Grandaughter Ally having a big time! Her ninth birthday Sunday past! Today, she graduates from third grade at Montessori. Without getting into the whys, Montessori graduates their kids from the third and sixth grades. Ally is all excited! So am I! I will be there.

Gym and trainer yesterday. Day 3. Harder each day. Still not as bad as first day in December. I woke this morning with neck spasms. Not often. However when one hits, wow! Hope I am better by tomorrow morning when I have another hour with the trainer.

The gym yesterday was 11-12. I went straight home and to bed afterward. I was exhausted! The workout tires me out big time.

Spent last night working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me for a quick paced half hour of interesting and revealing items.

Topics tonight include the government wanting to close all Social Security field offices, the government’s big return on student loans, Medicare’s new ruling that sex change surgery now covered, why the price of food is so high and continues to rise, the human organ trade, and more.

Larry and Christine Smith are talented and well respected Key West entertainers. Christine is also a noted artist. Their daughter Journey lives in Hawaii. She is visiting. Mother, father and daughter will appear together next Tuesday evening at Virgilio’s. Journey is a musical talent in her own right.

Larry told me a trip to Europe is planned for the near future. First stop will be England to visit John and Ali. Then here and there in Europe. One stop will be Camogli on the Italian Riviera. I love Camogli, having been there several times. Apparently it is one of Journey’s favorite places and she wants to show it to her parents.

My friend Dee from Cape Cod and Cudjoe Key has an interesting family. Her uncle (her father’s brother) was baseball great Stan Musial. Turns out movie star  and Oscar winner of yesteryear Jack Palance was a close friend of her grandparents. He used to winter one to two months with them at their Florida home each year. Dee posted several photographs of her grandparents and Palance on Facebook yesterday.

Dee’s grandfather is still alive. 100 years old, blind and lives alone! The family is of Ukranian heritage. As was Palance. All tough people. Worry not about Ukranians protecting themselves against Putin and his thugs.

You have discerned from my writings the past three years that one of my favorite places world wide is Courmayeur. A small village in northern Italy sitting half way up Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps.

A beautiful community. Out of books. Swiss chalets, streets without vehicles, high end shops, warm people. A money town. Must be the local government wanted outsiders to know Courmayeur as a ski town. A referendum was held to rename the town Courmayeur-Mont Blanc. Voted down overwhelmingly. Properly so.

Two Key West eateries changing hands. Square One has been sold. Presently closed for renovations. Finnegan’s to close June 19. The new owner plans renovations also before reopening.

Sad to see the proprietors of both places moving on. Good people who significantly contributed to the odyssey known as Key West. Square One’s Carmelo and Carolyn will remain in Key West. They still own and operate the Bottle Cap.

A stupid study of no significance was worthy of comment on Morning Joe and in the Key West Citizen today. The study revealed that female named hurricanes were worse than male ones.

One of my favorite poems is Casey at the Bat. The opening line fits every sports occurence wherein one’s team loses. “There is no joy in Mudville, Mighty Casey has struck out!” How many times I have used the line to refect Syracuse defeats.

Today is Casey at the Bat’s birthday. 126 years old. It was first published on this date in 1888 in the San Francisco Examiner.

Enjoy your day!


Mont Blanc Landslide

One of my favorite places in Italy is Courmayeur. I have had the pleasure several times in recent years of enjoying Courmayeur. The highest mountain in the Alps…..Mont Blanc and a tiny municipality sitting half way up the mountain. Glorious!

Courmayeur is in the northern tip of Italy. A half hour from France and one hour from Switzerland. The weather recently has been warm. Yesterday, there was a maxi landslide. It stopped before doing any damage. However, the landslide is unstable and is sitting above Courmayeur and the entrance to the Mont Blanc Tunnel which connects Italy and France.

No one is certain what, if anything, will occur next. If the slide starts up again, a portion of Courmayeur could be buried. Also, the entrance to the tunnel connecting with France. The tunnel was closed for 20 minutes yesterday.

I hope nothing happens. Mont Blanc is unquestionably magnificent to behold. However, it can also be dangerous as yesterday’s activities indicate. I have always viewed Mont Blanc from where ever I have been situated as a disaster waiting to occur. I used to get the feeling especially when I would sit in the Courmayeur Square sipping a gin and looking up at majestic Mont Blanc hanging over me.

We are working on having this blog publish also in KONK Life’s E-Blast each day. The blog will then be available this way and the Blast way. Still working on how to get the blog from here to there. Not easy for me.

I write a weekly column in KONK Life. Under the title of Key West Lou COMMENTARY. Last week’s article involved Sweden and the Muslim impact upon the country. Bad things are happening. Someone wrote a Letter to the Editor which was posted in yesterday’s E-Blast. The writer disagreed with my reporting and clearly indicated I did not know what I was talking about. Challenged me to list my references.

The gauntlet had been thrown. I responded with an Email to the Editor which will run in today’s E-Blast. Not only did I list that which was demanded, I also concluded the woman criticizing the column did not know what she was talking about. Read today’s E-Blast for the retort.

I am not perfect. I do err occasionally. However catch  me when I am wrong, not when I am correct.

Tonight is my blog talk radio show. Nine o’clock my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Interesting topics. Like Latin America striking back at Monsanto, Vermont passing a GMO food labeling law, the price of food to double in the next decade, oranges joining limes in becoming more expensive, a story of Jesus suitable for description today, Putin’s purported genius, and more.

Stopped first at the Chart Room last night. Che at the bar, Victor bartending. A tourist came in looking for Mel Fisher and Jimmy Buffet photos. Che was the right person to point them out. He is one of the two remaining persons whose ashes will find their way into the Chart Room bar rail.

Then to Don’s Place. Grant and Toni at the bar. Hello to both. Sat with Jimmy and Joanie. Both play bocce. Joanie described bocce night as a 160 person cocktail party. She was correct!

Outside bartender Tina stopped by to chat. It was her night off. However her Dad was in town and they were partying with friends. As I left, I saw Tina and her Dad and two others playing bean bags. Only in Key West!

I stopped at the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center on the way home and treated myself to a Philly cheese steak sandwich for dinner. Good!

Enjoy your day!


Wow! It’s late! I am starting today’s blog at one in the afternoon. Got delayed this morning in a long business meeting.

Yesterday started with a manicure and pedicure. Tammy and her family moved into their new home last week. Tammy was all excited!

What appeared to be a new mother and baby were at Lee Nails, also. The baby was tiny. I figured two weeks old. The mother told me three weeks. The young mother looked beat. Dark circles under her eyes. You could tell she was up all night with the baby.

The baby was good. Slept the whole time. Probably why she does not sleep at night. The baby was sleeping on Mom’s breast while she was getting a pedicure.

Then to the Plantation Coffee House to read the newspapers. I still cannot get the New York Times on my tablet. Apparently the hacking problem is not yet fully resolved.

Last night began with Don’s Place. Not for long. Don’s air conditioning was kaput. Had one drink. Chatted with Don, Hershel and Stan. Bocce the topic. Obviously. We have to do better when we play tonight. We lost all three games last week. Lost them badly.

The Chart Room was next. I went from a sleeping baby to a sleeping dog. A baby dachshund. Thirteen weeks old. Half Jake’s size.

The dog slept on the bar in front of his mistress the whole time. He sleeps at night, also.

It was time to eat. I decided to go to John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. I had not been there in a while.

What a business! Here it is summer time. This month and next are Key West’s slow time. Yet John never had less than 30 customers during the two hours I was there. Not to watch sports necessarily. They were eating and drinking and having fun.

I enjoyed a cheeseburger and a drink.

The waitress impressed me. I was sitting at a table. She was working the bar and some of the tables. She had to move her ass! She did! Her name was Anaits. Originally from Venezuela.

I received an e mail this morning from the Egyptian Travel Minister. He was encouraging people to visit Egypt. Good luck!

The rest of my day is set. I have to finish preparing tomorrow’s tv/internet show. When done, take a nap. Play bocce tonight.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour will be discussing some interesting goodies tomorrow morning. Like Bruce Manning, the politics of transgenderism, the Syrian problem, Russia and Saudi Arabia screwing around in the background of the Syrian situation, China owning all panda bears in U.S. zoos, Florida seriously contemplating drug tests for high school athletes.

Plus Neil Armstrong, George Clooney being a descendant of Abraham Lincoln, a 54 year old Montana school teacher who got 31 days in jail for raping a 14 year old student three times, the hacking of the New York Times web site, bottle nose dolphins dying in huge numbers, a recent New Jersey appellate court decision making a person who knowingly texts an auto driver liable for injuries arising from an automobile accident, Switzerland building drive in sex boxes for prostitutes, and a new poll which shows 29 per cent of the people blame Obama for the poor federal response to Katrina.

And more. All interesting.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour airs at 10 friday morning my time. It can be seen on television from Key West through Miami-Dade County. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

Enjoy your day!


Tomorrow Key West!!!

I am ready. I have been away too long. Home beckons.

No blog tomorrow. I have to leave at 8 in the morning to get to the airport in Milan. I will not arrive in Key West till around 8 tomorrow night Key West time. Two in the morning on the time I have been living for two months. I will be dead.

I am exhausted this morning.

I did not sleep well. I am in Novara. No air conditioning. Yesterday was a run run day. Between the two, I am shot. On the other hand, the trip may be catching up with me. It was exciting, but on the go most of the time.

Wi fi continued to be a problem yesterday. I was in Courmayeur. The closest wi fi was 8 miles away at a Sports Center. I borrowed a car for the drive over.

I do not know if I was permitted to drive in Europe. Additionally, I had not driven a stick shift car since the late 1950s.

About 2 miles into the trip, the car stopped. No juice. Battery appeared to be dead.

A fix. I was in a foreign country. Did not know if I was permitted to drive. No cell phone. Verizon made sure of that.

I must have looked a pathetic sight standing outside the car. A SUV stopped. A family. Parents and child. The husband spoke English. He offered to take me to a garage down the road.

The garage man said he was too busy to deal with a dead battery. Woe is me, I thought.

My new found friend drove me to another garage. The owner did not speak English. However, he understood my problem. He drove me back to my car. Got the battery and car going. Then followed me to his garage. I needed a new battery, he said. Who was I to argue. A three hour wait. Somehow I got across to him where I had to go and why. My blog and KONK Life column had to be done. I suspect he thought I was some sort of reporter or TV star from the United States.

He immediately put in a used battery and told me to return in 3 hours or more. Off I went.

When I got to the sports facility, I was told that wi fi was on and off in the valley all morning. It would be hit and miss.


It took me 15 minutes to get on. I was on and off for several hours. Whatever, I got this week’s column off to Guy deBoer. The Athens beggar story. Read it. You will enjoy. The paper will be available Thursday.

Drove back to the garage. The new battery had arrived. The owner put it in immediately. A real nice guy.

He charged me 170 euros. $230 American money. I do not know if expensive or not. I did not care. The car was fixed!

Typical of Italian and Greek businessmen, he refused to give me a receipt and I had to pay in cash. Everyone tries to beat taxes. I can’t blame those that do in Italy and Greece. Because of the euro problem, they are being taxed to death. Italian real property taxes went up another 30 per cent. Just like that!

Later, the 3 1/2 hour drive back to Novara.

I still had not done yesterday’s blog. I was up till after midnight doing it.

Not a relaxing day. I am not complaining. I am happy to have had this year’s European experience. As I think of it, yesterday was the first tiring day of the trip. Not bad.

Enjoy your day!


Thirty five years ago, I visited Italy for a month. Trattorias all over the place. A not too pricey Italian restaurant. Good food.

This trip I discovered restaurants called trattorias are a thing of the past. I saw a total of two in my travels through Milan, Novara, and Courmayeur.

The former trattorias have been relabeled/renamed. Ristorante is one. The other Ristorante and Pizzeria.

Pizza definitely has come into its own. Restaurants serve a whole pizza. That is the only way a pizza can be ordered. One to a person. The customers eat them up. Every morsel. Italians leave nothing on the plate. I ate at a Ristorante and Pizzeria tonight. actually called E.T.’s Ristorante and Pizzeria. While I was enjoying a pasta dish at my table, the couple at the one next to me each devoured a whole pizza. All done with white tablecloth and napkins.

Carmelo and his brothers came to Key West many years ago. They opened La Trattoria on Duval Street. They made the restaurant a fantastic success. Then sold it. If Carmelo and his brothers were opening a new Italian restaurant today, no question in my mind they would call it a Ristorante.

Wi fi has been a problem throughout my travels in Italy and France. Very few establishments have wi fi available to customers. Whereas in Greece, wi fi was available all over the place.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon sitting at an outdoor café in Courmayer. I enjoyed the ambiance and view. I came to the conclusion that the men of Courmayeur have trophy wives or trophy girl friends.

I have fallen behind in posting photos. Tomorrow comes the deluge.

I mentioned the beggars I saw in Athens. Thought they were the worst ever. Several have written and said in effect they had seen beggars in the United States. Even in Key West. What in effect was the big deal?

I took the comments to heart together with what my eyes had seen on the streets of Athens. There is substantial difference between “begging” in the United States and begging in Greece. A world of difference. Ergo, I have to dispute those who disagree with me. No problem in not agreeing with me. A problem exists however if a person disagrees without having first hand knowledge of the facts.

If a person has not seen with their own eyes the beggars on the streets of Athens, such persons are in no position to dispute my observation. Not because you were not there. Rather because you do not know what you are talking about.

I say such with all due respect. It’s the lawyer in me.

Let me help the situation a bit. I decided to write an extensive article on the issue. I titled it The Beggars of Athens. It will appear in this week’s KONK Life as my column of the week. The issue will be published thursday. Dig it up on the internet and read it. I guarantee you will find it revealing.

If you still disagree with me after reading the article, so be it. We have a legitimate difference of opinion regardless of how the opinion was arrived at.

Go to Select the edition you wish to read. Leaf through it to find my article.

In 48 hours, I will be sleeping in my bed in Key West. I am ready to return. I miss family and friends big time.

Enjoy your day!


I am presently in Courmayeur, Italy. Yesterday, I decided to go to Chamonix, France. Mont Blanc was in the way.

No big deal. Around 1960, Italy and France built a tunnel under Mont Blanc connecting the two cities and two nations. Travelers were able to save 60-100 miles as a result.

The tunnel took eight years to construct.

It is a little over seven miles long. Only 28 feet wide. A few inches over fourteen feet high. Two lanes, one each way.

Additional lanes are needed. However construction costs are prohibitive and have prevented the construction.

There was a major fire in the tunnel in 1999. Thirty nine people killed. Amongst other things, the ventilation system did not work properly. Instead of sucking the toxic fire fumes out, it drove them back into the tunnel.

Everything purportedly fixed now and it is not supposed to happen again.

I went through the tunnel several times last year. I went through it twice yesterday. Once each way.

Traffic entering the tunnel from both sides is controlled. When the toll is paid, vehicles are not permitted to immediately take off. There is a time factor between each vehicle. About two minutes.

Cars are not permitted to piggy back or get close in any way. Each vehicle must remain at least 500 feet behind the one in front. All through the tunnel, there are blue blinking lights on each side measuring the 500 foot distance for drivers.

Speed is controlled. Fifty to 70 km per hour.

The traffic control is so efficient that when there is going to be a delay, blinking signs miles away announce the delay and how long. I got stuck in a 90 minute delay on the way back to Italy. The traffic was backed up on the French side 3 miles. When I say backed up, it means no movement. The motor is turned off and you sit for 10-20 minutes. Then on again to move forward a few car lengths.

It was not a bad situation. People get out of their cars and talk with each other. I enjoyed the company of my neighbors. Precisely 90 minutes after I entered the 3 mile span, I was in the tunnel.

The delay in itself was an experience. Expected and accepted. Nothing anyone could do about it anyhow.

Other than the tunnel delay, yesterday was basically unexciting. McDonalds was the big event for me. After McDonalds, my plans got screwed up. I intended to go up in a cable car or train over the top of Mont Blanc. A WOW I assumed. However, it started raining. Pouring. The end of trips up and down for the day. I was disappointed. The experience would have been unique.

I was back in my chalet early. Read. Not a bad situation. I was able to sit on the terrace. The one facing Mont Blanc. Each time I looked up, there was the glacier topped peak. A sight to behold.

To my friend Don, a message. If Don is still up north at his camp, someone please bring my message to his attention. The message: Don, I am out of cigarettes!

The honeymoon is over come this wednesday. I will be back in Key West wednesday evening.

Enjoy your day!


You will never believe from where I am writing this blog. McDonalds in Chamonix, France! The only good part of it is that I am in France. The McDonalds sucks. Large, crowded, no air conditioning. It has to be a 120 degrees in here. Many Europeans do not use deodorant. The fact is very obvious at the moment.

I am not complaining. Just sharing.

I went to Vodaphone in Novara. I should have known better. They are Verizon’s informal partner in Europe. I said sell me something that I can use in Italy that will act as my wi fi. No problem, I was told. Twenty euros later I had this little thing to plug in my computer. No wi fi number needed. Just type away!


My luck was consistent. It did not work. It will not work.

I stayed in a hillside Swiss chalet last night with no wi fi connection. I am in Chamonix this morning. I figured Chamonix would have all sorts of cafes and places with wi fi. Good luck! Everyone directed me to McDonalds. Wi fi! It works! However, the conditions under which I am writing leave something to be desired.

I am supposed to take a train or cable car to the top and over Mont Blanc into Switzerland later in the afternoon. There is a stop for lunch near the top. I will need the glacier to cool down.

Enough of the pain in the ass stuff. Now for the good stuff.

I drove to Courmayeur from Novara yesterday. A 3 1/2 hour drive. A different one. The speed limit was 130 kilometers. That translates to 135 miles per hour. I drove it! Sometimes as high as 150 miles per hour.

No special thrill involved. It is the same as driving 60-70 mph in the States. The difference I suspect would be if an accident occurred.

Would you believe that at 135 mph, everyone was passing me.

The drive was pleasant view wise. Early on, I entered into the Alps. The mountain chain starts small. The whole of each mountain was green with foliage and trees. Then a bit of brown started to appear high up. Dirt. The mountain had grown beyond the tree line. Then gray rock on top of the brown. Even higher. Then glaring white. Glaciers! Real high up!

I was also driving gradually up hill the whole way.

Castles galore. On both sides of the highway. One every mile or so. Each constructed on top of a steep rocky hill. Apparently to make it difficult for an enemy to attack the castle.

Keep in mind how close the castles were to each other. One mile. A half days horse ride From one to the other. Not difficult to engage in warfare at that distance. They frequently did back then.

The evening was outstanding!

Last year, I stayed on the outskirts of Courmayeur. I did not go into the center of town. Last night, I did. What beauty! What a wonderful place!

Picture streets for pedestrians only. No vehicular traffic. Each building styled like a Swiss chalet. Very smart boutiques, cafes and restaurants along the way.
All a pleasure to behold.

The people were different. Courmayeur is a high end place. People in summer attire. Not the summer attire I wear in Key West or saw in Athens or the Greek isles. Very few shorts here. Men and women in long slacks. The women in tight legged pants. The place reeked of money, money, and more money.

I was able to determine that most of those I saw were residents of Milan. They have second homes in Courmayeur to escape the summer heat and to ski in the winter.

Keep in mind that the Alps are all around. Mont Blanc with its glacier appeared close enough to touch.

What a setting!

I did two outdoor cafes. At each, the drinks were served with a bit of food. Free. Lazy susans were used. Ten inches in diameter. Loaded with goodies! Slices of pastrami, salami and ham. Different filled tiny puffs. Different kinds of finger sandwiches. Butter generally used on the them. Pizza. Tiny olive sandwiches. Little pieces of bread covered with goat cheese topped with apricot marmalade.

All free!

I had two gins at the first place. Ate 2 of the lazy susans all alone. At the second place, I finished again the whole thing. Completed my informal dining with a piece of cake. I had to pay for the desert.

I had gone to Courmayeur intending to have dinner. No way! I was stuffed! So was my pocketbook. The three gins, the piece of cake, and all the food goodies cost me a mere 18 euros.

I even learned bocce is popular.

Everything I saw is an inducement to return.

I met a woman. Everyone has a dog. The dogs were well trained and well groomed. At the table next to me at the first place were 6 people and 3 dogs. The dogs sat or laid by their masters and did not move. Except once. One of the three dogs was a large black curly haired one. He or she scooted over and under my table. Started sniffing my feet, then my legs, and was probably going for my crotch. The dog’s mistress pulled her dog back and apologized.

I suspect the dog was so trained.

We started talking.

What a lovely woman! Mid 50s to early 60s. Beautiful face. Short cropped hair. A well kept body. She was wearing tan riding trousers and a tight white shirt. The fit was perfect.

Her name Justine. A divorcee. Resides in Milan. She has an apartment in Coumayeur. We chatted quite a while. Enjoyed the moment and each other’s company. At the end, we exchanged e mails and telephone numbers.

Justine told me Courmayeur is considered the flower of Europe. She further told me that Christmas and New Years are especially exciting. On Christmas eve, skiers come down Mont Blanc holding candles. A sight to behold I was told.

So much for yesterday. Enough for today. The humidity is so heavy in this place that I am beginning to smell like my European compatriots.

Enjoy your day!


Italy is basically without air conditioning. It is claimed there is some. However, you can’t prove it by me. I have yet to experience any.

Which means…..Hot and uncomfortable in Novara.

A person sleeps with the windows wide open. Need air! Sheets a bit sticky. Dying for air! Air conditioning!

The open windows invite mosquitos. Every night. My blood must be sweet in my old age. I am the recipient of several bites a night.

There are two reasons for the lack of air conditioning.

One is that Italy does not have nor ever has had sufficient electric power. The other is that most of the buildings are so old and with such thick stone walls that it is impossible to air condition them.

A lack of air conditioning is why Italians eat their big meal at lunch. It is too hot to stay in their apartments, let alone cook a big meal in the evening. Italians rush outside. Sit around till about 11 at outdoor cafes. Have a sandwich or pick on something light. At 11 things are cooler, though not cool cool. They return to home and bed. Pray to be able to fall asleep quickly so they will not continue to feel the discomfort of the fading heat.

Automobiles are involved with the air conditioning problem, also.

Most automobiles have air conditioning. However, it is little if ever used by Italian drivers. The reason is the cost of gasoline. Around $13 a gallon. The same reason why all cars are stick shift and small. To conserve on gasoline and save a dollar or two at the gas pump.

Italians drive with open windows. The outside hot humid air blasting in. They think they are cool.

When I am in a taxi or limousine, I wait a few minutes and then ask for air. The drivers always turn it on. About 20 per cent of what is required. The windows are shut. The air conditioning grossly insufficient. I start to swelter and sweat. I ask for more air. I generally have to repeat it several times to get the air to the point where I am comfortable.

Yesterday, I walked a couple of hours. Downtown Novara is an interesting place. Most buildings constructed in medieval times. Like 1,500-2,000 years ago.

I ventured into the side streets. Deserted. Narrow roadways. Just enough room for one small car to travel.

I got lost. No big deal. Saw a lot of old buildings. Some in good shape. Some in terrible disrepair.

I came across a small retail store on one of the side streets. In the window were Church vestments. The type Catholic priests wear when saying Mass. I went in. Fortunately, the proprietor spoke English. Yes, he only sold vestments for priests. He was actuTlly a mail order business. the vestments were made in Novara and shipped world wide.

I found the whole experience exciting. I was an altar boy for years. I used to get the vestments out for the priests, return them to the closet after Mass, and assist the priests in dressing before Mass. Brought back memories from 65 or more years ago.

It was a Church day. I passed what appeared to be a small Church. Decided to stop in. Catholic Churches are generally beautiful inside. A Mass was just starting. I am a fallen away Catholic . I have not been to Mass in I don’t know how many years. I stayed. For the whole Mass! Talk about memories from days gone by!

I went to a birthday party last night. In an Italian restaurant that served only Italian food. I was the only American. Every one else was Italian or from some other country.

My hosts were Italian and Moroccan.

The meal started with a large dish of assorted fishes. When it was placed before me, I thought I was supposed to take some and pass the plate on. No, each person had their own large plate.

I dug in. I could not finish. Left about a quarter of the plate. My Moroccan hostess was seated next to me. She looked at the dish and looked at me. You do not like, she asked. No, I am full. Are you sure? Yes.

Turns out it is considered an insult in Italy not to finish every morsel of food on your plate. It means you do not consider the food good. An insult to your host.

I thought the fish dish was it. We were done eating. No, the fish dish was an appetizer. Now the main course. Each person ordered off the menu. I order what the host ordered. Spaghetti in oil with clams. Spaghetti vongole.

A huge platter was placed before me. No American restaurant serves that much pasta in one dish. I dug in. I did not wish to insult my hostess further.

The dish was too much for me. I was splitting and uncomfortable. I gave up half way through. My hostess said nothing. I believe she was convinced I was full.

Interestingly, every one else cleaned their plates.

It was announced last night Silvio Berlusconi’s appeal failed. He is scheduled for jail. Because of his age, he is 76, he will probably get house arrest or community service for one year.

Berlusconi is an extremely popular man in Italy. Especially in the north where I am. He is also the political power in Italy. The news reports are clear that if Berlusconi is not treated properly, his party will probably withdraw their support for the present President and Prime Minister. Italy’s government would immediately collapse.

Even the appellate court that ruled against Berlusconi was/is aware of his importance and how he must be treated with kid gloves. Berlusconi presently sits in Italy’s national legislature. Under Italian law, if convicted of a crime, a person can no longer hold office. The court in its decision asked that that portion of the law be relooked at so Berlusconi could continue to sit.

Berlusconi is also presently on appeal for having had sex with a 17 year old. He was convicted and sentenced to a jail term. Last night after hearing of the appellate court’s ruling against him, it was reported Berlusconi said in effect…..Screw them, I am going out and pick up some young girls tonight! The reaction of the Italian people was to be expected. They loved his comment! Typical Berlusconi!

I leave for Courmayeur later today. The Alps. I will be staying in a Swiss chalet half way up Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps.

It will be cool. I have been told to bring long pants and a jacket. What a difference three hours traveling will make.

Enjoy your day!



The Great Sea Battle is tonight! At 7. The waters off Ocean Key House. The Conch Republic and the military forces of the United States. Do not miss it!

The Coast Guard cutter will not be there. Sequestration. There is a replacement. Conch Republic officials have kept the replacement secret. We will find out this evening.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning at 10. An eye opener as I get behind the scenes a bit. Available on television and the internet. Television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. On the internet world wide.

Join me. I guarantee you will enjoy the show.

Yesterday began with a haircut. I thought my beard trim of the day before was well done. Lori did not. She shaped the beard up. Oh, well. A barber I am not.

Then took a walk along Duval. I was downtown and thought I should put the time to good use.

Lunch was at Blossoms. My usual Cuban toast sandwich. Read the Key West Citizen. On page 2 there was a picture of Tennessee Williams standing on the front porch of his home. Williams lived in Key West for more than 30 years. His home was on Duncan Street. Lisa lives on Duncan Street. One block away.

Spent the afternoon fine tuning today’s TV/internet show.

Bocce last night. A disaster. We lost all three games. No one was on, except perhaps Keith who played the first game. It is beginning to look more and more certain that we will not be making the playoffs.

I have a heart doctor appointment at 3 this afternoon. To get the results of my electrocardiogram test.

My friend Anna lives well. She slept in Courmeyeur, Italy last night. In the heart of the Alps. This morning she is driving to Chamonix, France to shop at a fruit and vegetable market. Followed by lunch in Geneva, Switzerland.

What a life!

Enjoy your day!



Another friday! Another show!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning at 10 my time. Via television and the internet. Television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

Another terrific show!

Fiscal ceiling can be confusing. I have it worked out. Let me share with you what I have learned. Then there is Hagel and the NRA. What is and who are really behind the clamor. Plus, more.

You will enjoy!

Started with a haircut yesterday. Lori. We trimmed the beard also. Me giving directions, she doing the clipping. It took a long time!

I have had no hair or short cropped hair for almost ten years. Nothing to comb. I recently bought a small comb. I need it to comb the beard. Several times a day. Though combed more frequently, a beard is easier than a head of hair to comb.

Visited with Lisa a bit. She chastised me for my wayward ways. Whatever they may be.

Spent the balance of the day fine tuning today’s show.

My Italian friend Anna is moving around.

Two weekends ago she was on the Italian Riviera. Camogli and Portofino. Visiting friends. A cold winter weekend.

Last weekend she was at a ski resort on Mont Blanc. Between Italian Courmayeur and French Chamonix. London’s Mayor Boris Johnson was there at the time. Though they did not meet. Johnson is the person that made a joke out of Romney after Romney criticized London’s preparation for the Olympics.

This weekend Anna is in London. Not to visit Johnson. She is seeing a show and shopping.

What a life!

Please join me later this morning for the Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Enjoy your day!