A special day for my granddaughter Ally. She graduates from eighth grade. Her excitement knows no bounds!

Ally has turned into a beautiful young lady. Thoughtful. Not afraid to speak her mind.

The event 10 this morning at City Hall.

Tomorrow a big day for Ally, also. Her birthday! Fourteen.

A lot of excitement for her in a 48 hour period.

What to give her as a gift? Last year, I did good. Rang the bell. Got her a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure.

Been scratching my head as to what to give her for graduation and birthday.

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking. She is excited at the thought of attending high school. Told me she was going to all the dances.

I did not know she could dance. She can’t. Doesn’t bother her. She is confident she will learn quickly at the school dances.

Yesterday, I read an article about summer dance classes. A quick one week course. Days. Broken down into age brackets. Ally would be in the 12 and older teen age group.

That’s the gift!

Hope I ring the bell again this year.

I have been house confined the past few weeks. Today, I will be out and about. By day.

Ally’s graduation. Family lunch thereafter. An early afternoon doctor visit. I am anxious to lean the result of a further test. Then a manicure with Tammy at 3. I need one! I have Dracula nails.

All that in one day! A lot for me. When I did get out, it was only for one event. Like grocery shopping or a doctor visit.

The world awaits!

Enjoy your day!



Masturbation…..A more interesting topic than Trump.

I have reached the point where I am totally frustrated. Not with Trump, Congress, society in general. I am frustrated with the LAW. I am qualified to speak. The law was my life for 46 years.

The law is not working. Courts are being packed, the FBI investigated, a President who constantly disregards the law, no one doing what they should do, infrequent performance by government late.

The legal system is antiquated and requires upgrading.

Which brings me to the more interesting topic of masturbation.

Ann Landers was a nationally recognized advice columnist in the previous generation.

In May 1993, she discussed masturbation in her column. AIDS and unwanted pregnancies rampant at the time. Landers endorsed masturbation as a safe and realistic solution to people’s needs.

Landers noted, “Masturbation is a cheap and easy way to do it.” She also noted that her masturbation advice would not have flown 10 or 20 years earlier. The public was not ready to hear it.

I recall a fourth grade masturbation experience. Not doing it. My body had not revealed the possibility to me yet.

I attended a Catholic school. I was 8 years old, as were my class mates.

On the last day of school before summer vacation, a priest came to our classroom to talk to the boys. The girls could not remain.

He talked about masturbation. How it was self abuse, a sin, could make hair grow on our hands, render us blind. For real, that was the thrust of the talk.

We looked at each other strangely. Most if not all of us did not know what he was talking about. In fact so beyond us was the topic that we did not even discuss his talk after school.

Another more interesting topic than Trump involves a girl born in December in a San Diego Hospital. She was a preemie.

The child is believed to be the world’s tiniest surviving micro-preemie. Weighed 8.6 ounces. Not even one pound!

She has been described as the size of an apple when born.

A normal pregnancy is 39-40 weeks. The baby had been in her mother’s womb only 23 weeks 3 days.

This month she went home. Five months later. A healthy infant weighing 5 pounds.

To Mueller’s talk. The facts are all over the media. You have heard them already. I am not going to bore you with a recitation.

What bothers me is that everyone keeps passing the buck. Mueller should have called a spade a spade. I don’t buy FBI “policy” that a President cannot be indicted for a federal crime while in office. It is merely a policy. Not law. Congress never passed it. A President never signed such a bill. Even the validity of its source is questionable.

Mueller should have gone for it!

I ask, what if a President was secretly carrying a gun. Someone on federal property pissed him off. An unarmed person. The President shot and killed the individual.

Is Mueller telling us under such a fact pattern the President could not be indicted? No way. No one, even a President, is above the law.

My other unhappiness factor is based on the law increasingly not working. Whether in Washington or on the streets of America where an unarmed person is shot by the police and the police go free.

What Mueller has done is guarantee that our country will be in a state of chaos till the 2020 election. If Trump wins again in 2020, God help us! The United States will never be the same.

John McCain is a real American hero. A warship was named after his grandfather and father, both who were Admirals in the U.S. Navy. McCain’s name has been added to the vessel.

The warship is in Japanese waters. Within Trump’s view while he would be in Japan.

It has been reported the White House wanted the USS John McCain hidden. A 5/15 email between U.S. Navy and Air Force officials: “USS John McCain needs to be out of sight.”

I am not aware if Trump knew what was going on. I suspect not. However high level officials apparently did not want to upset Trump.

Trump should never have gotten into a tariff war with China. His….tariff wars are easy, I win tariff wars… not working. Ask the farmers in the midwest.

The Chinese People’s Daily is considered the government’s newspaper. It reported yesterday re the tariff war and the U.S.: “Don’t say we didn’t warn you!”

That terminology has only been used twice before. In 1962 before China’s border war with India. Then before the 1979 China-Vietnam War.

I will be out of the house at noon today. A haircut. Need one badly. Will shave before. I need a shave badly also.

Hopefully tonight I will go out for a while.

Enjoy your day!




Trump is not the only President who failed to take care of his people. In mentioning Trump, I allude to his mishandling of natural disasters. Puerto Rico and the Panhandle being two.

America’s troops in World War I were the reason the Allied forces won. They returned conquering heroes.

Twelve years later, things became tough economically. Most of the soldiers and their families were suffering.

When the World War I heroes returned home, they were each given Veterans’ Bonus Certificates. Such were to provide cash payments to veterans at some point in time.

It was 1932. The U,.S. already into the Great Depression. The veterans sought their yet unpaid bonuses. On this day in 1932, the first 1,000 veterans arrived in Washington. They were referred to as the Bonus Expeditionary Force. Within one month, the number of arriving veterans reached 20,000.

They were orderly. No disturbances. Washington police arranged for areas where they could camp.

The House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing the payment of the bonuses. The Senate failed to pass the bill.

The veterans were upset. Extremely so. They refused to go home.

The government offered to pay the cost of their return. Two thousand of the 20,000 refused the offer. They remained to protest.

Hoover was still President. He seemed not to understand the plight of the veterans. He was insensitive to their needs. He criticized them in severe words and tone.

Hoover finally would not take their presence and complaining any longer. On July 28, he ordered the Army under the command of General MacArthur evict the veterans forcibly.

MacArthur did. Not nicely. Veteran camps were burned. MacArthur drove the veterans out of Washington.

Hoover lost the next election to Roosevelt. The economy the primary reason. Forcing the veterans out of Washington similar to the treatment some migrants receive today at our southern borders.

Sloppy Joe’s birthday today. On this day in 1937, Sloppy Joe’s opened at a new location. The corner of Duval and Greene Streets. Where it still sits and operates to this day.

Joe threw an opening party at 9:30 that the evening. Free dancing and souvenirs for everyone.

This day another of importance. In 1828, Congress passed a bill establishing a territorial or federal court house in Key West. Business was beginning to boom. Primarily the salvage business. A federal court sitting in Key West was a necessity.

Irma still with us. And will be for many years to come.

One example are the canals. Money coming in piecemeal to dredge and unplug them. It was recently announced that 5 more canals will be dredged at a cost of $242,000.

The job being done piecemeal. Because the money is being allocated piecemeal.

Last night, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I was exhausted at the end of the show.

Preparation during the day no problem. I felt good. The half hour show knocked me on my ass. My normal enthusiasm diminished as the show progressed.

I am getting better, however.

National and international news has been relatively quiet the past 2 days. I ascribe it to Trump being less nasty than normal. Perhaps he was tired from his trip to Japan.

Mount Everest has been in the news the past few days. It was on this day in 1953 that Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached he top of he highest mountain in the world. They were the first to do so.

This month 11 have already died trying to reach the summit.

Hillary and Norgay’s accomplishment significant. So much so that the Queen of England knighted Hillary. Norgay could not be knighted since he was not a British citizen. He received the British Empire Medal, however.

As I was preparing to proof this blog, Robert Mueller appeared on TV. He read a prepared statement. I am not getting into the details at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow. However, I do have one point to make.

Everyone, including Mueller, is pussy footing around with conclusions, who can do what, etc. The problem seems to be the “policy” that a sitting President cannot be indicted. Such is not law. It is a Department of Justice policy. Which means though it may have some importance, it does not have the power of law.

Another thing is a basic one soon learns upon entering law school. There are no absolutes. Every law, every rule, is subject to exception.

I am grossly disappointed (1) with Mueller’s Report and (2) Mueller himself. In this instance, he has failed his country.

Enjoy your day!




Terri just called. Donna has been admitted to the hospital this morning. Pneumonia.

Donna and Terri have been physically badgered in recent years. Hit with a number of serious illnesses.

Tough ladies!

Donna being sick bad in itself. Worst because last week Terri’s cancer doctors told her she was in remission.

Sometimes you just can’t win.

Speaking of illnesses, I remained home again last night. Energy a problem. Did go out around noon to Publix. Needed food. I am encouraged I did not get tired while shopping.

I spent a good portion of last year dieting. A low carb diet. Lost 62 pounds. High fat/low carb. Doctor now tells me to go on a low fat/high carb diet.

I can’t win.

This morning’s Key West Citizen has a right on cartoon on the editorial page. A woman speaking on the telephone. The woman is saying, “Yeah…..same guy who said we could get a border wall and Mexico would pay for it.” The person on the other end of the line responds, “And my trade war won’t cost you anything! China will pay for it.”

Three years ago, California was having serious drought problems. Water scarce. Fruit, vegetable and nut crops suffering. I wrote at the time that China was buying up acres of California farmland.

China and other countries have continued to buy American farmland. A significant portion of American farmland today is foreign owned. Nearly 30 million acres is held by foreign investors.

The median age of farmers is 55. Many face retirement. There is no prospect of their children taking over. Most are neither interested nor impressed with their parents farming lives. Which means that in years to come, more and more U.S. farmland will be owned by foreigners.

Not a healthy scenario.

Memorial Day is behind us. The reminder to honor our war dead remains.

I read something last night that hit home: “The best way to honor fallen soldiers is to stop sending troops to war.”

Unfortunately, though true, the thought idealistic. Man loves war. Otherwise man would not have been and be engaged in so many. War is intrinsic to man’s nature.

Examine the U.S. for a moment. Engaged in 17 wars at the present time. If  Trump continues trumping as he has, we may be in more.

Recall U.S. history. One war after another. And more looming.

Julianna Margulies is one of America’s finest actresses.

She recommends not forgetting a friend’s birthday: “The reason I met my husband was because I remembered my friend’s birthday. The moral of the story is: Remember people’s birthdays.”

Tonight my podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My health not affecting the show being done. Probably because I love doing it.

Join me tonight at 9. Louis ranting and raving about whatever is of concern to him at the moment. Guaranteed you will enjoy!

Enjoy your day!




Today is Memorial Day. A time when we honor our military dead.

Memorial Day had a strange beginning. One that few know about. It is buried in the annals of history to a time immediately following the Civil War.

In those years, former Union General John A. Logan took a holiday originated by former Confederates and helped spread it across the entire country.

General Logan was the head of the largest Union veterans’ fraternity. The Grand Army of the Republic. Logan observed something that surprised him. A unexpected happening.

The people of the South were honoring Union War dead who had been laid to rest in Southern cemeteries.

The first Memorial day occurred in 1866 in Columbus, Georgia. Southerners had decorated the graves of Confederate soldiers. The Southerners included women.

The women did the unexpected. They also decorated the graves of their former enemies who had fought for the Union.

The Nation lauded the ladies. Described their action as “beautiful” and “unselfish.”

A northern Judge, Francis Miles Finch, wrote a poem commemorating what had been done by the Southern ladies. The Blue and the Gray. Finch considered the actions of the Southern ladies to be inspirational. He said, “It struck me that the South was holding out a friendly hand, and that it was our duty, not only as conquerors, but as men and their fellow citizens of the Nation, to grasp it.”

A significant line in the poem: “They banish our anger forever when they laurel the graves of our dead.”

The North quickly adopted the Southern custom of Memorial Day. It was thought to also include “burying the hatchet.” The Southern dead were to be considered brave men.

Feeling spread rapidly. By 1868, the U.S. had adopted the holiday.

A 10 year old Northern girl whose father had died in the Civil War made a wreath of flowers. She sent the wreath with a note to the overseer of the holiday in Lafayette, Indiana. The note read: “Will you please put this wreath upon some rebel soldier’s grave? My dear papa is buried at Andersonville and perhaps some little girl will be kind enough to put a few flowers on his grave.”

The Memorial Day flower laying on all graves was part of Lincoln’s hope for reconciliation. As Lincoln said, “Malice toward none… for all.”

Within 3 yeas of the Civil War’s end, Memorial Day had become a manifestation of Lincoln’s hope for reconciliation between the North and South.

Leave it to the women! They always seem to get things right.

Big sea-faring day in Key West yesterday. The Minimal Regatta. A typical quirky Key West adventure providing merriment for spectators.

The Regatta is held annually in front of Schooner Wharf. Hundreds lining the boardwalk. Homemade boats of plywood and duct tape racing. Few complete the race. The boats fall apart.

Everyone has a good time! Participants and spectators.

An asteroid is going to pass over Key west and the Eastern Seaboard at 7:05 tonight. Not close. Three million two hundred thousand miles away. Such being more than 12 times the distance between Earth and Moon.

The asteroid consists of the asteroid and its moon. So referred to. Not exactly correct. The asteroids are 2 rocks. The larger one .08 miles wide. The smaller less than 2 times the big one and elongated..

The asteroids are no threat. Too far away.

Key West and measles. Various disease control centers consider Key West ripe for a measles attack. Tourists the reason. Measles could be brought in by tourists each day.

Fortunately, no measles cases reported as yet. Hopefully none will be.

I made a mistake for which I am truly sorry.

In my 5/25 blog, I chastise Trump because he would be in Japan on Memorial Day rather than at Arlington Cemetery honoring our war dead. Especially since the Japan trip appeared more social than business.

Before the day ended, I heard from Ron in the Comment section to the blog. He pointed out my error. I checked. Ron was correct. I had misspoken.

Trump and Melania made an unannounced visit to Arlington Cemetery before leaving for Japan. They were at Arlington last thursday and participated with the U.S. Army’s famed Old Guard in placing flags at the graves of the fallen. Trump and Melania assisted in placing some. They also placed a flag at the headstone of Frank Buckles, the last living World War I veteran.

My apologies to the President and you my readers.

Some things I do not understand. A federal Court Judge ruled several days ago that the subpoenas served on Deutsche Bank and Capital One had to be obeyed. Personal bank records of Trump, his children, his family, and the Trump organization had to be turned over to 2 different Congressional Committees.

As expected, Trump appealed.

Late friday, it was announced that “by agreement” the Congressional Committees and Trump had agreed to hold up the execution of the subpoenas till Trump’s appeal was concluded. The appeal is to be heard on an accelerated basis. Probably in late July.

Why the agreement? The Democrats are moving ever too slowly. The Republicans would never be as cooperative if the situation were reversed.

Back in my college days, 5 Day Deodorant Pads hit the market. Big time! Many only bathed once a week at that time.

The 5 Dayers were small round gauze pads soaked in some kind of anti-perspirant. One swab did it!

I have not seen nor heard of 5 Day Pads in years.

Yesterday, an advertisement popped up on my computer screen. Old Spice 48 Hour Protection. An anti-perspirant spray.

I checked Old Spice out. Yes, they do have such a spray and are marketing it. Those who use it only have to bathe every other say.

While searching re the Old Spice one, I discovered the 5 Day Deodorant Pad is alive and still selling. Over the internet and at Walgreens.

Merely sharing. Have no opinion.

Enjoy your day!




The shame of it all…..

Bayer is the well known producer of Bayer Aspirin. Bayer’s past a dark one.

Bayer a German company. Founded in 1863. It is most well known for the discovery of aspirin.

In 1925, six German companies merged to form the German conglomerate IG Farben.

Bayer continued to operate under the Bayer name while part of the conglomerate.

Following World War II, IG Farben went through two splits. The last one resulting in 3 companies, one of which is the Bayer known today.

I have taken the time to briefly spell out mergers, etc. since most historians refer to the World War II activities, to be described herein, as having been conducted by Bayer. Bayer at the time operating as a part of IG Farben.

Note that Helge Wehmeir, Bayer CEO, offered a public apology in 1995 for Bayer’s actions during World War II (covering years before World War II also – 1935-45) and the Holocaust.

Now for that which contributed to Bayer’s dark past.

Auschwitz was more than a concentration camp. A plant was constructed on Auschwitz grounds that was owned 100 percent by IG Farben. Known as Auschwitz III. The plant was the largest in the world producing gasoline and rubber.

Prisoners considered appropriate candidates were sent to the factory. For labor and human experiments. Non concentration persons were sent to Auschwitz III to work as slave laborers. Half of the 300,00 workers were slave labor or conscripts, 30,000 Auschwitz prisoners.

Auschwitz prisoners were used for human experiments for a new vaccine being developed. All died from the testing. Those sent to the gas chambers were privy to the synthetic gas Zykion-B, invented by IG Farben.

A group of 150 ladies were sent to Auschwitz III. Bayer injected not before tested chemicals into the women while seeking a cure for tuberculosis. All 150 ladies died.

Another prisoner  at age 13 was given tablets and pills as part of a birth control test. The birth control was permanent. She is still alive. She has never been able to conceive.

Dr. Victor Capesius conducted many of the tests. He worked for Bayer. He assisted Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death, with genetic experiments on children.

Bayer purchased from the Germans certain of the victims experimented upon. They were sold and paid for like buying cattle. The number and price were negotiated and a contract signed.

Helmuth Vetter was an Auschwitz physician. He was also an SS captain. He drew 2 pay checks. One from the SS and the other Bayer.

One of Vetter’s experiments involved finding new anesthetics. He negotiated and bought 150 female inmates for which he paid RM 170. The women arrived in good condition. As a a result of the experiment, they all died.

Vetter merely requested in writing another 150 ladies at the same price.

The Auschwitz factory was not the only place human testing was done. IG Farben had its own concentration camp. Chemicals and vaccines were tested both on the sick and healthy. Injections, pills, enemas and powders were used. Many became seriously ill or died.

Fritz ter Meer was a IG Farben director and Nazi Party member. He directed Bayer operations at the Auschwitz plant. Tried at Nuremberg, he was sentenced to 7 years in prison. He was released after only serving 2 years.

Meer was elected Chair of Bayer’s Advisory Board in 1956 and so served till 1964.

An additional 23 Farben board members and executives were tried at Nuremberg. None received long jail terms. All released early. All were back to work assisting the German pharmaceutical industry soon after their release.

IG Farben was a huge donor to  Hitler’s electoral campaign and a supporter of the Nazis.

IG Farben worked closely with the Nazi Party to operate many plants in European cities seized by the Germans. The conglomerate also held stock in and was represented on the Board of companies which produced the gas used in Holocaust gas chambers.

Some historians suggest that without IG Farben, Hitler could not have risen to power and there would not have been a second World War.

Bayer’s story.

Enjoy your day!


On May 29, 1953, Edmund Hillary became the first man to reach the top of Mount Everest. He was accompanied by his guide Tenzing Norgay.

A monumental feat! Everest 29,029 feet.

Many had tried before Hillary. None succeeded. A successful climb thought to be impossible. Today, a piece of cake.

They climb by the hundreds. Last year 807. Many at one time. More expected this year.

There is a picture taken this week floating about the internet. It shows an approximate quarter mile of climbers standing next to each other as they wait to make the last part of their ascent. The photo shows the climbers at the top and runs down vertically to those standing in deep snow and cold waiting to move forward.

The climb is as deadly today as when Hillary accomplished it in 1953. Climbers are subjected to lethal conditions. Primarily frostbite and altitude sickness.

Not all make it to the top. Not all make it back down. They die both on ascent and decent.This past week alone 10 have died. Male and female.

One man died while standing in line to make it to the top. The line had not moved in 12 hours. He died standing in place.

A dangerous sport! A true accomplishment!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. Parades, parties, cookouts, etc. A federal holiday. The purpose of Memorial Day to remember and honor those who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Memorial Day always celebrated on the last monday in May.

Typically, the President on Memorial Day  appears at Arlington Cemetery and places a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Trump will not be there. Instead he is in Japan attending as he described it “a very big event.” Represented to him as bigger than the Super Bowl. The crowning of the new Emperor.

Trump will also be attending a banquet honoring the Emperor Naruhito.

In addition, the finale of Japan’s Grand Sumo Wrestling Tournament.

The trip more pleasure than official. Trump says some negotiating will go on re tariffs since he wants a better deal for the U.S.

I am going to get a lot of adverse mail. I believe Trump’s place on monday should be at Arlington Cemetery paying homage to those who died in the service of our country. It is the President’s place on Memorial Day. Those lying beneath the white crosses so perfectly lined might cause Trump to realize that they who lay beneath made it possible for him to stand there as President. I might also add that many who lie at Arlington died in our war with Japan.

It might also serve to make Trump think twice before he decides to commit American troops to another war on a foreign land. We are in 17 already. We do not need another.

Trump is AMERICA FIRST. His line. During the campaign and since. He must have forgotten.

Canadian blogger Ian Welsh in a recent article made 2 observations re Trump.

First, “The presence of Trump in the White House is an unprecedented emergency and an enormous support of anxiety, and real day to day stress.”

The other, “My way, or the highway to apocalypse.”

Love the last line.

Never made it out last night. Perhaps tonight.

Enjoy your day!





Yesterday afternoon, Trump was surrounded by a few farmers and many Staff members and Cabinet officials. He dealt with 2 issues. One was berating Nancy Pelosi. The other announcing he was giving $16 billion to help farmers. Too little.

Last year, he provided $12 million. A drop in the bucket also. He made a big deal yesterday of the way less than adequate appropriation.

The farmers, especially midwest ones, are suffering, losing their farms, etc., because of the Trump’ inspired tariff war with China. Now he rides in like the man on the white charger to help those he has hurt the most.

China could literally kill the U.S. economy by selling off large chunks of U.S. Treasury bonds it holds. China is the U.S.’ biggest creditor outside Social Security. China holds $1.2 trillion of our Treasury bonds.

All is fair in love and war.

If China sells off all or a significant amount of the Treasury bonds, the U.S. would suffer big time. Woe would be us. Such would raise America’s borrowing costs, weaken the U.S. dollar, and plunge global markets into chaos.

China is handling its end of the tariff war simply. Beyond imposing its own tariffs, it has told its people not to buy Kentucky Fried Chicken. A big seller in China. If China follows up, the next step could be selling off large chunks of its U.S. Treasuries. If so, it will not only be the farmers suffering. The entire Nation will.

Trump appears to have met his match in Pelosi.

Trump did what can only be described as a stupid thing yesterday. He edited/altered a video of Pelosi speaking and tweeted it. The alterations included Pelosi stumbling over her words, stammering, and repeating herself.

Dirty play even for politics. A perfect example of fake news.

On this day in 1943, a new doctor arrived at Auschwitz. Joseph Mengle. He became known as the “Angel of Death.” He experimented on the inmates. Diabolical surgeries. Most the patients did not survive. It bothered Mengle not. It was all being done in the interest of science.

Another Angel of Death is on the scene today. One who has labeled himself the “Grim Reaper.” Proudly so. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell controls what gets to the Senate floor for debate and vote.

The House of Representatives have passed a multitude of bills which now sit on McConnell’s desk awaiting attention by the Senate. Bills affecting medical care, the climate, etc. All good things.

By sitting on them and not giving the bills an opportunity to be heard, McConnell is playing politics. Good for the Republican Party. Bad for all others. Not the way the game is supposed to be played.

McConnell is also thwarting Democratic proposals that he views as socialistic. They remain on his desk.

The man is relentless in the pursuit of political power over the good of the country.

He has promised he would continue such action if he were still Majority Leader following the 2020 election. At a recent speech in his native Nevada, McConnell said, “Let me be clear. I will be the Grim Reaper in the Senate when it comes to socialist schemes that would destroy jobs, private health insurance, and the free enterprise system.”

Trump has already begun his attack on “socialism.” It will be a major campaign issue in 2020. A false scenario is being presented: Socialists are Communists, progressivism is socialism. McConnell is carrying the President’s water.

The power of any nation is its people. Ultimately the people of the U.S. will recognize the damage being done to the U.S. by Trump, McConnell, and the Republican Party. A Democrat will be elected President and both Houses will be Democratic.

I hope.

I sense a storm rising. A growing unhappiness with Trump and his policies.

A measles update. The measles epidemic is world wide.

The Philippines have been hit hard. Since January, it has experienced 33,000 cases. Four hundred sixty six of that number have died.

The cause for the exceptionally high numbers in the Philippines is two-fold. The population has a general distrust of vaccines and a decline in routine childhood immunizations.

Stayed in again last night. Feeling better. Going out tonight. I need to be with people.

Enjoy your day!


In 1965, the main ship channel off Key West was dredged to a depth of 35 feet. The first step in creating/building an island where one had not existed before. Fill then was used to create the island. One million one hundred thousand cubic yards.

There was a need for the island. The Navy required a fuel stowage facility. When completed and put to use, the new island was referred to as Tank Island. It so remained till 1994 when the Navy stopped using the island.

The island remained unused and uninhabited for several years. Except for some natives who illegally camped there and called it home.

Then Sunset Key came into being. A very special place. Private residences in the multi-million dollar range. Special guest cottages. And…..Latitudes!

Latitudes is one of the finest restaurants in the lower Keys. Perhaps the finest. Beautiful. Magnificent. A view to die for. Food superior. Service equal. Pricey. Worth every penny.

Reservations a definite.

Arriving at Latitudes an experience in itself. Sunset Key is 500 yards off Key West. Latitudes provides a boat to take its customers back and forth. A unique experience in itself.

Try Latitudes. You will love it!

Another doctor visit yesterday. My heart is good. Which leaves my problems somewhere in my trunk. We are down to the lower stomach.

I have been assured not cancer. Something screwed up, however.

The extreme tiredness has curtailed my night life. I probably needed a rest after all these years. However, I am anxious to return. I miss the Chart Room, my friends, and the acquaintances I am fortunate to make.

Trump continues to ignore Florida’s Panhandle. Financial support promised several times. Arrives in very small amounts. Accomplishes in effect nothing.

Mexico Beach is the smallest Panhandle community to have been hit by Hurricane Michael. A direct hit as a category 5 storm. Eighty percent of the buildings destroyed.

The people of Mexico Beach consider themselves “forgotten.” They have been, they are.

Trump has to put money where is mouth is. Talk is cheap. He should put up, must put up. He is treating Mexico Beach like Puerto Rico.

You can only hide things so long. Trump is finding that out.

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled the Deutsche Bank and Capital One banking records of the Trump family are subject to Congressional review. The subpoenas served are good and must be obeyed.

The noose is tightening. Trump will appeal. I doubt any appellate court will overturn yesterday’s decision.

China will fight the tariff war on all fronts. The nature of the Chinese people.

The Chinese government yesterday began a “boycott” of American goods. The people were told not to buy American products and to stop going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC is big in China.

Pain on all fronts!

Michael Snyder is a national journalist. I enjoy his writings. He published one yesterday on the economy.

Snyder asked if the economy is so good, why are large U.S. corporations laying off thousands of workers?

Layoffs come with a recession. Trump tells us no recession. Best economy ever!

Snyder senses the country is already in recession. He believes the economy numbers that Trump relies on are not honest.

I wrote similarly two weeks ago. I claimed how can we rely on anything a person says who lies about every thing. Who refuses to provide his tax returns which probably will reflect financial chicanery.

Snyder wrote the corporations are letting workers go because of “a slower than expected 2019.”

He supports his position with Ford’s recent announcement it will be laying off 7,000. He further substantiates his position with the announced layoffs to come at other large corporations. Nestle 4,000, 3M 2,000, MGM Resorts 1,000. He also sets forth the announcement by Dressban that it is closing all of its 650 stores.

Enjoy your day!





There is something else going on in Washington besides Congressional oversight of Trump. Government still goes on. Bills are passed by the House. At the present time, Trump, Pelosi and Schumer are scheduled to meet concerning the budget.

Re the budget, Trump announced yesterday if he does not get his wall, he will shut the government down. Monies for the wall have to be spelled out in the budget.

The man is crazy. Power crazy.

My podcast show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I enjoyed doing the show. Great topics. Including Alabama and abortion, life in the 2040’s, Don McGahn’s lack of character, and Trump and the Lincoln Memorial.

Once a year, Key West replenishes the sand on its beaches. The operation this year begins today. Expected to take 2 weeks. Smathers Beach first.

This is nesting season for turtles. Their safety a concern. Volunteers each morning will walk the beaches to identify and mark new nests.

‘KONK Life’s E-Blast ran a series of photos of Marvin Keys these days. What a difference from when I use to frequent Marvin Key. Howard Livingston (before he became “Howard Livingston) used to take me out.

I have not been in 20 years. When I was a frequent visitor, my friends and I were generally alone. Sometimes, another boat or two, though rarely.

E-Blast’s photos this morning show the difference. Tons of boats.People enjoying.

Marvin Key was a secret when Howard took me. No more.

The shame of it all. The Farmers Market at Bayview Park is no more. I have not been able yet to find out why.

Many the thursday I would stop at Farmers Market. My purchases the same. Bread and tomatoes.

The Market always had a steady group of customers. I find it strange that it is no more.

Words of wisdom many times can be found in the Citizens Voice column of the Key West Citizen.

A gem this morning: “What did you people do to this island? It was like St. Barts in the ’70s. Quiet, friendly, no traffic, a laid back paradise. Now it reminds me of Tijuana. I hope you all got rich!”

A photo of a Great White Shark appears in both E-Blast and the Key West Citizen this morning. On this day in 1956, Captain Tony Lones caught the Great White. Weighed 2,300 pounds.

Big! Too big! Appeared it could swallow a person in one or two bites.

Think things are bad with Congress today? No way. Far worse in the 1850’s leading up to the Civil War.

In 1856, a Southern Congressman went onto the floor of the Senate. He beat a Northern Senator with his cane. The hot issue of the day was the continued observance of Kansas as a free state.

The caning a symbol of uncompromising hostility over an issue. Just like today.

China’s President XI recently said, “China is embarking on a new long march.” Such signaling no resolution to the tariff war with the U.S. in the near future.

Recall Trump’s campaign words: “Tariffs are good. I know how to win tariff wars.”

Tell it to the farmers in the midwest who cannot sell their soybeans and corn, tell it to the public who soon will be paying more for most things. All because of the Trump inspired China tariff war.

Enjoy your day!