I have not worn pajamas in 50 years. I have not thought about pajamas in that time either. Someone in Key West did, however. A reader asked in this morning’s Key West Citizen in the Citizens’ Voice column why pajamas have breast pockets.

Not necessarily the most earth shattering topic. However it piqued my curiosity.

The question was not asked properly. It suggests all pajamas have breast pockets. Not so. Must distinguish between female and male.

The ladies pj’s are without pockets. The reason being pajama designers feared the pocket itself or the pocket with something in it would ruin the beauty of the body covered. In other words, screw up the appearance of the breast line.

Men on the other hand have breast pockets. One. Considered a problem, however. Some men might put the pj’s on several hours before bed. During those hours put a pen in the pocket. Or, some upty men might add a handkerchief to the pocket. Considered unsightly.

Other than children, does anyone wear pajamas today?

On this day in 1946, the final paperwork was signed for the construction of the Kress Building. It would be located on the corner of Duval and Fleming.

Today, the first floor is a CVS.

For many years however it housed Key West’s finest department store. Fast Buck Freddy’s. A beauty inside and out. The window displays Fifth Avenue.

On the roof was a penthouse. Created for David Wolkowsky. Mr. Key West. The father of modern Key West. The person without whom Key West would not be as it is today.

David died a little more than a year ago. We were friends. I had the opportunity to visit his home in the sky on occasion. His parties the best in Key West.

Fast Buck’s is gone, David’s rooftop home empty. Sad. A certain best of Key West is no longer.

Halloween tonight. Ghosts and goblins everywhere.


Halloween is also known as All Saints’ Eve and All Hallows’ Eve. Tomorrow is the the Catholic Church’s Holy Day of Obligation. Known as All Saints’ Day. Halloween the precursor/prelude to the religious holiday.

As with many holidays, Halloween has pagan roots. The ancient Celtics enjoyed harvest festivals on what is now Halloween evening. Debauchery, drink and wanton behavior.

This evening will be a macabre one. Witches, skeletons, ghosts, cobwebs and headstones.

The trick or treat evening.

May the children enjoy!

Stayed in last night. The seventh and final game of the World Series. Washington beat Houston 6-2.

An enjoyable evening. Munched on some food I should not have. Too bad I no longer drink. I would have enjoyed a couple.

The California fires like something we have never seen. Damage beyond comprehension.

The Reagan Library is in the heart of one of the conflagrations. God was looking out for the former President’s Library.

Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis said, “My father’s library will likely survive the fire, but the California of my youth is gone.”

Recall all the noise re the Keystone Pipe Line several years ago. Certain Indian tribes were especially  concerned. Their ancestral burial grounds were in the area. They and others were worried about the pipe leaking.

The Keystone people said in effect worry not, it will not leak.

Guess what? It is leaking. In North Dakota. The pipeline owner has shut the pipeline down. The group trying to find the cause and remedy it.

In the meantime, the leak area is 1,500 feet long by 15 feet wide.

October 29, 1929, a bad day in American history. Remembered as Black Tuesday. The stock market crashed. The worst in U.S. history. The 2008 recession kid stuff in comparison.

Men threw themselves off roof tops and out of windows.

Enjoy your day!




I was bald for more than 10 years. A month ago, I decided to grow hair again. To go with the beard I was growing.

The hair grew for a month. An absolute disaster! Was coming in every which way. Probably would have straightened out in due course. I could not wait. It was bothering me.

Yesterday, I had Lori take it all off. I am back to pure bald. Love it!

The beard is coming in well. I have a feeling it will be with me quite a while.

American Airlines announced a direct flight Boston to Key West. For a limited time. Once a week beginning  February 15, 2020 and ending May 2, 2020. Saturdays only.

American is looking for the in season crowd. A good business move. The tourists will enjoy and Key West will benefit.

My blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Covered 3 topics. California fires, problems in Syria, and Key West.

A good show. Enjoyed doing it.

The demise of the Volkswagen Beetle has been announced for the second or third time in its history. The 2019 model is the last one that will be rolled out.

The model returned to the market after a brief non -manufacturing period in 2011. I have one. A convertible. Bought the model in its first year. Still own it in its last year.

In the auto resale business, cars that come out for the first time the year of purchase are worth extra dollars on resale. So too with cars owned the year manufacture was terminated.

My Volkswagen has both ends of the spectrum. Curious to see what it will bring when sold.

ISIS leader al-Bagadadi was buried yesterday. His body dropped from an airplane into the ocean. As Ben-Laden’s was. Winners do not want the body of a losing leader to be buried where his followers can pay homage to the memory of one that was considered evil, corrupt, etc.

There are 2 wars that never seem to end. The wars on terrorism and drugs. Think how many years the U.S. has been waging both.

Too many American lives lost. Too many lives in general lost.

Trump and the U.S. lie. Putin and Russia lie.

At issue, the oil in Syria. The oil that Trump says he has sent U.S. tanks and troops to protect. The next day, Putin announced he was sending tanks and troops in to protect the oil.

Both men are accomplished liars.

They both claim the oil at the present time. Oil that was little mentioned till the past week.

The Russian Defense Minister yesterday published evidence that the U.S. had been and was smuggling oil out of Syria. Air high photos were shown of U.S. trucks and military troops protecting the oil as it was being driven out of Syria.

Whenever there was a problem in the U.S. oil carrying trucks being disturbed, U.S. military aircraft were called in for protection.

Russia claims the U.S. controls a company called “Sadcap.” The company is engaged in the export of the oil. Russia further claims the income from the oil’s sales goes to personal accounts of U.S. PMCs and Special Forces.

One barrel of smuggled Syrian oil is worth $38 a barrel. Russia claims the U.S. has been taking in income in the amount to $30 million a month. Russia further claims the Pentagon and Langley have and are ready to defend the oil fields from “mystical hidden IS cells.”

True or false?

My suspicion is Russia is lying. How could the U.S. have been moving all that oil and no one knew about it.

Time will tell.

James S. Sherman died this date in 1912. He was Vice-President of the United States at the time.

I mention Sherman because he was born and raised in my hometown Utica. Represented the Utica area for many years in Congress. Maintained his personal residence in Utica at the time of his death.

I enjoy walking through cemeteries. Not because I enjoy the dying. Rather it is the history that can be learned. Wording on tombstones reveals a lot about an area.

One of Utica’s larger cemeteries is Calvary. On one on my walks, I thought I saw a tombstone in a heavily worded area. I made my way through the foliage.

There sitting was one of the most beautiful stones I had ever seen. Sitting on the edge of a rise overlooking Utica. Could not be seen from that side for the same reason it could not be seen from the back. The overgrown foliage of the years.

It was Sherman’s stone. Majestic. I knew even before I read what was on the stone that it had to be over the grave of an important person.

After Tuesday Talk last night, I watched the World Series. Excellent game. Tonight, I will watch the World Series again. The last and deciding game. Should be exciting.

I am not a baseball fan per se. Too slow for me.

I have probably attended every major sporting event in the U.S. Except for one. The World Series. Proof the game fails to turn me on. However, I enjoy watching a game or 2 of the World Series each year. On TV, not in real life.

Enjoy your day!





Birds of a feather! Mussolini and Trump. Both know it alls. Not open to advice. Listened/listen to no one.

On October 28, 1940, Italy invaded Greece. Turned out to be a disastrous military campaign for Mussolini’s forces.

Mussolini surprised everyone with the invasion. Even Adolph Hitler. Hitler told Mussolini to not invade Greece. Mussolini assured Hitler he had no such intention.

On the very day Mussolini invaded, Hitler is reported to have told him it was “a major strategic blunder.” Hitler wanted Mussolini to concentrate on Africa. Mussolini already had his “major victory” in Ethiopia. Hitler wanted the Italian forces to continue onward to Egypt and the Suez Canal.

Mussolini was accustomed to doing things his own way. He thought he knew everything. He failed to even advise his military Chief of Staff he was invading Greece. His Chief of Staff found out from news releases following the invasion. Mussolini’s generals warned against the invasion. He failed to heed their advice.

Mussolini was convinced he could defeat Greece in a matter of days. Militarily and for another reason. He had set aside millions of lire to bribe Greek politicians and generals.

The Greeks pushed Italy out of their country in one week. Back to Albania from whence Mussolini had commenced the invasion. Mussolini spent the next 3 months trying to stay alive in Albania.

During the same time frame, half the Italian fleet was crippled at Taranto by a British carrier based attack.

Mussolini was humiliated. Hitler was pissed. He had to change his war plans. No longer could he depend upon Italy’ fighting the African battle. He had to send his own troops in. Troops he had planned to use elsewhere.

What follows is not intended to reflect on Trump. I merely wish to show how authoritarian figures could end up.

On April 18, 1945, Mussolini, with his lady friend, was attempting to escape to Switzerland. They were caught. Italian partisans shot and killed them both.

Their bodies were taken to Milan. The dead bodies were hung upside down from a metal girder at a gas station in the Piazzale Loreto. The Italian people spit, beat, abused, and shot at the bodies.

Two days later, Hitler committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin.

The day after Tump announced ISIS leader Bagadadi had been killed, I wrote the Devil should be given his due. Trump should be congratulated. He had finally accomplished something of value.

Since that time, I have become uncertain. Is Bagadadi really dead? His underwear and a blood sample allegedly taken from the site of his death to test for DNA could have been acquired from another place/source.

Trump has reported Bagadadi was crying as he ran down the tunnel. Why? Death he could not have feared. If he was killed, there were some 21 virgins waiting for him. The number I am not sure is accurate. You are all aware however that Muslims fighting for their religion do not fear death. Their heaven will be a glorious one.

Trump has generally failed to tell the truth in the past.

There are 5 previous instances where Bagadadi’s death has been reported: Killed in a U.S. airstrike 6/12/16, killed in a Russian airstrike 5/28/17, killed in a Syrian attack 6/11/17, an Iranian leader reported “he’s definitely dead” 6/29/17, a Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed his death 9/11/17. He has been reported killed most recently 10/26/19.

Not that their word is any more reliable, Russia announced yesterday it was not aware of Bagadadi’s death. The Russian Defense Ministry said Trump’s report was merely propaganda.

Tough when you tend to believe neither Trump nor Putin. Both are liars. Putin the better and more successful.

I continue to accept Trump’s announcement of Bagadadi’s death, though my belief is waning.

Trump’s announcement that he was sending in U.S. tanks and troops to protect the oil amusing. Two weeks ago, he purportedly pulled all U.S. troops out. After a few days, it appeared he had done so. He sent them to Saudi Arabia to be used if necessary.

Now Trump is back in Syria. In the north, in Kurdish lands.

Lives had been destroyed and persons displaced because of Trump’s concession in a telephone call with Erdogan on a sunday night that he would pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

Trump’s acton in that telephone call and since reflect a mental attitude similar to Mussolini’s as set forth earlier.

Russia announced they had tanks and soldiers going into Syria to protect the oil a couple of days ago.

I have written and spoken in the past 6 months that the Syrian conflict was over oil. I was right. It is. Trump and Putin are racing in to protect the oil. Iran and Turkey expect some if not all of the oil. Trump suggests a deal might be made to share.

Good luck! I cannot see Russia, Iran or Turkey wanting the U.S. as a partner in the oil. In the next 2 weeks there probably will be an interesting confrontation re the oil.

One final point re the oil. The U.S. does not need it. Oil from shale has put the U.S. on top of the world productionwise.

Everyone has forgotten the Kurds in the coming oil dispute. They will want a piece of the action.

Enough of Trump and world events for today. Time for Key West.

CBS reported 60,000 at saturday night’s Fantasy Fest Parade. I talked to some I know who attended. They thought the crowd was smaller than normal, the 60,000 figure not correct.

The Parrot Heads will be in this weekend. From thursday through saturday. Their 28th anniversary.

The Parrot Heads are Jimmy Buffet lovers. Could be described as a fan club. Referred to as Parrot Heads because of the goofy hats they wear.

They represent another breed of America. The opposite of Fantasy Festers. You will find none of them bare assed or bare boobed. Nor heavy drinkers. Conservative Americans all.

A great white shark has been reported off Key West shores. A 2,200 pounder 15 feet 5 inches in length. The shark was tagged with a tracker last year. That is how Key Westers know it is out there.

Not sighted yet, however.

Note I have pics for the first time. Sloan worked it out for me.

In 2 of the pics, Buffalo’s Fran and Tom Dixon. In the third, I do not know who she is. She was body painted and as I walked by admiring the goods, she asked if I wanted to take a picture with her. I was pleased to do so.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show. Nine my time.

Join me. So much to talk about. I have not decided yet what I will be ranting and raving about.

Enjoy your day!






Masturbation disgusting to some, a pleasure to others. In today’s era, more acceptable than not.

There was a time a century and more ago when theologians and physicians described masturbation with terms such as heinous, deplorable, and hideous.

Two persons who decried masturbation were the Kellogg Brothers. Discovers/founders of Kellogg Corn Flakes. The purpose of the corn flakes was to cure masturbation.

I kid you not.

I wrote an article for KONK Life which was published on June 5, 2016: Corn Flakes…..Cure Masturbation.

In 2019 alone, there seems to be an influx of articles the basis of which involves masturbation. Some in magazines of prominence. Titles such as How to Masturbate, How to Stop Masturbating, Females and Masturbation, Myths About Masturbation in Relationships, How to Masturbate for Women, I Masturbated Every Day for a Week, What It Is Like To Go To a Masturbation Coach, Masturtbation Tips for Women.

Time to return to my KONK Life article re corn flakes and masturbation. A bit of lunacy is involved.


By Louis Petrone

Groups have existed throughout the ages condemning sex. Considered sex a vice. However in the 18th and 19th centuries, sex took a second seat to masturbation.

Masturbation as practiced by both men and women.

Religion was the motivator in decrying masturbation. From time immemorial, the Judaeo-Christian tradition has had a negative attitude about people touching themselves. Then came the Victorian Era and the Great Awakening. The extreme prudishness of these eras created the perfect storm for people to become obsessed with masturbation. Masturbation also known as onanism.

Soon masturbation was considered not merely a moral failing. It was also a physical and mental ailment requiring medical assistance, treatment and cures.

John Harvey Kellogg was a physician. In the late 1800s, he was Superintendent of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan.

He was popular and respected. He was considered America’s newest and most prominent health guru.

His upbringing was as a Seventh Day Adventist. The group anti-passion.

Dr. Kellogg believed sex was bad for the physical and mental well being of his patients. Of people in general. The sanitarium served a strict vegetarian diet. No alcohol, tobacco or caffeine. The Doctor believed that spicy and sweet foods increased the passions.

The intestines and bowels were also important in caring for Sanitarium patients and guests.

Dr. Kellogg described masturbation as a solitary vice and self pollution. Fitting words.

To understand Dr. Kellogg’s mental perspective, one has to recognize how the man lived. Though married, he was a celibate. His marriage never consummated. He and his wife had separate bedrooms. Their children were adopted.

Dr. Kellogg had an enema administered every morning of his adult life. He lived into his 90s.

He wrote several successful books on the dilatory effects of masturbation. Two interesting quotes from his novels follow.

“If illicit commerce of the sexes is a heinous sin, self pollution is a crime doubly abominable.”

“Neither plague, nor war, nor small pox have produced results so disastrous to humanity as the pernicious habit of onanism. Such a victim dies by his own hand.”

An observation…..”Such a victim dies by his own hand.” What a way to go!

Dr. Kellogg, as well as much of the medical profession at the time, believed masturbation caused the following: leprosy, tuberculosis, heart disease, epilepsy, dimness of vision, insanity, idiocy, death, cancer of the womb, urinary diseases, nocturnal emissions, impotence, defective development, fickleness, bashfulness, bad posture, acne, and palpitations.

Dr. Kellogg saw the need for a healthy ready to eat anti-masturbatory morning meal. He accidentally invented corn flakes in 1894. A patent was obtained in 1896. A company was started to mail order corn flakes to customers.

With the advent of corn flakes, Dr. Kellogg was feeding it to patients and guests. In addition to another procedure he developed to insure their clean intestines. An enema that ran water through the bowel followed by a pint of yogurt. Half the yogurt delivered through the mouth, the other half through the anus.

From the early 1900s through the 1920s, many famous people attended Dr. Kellogg’s Sanitarium for treatments. Some I cannot understand. The Sanitarium was anti-sex, anti-masturbation, and for clean intestines and bowels.

An attendee was President Warren G. Harding. I find his participation amusing. Historians are clear regarding the President’s sex escapades with his lady friend Nan Britton. They frequented a White House closet to do the dirty deed.

Other frequent guests at the Sanitarium included movie star Johnny Weissmuller (one of the first Tarzans), Henry Ford, and Amelia Earhart.

Recognize that Dr. Kellogg was the man, the authority as regards masturbation cures. His methods extreme in many cases.

As well as adults, boys and girls participated in masturbation. To control what he described as “nasty habits,” the Doctor advocated and employed the following procedures.

For boys, threading a silver wire through the foreskin to prevent erections and cause irritation.

For girls, an application of carbolic acid to the clitoris to burn it. Thereby discouraging touching.

Dr. Kellogg had a brother, W.K. Kellogg. Popularly known as Willy. The Doctor and Willy were in business together in the running of the Sanitarium and the discovery of corn flakes.

Willy was the business man. His interest was making money. Not the per se health of the patients and guests.

The relationship between the two thinned. They were on separate roads. Willy for example wanted to add sugar to the corn flakes to make them more tasty and hopefully more saleable. His brother said absolutely not.

The two eventually split. Willy started Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Company. Dr. Kellogg sued. The litigation went on for years. Eventually Willy became the sole proprietor of the company.

Corn flakes never achieved its intended effect. People continued to masturbate. Today, Kellogg’s sells corn flakes and other breakfast products world wide. No one ingesting the corn flakes for any other reason than they taste good.

I think Dr. Kellogg was a nut. Simply stated. Not because of his discovery of corn flakes. For his anti-sexism and anti-masturbation. He took his treatments a step too far.

On the other hand, perhaps I am wrong. Many in his day believed based on religious fervor that sex and masturbation were wrong. The Doctor gave them what they wanted and I am sure what he thought correct at the time.

Right and wrong change with time. Medical treatments change with time.

Enjoy your day!


I saw a different Donald Trump on TV this morning. He was announcing the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi last night.

U.S. military personnel on a special mission in North Syria successfully attacked and killed the leader of ISIS.

The Trump I saw this morning was humble. Modest. I would have expected the Trump we have all come to know.

He was reading. From a screen that must have been directly in front of him.

How this raid in north Syria ties in with all we have heard in the past 2 weeks with the U.S. in and out of Syria, I do not know. Confusing.

The death of the ISIS leader was a major accomplishment for Trump. As he himself described, it was “very big.”

The Masquerade March was friday night. A traditional Fantasy Fest event. Different from other events.

Thousands of participants. Al costumes. Mostly locals. Costuming the direct opposite of toga party and other events this past week. Clothes on rather than off.

My hairdresser Lori participates every year. She, her husband, and friends dressed as the Village People. They had music playing. The recording sang and they sang.

The marchers festive though sedate.

The march begins at the cemetery. Goes up Fleming. Not sure where after.

There are parties galore along the way. Porch parties. Drinking and whooping it up. Cheering the marchers on.

I have never marched. I have participated by attending several porch parties over the years.

The Fantasy Fest Parade was last night.

I did not attend. It is not just age, parking a big problem. I live one island up. Need to drive in. No matter how early I got to the parade in yeas past, it did not work for me. I had to park a mile away and walk or parked somewhere that my car was towed. Towed 3 times. Cost over $200 each time to get my car back.

The last time, it ws 2 in the morning and pouring. My car gone. Called Donna. Got her out of bed. She drove me to Stock Island to recover my car.

The cost was $225. I gave the guy a credit card. He said we don’t take cards. I said I only have a $100 on me. He said, no problem. We’ll take the $100.

Rip off?

Sandy Feet is a commenter to this blog. This morning she wrote the crowd not as big this year. Does not surprise me. I suspect Fantasy Fest in general is receding as time goes by.

I was on a float one year. Howard Livingston’s.

First and last time for me. Bead throwing too much work! I and my fellow floaters were exhausted by the time the parade ended. We threw out 23,000 beads. Maybe 10 of us.

There is an exceptional thrill during the parade. The floats come down Front Street. as soon as the turn is made onto Duval, it is a different world! Thousands of people. As far as the eye can see. An overwhelming feeling. All screaming at the top of their lungs.

Who to throw beads to? Everyone yelling with raised arms for beads to be thrown to them.

I went a different route.

I noticed early on there were many people in wheel chairs. Up front. But could not move around to get beads. they were being cheated.

So I made it my responsibility to throw them beads. Most of the beads I threw were to the wheel chair persons. I would get their eye and aim. Generally the beads ended up right in their laps.

Halloween is 4 days away. I enjoyed Halloween when my children were young. I enjoyed it with Robert and Ally as they were growing.

My kids are all in their 50’s and early 60’s. Robert and Ally are now 15 and 14. They don’t want to walk with Poppa while they do trick or treat. Or whatever they do at their present age.

A major joy in my life is no more.

An adult event Halloween can be found from 6-9 at Mary Ellen’s on Applerouth. Three hours of viobrator races. Worth seeing. Betting involverd. The receipts go to charity. A significant amount has been raised in the 2 years the races have been held.

Yes, “Vibrator” means vibrator. The sexual toy.

Olga hit Louisiana with heavy rains yesterday. Pablo now a tropical storm in the Gulf. Around the Azores at the moment. Will not be a danger to Florida.

Spoke with Lori yesterday. Hate my hair! The gel, also! We’re going back to a bald head. The only hair on my head will be the beard.

She laughed. I did, too. My appointment is tuesday at 3:15.

Heinz makes ketchup and mayonnaise. Heinz has combined the 2. Called “Mayochup.” Described by one who tried the new product as a “total gastronomic protonic reversal.” Whatever that means.

Our freedos keep getting eroded. An example is a debtor’s prison situation. Debtor’s prisons are illegal in the U.S. Everywhere in the U.S. No exceptions. Or, supposedly so.

A Philadelphia Court involved.

Maurice Hudson is 29. He received 2-4 years on a burglary charge in 2009. Served his time.

The Judge a Genese Brinkly. She keeps calling him back to court.

Attached to Hudson’s sentence was $1, 941 in court costs.

He served his time. He never paid the court costs. The Judge wants the costs paid. Each time Hudson appeared re the court costs, he told the Judge he is a “struggling father.” He is raising “two kids with special needs.” He works a part time job as a janitor for which he is paid $150 a week.

The Judge recently told Hudson she was sick of his excuses. She sentenced him to state prison for 1 1/2 – 3 years for not paying the court costs. The Judge said, it was “absolutely necessary to vindicate the authority of the court.”

What happen to debtor’s prison being illegal?

Someone estimated the cost of incarcerating Hudson to 3 years in jail for failing to pay the court costs of $1,941. It will cost taxpayers $180,000.

As Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Mighty Casey struck out again yesterday. Syracuse lost to Florida State 35-17. There is no joy in Mudville! Probably won’t be the rest of the season.

Syracuse played its first exhibition basketball game last night. Beat Daemen 90-71. An exhibition game.

Small schools play the larger ones at the beginning of the season for more than experience. The larger school is more affluent than the little one. The bigger school pays the small one six figures to come and get beat.

Sloan coming over at 1. Big afternoon ahead. Much to do.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I have wondered over the years where those watching the Fantasy Fest Parade sleep afterwards.

Sixty thousand to 70,000 will line the sidewalks watching the Parade. There are not accommodations to provide sleeping in all the keys for that number. Even if they sleep on the beaches and 10 to a room, still not enough space.

The thought occurs every year how the little island of Key West handles that number of visitors. I suspect that some year, Key West is going to slowly sink into the ocean the evening of the Parade from the sheer number of persons watching.

The Parade is 40 years old. Interestingly, the first Parade was on this day in 1979. It had 26 floats and 10,000 observers. Recent years reflect the Parade’s growth. Anywhere from 50-70 floats, anywhere from 60,000-80,000 observers.

People standing along Duval as the Parade passes by. Yelling and screaming for the beads being thrown off floats. Some actually begging. Some women actually life their blouses/tee shirts to expose their breasts. I know. I was on a float once throwing beads.

Some sell their soul to the country store. Tonight all will sell their souls for beads!

I kid you not.

Burger King on the Boulevard took a beating during Irma. I suspect Burger King was looking for a reason to leave the spot. It seemed to always be doing little business.

Popeyes is replacing Burger King. The sign went up yesterday. Not officially open yet, however.

I love Popeye chicken. Better stated, used to. I have not had it in 20 years. Every summer for many years, we would drive to the South Jersey Shore. Stone Harbor. On the way down and on the way back stopped at a Garden State rest spot for lunch. They served Popeyes chicken. To die for!

I look forward to the new one being opened in Key West.

An interesting side note. Popeyes is not named after Popeye the Sailor Man. Recall the movie The French Connection. Popeye Doyle is one of the detectives. Popeyes named after Popeye Doyle.

Everyone knows B.O.’s Fish Wagon on the corner of Caroline and William Street. Most think such has always been B.O.’s location.

Not so.

Bo’s was originally located on Duval. For many years. B.O.’s was required to move. Its building (the shack) and everything that went with it were moved on this day in 1994 to its present location.

Business still good,if not better, than when on Duval.

A diver got a bit screwed up thursday. Call put in that the man had not returned. He was found soon thereafter safe and clinging to an electricity pole. No other information available.

The toga party thursday night was enough Fantasy Fest for me. I stayed in and watched the World Series. Houston beat Washington 4-1. Washington leads the series 2-1.

Earlier in the day, stopped by Lori’s for a haircut.

My beard is coming in well. The little hair on my head has not been well for years. Lori and I talked a couple of weeks ago. The decision was made to let my hair grow.

It has been 2 weeks. Looks like hell! Grows every which way.

Lori says it will take time. She gave me a jar of gel to use. She put it on.

I frequently looked in the mirror all day and night. Horrible! Hair flat. However still in every direction and the grease obvious.

I am waiting for 10 this morning to call Lori. Get me in as soon as possible. We are going back to a bald head!

Wanted to have lunch after the “haircut.” Cuban Coffee Queen the destination. Good luck! Nowhere nearby to park. It’s Fantasy Fest! Drove home and made myself a sandwich.

War was in the air this day in 1962. Between the U.S. and Cuba. More likely, the U.S. and Russia.

A U.S. Army missile battalion arrived in Key West. The Casa Marina Hotel was emptied. The Army moved in and made it their command post.

Still the storm season. Olga has arrived. A tropical storm. Developed in the Gulf of Mexico. Not expected to be a threat to Florida. Will make landfall in Louisiana.

Shootout at O.K. Corral. How many movies and different stars have we seen of the event. It’s a part of the U.S.’s western history.

The shootout occurred this day in 1881. In Tombstone. A name we have all heard. Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc Holliday. The bad guys the Clanton-McLaury gang.

The shootout took all of 30 seconds. Several dead. Wyatt Earp’s group won.

The United States is turning into a battlefield. Some believe “We the People” is becoming “We the Police State.” Especially under Trump.

Think about it.

Two days ago, it was announced the U.S. was sending tanks and troops into Syria to protect the oil fields. Yesterday, it was announced Russia had tanks and troops moving into Syria to protect the oil fields.

I have been reporting for at least 6 months that at the heart of the Syria problem was oil. No one was talking oil at the time. This past week is actually the first time oil has been prominently mentioned.

Oil is gold! Iran wants a piece of the oil fields also.

Trump is unhappy with the reporting of the New York Times and the Washington Post. They are on top of his every move and report accordingly.

Trump apparently has had enough. He issued a directive yesterday that no federal department/office could subscribe to either paper. All subscriptions were to be cancelled.

Sort of like an unhappy kid taking his football and going home.

Trump associate Kellyanne Conway has come up with another beauty. It has been a while since we have heard from her.

She claimed during an informal press conference yesterday that Trump cannot be held responsible for what he says. Nothing. Her reasoning is we do not know what is in a person’s heart, mind or soul. Only Trump knows what is in his.

Save me!

Enjoy your day!




A night of nights! Toga Party on Duval!

Even wore half a toga!

The evening was enjoyed with Fran and Tom Dixon. From Buffalo they have been visiting Key West for 40 years 3-4 times a year. Always avoided Fantasy Fest. Fran’s idea. She did not approve of the nudity.

Fran capitulated this week. I suspect her turning 69 next week had something to do with it. She is portraying a what the hell attitude this week.

We met at the Chart Room first last night. Tammy bartending.

Tammy showed us her toga. She was going to hit Duval when the Chart Room closed at midnight.

Fran, Tom and I dined on the deck at Pier 1. Fran showed me some pics of their week so far. Fran is making up for the years lost. She first showed me a picture of herself taken wednesday night.

I was shocked! Could not stop laughing! She went all the way. Bare breasted on Duval. Only 2 pasties covering.

She looked terrific! Should have done it years ago. Breasts to be proud of.

I was told of “our” game plan for toga party last night. Fran had bought 3 togas in the afternoon from Sloppy Joe’s. One for each of us. I moaned not me, as did Tom.

In any event, at the end of dinner Fran left to go across the street to change. When she returned…..WOW! She looked terrific in her toga.

She also brought the togas for Tom and me. Fortunately, we both were dressed. We slung the toga over one shoulder to make Fran happy.

Duval Street was magnificent! Especially in front to Sloppy Joe’s. Everything galore! Not just boobs. Many ladies wore nothing but a spray paint job. Even over their most private part.

The voyeur in me had a spectacular time! Good for the eyes, good for the soul!

This was my first toga party in a few years. Two noticeable changes. Very few wore togas. Bare or next to bare the costume of the evening. The other change was in age. Back when, most participants were young. Twentyish. Last night, older. Primarily 30’s to 50’s.

I had my picture taken several times with Fran and Tom. Even with one of the spray painted totally nude ladies. I plan on sharing them. Probably monday. Need Sloan to put them into the blog for me.

So much for toga party.

Wednesday night was the Fantasy Fest Pet Parade. An annual event.

Two cats won. Dressed as Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton.

In the Keys History section of the Citizen today is a photograph of Elena Hoyos. When she was alive at 17. An attractive young lady.

Elena is the young woman who died of tuberculosis in Key West. A Count Carl von Cosel had fallen in love with her. Two years after Elena died, he stole her body from the cemetery and brought the body to his home.

He slept with her for several years till the authorities became aware and separated the two.

The story of Elena and the Count remains one of Key West’s strange yet true happenings.

The Charge of the Light Brigade. An Alfred, Lord Tennyson poem. A recitation of a battle in the Crimean War in 1854. Between Great Britain and Germany.

On this day in 1854, the Charge occurred. The charge defied death. The odds overwhelming against the Brits.

The poem has always been one of my favorites. I have mentioned and repeated portions of it in other blogs over the years. I do so again today: “Half a league, half a league onward, / Half a league onward, / All in the valley of Death / Rode the six hundred….. / Cannon to the right of them, / Cannon to the left of them, / Cannon in front of them….. / Boldly they rode and well, / Into the jaws of Death, / Into the mouth of hell…..”

Syracuse/Florida State tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. Florida State a 10 point favorite.

It was a tough night in one respect for Tom and me. We are both die hard Syracuse fans. We discussed the unexpected poor year Syracuse football is experiencing. A knife to our hearts would be easier to take!

The Trump administration continues to cause me great concern. Trump is diabolical, never wrong, and always seeks revenge.

The Justice Department announced yesterday the inquiry into the reasons for the Mueller/Russia investigation was now an official one. Funny. The Department of Justice investigating itself.

I trust not decisions made by the Trump administration. This type investigation is scary. A witch hunt in reverse. This type investigation does not occur in a democracy. The U.S. supposedly a democracy. The title being lost under Trump. He continues to make the U.S. look like a third world country.

Beware, my friends. This type conduct could lead to ICE knocking on your doors in the middle of the night. Similar to Hitler’s Gestapo in the late 1930’s in Germany.

Trump lacks consistency. Syria one example. Three weeks ago in a singular telephone conference, Trump announced U.S. troops were being pulled out of Syria. Immediately. All of them.

It has been confusing ever since. Initially they were not pulled out. Then the number being pulled out changed almost daily. The right hand did not know what the left was doing. Yesterday, I thought we were all out. Could be. However the Pentagon’s announcement later in the day was to the effect that tanks and troops would be going into eastern Syria. Described as “additional forces.” To fight along side of the Kurds in protecting the oil fields in eastern Syria.

Strange. Once the U.S. dumped the Kurds, they made a deal with Assad. They do not need the U.S. any longer. Additionally, how does the oil field statement purport with Trump’s announcement the U.S. was getting out. Yes, the U.S. has gotten  out. However, only for a few days.

This oil field thing should not surprise you. I have been reporting on it for 6 months. My position has always been that Turkey, Russia, Iran, and the U.S, were primarily interested in Syria’s large deposits of crude oil.

It’s all about the oil!

Enjoy your day!



Tonight, tonight, won’t be just any night….

Toga Party!

At Sloppy Joe’s and the street outside.

My favorite Fantasy Fest evening. I am a voyeur at heart. Love to watch the ladies prance around, negotiate for beads, and exhibit their private parts.

A bad boy am I!

I shall be enjoying the evening with my friends Tom and Fran Dixon from Buffalo. They have been visiting Key West 3-4 times a year for 40 years. Never for Fantasy Fest. This year a first.

We are meeting at the Chart Room followed by dinner at Pier One. Then at 9:30 onto Duval. One block over to Sloppy Joe’s.

The toga party has become a fun ritual in modern society. Especially at college parties. The 1978 movie Animal House responsible.

Some look down upon toga parties. Considered by them a sexually deviant experience. Too bad, they know not the fun they miss.

A President held a toga party in the White House. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The party to celebrate his 52nd birthday.

It was January 30, 1934. The wheel chair no hindrance to Roosevelt enjoying himself. He, his friends and close politicals were members of an informal organization the “Cuff Links Gang.” They were the attendees at the party.

Even Eleanor attended. In a toga!

The President was attired in a toga as were all other persons at the party.

Marian Wisherman was a well know suffragette and Eleanor’s friend. She wore a muslin toga garment. Her toga rests today for all to see in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.

Strange though it may seem, the story a true one. Google FDR and toga party. Many photographs, most with the President in the middle.

Naked female breasts will be a part of the evening tonight.

Kokomo comments to this blog frequently. His response to something I wrote recently involved breasts. Kokomo quoted Bill Engvall who said, “God was having himself a good day when he made boobs.” When He completed making Eve, He told her to turn around. Something was missing. He added breasts.

I looked Bill Engvall up. A successful stand up American comedian. Also, an ordained minister.

Masturbation next. Seems to be a sex day.

Several years ago, I published in a local newspaper an article concerning the subject. Both humorous and sad. I will be republishing it as part of the blog one day next week.

Today a quote on the subject. Thomas Szasz, a fellow at the American Psychiatric Association, wrote in one of his papers: “Masturbation is the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the nineteenth century it was a disease; in the twentieth it is a cure.”

The article to be republished next week deals with the 19th century.

“Human scum!”  Love Trump! He sets a high standard for the children of America.

The entire phrase he uttered was “Never Trump Republicans are human scum.”

He has to whip his followers up in any fashion he can. Soon, they will begin drifting.

The 25-30 Republican House members who improperly and illegally entered the room where the hearing was taking place were wrong. It was against the law for them to be there and to also bring in cellphones.

The “men” behaved like babies. Cry babies.

They delayed the hearing 5 hours.

There were 2 security officers. Capitol Police. They should have arrested all of them. You fight fire with fire.

They were not arrested because Chairman Schiff decided to wait them out rather than have them arrested.

Chairman Schiff: Next time arrest them!

No one seems to respect the law in Washington. First, the President. Now a number of Republican House members.

It seems Republican are more prone to stretch and break the law than Democrats.

Abraham Lincoln is a person who became a Republican. When he was elected President, he was a Republican. Prior thereto, he was a Whig. The new Republican Party consisted of many former Whigs.

Young Lincoln was not reluctant to break/stretch the law. He did so in somewhat of a radical fashion on December 5, 1840.

Lincoln was a member of the Illinois Legislature. His vote important. It was in opposition to whatever the other side wanted to do. A quorum was needed for the vote.

The opposition had had the doors to the Chamber locked.

To avoid voting, Lincoln and 2 of his fellow legislators jumped out a second floor window.

Smile. Good ole, Abe. However what he did was wrong. He broke the law. His ass was required to be in the legislative chamber, not flying out a second story window.

The 25-30 Republican House members who in effect took over the Committee Room did not belong there. They broke a couple of laws.

The Quinnipiac Poll came out yesterday. Fifty five percent of the people support the impeachment inquiry. Up 4 points from last week.

Forty eight percent were for impeachment and removal.

Enjoy your day!




It happens. You reach a point in life where the most common recurring thing is falling.

I am motivated to write about seniors falling because of Jimmy Carter. He is 95. He has fallen 3 times in recent months. The first resulted in a hip replacement. The second 14 stitches to the head. The third a few days ago. Fractured his pelvis.

I am no stranger to falling.

Seven years ago, I began falling. Doctor sent me to physiotherapy. Did it 3 times a week for 6 months. I had to learn to walk again and watch where I was stepping. Especially where steps were concerned. Seniors seem to miss steps both on the way up and on the way down.

I was ok till a year ago. Started falling again. Everywhere. For no reason at all. Just fell!

The past few months have introduced a new fall to me. Backwards. I am walking and all of a sudden go down in reverse.

Don’t laugh. Can be dangerous. Most seniors take blood thinners. The blood thins. Extreme bruising common. Two months ago, I fell backwards in my kitchen. My head bounced twice on the tile floor. Took me 20 minutes to get on my feet.

Doctor was concerned I might have a brain bleed. No skull fracture. However if there was a leak within the skull, it had to be treated immediately. Could die after 3 days. Treated immediately is brain surgery. A hole drilled in the skull and the leak taken care of. Referred to as a subdural hematoma.

So it was off to the hospital for a CAT scan or MRI of my head. Can’t recall which. Fortunately, I was ok. No leak.

I talked about the senior falling problem on my blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. There was a specific reason. I repeat that  reason here.

Doctors treat the symptoms from a fall. What about the cause?

The medical profession seems to think differently about the elderly. When you are old, everything that happens is blamed on age and treatment is limited. I have been told more than once that I have outlived the books.

The cause must be determined.

It would also be a money saver for Medicare and health insurance plans were a cause discovered and treated so not to return again. Or, for a long time.

Irma was a little more than 2 years ago. The pain and suffering continues. Problems remain to be resolved. The reason always money. The federal government promised and has failed to meet their promises. Understandable. Not enough money to go around.

There will be a “mini celebration” thursday at canal #197 in Marathon. Avenue D off Coco Plum Drive.

The event to celebrate the last canal having been drenched. The canals had to be cleaned out. Parts of homes, boats, trees, etc. ended up in the canals. Boats could no longer travel the canals nor humans use them for swimming.

Monroe County responsible. The County to be congratulated. Estimated cost was $45 million. The County completed the work for $30 million. And, finished the job ahead of schedule.

One problem. The federal government owes tremendous amounts of money for the canal cleanup and other recovery activities. I doubt there will ever be a proper reimbursement.

Fantasy Fest continues.

Each day brings a slew of more events. Too many to list here. Let me share some of today’s better ones with you.

An out of the ordinary event is the Pet Parade at the Amphitheater. If you love dogs, this is for you. For people things, Lucy’s Blue Party, Smokin’ Tuna’s Homemade Bikini Contest (always a favorite), and the Air Sex Championships at First Flight (new, sex based).

Everything is sex. Cowboy Bill’s has the Sexy Bull Riding Contest, the Desire Male Fetish Party (for men only) at the New Orleans, and the Dungeon of Dark Secrets at the Bourbon Street Bar.

Something for everyone.

Trump seems to know not what he is doing. First, he gives the Kurd portion of Syria away. Turkey brings Putin in and gives him a small piece. Putin the new kid on the block. The leader! Out in the open, not in the background.

Trump announced yesterday he might want to send troops back in. To protect the oil.

I have been writing for months that the primary reason for the Syrian War was its crude oil. They have a huge supply source. Trump wanted it. As did Putin. Turkey wants a piece as does Iran.

Except for the U.S., they will all receive that which they seek.

No way would Syria and Russia agree to the U.S. returning or the U.S. getting a piece of the oil action.

In the meantime, the effects of Trump stabbing the Kurds in the back are obvious. Whole communities destroyed. People do not have shelter. Nor personal goods. Clothes all destroyed at the same time their homes were. Food a problem. Where to go a problem.

Our close friends the Kurds now dislike us. Hate a better word.

I saw on TV yesterday a Kurd mother with 2 small children. She told the reporter she and her children had nothing left but the clothes on their backs. The reporter asked how she felt about the U.S. Her response…..They are “like rats, running away.”

The Kurds are throwing potatoes and tomatoes at the U.S. troops as they leave.

The U.S. the most noble of nations so treated. Unfortunately did not have to be. Though the insults are deserved. Trump with one telephone call turned friends into enemies.

Enjoy your day










A Morning Stew!

I have some medical tests later in the morning. Ergo, Morning Stew. No organization. Material set forth in order it appears in my notes.


Last night Dueling Bartenders. Terri White singing. Rick Dery accompanying her. Nothing could be better!

Expected to meet Jean Thornton. We planned on having dinner later at La Trattoria. Jean waiting. Not alone. With Buffalo’s Tom and Fran Dixon. They had arrived in the morning for a week’s stay.

Love ’em!

Fran worries about me. Brings food to keep me going. Home made sauce in jars with chunks of pork, high carb bread, special cookies, etc. All things I no longer can eat. We decided a donation was in order. To Lisa to feed the family.

The three of us made plans to spend thursday night together. Dinner followed by Toga Party in front of Sloppy Joe’s. Tom and Fran have never seen! I am taking them down the path to hell and perdition.

Dinner with Jean at La Trattoria followed. Finally, people! Tons of them! It is Fantasy Fest Week and they are coming in. Many waiting for tables.

It was about 10 when we left. A hug and kiss. Jean went one way to get her bike. I the other to get my car.

Walking over Duval, I saw my first set of naked breasts. Against the law, but what the hell! I doubt the police would arrest this couple.

Appeared 60ish. Midwesterners. Clad in regular everyday clothes. Bodies out of shape.

Woman about 5 foot. Wearing shorts. Period! Walking with her aged breasts exposed. A smile on her face, a smile on her husband’s face.

I see this every year. People from a small town somewhere who would never engage in any risque activity come to Fantasy Fest. The group referred to generally older. Church goers I am sure. Have been itching to do something “bad” for years.

Last night was this woman’s time. She had a bright smile. Her husband looking at her with pride.

God bless them!

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Tons to talk about from Key West to Washington to Syria to Iraq. A quick moving half hour. Join me.

The Syrian “cease fire” ends today. I expect the cease fire to immediately be rekindled.

The Kurds have one idea how little land they are giving up. The Turks much more.

Another screwed up deal arranged by the Trump Administration.

What I find difficult to understand is how this “misunderstanding” could occur. Ineptness and lack of preparation most likely.

The war will recommence. Thousands of Kurds, both military and civilian, slaughtered. Brutal execution of Kurds roadside.

Good job, Donald!

Wow! A recent article re a housing boom scary. There is no housing boom. No rising prices. Prices stagnant. Except in Key West.

Buyers are lacking. In spite of low mortgage rates. Except in Key West.

Could be a prelude to a recession.

I loved New York City museums!

When I was a practicing attorney and had business in New York, I always left time for Louis to visit one or more museums. One was MOMA. It reopened yesterday after being closed 4 months to complete a $450 million renovation.

Another the Guggenheim. The third of my favorites. Not because of the art. Rather the construction of the building.

The building looks like an inverted cupcake from the outside. Inside, there are no floors per se. Rather there is a revolving walkway. An incline or decline depending which way you were going.

Hard work walking up. Easier coming down. The Guggenheim had an elevator. I would take the elevator to the top and walk downhill in effect.

The third my favorite. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Especially the Impressionist wing. Blew my mind! I would sit on a bench and just look.

Robert has his learner’s permit. Youngsters are permitted to get one at 15 in Florida.

A couple of days ago, his father took him out for his first lesson. They returned with a large dent in a front fender.

Lisa’s a wreck! Out of concern for Robert, not the car.

Austin, Texas has come up with a plan that hopefully will help its homeless problem. The homeless are hired to clean the City. Fifteen dollars an hour. Not a paltry sum. They are also provided free lunches and transportation to and from work.

The game plan is not to be benevolent. It is to get the homeless back to work and self supporting. The plan is they go from the City job to another in the work place. Gets them off the “homeless rolls.” Saves the City monies.

Hopefully it will work. Time will tell.

Midwest farmers can’t win. First Trump’s tariff wars. Especially with China. Has hurt the farmers badly economically. Now came the “historic midwest blizzard” this past week. Two feet of snow in several states. Drifts up to 5 feet.

The storm came just before harvest. Wheat, corn, and potato fields destroyed.

Many farms will be lost to banks, prices for wheat, corn, and potatoes will go up. A bad scene all around.

Many of us in Key West now have a new “movie star” friend. Chicago’s Tino Gonzalez.

Tino and his wife Maria were snowbirds for many years. Owned a place in Old Town. Sold it a few years ago and returned to be near family in Chicago. Tino is a retired federal agent.

Tino is working as a movie/TV extra in the Chicago area. His most recent involvement the 10/20/19 Batwoman show.

Go for it Tino! An Academy award or Emmy. We love you!

This year’s Fantasy Fest King and Queen were crowned friday night at the Truman Waterfront Amphitheater. Ryhan Acker and Karen Fran-Noli.

They will be leading the parade saturday night in a float made for a King and Queen.

Francis D. McCorkle once lived in Key West. A well known children’s book author.

His home in Key West no more. It was Houseboat Row on South Roosevelt Boulevard. His houseboat Sea Dog.

McCorkle’s houseboat the first on Houseboat Row.

McCorkle died in 1960. He never knew the furor between the State and Houseboat Row that would ensue many years later. The State wanted the houseboats moved. Houseboat Row owners refused. The lawsuits took years. Finally, the State won.

A movie was filmed in Key West beginning on this date in 1974. Ninety Two in the Shade starring Peter Fonda.

The withdrawal of American forces from Syria disgraceful. A stain on America’s soul. The Kurds and U.S. worked hand in hand for 5 years to defeat ISIS. Now because of Trump’s stupid move pulling U.S. forces out, the Kurds face death in large numbers. Displacement. Executions. Eleven thousand ISIS fighters released from prison.

The Kurdish people are very unhappy with us. As represented by U.S. troops pulling out the past 2 days. U.S. troops were pelted with potatoes and tomatoes. People were shouting “No America” and “America liar.”

Great move, Donald!

Trump said he was going to bring our troops home. A few days later he announced they were being sent to Iraq to be available in that region if needed.

One problem. The U.S. cannot stay in Iraq forever. Iraqi permission not given for a permanent deployment in Iraq. What happens when Iraq says, Go!

Another screw up by the President. Didn’t anyone know our troops could not stay forever or any significant length of time? Is anyone knowledgeable about these things in the White House?

Parachute jumping might be thought by many to have been a World War I or II invention. Not so. Parachute jumping goes back to 1797. Andre-Jacques Garnerin the man! Dropped from a hydrogen ball 3,200 feet in Paris.

The parachute was a 23 foot canopy attached to a bucket with suspension lines.

He dropped many times. His highest in 1802. From a height of 8,000 feet.

Fantasy Fest activities growing in number and interest. Today a Beach Bash at South Beach, Cocktails for Animal Tails at Rick’s, Tutu Pre-Party Walking Parade (bar crawl beginning at Mary Ellen’s), Captain Tony’s Party in Plaid (sexual inference), and Men of Labare Tighty Whitey Party at Bottle Cap.


And enjoy your day!