Covid-19 on a rampage. The numbers rise daily.

Yesterday was a record setting one. Nearly 100,000 new cases in one day. The actual number 98,583.

Another record breaking number this past week. The U.S. passed the 9 million mark for coronavirus cases.

Yesterday was a normal one as far as deaths wee concerned. In the area of 1,000. Actually 978. Total U. S. deaths exceed 230,000.

The election 4 days away.

The U.S. has reached the point where the virus is not merely a “scourge.” It is a “fiasco.” More people have died in the U.S. than any other country.

The House Sub-Committee on Coronavirus described the pandemic as “among the worst failures of leadership in American history.”

Tuesday’s election is literally a choice between life and death. Americans must understand the need to work together against what is a common threat.

Trump thinking along the way may have been creative. Like a shot in the arm or a drink of bleach. Fortunately few followed his Clorox suggestion.

When it comes to coronavirus, the U.S. needs a President who is genuinely pro-life.

Trump’s recent consistent cry has been “we’ve rounded the corner.”

Yesterday at a rally he said, Covid-19 deaths have dwindled to “almost nothing.”

This past week Trump blamed the doctors for the increased coronavirus numbers claiming “doctors get more money if someone dies.”

Donald Jr. on FOX News this week described the medical experts who have been talking about a surge in cases as “truly morons.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed said, “We are tired of Covid-19 but Covid 19 is not tired of us.”

An example of how coronavirus quickly gets out of hand is a faith based retreat held over the summer. Ninety percent of the students and counselors  who took part in the summer event came down with coronavirus, the CDC said in a new report.

One student alone was the source of the infection that was able to spread through the camp because there was no mask wearing or social distancing.

Dr. Fauci is the nation’s leading infectious disease expert. Nevertheless, he is a frequent Trump target.

Fauci acknowledges that pat of the reason some Americans refuse wearing masks or social distancing is “that feeling of independence and not wanting to be told by authority of what to do.”

Fauci added, “But absent a vaccine it is all we can do.”

I would add a simple failure in leadership an example. Trump refuses to wear a mask or social distance. His rallies shoulder to shoulder.

The U.S. has to cut the bullshit and follow the rules. “People” meaning not only citizens, but also political leaders.

The election is not so much a political one as one to save lives. I believe many have become aware of such. So Democrats, Republicans, Green Party members, Libertarians, and Independents do the morally correct thing. Vote Democratic! The life of the U.S. and its people depends on a blue wave.

Enjoy your day and a Happy Halloween!



In 2016, Hillary was unquestionably the winner going into election day. Turned out she was not to the surprise of many. I one of them.

Wherever significant, the polls had Hillary 2-3 points ahead. Donald won most of those states via the Electoral College.

As a result, many have little faith in polls in 2020.

Biden has a 4-5 point lead in certain significant states. Should make the difference. Hopefully.

If so, Biden will be President. If not, 4 more years of Trump. The country will not survive if such is the case.

Donald Trump Jr. is cut from the same clothe as his father. Bullish. Knows it all.

A day or two ago, Donald Jr. dismissed off hand the number of coronavirus deaths.  Claimed “the numbers are almost nothing.” He so spoke on a day when the number of deaths was 1,000.

The same day, Donald Sr. claimed “deaths were way down.”

Some do not like to play by the rules. Wilbur Ross is Trump’s Secretary of Commerce. His moral character on a level with Trump’s.

Trump promised 4 years ago to “clean the swamp.” Instead, he added to it.

One of the additions is Wilbur Ross, though neither arrested nor charged with any criminal activity.

The U.S. has been engaged in a trade war with China since 2017. A trade war which has hurt the economy of each nation.

Cabinet members are not supposed to have any connection with a foreign nation. The rule dd not seem to bother Ross.

When Ross became Secretary of Commerce, he signed a letter confirming he had no connection with the Chinese Company Huaneng nor was he a member of Huaneng’s Board or WLR’s Board. A few years earlier, Ross’s company W.L. Ross & Company had entered into a joint venture with Huaneng and Ross became a Board member.

His letter of 2/27/17 was not correct. He had not disengaged himself from any Chinese ventures, was a Board member of the joint venture company, etc.

Ross did not leave the Board seat till late 2019.

It appears Ross was a Board member during the years the U.S was engaged (and still is) in the trade war with China.

Ross placed himself in a difficult position as a result. One cannot serve 2 masters at one time.

Tucker Carlson is the infamous FOX political commentator. His present show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Carlson recently broke the record for being the highest rated monthly news show in the history of cable news. His audience 5.4 million per night. His salary much more than that number.

A couple of weeks ago, it was announced Carlson is considering running for President on the Republican ticket in 2024.

A horror! He reminds me often of Donald Trump.

Strange things frequently occur. Most recently in New Zealand.

Two items were on the ballot for approval. Euthanasia and recreational marijuana.

The populace voted for euthanasia and rejected recreational marijuana.

The euthanasia law will permit doctors to legally prescribe a lethal dose of medicine to patients suffering from terminal illnesses wherein their lives were likely to end within 6 months.

Seems like the whole of the U.S. is voting early or by absentee ballot. Even here in Monroe County. Early voting is up 52 percent as of this past wednesday.

May Johnson. Our lady of the past amuses and concerns me. In today’s vernacular, surface wise she appears to be a “good girl.” I wonder, however.

Last night she danced with Charlie at La Brisa. Did not get home till midnight.

In the meantime, her “love” Everest continues to work out of town.

I had another hospital test yesteryear. Drove down Duval afterward. Around noon. This is the last friday of the faux Fantasy Fest.

More people than previously reported. Up to 30 percent of the crowd that would normally be walking  Duval on this particular day.

Not one person wearing a mask.

Tonight, the parade. Twenty some odd floats. No means of propulsion needed. They will move down Duval on a moving track.

The size of this year’s floats dictating how they are to move. The floats cannot be larger than 18 inches, nor higher than 18 inches, nor wider than 18 inches.

Ain’t going to be any nude ladies on these floats!

Enjoy your day!


Don’t Shave Your Privates While Driving

This is my last change of pace blog till sometime after the election.

I wrote the blog early on in my “blog career.” Ten years ago in 2010. One of the first written.

The blog was humorous then. Humorous now. A strange happening.


Don’t Shave Your Privates While Driving

Truth is stranger than fiction. The following proves it.

Megan Mariah Barnes was driving south on US 1 in the area of Cudjoe Key on March 2, 2010. Her destination was Key West. Her purpose to meet her boyfriend.

Megan was a 37 year old divorcee. Her former husband was riding in the passenger seat with her.

Megan was apparently preparing for her date. She was shaving her privates. Her bikini area.

Her former husband was assisting with the driving. He was steering. Megan was operating the foot pedals.

The two were not operating the vehicle in sync. They rear ended another vehicle.

No drinking was involved.

Many states prohibit driving and the use of cell phones. Some forbid texting while driving. All say don’t drink and drive.

Soon in the State of Florida, I anticipate a law prohibiting the shaving of one’s privates while driving!

That is how laws come about. Some odd ball thing happens that has not occurred in the past and legislators are quick to pass a law to cover the situation. Always after the barn door has been left open and the cow is out.

The media went bonkers with this story. It was on all the major TV news and talk shows.

Morning Joe is an example. Willy could not stop laughing. Joe yelled. Mika almost had a heart attack. Pat Buchanan, in his fatherly manner, calmly said…..let’s move on.

Which brings us to the more philosophical question of the day. What about sex while driving?

You may not believe what I am about to share with you.

The issue came up six years ago in Germany. The court ruled sex while driving is perfectly legal. So is masturbation. And shaving and changing a radio station. The German courts consistently rule that the right to engage in sex while driving is constitutionally protected.

German decisions rely not only on their own precedent, but also Russian cases. Apparently sex while driving is a popular practice in Russia. There, too, it is constitutionally protected.

The Germans and Russians decide the issue on the side of individual rights. Whereas, here in the United States the concern is for the public good. Public safety.

So…..if your preference is sex while driving, I suggest you move to Germany or Russia. Sex while driving in the United States is a no no.

And probably will remain so!


Florida never passed a law covering the situation. I suspect for 2 reasons.

First, anything “abnormal” is generally pursued in most states under “reckless driving.” Other states have adopted laws throwing such situations under “distracted driving.”

Florida does not have a distracted driving law. It does have a reckless driving law, however.

Which brings us to the second reason a new law was not considered.

Megan had her own special track record.

She had previously been convicted of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

In this instance, Megan was charged with driv with reckless driving, driving with a revoked license, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, and driving with no insurance.

There was enough to “get her” with the new charges.

It appears Megan may have lacked normal understanding. The police officer who made the arrest asked her why she didn’t hit her brakes when she saw the SUV. Her response, “I told you, I was shaving.

Enjoy your day!


Anything can happen one week before an election. Recall Hillary Clinton. Comey going on TV twice before the election with information re new e-mails found. Definitely caused her to lose.

Do we have a situation comparable to the e-mails with what happened late monday night in Philadelphia?

A black man was shot and killed by police. His name Walter Wallace Jr.

There was a confrontation. Wallace came at a group of police with a knife out. The police continued to tell him to drop the knife. He did not. They shot him dead.

Black Lives Matter heard and were immediately on the scene. Hundreds of them. Significantly more than police. BLM was so overwhelming at one point that the police turned and ran.

There is a video of a vehicle coming swiftly around a corner. Many on the corner. Police and BLM people..

The BLM driver hit and ran over a female police sergeant. She was injured. Something broken if I recall correctly.

The situation before and following the automobile accident total chaos.

Pennsylvania an important State in the election. It could very well guarantee victory for the candidate who wins it.

With each day between now and the election, words are going to fly, accusations made, threats from both sides.

Trump will be hitting away with his law and order cry. Biden with his support of blacks who get shot by the police.

A mess!

The Supreme Court came down with a decision monday that is reflective of that which is to come. In a ballot case involving Wisconsin, the Court in a 5-3 decision ruled that ballots received 3 days after an election could not be considered. A Wisconsin law had permitted them to be considered.

Kavanaugh voted with the majority. However he wrote a concurring opinion. One he had no obligation to write.

He wrote the acceptance of late ballots could “flip the results.”

No comment how Trump had hundreds of mail boxes and super fast processing machines removed. Obviously to be sure there would be no late ballots received. A fact that is thought to be favorable to Trump.

Pennsylvania has a similar case coming up for decision soon in the Supreme Court. In the Pennsylvania case, 1.4 million ballots are involved. A healthy number. It is thought whoever wins Pennsylvania, wins the election.

Not to count 1.4 million ballots could very well turn things in favor of Trump.

For years, the battle was between a President and Congress. Then a President and the Senate.

The Senate’s side is losing ground. Which means the Supreme Court is going to be the arbiter. An arbiter that will favor far right decision making.

The only way to avoid such is for Biden to win and bring in with him a Democratic Senate. Biden’s next step would be to “pack” the Supreme Court so Democratic justices may be appointed. Leave the Republicans in a position where they will have to take the back seat. Something Republican Senators have been foisting on Democrats for years.

A what goes around comes around outcome.

Six days to the election. Everyone vote! Normally, I would say vote your choice, your conscience. Not this time. Vote for Biden and a Democratic Senate. The only way Trump’s garbage can be eliminated and proper laws returned to the books.

The victory must be decisive. Otherwise Trump will have the election results in the Courts for years knowing full well that when his cases reach the Supreme court, he will win. He has packed the Court and has nothing to fear.

Wisconsin is one of the States that each candidate must win. Looks like it is going Biden’s way. As of this morning, Biden is 17 points ahead of Trump.

There is a problem, however. One state alone cannot dictate a result. Need several. Ergo…..Vote!

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou was last night. I went out of my way not to talk about Trump. Slipped up only once.

I believe America is sick of this election. Lets get it over! In the meantime I did a no politics show for the pleasure and enjoyment of me and my listeners.

Ann Magnani. Burt Lancaster. Duncan Street. The Rose Tattoo. Tennessee Williams.

Quite a grouping of names. All involved in the making of the movie The Rose Tattoo.

It was on this day 1954 that Anna Magnani  arrived at the Casa Marina Hotel. She came to Key West to make The Rose Tattoo. She came a few days early to rest before doing so.

Magnani was an Italian actress of some note. She won the Academy Award for her performance in The Rose tattoo.

Everyone knew Burt Lancaster. One of the greatest male actors of his time. Tennessee Williams wrote the play and movie. The Rose Tattoo was filmed in a house on Duncan Street. Two doors from Williams’ home. One and a half blocks from Lisa’s home.

I continue to have air conditioning problems. It was allegedly fixed friday. Not so. It worked in a fashion where I have been sweating or freezing since friday.

The air conditioning people came again today. Checked out the whole system. Lets hope it works properly now. I am not upset. Not everything is possible of quick and easy correction. However my bouts of sweating and freezing were getting too uncomfortable to handle.

Enjoy your day!




On this day in 1941, the Chicago Daily Tribune dismissed the possibility of war with Japan. Forty days before Japan bombed Hawaii.

The Chicago Daily Tribune editorialized, “She cannot attack us. That is a  military impossibility. Even our base at Hawaii is beyond the effective striking power of her fleet.”

The Chicago Daily Tribune is the same newspaper that on November 3, 1948 published its paper with the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

Two major screw ups by a newspaper respected world wide.

The mistakes do prove a point, however: Don’t believe everything you read, especially in the newspapers.

In the past few days, I have been communicating with readers and friends re the election. Some contacted me, others contacted me. A total of 13 telephone calls and e-mails. The response interesting.

Twelve either had already or were planning to vote for Biden. Only one for Trump.

An intimidating report today on Morning Joe.

The coronavirus surge is hitting Utah badly. Hospitals are at the breaking point. ICUs, medical personnel, and supplies are strained. The severity has State officials considering  a “choice” approach in deciding who gets admitted to its hospitals.

The younger will be admitted, the older not. The older sent home.

Medical care will be provided those having better the chance to survive. The process is described as “rationing care.”

Thank you Donald Trump for not taking the virus seriously and getting it under control. If the problem hits Washington, D.C., you should be rejected since you are in your early 70s. An old man, my friend. Join the rest of the elderly sentenced to death by a disease you should have had under control by now.

In one of his rallys yesterday, Trump said the virus numbers are surging because the U.S. is testing more. A report this morning fact checked the statement. As expected, Trump wrong.While there has been a 23 percent increase in cases, there has only been a 2 percent rise in testing.

Texas part of the surge. Especially El Paso. Hospitals bursting at the seams.

A new stay at home order has been issued. Additionally to assist in alleviating the problem, beds will be set up in El Paso’s convention center.

The Senate adjourned yesterday till after the election. No acceptable stimulus bill passed.

The Senate made sure Amy Comey Barrett received a swift acceptance. However the Senate failed to help put food on the tables of many families and monies to help prevent rental evictions and mortgage foreclosure proceedings.

At every rally, Trump cries out the economy will be a disaster if Biden is elected. Stocks will crash, retirement accounts will vanish, and there will be an economic depression “the likes of you’ve never seen.”

Wall Street seems happy with the prospect of a Biden victory. Stability will return to the market place. Trump’s era of uncertainty gone.

The DOW has been a roller coaster under Trump this year. Yesterday, an example. The DOW dropped 650 points.

The faux Fantasy Fest is into its second week.The first week had crowds, but nowhere near what would have been on the street were this the real fantasy Fest.

In addition to the hotels raising rates for the weekend, the weather is now being claimed as a reason for crowd sparsity. It rained big time all week.

An unmarried pregnant young lady, the father, and her for real boy friend with whom she is actually in love. A scenario that occurs even today. Shotgun weddings rare, however.

An interesting situation reported in May Johnson’s diary this date 1896: “Arthur Carusoe was made to marry Susie Wade this morning, baby born 6 o’clock. Poor Louis Lowe, he was engaged to her.”

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou this evening at 9 o’clock my time. So much to talk about. I will be happy when the news slows down.

In any event should you enjoy ranting and raving, join me for a fast moving provocative half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!






Another change of pace day. The Presidential election is burying us.

The Wild West is part of America. Part of our fiber.

Two heroes of the Wild West were Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. I write about both today.

Why western tales of old? I could have selected another topic. What happened is I read that on this date in 1881, the Gunfight at O.K. Corral occurred.

Wyatt Earp hero of the day.

Tombstone, Arizona the site. The fight took all of 30 seconds. It is regarded as one of the greatest shootouts in the annals of the Wild West.

The good guys were Wyatt, his brothers Virgil and Morgan, and Doc Holliday. The bad, the Ike Clanton gang.

Earp did not walk off into the sunset never to be heard from again. He outlived the Wild West.

Earp ended up in Hollywood. An acknowledged hero. Participated in a bit of show business.

While in Hollywood, he became good friends with the western movie actor William Hart. Earp taught Hart how to quick draw.

Earp died in 1929. Many years after the Wild West had been transformed from cowboys and Indians.

Bat Masterson another western hero.

He had nothing to do with Earpand  the O.K. Corral fight. An active man in other western exploits. A busy guy. He was an Army scout, Indian fighter, lawman, professional gambler, and journalist. Served as Sheriff of Dodge City.

Masterson was purported to have killed 28 men while still in his 20’s. His reputation re killing much greater than what actually occurred. He only killed 3. However the reputation followed him which made bad guys fear him.

Masterson eventually went east. Ended up in New York City. His last job was as a sports columnist. He worked for the prestigious New York Telegraph. Prize fighting his specialty.

He too discovered Hollywood as Earp had.

Masterson became good friends with a young prop man named Marion Morrison. Morrison became John Wayne. Wayne said he based his portrayal of western lawmen on conversations he had with Masterson.

Wayne was not the only person of repute with whom he became friends. In later life, Masterson became friends with President Theodore Roosevelt. He visited with Roosevelt in the White House many times.

Masterson died in 1921.

Both stories interesting. I selected to share them after discovering that on this day in 1881 the Gunfight at O.K. Corral occurred. Wyatt’s experiences led me to Bat Masterson. Both perfect change of pace historical figures to write about.

Enjoy your day!



A Key West opening today.

Two significant historical facts to share.

Two of the most popular tales involving Key West concern Carl Tanzler and Elena Hoyos Mesa. Weird, but true.

On this day in 1934 at age 22, Elena Hoyos Mesa died due to tuberculosis. At the time, a Carl Tanzler was deeply in love with her. Carl worked in the Key West hospital at the time.

Soon after Elena’s burial and in the dark of the night, Carl stole Elena’s body from the cemetery. Took her to his home. Lived with her body for 7 years. The same bed and who knows what else.

Carl was finally caught. Never convicted of any crime. there was no crime on the books at the time regarding living with a corpse. The cemetery theft got lost along the way.

Carl’s actions an example of true love. I guess.

At different times in its history, Key West was a booming town. Always a particular industry stood out. After a number of years, died off and disappeared.

Cigars an example. On this day in 1923, there were 25 cigar factories in Key West producing 60 million cigars a year.

Can’t argue with those numbers.

No cigar plants in Key West today. Only a solitary man sitting here and there on Key West streets rolling cigars for tourists.

Many military battles of historical significance. One is the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava during the Crimean War. The Brits against the Russians.

The battle occurred on this date in 1854.

The Russians were secure on a hill top. The top a gradual rise from a valley below. Russian guns on top and both sides. Suicide to attack up the hill.

The British did. The attack was by mistake. Some how orders got fouled up.

The Brits were led by Lord James Cardigan.

British casualties 40 percent.

Britain won an impossible battle. England rejoiced. Cardigan a hero, the surviving British soldiers acclaimed, the dead honored.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson was Poet Laureate at the time.

He read of the battle in The Times six weeks later. He wrote the narrative poem The Charge of the Light Brigade. The poem was published on December 9.

History tells us it took Tennyson “only a few minutes” to write the poem. It was immediately popular.

Lord Cardigan who led the British cavalry also derived fame beyond a hero’s status.

Over the years, Cardigan noted when British troops fought in certain areas, it was not always warm. The troops needed something extra to keep them warm. He devised/invented what has become known as the cardigan sweater for them to wear under their uniforms.

Tennyson’s poem has always excited me. His mixture of words just right. I share certain portions with you. Note the excitement: “Half a league, half a league,  / Half a league onward….. / Into the Valley of Death / Rode the six hundred….. / Theirs not to make reply, / Theirs not to reason why, / Theirs but to do and die….. / Cannon to the right of them, / Cannon to the left of them….. / Back from the mouth of hell, / All that was left of them, / Left of the six hundred. / When can their glory fade? / O the wild charge they made! / Honor the Light Brigade, / Noble six hundred!”

Yesterday could have been a bad day at black rock for Syracuse. They stood against the mighty Clemson.

Clemson a 45 point favorite.

Syracuse did lose, but not by 45 points. Only 26. The final score 47-21. Actually,  Syracuse was in the game till close to the end of the third quarter. Then it was Clemson’s game to the final gun

Enjoy your Sunday!


Some people do not know how to leave well enough alone. Key West’s annual Fantasy Fest an example.

The event normally is held this week. Not this year however. Several months ago because of the coronavirus crisis it was called off.

Not everyone happy with the call. Bars and hotels primarily. Money more important than the health of the community.

A rump group decided Key West would have a not for real Fantasy Fest. A faux Fantasy Fest. Bars and hotels behind it. Locals otherwise against.

Advertising for the event was as far north as Tampa. Last word earlier this week was that swingers groups would be coming down for the weekend.

So far I only have information re thursday night. I continue to be self quarantined. Everyone I called also or were not planning to attend at all.

What I have learned is the rain has kept many tourists away. Been raining big time for 2 weeks. Rained thursday and friday. Will rain today. This much rain not normal. Perhaps God’s way of telling the swingers to stay home.

Hotel occupancy was 80 percent thursday night. The word was many revelers would be checking out friday. The gluttonous hotels were raising rates for the weekend.

The crowd by day thursdy on Duval minimal. Thursday night better. Nothing anywhere near what it would be during an official Fantasy Fest.

A Black Lingerie Bike Ride was planned. All of 30 participated. Several hundred to a thousand in a similar parade in previous years.

One of the best barometers for Duval Street business is Mike Rossi, owner of the Red Garter. A gentleman’s club, a strip joint. Rossi said business was down one half or three quarters of what it should be.

Under normal circumstances, tonight would have been the parade. I doubt one was even planned. A mammoth undertaking.

In a few days, we will know what happened over the weekend.

Trump said during the recent debate that we had “rounded the corner” as far as coronavirus was concerned. If such is the case, why the present surge in many States.

Yesterday, a banner one. A record one day high in new coronavirus cases. Eighty three thousand.

Experts expect the number to increase.

The present surge is sufficiently bad that we are being told some hospitals will be in a crisis. They are ill equipped to care for the coming deluge.

I do not know what possesses Trump. He seems to have a need to do harm to people. He is a pain giver. Generally in retaliation for some act by the person or group being punished. He forgets that revenge is God’s alone.

The most recent group to feel his cruelty are federal civil service employees. Trump signed an Executive Order which will cause tens of thousands to lose their civil service protections.

Amazing how merely with the stroke of a pen he can give vent to his vindictiveness.

The Executive Order immediately removes civil service protections from federal employees. Henceforth, they can be treated as political employees. Discharged at will. Job security gone. Rights to due process gone. In some instances, even union representation prohibited.

There are 2.1 million federal civil service employees. The exact number affected not known yet. However, it is predicted to be huge.

Understand what is involved. If a President wants something done which the civil servant believes is not correct, the civil servant can be fired. Without a reason actually being given. What will be required to retain one’s position is a political loyalty test. A Jim Comey sort of thing.

Syracuse, my Syracuse!

A Casey at the bat day ahead. However, nothing expected of Syracuse.

Syracuse at noon plays the mighty Clemson. Clemson is #1 in the country. Undefeated at 5-0. Syracuse obviously not ranked with a 1-4 record.

The one game Syracuse won this year was against Georgia Tech. Syracuse beat Georgia tech 37-20. If you will recall, I said it was an excellent game. One of he best I had seen Syracuse play in years.

Clemson played Georgia Tech last week. Georgia Tech still bleeding. The score Clemson 73, Georgia Tech 7.

Oh, the pain! The Syracuse players will survive, but never forget.

I played on a basketball team one year that did not do well. I was captain. As we got the hell knocked out of us each week, we were told it built character. Screw the character! We wanted the victory!

Enjoy your day!



Presidential debates 2020 are over. Fortunately. I look forward to the day when the two candidates for President can stand face to face and discuss issues and problems without yelling at one another.

The boisterous one this year was Trump. Last night he was subdued compared to the first debate. However, he did increase in intensity as the debate wore on. Another half hour and he would have broken loose.

I thought Trump won. Eked out a close victory. Like a 2 point game in basketball. Such does not mean Biden was not good. Nor that he failed.

GOP pollster Frank Lunz thought Trump won. His words wise that explained his thoughts. Trump won the “final debate.” Biden “won the war.”

His conclusion is a marginal victory did nothing to move Trump forward. With the election only days away, Trump does not have  time to catch Biden. It is “virtually impossible for Trump to win.”

Some impressions.

Trump should stop saying he has done more for the blacks since Abraham Lincoln. He evidences his ignorance of American history when he does so. He fails to mention Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson. Trump could never equal the achievements the black community received when Johnson was President.

Trump could not wait to throw out the purported dirt he had on Biden and his son Hunter. Russian disinformation that several investigations have indicated there is no basis for. Not even if Giuliani says there is.

The public is not buying the story. Had it been in reverse with Trump and one of his children, the public would have believed it.

One of Biden’s best lines came after Trump had heaved the “dirt” on Biden. Biden looked into the cameras and told the American people: “You know who he is.” Intimating a corrupt individual lacking in character. A liar in most instances.

Trump’s record came into play. Biden raised many individually. Two hundred twenty thousand coronavirus deaths, coronavirus still not under control, vaccine–when?, the economy is tanked, 545 children whose parents cannot be found, alienated our allies, and pushed the Republican Party to the fringe.

Biden’s purported wrongdoing involved taking $3.5 million from Russia, doing nothing for blacks, etc. His list of sins significantly smaller than Trump’s.

Biden reflected vision in many of his responses. Trump, none.

Many of Trump’s responses bombastic. Factually, he had little to say other than constantly telling Biden he was corrupt.

Trump had no agenda, no detailed plans for what he was going to do if reelected. No policy was set forth for the next 4 years.

Biden on the other hand had detailed programs he was prepared to initiate and carry through. Trump responded each time that Biden had been in office 8 years with Obama and why didn’t he do them then.

Here is where Biden screwed up. His retort should have been that you Trump have been in office for the last 4 years. Why didn’t you do any of these things?

Each had a different approach in responding. Trump forceful and negative in tone. Biden calm and positive. I believe the American people are ready for a person with a calm positive thought out approach again.

The overall winner was the moderator. Kristen Welker did an outstanding job! She tamed the beast. Kept Trump in line.

At 7 this morning, I received a telephone call from Guy de Boer. Could I fill in at 8:48 for a guest who could not make it on his radio show. I’m always happy to do radio.

We spent our time discussing the debate.

Another record day for coronavirus yesterday! A record number of new cases. Reported were 77,640 new cases.

The CDC reported earlier in the week that coronavirus cases were surging in 75 percent of the country. Shouldn’t be. Trump says “we” have the problem under control.”

Enjoy your day!


It was refreshing to see and hear excepts of Obama’s talks in Philadelphia.  Even more refreshing to see a “President” deliver them.

Tonight, the debate. The final face to face encounter between Trump and Biden. Going to be interesting. The moderator has a mute button. Will she have to use it?

A primary concern of Americans is will we be safe. No one can argue that the past 4 years have not been tumultuous. People are afraid. Need to be reassured. Hopefully one of the two will leave us with the feeling “you will be safe.”

Americans should also ask themselves the question Reagan did during his first campaign: “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?”

Suddenly yesterday afternoon a special broadcast to the American people. National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Iran and Russia are trying to interfere with the 2020 election.

Why such a message 13 days before the election? We have known about this definitely re Russia for 4 years and Iran a bit less.

The message we should have heard is that the U.S. has perfected a cyber retaliatory program to prevent such happenings and to punish any country that tries. Cyber intrusion calls for cyber retaliation.

Ratcliffe I would not trust on a stack of bibles. He is a Trump man true and true. Wray on the other hand I would. Especially in view of Trump’s recent statements that he is “frustrated” with Wray. The word is Trump intends to fire Wray after the election.

Throughout his time as FBI Director, Wray has exhibited character and dignity. He has refused to be pushed around. He has never been Trump’s lap dog.

This Hunter hard drive situation. It has been investigated and denied by several different authorities in the past.

Giuliani going to Delaware authorities to ask that arrests be made. Strange. Giuliani’s story should have gone directly to the FBI for investigation.

The Delaware authorities have turned the matter over to the FBI.

The FBI has previously investigated the matter and found no credible basis for the allegations being made.

Trump is desperate. The election less than 2 weeks away. He fears defeat. He is striking out in every way possible. Giuliani with another discredited story an example. Same old, same old.

Amy Coney Barrett. It is expected the Senate Committee will approve her nomination and in a few days her nomination will be taken up on the Senate floor. She will obviously be approved.

Today and the day of her full Senate approval are black days for America. My position has not deviated one iota. Barrett is not qualified for the high court.

My words will ring true over the course of the next year. At that point nothing can be done. Her job is for life.

Enjoy your day!