Three Blind Mice. We all recall one of the first children’s nursery rhymes learned.

Three Blind Mice was published on this day in London in 1609. The author was Thomas Ravenscroft, an English musician and folk music composer.

Three Blind Mice was not a nursery rhyme when first published. It took till 1842 to become one. Ravenscroft’s 1609 version was a tale referring to England’s Queen Mary. It told of her blinding and executing three Protestant bishops. Another variation is that she merely had them burned at the stake.

The 1842 publication was in a book of children’s literature. It was the first time the diddy was identified as a nursery rhyme.

Regardless from whence it came, the nursery rhyme is the one we learned to love as children and taught our children in return.

Syracuse football was at noon at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. Syracuse played Florida State. Number one ranked team in the country. Florida State was in no danger of losing its ranking. Florida State beat Syracuse 38-20.

Syracuse looked good in the first half. Three times they were under 10 yards at the goal line. Each time, Syracuse failed to get the ball over. It might have been a different game if they had.

Florida State is a powerful team. When they hit, they hit! Syracuse had to feel physically beat up last night.

Peti still tending tables at Lukas’ place. Rob was bartending the back bar. I have not seen Rob in a couple of months. Missed him.

I left at the end of the first half. I could not stand the beating Syracuse was taking.

I watched the first half with my legs up on a chair. Ankles still swollen with fluid. I thought I had the problem beat. Had not taken a water pill in two days. I was wrong.

When I got home, I took a water pill and two potassium pills. Then laid down and watched the rest of the Syracuse game. Followed it up with most of the Notre Dame/North Carolina game. Dr. Mc Ivor says it is best to lie flat after having taken the pill. He claims it works better.

My ankles were still swollen when I went to bed last night. I had stayed in. I wanted to keep my feet up as much as possible.

Such was my exciting Saturday. Two hours at the Sports Pub. The rest of the day and evening at home working on my ankles. At the very least, restful.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Outstanding weather this morning! Again , no breeze. Is it a sign of anything?

My yesterday started slowly. However, I did enough last night to make up for it.

I wrote my blog late in the morning. After having laid around in bed a couple of hours longer than normal. Made myself a sandwich. Read a bit. As I was reading, I noticed how tired I was getting. It was just after 1. An unusual time for me to be tired. I did the normal. I went to bed. Slept till after 4.

Whatever the reason, it was a good sleep and I felt much better afterwards.

Don’s Place first last night. Several bocce team members there. Hershel, Stan and Erika. Nate and Michael, also. Bocce was the topic of conversation. Whereas I believe we have to concentrate more with every shot, Hershel believes we have become complacent. Whatever. We are talking about the problem which is good. Hopefully, it will help us win.

Then to the Chart Room. JJ and Peter for company.

JJ had some beans that were soaked in apple cider. Good! No, great! He buys the apple cider, cooks the beans himself, then puts them in the apple cider to soak. Great flavor!

I was hungry. Where to eat? What did I want to do?

I decided I would like to watch the Alabama/Old Miss football game. Not at home. From somewhere crowded with people yelling and screaming. I went to John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. I sat at the back bar, enjoyed fish and chips, and watched an excellent game. Old Miss looked good in the first half. Not in the second when Alabama ran away with the game.

I was impressed with the number of people in the place. Absolutely packed! Everyone drinking and eating. I told John how pleased I was that his investment was working out. He had a gleam in his eye. If anyone deserves success, it is John.

Syracuse did not play yesterday. A week off. Next week Clemson! Number 3 in the country. It would be terrific if Syracuse won. Though I doubt it. I expect the Vegas line to be 30 points at least.

I have to comment on the Washington situation. They are all crazy! Lunatics! Like kids playing at a game. They forget people’s lives and pocketbooks are at stake.

Silvio Berlusconi is up and at it again! He is a shrewd politician. Here I am complimenting him when he is doing the same thing the Republicans are here.

A Court decides this week if Berlusconi keeps his legislative seat. He has two felony convictions. Berlusconi must be nervous. He sent a letter to his followers yesterday. An Italian  friend wrote me about it. He wants everyone to come to Rome tomorrow or the next day. He will pay everyone’s way. To demonstrate on his behalf. He wants the Court to recognize his power and back off.

Berlusconi’s party is a close second in power. Italy’s President is of the opposing party. The President cannot stay in power if Berlusconi yanks his party’s support away. It is coalition government. Berlusconi has threatened to have his party’s five cabinet members resign. The result would be turmoil. A new election would be required.

Politicians everywhere play hardball. Whether the U.S. or Italy, if you do not play the game their way, they threaten to take their football and go home.

A local criticism. Regarding the Key West Citizen. I have recognized of late that Key West’s only daily newspaper publishes little if any  news of major public events. I especially noted it this past weekend when the Poker Run got next to no mention. I think two photos.

From what I gather, it is all over money. Apparently, Key West’s weekend events do not or are not paying to run ads. Advertising!

The situation is a shame. I do not know who is right or wrong. The public is screwed, however. Locally and nationally. Many read the Key West Citizen via the internet. Key West has a special place in many hearts.

Enjoy your Sunday!




Wow! It’s late! I am starting today’s blog at one in the afternoon. Got delayed this morning in a long business meeting.

Yesterday started with a manicure and pedicure. Tammy and her family moved into their new home last week. Tammy was all excited!

What appeared to be a new mother and baby were at Lee Nails, also. The baby was tiny. I figured two weeks old. The mother told me three weeks. The young mother looked beat. Dark circles under her eyes. You could tell she was up all night with the baby.

The baby was good. Slept the whole time. Probably why she does not sleep at night. The baby was sleeping on Mom’s breast while she was getting a pedicure.

Then to the Plantation Coffee House to read the newspapers. I still cannot get the New York Times on my tablet. Apparently the hacking problem is not yet fully resolved.

Last night began with Don’s Place. Not for long. Don’s air conditioning was kaput. Had one drink. Chatted with Don, Hershel and Stan. Bocce the topic. Obviously. We have to do better when we play tonight. We lost all three games last week. Lost them badly.

The Chart Room was next. I went from a sleeping baby to a sleeping dog. A baby dachshund. Thirteen weeks old. Half Jake’s size.

The dog slept on the bar in front of his mistress the whole time. He sleeps at night, also.

It was time to eat. I decided to go to John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. I had not been there in a while.

What a business! Here it is summer time. This month and next are Key West’s slow time. Yet John never had less than 30 customers during the two hours I was there. Not to watch sports necessarily. They were eating and drinking and having fun.

I enjoyed a cheeseburger and a drink.

The waitress impressed me. I was sitting at a table. She was working the bar and some of the tables. She had to move her ass! She did! Her name was Anaits. Originally from Venezuela.

I received an e mail this morning from the Egyptian Travel Minister. He was encouraging people to visit Egypt. Good luck!

The rest of my day is set. I have to finish preparing tomorrow’s tv/internet show. When done, take a nap. Play bocce tonight.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour will be discussing some interesting goodies tomorrow morning. Like Bruce Manning, the politics of transgenderism, the Syrian problem, Russia and Saudi Arabia screwing around in the background of the Syrian situation, China owning all panda bears in U.S. zoos, Florida seriously contemplating drug tests for high school athletes.

Plus Neil Armstrong, George Clooney being a descendant of Abraham Lincoln, a 54 year old Montana school teacher who got 31 days in jail for raping a 14 year old student three times, the hacking of the New York Times web site, bottle nose dolphins dying in huge numbers, a recent New Jersey appellate court decision making a person who knowingly texts an auto driver liable for injuries arising from an automobile accident, Switzerland building drive in sex boxes for prostitutes, and a new poll which shows 29 per cent of the people blame Obama for the poor federal response to Katrina.

And more. All interesting.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour airs at 10 friday morning my time. It can be seen on television from Key West through Miami-Dade County. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

Enjoy your day!



Requiem aetemam dona eis, Domine. Grant them eternal rest, O Lord.


It is all over. Syracuse lost to Michigan last night in the Final Four 61-56. It was Michigan all the way. Syracuse was down 11-12 points at one time. Came back. Could not win. The last two minutes were bad for Syracuse.

Syracuse’s fabled defense was good. The offense not so good. Especially where 3 pointers were involved. Michigan made 8 to Syracuse’s 3.

Overall, Syracuse went far. This has been a season of ups and downs. The team crested well at the end. Made it to the Final Four. A never give up team all the way. Coached well once again by Jim Boeheim. Congrats to team and coach.

Michigan fans were less than pleasant. A bunch of arrogant asses from my perspective. There were many Michigan fans at the Sports Pub. Few Syracuse fans. I had to move around because of the crowd. Sat near two different groups. The Michigan fans were out for blood. They were in your face with their lack of friendliness during and when the game was over. Not nice at all. I attribute their attitude to the fact that Michigan has not gone this far in the Big Tournament in 20 years. They did not know how a winner behaves.

I am glad the Syracuse basketball season is over. It was not good for my heart!

Louisville looked good in the second half of their game. Their full court press hurt Wichita State. Wichita played poorly the last five minutes. Stupid turnovers. I attribute Wichita’s poor playing at the end to a lack of experience, also. They had not been that far in the Big Tournament since the 1960s. There is something to be said for having been there. The next time a team generally is smarter and does not make the mistakes that cost them an earlier game.

Friday’s USA Today had a listing of the top ten donut places in America. Key West was #1. The place is called Glazed Donuts of Key West. I have never heard of it. The shop is purported to be located at 420 Eaton street. I cannot see it mentally. I intend to search it out.

Key West is handicapped for 2-3 years with big time boulevard construction. It takes me 15 minutes longer to get into town and 20 minutes longer to get home. A mess! Now a year old. We have learned to live with it and make do.

Key West City fathers do not always make the right moves. I sometimes think they have their heads up their asses. An example is Duck Ave. Duck Ave. is a collateral route when traveling Flagler. Flagler is generally the way out of town. Some have discovered Duck Ave. It goes the same direction as Flagler, runs parallel to Flagler. Some of us use Duck Ave. to avoid for a part of the way the heavy Flagler traffic.

It was announced front page in the Key West Citizen that a major renovation was soon to to be done to Duck Ave. Terrific! The city fathers must think this is the right time. Get it done before the boulevard construction is completed!

Enjoy your day!



My heart cannot take much more of Syracuse basketball this season! It is constantly in my throat.

It is a game by game situation. One good game followed by three bad ones. Not good for my health!

Yesterday blew me out. Syracuse played long time foe Georgetown. I expected a close game. The Vegas line had us up by 7. Syracuse lost by 11.

What bothers me is why we lost. I read a couple of reports on the game this morning. No one is calling a spade a spade. Syracuse lost because it could not play against Georgetown’s zone defense. Plain and simple. Syracuse could not get a decent shot off from any where.

Boeheim says the team did not shoot well and that is the reason for the loss. With all due respect, it goes a step further. We could not penetrate effectively against Georgetown’s zone defense. That is why Syracuse did not shoot well.

Coach Louis suggests Syracuse practice big time over the next few days as to how to play against a zone defense. I see a lot of teams utilizing the zone defense against Syracuse in future games.

Son in law Corey has been affiliated with the Mel Fisher Museum for about a quarter of a century. He is the Museum’s Chief Archaeologist.

Corey has come up with a brilliant idea to educate people as to the wonders of underwater ship discovery and subsequent restoration. Mel Fisher will be scheduling evening get togethers to explain how a ship wreck is discovered and the ship and its contents restored. An interesting process. I have already been exposed to it.

The cost for an evening of fun and marvel is $20 per person. Do it alone, with your better half or with a group of friends. Telephone 305-294-633, extension 22, for reservations.

Big day today!

Frankie the Plumber had massive heart surgery recently. He is still mending. A fundraiser to help with the medical costs is being held this afternoon from 1-6 at Don’s Place. Everyone come! Frankie is the best of the best.

Then tonight the Academy Awards. I love watching the award show every year. Will be doing so this evening from the comfort of my bed.

Italy’s national election starts today. It is already underway. A two day event. Will end tomorrow evening. I am curious to see the direction the Italian people take.

Sloan and I worked together yesterday morning. She is educating me step by step. I am getting pretty familiar with my tablet. Published my first photo on Facebook. A big deal for me!

The Chart Room first last night. Peter and JJ there. Peter and I had a good discussion concerning Block island. He sailed into Block many times. I did a couple of times and also rented homes a few summers. A great place for a summer vacation!

Tourists included a Delaware couple and a group from Cleveland. All were repeat visitors to Key West. Having a terrific time!

JJ was surprised I was doing a TV show. He happened upon it friday morning. He had to run so he taped it for future viewing. Another viewer! That makes 3. No, I am joking. Fortunately, many are enjoying the show. From 35 different countries roughly.

There was no room at Outback. I walked over to the Chinese restaurant for dinner. I should not have. Ate too much. Enjoyed every morsel, however. I will have an extra 2 pounds of water bloat for a couple of days.

A very old friend and I crossed paths again. Dee. I met Dee for the first time 25 years ago.  The last time I saw her was 10 years ago. We ran into each other friday evening.

I mentioned to Dee her face, eyes and neck looked strange. Bloated. I wanted to be delicate. Our first meeting in 10 years. She could have gotten fat. I doubted that was the cause, however.

Her eyes were puffy slits. I asked if she was taking steroids or had a thyroid problem. No.

Whatever, I roused Dee’s concern. She went to the emergency room yesterday afternoon at 2 and was released at 10 in the evening. She was on intravenous and got two shots in the butt during that time.

Dee has a cat. Her cat would not come out from under the bed. Dee reached in for the cat. The cat scratched her arm several times. Whatever cat infection can occur, Dee got. Supposedly very dangerous. Gets in one’s glands also. Can be fatal.

I told Dee she owes me. I saved her life.

Enjoy your sunday!





This world of high tech is amazing. I received an e mail Valentine message yesterday from Silvio Berlusconi. Former Prime Minister of Italy and probable Prime Minister again after the next election.

I have never met Berlusconi. I have mentioned him several times in this blog. I speak of him often on my television/internet show. Many Italians follow the blog and TV/internet show.

Whatever, however, my name is now apparently on his e mail list.

The Valentine greeting was in Italian, of course. I do not speak Italian. But the jist of the message was understandable. Greetings, I love you, vote for me!

A very busy day yesterday. Started with the dentist. I think we are getting close to resolution. Then the Plantation Coffee House. Chatted briefly with Diane. Tammy for a manicure. Her 5 year old son had gotten sick in school. He was sent home. He was running around the salon having a good time. A fast recovery! Publix for some groceries. Then spent the balance of the day fine tuning today’s Key West Lou Legal Hour.

With all modesty, today’s show is terrific! Especially my discussion of the minimum wage issue. You will love it!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is available at 10 this morning my time. On  television all the way through Miami-Dade County via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. World wide via the internet.

Join me!

Peter, Paul and Mary were from my distant past. All of a sudden, Paul is a part of my present. I learned yesterday via the Key West Citizen that Paul, aka Noel Paul Stookey, has become a Key West snow bird. Has recently been spending one month during the winter in Key West. A couple of days ago, he did a fun musical thing with the high school kids. Some to honor him, dressed as hippies and carried signs stating Peace Not War.

Syracuse basketball tomorrow night. Play Seton Hall. Eight in the evening.

John Lukas is throwing a party for Syracuse fans. Free appetizers. Come enjoy the game with me at John’s Big Ten Sports Pub.

Big evening tonight! Jenna and I are having sushi at Ambrosia. Good company and good food!

Enjoy your day!