Tom Oosterhaudt publishes a popular Key West weekly. Conch Color. A well done work. His editorial this week involves Paris and Hemingway.

Hemingway spent seven years in Paris. He wrote of those years. The book Paris Est Une Fete. Translated, Paris Is A Party. The book was published in the U.S. also. The title different. A Moveable Feast. Why, I do not know.

The book was published long ago. Not mentioned in years. Till the recent Paris terrorist attack. The book came alive again. It is #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Tom’s excellent editorial contains a Hemingway quote at the end. Reflective of Hemingway’s ability to blend words. “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

I spent yesterday afternoon writing this week’s KONK Life column. The Eiffel Tower. A biography of the Eiffel Tower.  I was motivated to write something about Paris for the same reason as Tom. The terrorist attack. The column publishes wednesday.

Dinner last night at Tavern ‘n Town. I read Conch Color and Tom’s editorial while enjoying dinner at the bar.

Sue Puskedra is lovely, talented and hard working. She owns and operates Susie’s Key West Estates Sales. Does an excellent job. I know from experience.

Susie conducted an estate sale this past weekend that saddens me. I suspect also many Key Westers. After 21 years, Pelican Poop has closed its doors. A Key West icon gone. Never to return.

Paris continues to be in the news. The Paris Climate Summit begins today. Nearly 200 nations attending. Thousands of staff. I agree global warming is a problem. A significant one. However, I doubt the conference will have much success. Too many countries and corporations with divergent  interests affected.

I have yet to visit Paris. A must do for me. Hopefully in the near future. I have visited several small French towns at the foot of Mont Blanc. Ski country. I liked the area. The people not so much. I found the French to be snobbish.

Global warming and climate change being felt in Key West this year. The sea level has risen. Streets normally not flooded are flooded with salt water. Without a major rainstorm.

There is a three day conference beginning tomorrow at Casa Marina to begin dealing with the problem.

Tough to go undefeated in any sport these days. The Patriots found out yesterday when they lost to Denver 30-24. I watched parts of the game. The ability to play a game in snow and cold amazes me.

I am back to Body Owners today. I have not been on the anti-gravity treadmill since last wednesday. My body tells me I have missed it.

Enjoy your day!





It’s all over. The bocce season ended for us last night. We lost.

We played the #3 team from the monday night league. We destroyed them the first game. They destroyed us in return the second game. The third game was for all the marbles.

We were losing 13-2. We made a comeback. The score was 15-13. They won 16-13.

The best season ever for us. Ended up second in the thursday night league. Drew a bye in the playoffs before losing last night.

An outstanding season!

The finals today. We will not be playing.

Spent the day time yesterday researching this week’s KONK column. Paris has been in the news frequently because of the terrorist attack. I wanted to write something about Paris. I decided on the Eiffel Tower. The column will be written this afternoon.

A double header in effect yesterday re Syracuse.

The football team won the last game of the season. Beat Boston College 20-17.  A poor football season for Syracuse. Glad we won the last one.

Coach Shafer was fired last week. He agreed to coach the last game, however. The players carried him off the field on their shoulders after the game.

Syracuse basketball big this past week. Beat two ranked teams in winning the Atlantis tournament. CBS Sports Top 25 (plus one) ranks teams daily. Yesterday, Syracuse was ranked #13. Great! Unreal at the same time.

I don’t know how Syracuse will end the season. They played terrific basketball in the tournament, however. The team deserves to be ranked.

The Putin/Erdogan fiasco continues. Putin yesterday imposed severe sanctions on Turkey. Putin said he was throwing the gauntlet down. He refused to accept telephone calls from Erdogan.

The defense analyst who said the two were measuring their dicks was correct. Yesterday was Putin’s turn.

Enjoy your sunday!



We live in dangerous times. You do not need me to tell you.

A recent crisis that has the capacity to bring matters to the boiling point is Turkish planes shooting down a Russian jet. Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan are issuing inflammatory statements. Each threatening the other.

Turns out Putin and Erdogan do not like each other. There is personal animosity between them for other reasons. These guys will go nose to nose.

Pavel Felgenhauer is a defense analyst. He bluntly described the situation as follows: “Right now they’re measuring dicks, and that’s very dangerous.”

My yesterday began with a doctor visit. I decided to have breakfast out following the visit. Tried Sq. 1 sitting outside. Years since I have done it. I was pleased. Good food. A great place for people watching.

The Key West Aloe store is on Duval just around the corner from Duval Square. I stopped in. Wanted to try their shaving gel. No shaving gel.

I thought how sad the old Key West Aloe store on Front street is gone. The new owners moved the store and everything else several years ago to another spot in Florida. The new Key West store tiny. Well done in brown and white colors, as are the tubes of aloe products. No aroma.

A lovely place. However, nowhere as large and as nice as the one I remember.

Yesterday was Syracuse basketball again. The final game of the Atlantis tournament being played in the Bahamas. Syracuse beat Texas A & M 74-67. An excellent victory.

The other three teams in the tournament were all ranked. Syracuse, not. Syracuse will be when the new rankings come out monday.

Good wins for Syracuse. The two games tested Syracuse. We still lack that one extra tall muscle bound big guy unfortunately.

An interesting season ahead.

The Keys Coral Reef is bleaching. Not good. Could be bad, though not necessarily. Depends on things I am not familiar with. Extreme warm water doing it. Second consecutive year the bleaching has occurred.

The hurricane season ends in a couple of days. November 30 to be exact. Vultures have returned. Large congregations of them.

We do not need the date to tell us the hurricane season has ended. The return of the vultures signifies the end of the hurricane season. Nature telling us.

I continue to be repitious. Truman loved Key West, Key West loves Truman.

On today’s date 1949, Truman, wife Beth and daughter Margaret arrived for a three week vacation.

Two China items of interest.

China has a large growing middle class. They want all the things the middle class of any nation expects. One is good food. Beef to be precise.

China does not have enough beef to satisfy its middle class. No problem. A 14,000 square meter factory is being built at a cost of $313 million. Its purpose, to clone cows. The plant is expected to produce 100,000 embryos a year.

Reports indicate cloned beef ok to eat. Tastes like the real stuff. A question arises. Is this another GMO situation?

China continues to expand militarily. China is establishing its first military base in Africa. In a little country called Djibouti. The base is the first expansion of China’s military power beyond the Asian Pacific.

Bocce playoffs today. A big deal, as I continue to tell you. Exciting. We play at 3. If we win, at 6. If we win again, tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!




Absolutely fantastic! Lisa out did herself. Best Thanksgiving meal in years.

Ally helped with the pumpkin and apple pies the night before.

I over ate. As was my intention. Weighed in heavily on the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Even Jake had a good time! We fed him bread and turkey from the table. Jake is a beggar. He knows how to get what he wants.

I had not seen Jake in a while. When I first entered and sat down, he jumped in my lap and started licking my face. Jake is little more than 3 years old. It took two years for him to like me. I was the enemy when I entered the house before.

My bloated stomach and I went home early. Dinner was at one. Syracuse was playing Connecticut in basketball at 3:30.

Great game! First top shelf opponent Syracuse has played this season. Connecticut ranked #18. Syracuse unranked. Connecticut a 10 point favorite. Syracuse won 79-76.

Syracuse was down 10 in the first half. Up 10 in the second half. Both quality teams.

Syracuse has four shooters. Each can shoot 3s. We could use a real big man.

I was inspired by the game.

Syracuse plays Texas Tech in the finals of the tournament this afternoon. Three o’clock my time on ESPN. Texas Tech ranked. Texas Tech beat ranked Gonzaga by 1 point yesterday.

Should be an excellent game!

Never had dinner. Took my heavy belly to bed and fell asleep early.

My KONK Life column this week is Muslim Refugees…..No. Published in E-Blast this morning. Also linked to my Key West Lou website this morning.

Could be controversial. I expected it to be.

All comments thus far agree with me. One thanked me for having the courage to write the article. I never considered courage when I decided on the topic. The issue a current one. It was not being discussed intelligently. My intent was to open the door to unspoken considerations.

A place to be this week is the Casa Marina beach.The International Sand Art Competition. Six contestants. From as far as Spain and Holland. The art structures works in progress. Worked on daily through Saturday. Sunday the winner will be announced.

I have a doctor visit at 11. All I seem to do is visit doctors. Not complaining. I will do the necessary. Health not to be screwed with at 80.

Enjoy your day!



Syria has opened the door to  a serious discussion of Muslim immigration. Whether the United States should accept any of the Muslims who have escaped Syria.

Those opposed are fearful of terrorists being able to easily sneak into the U.S. disguised as immigrants. A valid concern. However, not the real problem.

Republicans and some Democrats are using the terrorist argument to adopt more stringent vetting laws. Such persons fail to realize that the vetting process already in place works well.

A vetting process that takes 1.5 to 2 years.  As regards the thousands of immigrants granted entry in recent years, only three turned out to be terrorists.

Typical of political leaders the past quarter century, the blind cannot see. They have failed and continue to fail to see what would occur if a large number of Muslim immigrants were permitted entry.

I do not believe that Congress pays close attention to what is going on in the world. Congress fails to understand or take the time to understand the niitty gritty of most issues.

Xenophobia is the intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. Islam phobia is the dislike/fear of Muslims.

I am guilty of both phobias. Except, my xenophobia is not irrational.

The ultimate goal of Islam is world domination. A step at a time. Immigrate to countries. Join each other in living in specific neighborhoods. Keep local authority out. Rule yourselves. Apply Sharia law. The ultimate goal over a long period of time being to take control of host countries. One by one.

Conversion a part of the program. Convert Christians to Islam. If they refuse, kill them. The same as ISIS is doing to Christians in the Middle East. Jews kill outright. They should not be provided the conversion option.

Muslims who settle in another country want their Muslim culture and customs adopted. They do not want to assimilate. The Koran prohibits it. Conversion the key and not assimilation.

Keep in mind the goal is world domination.

Muslim immigrants want to live as they have in their previous homeland as regards the Koran. Things like child marriage, lashings, stonings, honor killings of women, anti-Semitism, special rights for Muslim workers, demand that Sharia law be substituted for existing civil law, and more.

Muslim experiences in European countries provide clear definitive proof.

Britain already has in excess of 85 Sharia courts. Britain gave in to Muslim demands in this regard. Britain also has no-go zones across the country. Areas too dangerous for non Muslims to enter. These no go zones are microstates in effect ruled under Sharia law, the Muslims having rejected Britain’s legal system.

There is a campaign to turn 12 British cities into independent Islamic states. The cities include Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Londonistan.

There are Tower Hamlets in East London. They are referred to by Muslims as Tower Hamlets Taliban. The Muslims control the Hamlets. They issue death threats to unveiled women and attack gays. Leaflets are distributed: “You are in a Sharia controlled zone”. Islamic rules enforced.”

John Reid, Britain’s Home Secretary, visited East London. He was challenged by a leading Islamist: “How dare you come to a Muslim area?”

Britain made a grave error when Muslims started showing up in numbers. They acceded to what was demanded. They protected what they viewed as the rights of Islamists. Britain tried to be the good guy, the fair one. To Britain’s detriment. Now it is thought to be too late to do anything about the problem.

France is in the news big time these days. No wonder. France has the largest Muslim population in Europe. Six and a half million. The French Muslim population has reached the point where it wants a parallel Muslim society with the French. A parallel society ruled by Sharia law.

The Muslims have created neighborhoods/zones that they control. To the exclusion of those of other faiths and the French government. They are called Sensitive Urban Zones (ZUS). There are 751 such zones in France.

Disturbances a nightly thing. Burning of cars, blocked streets and sidewalks for Friday prayers, mosques broadcasting sermons and chants via street loudspeakers, etc.

The activities are downplayed in the French media. The reason being the press does not want to be accused of racism or Islamophobia. Local authorities do nothing. They do not want to confront what is in actuality an occupation of their cities. Tanks and soldiers would be required.

The Dutch government reports 40 no-go zones exist in the Netherlands. Twenty percent of the population is Muslim.

Police send two patrol cars on calls. Each to protect the other. Hostile Muslims throw rocks at the police cars. The police do nothing. They are so ordered.

During the Islamic month of Ramadan, the police were ordered by their superiors not to drink coffee or eat in public places for fear of offending the Muslims.

Sweden is considered by the Muslims as “…..the best Islamic state.”

The City of Malmo has a 25 percent Muslim population. Whole patches of the city are no-go zones. In Malmo and Gothenberg, Muslim teenagers burn cars, attack emergency services, throw stones at patrolling officers, and temporarily blind police officers with green lasers.

Germany is no different. The same problems as Britain, France, the Netherlands and Sweden. Such being the case, I can not understand why Merkel wants to accept a million more Muslim refugees.

Germany is confronted with zone type neighborhoods. Intimidation and violence common place. Muslims push all infidels whose secular values are different form theirs out. The Muslims in many instances refuse public services such as police, firefighters and ambulances. Stones, bottles and bullets meet any public service entity seeking admission.

The result is the German zones are war zones. The government has retreated. Germany’s Chief Police Commissioner Bernhard Witthaut said, “The power of the state is completely out of the picture.”

Italy is not yet as bad as the previous countries mentioned. The process is underway, however.

The Muslims have commandeered Rome’s Piazza Venegia for public prayers. In Bologna, Islamists repeatedly threaten to bomb San Petronio Cathedral. The Cathedral contains a fresco which depicts the prophet Mohamed being tormented in hell.

The proof of the pudding is what has been represented. Muslim immigrants want to create parallel societies. They want to remain segregated from other people in the host nation. Integration is not an option for them.

Islamic scholar Robert Spencer said it best. He believes what Islamic supremacists want is not merely a place at the table–equal rights under the law as previous minority groups have sought in civil rights movements….they want their own table, utterly distinct from the man made laws of infidels.

We are the infidels.

The U.S. is beset with enough of its own internal problems. There is no need to foist another on top of it all by accepting Muslim immigrants. They do not want our way of life.

Previous immigrants came and learned to be Americans. They wanted to be Americans. The Italians, Irish, Poles, Germans, and more recently the Bosnians.

My position a simple one. If you do not like us or want to be like us, do not come here. Stay where ever you are or somewhere else in the world. We betray ourselves and our heritage if we take any number of them in.

I can see the uproar my words will cause with some. Anti-religious the cry. Lacking in charity. Un-American. I do not buy it. Primary importance is to preserve our way of life for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.

Two closing observations.

The Middle East countries of affluence such as Saudi Arabia have refused to take any of the Syrian immigrants in. The immigrants are their people. Such says something.

The American media has failed to inform us of much which is contained herein. Why? Another example of the press’ failure to keep us advised. It is referred to as selective news reporting.


Happy Thanksgiving one and all! May God’s blessings fall upon each of you.

Love thanksgiving! Love the meal! Love the family time!

Last year, I was dieting. Did not partake of much that covered the table. This year, not dieting. I plan on pigging out.

What I am about to share will blow your mind.

The Pilgrims and Indians did get together for three days in 1621. Did they dine or fight? Historians not sure.

What is sure is that following the first years of Plymouth settlement, the settlers and Indians were at each other’s throats. More the settlers than the Indians. They did not get along. Money initially the problem. Who owned the land? The settlers thought it was theirs. The Indians disagreed.

Massacres became common place. The settlers massacring the Indians. In large numbers. In 1637 near Groton, Connecticut, the settlers massacred 700 Pequot tribe members. Men, women and children. In one morning. Clubbed and shot them to death. Few Pequots escaped.

As a side note, the Pequot tribe today owns Foxland Casino and Hotel in Connecticut. Larger than the Pentagon, the facility generates from gambling alone billions a year.

Settlers/colonists continued raiding Indian villages and killing the occupants for well over a hundred years. Slavery was in vogue. Women and children over 14 were herded into slave boats carrying 500 and transported to the West Indies where they were sold.

At one time, Indians were captured and beheaded. Shades of ISIS. Our predecessors did it! In a Stamford massacre, the heads were kicked up and down streets as if soccer balls.

In 1779, George Washington as head of the Colonial forces ordered a General Sullivan to eradicate the Iroquois Nation. The Iroquois had supported the British. They were a thorn in Washington’s side. Eradicate meant kill. Thousands were. The Colonial troops scalped the dead bodies. The scalps were later sold for profit.

Following every Indian massacre, the settlers/colonists would party. The party was one of Thanksgiving because they had won. Such Thanksgivings were common  place.

When Washington became President, he thought there were too many Thanksgivings. Such did not reflect well on the new country. Ergo, Washington declared there would be one Thanksgiving Day a year. The excuse given was to celebrate the new Constitution. In reality, to cut back dramatically on the number of Thanksgivings being celebrated because of the Indian genocide.

Syracuse playing basketball in the Bahamas tournament. Beat Charlotte yesterday 83-70. Syracuse looked good most of the game. They faltered on occasion in the second half which made the game closer than it actuality was.

Today, Syracuse plays Connecticut. A former Big East opponent. Syracuse’s first test of the new season. Game at 3:30 this afternoon on ESPN.

Key West pisses money away. The City Commission authorizes all kinds of mucho expensive studies and generally pays more than expected for everything they do.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports the City will be spending $754,000 on furniture. New furniture for the new City Hall. A disgrace! A waste! None of the old furniture to be used, Regardless of condition. The $754,000 figure excessive. The sellers have to be making big commissions and profit.

When will the City Commission begin spending taxpayer dollars as if such were their own money?

Eat much! Enjoy the day!


Syracuse, my Syracuse!

Scott Shafer, the football coach, got fired. I hate to see anyone canned. However, he has been making bad decisions. Especially in the Clemson and LSU games at times when the chance to win existed.

His major achievement was in recruiting. If Syracuse becomes successful in the next three years, it will be because of Shafer’s recruiting.

He has one year left on his contract. He has agreed to coach the last game of the season saturday against Boston College.

This is overlap time. Basketball season has started.

Syracuse plays Charlotte today in the Bahamas. Part of the Battle for Atlantis Tournament. Syracuse favored by 14 points. The game is at 2:30 on ESPN2.

I will be watching the game, of course. However, I will have to take a break at 3. The KONK News interview I do fridays will be recorded at 3 this afternoon for airing friday. I am not available friday.

I will be interviewed re this week’s KONK Life column Muslim Refugees…..No.

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou aired last night. A topic that garnered considerable comment had to do with what I described as the unknown Thanksgiving story. Thanksgiving not the way we know it, have been taught to believe. Surprising. Too long to spell out here. For another day and format.

The blog talk radio show is linked to my Key West Lou website where you can listen to the story in detail any time. keywestlou.com.

The Keys History section in this morning’s Key West Citizen commented on the Keys/Key West visit in 1952 by Princess Martha of Norway and her two daughters. Princess Martha came up in my research for Sexual Tales of Old. Sex being  common place, I overloaded with instances to report. Due to space and wanting to report instances several hundred years back in history, I left the Princess Martha story out.

I briefly share it with you today.

Martha was first the Princess of Sweden where she was born. She married Crown Prince Olav of Norway, thereby becoming Princess Martha of Norway.

The Princess and her family escaped Nazi occupation during World War II. The Princess and children went to live in the U.S. The Crown Prince, England.

The Princess and President Franklin D. Roosevelt were good friends. Before World War II, the families were close. During the war, the Princess and FDR had a full blown affair. She had access to the White House and Hyde Park. She would visit when Eleanor Roosevelt was away. She referred to  Roosevelt as Dear Godfather.

Roosevelt was disabled. Confined to a wheel chair most of his adult life. Apparently not sexually disabled. The President had five affairs/relationships from the time he was Governor of New York till the time he died.

The Chicago video recently released is shocking. The police officer was correctly indicted for murder.

The black victim was 10 feet away and moving away from the police officer. He was carrying a 3 inch knife.

From the time the police officer arrived till the shooting ended, the police officer was at the scene 30 seconds. He shot 16 bullets at the victim in 13 seconds. The victim was on the ground after the second shot.

Chicago paid the victim’s family several months ago $5 million. Paid without a lawsuit being instituted.

My criticism of the process is that it took more than a year for the police officer to be indicted. If the situation were reversed and the police officer shot, the black man would be indicted in 48-72 hours.

Not equal justice.

Tripped onto an article yesterday re germs on airplanes and in airports. Not the bathrooms in planes. They are relatively clean because they are frequently sanitized.

The table trays the worst. Rarely cleaned. Running a close second, the drinking fountain button in airports.

Many other germy areas. None close to the degree of germs found on the trays and water fountain buttons, however.

Enjoy your day!



On this day in 1971, Frank Romano and Joe Liszka opened the Key West Aloe store on Front street. They called it Key West Fragrance & Cosmetics. However, the shortened Key West Aloe took hold and the store became so known.

I initially disliked the store. A woman’s place! Perfumey! Too pretty! Over a period of time, the very essence of the room captured me. I would enjoy entering just to walk around breathing in the sweet aromas and enjoying the subtle colors of everything..

I never got to know Frank Romano. I do have a large Jack Baron painting of him. Bought it at a charity auction many years ago.

I was fortunate to get to know Joe Liszka the last couple of years. A nice guy. Great sense of humor.

Now both gone. As is their Front Street store. Frank and Joe sold out many years ago. The new owners over the passage of time closed the sales store on Front Street and the factory on Green Street.

Stopped at Publix yesterday. Just to pick up a few things. The wrong time. Packed! Thanksgiving shoppers! A lot of stop and go in the aisles. Each crowded.

Publix had to have had a good day. The carts overloaded with holiday goodies.

Spent yesterday afternoon preparing for my blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A quick hard hitting half hour. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

One of the topics tonight will be excerpts from this week’s KONK Life Column. Muslim Refugees…..No. I go beyond the terrorist issue. I go where France, Britain, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands are today. They have accepted Muslim immigrants in large numbers the past several years. Their experience is lesson enough to close the door to these refugees.

Before you accuse me of being anti-Muslim, uncharitable and un-American, read the column which publishes tomorrow in KONK Life.

Other topics tonight include a couple of Trump items. His approval of waterboarding and the media capitulating to his rants. Some little known facts thrown in about Thanksgiving. Not nice. And more.

Winter is moving into Key West. The nights are chilly. Around 70-72. There was a chill in the air this morning when I went outside to get the mail. The days are warm. Around 78 degrees. No humidity.

Perfect weather from my perspective.

My annual physical this afternoon. Dr. Jackie Lefferts will be prodding me.

Syracuse’s football season ongoing. Syracuse plays Boston College saturday. Boston College a three point favorite.

I am not sure where the game is being played. Obviously every other year in Boston. For years, I made the trek with several other couples for the game. A fun weekend. Though always cold. We dressed appropriately for the games. Hats and gloves included. An outdoor stadium.

We usually stayed at the Harborside or Harborfront Hotel. Lovely. Ate well, partied well.

A must for at least one meal was the Sail Loft Restaurant. On the water. Not fancy. Fresh Maine lobsters to die for. Great fried clams.

Has the Reply problem been corrected? I know it has for some. I want it to be for everyone. If any of you are still having a problem, write and let me know at louispetrone@gmail.com.

Editing blog to add: Great White shark seen off Marathon.

Enjoy your day!


I live in Key West time. Words made famous by Howard Livingston. I go with the flow. Never quite sure what I will be doing each day. Never disappointed by how the day works out.

Yesterday was a Key West day. Knew I had to get the daily blog out. Then write this week’s KONK Life column. The column took me six hours. Controversial. I titled the column Muslim Refugees…..No. Not so much because of the terrorist thing. More because they want to take over once they arrive. Everything must be their way.

Guaranteed interesting!

It was close to 5. What now, I thought. Showered, shaved and headed out to Kate Miano’s Gardens. The best Key West venue early sunday evenings.

I only stayed a half hour. Enjoyed the music. Said some hellos. Suddenly, I was bored. I like to meet new people. Generally do at the Gardens. Last night, not.

Stopped at the Chart Room for a drink. Turned out to be a good idea.

Victor bartending. They say bartenders know everything. Victor does. He is an intellectual. For real. He gave me a political philosophy book to read several months ago. I could only get 50 pages into it. Too heavy for me. Not for Victor though.

Victor sent a comment/observation into the Key West Citizen’s Citizens’ Voice. It ran sunday. The first one listed.

Rents and rental property availability crucial issues in Key West today. Victor brought up military housing. Most military opt to live off base. When they do, they qualify for a housing allowance. Around $2,000 a month.

Victor believes the housing allowance amount is a contributing factor to high rents. The government setting the amount. He also believes that the military use of housing takes rentable properties off the market, thereby contributing to higher rents. Not enough rental properties available.

While chatting away with Victor and some tourists, a relatively young couple came in. Thirtyish. All over each other. The male said they were merely friends and were waiting for their spouses who were still upstairs. They then went to the bar along the window. I glanced over. The male was sitting on a stool with his legs open. The female with her posterior backed into his you know what. Laughing. Obviously enjoying themselves.

The spouses came in a little later. Beaming. Explained to all they were not married to each other. Their spouses the ones at the window bar.

What a country America! What a place Key West! I am 80 years old. This is the first time I have seen public swinging inference/activity.

Time to eat. Hot Tin Roof across the street. A couple of weeks since I had been there. Ate lightly. Mac lobster and cheese and asparagus. A healthy combination!

A new bartender. Matt. He reads my KONK Life column. I was thrilled! He especially enjoyed last week’s Sexual Tales of Old. The Julius Caesar part the best. He said he also enjoyed Hemingway’s First Love written several weeks ago.

Keep reading me, Matt! Love people who take the time to read what I write.

Weather looks good today. A bit cool this morning. Around 72 degrees. Wind strong. Twenty plus miles an hour. Palm trees bending a bit. Ocean water very bumpy and moving fast. I would not want to be out on a boat today.

The Studios of Key West is opening a bookstore. First floor on the corner of Eaton and Simonton. To be called Book & Book. Apparently a chain. My understanding is that Studios will own it, however.

I love book stores. Especially those with comfortable chairs. I hope Studios puts a few in. I loved going to Borders and reading a couple of hours some afternoons. Borders probably went out of business because people like me were free loading. I read much, bought little.

Enjoy your day!



The bocce playoffs were rained out. They have been rescheduled for next weekend.

A disappointment.

Don called around noon to say out 3 pm start time had been moved up to 6. They were trying to dry out the courts. Mother Nature did not cooperate. It rained heavy in the afternoon also.

All was not lost. Now I had time to research this week’s KONK Life column. It will be a step beyond the terrorist fear.

Muslims in European nations have failed to assimilate. They do what they want. Even to having their own court system. The governments of these nations turn away. They do not want trouble.

The media fails to tell us of these things

I fear the assimilation problem ultimately is greater than the terrorist one. It is based on a desire to take over governments.

You will find the subject matter interesting. I will be writing the column this afternoon.

Bocce was not the only thing that left me disappointed yesterday. I stayed home to watch the Syracuse/Elon game at 7. Could not get it on TV. And I generally get everything. The game apparently not that important.

Syracuse won 66-55. No big deal. Syracuse was playing a non-entity school. Syracuse was losing 39-37 in the second half when it went on a 21-6 run.

Next game wednesday. Play Charlotte in the Bahamas in the Battle for Atlantis.

The rain left many streets flooded. It is not merely that the sewers cannot take the extra rain flow, higher ocean levels now come into play. Streets not before flooded are now flooded. Like Truman and Flagler. The water being ocean contains salt. Not good for cars. I am not referring to the bodies. The engines themselves are in danger if salt water gets in.

Dave Talpasz till recently was the Manager of Tavern ‘n Town. He also recently was designated Marriott’s 2014 Restaurateur of the Americas. A big deal.

Spottswood Management owns and operates Key West Marriott and two other facilities in the Keys. Spottswood Management has promoted Talpasz to Corporate Director of Food and Beverage Operations for all facilities.

A major step up. Dave is well deserving. Highly competent. A good personality. I also compliment Robert Spottswood for making the choice. Robert is a quality person who can recognize the quality attribute in another.

Keys History this morning mentions that on this day in 1964, direct dial long distance phoning became available. Seems like yesterday. I remember. A big deal. I was four years in the practice at the time.

I also recall when few homes had phones. We did not have one for years. The corner grocery store did. My parents would call from that phone.

I recall also that our first phone was a four party line. Which meant three other households were tied into your line. If you heard voices speaking when you picked up the phone, one of the other parties was using it. You had to wait.

Then we had a two party line. Finally, our own line. My parents were thrilled!

Getting back to long distance calling before the direct dial hook up, if you wanted to make a long distance call you had to speak to the operator. You gave her the city and number and she did the dialing.

Who would ever have thought back then that some day we would be carrying our phones in our pockets and basically could call and receive calls anywhere.

Enjoy your Sunday!