Easter Sunday is a major Christian holiday. Christ rose from the dead! Besides being celebrated religiously, the day also turned into a popular lay event. The Easter bunny, coloring eggs, egg hunts, etc.

I have written many Easter Sunday blogs over the years. Each special in its own way. I am repeating today last year’s Easter Sunday blog which was published April 9, 2023. Titled He Is Risen, He’s Not Here. I added a few extras to it that escaped me last year. 


It began with some recollections of my Italian Easter.

As a boy, I recall everyone dressing and going to Church on Easter Sunday. I always had a suit which I had to wear that day. The whole family dressed. This was not an Italian thing alone. My recollection is everyone, regardless of ethnic background, dressed.

It was like Easter Sunday on Fifth Avenue. People nodding Happy Easters as they passed on the way to and from Church.

Dinners were festive family events.

As a boy, we ate at my grandparents’. My father’s parents. Aunts, uncles and cousins. Card tables added to the already large kitchen table to accommodate everyone.

We were poor. The holiday meal was grandiose nevertheless. Pasta, of course. Sauce meats such as meatballs, pork and beef. No roasts. They came many years later when some family members became financially sufficient. Chickens instead. Male chickens which had been neutered. Referred to as capons. Cheap in comparison to meats. Denutting the roosters made them grow larger and their meat more tender.

There was Easter bread. Bland large pieces of bread home made with 2-3 hard boiled eggs (still in their shells) cooked into the bread. Not one of my favorites. No taste.

Easter eggs were colored by boiling onion skins and dipping the eggs in the brown residue. It was years before I knew people actually colored eggs by buying paints.

Soap was used to write names on the eggs before dunking them in the onion liquid.

As time progressed, two items began appearing that were not there in earlier years. I cannot recall exactly when. Both items became my favorites. Cassata and sausage pie.

Cassata absolutely the best!

Its basis was ricotta. Added was lemon, chocolate chips, candied fruit including red and green cherries, and a bit of liquor.

The result was a pie. Cassata pie.

Baked in a 3 inch deep dish. The dish wide/large. A thick hard crust surrounding the entire dish. Top, sides and bottom.

Cooled in the refrigerator. Generally enough to pick on for at least a week. The taste divine.

I recall my mother and wife making it. Lisa does a stripped down version. A small pie vanilla flavored. She does not add the chocolate, candied fruits, etc.

Needless to say, a heavy dish. Once consumed, it stayed with you for a while.

The other I could die for Easter dish was sausage pie. Sausage and mozzarella baked in a typical pie fashion dish. As with the cassata, totally enclosed in crust. 

Sausage pie was really heavy. More so than the cassata. Large amounts could not be consumed at one time. Its great taste kept one coming back however for days consuming small slices.

My wife was Sicilian. She brought the Sicilian touch to our Easter dinner table. Lamb. As the family grew, so did the meat variations. A prime rib and stuffed meat roll of some sort were added.

Egg hunts are a popular event today and have been seemingly for many years. Mary Lourdes and I got into them with our children.

We lived in upstate New York in Utica. April cold. Many times still snow covered. Outdoor egg hunts rarely possible. So they were done in the house.

We would hide the eggs all over the first floor and the kids went crazy searching for them. It was an extremely competitive event. The egg hunt got even better when we moved into our next home. A very large one. Huge rooms. All kinds of places to hide the eggs.

The hunts were exciting. My parents were always with us watching.

Then there came a time when our four children were young adults and bored with doing the search. None married yet and providing no new young kids to the search. We conferred. It was decided the older family members would do the searching. My parents. They had to be in their 70s at the time.

They reluctantly agreed. It was as much fun with them competing against each other as it was when their grandchildren did the search. 

After a couple of years, my parents said no more. It became time for Mary Lourdes and I to search. The event continued to be as rowdy and as much fun as in previous years.

Finally some of our children married and propagated. We now had new little ones to do the search. 

I want to write about an item not Italian nor something I experienced. Rather it involves a story few are aware of. So for the first time, I share a brief history of Easter eggs. Not the brown onion skin colored ones my grandmother made. This story goes back hundreds of years and involves Christ himself.

At a time following Christ having risen from the dead, Easter eggs became popular. Born of Christ’s crucifixion and His having risen from the dead.

The hard boiled egg came to symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus. Cracking the egg represented Christ leaving the tomb. The eggs at the time were stained a bright red. So colored in memory of the blood Christ shed at the time of His crucifixion.

Happy Easter my friends! Glad I am here to enjoy the holiday with you! A few weeks ago, it was questionable.


I’m a new man! No question about it. The heart surgeries have reenergized me. Especially the aortic valve replacement.

My cane is no more. For 3 years I totally depended on it. Do no need it any longer.

I had to stop grocery shopping. Even with the cane, I could only walk one way down one aisle at Publix. My groceries have been delivered for 3 years. Went to Publix to shop sunday. Did the whole store. Every aisle. No cane. No pain. No tiredness.

I am walking a bit outside. Slowly. No big deal. About 6 short blocks a day. Also doing some in house exercises.

My major remaining problem at the moment are teeth. Lost my uppers in the ambulance as you recall. My dentist on vacation the whole month of March. Will begin work on me next week. I am not going out socially as yet. Embarrassed to be without teeth. Look a bit screwy and speak a bit funny.

I have been slow in getting back to doing the blog on a daily basis. Research and writing takes between 5-6 hours every morning. Not up to it yet. Ergo, today’s blog will be short. May not do another for a few days. Miss doing it on a daily basis. However I am taking everything a step at a time.

The Baltimore bridge that went down during the night a tragedy. The Francis Scott Key Bridge is 1.5 miles long. A Shanghai boat hit one of the abutments and brought the whole bridge down. 

I was involved in a bridge collapse many years ago on the New York State Thruway. Nowhere as large as the Baltimore one. Everyone died. The cars went down into the water and were rapidly washed downstream.

Obviously there has to have been a maintenance problem with the bridge. Whoever owned it and whoever was responsible for maintenance will be part of the lawsuit for a new bridge and to pay damages for those killed or injured in the bridge’s collapse.

The court system has been unfair to the American people when it comes to its treatment of Donald Trump. Trump gets all kinds of benefits and accommodations by the courts. Ordinary citizens would not and do not. A perfect example is Trump getting off the hook re having to post the $500 plus million dollar bond or its equivalent. A court let him off for $175 million. Not fair. Not representative of equal justice for all. The individual who might have a mere $20,000 judgment could not get such consideration. Consideration being a reduction of the statutory bond amount or whatever. Twenty thousand dollars to Joe Citizen is as onerous and difficult to come up with as what Trump was required initially to post.

I have also spent a few days sitting at Higgs Beach. The sun is comfortable. The view outstanding. The sand, trees, water, and bikini clad ladies. I am glad I still enjoy looking even though 88 years of age.

Enjoy your day!


President Biden’s great great grandfather was named Moses J. Robinette. During the Civil War, he was loyal to the Union. Though not in the Army per se, he worked on military grounds as a veterinarian. Informally referred to as a vet or animal doctor. Not a formal position as it is today. Sort of run of the mill in the U.S. at the time. Although the profession was recognized as such in Europe, it received no such dignity in the U.S.

On March 21, 1864, a scuffle broke out in a Union Army men’s tent near Ford, Virginia. Two men were involved. Robinette and a John J. Alexander. Alexander walked away with knife wounds. Robinette was charged with attempted murder.

During words between the two men, Robinette pulled a pocket knife and cut Alexander. He was charged with getting drunk, inciting a fight, drawing a weapon, and attempting to kill Alexander.

Robinette claimed self defense.

A military court found him guilty of everything but attempted murder. Robinette was sentenced to two years at hard labor. He was sent to Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortuga to serve his sentence. Dry Tortuga is a hop, skip and jump from Key West.

Three Union officers who knew Robinette petitioned Abraham Lincoln to overturn the conviction. They claimed it was unduly harsh for “defending himself and cutting with a pencil knife. Alexander was much Robinette’s superior in strength and size, all under the impulse of the excitement of the moment.” They added Robinette was an ardent Unionist supporter.

Robinette served only one month on the sweltering Dry Tortuga. Following which he was pardoned by Lincoln. Lincoln pardoned the “unexecuted portion of his punishment.” Robinette returned to his family in Maryland and took up farming again. He died in 1903. His obituary referred to him as a “man of orderly and gentlemanly attainments.” Sounds like his great great grandson.

President Biden’s full name is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Lincoln’s pardon of Robinette only came to light recently. It lay buried for 164 years in government records.

Churches in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s began to fail. Became evil in effect.

Similar to what is occurring with some in the U.S. today. The evangelical movement is madness. An evil foreign in the U.S.

The solution lies within the churches themself. They must stand up and claim/fight to renew their former Godly interests.

General Mark Milley. former Joint Chief of Staff. He is cashing in on his retirement. The classroom, boardroom and speaker’s dais has turned him into a multimillionaire. 

Note, he only returned to civilian life last year.

Not the only general or admiral so doing. Military retirement has its financial benefits.

Today’s podcast several years old. Has to do with “double dipping,” financially via pensions and otherwise. The “otherwise most alarming. Concerns itself with opioid addictive oxycodone.



Cause of Key West swordfish and other abnormal fish behavior is still undetermined.

The British are washing less and differently. Living pressures/costs the reasons therefore.

Nearly half of the British population have reduced the number of baths they take. Twelve percent have gone from hot to cold baths. Forty two percent have cut down on the amount of water they fill the tub with. Showers have been cut 44 percent. Twenty one percent  shower at the gym or workplace to save home costs.

I am writing little about Key West itself. The reason simple. I only returned sunday night from close to 5 weeks in Mount Sinai. Still not getting out. Cannot write about that I am not yet experiencing. Bear with me.

I am writing less also. Lack the everyday energy required to pound away at the keys daily. Need a bit more time.

Ergo, I mention St. Patrick’s day 2 days early. Don’t know when I will be writing my next blog.

St. Patrick is the fifth century patron saint of Ireland. However, he was never canonized a saint. The reason is that in the fifth century the Catholic Church had not yet established sainthood. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church recognizes Patrick as a Saint.

His holiday is celebrated on March 17, the day he died.

Mississippi has the nation’s worst rates of infant mortality. Is it any wonder!

Syracuse lost again two nights ago. To North Carolina State 83-65.

 A typical end to a lackluster season.

One of the greatest names in Key West history is that of the Spottswood family. From father John to today’s family. Top of the line. Class in every regard.

The Spottswood family is moving on with the Marriott Beachside. It will no longer be referred to as such. The Spottswoods have dropped their relationship with Marriott and will operate the Beachside under its own and new name: Brightworld. A new and exciting word, it will add to the facility’s attraction. Another Spottswood family winner!

Enjoy your day!



I am trying to move slow. Get back into things a step at a time. So far I have only been home two days. Effort! Big time! No rest. So bad that yesterday afternoon, I said screw it and went to bed at 2 pm. 

Today’s blog a number of hit and miss items.

Came home to a flat tire. The way to start my home return.

Needed to see Dr. Norris. A necessity with my return.

A new pill was added to my regime in Miami. Eliquis. Twice a day. A story unto itself. For another day, however.

Other than getting tired and staying tired, I feel good. Sounds strange, I know. The sun is shining, I am shining. I can already feel the effects of my new aortic valve. Made from a pig’s ass. Medical science is amazing!

Sleeping well in the evening. Needed it! Sleeping at Mount Sinai the worst. Mattresses older than me. An actual pain in the butt the entire time I was there.

It seemed like the whole world sent me greetings one fashion or another. Several times a phone call from my Greek friend Theos. Two or three times from Jean Thornton who was calling from Hawaii where she and Joe were vacationing.

Heard yesterday from a friend from the past. One familiar to many of you. Marty Leshaw. There was a time for many years we met every night at the Chart Room and went to dinner afterwards. It was good to hear his voice again.

Can’t get away from medical people. Norris I mind not. Yesterday, a nurse appeared. I will be doing rehab for a time with her organization. I want it. Learned in Miami the value of rehab. Told here I refuse to actually start till thursday or later. I needed time to rest first.

Where is Trump going to get all the money he needs? Interesting! I would question the bond he recently purchased to cover the defamation judgements. Would have been a hell of a lot cheaper had he kept his mouth shut.

Today’s podcast is some 6 years old. Begins with the joy of Goombay and ends with Trump’s bad ways back then. Enjoy.



My grocery delivery girl Jaqueline took a bad fall at Publix. Wet floor. A ceiling leak. She has been out of work 2 days and probably will be out of work even longer.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is not his father. Not even close. I knew his Dad, admired him. His namesake is a first class nut. The best way to describe him.

He is running for President. As an independent, perhaps a Libertarian, or whatever. He has no chance of winning. Probably will not be on the ballot in all states. He will be a spoiler. Could hurt Biden more than Trump.

Again, his father he is not. His running is an example of poor erratic judgment. The kind neither his father nor Uncle Jack would ever engage in.

This Robert Hur is a nut also. A Republican and appointed special counsel to investigate Biden and documents. He appeared before Congress this week. Took the position he did not exonerate Biden. I thought he did. His testimony was so bad that bipartisanship appeared. Certain members from both sides of the aisle took him on.

Republican Congressman Ken Brooks is resigning. Not at the end of the year. Soon. Does not make sense. He must have an axe to grind. An anti-Republican one. His loss will decrease the Republican voting majority to two votes. 

Read an article this morning I found hard to digest. Understand. The U.S. is plagued with high home prices and and high interest rates. The solution suggested. Actually presented as a fact which will occur is not lower home prices. Rather longer mortgages. Suggested were 100 year mortgages.

Beyond me. Found it difficult to comprehend.

Enjoy your day!


Home again! Never want to leave again! For medical reasons, that is.

It was not the best of times. Five weeks. Just under one month in Miami’s Mount Sinai Medical Center. Two pacemaker surgeries, one heart valve surgery, two lung procedures. The real problems, the ones causing me the most pain and discomfort, involved the gout I developed in both feet for 3 weeks and constant ass pain from old beat up mattresses in the hospital.

Slept in my own bed last night for the first time. Seven hours. A record. Only slept decent in the hospital one night. Generally averaged 0-3 hours sleep a night. Drove the nurses crazy moving my body around looking for pain free comfort.

This blog will be short. Though it feels good doing a blog again.

Another joy is to have a computer available. Missed the computer.

A step back in history with today’s podcast. Seven years old. Goes back to Hurricane Irma. I had escaped to Jean and Joe Thornton’s home in Birmingham for 12 days. I did the blog seated in a chair holding my cell phone in my bedroom there.



A visit with Dr. Norris later this morning. Important. Involves the drug Eliquis. A story unto itself which I will share another day soon.

Jaqueline is picking me up 3 Monkey Smoothies early this morning from Date & Thyme. I have missed them. Will be my breakfast this morning.

Need food. The softest. Still need an upper plate. Recall I lost mine when I got sick in the ambulance the first night I passed out the last day in January. Difficult to eat/chew without an upper.

So much for today. Starting slow. Thrilled to do even this little this morning.

Enjoy your day!