the hurricane and at its present velocity. One meteorologist said Lorenzo is “out of place for such a large and intense hurricane.”

Did a lot yesterday. Even read the Whistleblower Complaint. No big deal time wise. Only 9 pages. Written in simple everyday language. Easy to understand.

I suggest you read it if you have not. It is all over the internet. Something that everyone should be conversant with. Unquestionably, it will form the basis for any impeachment proceeding against Trump.

One of the reasons our government and our lives are so screwed up are the laws being passed and court decisions being made.

Legislators no longer necessarily vote for what is right. Rather they vote for that which will assure them of reelection.

Many court decisions are off the wall. In the extreme. Made by conservative judges who see no other way than to the right.

Many new laws/decisions tend to divide. They contribute to the extremeness existing in society today.

An example are laws/decisions protecting police officers if they kill someone in the line of duty. An innocent person.

In the past 20 years, laws and decisions have been placed on the books in most states providing the police officer with the defense that he thought he was going to be killed. If an officer believes he is in danger of death, he is not responsible for the death of another even if the officer was wrong in killing the person.

An example supporting my thinking is a defense being asserted in a Mississippi case. Not one where the officer may get off if there is a law protecting him from responsibility if he thought he was in danger of death. This example a different legal issue. Represents an extreme stretch in the law being attempted.

The police went to the wrong house to make an arrest. Ismael and his wife were watching TV. Their dogs began barking. Ismael went to the door. He may or may not have had a gun. The door may never have been opened.

One of he police officers shot 6 bullets. The bullets went through the front door. The bullet that killed Ismael entered the back of his head.

Ismael and his wife married 16 years. Ismael self supporting. Worked, paid taxes. However, he was not a legal resident of the U.S. An alien.

His wife has sued because of his wrongful death. Those representing the police have come up with a unique defense. One I doubt has ever been tried before in the U.S.

The defense claims the lawsuit must be dismissed because Ismael was an illegal alien. As such, he had no Constitutional rights. No standing to have a suit brought by his wife.

Never heard of anything like this before!!! Wow!!! A stretch!!! Killing without responsibility. Same for repercussions. None.

The Donald has brass testicles. He keeps pushing people and nations around. At some point, people and nations may push back. Then war.

The tariff dispute with China is ongoing. Gets worse by the day, not better. Trump keeps defecating on China hoping to make China capitulate to what he wants.

China never will. They too are a power in the world. China is not going to take Trump’s shit.

The talk on Wall Street this past week is that Trump is reviewing options that would authorize him to limit American investment in Chinese markets.

He would in effect be trying to destroy China’s stock market.

Such things make me fear a shooting war is inevitable.

Trump’s people may have thought he was going a step too far. An announcement was made last night that Trump was not considering such action “at this time.”

Trump has to go. Either by impeachment or defeat at the polls. Otherwise, the world will be facing the Apocalypse. It will be Armageddon.

To my Jewish friends, Happy New Year!

Enjoy your Sunday!







I was out again last night. Two nights in a row! Returning to my dangerous lifestyle! The Chart Room of course was my first stop.

Few people. Maybe 5 in the hour I was there. As I left, 4 couples came in. I was concerned John wasn’t going to make any money.

Understand Key West is dead dead. Every September, every year. You can put money on it. I can’t complain of auto traffic. There is none. Nor people on the sidewalks. The merchants take a beating in September.

I decided to walk Duval a bit. I avoid the first 4 blocks generally. Not last night.

As I walked by Sloppy Joe’s, I heard a melody from days long gone by…..You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray…..please don’t take my sunshine away!

My music!

Easy to understand once I entered. Senior citizens night. Most younger than me. In their 60’s-70’s. They were playing to the crowd.

Sloppy Joe’s suffering business wise also. Sloppy’s maybe 75 percent occupied.

I grabbed a seat at the bar.

I generally eat the same thing at Sloppy Joe’s. Not a Sloppy Joe.

Sloppy’s serves a dish of french fries covered in melted mozzarella covered in a hot red sauce. Delicious! I ordered and enjoyed.

It is amazing. I spent a year eating high fat and low carbs in and lost 62 pounds. Doctors have changed my diet because of the pancreatitis. I now eat little fat and a lot of carbs. My weight remains the same.

The no drinking is no fun. Excuse the redundancy. I miss the drinking. Three months thus far.

Interestingly, I thought the no smoking was going to be a problem. It was initially. Now don’t even think about it.

I was walking down the 100 block of Duval towards the Pier House. Saw this big brightly lit store across the street. For years, a huge sneaker store. Two floors.

The windows were covered in white paper. Could not see in. A small sign on the windows: OPEN FOR BUSINESS. A huge red sign over the entrance: MedMEN.

I can be a bit retarded. What are MedMEN?

I entered. A uniformed guard welcomed me. A lovely young lady came running up to greet me.

The place was beautiful. I knew instantly what it was. A pot store! A place to purchase medical cannabis.

I smiled and left. I had made the tour 2 months ago of the first to open in Key West. On Flagler, near Lee Nails. Same type operation. Except windows were not covered.

The young smiling lady at the Flagler operation greeted me. I asked if they sold marijuana. Yes. The whole place was marijuana packaged all different ways. Multiple flavors available.

All I could think was where was this stuff 50 years ago when I was into it a bit.

The young lady and I spent little time together. Actually, it did not take her long to decide she was going to make no money off me. In Florida, a physician’s prescription is required. She smilingly asked for my prescription. When I told her I had none, she turned and walked away.

MedMEN is a national chain operation. One of the biggies in the business.

The pot business is not turning out to be as lucrative as most thought. Two reasons. One is it costs big dollars to get in. The second is the illicit dealers charge far less.

MedMEN is feeling the squeeze. Needs an infusion of new money. Working on packaging a $250 million loan.

Such was my exciting evening. I was home in bed by 9.

Poured yesterday morning. All morning. Heavy. King tide time for Key West. Increased the overflow by about 6 inches.

The storm sewers could not handle it. Street flooding. More than usual. Northern Boulevard had some passing lanes unpassable. Flagler more flooding than normal. Several blocks in a row deep in water. Deep in water meaning 2 feet.

Other usual spots that flood were a bit higher, also. The intersection of Eaton and White. I Have twice seen people swimming in the intersection. The corner of Duval and Front. No swimming, but have observed people kayaking. Palm just over the bridge heading for Eaton. Residential streets liked United. Some really deep.

I saw none of this last night. I went downtown the long way. Knew what streets to take to avoid the flooding. My only problem would have been the intersection of Duval and Front. However the water had totally receded by the time I got there.

I did see “where” water had been when I entered the Pier House. The ramp entrance off the parking lot. It was obvious water found its way up and in the hallway.  Still wet. Leaves all over the place.

Happy New Year! Lest I forget. The Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah begins sunday night at 7.

Time seems to change nothing. An edition of the Florida Motorist magazine in 1934 had a large spread advertising Key West as a tourist destination.

Key West advertises world wide today. Successfully. Too successfully sometimes I think. People from all over the world visit. Great for the merchants. Bring problems with them, however.

Look where Key West presnetly is today. Prices higher for everything. More honky tonk on Duval. Horrendous traffic. A parking problem like you would not believe.

I think someday because of the overabundance of visitors and what occurs as a result of their presence, our little island is going to quietly sink beneath the water.

Confucius. Confucius say…..

Today is Confucius’ birthday. He was born 551 B.C.

One of Trump’s goals involved the swamp. The one he was going to drain of corruption. The only thing he has succeeded in doing is increasing the vermin living in the swamp.

Enjoy your day!






I apparently gave up too soon yesterday morning. After watching Joseph Maguire testify for a while before a Congressional Committee, I gave up. Pure frustration. The questioning sucked. The answers non-responsive.

I quit too soon! One and one half hours after the hearing began.

From everything I saw on TV and read later in the day, things got better. Much better. The Committee did a good job, Maguire did a good job. Republicans sat with their tails between their legs and left quietly afterward.

Trump got nailed, but good! The truth came out! No games.

It would appear Trump is on his way to impeachment.

There are visitors who get excited when they see an iguana. Favorably excited. Think they’re cute. Green miniature dinosaurs.

Iguanas are bad. All should be eradicated. Shoot them, hit them over the head, but kill them. They are of no appreciable value to man or property in the Keys.

I have been in Key West for 30 years. The iguanas started showing up about 5 years after I arrived. First saw them on the golf course. A lot of big ones. Bothering no one. Sitting on tree branches or scooting on the ground.

The group first seen has propagated. It is crisis time. The State of Florida agrees. Finally.

Iguanas are everywhere. Always in huge numbers. Generally big ones and little ones together.

The do not bother humans. You can walk very near one and they will not move.

The problem is they destroy. Flowers and bushes. Eat ’em up! Defecate in pools. Happened to me 2 times. Had to remove and replace the water. They grind their way into seawalls and sidewalks.

I recall when pythons first invaded the Keys. Few in number. Now in the millions. Florida did not know what to do. Scientists and the State agree they have now reached a point where they can only be contained, not eradicated.

We may have reached that point with iguanas.

They are protected by animal cruelty laws. Kill and don’t kill. May only use guns where permitted. Generally approved method of killing is to shoot them in the head or bash their heads on a rock.

Otherwise, hands off! The law provides they may not be made to suffer during the eradication process.

The problem is now referred to as a “war.” However cannot go around “shooting willy nilly.” Key West is not the “wild west.”

Interestingly, iguanas are of no value to man. Except for food. A basic food in Central and South America. Supposedly tastes like chicken.

Not for me.

I went out last night. The Chart Room and Mary Ellen’s.

Tammy bartending at the Chart Room. One of the most charming persons in Key West.

Business slow. All of 4 people in the bar while I was there. The streets are quiet. Key West’s dead season. Things will pick up next month with Fantasy Fest. From no one to every one. As many as 70,000 the night of the parade.

I have always wondered where 70,000 sleep. In all the Keys there are not enough beds to handle 70,000 people. The beaches can only hold so many. Cars all over with people sleeping in them.

I had dinner at Mary Ellen’s. Good food. I have found the best to be a cup of tomato soup accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich. Outstanding!

It has been a while since I have written about sex in Key West. Doubt Key Westers have been abstaining. However nothing unusual occurring.

Till monday. It was back to normal. A woman called the police. A bare assed couple were fornicating on her front lawn. They were arrested.

Came across an interesting occurrence in France.

A male employee was on a business trip. Met a strange woman. They were having sex in her hotel room. He had cardiac arrest. Died.

A French court said the dead man’s wife was entitled to recompense for his death. Money because he died on the job. The court equated sex on a business trip like “taking a shower or eating a meal.”

The fact the man was “cheating” was immaterial.

The employer had to pay.

Fantasy Fest less than a month away. A new event has been added. The Air Sex Championships.

Performed with clothes on, yet all about “fornication-adjunct actions.” Whatever that means.

Men are the performers. What they do involves song, courage, humor, and erotic imagination. The best description I could come up with is that it is like playing an invisible guitar, except the performer plays an invisible partner.

Things were apparently very competitive in 1955 in Key West. The motels were having a price war. On this day in 1955, 8 motels posted signs offering “free rooms to tourists.”

The City of Key West and the owners of the cruise ship Silver Spirit are in a pissing match. Over money.

Last year on November 24, the 608 passenger Silver Spirit hit a “mooring dolphin” near the Mallory Square hotel area as it was leaving.

Cost Key West $970,520 for repairs. The City did not put the repairs out for bidding because it thought it important to repair immediately so the businesses in the area would not lose money. The City also added on a 5 percent “administrative fee.” On top of which it also added loss of business because other ships could not moor till repaired.

The cruise line has offered $250,000 lees than the $970,520 the City claims it is owed.

The usual cries are emanating from City Hall. We are going to sue. We will not cut a penny. The lawyers will take care of it.

Not a wise approach.

These are relatively large dollars. $250,000 not that big a difference. The City will not recover every penny. That’s the way it is. The cruise line will have to pay more.

Throw the matter into some sort of binding arbitration and get it resolved that way.

Note also the City’s attorney’s fees will be out of sight if handled in the normal fashion.

There is nothing to be gained by either side in outright litigation. The parties should short cut the legal process with binding arbitration and get the matter resolved swiftly and cheaply.

I find hurricane Lorenzo interesting. In the process of making a loop back into the Atlantic.

At this time, it is a category 4. May go to a 5. May hit land in the Azores. No danger to the Caribbean or U.S.

My first “looping hurricane.”

I came across some quotes re lies and deceptions. Trump causes both to be in the background of the news daily.

The most well known lying quote is, “Oh, the web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Another is, “When we with honeyed words but evil mind, persuade the mob great woes befall the state.”

Re deception, “People don’t change…..They just find new ways to lie.”

The southeast is in desperate need of water. Jean Thornton in Birmingham keeps telling me how dry it is and how long since it last rained.

It has rained in Key West for at least a month almost every morning. Today, I was up at 6. Raining. It is now noon. Still raining.

Enjoy your day!





My morning is screwed up. Out of bed early to get an early start on the blog. I wanted to watch the Congressional hearing at 9.

Completed my research. Went downstairs to watch. I intended to write the blog following the hearing.

I lasted 1 1/2 hours. I am back to the computer. Could not handle the hearing.

The Congresspersons and the witness left me upset. Disgusted. Most of the questions were not on the side of getting at the truth. Congresspeople are not trained to do so. Congressional hearings should have attorneys asking the questions.

I thought Joseph Maguire would be a good witness. He is involved in the telephone inquiry which was born of a talk between Trump and the President of the Ukraine.

Instead, another Robert Mueller.

These federal employees are unable to respond to questions simply and directly. Most seem to being covering their asses. Even if they did no wrong.

The hearings another example of our government being in bad shape.

My car. I am without wheels. Dropped the car off at the garage yesterday morning at 9. It was supposed to be returned at 5. Four new tires.

Received a call instead. Wrong tires shipped from Miami. Will receive correct shipment tomorrow. Which means today.  Car not driveable last night. Other things were being done.

So I spent the evening at home. Watched TV all night. Mostly news talk shows. Gearing up for this morning’s hearing. Maybe that is why I was disappointed. Too much prep!

This telephone inquiry has gotten me into the Ukraine. Many interesting stories reported. Yesteryear and today.

The present situation gets confusing. Trump, the Ukraine President. $400 million, Russia, etc. Putin is supposedly Trump’s friend.

We send money and/or military supplies to the Ukraine. To what is called the AZOV Battalion. The Azov uses both in their years long fight with Russia. Putin wants the Ukraine.

A new word has come into my vocabulary because of the Ukrainian situation. “Blowback.”

Trump must know of it and its consequences. I cannot believe he and others in the top level of government are unaware.

Blowback technically defined as the unintended adverse results of a political action or situation. Simply stated, unintended consequences.

A context in which I discovered it in operation this morning involves the U.S., Ukraine, neo-Nazis, and Russia.

Cerytain U.S. citizens are white supremacists. Ukraine has a military force known as the AZOV Battalion. A fascist group.

Americans are traveling to the Ukraine to join AZOV. They are learning military prowess from their Ukrainian fascists brothers in arms. They learn how to bomb and kill.

The kicker in all this is their training and military equipment is paid with American dollars. The AZOV Battalion has become the West Point of Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

While in the Ukraine, the Americans use social media to spread their poison to persons in America. Even how to make a bomb. At some point, most return home. When home, they become part of the neo-Nazi culture.

Some are the neo-Nazis who have participated in various demonstrations, clashed with for real Americans. They become part of the same group which Trump seemingly supports.

The blowback are the social media messages and then their return to the U.S. to participate in new-Nazi programs.

Every facet of their training, etc. paid for with American dollars.

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it? Why does Congress permit it? The President we understand. His mind frame would support them.

Hurricanes continue. The life of a Key Wester.

Something relatively new is occurring this year. Most are turning north before they reach land. Land would be southwest Florida. A new route occasionally appears. North and then northeast out into the Atlantic. Never to reach land.

Lorenzo the most recent doing it the new way. A category 3. Has already gone north and expected to turn northeast into the ocean.

Tropical storm Karen is still out there. Seems Karen has been around forever.

Karen really dancing to a new tune. She is presently heading for Florida, Puerto Rico, etc. She is expected to  slow down and make a complete loop.

The loop unusual. Back to an eastern track.

Again, no problem for the U.S.

Frank Bruni and Nicolas Kristoff are two of the world’s outstanding columnists. Both associated with the New York Times.

This past week Bruni wrote, “From the first moment Trump stepped into the office of the presidency, he has degraded it…..”

Kristof wrote, “Trump’s behavior is beyond the pale.” The five page telephone conference memorandum is “the worst, unbelievable, Mafia type content.”

Military suicides continue to rise. The numbers spiking. The primary cause thought to be repeated deployments.

This past week, 3 sailors killed themselves aboard the USS George H. W. Bush. The Bush was in dry dock in Norfolk, Virginia at the time.

Last year, 68 active duty Navy personnel committed suicide.

In 2014, the number of suicides per 100,000 was 13.1. In 2018, 20.7. The increase obvious. A crisis situation.

Enjoy your day!




Good morning!

Short blog this morning. Have to get the car to the garage. New tires and brakes.

Today’s title can be read 2 ways. One good, one bad. If you did not pick up on it, reread it slowly.

I won’t waste your time going over yesterday’s happenings. We are all aware. However, I would like to share some thoughts.

With the Impeachment Inquiry, the die is cast. The Rubicon has been crossed.

Trump’s UN presentation left much to be desired. He spoke of the U.S. as a national nation, not a global one. I do not buy it. Not a healthy way to go. Everyone needs friends!

Giuliani has lost it! Amazing! The man was a great U.S. Attorney and Mayor. His time has passed.  Trump would be better off without him. He is only going to get Trump into more trouble.

Republican talk will be that with the Impeachment Inquiry, the Democrats got Trump. Not true. Trump got himself.

Trump’s lack of truth is one of the things that has led to the Impeachment Inquiry. He apparently never read: “Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”

Howdy Doody went over well! Glad I wrote it! Some day, I will do the Mickey Mouse Club. Nothing wrong with remembering/being reminded of that which was enjoyed in days earlier.

Jean Thornton called from Birmingham. Loved the Howdy Doody bit! Though much younger than I, she falls in an age bracket that would.

Kokomo Man often comments re the blog. He brought to my attention that I forgot Clarabell the Clown. I did. Sorry. Clarabell never crossed my mind. Must be age.

Clarabell was one of the regulars on Howdy Doody. He was mute.

Over the years, 3 different persons played Clarabell. One was Bob Keeshan. He had his own show in later years as Captain Kangaroo. As Clarabell, he communicated through mime and honked his horn for “yes” or “no.”

Even the Peanut Gallery got into the act with Clarabell. Howdy Doody was not the only one who had a dedicated song. Clarabell, also. The kids sang it every show. It began “Who’s the funniest clown we know? / Clarabell / …..And since the day that he was born / He’s honked and honked his horn.”

Clarabell only spoke once in the 13 years the show was on. At the end of the last show, the camera zoomed to his face. With tears running down his cheeks, he said “Good bye.”

The entire staff cried with him.

Climate change! Climate change! Climate change!

A priority today. Even though some such as Trump do not believe it is for real.

Today’s New York Times ran a column by Brad Plumer: Major Climate Report Warns Of Severe Damage To The World’s Oceans. The report referred to was one the UN published the day before as part its climate change program.

The report stated the Earth’s oceans were under severe strain from climate change “threatening everything from the ability of people to harvest seafood to the well being of hundreds of millions of people living along the coasts.”

Key Westers have a special concern. We live on the ocean. In due course, many of our homes will be washed waw. Foodwise, fish a big thing. Most Key Westers eat fish every night of the week for dinner. Why not? Definitely fresh and tasty. Cheap also. Many catch their own.

The marine biologist Hans-Otto Portner claims, “The oceans are sending us so many warning signals that we need to get emissions under control.”

The word is definitely out. Are a sufficient number listening?

Enjoy your day!


Howdy Doody was an integral part of my life for more than 30 years.

I am 84. I remember. Those still alive going back 3 generations would also recall. Five days a week at 5.

The Howdy Doody Show! An American children’s program. First show December 27, 1947. Ran till September 24, 1960.

Howdy Doody was the puppet star. His name derived from an introduction phrase used in early western U.S. A corruption of “How do you do?” The Westerners, “Howdy doody, howdy do.”

Bob Smith was the live guy. He created and hosted the show. Known on the show as”Buffalo Bob.” Named after his home town Buffalo.

Now to put the show into perspective.

It was an immediate hit! Young and old alike. I started watching the show when in the seventh grade. Rarely missed a show. Enjoyed it through high school and college. Had to skip law school. No time. Too much studying.

I would be remiss if I failed to point out how we watched Howdy Doody in college. Each floor of my dorm had a game room. A couple of pool tables, easy chairs and a TV set. Everyone showed up at 5 to watch Howdy Doody.

America’s future leaders!

There was a Peanut Gallery. Forty young kids sat on bleachers during the show. They sang Howdy Doody at the beginning of each show. Sung to the tune of “Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay.”

We all sang it along with the Peanut Gallery: “It’s Howdy Doody Time, / It’s Howdy Doody Time / Bob Smith and Howdy, too. / Say Howdy do to you. / Let’s give a rousing cheer /  ‘Cause Howdy Doody’s here. / It’s time to start the show / So kids, lets go!”

Today became Howdy Doody day for the blog because the last day of the show was on this day in 1960.

Stopped first last night at the Side Bar and Tattoo’s. Looking for David. No David.

Went around the corner to Aqua for Dueling Bartenders. My lesbian wife Terri White was guest performer. Soon after arriving, my other lesbian wife Donna showed up. She is still in a full leg brace and walking with a cane. Her forehead bruise gone. The cut almost healed.

Terri was unusually good. As was Rick Dery.

Mary in attendance. I had not seen her in more than a month. We had dinner together afterwards at La Trattoria.

Duval was dead. The way Key West is in september. Except for one year as JustSaying reminded me this morning. Not 2017. I forgot Irma on Septembr 10.

Opium poppy farming in Afghanistan remains a successful business. I have written to the issue many times over the years. I do so because something stinks in Afghanistan. Big bucks being made in a country that has been devastated by war since 2001.

The U.S. went to war in Afghanistan in 2001.Ninety percent of the world’s heroin gets its start in Afghanistan. Most of which ends up on our streets in the U.S. Addiction and deaths big time.

In  a war which has killed hundreds of thousands, the poppy farms are never touched. The war lords and farmers working their fields prosper in safety.

Hard to understand. Someone has to be on the take.

The U.S. has spent $1.5 million a day fighting the problem.

What I am about to report is no reflection on Trump. The opium problem has existed since 2001. Trump has only been in office 2 years. However, the best 2 years for Afghanistan’s poppy growing have been the last 2.

Perhaps the lucrativeness of opium production has kept the war going 19 years.

Some things I find difficult to understand.

Trump recently deployed more military to Saudi Arabia. Following the bombing.

Why? Our military does not belong in Saudi Arabia. There is no legitimate reason to be there. The U.S. has no agreement with the Saudis that any attack on them would be considered an attack on the U.S. The bombing killed no American military or citizens. No U.S. property was damaged. The Saudis have their own planes missiles.

Trump is befriending in the wrong way. War is war. If actual fighting should occur, we will be involved. By sending U.S. troops, Trump is looking for war. He may find it.

Trump says the U.S. troops are to assist the United Arab Emirates, also.

A further example of Trump looking for trouble occurred within a short time following the deployment of the troops. Trump announced he had sanctioned the Central Bank of Iran. Iran’s sovereign bank. The sanction “cut off” Iran’s bank from the U.S. banking system.

That which ye seek, ye shall find. Look for war and you will find it.

This Trump/Biden/Ukraine fiasco a disgrace. Trump accusing Biden and his son of wrongdoing where more than one investigation has determined no wrongdoing occurred.

Trump now calling Biden “corrupt.” The pot calling the kettle black. The man is sick!

America wake up!

Greta Thunberg. I worry about this young lady. She speaks truth. All over the world. Yesterday, she addressed the U.N.

Greta is only 16. She speaks with emotion re climate change. Her face flushed red constantly. Her words honest.

However, I fear for her health. Her sanity. She is carrying a heavy load. She has been pulled out of school, being used for political propaganda, being exploited. Note, child exploitation.

Where will Greta be 10 years from now when she is 26? Normal, a basket case, a woman with grave emotional problems?

She is being misused.

Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Much to discuss. Actually rant and rave about. Join me at 9 my time. I guarantee you a fast moving and interesting half hour.

Enjoy your day!



September is Key West’s quiet month. Few visitors. Some restaurants and shops closed.

Something was needed to fill in the blank month. Nine years ago a group of locals got together and decided a music festival of sorts for locals.

The Key West Musicians Festival was held this weekend. Local musicians showcasing local music. The event was held at Smokin’ Tuna. Afternoon and evening, saturday and sunday.

Big crowds! Boisterous! Enjoyable!

A portion of the proceeds are set aside for a local charity, the Sister Season Fund.

On this day in 1954, Hollywood producer Hal Wallis was in Key West. He was scouting for a place to shoot Tennessee Williams’ The Rose Tattoo.

Hallis settled on a house on Duncan Street. Two doors from Tennessee Williams’ home. One and a half blocks from Lisa’s home today.

The movie starred Burt Lancaster and Anna Magnani. Magani won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film.

Big event in Houston yesterday! India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Trump met at a rally at Houston’s NRG Stadium. Fifty thousand spectators. Not there for Trump. There for Modi.

Texas has 400,000 Indian-Americans living in Texas. The 50,000 at the stadium were Indian-Americans. Seats only by reservation.
Sold out a month before the event.

Instead of the mountain going to Muhammed, Muhammed came to the mountain. Trump wants the Indian-American votes. Most are registered Democrats.

Modi and Trump walked around…..Holding hands! The crowd chanting Modi, Modi, Modi. Never once did the crowd yell Trump’s name.

There were 12,000-15,000 protestors outside.

Modi’s major accomplishment thus far is Modicare. Universal health care for all citizens. Free healthcare for the 500 million living in India.

The plan has only been in effect one year. Time will tell if it works.

I know little about it. Tried to learn. A lot of detail.

Modicare is privately owned. By one very wealthy Indian.

The U.S. is in a pissing match with India. The U.S. has levied tariffs on Indian products. India presently hurting economically otherwise also.

Why was Trump in Houston holding hands with Modi! Trump wants the large texan Indian-American vote. The vote that went to Hillary in 2016.

I suspect Modi may be a better politician than Trump. Modi has been reelected. He first was elected in 2014.

India’s economy was fast moving and on the rise till last year. Now slowing down. Dramatically. Battered by global and domestic forces.

It has been described as “fraying.”

Alan Greenspan is one of the world’s great economists. At one time Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He always said if you want to know where India’s economy is going, look at their sale of men’s underwear.

India is a major manufacturer of men’s underwear. Greenspan said when things get tough financially, the last thing men replace is their worn out underwear. No one can see it.

India is hurting. Men are not replacing their worn cotton briefs and tank tops. World wide.  In one year, sales are down 50 percent. The briefs and tops lying on shelves in factories.

Car sales are down also. Thirty two percent. Car manufacturers expect to lay off 1 million in the next year.

Prices are rising. Lenders are skittish. Make it difficult to borrow money. The global economic slowdown is not helping. The spike in oil prices hurts. Again, Trump’s tariff battles with India not helping.

India’s unemployment rate has risen to 8 percent. It is expected to continue to rise.

Trump was courting when he went to Houston. He wants those Indian-American votes. Modi wants the tariffs off and everything else the U.S. can do to help India.

A marriage made in heaven. Modi will walk away with much more than Trump gets. This also evidences how Trump thinks. The trip, holding hands, etc. was for the personal good of Trump, not the U.S. He wants to be reelected President.

Trump understands little. Another area he has begun screwing around with is education. College education at the moment.

Duke University and the University of North Carolina share a joint program. Its purpose to remake a Middle east studies program so it reflects today.

The U.S. government supports the program with a grant of $235,000. An insignificant amount to the two large universities.

Secretary of Education Betsy De Vos has interjected herself into the program. She considers the curriculum as presently taught not teaching enough “positive” imagery of Judaism and Christianity in the Middle East. She claims “considerable emphasis placed on understanding the positive aspects of Islam as opposed to other religions.”

Sounds like some sort of twisted affirmative action program to me.

What happened to freedom of education? Have we reached a point where only that which the government permits can be taught? Looks like outright censorship to me.

Someone crazy here. Know the opposition. The opposition Islamism, not Judaism or Christianity.

Trump has been pushing a pro-Jewish philosophy since taking office. Too much anti-Semitism in the air the past 2 years. De Vos claims the present teachings of the 2 schools is anti-Israel.

I think also Trump wants to look good with his evangelical base. Now he can run to them and say look “…..What a good boy am I!”

The 3 day U.N. Summit begins today. Normally, every nation present. For various reasons, Russia, China and a few other countries will not be present.

The major thrust of this year’s Summit is climate change.

Trump is opposed to climate change. Does not buy it.

An important climate change meeting will take place during the 3 days. Trump in an embarrassing situation. I would assume he did not want to attend.

No problem. He is President of the U.S.

Word is Trump’s office called the U.N. last week and arranged for a “religious meeting” to be added to the schedule. The meeting to be chaired by Trump. And of course, scheduled at the same time as the climate change meeting.

So it has been done. The purpose of Trump’s meeting to protect “religious freedom.”

Many think Trump accomplishes a double header here. He gets a justifiable reason to miss the climate change meeting and instead chair a meeting that will have great approval of his Evangelical base.

Iran’s Rouhani will be present. No meeting between he and Trump planned. The President of the Ukraine will be there also. A meeting is scheduled for the two.

On the road tonight! Dueling Bartenders and dinner later at probably La Trattoria.

Enjoy your day!




We live in bad times. All times have bad. I suspect however there is more these days. Things like war, death, illness, starvation, homelessness, humiliation, degradation, pain, suffering, etc.

Not everyone is born perfect. Such is why I find it difficult to attach God is Good to this story.

Sailor a 3 year old boy. Lives in Greenville, South Carolina with his mother Jessica, Dad, and 2 year old sister.

Sailor was born blind and with 2 rare brain defects. He has trouble communicating his needs.

It was morning. Dad was at work. Mom was trying to finish household chores. Sailor had been crying all morning. Jessica could get nothing done. Held Sailor, tried to calm him, etc.

Nothing worked.

The doorbell rang. It was the internet repairman. His name Rob Kinney. Never had been to the house before, knew no one in the family.

Upon hearing Rob’s voice, Sailor immediately ran up to him and held his arms up. Rob picked him up. Sailor stopped crying.

Took Rob 45 minutes to correct the internet problem. Held Sailor when he could. Talked to him constantly. Sailor never cried during the 45 minutes. Actually giggled.

By the time Rob was ready to leave, Sailor was drifting to sleep.

I have been reading Brief Answers To The Big Questions by Stephen Hawking. Hawking a world famous cosmologist and best selling author. He has been described as the most renowned scientist since Einstein.

The threat of a nuclear war and climate change represent some of the issues with which he grappled.

The primary questions he sought answers to included whether humanity would survive, should space be colonized, and the development of artificial intelligence.

One of the chapters is titled Will We Survive On Earth? I briefly share a few of his thoughts in paraphrased comments.

In January 2018 a handful of scientists from the Manhattan Project, which had given the U.S. atomic bombs during World War II, wrote concerning the Doomsday Clock. Their measurement of the imminence of catastrophe. Military or environmental facing our planet. It had been 7 minutes to midnight. They moved it up to 2 minutes.

The world is closer to Doomsday than ever before, with one exception. The time in the early 1950’s at the start of the Cold War.

Hawking raises the question whether time is running out for the human race.

Politics a contributing factor to answering the question. Hawking believes the world is more politically unstable than at any time in his memory. Large numbers of people feel left behind both economically and socially. As a result, they turn to populists to lead them. Politicians who have limited or no government experience and whose ability to make calm decisions in a crisis have yet to be tested.

Such leader(s) move the Doomsday Clock to a critical point. Careless or malicious forces bring us closer to it. Armageddon may be around the corner.

Hawking claims 2 primary causes. Climate change and nuclear war.

He claims climate change is there to be seen today. Climate warming that will be sustainable. The Artic and Antartic reduction of ice caps, the killing off of the Amazon and other rainforests. Greenhouse gases and global warming on the rapid increase.

The net effect similar to that of Venus: Boiling and hot sulphuric acid, a temperature of 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

Human life would be unsustainable.

Hawking advises the world today has the technology to correct the problem. It lacks the political will.

He claims nuclear war is the immediate threat to humanity at the present time. Mostly forgotten in man’s mind.

Russia and the U.S. are no longer trigger happy. They understand clearly the consequences. Hawking’s book was published in 2018. He fails to mention Trump.

Terrorists and smaller nations who have acquired nuclear capability do not comprehend the dangers of nuclear war. An accident or crazy mind could unleash nuclear devastation world wide.

If man does not address climate change immediately or nuclear war becomes inevitable, there is but one solution. Escape earth!

We may have to move to another planet to save and preserve life.

Climate change went international this past weekend. In 150 cities world wide. Thousands demonstrated against its evils. Yelled for change.

Interestingly, many portesting were young. Under 18. Some grammar school age.

The frequency and intensity of recent hurricanes another indication of Climate Change’s impending doom.

Another mentioned in this morning’s paper. Karen. Presently a tropical storm, expected to be a hurricane by thursday. Moving east in the Atlantic. May hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The U.S. expected to miss it ravishes. Typical of most recent hurricanes, Karen will turn north and go up through the Atlantic never coming near the U.S. shoreline.

Enjoy your day!



Obstruction everywhere in government. Trump obstructs. Has Congressional witnesses obstruct. No one answers anything. Congressional investigations have become exercises in futility. Obstruction has replaced legislating.

Without question, obstruction is rotting the foundation of our country.

Democrats play the game, also. Nowhere however as much as the Republicans. Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell the worse of all.

What bothers me also is that those who support Trump basically continue to do so. I refer to “people.” I find it difficult to understand. I am coming to the conclusion that many are unhappy, possess get even attitudes. Many I suspect failed to get something out of life they wanted and feel deprived. Trump makes them feel he is going to fill that void in their lives.

Today’s obstruct is aimed at Biden and his son Hunter. Sick! Where does Trump get the authority to tell the leader of another country if he does not cooperate in a U.S. political investigation he will not get the $250 million promised?

A major contributor to the problem are the courts. The system is antiquated. Needs to be brought into the 21st century.

The court system moves too slowly. Especially the federal system. It takes 2-3 years to get a matter litigated. How can Congressional applications to the courts to enforce the rules get them any relief if the relief comes years later?

At the very least, a special system should be established whereby federal issues at the highest level affecting our government are heard on a fast track basis. Most of the issues could then find their way to the Supreme Court in 6 months or less.

Law schools teach that justice delayed is justice denied. No question about it. Let’s correct this procedural problem and get government moving on an expedited basis.

I was not able to get all of the blog I lost into yesterday’s blog. Left out local items. I add them today. They have to do with thursday evening.

I was out on the town. Had been in for several evenings.

My first stop was Aqua’s Side Bar. Looking for my friend David. Enjoy his company. Rarely see him anymore. For whatever reason, he has substituted the Side Bar for the Chart Room many evenings.

No David at the Side Bar. Noticed a new tiny bar next door to the Side Bar. Part of the Aqua building. Called Tutu.

A gay bar. Unquestionably. No one inside. I stopped in anyhow for a drink.

The barmaid lovely. Her name Yasmin. Twenty six years old. Born in Brazil. Raised in Boston. In Key West, 3 years.

Yasmin just coming off heavy back surgery. She had a disc replaced.

I mentioned Tutu is a gay bar. It looks like one! The only gay bar in town that looks like a gay bar.

The bar stools are lined with different colored tutus. The colors throughout the bar bright and cheerful.

The place is very small. The size of 2 good sized closets.

David’s birthday is today. Happy birthday David! Meet me for a drink Monday around 6 at either the Side Bar or Tutu’s.

I was hungry. Walked past Antonia’s. Nicolle alone at the bar. Too dead for me. Continued to La Trattoria. No one at the bar. My search ended however. I sat at the bar alone.

Barbara Grob is one of the loveliest and nicest people in Key West. We have known each other 20 years. Our paths rarely cross, however. We have probably run into each other 5 times over the years. Strange for a small town.

Barbara and her husband Tom had just returned from 8 days in Hawaii.

Barbara and Tom presently own and operate The Local Luxe in Key West. The store is located at 615 Fleming. Just off Duval in the heart of Old Town.

Barbara has been in the same type business her 20 years in Key West. Always has sold unique jewelry, art and special items of clothing that appeal to women.

Barbara has specialized in certain objects over the years. Hers is the ART SLUT brand. Also, geckos.

She has had 4-5 stores. Works hard. A success!

I hope we do not have to wait 5 years to run into each other again.

La Trattoria was enough for me. I was home and in bed by 8:30 watching television.

My last 2 nights have been spent home. Working a couple of hours each evening on Growing Up Italian. The book I probably will never finish. It is in its fourth revision.

Sometimes we have to wait forever for something.

It has been announced that as of today, the 5 new HAWK crosswalk signals on Northern Roosevelt Boulevard will be in operation. About time. It has only been 5 years since local government convinced the State of the need. In those 5 years, accidents involving fatalities and injuries have occurred.

The State makes me laugh. The Florida State Department of Transportation announced yesterday that it had completed the job ahead of schedule. Five years?

Florida is strange. First it take a couple of years to convince the State of a need. Then at least a year or 2 to draw plans. At that point money is ought. The job put into the State budget. Another waiting period of 1-2 years.

I may have been wrong when I said it took 5 years. Probably more like 7.

Anyhow, it’s done. Let’s hope it does the job intended properly.

This morning’s KONK E-Blast contains a 1948 photo of Bertha Street facing towards the Atlantic. At least 4 blocks from the water.

It was hurricane time. A category 3 had hit Boca Chica. Barely missed landfall in Key West. Sort of like the Irma situation.

The photo amazed me. There was nothing on Bertha Street. Not because of the hurricane. Because nothing had been built yet. All that could be seen were 2 homes on one side of the street and 2 small 2 story apartment houses on the other.

No 1800, Las Brisa, the hockey court, etc.

Two more hurricanes added onto the 10 mentioned yesterday.

Lorena is #11. A Pacific problem. Heading for Mexico’s resort studded Baja California peninsula. The eye is reaching for the southern end of the peninsula.

Now comes Mario. Love the names!

Mario coming out of the Pacific, also. Not expected to make landfall anywhere.

Two interesting observations/quotes to share.

The first by a person who frequently comments to this blog. JustSaying. An astute observation. I had complained about hitting the wrong button and losing my blog. Just Saying wrote: “Better you hitting the wrong button than Trump hitting the right one.”

The other a part of this morning’s editorial Cheers and Jeers in the Key West Citizen. A quote by the philosopher Pego: “We’ve met the enemy and he is us.”

Trump’s wife’s first name escapes me. However she wrote at one time that Trump kept a book authored by Hitler on his night stand and used to read a few pages each evening. It was not Mein Kampf. Another.

I want to share some Hitler quotes. Who do they remind you of?

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

“Think a Thousand times before making a decision But – After making decisions never turn back even if you get a thousand difficulties.”

“When diplomacy ends, war begins.”

“The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes.”

“I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.”

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

“Kill, Destroy, Sack, Tell lies…..after victory nobody asks why.”

“The greatest strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.”

“Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.”

Enjoy your day!