I generally eat at Outback once a week. I have always considered Outback good food at a good price. Last night I discovered the food is still good. However, the price is not. Outback has raised  prices regarding certain items. Perhaps deviously.

I generally order a prime rib. The middle priced cut. Like $16.95. Two vegetables or sides came with it at no additional charge. I always ordered steamed vegetables and a baked potato.

Last night, the steamed veggies and potato cost me an extra $7.95. An $8 increase basically. I was required to order them seperately. What previously had cost $16.95 was now $25. A thirty per cent jump in one shot.

Outback had a new menu. Items had been moved around. I discovered the change/increase before ordering. Was I to beat on the young waitress? I ordered and paid. However Outback has lost me as a regular customer.

Previous to Outback, I had been at Don’s Place and the Chart Room.

The remnants of Wednesday golf were still at Don’s. Don, Tom and Boomer. Hershel, also. We chatted. Bocce primarily. Bocce season is upon us once more. We play tonight. It will be my first time in the new season. I missed last week because of the grandkids and Wizard of Oz.

The Chart Room walls were splitting. So many people! No question. It is the height of the season.

I talked with Peter and Emily.

I spent the afternoon writing next week’s KONK Life column. The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Written from my perspective. Suggesting the whys involved. My premise was to the effect that the Catholic Church is presently facing its own hell.

Sequester/sequestration is all over the news. When does it actually go into effect? Today at midnight? Tomorrow at midnight?


I researched the question. Turns out the answer is two pronged. It involves the President signing and a fixed time for his signature.

Sequestration goes into effect when the President signs a document so stating. The President is required by law to sign the document no later than 11:59 friday evening.


The Republican and Democratic leaders are meeting with the President tomorrow during the day. Last minute again. Even if they agree to something, I assume it will have to be approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate. Can’t be done prior to 11:59 friday night. Most of them are not in Washington. They are home. Our legislators only work three days a week. Tuesday through thursday.

A contemporary died yesterday. Van Cliburn. He was 78. I am 77.

No one had heard of Van Cliburn till he won the 1958 Moscow Competition for concert pianists. He was 23 at the time. A big deal winning. The U.S. and Russia were at each other’s throats. It was surprising an American won.

Van Cliburn received a ticker tape parade up Broadway when he returned home to the United States. Though his modus operandi was conservative piano playing, he acquired rock star status world wide.

I sometimes think I am losing it mentally. In yesterday’s blog, I said Syracuse was playing Connecticut last night. Syracuse did not play Connecticut. They did not play anyone. There was no game scheduled.

Tomorrow the Key West Lou Legal Hour. My TV/internet show. Ten in the morning my time. Join me. As usual, it will be terrific. Such modesty! But it is good!

Another crazy week. I shall be hitting on sequestration and the Pope, of course. Plus the hot air balloon accident in Egypt, Michelle Obama, the results of the Italian election, the Walmart employee who ate one bag of Oreos and has been charged with a felony, E. Howard Hunt’s death bed confession, the claim Budweiser being watered down, and more.

Please join me.

The show is available on television from Key West north through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Also on the internet world wide. www.tvchannel19.com.

Enjoy your day!







It is all over TV and the internet this morning! It is the news of the day. Even pushed sequestration aside.

The report is that several lawsuits have been filed recently against Anheuser-Busch alleging the Company has been watering down certain of its beers since 2008. In other words, what was in the bottle was not as potent as the alcohol content on the label.

The news definitely will be of interest to Key Westers. My sense has always been that Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser was the beer of choice in Key West. Budweiser is one of the brands it is claimed was watered down.

The topic of choice today on the golf course, at Don’s place and the Chart Room, will be the claim Bud is watered down.

It was blog talk radio time last night. The Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou show.

The numbers post show indicate a definite increase in listeners. Still the call ins are not there. I had only one last night.There is an old song that has a line…..all alone by the telephone. Please, do not make me an old maid!

I had planned on writing a bit this morning re Key West weather. It has been absolutely perfect the past few days. Hovering around 85 degrees. Even hit 87 two days ago.

Not this morning. Raining a steady drizzle and damp. It is rare for Key West to feel damp, rain or no rain.

Strange weather this year.

I spent yesterday afternoon researching. I got tired after a while. Went outside and laid on a lounge for about an hour. I have not been getting enough sun lately. I am beginning to look pale. Like tourists their first day in Key West.

Syracuse basketball again tonight. We play Connecticut. Connecticut beat us two weeks ago. They should not have. But did. I suspect Syracuse will win tonight. The team has to make up for that defeat and the beating Georgetown gave them over the weekend.

We shall see. I will be at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Bar watching the game.

Enjoy your day!







Tuesday again! The week moves swiftly. Tonight is my Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou show. Blog talk radio. Listen or call in on the internet. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Everything discussed. Some of the topics tonight may involve sequestration, what the Italian election results mean, Syracuse basketball, Pope Benedict’s resignation, austerity v. stimulus, and Time Magazine’s recent article regarding outrageous medical bills.

You can call in to chat with me. Disagree or whatever. If you know before hand that you will be calling in, I suggest you do it 10 minutes before. Calls are taken in the order received. If you decide to call in while the show is on, do so. There may not be anyone in line waiting.

The show is a mere half hour. Interesting and exciting. Insightful. You will enjoy!

If you have not read last week’s Time magazine article on why medical costs are killing us, do so. You will be doing yourself a favor. It is an eye opener. Steven Brill wrote it. The article is available free on the internet.

A thought occurs to me. If hospital and doctor bills are so far out of line, why do the insurance companies pay them? A thought inspiring question!

This morning’s news tell us a hot air balloon blew up over Egypt. Twenty one passengers on board. Eighteen killed.

Three years ago while in Arizona, I took an air balloon ride. First time. Looked interesting.

There were 19 of us on board. What appears to be a small bucket under the balloon, is really large. Compared to the ballon, it is small.

Hot air balloons have captains that operate them. The process involves fire and gases. Wind actually is a minor component. I asked the captain if the balloons ever blew up. He said, “No way!”

The Italian election results are in. No clear winner. There will probably be another election in a couple of weeks.

The decided loser was present Prime Minister Monti. His party received less than 10 per cent of the vote. So much for austerity as far as the people were concerned.

Berlusconi and Bersani’s parties ran closely together. It is doubted a coalition government can be formed.

The why  I am sharing this information with you. Fifty seven per cent of the Italian people voted in effect against austerity. Their cry could be labeled as stimulus over austerity in order to recover economically.

The election results will have an immediate heavy impact. The euro is in trouble.  European banking as a whole is in trouble. It is doubtful Germany will be paid back any monies in the immediate future.

My day yesterday started with the dentist. Again. I have another appointment thursday.

I visited with Lisa afterwards.

In the afternoon, I wrote two short stories. The Bakery and Grandpa Asserts Himself. Both will be in the book of short stories I hope to publish at some point this year.

The Chart Room in the evening. David and I had some interesting discussions. Especially regarding the Academy Awards. We disagreed on who looked good and who terrible.

Mary was bartending. She joined in the talks on occasion.

I wanted to do more after I left the Chart Room. I walked over to Sloppy Joe’s. Sloppy’s is not one of my favorite places. I rarely go there. Too crowded and too noisy for me.

I had a drink at the bar. The place was packed with tourists. It is the music that bothers me. I guess  have gotten old. I left after one drink.

A reminder again. My blog talk radio show this evening at 9. Please join me, if you can.

Enjoy your day!




Key West is full of surprises!

Frankie the Plumber had heavy duty heart surgery in November. The bills were overwhelming. A fund raiser was thrown for him yesterday at Don’s Place.

A success! I do not know the final dollars. However more than 1,000 people attended. Don’s parking lot was full of colorful tents. It was like a street feast. Food and drink galore. Music.

Frankie looked good. A bit on the thin side. Says he will return to bocce next thursday. He is one of my bocce partners. His wife Sandy was her usual beautiful sedate self. A woman of class.

Jill is to be credited with the success of the event. Jill is Don’s outside bartender. She is also the hoola hoop queen I talk about on occasion. Jill recently started a band. It has a strange name. 40 Ft. Sharpie. I doubt anyone could forget such a name.

The band was there and played. Sounded good. I see success in the offing.

Jill was running around coordinating everything. Wearing a dress. First time I had seen her in a dress. Lovely.

Larry Smith was there. Larry is a Key West character and icon. He is on his annual Lenten diet. No alcohol and no food for 40 days. Tough. He lives on some liquid concoction. Larry does not necessarily do it to lose weight. He says it is to clean himself out.

Larry and Christine told us about the rooster fight the day before. There were two roosters fighting on their front porch. One was killed. Larry wanted Christine to pick it up, clean it  and cook it. I sometimes think the lack of food is affecting Larry’s brain. No way was Christine going to touch the dead rooster or eat it.

Larry telephoned his mother up north. How do I cook it, Mom? Pick it up by the legs she tells him and hold it in a pot of boiling water. Then remove the feathers and so on.

Larry figures Don might know so he telephoned Don. Don says are you crazy? The chicken is fill of germs inside and out.

The chicken ended up where it belonged. In Larry’s trash can.

I stopped at the Old Island Days Art Festival on the way home. The festival is held every year at this time on Whitehead in front of Truman Annex. It has grown over the years. Now it runs into Truman Annex, also.

I enjoy a quick walk taking in the booths of art work, jewelry, clothing, etc. All consistent with island living and folklore.

The Little White House is located on the grounds of Truman Annex. Harry Truman vacationed there many times while President. Every year at the Festival I have seen Harry Truman walking along Whitehead viewing the booths and nodding his head in a hello to the spectators.

The guy looks like Harry Truman! For real! Dressed as the Presidnet had. Including straw hat and cane. I missed him yesterday. I was disappointed.

The Academy Awards last night. Enjoyed the show from the comfort of my bed. I thought it was one of the best produced Academy Award shows ever. Pure pleasure and nostalgia.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Tuesday is Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show. Nine in the evening. A half hour of current events discussion. Call in and chat with me. We will probably cover sequestration, the idiots in Washington, Syracuse basketball, the Vatican, and whatever else might tickle your fancy. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

I have to run. Another dentist visit.

Enjoy your day!




My heart cannot take much more of Syracuse basketball this season! It is constantly in my throat.

It is a game by game situation. One good game followed by three bad ones. Not good for my health!

Yesterday blew me out. Syracuse played long time foe Georgetown. I expected a close game. The Vegas line had us up by 7. Syracuse lost by 11.

What bothers me is why we lost. I read a couple of reports on the game this morning. No one is calling a spade a spade. Syracuse lost because it could not play against Georgetown’s zone defense. Plain and simple. Syracuse could not get a decent shot off from any where.

Boeheim says the team did not shoot well and that is the reason for the loss. With all due respect, it goes a step further. We could not penetrate effectively against Georgetown’s zone defense. That is why Syracuse did not shoot well.

Coach Louis suggests Syracuse practice big time over the next few days as to how to play against a zone defense. I see a lot of teams utilizing the zone defense against Syracuse in future games.

Son in law Corey has been affiliated with the Mel Fisher Museum for about a quarter of a century. He is the Museum’s Chief Archaeologist.

Corey has come up with a brilliant idea to educate people as to the wonders of underwater ship discovery and subsequent restoration. Mel Fisher will be scheduling evening get togethers to explain how a ship wreck is discovered and the ship and its contents restored. An interesting process. I have already been exposed to it.

The cost for an evening of fun and marvel is $20 per person. Do it alone, with your better half or with a group of friends. Telephone 305-294-633, extension 22, for reservations.

Big day today!

Frankie the Plumber had massive heart surgery recently. He is still mending. A fundraiser to help with the medical costs is being held this afternoon from 1-6 at Don’s Place. Everyone come! Frankie is the best of the best.

Then tonight the Academy Awards. I love watching the award show every year. Will be doing so this evening from the comfort of my bed.

Italy’s national election starts today. It is already underway. A two day event. Will end tomorrow evening. I am curious to see the direction the Italian people take.

Sloan and I worked together yesterday morning. She is educating me step by step. I am getting pretty familiar with my tablet. Published my first photo on Facebook. A big deal for me!

The Chart Room first last night. Peter and JJ there. Peter and I had a good discussion concerning Block island. He sailed into Block many times. I did a couple of times and also rented homes a few summers. A great place for a summer vacation!

Tourists included a Delaware couple and a group from Cleveland. All were repeat visitors to Key West. Having a terrific time!

JJ was surprised I was doing a TV show. He happened upon it friday morning. He had to run so he taped it for future viewing. Another viewer! That makes 3. No, I am joking. Fortunately, many are enjoying the show. From 35 different countries roughly.

There was no room at Outback. I walked over to the Chinese restaurant for dinner. I should not have. Ate too much. Enjoyed every morsel, however. I will have an extra 2 pounds of water bloat for a couple of days.

A very old friend and I crossed paths again. Dee. I met Dee for the first time 25 years ago.  The last time I saw her was 10 years ago. We ran into each other friday evening.

I mentioned to Dee her face, eyes and neck looked strange. Bloated. I wanted to be delicate. Our first meeting in 10 years. She could have gotten fat. I doubted that was the cause, however.

Her eyes were puffy slits. I asked if she was taking steroids or had a thyroid problem. No.

Whatever, I roused Dee’s concern. She went to the emergency room yesterday afternoon at 2 and was released at 10 in the evening. She was on intravenous and got two shots in the butt during that time.

Dee has a cat. Her cat would not come out from under the bed. Dee reached in for the cat. The cat scratched her arm several times. Whatever cat infection can occur, Dee got. Supposedly very dangerous. Gets in one’s glands also. Can be fatal.

I told Dee she owes me. I saved her life.

Enjoy your sunday!





Nothing is more important than bocce! Except the grandkids.

The new bocce season began thursday night. I missed it. I was at the Key West High School watching Robert and Ally perform in the Wizard of Oz.

My team did well without me. They won all three games! Hopefully the start of a terrific season for us.

My TV/internet show was yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. It is supposedly being You Tubed. I am not certain if yesterday’s show was. It has been sort of hit and miss. I am trying to have the situation corrected.

My discussion of Time Magazine’s brilliant article on why medical bills are killing us was the most popular. Without peer. Steven Brill’s article is an eye opener. All 18 pages are available free on the internet. I suggest you read it.

The cupboard was bare. It was Publix time. I forgot to buy a lottery ticket.

I wrote next week’s column for KONK Life. Titled it A Little Bit Of Everything. I quick hit on several topics venting my feelings about the issues. Things like the Key West $17 million lottery winner, Key West being one of four cities nationally where women earn more than men, China and cybertheft, sequestration, and Berlusconi and sunday’s election.

A pleasant evening last night.

There was supposed to be a showing of Jack Baron’s works at the Joy Gallery on Duval. I walked up and down the street. Could not find Joy Gallery. The phone book said 1100 block of Duval. Not there. I will telephone today to find out where it is. I suspect the gallery has moved.

I have 15 Jack Baron pieces. Jack has been dead 6 years now. I am curious what the market is for his work.

The Chart Room was next. A good group of friends. Emily, David, Peter, and Sheila. Shared a couple of drinks and decided I was hungry.

Walked across the street to the Hot Tin Roof. Wow! All the people! Even in the bar area. Fortunately, I was able to grab a table in the corner.

Big time basketball this afternoon. Syracuse and Georgetown. At 4. At Syracuse.

The Syracuse/Georgetown rivalry is well known. Many hard fought games over the years. No more league play after this season, however. Syracuse is leaving the Big East.

The teams have played each other in Big East ball for 33 years. Today is the next to last game. Two weeks from now Syracuse and Georgetown will meet once more at Georgetown.

The end of an era.

Today’s game will be typical. Hard fought. Down to the last minute. Syracuse is ranked #8 nationally, Georgetown #11. That says it all.

In recognition of the admiration Syracuse fans have for the rivalry, it was announced earlier this week that the game at the Carrier Dome was sold out. 35,012 people expected. The most ever for a home Syracuse basketball game.

Son in law Corey has a big deal starting up at Mel Fisher’s. It is for the benefit of those interested in slave ships, merchant ships, discovery of both beneath the surface, and how the treasure discovered is restored.

I will share more with you in tomorrow’s blog.

Enjoy your day!



I saw them last night! Robert and Ally. Playing munchkins in the Key West High School production of the Wizard of Oz.

They were absolutely magnificent! For real! They sang and danced like pros.

What impressed me before and after the show was how calm they were. Taking everything in stride.

There is a third component to the grandkid thing. Cameron. Cameron is not young, however. He is a high school senior. Off to college in September.

Cameron played the Straw Man. He was the best performer by far. I was impressed.  He should seriously consider pursuing dramatics as a career.

Needless to say, Lisa and Corey were proud parents..

My day yesterday started with the dentist once again. When will I finish?

Then to the Plantation Coffee House. The lovely Diane working.

I enjoy reading newspapers. Especially free ones. I spent about two hours drinking coffee and plodding through various newspapers.

Show time this morning. At 10 my time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. In addition to topics already shared with you, I am going to comment on this week’s Time article on how medical costs are killing us. The article is an outstanding piece of investigative journalism.

My show is available on television and the internet. It may be viewed on TV via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 from Key West through Miami-Dade County. World wide on the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

Join me for an interesting and fast moving hour.

Ran into an old friend yesterday. One I had not seen in several months. She looked terrific! Where have you been, I asked. I had a stroke, she replied.

We never know.

Celebrities keep popping up in Key West. Last week it was Robin Roberts. Half of the host team on Good Morning America. She was diagnosed with cancer several months ago. Had some heavy treatment. Including bone marrow transplant.

She was vacationing in Key West prior to returning to work this week. She was back on Good Morning America this past monday morning.

Good for her!

Remember my show at 10.

Enjoy your day!







Tonight the theatrical debut of Robert and Alley. On the big stage at the Key West High School. Playing munchkins in the high school’s Wizard of Oz production.

I will be third row center with the rest of the family watching. Proudly so.

Another bocce season starts tonight. Nothing is more important than bocce. Except the grandkids. I will be missing bocce this evening.

After running a few errands yesterday morning, I decided to treat myself to lunch. Hogfish!

I forgot to bring newspapers with me. Found an old local one to read. The hostess Debra saw me reading it. She came over and handed me the day’s Key West Citizen and Miami Herald. Thank you, Debra. You made my lunch!

Although I have been off the diet 3-4 weeks, I continue to lose weight. Another 5 pounds. I attribute it to not eating. I am watching myself. Lunch for me was a lobster roll and french fries. Ate the lobster. Left the bread. Ate about 5 fries. And spent two hours reading the newspapers.

Syracuse basketball last night. Stopped at Don’s on the way to the Sports Pub. Don said he wanted to join me at the game. Off we went to the Big Ten Sports Pub.

Syracuse won easily. 84-59. The first easy win in a while.

I was hungry. Don said he did not want to eat. I ordered a sandwich and french fries. Fries come with everything in Key West. Don became hungry as soon as he saw my food. He ate half the sandwich and most of the fries.

Met an interesting couple at the bar. Gary and Jennifer McAdams. Gary is one of Key West’s premier realtors. Nice people. I hope to run into them again.

The last game of the regular season for Syracuse is Georgetown. A rivalry going back to around 1980 when the Big East was formed. The rivalry has been a blood war.

I have enjoyed many Syracuse/Georgetown games.

Syracuse is leaving the Big East at the end of this season. Syracuse and Georgetown will never play each other again, except in some tournament play off game.

It was announced by Syracuse yesterday that the Syracuse/Georgetown game in a couple of weeks at Syracuse is a sell out. More tickets have been sold than for any other basketball game at the Carrier Dome. In excess of 35,000. Everyone wants to see the last game in what has been a thrilling series.

I continue to be a busy beaver. Tomorrow my television/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Available on television through out the Keys and Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. World wide, on the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

Interesting topics. Like women earning more than men in Key West, a $50 million diamond theft, a 104 year old woman and her Facebook problem, some interesting 911 calls, rabbits damaging the Denver International Airport, a new born baby declared dead who cried 90 minutes later, sequestration, Pope Benedict XVI, the conclusion of the Florida python hunt, China stealing American business secrets via hacking, and more.

Interesting subjects. Join me for a fast moving hour.

Enjoy your day!




Nothing changes. History repeats itself. What goes around, does come around.

The price of gasoline is up again!

I filled the tank yesterday. $4.15 a gallon. Terrible! A newspaper article this morning said gas has gone up dramatically in the past 30 days. The article also stated the national average was $3.75 a gallon.

Not in Key West!

Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou made its evening debut last night. The number of listeners was better. Much better. Like 500 per cent better. However, no one called in to chat with me. What is the problem? I do not mind doing a blog radio show where only I speak. I would like this show to have some give and take, however.

Hershel, where were you? You are into politics as I am. I thought sure you would be there. We would have had an interesting conversation.

I got into Syracuse basketball. Thought maybe I would hear from Bob Marks in Las Vegas and Tom Dixon in Buffalo. Die hard Syracuse fans. Nothing.

Hershel, Bob and Tom, I mentioned the three of you on the show last night also. Asked where you were. Since no response, I assume you were not able to listen in. Hopefully you can get together with me next week. And any one else who would like to call in and chat. I get lonely.

My blog talk radio show is archived immediately. It is also splashed all over the internet. Facebook, Twitter and the like. A total of 8 social media sites. Click on and listen. The January numbers for those listening to the archived shows were significantly higher than those listening to the show itself.

Other than the show last night, I spent the day writing two short stories. I am prodding along. Definitely a book this year.

Sloan was here at 4 for a couple of hours. She understands machinery. I do not. A generational thing. She has taught me much and continues to do so. I appreciate her assistance.

Syracuse basketball tonight. The Orange play Providence. Syracuse should win. This season however it is difficult to project the outcome of any college basketball game.

I will be at the Big Ten Sports Pub at 8 to watch the game.

Friday is almost here again. Two days away. Friday morning at 10 my time the Key West Lou Legal Hour on TV and the internet. A good show in the making once again. The show is available on television from Key West northward through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. It is also available world wide via the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

My interest and concern with Europe continues. See what the two months last summer in Europe did!

Italy is a mess. Financially and politically. Only Greece is worse.

Elections are this sunday. Italy has a coalition style government. The political war is between Berlusconi and Monti. It was thought Berlusconi was going to make a come back. Now it is not certain. Monti seems to be favored. The Communist Party has thrown its support behind Monti.

As with the Greeks, Italians are extremely upset with Germany. One of my Italian friends e mailed me and said, “Germany has found a modern way to kill people, making them die at home instead of in concentration camps.”

The lack of jobs and higher taxes are contributing to a poorer and poorer Italian society with each passing day.

Permit a moment concerning Greece.

Things are worse in Greece. Yesterday, another strike. A one day strike. This one covering all of Greece. Tens of thousands demonstrating in Athens.

People are complaining about low wages and high taxes. In austerity to pay what is owed the Germans, employers cannot afford to pay the salaries they were. Salaries continue to be slashed. Some employees do not get paid for weeks. In the meantime, taxes of all sorts continue to go up.

The people are down to a basic necessity. Food. They cannot afford it. Families are next to starving. It was reported that one of the demonstrators, a woman, said the feelings and demonstration were all about food. Many do not have money to buy any.

Everyone joined in the strike. Hospital workers, doctors, ferry boat workers, subway workers, taxi drivers, bank employees, dock workers, and more.

I wrort a column in this week’s KONK Life. Greece A Tinderbox? The match could be struck igniting a war.

Enjoy your day!






Tonight! Tonight! My blog talk radio show at a new time. And with a new name.

Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou premiers for the first time this evening. A one half hour talk show. A current events show. Call in and lets talk. Should be fun!

Find the show on the internet the same way as the 7 am one. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. If you desire to call and talk with me, there is a telephone number listed. If not, sit back and enjoy.

If you desire to call in and chat, I suggest you call in about 10 minutes before show time. Calls are accepted in the order received. This suggestion does not preclude you from calling in during the show.

I shop at Publix. My supermarket of choice. There is one item I rarely buy, however. A lottery ticket. Maybe once or twice a year.

I should purchase them more often!

The Florida Lottery had a $17 million winner this week. Guess where the lottery ticket was purchased? You got it. Publix in Key West.

The winner has not yet been announced. Either a local or tourist. Whoever, I am thrilled for them. A lifechanger!

My day was relatively quiet yesterday. I woke to a temperature in the 50s. Had to turn the heat on. Laugh you northerners!

Visited the dentist once again. Not there yet. I am to return thursday. Some day.

I played babysitter. From 11 to 4. I think Robert and Ally baby sat me.

We lunched at 5 Guys. We had not been there in a while. I ordered and paid. Then sat down. The grandkids insisted on doing everything else. Getting the soda, ketchup and straws. Picking up our order.

It was bacon cheeseburgers for them. A plain cheeseburger for me. Plus, fires.

We talked a long time. They are both in the Wizard of Oz this week. They are taking their involvement calmly. Though their excitement is not evident, I know they consider it a big deal. Especially Robert. He has 25 talking lines. He is the Barrister. The one who directs Dorothy to the yellow brick road.

We spent the balance of the afternoon in the warmth of my home. They played with their tablets and watched TV. They watched me, also. I fell asleep.

I stayed in last night. Though no longer on the diet, I watch what and how much I eat. Since I had a big cheeseburger for lunch, I was reluctant to eat out.

Again, please join me this evening for my blog talk radio show at 9. Simply type in www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou and I will be there.

Enjoy your day!