The power boat races began yesterday. Unfortunately, an accident occurred. The Smokin’ Tuna boat hit a wave while turning off Fort Zach Taylor and capsized. Both team members were injured. One helicoptered to Miami.

I was watching the races. Never saw the accident, however. I was too far away. Down at Schooner’s Wharf.

The power boat races are always exciting. The boats zooming by. At the same time, helicopters flying low over them. The noise from the helicopters is greater than the noise from the boats. Chilling in effect.

Child service agencies have grown over the years. They are powerful and have little oversight. Children must be protected. No argument. Sometimes not enough is done to protect a child, however. Foster parents are not thoroughly vetted or vetted at all.

An example in point is what happened in Texas. A baby girl was removed from her parents because the parents were found to have smoked pot after the child was asleep. The baby was turned over to a foster mother.

The foster mother threw the baby down head first onto the ground. The baby died. Two years old and her life over. At the hospital, the baby’s body revealed in addition to her head injuries, body bruises.  Also so much of her hair had been ripped out, that the 2 year old appeared bald.

The foster mother was arrested, tried and convicted. She is now serving life without parole.

This is not an isolated incident. Ten children in foster care in Texas in 2013 were killed.

I raise the question as to whether the child service agency that was so diligent in discovering the parents had been smoking a joint, did any significant investigation with regard to the foster mother. Or, foster parents in general.

Early in my legal career, I thought foster parents were wonderful people. They took in unwanted or neglected children. Altruistic they are not, however. It is a paying job. So much per child from the state or county. Many foster parents take in multiple children.

I was involved in a case where the foster parents had taken in six children at one time. They were farmers. They were able to make a double hit. The State paid them to care for the children. The foster parents had the children help work the farm.

Enjoy your day!



Another great morning weather wise! Cool! The day will warm up to the mid 80’s.

Someone told me yesterday that wednesday to friday there will be heavy rains. Several inches. If so, some streets will flood. That’s the way it is.

I was out early. Blood giving time. Part of my annual physical.

Fantasy Fest got into full swing yesterday. The Zombie Bicycle Parade. First time I have seen it. An impressive event!

Zombie in the parade’s instance means scary. Those participating looked scary! Every one of them. Gory, sick, bloody, etc. Everyone riding a bicycle.

Most of the paint jobs look professional. I suspect that the body painters of later in the week were the face painters for yesterday.

I watched the parade standing on the wall at Smathers Beach. As far as my eyes could see, they were coming and going! Both directions. Covering the full width of the road.

Lori who does my hair told me she would be in the parade. I looked for her. Good luck. It was like trying to pick out someone in the Boston Marathon. Which is what the Zombie bike ride reminded me of. A marathon.

I was busy yesterday afternoon. Running around doing little things. Even missed Don’s Place for pro football.

Sunday dinner was with Lisa and the family. Lisa prepared an abbreviated Thanksgiving dinner. A roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes, gravy and salad. Excellent!

Monsanto is being fought in every country in the world where it has been doing business. Successfully in most instances. Monsanto has found a new place to plant its seeds. Africa. Africa has Monsanto and Ebola. I am not trying to be funny. Both can be deadly.

I plan on speaking in detail re Monsanto and Africa on my blog talk radio show tuesday evening. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

On one occasion or another, most of us have had a credit card rejected. Obama did last month. He had dinner with Michelle at a fancy New York City restaurant. His credit card was rejected. Michelle had one that worked.

The card company later advised that the card the President used was rarely used. Ergo, they thought fraud might be involved.

Enjoy your day!


Finally! Goombay arrived last night! Fantasy Fest underway!

For those who attend events each evening, it will be as grueling ten days. Fun, however!

I did Goombay last night. Each year a bit better. This year more music. Cubby holes between buildings were filled with musicians and those listening. The food appealing, as usual.

I make it a habit not to eat the food. It suits me! However for me it is not easy to stand and devour an exotic dish with people crowded around me. If you have been to Goombay, you understand.

The end of Petronia, where the main musicians play, was crowded. I noticed more and better children’s rides. Robert and Ally go tonight. A big time awaits them!

It was Don’s Party last night. Goombay always is. A crowd gathers at Don’s Place. He orders a couple of big cabs and has everyone delivered to 801. I got the starting time screwed up. Arrived at the bar too late. The cabs had left.

I opted to walk to Goombay. In fact, I walked all night. Up and down Petronia for the festival itself. Then back to Don’s Place with a stop in between at Square 1.

On the way up Truman to the event, I came in contact with three African-American nuns standing in front of St. Mary of the Seas buildings. They are stationed now at St. Mary. There is a scarcity of American girls entering the nunnery. Catholics import nuns today. As they do many priests.

We chatted a while. Great women! They must have thought what a wonderful guy I was to stop and chat with them. Actually, I was tired and resting for the next part of my walk.

Met my group at the bar at 801. A drink and I felt better. A big glass of water, also. Seated outside 801 were Pittsburgh area friends Karen and Dan. Their daughter or son and spouse were with them. I cannot remember everything. Very nice young people. Costumed for the evening.

Don’s group meets at Blue Heaven’s outside bar to conclude the evening. Always packed. It is in the middle of Goombay.

I got there first. I can only walk in a hot crowded area so long. I grabbed a seat at the corner of the bar and watched the world pass by. I decided to leave just as the rest were arriving. I had had it. I was off. Made my good byes and thanks to Don.

I still had not had dinner. Thought I would break the walk back to the car. I stopped at Square 1 to get a bite at the bar.

Lovely Mandy bartending. Such a nice person!

Met Desmond and Sandy. Originally from England. Not happy campers! They bought a house in Key West two months ago. Previously, they had been living in Naples. Tough to talk with initially. Oozing with unhappiness. They did not like this, they did not like that. Sandy asked Mandy where the mussels came from. Never heard that question asked before. Who cares. Try them. If good, try them again another time. If not, do not.

I know people either love or hate Key West? Were they part of the hate group? I did not think so.

Desmond was in the newspaper business in England. He was a radio broadcaster in Naples. Sandy was part of the fashion industry. Desmond should meet Don who was in the hierarchy of a Buffalo newspaper and later a publisher in Ohio or Indiana.

By the time I left, we were friends and they had calmed down.

I know they are reading the blog this morning. My advice to Desmond and Sandy is they go to the Gardens Hotel tomorrow evening at 6. In the back/center there will be music, drinks and people. Most will be locals. Most sociable. A taste of Key West. You will enjoy. Do not be negative. These people love Key West. You will get your heads chopped off!

ML won! My choice for Queen. Congratulations, ML!

Syracuse this afternoon. against Wake Forest. Syracuse favored by 3-4 points. I hope we win.

Enjoy your day!



A typical Key West day should be one where you do nothing. Not the case. There is always something that happens, that you do.

Yesterday was one of limited activity. However, it consumed my whole day.

A doctor visit was first. I have said it before. You move on in years and it seems most of your time is spent in doctors’ offices. No big deal yesterday. A back check up and a flu shot. If you have  not had a flu shot, get it. Do not be foolish. I used to get the flu 2-3 times a year. Fifteen years ago, I started receiving an annual flu shot. I have not had the flu since. Amazing!

Lunch was at Salute’s with new found friends Karen and Dan from the Pittsburgh area. They visit Key West several months each year. Enjoyable people. It was a two hour lunch. We were having a good time.

Bocce last night. We won all three games. The first time this season we won all three. David was happy!

In between lunch and bocce, I wrote next week’s KONK Life column. Our Legal System Is Disintegrating. It took forever. Longer than usual to do. The reason was the length. It was three times the usual number of words. As a result, the column will be featured over two weeks. A Part I and a Part II.

Two happy events occurred yesterday.

It was announced Malala Yousafzai would be one of the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala is the Pakistani teenager who was shot in the head by a Taliban because she supported education for women. Vocally and in her blog. She survived and has been promoting the cause worldwide. She was 15 when shot. She is 17 today. An unusual young lady.

The other worthy event were the two court decisions handed down throwing out voter ID laws in Texas and Wisconsin. The Texas decision was by a Federal District Court Judge. She wrote a 150 page decision. She held that an ID request was comparable to a poll tax. She further stated that the purpose of the ID law was to suppress minority voter turn out.

The Wisconsin decision was by the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Alito and Thomas dissented. No surprise. These three Justices have done much injury to the American way of life. It will take years to turn around most of their decisions.

I am on my soap box a bit this morning. I apologize.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyaku appeared on Face The Nation sunday. He was generally supportive and had kind comments regarding his recent meeting with Obama. He did have a negative, however. He was openly critical of Obama with regard to one matter.

The criticism is immaterial. What happened to it is.

CBS edited out the criticism. It bugs me! I have been complaining increasingly that the media is censoring the news. We are only provided with what they want us to know. Direction in this regard generally comes from the corporations that own TV and radio. Perhaps this time it was from the White House itself.

The people’s right to know is and has been under silent attack. Transparency is out the window.

Enjoy your day!



The weather recent mornings has been glorious. All the good things. Like the sun, a bit of a breeze, calm waters. No humidity. The humidity hits as the day gores on. The temperature runs over 90. The evenings are unbearable till the sun goes down.

The new bocce season began last night. The heat and humidity were heavy. Instantaneous sweat. Conditions continued until the end of the first game when the sun disappeared behind some clouds before setting.

Hot or not, it was great to be back playing bocce! Nothing like it! About 150 of us. All happy to be there. Hellos and hugs all over the place.

We won 2 of 3 games. A good start to the season. We were losing 8-1 in the first game. Then came back to win 16-12. The second game was close till the end. We lost. I played the second game. The third game was ours all the way.

My day time was easy. A haircut with Lori. then lunch again with Robert and Ally. They start school monday. Both are ready and anxious to go.

I spent the afternoon writing next week’s KONK Life column. Glory and Disgrace. The Air Battle for Britain and the Fall of Singapore. We all know about the air war which the British won. Few know why Singapore fell. Singapore was surrendered by the British without a shot being fired. The reasons why are extremely interesting.

This Ferguson, Missouri thing continues to bother me. I do not agree with the way the President is handling it. Martial law should have been declared and the Missouri National Guard federalized. The bad guys in this thing are the militarized police. Failure to take extreme action makes it look like there was enough wrongdoing on both sides that a softer approach was warranted.

It make work in Ferguson. However, it sets no example for the rest of the nation. Militarized police in other areas will not be worried that the roof will fall in if another Ferguson occurs.

The militarization of our police is an interesting subject. I have been talking and warning about it for two years. On my TV and radio shows and in my writings. There is more to this than just the over militarization of police.

The NRA got a big boost out of Ferguson. I suspect in short time the NRA will be saying the reason the people need guns is because of what happened in Ferguson…..To protect themselves against an over zealous government.

There is a new Baseball Commissioner. Robert Manfred. I make mention of him because he grew up in Rome, NY. Rome is 14 miles from my home town Utica.

The Key West Citizen ran a Walter Scott quote in its World Almanac section this morning. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” I used a slightly different variation in summing up to juries when I had caught a witness in a bald faced lie…..What a tangled web we weave, when first we seek to deceive.” Spoken slowly. Repeated one time. The juries loved it!

Today is the anniversary of the opening day of Woodstock. Three Days of Peace and Music as it was titled. I was 34 at the time. Did not attend. Had no desire to attend. Other than the great music that came out of Woodstock, I see no value today in glorifying 400,000 drugged persons rolling around in the mud having sex for three days. And, a prude I am not.

Enjoy your day!


In my blog talk radio show tuesaday evening, I referred to ISIS as Jesse James and the Mafia. Last night, CNN also referred to the group as the Mafia.

Jesse James because ISIS robs banks. Perhaps better than most bank robbers. A few days ago, ISIS robbed a bank in Mosul of $429 million. Plus some gold bullion. Further, as ISIS moves from one town to another, it robs the banks.

Jesse James lives again!

The Mafia was well known for extorting business men. The Mafia provided an unneeded protection service for a fee. Refuse to pay the fee and the business was blown up. Generally, with the proprietor inside.

ISIS practices extortion in a similar fashion. Pay up or we’ll blow you up!

It is claimed ISIS grabs $1-2 million a month in this fashion.

All of which proves, history repeats itself.

Yesterday was an easy one. Started with the gym in the morning. I told Albert my right shoulder had been aggravated. I could move my right arm backwards or sideways. He said he understood. He must have. Whatever he had me doing, not once did my shoulder ache.

Last night was sit and chat time at the Chart Room and Don’s Place.

Spoke with a couple from Chicago at the Chart Room. Asked how their mayor Rahm Emanuel was doing. The response was he is not terrible. Not much of a commendation. I inquired how they felt about Obama. They shrugged their shoulders and the wife said he was not around long, he did nothing for us.

Did I note an air of entitlement?

The wife is a special ed teacher. From nowhere another special ed teacher showed up. The two did not know each other. The new special ed lady wrote on the blackboard a Benjamin Franklin quote…..Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

The quote in Key West time as was the lady.

Spent a lot of time at Don’s Place. Chatted first with Hershel. Then with Don and Grant. Enjoyable.

I have to move my butt his morning. I have a hair appointment with Lori.

Enjoy your day!


Physics teaches us that each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The rule applies in international politics as well.

Russia stole Crimea. The United States and other nations sanctioned Russia. The thought was the sanctions would bring Russia to its knees. It did not happen. No one took into account Putin’s boldness.

Russia’s economic life depends on the sale of its oil and gas to other countries. Retaliation for Crimea included cutting off some of those lines. No problem for Putin. He turned in another direction. Asia. In six months, he has cut new oil deals with North Korea, South Korea,and China. He is presently negotiating a major gas deal comparable to the China one with Japan.

Another part of the United States’ retaliatory strategy was to freeze the bank accounts of Russian citizens in the United States. The big Russians.

No problem again for Putin It was announced this week that Russia was removing money it had in U.S. banks. Russia had $21.6 billion dollars sitting here. Russia thus far has pulled out 61 percent. Only $8.4 billion remains.

That is not all.

In the past several months, Putin has been negotiating mega contracts for Russian state owned oil companies with major oil companies. Exxon Mobile and BP recently signed such mega contracts with Russia’s Rosneft.

So much for major companies supporting Obama’s decisions arising out of Ukraine problems. The same oil companies that eat big time off the American people and benefit from favorable laws that Congress has passed to their benefit. To the benefit of the big oil companies and to the detriment of the American people.

Wars will continue to be waged in remote places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Ukraine with guns, bullets, tanks and other machines of war. Major countries such as the United States, Russia, England, France, and others, will fight each other with dollars. Each is fully aware of the devastation that a fighting war would bring. The major countries do not want blood and guts on their streets. Economics can be used to destroy a nation as effectively as war.

The issue/concept has been bothering me and so I burden you with my thoughts this morning.

The best of my yesterday was the Heat/Spurs game last night. Great basketball!

Enjoy your day!


Today’s blog going out very late! Sorry! I had a big morning. I had to tidy the house up. Realtor showing it this morning. Then had to get out early because the first group was arriving. Walked around Duval for an hour before my hair appointment. Then walked Duval some more. People watching. By the time I returned home, it was after noon and I was tired!

Began last night at the Chart Room. Glad I did. Met a couple I met sometime last year. Raylene and Gary from  Kansas. Dorothy country. They were staying for four days at the Pier House with their two young adult children. Good looking kids!

Raylene and Gary return to Key West early every October for two weeks. To celebrate their anniversary.

Nice people. I hope I get to see them before they leave this trip and definitely in

Raylene is extra special. She she told me bought my book and read it! Also mentioned she was looking forward to my next book, Growing Up Italian.

The season is in full bloom. I walked the first 3 blocks of Duval. Jam packed! Walking impossible. Everyone moving at a snail’s pace.

Ended up at Kelly’s. Jennifer and Amy working the bar. Two lovely ladies. I enjoyed an order of wings and read the newspapers.

Two fellows sat near me at the bar. They appeared to be Europeans. Speaking English. Jennifer asked if they were from Holland. Yes, they responded. She could tell from their accents. Jennifer’s grandmother was from Holland, also.

The new Netflix TV series I mentioned earlier this week  will start shoting in the next few days in Islamorada. As previously mentioned, Academy Award winner Sissy Spacek stars. I discovered her co-star last night. Sam Shephard. What a combination!

This has been a spectacular lobster season! Not the most lobsters caught in a season. But the most dollar wise. Prices per pound wholesale are up. The Asian market has opened big time. Daily flights take the lobsters live packed in ice to Asian markets.

I find it amazing how the Florida lobster trade has grown world wide.

Frankly, I do not enjoy Florida lobsters. I am a Maine lobster snob. I rarely eat a Florida lobster. They are good. However, once you have tasted Maine lobster, it is  difficult to enjoy local ones.

An American tragedy occurred yesterday. The NLRB announced that scholarship college athletic students are employees and accordingly have the right to unionize. I disapprove of the ruling. The fallout is going to be fantastic. It will in effect be similar to 9/11. Change will take place in college athletics. Big time!

Northwestern was the university involved.

President Obama has been in Italy the past two days. Surprisingly, my Italian friends wish he had not come. They are not happy with him. Much of Europe is not.

Bocce tonight. I am going to cheer my team on. With a glass of gin in my hand, of course. I will not be playing. My back. Besides the pain,  I fear that one of the times I bend over, I will not be able to return to a standing position.

Enjoy your day!






Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enough said. Stay sober.

I am a weather man today. The wind is from the south this morning. Rare. Whenever from the south, it rains/storms. Lovely out at the moment. Sun shinning. Nary a cloud. However, palm trees bent north from the south wind. Ripples in the pool running north, also.

The weather report says only a 10% chance of rain today. I disagree. Let’s see if I am correct.

The Greek isle of Amorgos is my Shangri-la. When there, I live as the natives. A small apartment on the waterfront. Few amenities. No airport. The boat comes in with people and supplies once a week.

Saturday’s Keynoter had a picture on the editorial page of a fishing net and well attired gentleman who apparently had been mending the net. The net was hanging  from some sort of post in the picture. The picture a 1977 photo.

My Amorgos home was about a hundred yards from Adelphos’ home. Each time I walked into the heart of the village, I had to walk by Adelpho’s place.

Most afternoons, I would find Adelphos sitting on the ground in front of his abode. About 30 feet from the water. In his lap and surrounding him was a large fishing net. He was always mending the net. Daily. Otherwise, the net would fall apart in a few days. The mending involved looking for places to repair and untangling parts of the net that had twisted together. Adelphos worked primarily with his fingers. Adeptly. Sometimes with some sort of needle. About four inches long.

Mending nets is referred to in the Bible in several places. Four of Jesus’ disciples were fisherman who joined him while mending their nets. Mending nets probably goes back to the beginnings of man.

In all the centuries, nothing has changed for Adelphos or the fisherman of Amorgos who came before him. Though it has changed here in the United States and most of the modern world. The mending is more technical and machine driven.

I had to get out of the house early due to the open house. I was at the Plantation Coffee House at 11. Stayed till 3. Would have stayed longer. However, the place closes at 3 on Sunday. I did not know. While there, I did yesterday’s blog, read some Sunday papers, had a couple of cups of coffee and a toasted bagel. Chatted a bit with owner Diana. Yesterday’s blog was unusually long. The spread of European Nazism and the failure of the American media to keep us advised is bothersome from my perspective.

I could not return home till after 4. It was only 3. I was driving along the Atlantic and passed the Key West Airport. I turned around and headed to it. My goal was the Airport’s restaurant.

I am glad I decided to go there. Only when traveling would I normally stop.

It was old home week. Victor was bartending. Several years ago, Victor was the bartender one night a week at the Chart Room. Someone came up and hugged me as Victor and I were talking. It was Jana. I enjoyed seeing her again. Big time!

Jana immigrated from one of the eastern block countries to Key West. She is presently 32. Our connection goes back to the Paradise Cafe. My daily morning haunt of years ago. My favorite place for Cuban cheese toast with tomato. The best! Never that good again!

Jana was the enterprising sort. She opened her own restaurant on Bertha Street after Paradise closed. She had a hard time. The place did not take off. She took a financial beating. I used to go frequently because she was serving the same Cuban cheese toast with tomato that I had enjoyed for so many years at Paradise Cafe.

A few years have passed. Jana looked terrific. Happy. The pressure off her face. A bad business will do that to a person. She has been a waitress at the Airport for over a year. Married, also. A retired military man.

The twenty young men have left the MTV house across the way. Yesterday. Replaced by couples and children. When I went outside this morning, a mother carrying a baby waived at me..

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is in the process of purchasing Miami’s Channel 10. South Florida’s second largest TV station. Welcome Buffett and company. Anyplace/anything he decides to buy has to be good!

Syracuse is a #3 seed in the South Region. I am surprised. I thought it might be higher. That is all I have to say. We shall see how things go as the tournament progresses. Friday is the first game.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!


One of the reasons I enjoy grocery shopping at Publix is that I run into friends. Many whom I have not seen in a while.

I came around the corner of an aisle yesterday and there was Holly! Holly of Peter and Holly or Holly and Peter fame. Whichever you are more comfortable with.

Holly quickly brought me up to date. Either her mother or Peter’s is in rehab here in Key West. A bad fall at 88. Holly said her afternoons are spent with the mother. Said by Holly with a smile on her face, nary a complaint. You are a good person, Holly!

I reminded Holly that such a life might be around the corner for me. I was 78, a mere 10 years younger.

Holly jumped into my newspaper columns, the ones that have been running in KONK Life. Praise poured out of her. She told me she cuts out three columns each week and mails them to Connecticut to her sister who enjoys reading and sharing the columns.

Humbled and thrilled was I!

Holly is partnered with Peter Diamond. Technically, Peter Diamond Ilacqua. For more than 20 years. A terrific couple!

I run into Peter with more frequency than Holly. Each time he has seen me in recent years, he tells me how much he enjoys the column. Does not mean he always agrees with me. Such does not bother me. I am pleased he is reading the column and further pleased that I have aired an issue of sufficient merit which has resulted in discourse.

Back in my mind is the thought that Peter and I were some sort of neighbors back when. If my recollection is correct, Peter is either from Syracuse or has family there.

Peter is one of Key West’s premier entertainers. A singer. His style and voice remind me of Frank Sinatra.

Peter and Holly, love you both!

I walked till I was tired yesterday. Too long. Knocked me on my ass.

I am on a diet again. I have kept it secret. I am a yo yo. On and off diets all my life. This diet is different. I made it up myself. All I am sharing at the moment. Lets see how it works before I go further. Note however that my Key West Diet has resulted in me losing 11 pounds in 10 days. For real!

All it takes is a bit of starvation.

Did my blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. An especially enjoyable experience last night. World events were so heavy this week, I opted to open the show with several lighter and distinctly happier happenings. Before getting into Ukraine.

Opening remarks involved Jacob Barnett. Born with autism, a failure in early elementary school, a child who was receding into his mind and had become non-communicative, is today at age 15 studying for a Ph.d in physics. His mother had been told several years earlier he would never be able to tie his shoes. His mother saved him! It has been discovered Jacob’s IQ is higher than Einstein’s.

I plan on doing a Jacob Barnett column shortly.

The bottom half of the show had to do with quirky happenings in Ukraine the past two weeks. Interesting tidbits.

Remember my bartender friend Dougie from Burger Fi? I ran into him at Lukas’ Pub sunday He is bartending there, also.

The President and Michelle vacationed this past weekend in the Keys. The northern Keys. Key Largo. At the Ocean Reef Club. Ocean Reef is nothing like Key West. It is the vacation haven of the rich and famous. The one per cent.

The President is entitled to rest and relax where ever he desires. Ocean Reef has built in safety factors which are necessary to protect a visiting President. However, critical I must be. At a time when we are constantly referring to the 1 % and 99 %, it would have been better for the President and Michelle to have stayed at one of Key West’s fancier hotels and perhaps participated in the Duval crawl.

I am sure the previous paragraph is going to draw many comments. Most probably disagreeing with me.

A Bob Saraceno from Buffalo wrote yesterday. We do not know each other. However, Bob is of Italian extraction also.

Bob is aware from my many comments that I am working on book #2. Growing Up Italian. He sent me a list of 42 Italian things that are purported to have happened to those growing up during our time. The list was titled Things In the Life Of An Italian Child.

Number 19 stood out like a sore thumb: You were beaten at least once with a wooden spoon or broom. I was shocked! I thought it was only me who sustained an occasional beating thusly at the hands of my mother. Turns out not. One difference, however. I wrote back to Bob and told him I had never been beaten with a broom. Instead, spaghetti/macaroni bowls were broken over my head.

I always thought I was the only “bad boy” so disciplined. I was not aware my male contemporaries were suffering the same fate.

Enjoy your day!