I walked outside on rising this morning. What a day! Spectacular! Bright sun. Sky perfectly blue. The weather cool. A God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world day.

However, it is not such a day. The Catholic Church has screwed up once again! Yesterday a world wide synod of bishops meeting in the Vatican stopped an attempt by Pope Francis to correct what he perceives as Church errors.

Pope Francis had proposed a welcoming of homosexuals and divorced Catholics be permitted to receive Communion. A two-thirds vote of the synod was required to approve. The correction/amendments to Church doctrine failed. More than half the bishops voted in favor. However as with the U.S. Senate on occasion, a two-thirds vote was required.

An open insult to the Pontiff. An open insult to Catholics world wide. I do not believe Catholic bishops are in tune with their flock.

Many opposing the Pope’s will were Catholic bishops. Catholic bishops have become like U.S. Senate Republicans. Similar mentalities. Catholic bishops joined with the  U.S. religious right several years ago. The two groups stand shoulder to shoulder.

I am a fallen away Catholic. Interestingly, I have been considering a return to the Church of my birth. Pope Francis the motivating influence. He was opening the windows of the Catholic Church for the first time in more than 50 years. A breath of fresh air long overdue.

Catholic Churches are empty these days. In my youth, it was difficult to get a seat at Mass. Catholic schools have closed. Only a small percentage remain open today. Churches themselves are closing. Two or three parishes joining together to make one. Poor attendance means fewer dollars to support a parish. Significantly fewer young ladies are becoming nuns. Young men not opting for the priesthood.

It will continue that way unless and until the Church recognizes what Pope Francis seeks to accomplish and support him in his endeavors. The two that failed and the more that will come. We are all God’s children.

I hope those who voted against the Pope are happy with the result. They have embarrassed their leader publicly. God’s man on earth.

Yesterday was a football day for me. Syracuse in the afternoon and the Florida State/Notre Dame game in the evening. Syracuse won! I did not expect it. Handily. 30-7. Florida State won one of the finest played college games ever. Both teams at the top of their game. Could have gone either way. Decided in the last ten seconds.

In between games, Tim Reynolds and Keith came over to set up my new flat screen TV. In the bedroom. Wow! What a picture! It was a pleasure watching the Florida State/Notre Dame game on it.

The Asia-Europe Meeting was held in Milan this past week. Interesting what happened and did not happen. Putin was to meet with Merkle. He was four hours late. He had to stop to watch a parade in some satellite country. Merkle was upset.

Later that evening, like one in the morning, Putin met with former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. They met at Berlusconi’s Milan home. Berlusconi is under house arrest for either his dalliance with a 17 year old female or income tax evasion.

The two men were together till 3:45 in the morning.

Turns out Putin and Berlusconi are friends. Close friends. For years. Putin bought a vacation home some where in Europe next door to Berlusconi’s. They have visited each other’s homes many times over the years. Their families are close.

Berlusconi remains an influential figure in Italian politics. Berlusconi is also an extremely rich man. He and Putin have large holdings in a Russian oil company. It is reported Berlusconi will be investing in further Russian oil ventures.

Fried dough. I have not enjoyed fried dough in years. I consider it an Italian delicacy. Lisa made fried dough this morning.

Robert and Ally helped. One rolled the fried dough in a bag of sugar, the other in what was thought to be a bag of powdered sugar.

Ally was the first to taste the cooked dough. She opted for the powdered sugar one. It was not powder sugar. It was flour. Someone screwed up. The incident added to the festive mood of the breakfast.

Enjoy your Sunday!










It is all for the children! But I still get a bang out of Christmas. Especially Christmas eve.

I was at daughter Lisa’ s home. Santa Claus came before dinner. Robert and Ally were excited. I thought they might not believe, were playing us along, etc. However from the look in their eyes, there was no question they believed!

Santa always makes sure to tell the grandkids that Poppa is his friend. I have been doing the Santa thing for years. First for my own children, then for my grandchildren who are adults now, and finally for Robert and Ally.

God is good!

The meal Lisa prepared was excellent. Four fishes. One more than last year. At some point, we will be up to seven. The fish: shrimp, coconut shrimp, clams, and lobster tails. Christmas cookies for dessert. Lisa and Ally baked them. Delicious!

Tim Reynolds invited me to a party he was having last night. I looked forward to joining him. However by the time I left Lisa’s, I had had too much food and too much wine. The car took me home. My apologies to Tim and Debbie.

I have to work today on my friday TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Topics I am playing with include a New Jersey transgender bill, the courts finally permitting a suit against Saudi Arabia for 9/11, France coming up with the first artificial heart implanted that works, where Congressmen get their money from, NSA and RSA back door to security devices we buy for our computers, police now having the right to search your cellphone if you are stopped for a minor traffic violation, and more.

Enjoy your Christmas Day!



The front page of yesterday’s Key West Citizen had a photo of some whales. A brief article described them as killer whales and indicated they were discovered about 30 miles offshore of Key West.

A question entered my mind. Who do killer whales kill? I did a bit of research

Killer whales kill no one, except for seals and fish to feed themselves. There is no recorded instance of any human fatality involving killer whales. There have been situations however where those in captivity have turned on their keepers and killed them.

Turns out killer whales are good people, so to speak. They live in groups. Known  as pods. They live their entire lives within the group. Do not go out of it even for sex. Killer whale society is matriarchal. The mother/grandmother rules the roost. Females live to 80-90 years of age. The males only 40-50 years of age.

I learned much more. I plan on sharing additional information during the Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning.

I was up early yesterday. Had chores to perform. The cleaners, post office, and optician. The optician to tighten up two pairs of glasses.

The optician’s door was closed and locked. A phone number on the window. I called. The optician said she did not feel like working yesterday, might do two hours today and did not know about friday.

I stopped at Don’s Place on the way home to see if he was there. As I was leaving, someone was behind me. As we walked to our cars, he told me he had called his employer and told him he would not be in yesterday. It was too nice to work, he said. This was before the rain storm.

There must be something in the air or water in Key West. Two people who did not feel like working and did not. Typical Key West.

Stopped at the Plantation Coffee House. Enjoyed the coffee and morning papers. Diane working.

Theo her husband is an artist. He is painting up a storm. Every time I visit, there are new works on the walls. The place is turning into an art gallery. A lovely one.

Rained again yesterday. I do not know where all the rain is coming from. Torrential. Went on for a while. Streets flooded again.

I was driving north on Fogarty. It had not rained yet. All of a sudden, I saw this dark gray wall four blocks ahead. It was coming straight at me. It was the rain! It hit like a ton of bricks.

Florida’s Governor Scott signed a bill into law yesterday. A much needed one. An anti-texting law. No texting and driving from this point forward.

The Key West Citizen does a Day in Key West History. One of yesterday’s entries  set forth that Sloppy Joe’s had its grand opening on Duval on this day back when. Sloppy Joe’s advertised the grand opening. Its ad stated…..Free Dancing!

My Tuesday night blog talk radio show was a total screw up. We switched to Skype and everything became confused. I thought I was not on the air. I telephoned Sloan while the computer was still on. I said a bad word. The whole world heard me. The show had been broadcasting correctly. I heard from Italy, Indonesia, Key West, and Iowa that they heard me say a naughty.

I still have the Skype problem. Sloan and I worked on it with the blog talk radio people for two hours at dinner time. Still screwed up. I finally called computer guru Tim Reynolds and asked if he knew what to do. He will hopefully have an answer this evening.

On my way into town last night, I stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted a bit with Don, Hershel, David, Tom, and Joanie.

Then to the Chart Room. Not many people. Emily, Peter and I. Plus, two tourists. Don showed up. He never goes to the Chart Room unless he is with me. He came to find me.

Don and I had dinner at Hot Tin Roof. Lite fare. We shared shataki, mashed potatoes and a shrimp cocktail.

Please watch my tv/internet show tomorrow morning at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I have a terrific show prepared! Comcast Channel 87, U-Verse Channel 19, and www.weyw19.com.

Haircut time this morning. I have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!



Happy Sunday!

Wonder of wonders! A seven year old girl suffering from leukemia cured by the HIV virus.

Just announced. Seven year old deathly ill with leukemia. Chemotherapy had failed. In such case, a bone marrow transplant cannot be done.

The child was transferred to a super dooper experimental cancer hospital. She had 48 hours to live. Then her organs would fail. Death soon thereafter.

The parents were told we only know one more thing to do. However, we do not know if it will work. It is experimental. It is up to you.

The parents said go for it.

The doctors removed all of the girl’s T cells. They took the HIV virus and modified it. I assume that means they took the AIDS causing portion out. Each T cell was injected with the modified HIV virus. All were then returned to the girl’s body.

The HIV cells then went to war with the cancer cells and killed them.

The seven year old survived! Her cancer is in total remission two years later. She is back in school leading a normal life.

The young lady was at the cutting edge. The procedure has been tried on several others since. Some with complete success, one with partial success, and two with no success. The doctors are convinced the procedure will be perfected this year and work on most, if not all.

Wonder of wonders! God bless!

My show was yesterday. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I told this girl’s story. The reception was overwhelming. That is why I share it with you this morning.

Later in the day, I wrote next week’s column for KONK Life. Brazilian Prostitution. Interesting. The ladies are federally recognized. Even are able to receive federal pensions.

I went out last night. Had to. I was going stir crazy. Jail would never work for me.

I visited the Chart Room. Stayed a while. Enjoyed two diet Pepsi’s. Chatted with Dave, Sheila, Sean, and Katherine. All good people.

Emily was bartending. Got a hug as I left. Unfortunately, I never got to talk with her as I was at a table tied up with the others.

My computer is sick. It happened yesterday afternoon. A virus. I am at Lisa’s doing the blog this morning.

My screen suddenly froze. I could not get out. I finally called Tim Reynolds, my computer guru. Dropped the computer off to him on the way out. He is familiar with the virus and will have my computer back to me today or tomorrow. He said there was no danger of the virus infecting other computers receiving my messages.

Syracuse basketball again today! At noon. The team plays Villanova.  At the Carrier Dome. Should be a good game. I hope Syracuse plays better. Otherwise, Villanova is going to win.

Enjoy your Sunday!