I am sue you noticed there was no blog yesterday. A tuesday disaster.

I take 19 pills a day. I made it to 86 so far so they must be helping. I take the pills during the course of the day while on the computer. A case of bottled water nearby to assist.

I was opening a new bottle. The cap was hard to turn. Finally turned snapping my wrist. Came the deluge. My keyboard buried in water. Tried to clean and dry. Didn’t work. Sloan stopped by yesterday with a new one.

My notes for tuesday night’s Tuesday Talk show covered with water also. Ink turned into black water. Notes for the show gone 15 minutes before show time. Did the show of the top of my head.

I do not need the computer to do Tuesday Talk. Only a land line. Ergo, I was still able to get the show in.

Tragedies occur.

Travel + Leisure is one of America’s top travel magazine. Its recent edition listed the top 15 resorts and spas in Florida. Key West was home to three.

Number one was Sunset Key and Cottages. Number two Oceans Edge Resort and Marina. Number three Ocean Key Resort and Spa.

A big deal! All top notch.

E-bikes. I see them coming to Key West.

Tourists and locals alike are bike crazy here. Bicycles the reason Key West is #1 for bicycle deaths and injuries in Florida.

The bicycles are motorized. Electric power. Can enjoy the ride or peddle. Whatever is desired. Speed under 25 mph.

A hit already in major cities. Sales in the 12 month period ending in July up 240 percent. By next year, they will be all over Key West. I am not looking forward to it. Unless you have experienced it, you have no idea how dangerous it is to drive a car on a roadway covered with bicycle riders.

A bit of coronavirus.

Israel has been one of the world leaders in dealing with coronavirus. It will be announcing shortly that 4 shots will be required to be considered being “fully vaccinated.” Two booster shots rather than one.

Israelis will only be able “to engage in society” if their vaccine passports show 4 shots have been taken.

Israeli people not happy. Already protesting.

Pope Francis is generally on the right side of things. Vaccines, for example. He encourages vaccines, discourages religious exemptions.

On September 27-28, the Vatican held its Assembly Meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Life. The Academy deals with issues at the intersection of bioethics and moral theology. The Academy advocated for equitable distribution of vaccines and to combat vaccine skepticism.

YouTube announced it is going to ban any who claim “vaccines are infectious or dangerous.” Included is Robert Kennedy, Jr. who is a prominent vaccine opponent.

Does not surprise me Kennedy would be opposed to vaccines. He most times is on the wrong side of issues. Recall that it was recently announced he supported the parole of his father’s assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

His father he is not.

On this day in 1939, the Munich Pact was signed.

Prime Minister Chamberlain feared Germany was going to start a war. England mentally was still suffering from the huge number of young Englishmen it had lost in World War I.

Hitler did not invite Chamberlain to Munich. Chamberlain went uninvited. In fact, Hitler wondered what he wanted.

Chamberlain wanted peace, “peace at any cost.”

A one page document was signed. Hitler agreed not to begin a war. There was one condition. Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland was to be given to Germany. It was so agreed.

Chamberlain returned to England. As he departed his plane in England, he waived a copy of the one page agreement and shouted, “Peace with honor, peace in our lifetime.”

History reflects he was wrong.

The surprising thing was Hitler’s recollection of the meeting. He had no thought of asking for the Sudetenland. It was actually Chamberlain’s idea. Chamberlain thought Hitler could be “bought off” by his suggestion. Hitler agreed to accept the Sudetenland. Why not, he said. Something for nothing.

Upon death, one’s remains are either buried or cremated. There is now a third way gaining in popularity. Cost the primary consideration. The new way is cheaper.

It is composting. Turning the body into a “sack of dirt.” The process takes 3 months.

The concept is promoted with the thought one’s body is still living in a sense. Composting renews life.

Composting is legal in Colorado and Washington. Expected to be legal soon in Oregon.

Eighty six year old Thomas Krob of Spring Grove, Illinois recently died. He refused to be vaccinated. His problem was not coronavirus. It was rabies.

He woke one night discovering a bat on his neck. He refused the set of 4 rabies shots. He died in one month.

It was discovered a colony of bats were living in his home.

Rabies deaths can be prevented if timely rabies vaccinations are given. Krob was anti-vaccine and paid the penalty many persons do who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

I am perplexed. When are Manchin and Sinew going to do what’s right?

Manchin may yet capitulate. Sinew perhaps never. She does not seem capable of seeing the light of day.

A newscaster last night described her as “bush league.” Her conduct suggesting she does not belong in the Senate.

I have the feeling she wants her constituents to view her as another John McCain. She is an Arizona Senator. His life experiences qualified him to act as he did. He had earned the right. She, not.

John McCain she is not.

The House Progressives are to be admired. Some 60 odd in number.

They are sick of having been ignored over the years. They are standing strong at this time and saying “no more.”

Good for them!

Today is National Coffee Day. Free coffee available at many coffee outlets. Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks being two. One requirement generally. Food or a bakery item must be purchased.

Enjoy your day!


The anchor around our necks is a compilation of Joe Manchin, Krysten Sinema, House Progressives, and Republicans.

Their attitudes…..Our way or the highway! If any fail to get what they want, they are prepared to tear the government down.

Joe Manchin thinks he is glorified. Knows everything. When actually knows little.

Manchin does not make sense. His tune changes daily as to what is important.

He represents West Virginia. Coal country. Understandable he wants to protect the coal industry. Not the reason he is anti-climate change however. The media continues to hide the fact that Manchin and his family own good portions of two West Virginia coal plants. Enersystems Inc. and Farmington Resources.

He is protecting his own economic base when he is anti-climate control.

Kyrsten Sinema is one of the U.S. Senators from Arizona.

She is cashing in on her opposition to the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. Today for example 5 lobbying groups, who have asked her to oppose the bill, are sponsoring a fundraiser for her.

The shame of it all. The lobbyists could not wait till after the social infrastructure failed. Sinema could have told them to wait. However, everyone involved including the Senator apparently wanted the nation to know whose side Sinema is on.

Sinema has additionally let it be known she is opposed to paying for the $3.5 trillion bill by increasing taxes on major corporations and the rich.

The Progressives, especially in the House,cannot be blamed for playing hardball. FDR was probably the last time progressives achieved anything significant.

Problem is the size of the bill. The Progressives assume this may be the last time for years when they will be able to get anything of significance. So they want it all! May not be the correct way. A bit here and there every year may continue to be the best way.

Republicans. Useless. A destructive force. A dying entity. Playing out their last hurrah.

Ford is to be complimented. Putting their monies on the line.

Ford announced yesterday that together with a South Korean supplier they will spend $11.4 billion on 3 plants to produce electric cars and 1 truck plant.

Eleven thousand jobs will be created.

Got to love New York’s new Governor Hochul. She spoke sunday before worshipers at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn. She told the worshipers, “God wants you to get vaccinated.”

Pfizer’s CEO said “normal life” will not return without continued coronavirus vaccines. Shots will be required on an annual basis as is the flu shot.

Good friends David and Marilyn live in Kentucky. For many years, they owned a second home in Key West. They sold it a couple of years ago. They thought Key West was changing, etc. David told me they planned on becoming world travelers.

They have.

Received an e-mail from David this morning. He and Marilyn are leaving for Greece. Fly first to Athens for 3 days. Then onto a cruise ship for a trip through the Greek isles and other European ports.

I envy them! I miss Greece! Of course, I sent them an immediate response recommending some of my favorite Athens’ places to visit, dine, etc.

Enjoy, my friends!

I cheated for the second time yesterday on my new quarantine. Enjoyed a late lunch at Geiger Key with Tom and Fran Dixon.

They leave Key West today to return home to Buffalo. In two days, they fly to France to spend one week visiting the French wine country.

Ted Williams will forever be known as one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

This day in 1941 was one of the most significant in his baseball career.

It was the last day of the baseball season. A doubleheader. Williams made 8 trips to the plate. Got 6 hits. He ended the season with a .406 batting average. The first player since Bill Terry in 1930 to hit .400.

Williams was a fisherman. He purchased a home on Islamorada, the Fishing Capital of the World. Spent well over 20 years living there. Most in retirement.

He wrote he sold his home on Islamorada when he had to wait to cross U.S. 1. The town had become too busy for him.

Syracuse plays its first ACC game saturday against Florida State. Kick off 3:30.

Syracuse is 3-1, Florida State 0-4. Nevertheless, Florida State is favored by 4.5 points. Two of Florida State’s losses were against ACC teams, whereas Syracuse’s first ACC game will be against Florida State.

Tonight, I rant and rave. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

Join me. The show is fast moving and interesting.

Enjoy your day!


Manchin is on a “trip.” Among other things, a mental case. He considers himself glows everything


This past weekend was some of the finest golf ever. The Ryder Cup.

The U.S. won big time 19-9. The most wins ever by either side.

The U.S. team an unusual composition. Young. Many in their twenties. Six “rookies.”

The win represents the beginning of a new era. One where the U.S. will dominate.

Today’s players are exceptional. Even on the European team. Much better skills than the likes of earlier greats such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

Several reasons why.

The clubs are better. Toned. All kind of advantages built into them. Makes it easier for today’s players to hit the ball farther and straighter.

Even the balls have been perfected. They fly easier and longer distances. Built to lessen hooks and slices.

The players true athletes. Most work out every day. Few have the physique of Jack Nicklaus for example. They have psychiatrists and psychologists to keep their heads on straight.

Next Ryder Cup Rome in 2 years. If I am in good health, I may go. It has been 35 years since I last visited Rome.

My recollection is I have attended two Ryder Cups. On was in Rochester, N.Y. I cannot recall where the other.


I was doing some legal work for NBC at the time. NBC was covering the event. They took care of all the arrangements for my son and I. Provided bus transportation from the hotel to the course. Free admission to the course. Access all day every day at the corporate tent. Nothing like having access to a corporate tent. Huge. Carpets covering the lawn floor. Living room easy chairs to sit on. Huge TV sets.

Food! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best! All kinds of alcohol available.

The corporate tents were free to all corporate guests.

Four days later came time to check out. No hotel bill. NBC had put us on their “guest list.”

What a way to go!

New York’s new governor Kathy Hochul tough!

New York employees who get fired for failing to obtain a “vaccine passport” will not be able to receive unemployment benefits. Her tune simple. Get vaccinated or end up on a bread line. Nothing wrong with her approach. The COVID pandemic must be gotten under control!

Hotel/motel businesses have various occupancies  during the year. The business are very competitive. Not as competitive however as it was back in 1955.

On September 27, 1955, Key West motel prices reached a “new high.” Eight motels posted signs offering free rooms to tourists.

Trump never gives up. He turns lemons into lemonade, or at least tries to. He will go to his grave insisting he won Arizona.

The Maricopa audit results were announced last week. No cheating. Audit even revealing Biden won by an additional 300 plus votes.

Trump spoke at a rally in Georgia saturday. He discussed the Arizona audit result. He claimed the result did not embarrass him. In fact, he claimed it showed he won Arizona.

His people cheered him!

Trump went on to claim 57,000 ballots were at issue. Also an additional 17,000 ballots were duplicates.

No truth in his representations. No reference by him to specifics in the audit report to support his statements.

Referring to the audit and Biden, Trump stated, “No way this putz won the election.”

The first time a train carried passengers. An historical event. Referred to at the time as a “train ride on a public highway.”

The event occurred on September 27, 1825 in the northeast part of England. The engine was called “Locomotion Number 1.”

The man who designed the train was George Stephenson. He was in total control. He also was an engineer and acted as a railroad engineer/operator on that day.

The railroad was the Stockton and and Darlington Railway.

The first passenger train ever. All England excited.

The train carried its usual cargo, plus the passengers. Coal and flour the products usually carried. Generally in sacks. Railroad cars were called “wagons” in those days. Thirty six wagons carrying sacks of coal and flour made up a part of the train.

A special passenger coach was constructed for the planned trip. It resembled a “shed” on wheels and was occupied by various dignitaries.

There were additional passengers. Some stood in open coal wagons. Some in the coal wagons enjoyed the “luxury” of temporary wooden benches. Other passengers traveled sitting on top of wagons full of coal.

The trip plan limited its human load to 300 passengers. The train ended up carrying 450-600.

Note again the first time a train was considered a passenger one also.

The train traveled at 8 mph. Stephenson was the engineer driving the train. The train was proceeding down a slope. Stephenson opened the throttle. The speed increased to 15 mph.

The “speed” unnerved one passenger. He fell and his foot was crushed by the following wagon.

So it was.

Enjoy your day!


Reasons for not being vaccinated multiply.

USA Today this morning published the latest “revelation.” Considered by some to be Biblicaly derived. The article titled: Some Say The  COVID-19 Vaccine Is The Mark Of The Beast.

Mark of the beast is the newest excuse for refusing vaccination. Whether correct uncertain. However the number of persons relying on the beast excuse to refuse the vaccine is increasing.

Their belief is based on the New Testament’s Book of Revelation 13:16-18. It mentions the “mark of the beast.” The mark reflects an allegiance to Satan.

Those who believe the beast theory reject its scientific base. They claim it is based on “values and morals.” Such as found in the Bible.

“Mark of the beast is an apocalyptic biblical term…..the apostle John speaks of an apocalyptic pair of beasts who will rule the earth with cruelty.” Their evil reach – which can be interpreted as hidden manipulation – will require all people who require the transaction of commerce to wear the mark of the beast. The apostle John did not identify what the mark would look like, although some theologians translate scripture to reference the number “666” to be associated with it.

“The mark will be on the right hand or in their foreheads.” Without it, “no man might buy or sell.”

There has been no finding that the mark and vaccine are similar in appearance, however.

Rather those who believe suggest “the vaccine represents a conspiracy of governmental control or that the vaccine contains some sort of marking agent to indelibly identify those foolish enough to receive the vaccine.”

Trump tapped into the lack of trust in the government and the medical field. Reached through a belief in American populism which comes with a disbelief in experts.

Certain top Republicans believe vaccines are “the mark of the beast” and “comparable to a false god.”

People with spiritual beliefs who believe that “all things are influenced by religion are more likely to believe mark of the beast which is in every Christian bible.”

Many Christians have arrived at the belief that “the world is in the time the Bible calls ‘the last days.'” When speaking of “the last days,” the Bible speaks of someone identified as the Antichrist and he would require people have a mark… buy and sell.”

Wild so far. And to think anyone would believe such garbage.

The USA Today article says, “The COVID-19 vaccine – or any vaccines – have nothing to do with any of this.

There are those who believe per Revelation 14 that the mark will be a pledge of loyalty to the Antichrist and no one will take the mark unknowingly.

Though Revelation 14 talks of “doom,” many believe God “will not doom people for taking something unwittingly.”

Unreliable information is being spread both ways. Primarily via social media.

People are increasingly coming to the conclusion that the “mark of the beast” is a reason not to get vaccinated. Who wants to be seen supporting the Antichrist?

Those who support the mark of the beast theory will be from the religious right. Evangelicals and Protestants. Those generally wrong in their twisted religious beliefs.

A closing observation. Certain religious persons are desperate for a reason to reject the vaccine. They end up in court relying on whatever as the basis for a violation of their freedom of religion rights. The courts have bent over backwards to uphold claims for a religious exemption. From my perspective, judges readily move to accept the religious claim.

The mark of the beast will find its way into a courtroom in the next year. A tough theory to handle/understand. No judge however is going to rule against people who who are opposed to being marked as followers of the Antichrist.

A couple of weeks ago, the religious exemption claim was that the Bible tells us man was made in God’s image. If so, the wearing of a face mask blocks the viewing of God’s face. No one should block God’s face.

I am still waiting the court’s decision on that one.

Southern states like to march in a similar line, to dance to the same tune.

The Texas abortion law that bans an abortion once a heart beat can be detected, is on its way to becoming law in Florida I fear. A bill has been introduced similar in nature to Texas’ new law. Governor DeSantis’ will sign the similar bill into law. Actually, I am sure he will. He continues to be on the wrong side of everything.

Hurricane Sam is a strange one. It reached Category 4 yesterday. At a time when it still was mid ocean and had not reached land as yet.

Winds 140 mph.

Sam is expected to turn northwest tomorrow and continue turning through wednesday.

Meteorologists have advised Sam will be no danger to Florida or the Caribbean.

Enjoy your day!


In the 15 years following the Civil War, African Americans grew politically and economically. By 1890, white America had become uncomfortable with the situation. Especially the southern states. Whites began eliminating blacks from their successes.

Whites moved against blacks in three areas.

One was disenfranchisement. Between 1890 and 1905, southern states passed laws designed specifically to prevent African Americans  from voting.

Jim Crow laws were passed in the same time period. Each southern state passed laws formally segregating public facilities. It was in the 1890’s that the famous “white” and “colored” signs appeared.

The third area was lynching. A campaign of lynching evolved simultaneously. Targeted were African Americans.

The Keys History section in yesterday’s Key West Citizen made note that on yesterday’s date in 1897, the black man Sylvannus Johnson was hung in Key West. Johnson’s story exemplifies how blacks were treated in his time. His hanging not specifically a lynching, was one for all practical purposes.

Johnson’s story.

He was hung on September 24, 1897. Following a purportedly “fair trial.” From a  gallows erected specifically for the purpose in Jackson Square between the courthouse and jail.

Johnson had been convicted of raping a white woman.

Was his trial fair? Make up your own mind.

In the 1890’s, Key West was a growing hot bed of anti-black sentiment. Even after Johnson’s execution, the animosity continued growing into the 1920’s.

A Ku Klux Klan was established in Key West in the 1920’s. In opposition and fear to the growing political organizing which was taking place in the black community.

Key West was part and parcel of the Florida Ku Klux Klan. Influential. In the 1920’s, local Key West businessman Charles H. Ketchum was the Grand Dragon for the State of Florida. He ran the Klan during his term in office from his Key West home.

Back to Johnson’s court proceedings.

During his arraignment, the local labor leader C.B. Pendelton, a white, rose and exclaimed: “Are there enough white men in this room who will help me in lynching the brute?”

A group of blacks in the court room rushed to defend Johnson and temporarily foiled Pendleton’s plan.

A Times-Union reporter was present. Apparently anti-black also. He wrote, “Your correspondent would not be surprised to learn in the morning that the brute had met his deserts during the night.”

A group of African Americans surrounded the jail and courthouse to prevent Johnson from being lynched.

The Times-Union reporter wrote, “If a lynching is attempted trouble will follow, as there are not enough whites here at present to protect against the tough negro element that is present making the trouble.”

The Monroe County Sheriff wired Governor Bloxhan for help: “Negroes greatly outraged and threats to beat and kill whites openly made.” White officials believed the affair to be an “insurrection.”

The Governor misunderstood and panicked. He wired President McKinley to send U.S. troops.

The confrontation did not reach that point.

As soon as Key West authorities demonstrated a willingness to guard Johnson, African-Americans withdrew their armed guard.

The blacks had won the day. It ended however with the protection issue. The courtroom was another story. A fair trial could not be and was not ensured.

The all white jury took 1 hour 45 minutes to convict Johnson.

Johnson’s court appointed attorney was not permitted to cross examine witnesses.

Upon the jury’s announcement of his conviction, Johnson rose and exclaimed: “If God was black and came before this jury you would find him guilty. You may hang my black body, but you cannot harm my innocent soul.”

Today Key West is “one human family.” The statement generated for the gay community. It applies to the African American community as well, though perhaps to a lesser degree.

The concern today is not Key West and its black population. Rather it is what is occurring nationally. The vermin came out of the woodwork with Trump’s election. Demonstrators/insurrectionists include the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists, among others of similar strain.

The discrimination war continues. Whites recognize people of color are on the threshold of being the majority in this country. A time when people of color will be in control of government.

Whites, especially southern ones, fear the day. They should. What goes around does come around. No question about it. A day of reckoning is coming.

Enjoy your day!


Great day today! What could be better? The Ryder Cup by day and Syracuse football in the evening.

It is 11:30 and I am just beginning to write the blog. Started at 6 this morning with the research. Have been running back and forth from the office to the TV. Hopefully the blog will go smoothly and I can soon return to the TV full time.

Another hurricane on the way. Sam. Purported to be a big one. Already a category 3 and only in mid Atlantic. Expected to be a 4 when it hits land. No certainty yet where “land” will be. Maybe Florida, maybe not. All land points remain open.

Whatever, a biggie. Sounds dangerous.

Great people these Taliban. They live by the Quran and die by the Quran. Properly so. It is their religion.

The Taliban announced they will begin carrying out executions and amputations of hands. Must be permissible in the Quran. However, the Taliban advised the executions and amputations will no longer be public. I assume, though I might not be correct, the Quran does not spell out a place for execution.

I cheated on my quarantine last night.

Tom and Fran Dixon are back in town. Travelers they are. Fear not caronavirus. They leave Key West to return to Buffalo tuesday. Leave for France for a week friday.

Love their company. We have been friends 15 years. Met in Key West that long ago. They live in Buffalo. Visit Key West frequently. Tom owns a small piece of the Ocean Key House.

We met at the Chart Room. I told them the time I would arrive. My marching orders were they should be done drinking and have paid the bill. I wanted to spend no time in the Chart Room. My beloved Chart Room scares me during the pandemic. It is small and when packed there has to be a lot of virus jumping around.

I walked in and they were ready to walk out.

We ate on the Pier House Deck. Another of my requirements. We had to eat outside. The food was wonderful. The company excellent. We had a great time.

They have to be good friends to put up with me.

The Maricopa County audit is complete. No improprieties found. Biden even garnered 300 plus additional votes in the audit.

It was announced that a new audit has begun. In Texas. Strange. My recollection is Trump won Texas by 5.5 percent of the vote. Though it was the closest Presidential race in decades.

The Texas audit initially will be of 4 counties. Two Republican and two Democratic. Guess the goal is to try to show cheating in the Democratic counties.

The new audit as stupid as the Maricopa County one was. Waste of time and money.

Apparently Trump imposed on Governor Abbott to have the Texas audit initiated.

I cannot understand how Republicans stand loyal to Trump. Republicans have always supposedly been the smarter of the two political parties.

A recent poll indicated 78 percent of Republicans believe Biden lost and Trump won. The poll was done by CNN/SSRS.

I close with a couple of coronavirus items.

The CDC Advisory Board announced yesterday that persons over 65 and those in long term care facilities will be the first to receive booster shots. Pfizer so far approved. Moderna approval expected in the next 2 weeks.

Pfizer booster shots will be available beginning next friday.

Trump continues to run the Republican Party. His craziness continues to warp the Republican Party. Pennsylvania another new state for audit, investigation…..whatever it will develop into.

The Pennsylvania Senate is leading the probe. They have issued or are in the process of issuing 9 million subpoenas. The subpoenas are to all Pennsylvania voters. Require the voters to provide specific personal information. Most or all of which is not of the Senate’s business.

A lawsuit already commenced by the Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General claiming the subpoenas not legal in any fashion.

This “crap” has to stop! The courts are the only place these oddball improper activities by Trump or his henchmen can be halted. When an entity such as a State Senate does something like the subpoena thing in makes people wonder if Trump might not be correct in asserting the election was rigged.

Enjoy your day!


Recognition of a job well done is always welcome. Especially to the young on the verge of college and preparation for lifetime careers

Grandson Robert, 12 other of his class mates, and production teacher Ed Smith are deserving of acclaim for a recent recognition. One which installs pride in everyone concerned. And I must admit, special pride in Papa for grandson Robert’s part in what has recently been announced.

The Key West High School provides as part of its curriculum broadcasting and film making. The school operates Conch 5 Studios as part of the program.

Key West High School has been advised of its selection for participation in the world’s largest high school film festival. Nine films and the 13 students who produced the videos. Robert is one of the students.

The event is the All-American High School Film Festival. It will be held in New York City October 8-10. The 13 students will be in New York and a part of the event. The films will be screened, judged and narrowed to a few finalists.

The event and Key West High School’s designation a big deal. A very big deal. Production teacher Ed Smith said, “I was shocked, proud and blown away as a teacher.”

The high school was last selected for the program in 2017.

The 9 submissions cover categories ranging from short films to action sport videos.

The Festival’s “official selection” is one of the highest honors a high school video production team can earn. There is a recognition award one step higher. Becoming a Festival finalist. A small selection of the films are honored as being the “best of the best” in each category.

The New York City screenings also provide students with the opportunity to network, college recruiting opportunities, and a chance for students to earn some scholarship money.

The competition is a David and Goliath one as far as Key West High School is concerned. There are many schools who might be described as affluent. Which translates into up to date equipment.

Not the case with Key West, however. Key West’s most recently acquired equipment dates back to 2017. Some even before.

Not a problem for the Key West team. Heart, hard work and dedication make up for those years and the aged equipment.

Specifically as to the trip, fundraising the first step. Money is needed to send the the 13 to New York City, hotel, feed them, etc. The recognition and festival not part of the high school’s budget. So please dig deep and provide some help.

Donations are being gladly accepted. Contact Ed Smith at for information.

Students are working at financing the trip. A car wash and outdoor movie event.

Both will be held at the Key West High School Backyard.

My cup runneth over when it comes to the pride Robert provides me.

Robert came into the world with a bit of difficulty. He was born with cancer of the liver. Within the first 8 days of his life, he had two major surgeries at Miami Children’s Hospital. He was followed for a number of years thereafter.

Fortunately, he recovered and the problem is well behind him.

Personally, the best way to describe Robert is he is simply a good kid. His parents and sister are proud of him, as I am proud of him.

He did well as a student in Montessori. Now a senior in high school, he has continued to do well academically. His weighted index is 4.239. He is 30th in a class of 300.

Robert has been into tennis. Big time. Practiced almost every day for a number of years. His consistency worked out. He has been a member the Key West High School tennis team 4 years and All-County 2 years.

Robert’s eye was on college and playing at that level. A given.

Then he got into the broadcasting and filming courses at the high school. He is gung ho about the programs and plans on continuing their study at the college level. I suspect tennis may take a back seat.

He has participated in several broadcast/filming competitions while in high school. Single or with a partner. Success has been his. He has been first, second or third in several.

I am obviously enamored with my grandson. The way I look at it, he payed his dues early in life. May he continue to succeed and may God provide him with a happy and long life.

Enjoy your day!


Jobs available for many today. Not taken. Many eligible for the American work force do not want to work. The American dream is no longer within their reach. Work, yes. Deeper in debt, yes. Making it almost impossible to get ahead.

The American dream is now reserved for the wealthy. Those already wealthy. The economy only works for those already in the top ten percent.

Many have come to believe there is no longer a reward for hard work. No sense to developing a good employment track record to push one up the ladder of success. The ticket to the middle class no longer being available.

Work is viewed as a dead end. The house, car, family, college educations, etc. merely a dream. Costs rising faster than income.

Some believe a theory I cannot subscribe to: Stress of overwork breaks down physical and mental health. I am from the old school. Hard work never hurt anyone. Success is the reward of hard work. Those who believe this not working bullshit for the reasons set forth are on the wrong track. Perhaps even lazy.

Three polls taken last week indicate fewer than one third of Americans want to see Rose v. Wade overturned.

A dear friend died monday. Sherwood Boehlert. He was 85.

Sherry was my Congressman for 24 years. Always available to help. A telephone call away.

Sherry was a moderate Republican. He became a leader of the moderate wing in Congress when his party was in power. He became Chairman of one of the more powerful Committees.

I have not seen him in years. When he retired from Congress, he moved to Washington, D.C. I retired and moved to Key West.

Sherry was not typical of today’s Congressional Republican. Far from it. There should be more on both sides of aisle today like him.

May he rest in peace.

Confucius say: “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Which indicates to me parental guidance in recent years not what it used to be.

Anti-vaccine persons exist world wide. Stupidity seems to permeate society everywhere. Insurgency, also.

Australia for example.

Constriction workers are required to be vaccinated. If not, they cannot work.

Monday a violent protest occurred in front of a union headquarters in Melbourne. Harsh.

The cries of the protesters were “Freedom” and “Fuck the job!”

One oddity. Those protesting were not union members. They were “far right extremists…..heavily infiltrated by neo-Nazis and other right wing extremist groups.”

It’s the same all over!

Karl Bohank has been a meteorologist for 33 years. He was Michigan’s WLUC-TV weather man.

His broadcasting company mandated all employees had to be vaccinated. He refused and quit.

Bohank said, “Personal freedom should be paramount…..We are being bludgeoned with fear… an effort to control us.”

He quoted Thomas Jefferson from the Declaration of Independence: “When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

Everyone has a right to think as they wish. They must however be prepared to suffer the consequences. As Bohank was. What I can’t understand is how an apparently well educated man could neither see nor understand the value of the vaccine to himself and the rest of his community.

Children are being placed in jeopardy by parents who do not believe in the vaccine or mask wearing. Parents placing their children in danger’s path.

A newly instituted lawsuit in Federal Court in Albany, New York, exemplifies the stupidity of parents merely as to the mask wearing requirement. Nine children and five parents are named as plaintiffs in the suit.

The purpose of the suit is to lift a mask wearing mandate from school children.

The basis of their claim is mandated mask wearing violates children’s first amendment rights, and causes them physical, psychological and sociological harm.

Quoting from the Complaint follows.

“The masks have made the children sick, stunted their intellectual and social growth and most importantly violated their freedom of speech and association.”

“While the virus may no longer be fatal to our health, it poses an existential danger to our liberty.”

“Our kids are suffering in these masks; they can’t breathe in these masks, they’re uncomfortable. Our kids have not seen a smile in school in over a year.”

Stupid parents. Forrest Gump comes into play again: “You can’t fix stupid.”

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My best selling book was Irma and Me. I liked the juxtaposition of the name. The subject and Louis.

The same here.

Telephones have impacted my life. Actually, all our lives. Most are unaware what  telephone communication was way back when. Beginning for me before World War II.

Enjoy this brief recollection.

I was born in 1935.

In the late 1930’s and into the first part of the 1940’s, our phone was the corner grocer. No one had telephones, except business people. The grocer took calls for the block.

If a call came for my father, the grocer (his name was Frank) would go out on the street and shout….Tell John he has a call! Someone would transfer the message to my Dad or to another neighbor to relate.

Then we got our own telephone. A four party line. Meant four homes had the same line. If you picked up and heard talking, you hung up till the line was free.

We graduated to a two party line.

Then the time came when the only line was ours. We had a single party line. A private phone.

A big deal!

Cell phones did not make an appearance till my mid law practice years. They were big and cumbersome.

The phones got smaller. I recall the flip top.

I am absolutely amazed that my telephone today is in effect a computer. I can do everything with it.

Only took 86 years.

When I am gone, will anyone remember? People find it hard to fit yesterday into today.

Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Nine my time. A fast moving half hour. I recount my likes and dislikes of the previous week.

Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

What is most interesting is all I need to do Tuesday Talk is a telephone. My land line telephone. You listen via the internet.

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What a country we live in! People don’t want to be inoculated with the vaccine. Ok, we’ll put it in their food.

Salads the dish of choice. Specifically, spinach and lettuce.

The National Science Foundation gave a $500,000 grant to the University of California-Riverside. Researchers have been charged with growing edible plants that carry the same medication as an mRNA vaccine.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Somehow before we are done, everyone will receive the vaccine.

The Ivermectin craze is hurting horse owners. Shelves in feed stores are bare. The farmers have an insufficient supply of the deworming product. Their horses are suffering.

An anonymous commenter brought to my attention the story of Dusty and Tristan Graham, also known as the Alabama Pickers.

The story so interesting it prompted me to research the issue of COVID deaths further. There is a website specifically limited to those who were anti-vaccine, refused to be inoculated, and died.

Oh, so many.

The site is The post again is dedicated to those who publicly opposed the COVID vaccination and subsequently died from the disease.

Dusty and Tristan Graham refused to receive the shots. Their work took them all over Alabama. They posted a video on their YouTube channel to such effect.  The video confirmed they would never get vaccinated: “We are ALIVE and still Reselling on eBay.”

A few days after the posting, they both came down with the virus and were hospitalized. They died within 3 weeks of each other.

Before becoming afflicted they wrote, the vaccine is “technically not a vaccine.”

We all mourn any person’s death. Those who invite death by failing to get the shots invite their demise. My commenter properly wrote, “COVID is fixing stupid every day.”

The biggest hospital system in Indiana is Indiana University Health. The hospital system has 36,000 employees. The hospital instituted a vaccine mandate. One hundred twenty five refused and left their employment. A small number compared to the overall 36,000 employees. Most of the 125 were part time employees.

I share the Indiana hospital’s numbers for a specific reason. Most if not all similar situations I have read about had a larger number of staff departing. In this case, an insignificant number. Why this Indiana hospital and few if other institutions?

I close with a Donald Trump comment.

This past weekend, the “Justice for the J6” rally was scheduled at the Capitol. Projection was only 700 would show. In the end, 200 did. The media suggests the low number indicates Trump’s popularity is waning. I am not sure, though I would hope so.

Trump commented prior to the rally: “My heart is with those standing with the rioters.” He added at another point in the comment: The January 6 protest concerned “the rigged Presidential election.”

He will never give up!

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