Back in business! Computer fixed!

Blog late today. Will be on time tomorrow.

Big day today! Lisa’s birthday! I know I am not supposed to tell, but she celebrates number 47. She looks 27! Lisa is one happy Mom and now business person.

Lisa says Robert and Ally were all excited this morning. They were up early to wish her a Happy Birthday! They each had made cards to present her.

She loved it all! As it should be.

Tonight, we are going out as a fmily to celebrate Lisa’s birthday. Don’t know where yet.They will decide and I will follow.

Bocce last night. A disaster. We lost all three games. Not even close.

We played the number 1 team. No excuse. We were number 3. They were 11-1 and we were 9-3.

We were no where as good as they were. They were on the pollina all the time and blasted well.

Such is life!

We live to fight/play another day!

I am reading the Cheney book. In My Time. I am a little more than 200 pages into it.

My conclusions/observations thus far are simple. Cheney wrote this book for himself. To laud his accomplishments.

Cheney was born poor. He is entitled to be proud of what he has  achieved. However, he makes it sound like things just happened to him. Good things. He seems to always have been in the right place at the right time and was always picked for the next job job up the ladder.

I am at Bush I’s Iraqi war.

The war probably was Cheney’s war. He clearly sets forth that it was he who saw the danger with Iraq and set the wheels in motion for the war. No one else saw the danger as he did till he educated them on the dangers of Huessein.

He comes over as a pompous. A know it all. One who smoozed his way to the next level. One who knew how to get his way.

I look forward to reading the balance of the book.

What really is needed is a non biased biography written by a person distanced from Cheney. I am sure such an evaluation will come in due course.

My comments have been made not as a Democrat. Politics has nothing to do with it. I have read almost half the book so far. I admire his brilliance. His ability to forge ahead. His talent for making people dance to his tune.

Cheney is good!

Enjoy your day!

I’m back! Better late than never!

Computer still sick. Being fixed. I am supposed to have it back tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, I write you once more from Lisa’s.

Golf yesterday!

Don, Rob, Larry and me. I lost $14. Could not be avoided. My golf companions all shot in the 80s. I shot 115.

The humidity was extremely heavy. Our tee shirts were blotched with wet spots before we even teed off on the first hole. And procceeded to get wetter as the day went on. I was sweating so much my glasses kept sliding off each time I bent my head.

The humidity got to me on the back nine. Beat! Could not wait to finish. The last three holes were especially hard to play. I felt like a man in a desert! Tired, hot, wet and thirsty!

Normally the group is noisy. A lot of kidding around while we play. Yesterday everyone was silent  the last few holes. It was the weather. We were all worn down from the heat.

Twenty minutes in the air conditioned club house corrected things. We started to chat and each owned up that it was tough on the course and that the humidity had gotten to them.

Then I hustled my sweaty body over to the dentist. I had an appointment. No time to shower first. No one minded. I apologized, of course.

Stopped at Lisa’s on the way home and waited for the grandkids to return from school. Needed/wanted their hugs and kisses.

A quick nap at home follwoed. Only for an hour. I wanted to get out.

Went to the Chart Room. Glad I did. I stayed about three hours and chatted up a storm with Emily, Sheila and David. The words came easy for all of us. We laughed a lot. I had a terrific time. I asume they did also.

I was driving home. It was late. I was hungry. I had not had dinner. Where to go?  A major decision. A desire for Chinese overwhelmed me. It was the Chinese restaurant in the Sears Plaza. I enjoyed the newspapers and orange chicken.

Tonight bocce! We are playing a good team. We will be tested.

Tomorrow at 10 my worldwide internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Watch it at 10 in the morning my time. Great show! All kind of interesting topics. Join me.

Enjoy your day!

Sorry to be late!

Computer problems again. With the new computer. Only 2 months old!

I will probably be late tomorrow, also. But…..I will be here. I am at Lisa’s using one of her computers.

I had a big day planned. Cheney’s book. I am into it. Will leave my comments to another day. Key West items I cannot recall at the moment. My notes are home and I am here.

There has been an increase in nude and almost nude protest demonstrations world wide recently. I was going to comment in detail. But again, the notes are at home.

I’m doing good. Not really. Sorry.

The interesting thing I discovered regarding nudity involves San Francisco. There is no law prohibiting peopole from going out in public with out clothes. Totally bare ass. And some do it!

Some one now wants to have a local law passed requiring that people must wear clothes while in restaurants. Yes, public nudity while dining is permitted in San Francisco. In addition, this person wants the law to require that whenever a bare ass person sits anywhere, they first put something down under their butt.

Notice no one is suggesting that public nudity be banned. It probably would not fly.

Which brings me to Fantasy Fest. Key West is no where as liberal as San Francisco. Female nipples and genitals must be covered. Men must cover their private part.

During parade night at Fantasy Fest a couple of years ago, I was having dinner during the parade at the bar at Marquesa with Marty and his wife.. A group of eight came in. They were off a nude cruise that was docked in Key West for the night. They had a table reserved and were immediately seated.. All were dressed minimally. For Key West. Consistent with Key West laws. Women had their nipples and privates covered. The men their privates only.

Actually the men were a bit over attired. Some wore bow ties.

That’s it for today. I have to get the computer fixed.

Hope your day is going well!

Herman Cain!

Barack Obama was easier!

It rained yesterday. All day. Stopped around 6 in the evening.Three to five inches. A deluge. Knee deep in some spots.

This morning’s Citizen reports a group of tourists swam across Front Street. I believe it. I recall a couple of years ago the intersection of White and Eaton. Another low spot. It was college break time. Four college students were swimming in the intersection.

I suspect the problem has something to do with the fact that Key West basically sits at sea level. There ain’t much ground under the roads, buildings and everything else. A storm water drain problem. Ironically, the Citizen also reports that some comminssion that has been studying the problem is scheduled to meet toninght.

I had to be in 10 different places in the rain yesterday. Not really 10, but quite a few. It was me and my yellow slicker.

I drove my Volkswagen through many a deeply immersed street. Several times, I thought the water might be too high and I would stall. I even tried avoiding certain streets. Whatever, there was always a fifty foot long puddle around the corner.

All part of Key West!

Since I was out and around, I stopped at Lee Nails. Needed a manicure. Tammy. We chatted. She told me business had been bad all day, no one goes out in the rain. I did!

Robert still home confined. However, he is walking around ok. He is home more as a preventive measure. So he will not run and fall on his leg or accidently get kicked by a friend. He sees an orthopedist this morning to make sure there is no bone damage. I suspect he will be back at school tomorrow.

I babysat Robert at 3:30 when Lisa went to pick up Ally from school. The more correct version would read Robert babysat me. In that short period of time, I fell asleep in the easy chair.

My evening began at the Marriott’s Tavern ‘n Town.

Last Monday evening I had stopped at the bar and met two charming ladies. We chatted briefly. They told me they were there every Monday at cocktail time. I stopped to visit with them

Glad I did! Nice people. Interesting people.

They are Roberta and Jody. Both Key Westers.

Roberta has her own buiness. Live theater is big in Key West. Roberta does the playbill advertising for the live theaters. That little book that is handed to you as you enter a theater. Her business is called Coco Gran something Enterprises. I apologize for not recalling Gran what.

We were talking about book writing. I told them I was writing a book. Actually, three at one time. Turns out Roberta’s husband is writing one also. He is far ahead of me, however. He is done or close to being done. He may have written before. His professional name is Reef Perkins.

Roberta showed me several proposed covers for his new book Sex, Salvage and Secrets and asked my opinion as to which I liked best.

Jody sparkled my interest, also. She is the CEO of the Visiting Nurses Association and Hospice. A tough job. She has a husband. They all have husbands! He is a tennis pro.

Jody has a Masters Degree in nursing. I asked from where. She embarassingly said Yale. Nothing to be embarassed about.

An interesting thought crossed my mind as I sat with Roberta and Jody.There was a saying which still may be prevalent among single girls. All the good men are married! In my single state, I am finding all the good women are married!

Left the ladies and headed over to Don’s Place. No one there. I immediately left.

Then to the Chart Room.

Mary bartending. Three tourists at the bar. From Chicago. Had been to Key West before. Chatted a while with one of them, Eric. He is a bartender in Chicago. The other two had married here in Key West over the weekend.

These three were not missing anything. They have broken down their exploration of Key West. Eric told me that last night they were going to do “…the other side of Duval.”

I walked over to the Wine Galley. Both the Chart Room and Wine Galley are located within the Pier House complex. Larry Smith was playing.

I am glad I stopped in! I met two of the most charming women! I could have talked with them all night!

Actually there were three. You will understand momentarily why two of them were exceptional. I assure you the third will not be insulted by my preference for the other two.

They were Jodi, Maggie and Rogene. All down from Stuart for a few days.

Jodi and Maggie, two extremely beautiful women. Short coiffed white hair. Pleasantly attired. Physically short. The short had to do with the aging process and calcium loss.

Jodi was celebrating her 80th birthday! God bless! She is a mathematician.

Maggie was the elderly of the two. I think. Whatever. I may have their names mixed up. One was 80 and the other 89. I could not tell the difference age wise. Neither looked her age.

Maggie was a pilot in her other life with US Airways. I asked the big jets or regional planes. She said with pride “…the big ones.”

One of the ladies was also a trained psychologist.

No grass growing under their feet. The conversation was quick back and forth.

Let’s not forget the third lady. Rogene. Rogene was a spring chicken compared to the other two. Somewhere in her 50s, she was daughter to one of the ladies. She was probably with them to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

I am glad I went out last night. It was a great evening.

Today is an I don’t know day. The rain is behind us. Sun is shining. I am not sure what I will do.

Enjoy your day!

Good Sunday!

Good Sunday!

The weather perfect, I felt good, and a day of no ants!

I start my Sundays with Meet the Press followed by the Chris Matthew Show. I learned something yesterday.

For years, I thought these shows were genuine Sunday morning talk shows. They apparently are not. The big news Sunday morning was Herbert Cain’s straw poll victory in Florida. Neither show mentioned it. Which means…..these shows are taped earlier. Probably on Saturday.

It bothers me somewhat. Perhaps because it took me a life time to figure out this deception out.

Or maybe because as with millions of Americans, watching Meet the Press on Sunday morning is almost a religious event. Akin to going to church. For many, it has replaced actual church going. It sticks in my craw that the show is a bit of a fraud.

Early afternoon found me at Don’s Place. Pro football time. I have no particular pro favorite. I attend for the ambiance of Don’s Place.

I sat outside in the back with Don, David, Keith, Larry and Aaron. Plus, several others. Don is a die hard Buffalo fan. He was a newspaperman in Buffalo in his other life.

Buffalo was getting the hell beat out of them. They were down 21-0. I left when it was 21-3 or 21-10. The next time I turned on the game, it was 31-31 with three seconds to go. Buffalo made a field goal and won 34-31.

Don had to have gone crazy!

I spent the balance of Sunday afternoon at Lisa’s. Read the Sunday papers and took a nap on the couch. Robert is healing well and rapidly. I am amazed! People tell me children heal fast. They are correct. There was one problem. After dinner, Lisa caught Robert outside riding his scooter. I can still hear her! Robert is doing ood, but not that good.

Sunday dinner was outstanding. A turkey meal! Almost like Thanksgiving. Absolutely delicious! I was entertained at the table with the family chatter. Robert and Ally leading whatever the discourse. Both are articulate. It is amazing what their young minds can come up with.

I mentioned Diane Nyad yesterday. She is the 62 year old woman who is trying to swim from Cuba to Key West without a shark cage. She tried it in August and failed. She failed again yesterday.

Not because of sharks.

This is the season for Portugese man o’ wars. Jelly fish to me. They are all over the place. Diane was bitten badly. She only did 49 of the 103 miles. She was forced to quit. Her face and body were loaded with bites. The toxins had caused her face and body to swell. She was advised by her handlers that one more bite might be life threatening.

Diane is a determined woman. Passionate, also. She claims to live a life of passion. I suspect she will give it another try in the future. I would recommend she pick her time more wisely. When it is not man o’ war season.

I misspoke in yesterday’s blog. I referred to Herbert Cain as Howard Cain. A lapus lingua. A slip of the tongue. Thank you who brought it to my attention. I correct it here. Florida’s straw poll winner was Herbert Cain!

Terro, Terro, Terro! I continue to be impressed with their ant trap. As I wrote yesterday, I spent three weeks trying to get rid of them. My sink and kitchen cupboards were covered. I tried two other ant trap brands, 409 and scrubbing. Nothing worked. I was beginning to suspect these little things could survive a nuclear attack.

Then several of you recommended Terro. Wow! Worked over night. This is my second morning searching for them. Not even one!

My blood pressure is good! Thank God! I was starting to worry. It took time for the medication to kick in. Occasionally I am coming up with a too low reading.

I am not complaining.

Enjoy your day!

The good guy won! Me! The ants appear to be gone!

Several people in comments on this blog and on Facebook suggested Terro. It can be purchased at Home Depot. Made the purchase. Laid the Terro traps out yesterday afternoon. By night time, they were fighting to get in.  The ants were bunched in groups in front of each trap. This morning no ants!

I searched my countertops and sink closely. Could not believe it. This Terro stuff is terrific. If I ever write a Suzy homemaker column, I shall recommend it.

Thank you to those of you who recommended Terro.

Robert is on the mend!

He had a doctor visit yesterday. The wound is healing well. There is no sign of infection. The black boot was removed. He has a huge wrap around badage. Takes up most of his leg from the knee to ankle. the doctor said he must walk. Normally. He is. Limping, but doing it.

He is not ready for school yet, however. Tuesday he sees an orthopedist to verify there was no bone damage.

It is amazing how swiftly children can heal. I had visions of a Sheila situation. A long term recovery. He will be back to climbing trees soon.

There was a picture in yesterday’s Citizen of four manatees somewhere up the keys. They had come near shore and were playful with the humans in the water. The water was not even waist deep. Big and clumsy appearing, the manatees sought out humans to frolic with. Interesting.

There is a lot going on in the keys this weekend. Remember Diana Nyad? I think she is 61. She is the lady who tried to swim from Cuba to Key West in August without a shark cage. She did it years ago in a shark cage. She failed after 53 miles in August. Asthma attack, sore sholulder and what have you.

The distance is 103 miles. She is scheduled to start any day now. For some reason, her starting day is shrouded in secrecy.

I was busy yesterday.

Visted with Robert for a while. Grocery shopped at Publix. Picked up prescription drugs at Walgreens. Got Terro at Home Depot. Watched some football on TV.

I intended to go to the Chart Room last night. I needed to shave to go downtown. I looked that bad. It had been several days. I was too lazy to shave.

Instead I showered, put on a clean tee shirt and headed over to Hogfish. I brought a newspaper. Sat at the bar. Intended to have fish and chips and read my paper. Had the fish and chips. Never got to read the paper.

There were three fisherman hanging out. Not visitors. These were the guys who have been here in the keys for years who make their living by fishing and shrimping.

I thought I needed a shave. You should have seen them! Beards, moustaches and the like. Hardy guys. Friendly.

We ended up bullshitting and laughing for a couple of hours. I had a good time.

What did you think of Howard Cain’s victory in the Florida Republican straw vote yesterday? Wow!

Today is Sunday. Meet the Press shortly. Don’s Place this afternmoon for pro football. I missed last week.

Enjoy your day!

Thank you for all the emails and calls regarding my health. I seem to be fine yesterday and this morning.

More important is my grandson Robert. He did a number on his right leg. Thirty stitches. Three levels of sewing. He will be down for a while.

He spent yesterday on the couch. I joined Lisa for the day. Robert is on pain killers. He was in and out all day. Lies there quietly. Occasionally cries it hurts. You don’t dare move him even slightly. He screams in pain.

He will be ok, also. Time is his healer.

Robert is a trooper. We played fish. All of us. Including Ally after she returned from school. Playing cards made him forget.

Ally brought home from school a get well card. Robert’s class had made for him. About 3 x 4 feet. Made Robert happy. Ally scotch taped it on the living room wall opposite the couch so Robert could see it.

The weather continues to amaze me. So good! Low 90s again yesterday. Each day there is less humidity. My friends up north tell me it is cold. Mid 40s into the 50s. I do not miss it. Though I must admit that I enjoyed Fall a bit. The trees colored red and gold and the crispiness in the air.

You will recall I did not play bocce thursday evening because I was not feeling well. Our team won all three games! Big! We are now 9-3 in the standings. Obviously, my talents were not required. More interesting, our best player Frankie was in Cancun and Erika in Tampa. We won all three with three of our best players not present.

Could this be the year?

I have not run into any of my tream mates yet, but I  am sure the cry will be…..Who needs you!

I have remained at home the past few nights. Now that I am feeling better, I want to get out. I need to get out. Tonight my evening will start at the Chart Room and I don’t know where afterwards.

Back in the third century in what today would be described as old Turkey, lived two physicians. Brothers. Twin brothers. Their names Cosmas and Damian.

Being Catholic was not too popular in those days. The brothers were killed for their religious beliefs in 287 AD. Hung on crosses, beaten and then beheaded.

They are regarded as Saints by the Catholic Church.

Our family Chuch in Utica where I grew up was St. Anthony. Each year late in September,  St. Anthony sponsored a street feast honoring these two saints. I have never figured out why. Our parish was overwhelmingly Italian. The saints were Turks. To find a person of Turkish descent was like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

In any event, the feast was a big deal in my youth. I would compare it to Fantasy Fest. The streets packed. People came in from as far as Canada on buses and in cars to celebrate the feast. It was religious with street music and great Italian food. I compare it to Fantasy Fest only as to the crowds. No other similarity.

My grandmother Albina, my father’s mother, carried a three foot long thick candle in the big religious procession on sunday morning. She walked the route barfefoot. I proudly walked next to her for many years, carrying a small candle. She did the religious march and did it barefoot to thank God for saving my grandfather Louis. In 1918, there occurred a world wide flu epedemic. Many died. My grandfather got the flu. My grandmother prayed and promised God she would march in the procession thusly every year if my grandfather was saved.

He lived to be 94!

I mention the feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian because this is the weekend for the feast in Utica. Not as big, not as flamboyant, not as crowded…..but still ongoing.

I miss the feast. I miss especially my grandmother and our walk together.

Enjoy your day!

Some days do not worked out as planned. Yesterday was one of them.

I spent the afternoon fine tuning todays internet show. All of a sudden…..chest pain! Big time! This it, I thought.

In addition, my legs were full of fluid. I had not noticed because I was seated while working. Ankles, calf and knees as one up and down.

Oh… blood pressure. Fine. 125/75. Pulse 54.

I am going to refrain from providing any further details. In the end, it was determined that it was not my heart. Nerves. Except for my legs. Took a big time water pill.

In the mean time, Lisa and the grandkids were with me. I was not going to die alone. A half hour after they left, Lisa telephoned. Robert fell….. he has a huge gash in his right leg….. the bone is exposed….. we are on our way to the emergency room.

Robert did a number on himself. He and Ally were jumping on their parent’s bed. There is a small bed board at the end. Robert came down on the corner of the bedboard.


Bone exposed. As well as everything else. After several hours, it was determined no broken bone,ligaments or muscles. He was sewed up. They had to sew his leg in three layers. Took more than thirty stitches.

He will not be walking for a few days.

I skipped bocce last night because of my health. Just telephoned Don to see if we won. No answer. He must still be sleeping. I would have missed bocce anyhow once the call came regarding Robert.

I also sadly am going to miss my internet show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I do not feel like rushing. I have already spoken with Guy and he will rerun one of my old shows. Listen in. If it is one you missed, you will enjoy. My apologies. But my head is not into rushing this morning.

I had some positive excitement yesterday afternoon before the chest situation arose. I have a new mattress and box spring! White glove treatment. They deliver the new and remove the old. Simple!

Fourteen years ago when this home was purchased, I was anxious to sleep here. Did not want to wait six weeks for delivery of something good. Ended up buying a cheap bedroom set somewhere.With it came a cheap mattress. The thought was the bedroom set would be replaced at some point in time. It never was.

The old mattress over the years developed an indentation/hole where my body lay on my side of the bed. Turns out the only good thing about yesterday was last night’s sleep. The pleasure of a firm mattress!

There is one other good thing that came out of yesterday. Robert’s injury could have been worse. Much worse.

I feel fine this morning. I am not going to worry about anything. When showered and dressed, I shall go over to visit Robert. Probably spend the day with him. Play fish, watch television and the like.

I am grateful that most of my Key West days are good for me and my family. However, as the saying goes…..into each life some rain must fall.

Enjoy your day!

Big party last night!

A birthday party!

For two. Angus and Keith. Angus now 47 and Keith turning 34. Angus is the jovial bearded bartender at Schooner Wharf. I am not sure where Keith is presntly emplyed. He has a dual claim to fame, however. He is David’s son and Jen’s boy friend.

A couple of years ago, Angus and I played golf on a team together in a scramble. We won the scramble and each team member pocketed over $300. I am the world’s worst golfer. Angus knocks me not. He is always complimenting my purported fine play of that day. A nice guy!

Some of us met first at Don’s Place. Kurt picked me up. It was an hour of pre-dinner fun. I chatted quite a bit with Herschel. Bocce. What else?

Then to the The Strip House for dinner. The finest place for steaks in Key West. No comparison. I have said it before. A treat to eat there.

By this time, our group totaled 14. We sat outside at a long table. The weather was perfect.

Outside at The Strip House can best be described as a huge porch overlooking the ocean. Maybe twenty feet away. We arrived when the sun was still in the sky. Were there when it set. And still there during the black of the evening. There was no moon on the water. There must have been clouds. However, the moving water could be clearly heard.

I did not know everyone. Those I can recall included Kurt, Don, Boomer, Keith, Jen and Angus.

It was a good evening. Great conversation. Lots of laughs.

Happy birthday, guys! It was a pleasure to have celebrated the event with you.

Tomorrow, the Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. On the internet. Watch and listen at

Great topics!

I am going to hit on a personal one. Syracuse moving over to the ACC. I will share some behind the scene events based on my  twenty year Syracuse experience. A leopard does not change its spots!

Plus, labor unions in China (surprisingly not suppressed), an eel story that will make you cringe, Chinese condoms too small for African men, the miniskirt/female dress issue hitting the Muslim streets of Jakarta, the critical financial condition of our largest banks, and a Naval officer who shot up a fishing boat rather than a gunnery target during practise.

Joined with Mayor Bloomberg’s warning of possibble riots in the streets, burying the dead becoming too expensive for many, flashing headlights and free speech, women moving to the top of the corporate ladder in China faster than in the U.S., a Texas Republican Senator who owns a chain of Subway Shops who claims he has a hard time living on his $600,000 net income, and a comparison of Senator and Congressmen salaries/retirement compensation to that of Social Security recipients and soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

A lot on the plate. All fast moving and interesting. Some items thought provoking.

Pleaase join with me, if you can.

This morning the dentist. Again. What started as 4 months is now 8. I suspect at least 2 more.

Next year, I do not want to see either a doctor or dentist!

Tonight, bocce!

We continue to discuss and mix and match partners. It is called refinement. I don’t know if in the end it will  have made any difference. Our final league standing will be proof of the pudding.

I just looked outside. It is pink. A touch on everything.The sun is just below the horizon and is rising into a large cloud bank.

Enjoy your day!

Yesterday was a bad one for me physically.

I finally had my blood pressure down to normal for two consecutive days. However, yesterday I was totally exhausted. Wiped out! I had to stay in bed all day! No golf either this morning. I don’t think I could finish 3 holes, let alone 9.

My blood pressure initially screwed up because I was feeling tired. It was a consistent 100/60. Too low. The doctor started adjusting my pills. That is when the trouble started. The blood pressure took long to adjust. A lot of pills. I am tired again. And to make it even worse, my pressure is up again this morning!

I want to talk about domesticity. I live alone. I have had to learn to care for myself. In my other life, everything was done for me.

My new life is a constant learning experience.

This week I was made aware of two things.

First, do not press the steam button on the iron when your hand is in the way. I was ironing a shirt and forgot to remove my hand. I have steamed fingers!

The next lesson learned concerns cooking. Another thing I did not do in my other life.

I enjoy perogis. Have not had them in years. Saw some in a frozen locker at Publix. Bought a box. Read the directions as to how to cook. Thought they involved too many steps and took too long. I wanted to boil them. Placed four frozen rock hard perogis in the pan. Boiled them. They came out almost as rock hard as they went in. Lesson learned: Defrost first!

I keep the house relatively clean. I am a clean and neat freak.

Very tiny ants show up every Summer in the keys. Tiny means tiny! Extremely small. Arrive in droves.

I have never had ants. Lisa had them for the first time last Summer. A terrible invasion! They did not go away till Winter. The ants did not return to Lisa’s this year.

I have lived in my Key West home for fourteen yeas. Never ants. Till this Summer. I can’t get rid of them.

The ants fortunately have confined themselves to one area. The countertops and sink in the kitchen.

I keep the counter clean. Before and now. Do not keep any food out. I even refrigerate bananas. I only buy  three at a time because the regfrigeration adversely affects them.

I bought ant traps at Home Depot. Placed them in appropriate places on the counterrtops. Probably  more than I needed. Did not work!

I read in the Sunday newspaper a couple of weeks ago a column devoted to these ants.Front page! That is how serious this ant problem is in Key West. The writer’s solution was 409. I bought 409. A huge spray bottle. Washed the counter and sink down. Sprayed. Cleaned it up. No help.

I figured maybe I removed too much of the 409 when I wiped over it with a damp paper towel. The solution was simple. Why not spray everything with 409 and leave it on the counters and sink! I did. I knew I had the ants beat now.

No way! They walked across the 409 like it was nothing!

I still have the ants. Today is the start of Autumn. I am waiting for the start of Winter so they will leave.

The ants have won. Louis lost.

My friend Jim Brown from Crete, Greece had an interesting comment on Facebook this morning. I would be remiss if I did not share it with you. It applies to us in the United States, also. Keep in mind while reading his comment, that Greece is in worse financial shape than the United States.

Jim Brown said that “…due to the current financial crisis in Greece, I’m looking for a car that runs on fresh air, a star trek food replicator machine, a naquada generator for power and a machine that turns piss into beer and drinin water.”

Our desire/need concisely stated.

Keep them coming, Jim!

Enjoy your day!