Key West has a model railroad club. It has an annual show. This year it is at the Moose Lodge on Eisenhower. Today.

It has been years and years since I saw a model railroad. They were a big deal back in the 1930s through 1950s. Remember, people primarily traveled by trains in the 1930s and 1940s. Significant commercial aviation did not come into play till the late 1940s.

My parents bought me a Lionel model train for Christmas 1940. Actually, it was from Santa Claus. They had to have saved all year to buy it. It was top of the line. A very heavy engine, several cars, and an oval track. Motorized, of course.

Christmas Day, my father and uncles monopolized the train. They were on their hands and knees around it. I could not get close. I recall my mother coming into the room and telling them to let the baby play with it. I was the baby. A lot of good it did.

I played with the train set for years. When I became older and lost interest, we placed it around the base of the Christmas tree every year and ran it.

Somehow, I lost it. I recall it being in a box in the attic of our first home. Where it went from there, I do not know.

My yesterday began with a manicure with Tammy. We talked about Thanksgiving. I asked if she would cook a turkey this year. She said no. She did it last year and no one ate it. Fortunately, she cooked a Vietnamese meal also and had it on the table. She told me her 5 and 7 year olds do not like American food. Even MacDonald’s. At some point, there will be an Americanization of Tammy’s children. She will then have to cook American food special for them.

I walked afterwards. Back into a good health kick. Parked the car at the airport and walked Smathers Beach and back. Got a little difficult towards the end.

I spent several hours writing next week’s KONK Life column. Putin The Winner So Far. Compares Putin and Obama’s accomplishments this year.

I went off the beaten track last night. Had dinner at the Boathouse. A seat at the bar on the far side. Gave me a view of the whole restaurant.

The place was packed. It is strictly a tourist spot. Rush them in, rush them out. No chatter with the wait staff. Prices about $2 higher than a comparable eating place elsewhere in Key West. In spite of my comments, it is a place to stop and enjoy. It sits on the waterfront. A dock immediately in front. Boats lining the marina.

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to see the Cole Porter show at the Waterfront Playhouse. I called Jenna. She agreed to join me this evening. Later when I was reading this week’s KONK Life, I noticed that the show is next week, not this week. I keep making these mistakes.

Jenna and I will be going next friday.

This morning’s Key West Citizen in its Today in History section notes that on this day in 1939, Franklin Delano Roosevelt laid the cornerstone for the Jefferson Memorial.

Two years ago,  I did the tourist thing for a week in Washington. I was most anxious to see the Lincoln Memorial. The imposing figure of Lincoln sitting in a chair. I saw it and was duly impressed. A WOW, until I saw the Jefferson Memorial. More imposing and impressive. Jefferson stands about 20 feet tall. See both the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials if you have the chance. Take the kids. The trip will be good for them.

Nicholas Kristoff is a syndicated New York Times columnist. In a recent article, he wrote that one third of American teenage girls become pregnant. He claimed a birth by a teenager occurs one every minute. The thrust of his article was that our young people need to know more about sex and have available to them birth control.

Alabama and Mississippi State this afternoon. The game of the season thus far. Should be terrific! I plan on watching it either at Don’s Place or home on the couch.

Enjoy your day!



Pets get sick. When it happens, it is a calamity.

Jake was sick yesterday. Up chucking and diarrhea. Would not eat. His eyes sad.

Lisa rushed him to the vet. Jake had a bug. Sounds human. A shot. Some intravenous fluid. He was dehydrated.

The medical report this morning is that Jake appears on the mend. He is eating a bit.

Jake was not the only one who saw a doctor yesterday. I had a return visit with Dr. Lefferts to get my blood results. Everything ok. Obviously, the steroids had screwed up the previous blood test.

Keith stopped over to do some work on my bedroom. I am in the process of remodeling it. Since I am no longer married, it will be a bachelor’s pad. It is being decorated as such.

Dinner last night at Geiger Key. You cannot beat the place for restfulness! Such is the feeling I get every time I am there. It is the surrounding water and mangroves. Like being held in the palm of someone’s hand.

No Syracuse football this weekend. Fortunately. A week off before the last two games of the season.

Syracuse has had good and bad seasons. I remember when Syracuse was third in the nation when I was in law school. We had some excellent teams in the 1980s. The pendulum swings back and forth. For whatever reason, we have been on the losing side of the pendulum too long. It seems stuck. I hope next season reflects a return to days of glory.

I was surprised last night when the news showed Obama and his administration claiming a major break through with China. From my understanding of the agreement, the United States has to  produce results before the Chinese. Also the wording the agreement is weak. It is “intended” these things be done.

Putin is the one who scored prior to the China meeting. This past week Putin announced a new and additional 30 year agreement with China to build another pipeline to China. The agreement includes a 30 deal whereby China will buy gas from Russia.

That was not all Putin accomplished. It was also announced this past week that Russia and Iran have made a deal. Russia is going to build eight new nuclear units for Iran. The announcement coming while the United States is negotiating a nuclear agreement with Iran.

When it comes to one upmanship, Putin does well.

Enjoy your day!


A quick Russian item.

Putin invades Ukraine. Obama and the western powers try to get him to back off peacefully by the use of sanctions. The sanctions are severe. Russia is hurting. Especially when it comes to Russian gas sales which make up 75 percent of Russia’s revenues.

Putin six months ago said up yours, in effect. He announced a 30 year deal with China that involved the construction of a Russia to China gas line. China agreed to buy a certain amount of Russian gas.

This past week Putin announced another gas deal with China. A 30 year one, also. Another new gas line and delivery of more gas to China.

Putin is a tough guy. Perhaps a bully, also. He does not bend in the wind.

Russia is nowhere near the power it was as the Soviet Union. The break up of the Soviet Union in 1991 downgraded the new and smaller Russia. Russia was no longer the feared power it had been.

Putin is playing like Russia is the power of old. Russia still has a large number of nuclear weapons. Putin is also making friends big time with China.

Former Russian premier Gorbachev said yesterday that a new cold war could occur. It might already have started, he said.

I spent most of yesterday morning working on the second book in the series The World Upside Down. I have been lacking in diligence and have not been writing as much as I should. My publisher is unhappy. He had hoped to publish the book before Christmas. Looks like February now.

My afternoon was spent watching Syracuse and Duke play. I watched at home. The game was carried locally. The game went as anticipated. Syracuse got druubbed. Duke beat Syracuse 27-10. The Syracuse record now 3-7.

The Syracuse players have to feel lousy. I understand only too well. I captained my eighth grade grammar school team in basketball. An 18 game schedule. We lost all 18 games. Talk of despondency!

Dinner was at the other end of Duval. The new outside  bar at La Te Da. The bar top is new. Not sure whether it was marble or granite. Whatever, nice.

Power boat races end today. I hope to watch the races this afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday!


I walked outside on rising this morning. What a day! Spectacular! Bright sun. Sky perfectly blue. The weather cool. A God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world day.

However, it is not such a day. The Catholic Church has screwed up once again! Yesterday a world wide synod of bishops meeting in the Vatican stopped an attempt by Pope Francis to correct what he perceives as Church errors.

Pope Francis had proposed a welcoming of homosexuals and divorced Catholics be permitted to receive Communion. A two-thirds vote of the synod was required to approve. The correction/amendments to Church doctrine failed. More than half the bishops voted in favor. However as with the U.S. Senate on occasion, a two-thirds vote was required.

An open insult to the Pontiff. An open insult to Catholics world wide. I do not believe Catholic bishops are in tune with their flock.

Many opposing the Pope’s will were Catholic bishops. Catholic bishops have become like U.S. Senate Republicans. Similar mentalities. Catholic bishops joined with the  U.S. religious right several years ago. The two groups stand shoulder to shoulder.

I am a fallen away Catholic. Interestingly, I have been considering a return to the Church of my birth. Pope Francis the motivating influence. He was opening the windows of the Catholic Church for the first time in more than 50 years. A breath of fresh air long overdue.

Catholic Churches are empty these days. In my youth, it was difficult to get a seat at Mass. Catholic schools have closed. Only a small percentage remain open today. Churches themselves are closing. Two or three parishes joining together to make one. Poor attendance means fewer dollars to support a parish. Significantly fewer young ladies are becoming nuns. Young men not opting for the priesthood.

It will continue that way unless and until the Church recognizes what Pope Francis seeks to accomplish and support him in his endeavors. The two that failed and the more that will come. We are all God’s children.

I hope those who voted against the Pope are happy with the result. They have embarrassed their leader publicly. God’s man on earth.

Yesterday was a football day for me. Syracuse in the afternoon and the Florida State/Notre Dame game in the evening. Syracuse won! I did not expect it. Handily. 30-7. Florida State won one of the finest played college games ever. Both teams at the top of their game. Could have gone either way. Decided in the last ten seconds.

In between games, Tim Reynolds and Keith came over to set up my new flat screen TV. In the bedroom. Wow! What a picture! It was a pleasure watching the Florida State/Notre Dame game on it.

The Asia-Europe Meeting was held in Milan this past week. Interesting what happened and did not happen. Putin was to meet with Merkle. He was four hours late. He had to stop to watch a parade in some satellite country. Merkle was upset.

Later that evening, like one in the morning, Putin met with former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. They met at Berlusconi’s Milan home. Berlusconi is under house arrest for either his dalliance with a 17 year old female or income tax evasion.

The two men were together till 3:45 in the morning.

Turns out Putin and Berlusconi are friends. Close friends. For years. Putin bought a vacation home some where in Europe next door to Berlusconi’s. They have visited each other’s homes many times over the years. Their families are close.

Berlusconi remains an influential figure in Italian politics. Berlusconi is also an extremely rich man. He and Putin have large holdings in a Russian oil company. It is reported Berlusconi will be investing in further Russian oil ventures.

Fried dough. I have not enjoyed fried dough in years. I consider it an Italian delicacy. Lisa made fried dough this morning.

Robert and Ally helped. One rolled the fried dough in a bag of sugar, the other in what was thought to be a bag of powdered sugar.

Ally was the first to taste the cooked dough. She opted for the powdered sugar one. It was not powder sugar. It was flour. Someone screwed up. The incident added to the festive mood of the breakfast.

Enjoy your Sunday!










Finally! Goombay arrived last night! Fantasy Fest underway!

For those who attend events each evening, it will be as grueling ten days. Fun, however!

I did Goombay last night. Each year a bit better. This year more music. Cubby holes between buildings were filled with musicians and those listening. The food appealing, as usual.

I make it a habit not to eat the food. It suits me! However for me it is not easy to stand and devour an exotic dish with people crowded around me. If you have been to Goombay, you understand.

The end of Petronia, where the main musicians play, was crowded. I noticed more and better children’s rides. Robert and Ally go tonight. A big time awaits them!

It was Don’s Party last night. Goombay always is. A crowd gathers at Don’s Place. He orders a couple of big cabs and has everyone delivered to 801. I got the starting time screwed up. Arrived at the bar too late. The cabs had left.

I opted to walk to Goombay. In fact, I walked all night. Up and down Petronia for the festival itself. Then back to Don’s Place with a stop in between at Square 1.

On the way up Truman to the event, I came in contact with three African-American nuns standing in front of St. Mary of the Seas buildings. They are stationed now at St. Mary. There is a scarcity of American girls entering the nunnery. Catholics import nuns today. As they do many priests.

We chatted a while. Great women! They must have thought what a wonderful guy I was to stop and chat with them. Actually, I was tired and resting for the next part of my walk.

Met my group at the bar at 801. A drink and I felt better. A big glass of water, also. Seated outside 801 were Pittsburgh area friends Karen and Dan. Their daughter or son and spouse were with them. I cannot remember everything. Very nice young people. Costumed for the evening.

Don’s group meets at Blue Heaven’s outside bar to conclude the evening. Always packed. It is in the middle of Goombay.

I got there first. I can only walk in a hot crowded area so long. I grabbed a seat at the corner of the bar and watched the world pass by. I decided to leave just as the rest were arriving. I had had it. I was off. Made my good byes and thanks to Don.

I still had not had dinner. Thought I would break the walk back to the car. I stopped at Square 1 to get a bite at the bar.

Lovely Mandy bartending. Such a nice person!

Met Desmond and Sandy. Originally from England. Not happy campers! They bought a house in Key West two months ago. Previously, they had been living in Naples. Tough to talk with initially. Oozing with unhappiness. They did not like this, they did not like that. Sandy asked Mandy where the mussels came from. Never heard that question asked before. Who cares. Try them. If good, try them again another time. If not, do not.

I know people either love or hate Key West? Were they part of the hate group? I did not think so.

Desmond was in the newspaper business in England. He was a radio broadcaster in Naples. Sandy was part of the fashion industry. Desmond should meet Don who was in the hierarchy of a Buffalo newspaper and later a publisher in Ohio or Indiana.

By the time I left, we were friends and they had calmed down.

I know they are reading the blog this morning. My advice to Desmond and Sandy is they go to the Gardens Hotel tomorrow evening at 6. In the back/center there will be music, drinks and people. Most will be locals. Most sociable. A taste of Key West. You will enjoy. Do not be negative. These people love Key West. You will get your heads chopped off!

ML won! My choice for Queen. Congratulations, ML!

Syracuse this afternoon. against Wake Forest. Syracuse favored by 3-4 points. I hope we win.

Enjoy your day!



Join me at 9 tonight for Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Blog talk radio at its best. Current interesting topics. Many times revealing.

Tonight’s topics include staying out of Iraq, Putin and Russia’s off shore bank accounts problem, Cantor loses and Boeing’s stock takes a nose dive the next day,  the 50,000 children who have come into Texas from Mexico, and more.

I try not to be repetitive, but what is is. Rain when living by the ocean. Again last night. All night. Thunderous. Lightning coming through the blinds. As I used to tell my children and then grandchildren, the big band in the sky was playing.

Still overcast this morning.

I woke to the flooding on the street in front of my house. It extended about 30 feet further than normal. I am never concerned about it reaching my home. The house is built on 8 feet of hard packed soil. The driveway steep.

Two big events in my life yesterday. The gym and dinner at Mangia Mangia.

I am into my fourth week at WeBeFit. Still alive! Nothing broke! My trainer Albert appears to know what he is doing. He is beating the hell out of me! I was typically exhausted when we finished. I drove home and spent the afternoon in bed. Primarily, sleeping. The workout knocks me out!

Dinner last night at Mangia Mangia. Frst time in  10 years. I last was there with Walter when he lived across the street. Walter had cocktails at his house and then we went to Mangia Mangia for dinner. I did not like it then and never returned. I went last night because I was invited. Ten years had not improved the food.

I dined with Larry, Christine and Journey. Christine’s paintings cover the walls. They are for sale. Christine blossomed in her senior years to become one of Key West’s leading artists. She added to her earlier accomplishments. Good for her! Love her!

Larry and family are leaving for a 3-4 week European trip next week. Two places they will visit are Camogli and Rome. I shared Louis’ perspective on both places with them. Where to go, what to see, etc. From toilet paper to the Vatican Museum. By the end of dinner, they could not wait to embark on the trip. I am thrilled they will be making the trip. Something everyone should enjoy at least once in a life time.

Enjoy your day!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enough said. Stay sober.

I am a weather man today. The wind is from the south this morning. Rare. Whenever from the south, it rains/storms. Lovely out at the moment. Sun shinning. Nary a cloud. However, palm trees bent north from the south wind. Ripples in the pool running north, also.

The weather report says only a 10% chance of rain today. I disagree. Let’s see if I am correct.

The Greek isle of Amorgos is my Shangri-la. When there, I live as the natives. A small apartment on the waterfront. Few amenities. No airport. The boat comes in with people and supplies once a week.

Saturday’s Keynoter had a picture on the editorial page of a fishing net and well attired gentleman who apparently had been mending the net. The net was hanging  from some sort of post in the picture. The picture a 1977 photo.

My Amorgos home was about a hundred yards from Adelphos’ home. Each time I walked into the heart of the village, I had to walk by Adelpho’s place.

Most afternoons, I would find Adelphos sitting on the ground in front of his abode. About 30 feet from the water. In his lap and surrounding him was a large fishing net. He was always mending the net. Daily. Otherwise, the net would fall apart in a few days. The mending involved looking for places to repair and untangling parts of the net that had twisted together. Adelphos worked primarily with his fingers. Adeptly. Sometimes with some sort of needle. About four inches long.

Mending nets is referred to in the Bible in several places. Four of Jesus’ disciples were fisherman who joined him while mending their nets. Mending nets probably goes back to the beginnings of man.

In all the centuries, nothing has changed for Adelphos or the fisherman of Amorgos who came before him. Though it has changed here in the United States and most of the modern world. The mending is more technical and machine driven.

I had to get out of the house early due to the open house. I was at the Plantation Coffee House at 11. Stayed till 3. Would have stayed longer. However, the place closes at 3 on Sunday. I did not know. While there, I did yesterday’s blog, read some Sunday papers, had a couple of cups of coffee and a toasted bagel. Chatted a bit with owner Diana. Yesterday’s blog was unusually long. The spread of European Nazism and the failure of the American media to keep us advised is bothersome from my perspective.

I could not return home till after 4. It was only 3. I was driving along the Atlantic and passed the Key West Airport. I turned around and headed to it. My goal was the Airport’s restaurant.

I am glad I decided to go there. Only when traveling would I normally stop.

It was old home week. Victor was bartending. Several years ago, Victor was the bartender one night a week at the Chart Room. Someone came up and hugged me as Victor and I were talking. It was Jana. I enjoyed seeing her again. Big time!

Jana immigrated from one of the eastern block countries to Key West. She is presently 32. Our connection goes back to the Paradise Cafe. My daily morning haunt of years ago. My favorite place for Cuban cheese toast with tomato. The best! Never that good again!

Jana was the enterprising sort. She opened her own restaurant on Bertha Street after Paradise closed. She had a hard time. The place did not take off. She took a financial beating. I used to go frequently because she was serving the same Cuban cheese toast with tomato that I had enjoyed for so many years at Paradise Cafe.

A few years have passed. Jana looked terrific. Happy. The pressure off her face. A bad business will do that to a person. She has been a waitress at the Airport for over a year. Married, also. A retired military man.

The twenty young men have left the MTV house across the way. Yesterday. Replaced by couples and children. When I went outside this morning, a mother carrying a baby waived at me..

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is in the process of purchasing Miami’s Channel 10. South Florida’s second largest TV station. Welcome Buffett and company. Anyplace/anything he decides to buy has to be good!

Syracuse is a #3 seed in the South Region. I am surprised. I thought it might be higher. That is all I have to say. We shall see how things go as the tournament progresses. Friday is the first game.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!


Parents of America! Be proud! Your children are well behaved while on spring break in Key West!

Key West set up a Spring Break Court to deal with the college students partying here. I wrote last week that I thought it was not needed. My perception was that the police could handle the situation. If not and some matters proceeded to the regular court, the Judge could deal with whatever occurred in a lenient manner so the student walked away with a clean record. I was also of the opinion the whole idea was a waste of money.

The Spring Break Court was open and operating for four days. Fourteen different people at different time assisting, one a Judge. In those four days, the Court had no business come before it. Not one college student was brought before the Court.

Spring Break Court is no more. The city closed it down.

Which says to me that (1) the police were doing their job and (2) the students were behaving.

I was in all day and night yesterday. My back still bothering me. I thought it was better. Apparently not. I am still getting spasms. Though not as bad.

I was supposed to meet with grandson Robert yesterday after school. Because of my back, I could not. Robert had telephoned me earlier in the week and asked if I knew what the Parthenon was. He is studying Greece.

I have put many of my Athens pics together. Robert and I are to sit down so I can relate my Parthenon/Acropolis/Athens experiences to him while showing him the pictures at the same time. We are now going to do it saturday. I am excited! Probably more so than Robert.

The weather continues to be outstanding. High 70s by day. Cool at night. Sleep with the window open. There is a touch of humidity. Some days heavier than others. Today is one of them. I am standing in the shade of the tiki hut near the water. I stand because my back hurts if I sit too long. The sweat is running off me as I compose this blog. From the humidity, not pain.

Bocce tonight. No way can I play. Bending over would kill me!

Putin continues to be in the news. He has the world balancing on the point of a pin. Two interesting things have come to light. Each occurred in the past few days.

Putin has been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. By a Russian advocacy group. A proper nomination. His nomination is for his activities which are claimed to have brought about a peaceful resolution in the Syrian/United States dispute regarding chemical weapons.

He could win. To me it would be like Hitler receiving the award for his actions with regard to Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1938. The world is changing. Our European friends who presently are speaking out against Putin will not be there when the chips are down. They need Russia for their gas and oil.

President Clinton made an interesting observation regarding Putin. He said Putin can be trusted. “He kept his word in all deals we made.”

A few days later, Hillary blasted Putin. She said he was tough but thin skinned.

The happy couple obviously do not agree 100 per cent on all things. Which to me is a good sign if Hillary is to be President. I want our President to make the decisions, not her husband.

For the past two years, I have in effect been knocking the courts. Here, on television, on the radio and in my newspaper column. You do not have to be a former attorney to understand. The courts have changed. The people sitting as Judges have changed. Many decisions are far out and generally to the detriment of the majority of the citizenry.

On this day in history in 1857, the United States Supreme Court said slaves were property in the Dred Scott decision. It took the Civil War which started four years later to turn the decision around.

Why did it take a four year war with over a half million dead to accomplish what nine men could have done?

The Dred Scott scenario is representative of the type of wayward decisions being decided by today’s courts.

Enjoy your day!



There once were round trip flights from Key West to Havana. Long ago. The last flight was in 1962.

Round trip air service between Key West and Havana began  again February 28. The next flight March 7 is already sold out. The flights will be three times a week and cost between $479 and $525 round trip. Expensive for a 30 minute 90 mile flight. However, a start.

The reestablishment of flights between Key West and Havana represents the door opening a crack. May it open even more!

Did the dermatologist thing yesterday. I have several holes in the head area and a couple on my arm. Nothing significant.

Did final prep work on last night’s blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Except for a brief lament regarding Syracuse, the entire show involved the Ukraine. A tinderbox.

Putin reminds me of Hitler and the Sudetenland the way he is handling Ukraine. Hitler was an untrustworthy bully and so is Putin. We learn from history as history repeats itself. Hopefully, the situation will not result in another Munich.

Military wise, Russia only has one thing going for it. It still has nuclear weapons. Putin might decide he has to use them.

The Russian army consists basically of Russian draftees. Eighty per cent of those drafted never show up for induction. Those that do are only in for one year. Morale is low.

Russia’s army is already engaged in the Caucasus and Far Eastern Siberia. Russia is lacking in man power to conduct a third war.

Most Russian military equipment is out dated. Armored units and air assault helicopters are not up to snuff. Fuel consumption is high. As is the frequency of breakdowns.

A Ukrainian war would disrupt Russia’s sales in oil and gas to other countries. Oil and gas sales amount to 75 per cent of Russia’s income.

The bottom line is Russia is not equipped to go to war over the Ukraine. If not for Putin being off the wall and out of control at the moment, many would say he is bluffing.

Who knows? Who can be certain? Whatever, let there be no Munich resulting in another give away to a ruthless dictator.

I am subdued and calm re Syracuse. It is like a bomb has been dropped on me  and I lay in the middle of the rubble. Syracuse has lost 4 of its last 5 games. 25-0 is yesterday. Today, a horror story!

I did not see last night’s game. My blog talk radio show interfered. Syracuse lost to Georgia Tech 67-62.

I hope Syracuse comes back and I get to watch the team play in the Final Four. That is all I can say. I say it with a shocking calm.

Enjoy you day!



Yesterday was far from exciting. The title misrepresents the day.

I went to the doctor for my ankle. I left his office with a soft cast from my toes to just below my knee. Covered with a couple of ace bandages. And a large black boot. The boot goes from my toes to just below my knee, also.

I have to live this way for one week. Boot comes off when I sleep and shower. One good thing. No pain since I got wrapped up and booted.

For those of you who have worn such a boot, you know it is heavy and uncomfortable.

Doctor said no fracture, no bone chip, no gout, and no shingles. Also, no arthritis. My thanks to all of you who were concerned and suggested such maladies. The doctor believes it is a nerve problem. Two nerves run right over the pain area.

I had planned on going out last night. It became too much work to get ready. I have to shower wearing a garbage bag kept tight with duck tape. I went to bed instead.

I have to record my tv/internet show this afternoon at 2. The TV station has yet to correct the cable problem preventing a live feed.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour will run at 10 tomorrow morning my time. As always, interesting topics. How I see the world. Subject matter will include my take on Syria, Obama blinked, Putin looking good, a chicken airlift, food stamp recipients up 13 million since Obama first took office, Chinese have language and sex problems, the Beatles and Key West, and more.

Join me. You will enjoy.

The show is available on television from Key West through Boca Raton on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. On the internet world wide.

The show is also You Tubed 24 hours a day. Enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

No bocce tonight. One, I would get clay all over my toes, cast, and boot. The other is I would probably fall over at some point.

Enjoy your day!