This foot problem is going to be with me a few days. A doctor friend said two weeks. The doctor who cared for me saturday said two weeks.

My left foot and ankle were twice their normal size yesterday. Maybe three times. The swelling completely absorbed my arch.

I kept my foot up as much as possible. However, I had to write this week’s KONK Life column. I put all kinds of things under the desk to rest my foot on. Not good. I realized the swelling in my foot would recede. However, my back would go out. The back won over the foot.

The column is titled David Wolkowsky. I describe him as the father of modern Key West. Another has described him as Mr. Key West.

David is 96. There is a generation or two who know nothing of this man. They should be aware of his contributions. My motivation in writing about David was to bring him to their attention..

Read the column when it publishes in KONK Life later in the week. I believe you will enjoy it.

Watched the Academy Awards from my bed. Foot definitely up while I was watching.

I was impressed by the standing applause Leonardo DiCaprio received. He must be a well liked among his peers.

This morning’s Key West Citizen’s World Almanac section made mention of a Balthus quote. Refreshed my recollection re Balthus.

Balthus had an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1984. Fourteen pen and ink drawings Balthus had done as illustrations for a new publication of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights . Balthus did the drawings in the early 1930s immediately prior to the book’s publication.

I love Wuthering Heights. I consider it the greatest love story ever written. It was first published in 1845. The late 1930s movie starring Laurence Oliver outstanding! Catherine, Catherine, Catherine runs through my mind.

I had not seen the Balthus illustrations in the early 1930s publication. I must have read an earlier publication.

I did not like the illustrations I viewed at the Met. Horrible! Scary! Dark! Did nothing for me. I thought at the time it probably did nothing for the book.

The summer of 1984 after having viewed Balthus’exhibit at the Met, I was in the Hamptons for a wedding. Decided to stay a few days afterwards. The weather turned. It was cold. Cold such as we have been experiencing recently in Key West.

I was walking along the beach in front of the resort. Balconies on the first floor were ground level. There was an older couple sitting on one. Everyone bundled, of course. We chatted a bit. They invited me in for a drink. They were drinking Dom Perignon.

As we were talking, Balthus’ name came up. I explain my dislike for the Wuthering Heights pen and ink drawings.

The statement ended my visit!

Unknown to me, the woman was a board member at the Met. She took my comment personally. My glass was empty. She did not ask if I wanted a refill. She stood and politely asked me to leave. I left.

Enjoy your day!


A male inmate at the Monroe County Jail masturbated in front of a Sheriff Department female employee. Scandalous! He has been charged with indecent exposure.

There are those who cry out for the closing of Fantasy Fest. Or at the least, a change in the nature of the event. The reason being nudity, sex, etc.

I have taken the consistent position that those who decry Fantasy Fest are loonies. Do gooders. Religious zealots.

I have seen nudity at Fantasy Fest. I have never seen sex performed or masturbation. Masturbation before a woman would be considered by some to be worse than that which occurs at Fantasy Fest. I do.

No one except yours truly is calling for the County Jail to shut down.

I have written re the County Jail with tongue in cheek. The masturbation serious under the circumstances. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, however.

All comments have been made to show the ridiculousness of those complaining about Fantasy Fest.

Aging does bring on medical problems. I am getting sick of being sick.

I stubbed my little toe on the desk Thursday night. Broke it. No big deal. We have all had broken toes.

I take Effient. A blood thinner. I woke yesterday morning with the foot having the broken toe completely swollen up through the ankle. My foot and ankle twice their normal size.

Knowledgeable that the blood thinner could cause a pooling of blood, I went to Urgent Care. I was correct. The tiny fracture and the stubbing itself had caused more than normal internal bleeding.

Nothing to do. Keep your foot up. Not easy if I am to write. It will take two weeks for the swelling to subside.

This blood pooling thing is a perfect example of big trees from little acorns grow.

It was difficult to research further and write this week’s KONK Life column David Wolkowsky. Made me nervous. The written column has to be in to the publisher by 5 this afternoon.

The anxiety manifested itself at 3 this morning when I woke worrying about the problem. I could not return to sleep. Got up and went to my desk. Completed the research at 6 this morning.

I have become a night worker. What is it called? The graveyard shift?

Sloan will be here at 10:30. To show me how to work the new cell phone. I am not machine literate.

Wanted to watch Syracuse basketball yesterday afternoon. No way. Not carried on any channel here. When a team is not doing well, television ignores the team.

Syracuse beat North Carolina 75-66. Still leaves Syracuse on the bubble for the big tournament.

Yesterday was Senior Day. Two players will not play again for Syracuse after this season. Trevor Cooney and Michael Gbinje. Both were taken out of the game just before it ended and received standing ovations.

Cooney will not play pro ball. Too small. He was fortunate however in that he was able to play five years. He walks away from Syracuse with a Master’s degree.

Gbinije has a chance at pro ball. A good one. He needed four years to develop. And develop he did. He scored 34 points yesterday. Made eight 3s.

MASH was a major television show. About a medical unit during the Korean War. It ran 11 seasons. The last show was on this date a long time ago.  A 2 1/2 hour special. Watched by 77 percent of the television audience.

Those of you who recall, remember Hawkeye, Trapper, Hot Lips Houlihan, and Radar? A great show!

Enjoy your Sunday!



Some lead exceptionally noteworthy lives. One is Edith Amsterdam. Referred to as the Grande Dame of Key West.

Edith died yesterday at 91. May she rest in peace.

The Lady spent more than 50 years in Key West. Doing for everyone and everything. Known and loved by all. She and her husband restored Curry Mansion. Today, one of Key West’s premier guest houses.

We live and learn. Edith is originally from Syracuse. She also maintains a summer home at Alexandria Bay.

Edith was a contemporary of David Wolkowsky. David still up and at ’em at 96. David is the subject of next week’s KONK Life column.

My yesterday started with a manicure at Lee Nails. Tammy takes care of me. She and her husband the owners.

Tammy is lovely. Typical Vietnamese. Short, thin, long black hair. A beauty inside and out.

Tammy is 32. She came to the U.S. at age 16. Made the trip alone. Initially lived with relatives in New York. Then spent a year in Atlantic City. Not working at the casinos. Going to school to learn how to do nails.

Last night began with Don’s Place. Chatted with David and Keith. I frequently mention both. I do not recall ever telling you they are father and son.

Then to the Chart Room. A long night. The place was jam packed with tourists. That time of year.

I knew no one, except Emily and David. David and I sat at the round table. David always good company.

The table was empty when first we confiscated it. During the evening, three women joined us. Probably tired of standing.

The women made my night. Especially two of them. We talked forever about everything. Charming and intelligent. I had to finally break away. Too long and too many drinks. Sometimes, I have to remind myself I am not on vacation.

My note taking system failed me. It was noisy and the drinks were flowing. So ladies, forgive me if I have some of the facts mixed up.

All three were from Ohio. Each with successful husbands. Kristen’s was Geragd. French.

One of them, and I suspect it was Kristen, lived with her husband in Thailand for 13 years. He ran some company. She taught at the International School in Bangkok. World travelers.

They have a son Alex, 23.

Kay a teacher, also. Her husband an insurance agent. They have a son 30 years old. An attorney.

The third woman’s name escapes me.

Two of the ladies and I sat for a long time chatting. The attorney’s mother had concerns about her son’s career. Both ladies were anti-Trump. The politics discussed interesting. Neither liked any of the candidates of either party.

The ladies are here a few more days. Hopefully, I will run into them again.

My corrected KONK Life column appears today in KONK’s E-News Blast. The article is titled Goodbye Handwriting.

I write of many things. Comments galore follow. However, the Handwriting column brought the most. I am surprised such a topic would garner such interest.

One women’s comment was long. Long long. Longer even than the column. She criticized everything from my writing structure to historical correctness. Authoritized most of what she wrote.

One item in the article was that Thomas Jefferson had poor penmanship. That a master penman had to be hired to rewrite the Declaration of Independence. His name Tim or Tom Matlick.

She challenged my representation re Jefferson’s handwriting. Yet noted that I had incorrectly set forth the wrong first name from Matlick. She was aware because she had seen Matlick’s bill which is preserved for the rewriting.

An inconsistency there.

Anyhow, I am glad to have heard from her. I learned much from her writing. It was a fine term paper. Worthy of an A plus. Said with all sincerity.

I wrote of Comet earlier in the week. Comet returns to his home in the sea at noon today. Cured of all maladies by the Marathon Turtle Hospital. Noon at Higgs Beach. Two hundred plus will be in attendance.

Comet is a big boy. A one hundred pound loggerhead sea turtle.

My last cell phone was six years old. It was not working properly. I lost many calls. Did not really bother me. People got to me in due course.

Bought a new cell phone two days ago. A Samsung Galaxy. It does not stop ringing. I didn’t realize how many calls I was missing.

Two political notes.

Vice-President Joe Biden was with Mexican representatives yesterday. He apologized for Trump’s remarks re Mexico claiming that most of the people in the U.S. were not of his thinking.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson titled a recent column….. Trump, The Product of a Failed System. His description of Trump a “wrecking ball.”

Enjoy your day!



I started my research for the KONK Life column early this week. Because I am excited by the subject.

David Wolkowsky is a Key West luminary. An icon. One of those responsible for the Key West of today. His story exciting.

David is 96. Many are unaware of him. My purpose is to awaken everyone to David and his many contributions.

My day yesterday simple. Drove Barbara to the airport. Played with the David Wolkowsky topic. Intended to go to bocce as a spectator. Even called Don to bring gin for me. Never made it. Too cold. Instead, watched the Republican debate.

The debate a free for all fight. Though entertaining, a disgrace.

One new thing did come out of the fiasco. Trump was placed on the defensive for the first time. He did not do well when he had to handle things said of him, his background, etc.

This week’s KONK Life column is Goodbye Handwriting. It was linked to my Key West Lou website this morning. Take a look.

Goodbye Handwriting also published on E-News Blast this morning. Do not waste your time searching it out. A mess! Second week in a row. I have asked Guy de Boer to pay better attention. I have also asked that he run the column tomorrow in proper form.

I have been down on the Eurounion for many reasons. One its treatment of Greece.

The worm turns.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg sees a ten day life span for the Eurounion from this point forward. Then an eruption. An end. Resulting in anarchy.

Immigration the problem.

Greece has been defecated upon for years by the Eurounion. Justification immaterial.

The Eurounion has asked Greece to take in an unusually large number of immigrants. Knowing Greece is hard pressed financially, the Eurounion has offered Greece a ton of money. Greece says no. Greece is aware what the migration would ultimately do to the country.

The world is sick. In certain locations, very sick.

The place Thailand. The parents of a new born baby stabbed the child twelve times and buried the baby alive. A farmer heard crying and discovered the child. The child is hospitalized and reported to be doing well.

The attempted killing/killing of babies not uncommon in Thailand. Many babies are murdered upon delivery. Economics the primary motivation.

I apologize ending on that sad note.

Enjoy your day!


I was in the first grade. Miss Nichols my teacher. The class being taught handwriting by Miss Nicholas. Involved, the Palmer method of writing.

The Palmer method required the student to learn to write while balancing a nickel on the back side of the writing hand. The nickel could not fall off. If it did, you were not writing correctly.

I could not keep the nickel balanced. It kept falling off. Miss Nichols stood over me, worked with me. To no avail.

I was the only one in the class that failed. All others who wrote balancing the nickel received a Palmer method button. I did not.

The first major tragedy of my life. I felt inadequate. I was a failure. Even at a young age, such feelings can abound.

If I were in the first grade today, it would be impossible for the problem to confront me. Handwriting is no longer taught. By the Palmer method or any other. Keyboard efficiency is the name of the game. Computers, cell phones, etc.

Most young people today cannot hand write their names. They were never taught to write with letters joined together to make words. They do not know how to write. The wave of the future, already here, is that hitting keys is the way it is. Keyboard communication. Handwriting no more.

I recently discussed the problem with a retired school teacher. She told me her grandchildren cannot read cursive. She has to print for them to read. They do not have signatures. They cannot write their names.

She considers it appalling.

Cursive is the key word. Cursive handwriting.

Cursive handwriting uses letters. Written letters. Like a, b, c, etc. The letters are written cojoined in a flowing manner. The a, b, c’s being used to form words.

Man got into cursive writing because it made writing faster. Speed was desired. Quill pens were first used for the purpose. Inefficient. Broke and splattered. Steel pens followed. Better than quill, with limitations also.

The final pen developed was the ball point pen. A winner! Mass produced quickly. Cheap. Writing swift. Cursive writing easy.

Cursive writing began in England before the Norman conquest. From the 16th century forward, cursive writing was used both for personal correspondence and official documents.

Cursive writing as we know it evolved in the 17th century.

Now, Thomas Jefferson’s story. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. A brilliant document. However his penmanship was lacking. He could not write cursive sufficiently. Many of the words in the Declaration were not connected to make the words whole.

Ben Franklin and others were dismayed. Jefferson was approached and told of his shortcoming. Franklin advised that the group was bringing in the services of a Master Penman. Nothing would be changed. Except the words used would be all cursive.

Jefferson was not offended. He was aware of his shortcoming and agreed that such an important document should not appear slovenly written.

Tom Matlick was the Master Penman called in to fix the Declaration of Independence. He used a feather quill pen.

The handwriting on the Declaration of Independence is considered elegant. Not Jefferson’s however.

Eighty seven years later, Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address. It was a cursive masterpiece. Each word fully joined. Experts tell us that Lincoln’s handwriting is similar to that used today. The writing comparable to the excellent penmanship of today.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, professionals in Great Britain and the United States used cursive for correspondence. The handwriting on the documents was called “fair hand.”  Fair hand meaning the instrument’s finished product looked good.

Then came the typewriter. Better for professional and business purposes. Not adequate enough that handwriting be abolished.

During the mid 19th century, most U.S. children were taught the cursive method. In the second and third grades. The teaching and use remained the same till the mid 20th century.

U.S. colleges taught students cursive handwriting into the 1930s and 1940s. A credit course. The colleges stopped teaching cursive handwriting techniques at that time.  Cursive handwriting was deemed to be too slow.

Cursive handwriting since the mid 20th century has been on a downward slope. As time progressed and technology changed, teaching professionals viewed cursive writing as too slow. The move was to computers. Keyboard efficiency the aim.

Teachers today prepare students to use computers in their future lives. Cursive writing considered of little value.The largest teachers’ union in the United States is purported to be the FairFax Education Association. The Association considers computers the wave of the future. Cursive writing a dying art..

Common Core State Standards allows teachers to teach what is required and tested through various standardized tests. Cursive handwriting is non-essential for graduating high school students. There is no standardized test for it. So why teach it.

No Child Left Behind does not rate schools on cursive writing. Ergo, the schools do not teach cursive.

The bottom line is cursive handwriting is too tedious to learn and not useful in the long run for school rating purposes.

The proof in the pudding is the 2006 SAT exam. Only 15 percent of the students wrote essay answers in cursive. Eighty five percent used computers.

A 2008 survey revealed most elementary school teachers lack formal training in teaching handwriting to students. Only 12 percent had taken a course in how to teach cursive handwriting.

A 2011 study of the effects of Common Core were not surprising.  Common Core had not made cursive handwriting a part of the curriculum. The thought was why teach something that is not subjected to standardized testing. As mentioned, forty four states push keyboard efficiency rather than cursive writing.

The 2012 trend reflects cursive handwriting down and dying. Whereas, keyboard efficiency is spiraling upward.

Recall George Zimmerman’s trial for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. Trayvon’s 19 year old friend Rachel Jeantel testified she was talking on the cellphone just before Trayvon’s death. A lawyer handed her a handwritten document and told her to read it. Rachel said she could not because it was written in cursive. The jury was shocked.

Though hard to believe, handwriting is a relic of the past. All critical writing today is done on a keyboard. Widespread use of computers is driving the written word to extinction.

The most shocking development is that your grandchildren or young children do not know how to write their own names.

Progress? I am not sure. On the other hand, I am 80 years old and buck change. I do know however that if I could not hand write notes of my research, outline my columns and stories, and play with words before entering them in the computer, I would be lost. I am married to pen and paper.


Nudity has its place. The loci an individual thing. Different for most persons. Yesterday, a nudity happening. At the airport in Nashville.

A man got out of a car. Walked into the airport. Walked towards American Airlines.

Totally nude. His nudity a protest against the TSA. The gentleman, a frequent flier. Sick and tired of the way TSA checks passengers for security purposes.

He never made it to the gate. Arrested. Charged with public indecency.

He was similarly arrested in 2009 for nudity at an airport parking lot. He never made it into the terminal that time.

News reports indicate the man was basically ignored as he walked through the terminal. One passenger did take his picture. I could not find it on the internet.

I worry about Pope Francis. His safety my concern. The Church hierarchy does not approve of the changes he seeks to make. The Cardinals and Bishops generally oppose him.

The Pope is a humble man. Recall that when elected, he refused to live in the Pope’s sumptuous quarters. Instead, he moved into a small hotel on the Vatican grounds. A place where Cardinals and Bishops reside also.

The facility has a receptionist. A young lady 27 years old. Seven months pregnant. Miriam Wuolou. She would greet the Pope and hand him his key and messages as he returned each day.

Miriam was found dead in her bed. She lived away from Vatican grounds. She had been dead several days. Her body in an advanced state of decomposition. A major investigation underway.

Why my concern? Twenty some odd years ago, a Pope, whose name escapes me, was found dead in his bed. He had been Pope for only 21 or 22 days.

In his short time as Pope, he had initiated an investigation of the Vatican Bank. The Bank was corrupt.

Pope Francis has initiated an investigation of today’s Vatican Bank. He also has initiated changes that are upsetting to Cardinals and Bishops. His theme that we are all God’s children is not similarly held by all.

My toe definitely without question broke. Turned black yesterday.

I have a new cell phone. My old one was six years old. Had stopped working correctly or efficiently.

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy. Apparently does everything. An education process ahead.

I got the phone at Verizon Wireless in the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center. Recommended to me by many. The Verizon store in the K-Mart Plaza is not well liked. I bought my old phone there. The service sucked. Especially the help I received for my European trips. I purchased a ton of stuff that was supposed to service my needs. Nothing did. Two years in a row.

A brother and brother in law own the Winn-Dixie Verizon. One is Brett. Brett took car of me. Spent a lot of time with me. Explained everything. He told me to return anytime with questions or problems. Those who recommended his store to me said Brett and his people are always pleasant and helpful.

The new cell phone was overdue. As was my return to Antonia’s. After six years of staying away, I decided to return last night. There have been three new owners since I walked away. Everything the same. The ambiance and food. It was nice to be home, again.

Enjoy your day!



I wrote about Comet back in December. He did not have a name at the time. He was a 90 pound loggerhead sea turtle found off No Name Key. He could not dive. There was a fishing hook lodged in a rear flipper and his intestines were impacted.

It was off to the Marathon Turtle Hospital. The Hospital named him Comet.

After some love, antibiotics, squid, and other fish, Comet has recovered. Gained ten pounds in the process.

Time for Comet to go home. To the ocean.

Saturday at noon, Comet will be released. The place Higgs Beach behind Salute’s. Join in giving him a rousing send off.

I am beginning to think turtles are as much loved in Key West and the lower Keys as Harry Truman.

Yesterday was an early morning visit with Dr. Lefferts. No problems. Routine visit.

Then to my friend, the anti-gravity treadmill. An experience! I am impressed at my speed. Never tired while running on the treadmill. When it is over, exhausted!

Spent the afternoon researching further and fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show.

Gave in. Predicted Donald Trump unstoppable. God help us!

Spent half the show talking about Saudi Arabia. Our “friend” of many years is twisting and turning. All kinds of things happening re Saudi Arabia.

One is the Saudis are flexing their muscle. Talking big. Viewed as a major player in Syria. Biggest importer of firearms in the Middle East.

My message as with Trump. Beware!

Made mention that Saudi Arabia passed a new law in 2014 which is being enforced. Atheists are considered terrorists. Penalty, death. Nineteen percent of Saudi’s population are atheists.

Atheists have been designated terrorists because they do not believe in the Koran. Koran says this is your religion. The atheists have turned their backs on the Koran and religion.

Such goes beyond death to the infidels. Infidels believe in something. Some god or religion. Atheists, nothing.

Accident prone am I. Broke a toe getting up from my desk last night. Hit it against the desk. No big deal. But, it hurts! Cancels the treadmill for a few days.

I discussed at length yesterday the School Board’s poor handling of the $21,000 theft from day care. This morning’s Key West Citizen’s main article on page one involved the State Attorney’s report. Not enough evidence to charge anyone.

The report bothered me. Not because no charges. Rather, the report named the individual suspected to be responsible. The thief. In detail. In spite of insufficient facts to charge her.

My experience in New York was the prosecutor would issue in a case that had received notoriety a simple…..Insufficient facts to support an indictment.

Glad today wednesday! Past few days tough. Now have wednesday, thursday and friday off.

Enjoy your day!


Some type incompetence perpetrates the area’s public boards and leaders. Simply stated, the blind leading the blind. Gangs that cannot shoot straight.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports as its main article front page the most recent development  in the missing $21,000 from the Monroe County School daycare program. Superintendent Porter and three other high up school officials have agreed to a five day suspension. A self-imposed suspension.

They did not steal the money. They have tried to figure out who and how to no avail. The State Attorney has been investigating. She is yet to come up with the one criminally responsible.

It appears the School Board needed its pint of blood. The public must know of our concern and that we are doing the job. So they accept Porter’s self-imposed suspension for himself and others.

The self-imposed labeling is a crock. I am sure the Board and Porter and others discussed the matter at length beforehand. The deal leaves the Board with clean hands.

Still, we do not know who the culprit is. That is the person to be punished. The delay argument, etc. does not hold water. I would expect Porter and team to initially deal with the problem internally.

Students must be laughing. The Superintendent getting a suspension. A public slap in  the face. A disgrace. The students learn nothing from the result. Those not guilty receiving a punishment?

Well are students being developed. Not important to find the guilty and punish the guilty. Let anyone take the hit. Someone has to be responsible.


Acquaveda has been with us long enough. Throw off its cloak.

I had to move fast yesterday morning. A trip to Miami to have the car tuned.

The garage door would not open. I had to physically lift it. Me and my bad heart. The door is a hurricane one installed 16 years ago. Heavy. Today’s are much lighter in comparison.

Got it up! Got the car out. Now, to get the door down. Good luck! Heavier feeling and harder to do. Done, however.

Stopped at the Islamorada Fish Company on the way up US 1. A perfect location for lunch. Outside on a covered deck. The sun shining. A cool breeze. The view beautiful.

And stone crabs! The best so far this season.

Left at 10. Returned at 9:30 in the evening.

Tonight is my blog talk radio show. My research not complete. I worked a couple of hours into the late night working on it.

Topics include my opinion that Trump is now unstoppable, Saudi Arabia stating the beginning of World War III if Assad remains, Gates Foundation paying 12 Iowa State students to eat genetically modified bananas, a California town making more money legally raising cannabis rather than operating jails, New York State Police forcing scientists to falsify DNA testing in order to get convictions, Pennsylvania maple syrup farmers losing fight to fracking pipelines, and more.

Join me for an interesting fast moving show at 9 tonight.

I was stuck in the Cow Bridge fiasco friday for 1 1/2 hours. They are working on the bridge this week, also. We are told things will be better. Police will be directing traffic.

I ask why not do the work at night.

I drove home in the dark last night. As I was reaching mile marker 11, I observed glowing lights in the northbound lane. Glaring large lights. It was workers doing what ever had to be done to US 1 at that point.

Who is the idiot that ordered the Cow Bridge work to be done during the day?

The William Hackley saga continues. Today’s report again omits mention of a walk and bath. I suspect it was because Hackley had recently become District Attorney/State Attorney and probably did not have the time.

If so, hope he did not get too close to the judge and jurors.

I got up at 5:30 to start this blog. I have a 10 o’clock doctor appointment and the treadmill at 11. Plan on buying a new cell phone today, if I have the energy. If not today, tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


My Sunday limited to two events. Writing and eating.

I wrote this week’s KONK Life column. Took me from 11 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Part of the time spent completing research.

The title is Goodbye Handwriting. What I have written is shocking. I did not know. The written word is dying.

I strongly suggest you read the column later in the week when it is published.

A shower and it was off to Roostica. Luckily, I was able to get a table.

Sloan was at Roostica with a large party of family and friends. I was glad to see her and meet them. Sloan was anxious for me to meet her daughter who arrived later. A beautiful young lady. Very personable. Well done, Sloan.

I am off to Miami this morning. Car tune up time. I will never buy a car outside of Key West again. Every time something has to be done to the Volkswagen, I lose a day having to take it to Miami.

Not all lost, however. I plan on stopping at the something Fish Factory in Islamorada on the way back. Stone crabs!

I cannot recall if I wrote in an earlier blog concerning what is about to be shared. I know I addressed the topic on my blog talk radio show Tuesday night.

China and body parts. China and the harvesting of organs.

Human life is not as respected and cherished as in the United States. China does a big business in harvesting and selling human body parts.

Recently, Newsweek published a detailed story concerning the issue. The article was written by several well respected journalists. I point this out because what I am about to share is so far out.

China removes body parts for resale from prisoners. Especially political ones. By the thousands. Livers, corneas and kidneys.

No anesthesia used. The person generally dies during the removal. The person’s body is thrown into an incinerator.

Some live. They are thrown alive into the incinerators with the dead.

China denies the story.

Enjoy your day!



The afternoon yesterday outstanding! One of the best experienced in quite a while.

Started with the Syracuse/Pitt game at 2 at Don’s Place. Watched with Don, David and Dan. Barbara stopped by. All good company.

Old friend Bill from the Yacht Club showed up. He shared some kind words with me.

The game left something to be desired. Syracuse lost 66-52. I do not even know if we are on the bubble now for the big post season tournament.

There is nothing like watching a game with other interested friends and whooping it up.

Game over at 4. Decided to eat early. Martin’s happy hour. I am sold on the place!

Combined happy hour and the regular dinner menu. Brie, wienerschnitzel and stone crabs. Two orders of stone crabs.

Half past six and my day was over. I was content. Just enough alcohol and food. Decided to head home and watch TV.

As it turned out, I was not ready for TV. I sat down at the computer needing to come up with this week’s KONK Life column. Found it! Hit me like a bolt of lightning. Cursive writing. A dying art. Not taught in many schools these days. Article will be written beginning at noon today. Title: Goodbye Handwriting.

Let me explain cursive. Only because I did not know what it meant when first I came across the word. Cursive means writing as most adults today know it. Handwriting. No longer being taught. Not needed educators say. Today’s kids will be using computers tomorrow and need not know how to write.

Would you believe!

Slept well. Till 5 without waking. Unusual for me. Even had a good dream.

The Key West Citizen’s Today in Key West History section has been running daily entries from a diary of a Key Wester back in the 1850s. His diary is somewhat like this blog. His name William Hackley. He wrote about his daily experiences.

His day always began with a walk to the salt ponds and back. Then a bath. Today’s diary page makes no mention of either a walk or bathing. First time. Wonder why?

I do not always agree with the Key West Citizen editorials. Just as many of you many times do not agree with my writings. I did agree with today’s editorial, however. The Sun Has Set On Truman Harbor. The issue specifically Truman Marina.

Key West is making claim to the area. The City wants to build a marina to house a ferry boat that will travel to Cuba and return. A brain child of a new Commissioner. Former Judge Payne.

Payne is off base. The U.S. claims the area is needed for security. The U.S. says water rights were not included some 15 years ago when the U.S. turned Truman Harbor land rights over to Key West.

It took 15 years to break ground for the park portion. Nothing else done in 15 years. It will take another 15 years to take another step if Payne and the Commission pursue the good Judge’s folly.

Nothing worse than an old Judge who thinks he knows everything.

The Citizen editorial suggests Payne’s idea a bad one, that the Commission should stop screwing around.

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art opened on February 20, 1872. The Museum one of my favorite places.

While practicing law, my work took me to New York often. I tried to make some time for Louis during these trips. One or two hours. I would spend them at the Met.

I was hung up on art. Great art.

Always spent some time in the Impressionist Wing. A turn on for me. The American Wing thrilled me when opened. My country yesterday.

On two separate occasions, works by Rodin were loaned from Paris to the Met to be displayed. Rodin’s The Thinker grabbed me. Powerful

Rodin’s best work is The Gates of Hell. Overwhelmed me. I made three separate trips to view it. Rodin drew on Dante’s Inferno in creating the Gates. Two huge doors with hundreds of people trying to flee Hell. The pain of Hell obvious on each face.

It will be Meet The Press for me in a few minutes. Then, Goodbye Handwriting.

Enjoy your Sunday!