It was the dentist at 2 yesterday afternoon. I now have teeth again. Thrilled I am! The best fit ever!

When you get on in years, you will understand.

Had to test the new teeth immediately. A toasted bagel at the Plantation Coffee House. They worked!

I had some time to kill. Checked out the local books for sale. David Sloan is a famous Key West author. I saw his book Quit Your Job And Move to Key West. I read about a third of it before returning the book to its place on the rack. A fine work! It was obvious why Sloan’s writings are highly regarded. Buy the book. You will enjoy.

One of Sloan’s comments in the book…..Key West consumes more alcohol per capita than any city in the U.S. A fair statement. Correct from my perspective. The comment might suggest to some considering retiring to Key West that they should buy a bar rather than
do nothing.

Stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted with Joanie. One of the happiest people I have ever met.

Then to the Chart Room and Emily. I was the first customer. Sheila came in. The three of us commiserated. Peter, aka Captain Peter, has left Key West. After 20 years. He upped and moved to Melbourne. Just like that. A Key west icon. He will be missed.

Had to try the teeth out some more. Stopped at Outback for a prime rib. Everything worked!

You have to appreciate what I have gone through the past three years. These marvels of modern dental science cost me $35,000. I have had one problem after another the first two years. This last visit merely had to do with might be described as a mechanical tune up.

Selena Gomez. I know little about her other than she is a lovely young lady and a star. I read some where yesterday that she is keeping company with pop star Austin Mahone. Gomez is 21, Austin 17. The significant detail in the article was that Mahone lives part time in Key West. I was not aware.

Big game tomorrow night. Syracuse/Duke. This game is similar to the Villanova and Pitt games. A test for Syracuse. The game is at 6:30. I will be watching it at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. With Dan, I hope.

Enjoy your day!



It was stay at home for Louis yesterday. Without teeth, I wanted to see no one.

Eating was no problem. I blended everything. Even apple pie! By mid afternoon, I had a desire for apple pie. There was a new one in the refrigerator. Threw it in the blender with some fruit and chocolate milk. Heavenly!

I am waiting for the dentist to call this morning so I can return to normal.

I was surprised I was able to get the Syracuse game last night. It was on FSN. Comcast channel 39.

Syracuse beat Wake Forest by 10. 67-57. The game was close till the last couple of minutes. Then per its usual custom, Syracuse pushed ahead. Saturday is Duke. A very big game!

The Key West Citizen reported that the Islamorada Outback was closing. It was in the Hampton Inn. the H?ampton has been sold. the new owner and Outback apparently could not make a deal.

Periodically, I run away to Islamorada for a few days. Only 1.5 hours north of Key West. Yet another world. I enjoy my leisure time there. I tried the Outback once. Food was the same. Atmosphere horrible. The restaurant decor went back to the 1950s. The place was old and grungy. Not the typical Outback. I am glad it will be gone.

Every now and then, I pontificate on how wrong the U.S. government is in not having permitted the banks to fail nor in prosecuting bank officials. Iceland did. Threw the bankers in jail.

Iceland was confronted with the same problems as the United States. High unemployment being one of them. Today, Iceland’s unemployment is at 4 per cent. Iceland says it will be down to 2 per cent in two years.

Will we ever learn? Iceland’s people went after the banks and refused to let the banks control them. I question whether it will ever happen in the United States.  Not as long as the banks control our halls of government.

I am going out tonight!!!

Enjoy your day!



A glorious sunrise this morning!

I was up early for a dentist appointment. As I leave my home, I drive towards the ocean. Fo

ur homes ahead is open water. As I approached the open water, the sun was breaking over the horizon. A bright orange ball!

The drive home gave me another beautiful viewing. Involving the water once again. I was driving up Southern Boulevard with the Atlantic on my right. The sun caused some sort of mist on the water. Like a light fog. Beautiful!

I needed a new tire on the Volkswagen. I had shopped around. The usual places such as Sears were extremely expensive. Someone told me about a business that comes to your home and changes the tire. I was further told that the price would be relatively cheap. I was not disappointed. I made a telephone call on Friday. Put in the order. I was told they would be at my home 10 o’clock monday morning. They were on time. It took 15 min. to change the tire.

The company is called Pit Stop Tire Shop. The owners name is Junior. The telephone number is 305-414-3992. The price was $100 cheaper than was quoted anywhere else. Do business with these people!

I did my blog talk radio show last night at nine in competition with the President’s State of the Union message. Such is life! I hate cannot wait to see the numbers. I am interested in how many listeners I ended up with.

I was advised this morning that the same audio problem I had last week occurred last night. We thought we had it beat. We will be working with the blog talk radio people this week to correct the situation.

Tonight is Syracuse basketball! Wake Forest the opponent. Nine o’clock. Syracuse an 8.5 favorite on the Vegas line.

I need to watch the game from my bed because of the teeth situation. I am not leaving home. I do not know if the game is televised. Someone help me. What is ESFC and can I get it on TV.

I stopped at Publix yesterday afternoon to pick up some liquid food. I will not be able to eat solid food today. Hopefully, I will lose a pound or two.

This week in driving up and down the Boulevard, I noticed that Checkers was closed. I figured they were either out of business because of the Boulevard construction or had closed down for remodeling. Turns out Checkers will be no more in Key West. The Checkers lease runs out February 1. Starbucks got in competition with them for the new lease. Starbucks out bid Checkers. Ergo, there will be a new Starbucks on the Boulevard. A good spot and size for a Starbucks.. The only other Starbucks in town is in the La Concha Hotel. I never stop him because it is too small. I’m sorry to see Checkers leave. They made a terrific cheeseburger.

Enjoy your day!



I can’t win. Tonight at nine is the State of the Union address. My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West L is at the same time. How can I compete with the President! 30 million people will listen to the President. Overwhelming in comparison to the 2000 that would normally listen to me. Actually, I expect everyone to listen to the President. I am sorry I will not be able to do so because of the show.

As far as my audience is concerned, it is not that bad. The interesting thing about blog talk radio is that the show is archived. It is available for listening at any time during the week following the show. What happens is that a handful of people listen to the show at nine on Tuesday evenings. 99% of my listeners are those who listen to the archived version during the week. Interesting.

For those who will listen at some point in time to my show, I will be discussing issues including the disclosure that a majority of working age Americans are on food stamps for the first time,  Ukraine out of control, the miss distribution of wealth, Monsanto’ and toxic toxins purportedly killing human embryo cells, JP Morgan’s CEO Dimon receiving a 74% raise to $20 million, Huckabee’s stupid statement about a woman’s libido, and more.

Kelly Mc Gillis continues to leave her impact on Key West. The star of  Top Gun settled at one point in Key West. She became owner of several restaurants  with her husband Fred Tillman. They are since divorced. She has no current relationship with any of the restaurants. One still maintains her name, however. Kelly’s. Mc Gillis has not stayed away. She sponsors an annual  flag football team competition for women. Called the Key West Classic. A three day event. It was held this past weekend with its usual success.

My day yesterday started with a visit to the dentist. I am back! The implants were getting loose. It was to be expected. I thought whatever was involved would only include tightening up some of the sockets, etc. However a portion has to go to the lab for  some type of adjustment. Which means that from eight o’clock tomorrow morning to eight o’clock Thursday morning, I will be without teeth. Comforting! I will not leave the house nor will I see anyone during those 24 hours!

Dan, I will not be watching the Syracuse/Wake Forest game with you at Don’s Place tomorrow night as a result.

Pete Seeger died. The American folk singer. No question about the label fitting him. Not only was he a great singer, he also was a political activist. Amongst the songs he is best known for are Where Have All the Flowers Gone? and If I Had a Hammer.

I’ve said this before. As I get older, I feel I have been a part of history. Seeger was during my time. Though a little older than me. Every time someone from my past, whether directly or indirectly related, passes on, I feel a special loss.

I started last night at Don’s Place. Had to talk to Jimmy for a while. I chatted with David. Met Roberta. Roberta is David’s new lady friend. We had a nice talk. She knows Lisa well.

Then it was to the Chart Room. Glad I went!

Charlotte was there! Charlotte from North Carolina! I love her! She visits Key West every three or four months.

Charlotte will be coming down to Key West more frequently,  she told me. Her boyfriend, who I met some three months ago, has obtained employment in Key West. He is a radio announcer. He has a show on 104.9 BX. Charlotte is all excited. This means in due course she will be moving to Key West permanently.

It was fraternity reunion night! A group of fraternity brothers were celebrating their 20th reunion. Fraternity brothers of Delta Sigma Phi. They were here with their lady friends and wives having a great time. They told me they have gotten together every year for 20 years to celebrate. God bless them!

I was driving home and decided I was hungry. I did not want to eat too much. I stopped at the Chinese restaurant in the Sears Shopping Center for a bite.

My recently published book The World Upside Down came up in conversation twice yesterday. First with my dentist. He reads my KONK Life column religiously every week. He asked where the book could be purchased. I told him on the Internet. Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com. The book came up again last night with Charlotte. She was not aware it had been published. She will be ordering it.

Enjoy your day!



What a beautiful morning! Nothing moving. Zero wind. No clouds in the sky. All is peaceful and quiet. I cannot even hear the water.

The cold spell is gone. Today will be 75. The rest of the week 75.

I watched the Grammys last night. Not a show I normally would watch. However out of deference to my yet lingering cold, I stayed in all day. First time I viewed the Grammys.

Beyonce is lovely and talented. Her butt incredible. Not for national television however. Call me a prude, but I thought her dancing was too seductive. As I understand it, Beyonce has a huge teen following and I am sure they were all watching last night.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr excited me. My generation. I recall seeing the Beatles the first time they appeared in the United States. It was on the Ed Sullivan Show. They were an instantaneous hit.

My afternoon was spent writing this week’s KONK Life column. Homosexuals Lost In History. It publishes wednesday. You will find it interesting.

Apparently the Fantasy Fest nudity laws are to be changed again. Before I go any further, there is no inconsistency on my part. The Grammys went world wide into homes with teenagers and children. Fantasy Fest is an adult party where there are few if any young ones.

I enjoy seeing bare ass women or almost completely nude women. I find nothing wrong with Fantasy Fest. It is advertised as an adult party. That is what it is. People come to Key West to express themselves as they do not back home.

Key West has a handful of religious fanatics who are vocal. They are the squeaky wheel. They are heard every few years. This appears to be one of the years. New laws will be passed. They may be violated. Generally unintentionally. There may be arrests. A furor will arise. In the final analysis, justice will be done and the charges dismissed.

Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. I understand there were audio problems during last week’s broadcast. Sorry. I did not know. I have no way of knowing while the show is being aired. Hopefully the problem will have been rectified by tomorrow night’s show.

Enjoy your day!



My cold is better. Just a tinge left. I only went out for the basketball game yesterday afternoon. Afterwards, came home and went to bed. Slept from 4 to 8. Up to eat. Back to sleep at 10 till 7 this morning. My body apparently was in a healing mode.

A typical Syracuse game. Tough on the heart! Syracuse was winning by 18 ten minutes into the game. We were going to kill Miami, I thought. With 8 minutes to go in the game, Miami was one up. Syracuse won by 12 points 64-52.

Syracuse knows how to win. This was the seventh close game they have played tight with minutes to go and went on to win. It cannot be done all the time. There will be a first defeat. I wonder where it will come.

Next game is Wednesday at 9 against Wake forest. I will be watching the game at Don’s Place. Saturday is Duke! Could be the  one. I hope not.

Dan and Lisa were at Lukas’ place to watch the game with me. They brought David and Judy from Orlando. Dan and David were born and raised in Auburn, NY. David and Judy moved to Orlando 26 years ago. He is in the import/export of sea food business.

David and Judy were very likeable people. Much like Dan and Lisa. Hope I meet them again.

It is interesting. Both Dan and David grew up in Auburn. They left to make their fortunes elsewhere. Dan in Skaneateles and David in Orlando. I occasionally tried lawsuits in Auburn Supreme Court. My recollection of Auburn is a sad one. I thought the city was depressing. Uniquely so. It hit you in the face as soon as you entered the city limits. I am originally from upstate New York, also. Utica. Some 65 miles from Auburn. Utica was and is old.For whatever reason, the depression factor is not as evident in Utica.

The problem is these cities are all part of the northeast rust belt. The mills left 60-80 years ago and these communities continue to find it difficult to dig out.

Lest I forget. David told me he was reading my book The World Upside Down. Made me feel good! Dan told me that he especially liked the last essay. The one having to do with Greece and the rise of a present day Nazi Party.

Traffic driving into Key West was atrocious. It took me one hour to get to Key West itself once I entered onto US 1. The Bone Island Triathlon was going on. The participants were at the last stage. The bike riding one. Right down US 1 into Key West. My usual 5 minute drive turned into a long one.

Bone Island is the English translation of the original Spanish name for Key West. It was called Bone island because the Indians would bring their captured persons to Bone Island to cook and eat. The Indians were cannibals. They left the bones strewn around when they returned to their homes on a different key.

John Lukas is the owner of the Sports Pub. There was an article in the Key West Citizen a few days ago telling of a tourist who went to six different places to eat and drink  in one day and left all without paying. John was one of the ones hit. The bill was something like $66. The thief must have been entertaining.

This weekend is the Key West Craft show. Always an interesting and exciting event. It is on Whitehead by Truman Annex. Art, wood work, jewelry, clothes, etc. All good stuff. No junk. White tents for several blocks from whence the merchants sell their wares.

Jack Baron is one of the finest persons I have met in my lifetime. Smart, also. He died six years ago. I used to visit his art studio in Square One. There were several of us who would gather mornings to chat. We solved world problems.

Though I admired Jack’s work, I never bought one of his paintings. I did not want to get involved with local art. Jack’s forte was black women. He worked with acrylics. He had painted a black Madonna and Child. I loved he painting! It had been unsold for a year. Jack knew I wanted to buy it. But if I did, it would have been contrary to my decision to avoid local art.

At the Key West Craft Show 15 years ago, I came upon Jack’s white tent. His featured painting and the one having the most prominence was the Madonna and Child. I became excited. It was my painting! What are you doing, I asked. Selling it, he said. I have to eat! I bought the painting on the spot. Jack was laughing. It was a gotcha moment.

I ended up buying  a total of twelve Jack Baron paintings. Most hang in my dining room. The dining room is all Jack Baron. The Madonna and Child hangs in the living room in its own special place.

Enjoy your Sunday!



This is the day after. I loaded up on garlic yesterday. Jean Carper’s home remedy for a bad cold.

I had to go to Publix to buy the garlic. I do not keep it. Lots for sale. Two different types. One more expensive than the other. I bought the cheaper one.  A nice hard big one. I could not wait to get home to try it! Ho ho!

Was not bad! I cut out a couple of cloves and chewed away. Not the best thing I have ever tasted. Not the worse, either. Got it down.

The garlic worked. I did it four times yesterday. Kissable I was not. But must tell you, the garlic kills everything! The sneezing, runny nose and sore throat. Two cloves good for 2-3 hours.

I feel better today. Cold still with me. The worst behind me, however.

On top of it all, I fell. In my garage. I was on my knees checking out the numbers on a tire. Need a new one. Went to get up. Difficult for me to do in my old age. Pushed too hard. Shot forward before falling on my right side. Head to toes. Head ok. Shoulder and arm sore this morning. Right hip sore. Scrapped my right knee good. Have it covered with several band aids.

Way to go, Louis!

Today Syracuse/Miami basketball. At one. Syracuse should win. Who knows. I appreciate Syracuse will lose a few games before the season is over. But as I die hard fan, I am always wishing the team does not.

I will be viewing the game at the Sports Pub. I assume Dan will be joining me.

I love Southern old white men. They are at it again with women’s bodies. They should make love to the ladies  rather than dominate them. Huckabee said a couple of days ago in a speech that Democrats believe women need government to control their libidos and reproductive systems. To the contrary Mr. Huckabee, they need you guys to stay out of their vaginas and bodies legislatively and recognize the inherent right of women to control their own bodies.

It was reported this past week that a kindergarten teacher locked one of her pupils in a closet. It was a time out for something the 5 year old had done. The teacher forgot the child in the locked closet and went home early because she was not feeling well. The child’s mother wants blood! My recollection of my early school days was that if you were bad you were made to sit on a stool in the corner with a dunce cap on. Both screw up the child’s mind to a degree. The dunce cap one is easier on the child from my perspective.

Enjoy your day!





My cold got worse overnight. It is now in my chest. My nose runs constantly, the sneezes are frequent.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening in bed. I take care of Louis when I am under the weather. The last time I recall a cold of this severity was about 12 years ago. I was in Utica and it was the middle of the winter. Freezing cold. I had the same symptoms then that I have been experiencing the past 24 hours.

One of Key West’s most famous persons is Jean Carper. A delightful lady. Jean has authored many books about foods and the remedy they provide for common ailments. I had one of her books home with me in Utica at the time. I looked up cold, runny nose, couphing and sneezing. The answer……Eat garlic cloves! Two or three raw garlic cloves would provide immediate relief for about two hours. Then eat two more cloves.

I did it. Absolutely amazing! Within minutes, I stop sneezing, coughing and my running notes disappeared. A welcome relief especially for my poor red nose. I could breathe easily. I felt terrific. Two hours later when the cold symptoms returned, I ate two more garlic cloves.

I was home alone all day. When my former wife came home later in the afternoon, she immediately said the house stunk of garlic. What have you been eating? I told her.

She was impressed that it worked. She knew Jean, also. She  as aware that Jean was a wise woman when it came to food remedies. The only problem that arose was my wife would not sleep in the same bedroom with me that night.

Interestingly, I am not a fan of garlic. I try to avoid eating anything seasoned with garlic.

I have no garlic cloves. I am going to shower and go out today. To buy garlic cloves. I will offend no one. I will be home alone all day and all night.

The cold bothered me so much yesterday that I neither researched nor wrote. I stayed in bed all day and watched television.

An interesting homeless story. Every State in the Union has a homeless problem. Utah came up with a unique solution  eight years ago. They gave the homeless apartments and houses for free. They also gave each a social worker to assist them in getting back into the stream of life.

Utah found it costs $16,670 per person in 2005 for jail stays and emergency room services provided the homeless. By following this give them an apartment approach, the figure has been reduced to $11,000. More importantly, in a mere eight years Utah has reduced its homeless problem by 78%. It is anticipated that the problem will be totally eliminated by 2015


Stephanie Kaple take note! Though I am sure I am not telling you anything you do not already know.

Syracuse plays Miami tomorrow at one in Miami. The odds/Vegas line confuse me. In one place it is seven points, another 17 points. The important thing is that everyone sees Syracuse winning. I do, also.

I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. I can have lunch while enjoying the game.

Enjoy your day!




Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!

I wish I felt as peppy as the introduction. I have a head cold. I cannot remember when last I had one. That long. It hit me early yesterday afternoon.

I lunched at Blossoms. Had to stand. A bunch of senior ladies were having some sort of luncheon. They had taken all the stools. The women were my age. Each uniquely beautiful. I could not keep my eyes off them.

The new owners have parrots. A big one was out of the cage. About 18 inches tall and a bit stout. Colorful. I looked at him (?) and said hello. He immediately responded hello. Took me back for a moment.

The cold kept me at home during the afternoon and evening.

The afternoon was spent researching for my new book Growing Up Italian. I needed some background information from Italy itself. I wanted to be sure my facts concerning the land of my ancestors were correct.

Two Catholic saints have a moment in the book. Saints Cosmas and Damien. Though born and died in what is now Turkey, they are revered to this day by many Italo-Americans. They were twins. Became doctors. Never charged. Provided medical services free.

I feel that some present day killings in the Middle East and Africa are less than nice. Brutal is the word. Saints Cosmas and Damien were killed in a fashion beyond that of today. They were hung on crosses, stoned, shot by arrows, and then beheaded. All because of their Catholic faith.

None of the preceding will appear in the book. I thought it interesting and wanted to share their experience with you.

Last night was early to bed. Turned the heat on. I am one of the lucky ones.

I keep autographing books. I am honored to be asked. I continue to suggest to those of you who might not have ordered the book to do so. It is a series of interesting short stories. The title is The World Upside Down by Louis Petrone. It is available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

Enjoy your day!



Today is a first. A first in a long time. Two years ago, I purchased Dragon. Dragon is the system whereby you speak and the computer types. Fingers are not required. I wear headphones with a microphone.

I tried the system two years ago. I could not get adjusted to it. I put it aside. I took it out again last week. Sloan has been working with me. She understands all these things that I do not. I wrote a chapter to my new book yesterday using Dragon. This is the first time I am doing a blog.

It’s like giving birth to a child!

If I can make it work and get adept, it will save me a lot of time.

The weather started off well yesterday. The morning was warm. Then it started raining. Off and on. Poured big time. Yesterday evening was a bit cool. Today definitely will be cold. The high today will be 64°. The low tonight 59.

I spent a part of yesterday finalizing last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The show went well. I suspect I may have to enlarge the show from a half-hour to a full hour at some point. There does not seem to be enough time to do the type of show I want in a half hour.

My only venture out of the house yesterday was dinner at Roostica. Lasagna.

I have not been to Roostica  in a couple of months. The last time there I had a sorry experience with one of the waitresses. I usually sit at a table for 4 because I enjoy spreading out my newspapers. She had me move to a small table for two where the newspapers, glasses and dishes did not fit. Ergo, I have not been back in a while.

I was prepared to do battle with the waitress last night. No more moving. If I did move, it would be out the door. Fortunately, there was no confrontation. She was not there. My waitress was Patricia. A nice lady. She remembered me. She says you always order lasagna. I was happy. I had a friend.

Guns and gun laws continue to be screwed up. Where normally we have been averaging one school shooting every 11 days in the United States, the numbers have changed in the new year. For the worse. During the first 17 days of January, there were four school shootings. Additionally in the last 72 hours, there have been two university shootings.

One of the problems as we all know are the laws. The NRA, the legislators beholden to them, and people of the United States who do not understand what is involved, contribute to the problem. Florida is a state that is pro-NRA and pro gun.

The Key West Citizen ran an article a few days ago talking about a gun problem existing in the keys. The Key West Citizen reported that it is legal to shoot guns in Florida on residential properties if not done in a reckless manner, over a public road or occupied dwelling. Someone living in the Keys built a home made gun range in the back of his home. The gun range has been used by the property owner and his friends for three weeks. The neighbors are concerned. They have safety concerns. They have complained to the police. The police can do nothing

Florida’s a concealed carry state. Additionally, there are other laws which make it easy to use handguns most anywhere. In 1987, Florida passed a preemption law. The law said that only the state could determine laws with regard to guns. It prohibited local governments from having any say or regulation with regard to the use of guns.

The 1987 law had no teeth in it whereby local governmental officials could be punished if they tried to do something which would deviate from state gun laws. In 2001, good Governor Scott signed what might be described as the teeth law. The law provided that local elected leaders and police officials could be fined $5000 and/or be removed from office if they established gun regulations. Any gun regulations.

Thank you, Governor Scott!

When will we learn.

Enjoy your day!