It was breaking new last night! Broke in the New York Times. Reporter Michael Schmidt one of the persons who wrote the article. It hit the media at 7:45.

Matt Gaetz is a 38 year old Congressman. A Republican, he represents a district in the western Panhandle.  He has been a Congressman since 2017.

The news involved Gaetz being the subject of an FBI investigation regarding possible sex trafficking with an underage girl. The issue under investigation is whether Gaetz had sex with a 17 year old girl and paid her to travel with him across state lines.

The investigation begun last fall while Trump was President. The investigator begun under Attorney General Barr. To be noted the investigation neither a Biden nor Democratic thing.

Gaetz was a close ally of Trump. Still is based on his public activities/pronouncements on Trump’s behalf.

His background not necessarily bad, though it does contain some questionable activities.

Gaetz was the lone no vote on the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act.

In 2018, he defended Trump’s statement that Haiti and African nations were “shit hole” countries.

In 2018, he was arrested for driving under the influence in Floirda. Police believed he was under the influence. He showed signs of physical intoxication. At the scene, he first denied he had anything to drink. Then admitted to 2 beers.

He failed the eye test. Decline to submit to field sobriety tests. Refused taking a breathalyzer test. Failure to take a breathalyzer test results in an automatic suspension of the driver’s license for one year.

He was never tried for failure to take the breathalyzer test nor was he tried on the DUI charge. At some point, all charges were dropped.

Between 1999 and 2014, Gaetz received 16 speeding tickets in Florida.

He alleged James Comey had leaked investigation matters to New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt. Could not have been. Schmidt was 10 yeas old at the time.

In 2018, Gaetz invited alt-right Holocaust denier Charles C. Johnson to attend the State of the Union Address.

On January 6, 2021 Joel Valdez, senior communications aide to Gaetz, posted a video on Parler hours before the storming of the Capitol: “From the top of the Capitol Office Building, WE HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR! #Stop the Steal.”

And more.

America is divided along party lines over Biden’s religion. His Catholicism and his right to receive Communion. An article touching on the mater was published in the National Catholic Reporter yesterday.

First to consider is what has happened to freedom of religion? Is not Biden entitled to the same?

Biden is the second Catholic President in U.S. history. The first was John Kennedy.

Biden appears to be a devout Catholic. Mass on Sunday where he receives Holy Communion. Not a Johnny come lately to the Church going, etc. A practice he learned in his youth and has followed ever since.

He has never made a secret of his faith. Quite frankly, he has to be a man of faith. Forget not, Biden lost his first wife and young daughter in an automobile accident. He lost his son in recent years to bran cancer.

A man needs God to survive such events. He openly admits his faith helped carry him through.

The question being asked is whether Biden’s faith is authentic. Actually, how much faith does he have? Such is being raised by some. Also the issue has been raised whether he should be allowed to receive Communion because of his being pro-abortion.

The March 30 Pew Poll reported 58 percent of adults are aware Biden is Catholic.

Eighty eight percent of Democrats believe Biden is “somewhat religious.” Sixty three percent of Republicans believe Biden “not” or “not at all religious.”

Biden has been referred to by members of both parties as a ‘fake Catholic” or a “Catholic in name only.” These words being echoed by the U.S. Bishops Conference.

The Bishops Conference is upset because Biden defines himself “as a devout Catholic” while at the same time supporting legal abortion.

The Bishops Conference is pushing hard to prohibit Biden from receiving Communion. Recall there is a split between the Bishops Conference and Pope Francis. The Bishops Conference is in bed with the far right in the U.S.  They dislike Francis. Periodically make moves to depose him. Would you believe!

Anyhow, Washington’s Archbishop and Bishop agree Biden’s abortion position is not a bar to his receiving Communion. They have publicly advised Biden will not be refused Communion.

Specifically addressing the abortion issue, 55 percent of Catholic Republicans believe Biden should be disqualified from receiving Communion. Whereas, only 11 percent of Catholic Democrats do.

When the issue is one of morality, who would you prefer as President? Trump or Biden? The question answers itself.

Spring Break is now being reviewed as if it is over. It is not. One or two more weeks to go.

Seems like Spring Break brought a change with it this year. A change which suggests the Spring Breaks of old are dead.

The only place in the U.S. where Spring Break got out of hand was Miami Beach’s South Beach. Two nights at the most. Then quiet. Fort Lauderdale had a slew of Spring Breakers. No problems.

Key West came through the situation so far with everything kumbaya. Recall, I thought Spring Break in Key West was going to be a disaster.

I was wrong.

There were fewer Spring breakers because rooms and house rentals were not available in the same quantity as years before. Holiday renters were taking them for 2 weeks.

Key West Mayor Teri Johnston was pleased how things worked out. She said, “I check regularly with our Chief of Police but it appears that we have welcomed a fun, respectful group of college students looking for some sun.”

Enjoy your day!




There is a world wide pandemic. Millions sick. Many dying. The virus can successfully attack anyone.

Fortunately, vaccines have been developed which thwart the disease. Protect everyone vaccinated.

The problem is not everyone believes protection is required. Some do not believe the virus even exists. Others, it is not a danger. Others fear the vaccine itself will harm them. Some concerned with a violation of their freedoms. And so it goes.

There is a warning of a fourth surge. Things were going well. The numbers coming down. Masks, social distancing, and the vaccine were working.

The group of non-believers were joined by those who thought the danger was behind them. Threw the masks away. Forgot social distancing. Traveled. Played. States removed restrictions. Resulting in the numbers going up again.

Rochelle Walensky is the Director of the CDC. She warned of an “impending doom.” While holding back tears, she advised yesterday that the numbers and hospitalizations were moving back up again. Deaths following slowly behind. Walensky said, “Right now I’m scared.”

Biden followed up later in the day backing Walensky’s warning.

The U.S. 7 day average has risen to 60,000. A 10 percent increase. Deaths moving to 1,000 per day.

We cannot live with this danger constantly over our heads. The vaccine solution has arrived. Those that do not want to get the shot or follow the restrictive rules should be isolated from the rest who want to avoid sickness and death.

Exile them!

The solution is simple. Create and deport them to places where they can live to together. Unable to infect believers and those who follow the rules.

What I suggest is serious. Severe. However, coronavirus is serious and severe.

Islands and places as were established for those with leprosy. Tough! May become necessary, however. Those that want to do what they want should be able to do so. However without creating a danger to those who disagree with them. New places like the leprosy colonies of Kalaupapa and Penikese Island.

The U.S. has leaders who fail to believe the severity of the virus and its danger. Trump stands in the forefront. Another is Florida Governor DeSantis.

DeSantis vows to ban “vaccination passports.” Proof a person has been vaccinated. To be used not only for air travel, but also simple things like entry to a movie.

His attitude, not on my watch.

The worst is yet to come with DeSantis. The Republicans consider him Presidential timber for 2024. The recent C-PAK meeting found him high in the polling. The only one above him in poles was Trump himself.

Two weeks ago DeSantis decreed that restrictions on businesses were withdrawn. Those fined for not wearing masks, did not have to pay their fines.

DeSantis’ “Open for Business” policy did not work in Miami Beach. His “Florida is open…..spring break is on, come on down” was a failure. Ocean Drive early on a disaster for party goers and the area itself.

Many believe Miami Beach was the “guinea pig” to show the world Florida was reopened and people should not be concerned with COVID-19.

Those who have had one or two vaccination shots receive a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. People were admonished as they received their card to save it. No one was certain yet where it would be required.

Staples and Office Depot/Office Max have stood up to provide a public service. Each will freely laminate the record card through July 25. A coupon needed to have the lamination done for free. The coupon is on the internet this morning.

The container ship stuck in the Suez Canal and blocking traffic no longer stuck. After 6 days, the ship is out and moving.

The ship’s name is “Ever Given.” Provided 6 days of drama. Paralyzed the canal. Wreaked havoc on global trade. It is estimated it cost $400 million per hour (yes, per hour) for goods delayed through the canal. Note the figure does not cover the cost of freeing the ship.

Ship horns blew in celebration yesterday when Ever Given was freed.

It is estimated it will take at least 6 days more for the canal to be fully cleared for operations and the backed up ships to pass through.

The thing that impressed me the most was the size of the ship. One quarter mile long. Compared to the height of the Empire State Building. Without cargo, weighs 220,000 tons.

A major Key West industry has suffered. A bad season! The spiny lobster industry. Its season sub-par.

The lobster season ends April 1.

The drop in harvest has been significant.

The reason primarily attributed to hurricanes and tropical storms that skirted the lower Florida Keys in August and September.

Nature is fickle. Key Largo and Miami had successful seasons. The storms that affected the lower Keys did not come near Key Largo or Miami.

To a lesser degree, the Pandemic and China enter into the picture also.

Placing the matter in perspective, lobster landings in the lower Keys will be near 3 million pounds. Last year, it was 5.2 million pounds.

A big hit!

Join me tonight for my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A fast moving hard hitting half hour. I call them as I see them.

Nine my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



The end is near. I am anxious. I want to be art of the active world again.

Received my second shot saturday. I have missed two Marches in a row. Last year and this year.

Have been told wait 2 weeks before going out. Two weeks a week from this coming saturday. Not looking to go crazy. Merely want to sit at a bar, have a drink and talk to someone.

My self-quarantine is somewhere in the 390 days. By the time that saturday night arrives, I will have crossed 400.

Who would have believed!

Ted Kane. A friend. Recently, visiting in March. Missed him last year because of the quarantine. Missed him again this year.

Ted e-mailed me yesterday. He heads back to New York State this wednesday. It will be another year before we meet face to face again.

Ted got his second shot February 11. Ergo, he was able to make the March trip.

Ted, next year at the Chart Room!

DeSantis and Trump birds of a feather. I keep repeating myself in that regard. Both know it alls. Trump claims DeSantis  the best governor in U.S. Would be by Trump’s standards. He did everything Trump said to do with similar disastrous results.

DeSantis totally screwed up the handling of coronavirus from masks to distribution of the vaccine.

So…..coronavirus is on the up sweep in Florida. Lucky we are!

Florida has been the #1 state either not imposing certain restrictions and then lifting those imposed way too early.

Florida’s numbers are especially up among the younger. In the past 2 weeks, new cases have averaged 5,000 per day, an increase of 8 percent.

Variants are another problem. Especially variant B.1.1.7. The most contagious variant. On the “rise exponentially.”

The CDC expects the variant to hit Florida hard. As the variant rises, it will be followed by a surge. Such has been the CDC’s experience with exponential rises.

Interesting observations re South Beach Spring Break. It has now been termed a Black Spring Break. This past week a “Black Beach Week.”

Black leaders from the highest echelons to those on the street have described the curfew and crackdown “unnecessary force.”

Miami authorities claim the breakdown occurred because the crowd was different this year. Primarily Black. Authorities were required to turn Spring Break into a “police state.”

Two weekends involved. The first chaotic. Bad. Police reaction great. The second nothing in comparison. Curfew followed. Fewer students about during the day.

The “success” of the calm second weekend is attributed to the police using “discretion” in approaching developing problems. As a result, there were “fewer crowds” and “no significant issues.”

An article in this morning’s Washington Post describes Key West’s cruise ship problem as “rough waters.” Involving the City, cruise individuals and state lawmakers. The three tangling big time over the issue.

The people of Key West with a 60 percent vote in November required smaller cruise ships and fewer people coming off the ships for day activity.

Key West is the southernmost point not only in the U.S., but also Florida. The state capitol is in Tallahassee to the far north.

With the cruise ship issue and some others in the past, hack politicians who have nothing to do with Key West and represent areas far away from Key West have become involved. Spurred on by the moneyed people of Key West. The train, trolley car and bus owners, and bar and restaurant owners. All whom do not want the referendum result to hold. They obviously will lose money.

The group have again called on their legislative friends from far away areas to intercede and help them. Screw the people the cry!

It appears the moneyed persons will win, the people lose. A governmental shame equivalent to the new voting laws passed in Georgia.

Trump claimed over the weekend that Biden’s border policies were destroying the country.

Biden retorted by accusing Trump of requiring immigrant children to starve to death and stay on the other side. Biden said, “No other administration did either, except Trump’s. I’m not going to do it.”

What is common and expected today not so in years past. The telephone and President Herbert Hoover involved.

On this day in 1929, Hoover had a telephone installed in the Oval Office at his desk.

If my memory proves correct, the telephone had been around since the 1870s.

The White House had a telephone in the foyer outside the Oval Office. Hoover and his predecessors were required to leave the Oval Office to use the phone.

Hoover wanted a phone at his desk. Understandable. Expected to be a simple hookup. It was not. All kinds of problems arose getting the phone to work correctly.

Enjoy your day!




I am in a state of shock! Those who read this blog and those who know me are aware I am a liberal. I believe it is the responsibility of government to help those in need regardless of color or ethnicity. Whether Purple, Green, White, Black, Asian, etc.

Blacks would be in an uproar if a guaranteed law were passed whereby only poor whites could receive certain financial assistance.

Oakland, California is working on a program to provide families of “color” with financial assistance of $500 per month, no strings attached.

A “guaranteed income project” to assist Black and Indigenous families.

White families excluded.

The $500 would be provided on a per month basis for 18 months. Payments unconditional. Recipients can spend the $500 on whatever they choose.

Certain eligibility conditions do apply, however. The family must include one child under 18. Additionally, the income of such families must be below the median income for the area.

The program is limited to 600 families. Selection will be by random drawing.

The 600 families are divided into 2 groups. One half being those whose incomes fall below the $60,000 median income for the Oakland area. The other half to families earning $30,000 or less.

Funding will not involve public monies. Funding will be by “private donations.”

Consider for a moment the clamor if a similar program was involved with one difference. The $500 per month payments were to go solely to poor white families. Black and Indingenous families not included.

Another example of an insanity that has begun to permeate our society involves conservative Reverend Rick Joyner. I mentioned him a few days ago. He is the subject of a New York Times column today.

Joyner is a prominent evangelical preacher. He calls on Christians to pray for a civil war against liberals. His thinking as erratic as that of John Brown in support of the abolitionist movement.

The thrust of the New York Times column had to do with Joyner’s children. He is the father of five. They do not support his position nor do they identify as evangelicals. They claim to love their father. However believe his rhetoric dangerous and could trigger violence.

Joyner claims Democrats are in league with Satan. Many agree and support him.

All five of his children vote Democratic.

The entire situation typifies political polarization on a different level.

Religion and politics are like water and oil. They do not mix and must be kept separate.

George W. Bush made a comment worthy of repetition: You cannot lead a divided state. That was my problem with Richard Nixon. He divided the country. The leader’s job is to unite.”

There is another insanity which has become a fabric in our country. Republicans talking about how to resolve the gun issue. With each mass killing, they sing the same tune and do nothing. They will rue the day when one of their own family is killed.

It was midnight yesterday for Syracuse basketball this season. They lost decidedly to Houston 62-46.

Simply stated, Syracuse was not with it, did not have it.. Buddy Boeheim was guarded by one Houston player the whole game who hung to him like glue. Boeheim was out of step the whole game. Even missed some foul shots which his uncommon for him. Three’s, forget it. He made only 2 or 3.

Houston began the game fast. Ran up a 15 point lead almost immediately. Syracuse came back twice thereafter, but it was Houston’s game the last 10 minutes.

Sophmore Jesse Edwards is the Syracuse substitute at center. He played a hell of a game! At 6’11” he can block shots. Did so repeatedly.

The pros will be after Boeheim. If he remains, the team should be much better next season. Most of the players will be returning.

Syracuse has nothing to be ashamed of. Their record prior to the tournament poor. However their 2 victories in the tournament before going down to Houston redeemed them.

One of Key West’s most popular haunts is Captain Tony’s. Located on Greene Street, just off Duval. The original Sloppy Joe’s in the 1930s.

The building was constructed in 1852. Since that time besides being a bar, it was an ice house, city morgue, telegraph station, cigar factory, bordello, and gay bar. In addition several speakeasies specializing in gambling, women, and bootleg rum.

I mention Captain Tony’s this morning because of a piece of indoctrination I came across. I have always wanted to know what local places Harry Truman frequented. Still have not been able to ascertain. This morning, I read that Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy both visited Captain Tony’s.

An exciting day for me yesterday. Received my second vaccine shot.

Within a half hour, I became nauseous. Not overwhelmingly so. Uncomfortable a better description. I am still nauseous this morning. My arm where I received the shot is sore also.

Not complaining. Merely sharing.

The local gymnasium where I received the shot was much more crowded than when I got my first. I discussed it with one of those working. When I got my first shot, only first shots were given Yesterday was a combination of first and second shots.

I am excited. I’ve been told I should wait two weeks before going out. In two weeks I will be over 400 days of self-quarantine. I can’t wait!

Enjoy your Sunday!


A headline in this morning’s Miami Herald: “They Went To Find A Party Somewhere Else.” Who? The Spring Breakers. Turns out last night South Beach was quiet. Relatively deserted.

Where did the Spring Breakers go? I thought a few days ago when the 8 pm curfew was imposed was they would hurry to Key West. Appears I may be wrong. Unless they’re taking eh long way to here.

I woke 3 friends I know were out and about last night. Their responses the same. No appreciable difference re Spring Breakers from the night before. The anticipated Key West deluge had not occurred.

Hope it stays that way. There is always tonight and the rest of the week, however.

One of Key West’s favorite sons has been Tennessee Williams. A Key West resident from 1941-1983. I write about him bcause he was born on yesterday’s date in 1911.

Williams purchased his Key West home at 1431 Duncan Street in 1950. His home for 34 years.

Daughter Lisa lives on Duncan one and a half blocks down across the street.

Duncan today is not as it was in 1950 when Williams purchased his home.

Williams frequently told people he bought the home because of location. He could step out the front door into the water. There was no across the street at the time. Today the ocean is several blocks away.

The Williams home is as lovely today as when Williams lived there. Present owners maintain it as the item of beauty it was and is.

Another Key Wester of note was recently in the news. Stephen Mallory. On March 26, 1851 he was elected as a U.S. Senator from Florida.

Unfortunately, Mallory was an avowed racist. Someone commenting in Citizens’ Voice said, “He was on the wrong side of history and humanity.”

He was a prominent figure in the U.S. Congress. Became a recognized expert concerning Naval matters. Chaired the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs.

Came the Civil War, Florida seceded. Key West however remained loyal to the Union. Mallory opted to go with the South.

During the Civil War, he served as Secretary of the Navy under Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

At the end of he War, he was charged with treason and imprisoned. Served only one year. He was pardoned by then President Andrew Johnson.

The pardon barred him from ever holding public office again. He returned to Key West and successfully practiced law for the remainder of his life.

Key West maintains a Memorial Sculpture Garden located next to Mallory Square. Key West named the prominent ocean front location after him.

The Garden has the busts of 30 famous Key West persons. One is Mallory.

With this group and that taking down various monuments believed to have been improperly placed, why has anyone not ever removed Mallory’s? I do not recall the issue ever arising. I suspect a handful of other traitors are also honored in the Memorial Sculpture Garden.

Lincoln’s statues have been attacked several times in recent years. I reported yesterday the most recent. A person covered a statue of Lincoln in Boise with feces.

Talk has always circulated that Washington and Jefferson should not be honored as they owned slaves. And it goes on.

No statement is being made that Mallory’s bust be removed. I make only the observation concerning his activities during the Civil War.

What I am suggesting is what is good for the goose, should be good for the gander. Interpret the statement as you see fit.

Beginning monday, Monroe County school hours will change for some. The schools will return to a full 5 days of classes. Not mandatory that all attend. Those not wising can continue on a 3 day in class and the other 2 virtually at home.

I am excited. I get my second vaccine shot today.

From what I understand, it is wise to continue remaining at home for an additional 2 weeks. No problem. I have come this far. I can do it. Today is my 392nd day in self-quarantine.

Two weeks from tonight, I will be out and about. Hooray!

Syracuse/Houston tonight. Scheduled for 9:55 pm on CBS.

Syracuse won its first 2 games in the tournament although decided underdogs in each game. Underdogs again tonight. Houston the #2 seed whereas Syracuse the #11 seed.

Whatever happens, happens. I am thrilled we made it this far.

Biden keeps moving ahead with matters he said during the campaign he would.

An announcement re climate change was made yesterday. Biden has called a virtual conference for 2 days beginning April 22.He has invited 40 world leaders, including China and Russia.

Ted Cruz. He acts more and more each day like Donald Trump.

Cruz was at the border yesterday ranting and raving how terrible Biden was bcause of the way immigrant children without parents were being held.

He forgets what the children were subjected to under the Trump administration.

Cruz’s attire surprised me. He was dressed military style. Like many of those who attacked the Capitol January 6.

Enjoy your day!




What’s wrog with people? The number of crazies seems to be growing.

One of the latest incidents involves a purported BLM leader and former professor. He was arrested after an Abraham Lincoln statue was discovered smeared in feces and paint. The statue was one of Lincoln seated. Its location a public park in Boise, Idaho.

The perpetrator a Terry Wilson. The police spotted him. He tried to run away. However, the police caught him.

His vehicle was found to contain a firearm, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Many blacks believe Lincoln was not without sin. They are keenly aware the Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in Confederate states. Lincoln feared they would be made to fight against the North.

Lincoln’s personal feelings re Blacks was well known at the time. Before and during the Civil war he had expressed himself re his adverse thoughts involving Blacks.

One is, “I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the Negro into our social and political life as our equal.”

We are to quick in American society today to condemn what was consider valid when spoken, but is not so today. History is not stagnant. It is a moving story.

If we are going to find acceptable smearing a statue of Lincoln with feces, then we also should do the same to Washington’s Mount Vernon home and Jefferson standing in all his glory in the Jefferson Memorial.

Both were slave owners. Jefferson it is claimed even made pregnant a woman of color and their descendants are well known today.

Biden held his first official press conference yesterday. I thought he was terrific! Responded to each question, even where it was obvious the reporter was trying to sandbag him. Biden’s preparedness was obvious.

The reporters failed to distinguish themselves. Questions were repeated after answered. Reporters pushed when the question was so inappropriate that there was nothing to push.

I suspect one of the reasons for the poor questions and the manner asked was the age of most of the reporters. On the young side. Seeking a “gotcha” moment.

Biden looked like a President, acted like a President. He responded to questions knowledgeably.

At the end I felt comfortable. No one, whether a reporter or Kim Jung Un is going to rock his boat.

FOX News and Trump are birds of a feather. During Trump’s 4 years, I often thought FOX News bore the same degree of responsibility as Trump for spreading the distortion and lies of the truth.

Distortion was in vogue for FOX yesterday.

Trump had a 2 hole binder with him. He did not read from it. He did occasionally check to be sure his facts were to correct. FOX referred to the notebook as “cheat sheets.”

There is only one way for the filibuster to go. Out the door! Get rid of it!

Biden knows it, as does the rest of thinking Americans. Anything less than complete abdication of the filibuster will cause Biden to fail in producing that which is needed and he promised.

Reverting back to the old way and compelling long floor argument represents compromise. I understand the problems in getting around some members of his own party. He has to figure a way, however. He has been a member of Congress since he was 29. He knows all the tricks there are to know.

I hope he can get it done. Death to the filibuster a necessity.

McConnell evidenced this week that he is a cry baby. Though he cannot be accused of wetting his pants. At least, not yet. He told reporters the President has not spoken to him since he took office nor has he invited him to the White House.

It is obvious Trump knows his adversary. He has legislated with him more than 30 years. More importantly, he was Obama’s Vice-President for 8 years when McConnell did everything to block needed legislation supported by Obama. He jerked Obama around at every turn.

Biden obviously understands the axiom you can fool me once, but not a second time. Nothing wrong with Biden treating McConnell persona non grata.

Something I can understand. A University of California study was released this week. It reported that most Americans have gained 2 pounds a month during the pandemic.

I can understand. I gained no weight. However my stomach has gotten bigger while my pants have gotten smaller.

Tomorrow a big day for me! I get my second vaccine shot. It will also be my 392nd  self-quarantine day.

I do not plan going out tomorrow night. My understanding is one should wait 2 weeks before mingling with people again. I can handle another 2 weeks.

Cocktails at 7 is in Key West. All the way from Seattle, Washington. Unknown to me till she arrived yesterday. Sent me an e-mail that she had arrived, was staying at the Pier House, had a reservation for dinner there also.

Meet me, she said. No, I said. I did not intend to blow the more than one year of self-quarantine I had suffered. I have only 2 weeks to go till I’m with Willie Nelson on the road again!

Her name is Cathy Hakola. She lived in Key West in the late 1980s at the “haunted house on Virginia Street. The former “Mercedes Hospital” run by Maria Valdez de Gutsens.

Maria is long dead. The story however is she still walks the floors and rooms of the former hospital. People claim to have woken at night seeing her with a hand on their head or touching an arm. Once seen she is gone.

Cathy says she believes the story. However never was touched by nor saw the good Matron.

As to what she observed last night on Duval was not surprising to me. Two other persons have told me the same thing since last weekend.

The people on Duval were not just spring beakers. Cathy says 50 percent were people in their 50s.

More observation data. Only 10 percent of all on Duval were wearing masks. She and her daughter visited a couple of Duval lady attire shops. Bought several outfits. Masks required.

Cathy has had a good and expensive time so far. In less than 24 hours. We spoke on the phone this morning again.

She rented a car in Miami to drive down. She told me she had become aware of a car rental company called Turo. They rent cars personally owned a couple of days a week. She rented a red Mercedes convertible. Claims it was “adorable.” Sounds it. They drove to Key West with the top down all the way. Cost: $175 a day.

Staying at the Pier House. Six hundred some odd dollars a night.

Cathy has always wanted a Mel Fisher gold coin neck piece. A good one she always told me. I assume the one she bought last night was a good one. Cost: $6,000.

My friend Cathy is having a good time.

I recommended Latitudes for dinner tonight. She was told they were booked solid for 4 months. I believe it.

Enjoy your day!


God is in His Heaven. However, everything is not right in the world. All facets of life are troubled.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in his column today wrote how screwed up religion itself is.

The article’s title: Progressive Christian America? Hallelujah!

He wrote concerning the values of two prominent religious leaders in America. Their thought processes diametrically opposed.

Pastor Rick Joyner is a prominent evangelical leader. Kristof described him as part of the Trumpian wing of evangelicalism. He quoted the Joyner statement “that Christians should acquire weapons to prepare for a civil war that is now inevitable.”

The Reverend William Barber is a leader of the Poor People’s Campaign. Kristof quoted a recent comment by Barber: “Some folks hijacked Christianity and decided that they were going  to put up a lot of money to promote the idea that to be a person of faith was to be anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-gun, pro-tax cut.” Barber described such as “theological malpractice.”

Today is the day. Biden’s first press conference. A little late by the standards of some. He has only been President 2 months. Such is not of concern to some.

The news conference will take place today at 1:15 pm.

Some things are never supposed to occur. However, they do. The most recent example being the container ship which is stuck in the Suez Canal. Apparently high winds and a dust storm responsible.

Been there a couple of days. Expected an additional 2-5 days to get it able to move.

The ship a long one. Described as high/long as the Empire State Building. That’s big! There are photos of the vessel all over the internet. It looks long! I don’t know if its length equal to the height of the Empire State Building. Seems exaggerated to me. Never the less, it’s a biggie!

On this day in 1954, RCA announced it had begun its production of color TV sets. Up to this time, TV sets were black and white.

I did not get to view a color TV till 3 years later in 1957. Very few persons had till that time.

It was my graduation day from Manhattan College in New York City. A family celebration dinner was held afterwards at the Stella D’Oro Restaurant. Stella D’Oro being the famous cookie maker at the time. The cookie company built a huge restaurant to the front of its production facility.

In addition to my parents, the dinner was attended by my wife to be and the family’s New York City relatives. My mother had grown up in New York City and her side of the family still resided there.

At some point during the dinner, everyone in the restaurant began running into the bar. Something was going on. I followed. The TV set was in color. I doubt any of us in the bar had seen a color television set before. Many oohs and aahs.


Late in the 1970s and into the early 1980s, Key West and the lower Keys in general were a haven for drug smugglers. Marijuana and cocaine.

Key West descriptively was referred to as “Smuggler’s Island.” In a newspaper account written in the early 1980s, Key West was described as “a paradise corrupted by dope.”

The drug smuggling of those days has been replaced with the smuggling of humans today.

Not a bad business to be in. Profitable. As good as drug smuggling. Big dollars to be made.

The going price paid to smugglers is $10,000 per person. Generally 20 at a time taken from Cuba to Keys’ shores.

Some smugglers get caught. It happened sunday.

Four smugglers were captured in Tavernier. They were arraigned monday in Federal Court in Key West. The charge: Knowingly and willfully conspiring to encourage and induce aliens to enter the United States.

Political corruption was involved in dru smuggling. Officials advised no such corruption involved with human trafficking in the Keys.

We all know what March Madness is. The Key West Citizen editorial page has come up with another cartoon exemplifying the cartoonist’s talent at his chosen profession.

Today’s carton is labeled: Everyday Madness. Contains brackets similar to those of March Madness. In place of the teams however are activities reflecting political life today. Some brackets labeled: No Masks, Spring Break, Q-Anon, GOP, COVID-19, vaccines, Proud Boys, and Antifa.

A fitting comment in today’s Citizens’ Voice: “Key West, did you see how the mayor of Miami responded to Spring Breakers, while we allow them to roll? Your inactions harm our local community, repeatedly.”

Smathers Beach was dedicated and named this day in 1946. The man honored was Florida Senator George Smathers.

Enjoy your day!


Child suicides have reached epidemic proportions. World wide. The cause the restrictions imposed because of COVID-19.

England appears to be studying the subject the most at this time. English physician David Greenhorn was interviewed by the Associated Press.

Dr. Greenhorn believes the epidemic is going unrecognized. Child suicide attempts have gone from a couple per week pre-pandemic to several a day.

As young as 8 year olds.

Dr. Greenhorn believes a year is a long time for a change in a child’s life pattern. Children get fed up. They are unable to see an end to the restrictions.

Dr. Greenhorn said with those 15 years and under, suicide attempts have gone from 20 per month to more than double that number. He also said, “We’re very surprised by the intensity of the desire to die among children 12-13 years old.”

His study revealed “children of 9” have “a genuine wish to end their lives.”

I am unaware as to the degree the matter is under consideration in the U.S. The problem cannot be an isolated one. Adds to the positivity of getting the kids back in school at this time.

Last week I appeared on Guy deBoer’s early morning talk show. The issue was children being held at the border more than 72 hours in violation of law. Biden has been trying to down play the problem as his people work hard on finding a solution. He has not held a press conference addressing the issue. Though it was advised last week that he would be holding one next week.

A concern has developed. The number of children is in the thousands.

The children must be taken care of. On the other hand, their immigrant contrast with that of my grandfather’s is eye opening. How could one generation of child immigrants land on American shores and take care of themselves without significant governmental assistance?

My grandfather’s name was Louis. I am named after him.

He arrived from Italy around 1900. He was 12 years old. A bastard in Italy. Knew neither his mother or father. Grew up on the streets of Naples.

He lost his papers. Immigrants wore papers which hung around their necks. Official type papers. My grandfathers were lost on the way over.

When he arrived at Ellis Island, it was discovered he had scarlet fever. The government had a hospital on Ellis Island to care, among other things, for those who arrived with contagious diseases. The reason humanitarian on the surface. The real reason in my grandfather’s case was the government wanted no one with a contagious disease to enter the country. Understandable.

My grandfather was in the Ellis Island Hospital 3 months. Then released.

Released to where and what? He could neither read nor write in Italian or English. He had little monies on him. He was aware of no relatives in the U.S.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but he made to Utica, N.Y. Two hundred forty miles north of New York City.

There he lived the rest of his life. Taught himself to read and write English. His penmanship beautiful. I always wished I could write as he did. Never did.

Utica was a cloth goods town. Primarily cotton. My grandfather worked in the largest Utica factory his entire life. He ultimately became supervisor of a large floor of workers. Which meant he went to work in a suit and tie. Less I forget, a vest also. Always wore s hat. Even while working.

He purchased a 6 family home. Married twice. His first wife died. He had 8 children between them.

He almost died in the flu epidemic of 1918-1919. A religious story for another time.

With no help. he achieved a degree of success. Never became a millionaire or anywhere close. However got along.

Why did my grandfather succeed with little help and much more is required to assist those coming across the southern border today? Maybe we try to provide too much assistance. I don’t know.

What I do know is my grandfather was not the only one coming into the U.S. in 1900. The Italians came in droves. As did the Irish before them. Most made a good life for themselves without all the immigration problems confronting the U.S. today.

Two days in one week of massive shootings in the U.S. Eight in Atlanta Asian massage parlors, 10 in a Boulder supermarket.

I watched a Senate Committee yesterday discuss the subject. The usual ranting and raving from both sides.

The problem is a very old one in the U.S. What I heard yesterday was the same I have been hearing the past 20 years.

I do not know if the problem will ever be solved.

George Segal died yesterday. An actor. He was 87 years old.

He played serious and humorous parts.

He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. He played Alfred “Pope” Solomon on the Goldbergs.

His movie performance I enjoyed the most was the 1973 movie Blume in Love. All his artistic talents were required for the job. A sensitive portrayal of a man whose wacky wife leaves him and he chases her all over the world seeking reconciliation. Finally achieved yeas later.

May he rest in peace.

Iceland had a surprise last weed. There is a volcano located about 20 miles from Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik. It had been dormant for 6,000 years. It exploded last week.

Relatively small, it was not a danger to the capital or any surrounding towns. However it spewed flames, lava and smoke for several days. The lava flows extended 1,600 feet.

You never know when!

Big weekend coming up for Syracuse. The Sweet Sixteen. The sportscasters have begun with their predictions. Sixteen teams will be involved. I suspect Syracuse will not move seed wise. Probably seeded 10 or 11.

No one believes in Syracuse. My faith however has been renewed. Go ‘Cuse!

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night.I enjoyed doing the show. Covered everything that could be fit into one half hour.

Enjoyed myself.

Enjoy your day!


Spent yesterday morning from 8 to noon undergoing some medical tests and blood work. Part of my annual heart check up. No time for the blog. By the time I researched and wrote it, it would have been 5 or 6 in the late afternoon.

Ergo, today a Morning Blog. My attempt to cover 2 days in 1. No order. You get my notes in the order they are stacked on my desk.


Monopoly seems to have lasted a lifetime. Still ongoing. Remember from my youth. Played the game for generations with friends, my parents, my children, and my grandchildren.

The game will never die. Some variations have come out over the years. A new Key West Monopoly set will be available for purchase in the fall. In time for Christmas.

Casey Arnold is a Key West businessman. He came up with the idea of a Key West game. He contacted Hasboro Gaming who owns the rights to the Monopoly game. He received permission to proceed.

The new game is basically the same as the old. It will reflect Key West, however. Tokens will include a Kino sandal, slice of Key Lime pie, rooster, conch shell, manatee, and fishing boat.

No question. Most of us will be playing Monopoly again. For me, with Robert and Ally.

A South Beach update.

First, a possible murder. Two North Carolina men and a Pennsylvania woman. The two men raped the woman. She later died in her hotel room. It is claimed the two men gave her a pill before raping her.

The men were aged 21 and 24. The woman 24.

The men have been arrested.

I received a call yesterday from a friend. She wanted to share what she was seeing in South Beach.

Tons of people. Thought City government did the right thing in imposing the 8 o’clock curfew. Things were getting out of hand. A riot was inevitable.

The surprise was that the partiers were not college kids alone. Most were young adults. Those already out of school. Described to me as “young professionals.”


Filibuster. Biden has to get rid of it. I keep repeating myself.

He will have to crawl before he walks. First, a return to a Senator having to stand and argue his position for hours.

A few months later, a better way. Get rid of it in its entirety. By that time, Biden will have secured the support of the two recalcitrant Democrats or picked up some Republican Senators.

Biden and he country need the filibuster gone. Otherwise much needed legislation will move. McCullough will have succeeded “in scorching the earth.”

The word filibuster is derived from a Dutch reference to pirates. Evidence of its evil beginnings.

Filibuster became popular in the U.S. in the 1850s. I suspect because of the slavery issue at the time.

It has been used since in order to prevent action on a bill on the Senate floor.

There was a time when U.S. budgets were in the hundreds of thousands. Then millions. Followed by billions. Now, trillions!


The recent stimulus package which has become law was $1.9 trillion. Talk now is of a $3 trillion infrastructure bill.

The condition of the U.S. economy today requires America to spend overwhelming dollars. The only way to stave off a recession.

Infrastructure is the best way to proceed. The money will create tons of jobs. Employment will rise dramatically. People will have money in their pockets to spend for items not necessary for survival/basics.

Biden has an immigration problem of magnitude on his hands. Especially involving children without parents. Now in excess of 3,000.

He thus far has played the game of blocking out news re the problem. I don’t blame him. However not healthy for the U.S. nor Biden.

The press have been a problem. They want access and ability to obtain news re the immigration children. Biden has been polluting press access. His conduct not one of transparency.

Critical though I am, I believe he will turn the problem around. Access however should be available even before he achieves his goal.

Mask wearing continues to be a problem. Many did not and do not want to wear them. Thank you, Donald. Government officials cater to their desires. The laws re masks are generally permitted to be flouted.

DeSantis advised last week he was not only opening Florida to businesses, he was also exempting old and new fines re failure to wear a mask.

Prior to DeSantis’ remarks, the Key West police were doing a better job re the masks. Giving out tickets. They stopped however based on DeSantis deciding the fines were not collectible.

Now no  one wears a mask. Not quite accurate. A mere handfull at any given time.

The Citizens’ Voice carried an interesting comment re the situation in this morning’s newspaper: “It appears that on the one-year anniversary of the lock down, St. Patrick came and drove the masks out of Key West.”

Last week, 8 killed in Atlanta. Yesterday, 10 in Boulder. A gun problem unquestionably. I continue to wonder if we as a people are ever going to get the gun issue under control.

I thought progress was being made. The NRA had been weakened. However, then came January 6. Even I who have never handled a gun or cared to, wondered if maybe this was the time for me to carry.

If January 6 was reflective of what is to come, then I need to protect myself. The issue of personal survival now part of the mix.

A thought concerning the Asian women murdered in Atlanta.

Respectfully, I thought any Asian problem in the U.S. ended with World War II. Never heard of any since, except those Trump motivated against China.

With the shootings, groups, organisations, and individuals have come out of the shadows and advising how horrific it has been for Asian women. The racism ran deep.

Glad they were there to tell us who were unaware. They should have been more vocal, if at all, before the Atlanta deaths.

Such is not the point I wish to make however. It is with the massage parlors themselves. Generally advertising Asian women inside. Publically known Asian women were the workers. Most if not all knew or suspected the massage parlors were dens of inequity.  Whore houses. Brothels.

A parlor provides “massage services for a fee.” As early as the 19th century, it became common knowledge the massage parlors were being used as a “euphemism for a brothel.”

In 2019, the Polaris Project estimated there were 9,000 massage parlors in the U.S.providing sexual services. “Full services” and “rub and Tug” available. The latter referring to only hand jobs being offered.

A 2011 study in New York city reported the “house fee” paid up front to the “mama-san” was $60 to $100 per visit. An extra $40 was required to be paid to the sex worker for a massage and “happy ending.” Oral and full service required an additional fee on top of the $40.

The massage parlors run like the whore houses in days old run by the Mafia. Girls are moved from one massage parlor to another for variety and safety purposes. A raided massage parlor reopened within a few days under a new corporation. The corporate trail made it virtually impossible to trace ownership.

My criticism once again is simple. Those now arguing in support of their Asian sisters should have been out there years ago arguing that their people were being used as prostitutes in the slave trade. Why weren’t they?

Their may be one explanation. They knew these women were working in the trade because they needed the money. To support themselves and their families. The apple cart was not to be turned over less the ladies not have a source of income to provide a somewhat decent life.

Key West has 2 Asian type parlors that I am aware of. I mentioned this 2 years ago in a blog. All of a sudden 2 appeared in Key West. One on Duval and the other on the corner of U.S. 1 and Eisenhower. Still there. Names Asian Massage Key West and Island Massage Spa.

On this day in 1775, Patrick Henry before the Virginia Provincial Convention spoke, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Syracuse, my Syracuse! I spent the season crying and moaning how terrible we were doing. Kept saying the best material ever player wise, but not getting it together.

Richard Nixon when discussing an election, said the campaign must peak as election day is reached.

Syracuse seems to be peaking. Wow!

First, I was shocked the team even got into the NCAA Tournament. Further shocked when I saw they were a #11 seed in the Midwest Region. Not bad.

Syracuse’s first game was against # 6 seed Sand Diego State. Syracuse won.

The next game this weekend pitted Syracuse against #3 seed West Virginia. Syracuse won.

Syracuse plays in the Sweet Sixteen this weekend.

They look terrific. Especially Buddy Boeheim. He has really come out. His shooting fantastic. He has scored 30 and 25 points in the 2 games mentioned.

I became irritated before the West Virginia game sunday night. In the pre-game show, the sportscasters analyzed the pending game. Gave all of 15 seconds to Syracuse. Spent several minutes thereafter talking about how good West Virginia was, that they should have been the #1 seed rather than #3, etc. Syracuse forgotten.

I do not know where Syracuse is going from this point forward. I hope their peaking continues. It would be nice to go to the Final Four once again. Even better, to win the whole thing.

I have tons more of notes. Blog already too long. I may be able to use some in tomorrow’s blog.

Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. I rant and rave. Love it! www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


The barbarians were not stopped at the gates of Miami. An uncontrollable mob. Miami Beach was the place to be this season. The spring breakers came in droves. More than anticipated, more than ever before.

Short of a death occurring, all has been bad. So bad that Mayor Dan Gelber announced a new curfew yesterday. Eight o’clock in the evening. The party over at that time. Bars closed. Students relegated to their hotels. God help the hotels!

Thursday and Friday fights occurred in some South Beach hotels. Tables, chairs and other items of furniture used in the melee. Damage done.

I can only imagine what last night was.

In addition to the South Beach 8 pm curfew, the causeway was shuttered. Cars stopped by police. Only those with homes or hotel reservations permitted through. The rest turned away.

The best way to understand what was occurring is contained in the words of Miami Mayor Gelber when he announced the 8 pm curfew yesterday: The crowds were “more than we could handle.” The spring breakers came “without intention of following the rules.” The result “a level of chaos and disorder that is just something more than we can endure.”

Referring to the two previous nights, “it feels like a rock concert, wall-to-wall people over blocks and blocks.” South Beach “feels like a tinder, it feels like just any match could set it off.”

The police are in danger of being “overwhelmed.”

A “state of emergency” is declared.

The purpose of the curfew and causeway restrictions were to protect the community from personal and physical damage. A further consideration was COVID-19. No social distancing. Too many people. Crowds jammed together. A coronavirus field day in the making!

I compliment Mayor Gelber. Only a few days earlier, Governor DeSantis had lifted all restrictions on businesses and other activities. Also advised fines would be waved for those who received tickets for failing to wear masks.

Mayor Gelber stood up against higher authority in order to do the right thing. His attitude my town, my way. An attitude required against the most inept governor in America. A man who followed Trump religiously. A person who has permitted vaccine be given to his rich and wealthy donors, while others went without. A man who has screwed up the Florida distribution of the vaccine royally.

Now to what I perceive will be the end of this dilemma. Key West will be invade next!

Do you think these young adults are going to remain in Miami if they have to be home by 8. Mom and dad never imposed such a ridiculous curfew on them.

They came to Miami to have fun. If not Miami, somewhere else. Key West the logical destination. A mere 140 miles away.

Over one of the 3 day holiday vacations this past year, things were getting out of hand in Miami. The city was effectively closed down.

The students were not to be dissuaded. The y came for fun and were going to have fun. The cry went up…..Key West, an open city!

They came in unexpected droves. Our police authorities handled the problem well. This time however the crowds might be just too big to control.

Key West has a problem. Its normally sensible bar, restaurant and business people have deviated from good judgment during the crisis. They have fought state wide and locally for business to go on as usual. Local elected officials have had a hard time protecting their interests and those of the rest of the community. In a few instances, the Key West City Commission has acted above and beyond. In most however, sucked up to the money people in this town.

Key West’s Mayor Teri Johnston and the City Commission are going to have their hands full the next two weeks. Extraordinary steps will be required to stop and/or keep the hordes under control. It may not be possible.

Interestingly, I spoke at length re the problems the spring beakers would bring to Key West this year. I spelled out in my blog talk radio show Tuesday night that Miami had a midnight curfew running to 6 in the morning. I doubted the college students would be happy about it. They would not. That is their nature. And probably the way many Americans think today. Feel they can do what they want. This is a free country. Rules do not apply to them.

Ergo, onward to Key West! The open city. The cops won’t bother them.

May they find a surprise in store for them.

One last item. A further comment by Mayor Gelber. He blames among others the airlines’ recent cheap flights program: “Last month you could get here from Philadelphia, New York, or Chicago for $50 round trip.”

A separate issue. The Miami Herald reorted yesterday that Key West has decided not to enforce its strict ordinance requiring people to wear masks in public.

This was a day or two before the Miami problem began occurring.

Miami-Dade County did the same thing several days ago. Then on thursday Miami announced its police would resume enforcing a mask and curfew law despite Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order opening Florida businesses 100 percent and  canceling payment of mask fines.

An example of standing up to superior authority when that authority is blatantly wrong.

The Key West police are handling the mask problem differently. They will ask those not wearing masks to wear them. If the people refuse, the police will walk away. No attempt will be made to enforce Key West’s mask ordinance in view of Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order.

What will the police do the next few days when the anticipated Miami onslaught arrives?

Now to the important. Syracuse/West Virginia at 5:40 this afternoon. March Madness at its finest on CBS.

Enjoy your Sunday!