We are in a new era, a new day!

Dishwashers are noisy. No more. They now are quiet. It is called sound damping.

My dishwasher is about 10 years old. I only run it at night when I go upstairs to bed. The racket drives me crazy. I research and write at the kitchen counter. I have difficulty doing so with the clatter from the dishwasher.

Lisa’s dishwasher died. Just like that. Not fixable. It was off to Sears for a new one. Nothing fancy. Actually, the cheapest on the floor.

Got it to Lisa’s and installed. Ran it. Something was wrong. No noise! Not a peep. Wow! A major advancement as far as I am concerned.

Stopped at Walgreens yesterday for a prescription drug pick up. My pills seem to be more expensive. Even the generics. Not my imagination. I read yesterday that insurance companies are raising the price of prescription drugs to make up for what they claim they are losing under the hospital and medical portions of Obamacare. I plan on researching this issue further.

The gentleman ahead of me in line was there to pick up drugs for Nancy Robinson. I know Nancy. Many of you do as well. A Key West icon. Now 90. Effervescent and charming. Mother of Martha and a son. It was her son I met yesterday.

Nancy is ill. Martha mentioned recently that her brother had come to Key West to assist in caring for Nancy. I asked him to say hello and extend my best wishes to his Mom.

Nancy, I believe you occasionally read my blog. I know you read my book The World Upside Down. I hope you are reading me today. All of Key west wishes you well. Get better soon. I miss seeing you around town. The world misses seeing you around town.

It was humid. I wanted a cool place to read. I headed to the Marriott Beachside. Spent an hour sitting in the lobby reading the various newspapers and sipping the free lemon water the hotel provides.

The Marriott Beachside is a touch of New York in Key West. Love the atmosphere, love the flavor.

Lisa was 50 yesterday. We celebrated with a family dinner at home. The in laws were in to join the festivities. The grandkids all excited. Robert and Ally had done paintings on canvas for their Mom. Great paintings! Lisa was pleased.

Lisa did not want to go out. She wanted to cook. The compromise was we sent out for pizzas.

Lisa did make the desert, however. A sponge cake sliced down the center and filled with lemon creme. The whole thing buried in whipped cream.

Ally was in charge as usual with the lights, singing, etc. A good time was had by all!

My blog talk radio show later last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Great fun for me once again. Hope you enjoyed listening. Those who may have missed, the show is archived and available on Facebook and Twitter also.

There is always a particular topic or two that tickles the fancy of listeners. Last night it was the one involving banks de-risking. A new game banks are playing. The word whorish might describe it best. I plan to write next week’s KONK Life column concerning the issue.

Enjoy your day!



Show time! My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me for a quick half hour of eye opening revealing topics.

This evening I will be discussing the Japanese purchase of Jim Beam, $224,000 Congress authorized for a federal study re making custom fit condoms, Congressional wealth, Nixon’s electronic surveillance of private citizens, the French taxing CEO’s who make in excess of 1 million euros 75 per cent, and more.

Heat up some pop corn, sit back and enjoy!

Sloan and I spent a hard two hours working yesterday afternoon. It was her teaching me how to use the computer more efficiently.

Went to Don’s Place first last night. I was looking for Keith and Jimmy. They are always there. Except the one night I needed to talk with them. Instead, I enjoyed a brief chat with Frankie the Plumber. One of the best.

Then to the Chart Room. Chatted with Mary, Peter, and Che. Mostly with Che.

Che hit me with…..I see your face all over town! He was referring to my cover picture on KONK Life which in effect was advertising my book The World Upside Down. Che wanted to read the book. Buy it, I told him. and Turns out as smart and well read as Che is, he cannot operate a computer. Che is 80, which should mean nothing. I am 78 and do.

One way or another, Che will come up with the book.

I got into David Wolkowsky who I blogged about yesterday. I was curious if the present Chart Room is the original built by Wolkowsky. I thought Che might now. He has lived in Key West more than 40 years. Not long enough to know, as it turned out. No one seemed to know. Che and the Chart Room go hand in hand. Che is one of the last two persons living who when dead will have their ashes placed in the bar rail.

Che and I covered Italy, Greece, and London. Che is seriously considering leaving Key West after all his years here. That is how we got into European locations.

I stopped at Tavern ‘n Town on the way home for a bite to eat. A small pizza. I sat at the bar and was enjoying the Duke/Virginia game. All of a sudden, information regarding the Syracuse/Boston College game flashed across the bottom of the screen. I had forgotten about the game! I thought it was wednesday night! When I got home, I learned Syracuse had won by 10 points. Syracuse was behind several points with 10 minutes to go in the game and went on a 15-0 run. Pittsburgh saturday. I will not forget. It will be as big as the Villanova game. Pittsburgh has only lost one game this season.

The bartender looked familiar. He said I looked familiar to him. Once I told him my name, he remembered. He used to work for Great Events back when. Great Events used to do my big parties. One hundred fifty to two hundred people. His name is Andrew. We had an interesting time recollecting the parties and the fine work Great Events did.

I may have missed the Syracuse game. I finished the evening on a high note, however. I watched a 1936 movie with two great stars. Eddie Cantor and Ethel Merman. Strike Me Pink was the name of the movie. A funny musical with a happy ending.

A final reminder. Watch my show tonight. I guarantee you will find it interesting.

Enjoy your day!



Granddaughter Ally is 8 years old today. Happy Birthday, Ally!

Ally is maturing. She is her own person. Refuses to have her hair cut, for example. Her second teeth are coming in. The four stall garage  is now one.

I remember vividly Ally’s birth. Lisa insisted I stay with her for both Ally and Robert’s deliveries. Cory had one leg up and I the other as we both kept telling Lisa to push as she was shouting….. I can’t do this! Suddenly Ally came shooting out. A beauty! Pink faced and screaming.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour tv/internet show went well yesterday morning. Post show comments indicated McCain’s Syria visit and the Catholic hypocrisy issue garnered the most interest. Close behind was Myrtle Beach’s new thong banning law.

The show is You tubed. All the shows have been. For whatever reason, the shows are You tubed one week after being aired.

Previous shows are also rerun on television saturdays at 4:30 and sundays at 3. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19.

Womankind is alive and strong in Key West. The local group promotes happy and healthy women big time.

Womankind had a fund raiser cocktail party at the Bottle Cap at 5. Lovely Jenna Stauffer was one of the celebrity bartenders. She stood out behind the bar. Gorgeous! One problem. A bartender she was not. I asked for Beefeater on the rocks. She poured bar gin. She did not know what Beefeater was. When I got my drink, it was a glass full of gin. No ice. Womankind made no money on that drink!

I am glad Jenna invited me to the fundraiser. I met the author Rusty Hodgdon. I never would have met him had I not been there. His novels include Insanity, The Subway Killer, and Suicide. There was a bonding. We became instantaneous friends.

Michael Shields stopped by to say hello. Michael you will recall is a film critic, theater critic, arts promoter and author. Michael did a show on KONK Broadcasting. It was immediately after mine. That is where I first met Michael and  got to know him.

World famous Jean Carper was in attendance. Our paths had not crossed in quite a while. We did our hellos, how are you and exchanged a kiss. Jean is a world famous authoress. Most successful. Her works have been on the New York Times Best Seller list many times. She writes about food and health.

I recall several years ago I was up north in the snowy cold of winter. I had a big time head cold. I could not stop sneezing. My nose was bright red and tender.

In desperation, I looked up what to do for a head cold in one of Jean’s books. Her recommendation… a clove of garlic. When the effect wore off, eat another one and so on till the cold is gone.

I hate garlic. But I did as Jean suggested. Within minutes, I stopped sneezing and my head cleared. The remedy was good for two hours. Then I started sneezing again. Another clove of garlic. So it went on all day.

My then wife returned home at dinner time. She wanted to know what I did. She said I reeked of garlic and the house did also!

She did not sleep with me that night.

I opted for the Marriott Beachside bar for dinner. I enjoy the bar/restaurant better in the off season. The crowd had been too much.

Melanie and Michael own Michael’s Restaurant. One of the best in Key West. They were at the bar eating, also. I suspect they were having a date night.

The singer was Mike Emerson. We had never met before. He came over to say hello. Mike has lived in the Keys full time for eleven years. His wife Jenny is an artist. Either her work or she or both are somehow affiliated with the Ambrosia Guest House. The background noise interferred with my hearing.

I was running behind yesterday. Never got to do next week’s column for KONK Life. I have to do it now. It is going to be a combination of Catholic hypocrisy regarding birth control coverage and Father Andrew Greeley who recently died.

Enjoy your day!



If anyone asks what you do when it appears there is  nothing to do, tell them to look at me.

I am going to do a blog talk radio show. It will be known as the Key West Lou Talk Show.

I have decided to start slowly. A one half hour show. Tuesday mornings at 7. My time.

Your computer is the radio. Turn it on and tune me in. Listen to the show while you eat breakfast, shave, etc. Just as you do now with the TV that you are not actually watching.

A current events show, I will make my position known. Listeners can call in, make a statement, disagree, ask a question, whatever. If it works, the airways could get hot!

Initially,  I can handle five call ins.

If the show works out, I will be thinking time change and a longer show. The time could stay morning, be mid afternoon, dinner time or late at night. It will be my option. Yours, also. I will be asking for input.

Next week, I will provide the particulars as to how to call in.

Sounds like a fun time in the making.

When I was a practicing attorney with a large staff, all personal matters were taken care of for me. Now I am like every one else. I am my own staff. Difficult to handle on occasion.

Yesterday, I wanted to renew my medicare supplemental policy and my drug policy. Both are with AARP sponsored United Health Care. Each renewal required its own call. One comapny, two separate divisions.

The drug renewal call kept me waiting 3.5 hours on the phone before a human came on. That is how it works. If you want to do business with them, you dance to their tune. The medicare supplement was not so bad. Only a half hour.

Disgraceful. United Health Care makes a ton of money. There should be no problem in putting on another 50-100 telephone sales persons.

Those four hours spent waiting conmsumed my afternoon.

I did get out to walk in the morning before the phone calls. The Marriott Beachside parking garage. Open aired. Four levels. Up and down for a half hour.

My diet is stalemated. I lost a ton the first 10 days. Twelve pounds. Gained a pound yesterday. From this point forward, I suspect the loss will be 2-3 pounds a week. I will be happy with that.

Going out to dinner tonight! How? I am on a very restrictive diet. Easy. I plan on eating my diet meal before I leave. While dining, I shall limit myself to two diet Pepsis and a cup of coffee. All the time talking with my guest Stephanie Kaple, the Island Shoe Girl. She will be stuffing herself. I will hate her by the end of the meal.

Congress in disarray. Cannot agree on anything. Has been this way for years.

This is not the first time. Two other occasions come to mind. I am sure there were more.

From 1840 to 1861, the issue was slavery. Whether new states and territories would be free or slave. As bad as the economic issues are today. So bad that one political party disappeared and a new one appeared in its place. The one that nominated Abraham Lincoln.

Another occasion was most of the 1930s. It all started with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s election. The Republicans thought he was going to ruin the country with  his socialistic plans. Things like Social Security. Bad blood and bad talk were rampant.

The bottom line is we are living under circumstances that have occurred in the past. The Nation will survive. It always has.

I would be comfortable however if these asses in Washington would get their acts together and get things done in a more orderly fashion. The items they favor are not of such importance that they should threaten the country. There are round holes and square holes. A round item will not fit in a square hole and vice versa. Both parties rely too rigidly on their basic philosophies.

I visit the doctor again this afternoon. One of those things cut off my body a couple of weeks ago came back bad. More has to be removed. No big deal. I am not concerned.

Enjoy your day!




This is the day. Election day. Presidential election day.

After years and months of campaigning, it is over. Fortuantely! It can and does get to be a bit too much.

I am an Obama supporter. I early voted for him last week. I am not sure he will win. For the past months, I have had doubts. On the other hand, it is incomprehensible to me why people would vote for Romney. His political affiliation has nothing to do with it. The man is basically a liar. He is also a non supporter of women’s rights. If he wins, it will be because of the economy. Things are still tough. People desperate. The desperation will drive the Romney vote.

I think Romney would make an inept President. Although of some concern, it does not bother me that much. We have survived incompetent Presidents before. My concern is whether we can survive the people who will have elected Romney. I refer to the 2 per cent and the corporations. I fear they will rape the governmental process to satisfy their own economic ends.

Whatever. We shall see.

I have been invited to an election evening party. Should be fun. I am looking forward to it.

I spent a couple of hours at the Chart Rome last night. It was Monday. Mary’s night to bartend.

Fortune befell me. I met Jennifer. We had a stimulating political conversation.

Jennifer is visiting. She is a Parrothead who came to Key West for this past weekend’s festivities. She is staying a few extera days. Jennifer is from outside Philadelphia. Bucks County. She is employed by Bucks County. Its Health Department. She is a Preparedness Planner. Her job is to deal with a disaster, if one occurs.

Sandy, New Jersey and the Presdidential election all came into the conversation. She is a Democrat who plans on voting for Romney if she gets home in time tonight. I asked why. She skirted the issue a bit. When it came to push, it was the economy.

I learned a lot about FEMA and how disasters should be handled from her perspective. Jennifer believes the federal government’s involvement should be limited to providing funds. Money. Her County and State she said are ready and trained to handle disasters. However with a major disaster, more monies are required than are available at the State level.

I learned from her. I raised the issue concerning the firemen who came in from out of state to help New Jersey. The Jersey firemen would not let them participate unless they signed a paper which in effect made them a part of the Jersey firefighter’s union. I thought that sucked.

Jennifer corrected me. The reason for the signing was to protect the out of staters in the event they were hurt. Their home states had no responsinility if an injury occurred. New Jersey had none either unless they signed up to be covered by New Jersey. The out of state helpers were volunteers. Jennifer told me this problem reared its ugly head during 9/11. Many came to help from outside New York and were injured. Many of those are still waiting for compensation.

Jennifer was proud of her job and the state of readiness she and her co workers were in. She was also proud of an additional item. Her 15 year old daughter. Her daughter frequently was mentioned.

The balance of this week is big! The Power Boat Races aka Super Boat Races. The World Championships here in Key West. The races will be Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Big expensive boats. Whole teams here. Racers and crews, wives and girl friends. The races are spine chilling to watch.

My new TV show this friday at 10 in the morning my time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Comcast Channel 87. Available world wide via the internet. The internet connection for world wide viewing is important since the show is now watched in 38 countries.

I worked a bit yesterday on the show. Two additional topics have been prepared.

One has to do with the Greek vote next week to approve further austerity cuts. The people are pissed big time. The unions have called for two days of strike before the Greek legislature votes. No one works. Not even medical staff. People have already started protesting. The demonstrations are averaging 10,000-15,000 persons a day. Tens of thousands more are expected next week.

The other topic involves Pakistan. A Muslim father threw acid in the face of his 15 year old daughter because she looked at a boy on a cycle. The thrust of the discussion involves the fact that the Quaran does not provide for such a punishment. The acid thing is the result of man made law / custom which has developed in a male dominant society that considers women possessions.

Enjoy your day!


There is news regarding Greece this morning.

The Greek government has proposed further pay and pension cuts. Part of the austerity program to help Greece pay back the euro monies loaned them. Germany being the primary lender, the bank in effect.

This will be the third pay and pension cuts the Greek people have experienced because of the loans.

As I have indicated many times, the Greek people will not stand for what is happening to them too long. Imagine Washington cutting your salary by one third and taking a portion of your pension. Futher, appreciate that the Greek government is not as here in the United States. We get mad at Washigton, say bad things about our legislators, etc. Most Greeks in government are outright thieves, however. The Greek people know it and are at the point of saying screw you!

I was in Greece this summer when demonstrations occurred. In the past twenty four hours, there have been riots.

As we slept, the Greeks began a 24 hour protest. An anti austerity protest. Greece is closed down at the moment. People not working and so forth. The people are demonstrating in the streets. Thousands of them. Four thousand additional police have benn called to control the riots. Molotov cocktails have been thrown.

I visted France on my European trip. Only two days. Only one town. Chamonix. Chamonix is also known as Chamonix Mont Blanc.

Italy and France connect via the Mont Blanc Tunnel. 11 km. A magnificent piece of construction. An architectural masterpiece. Well maintained. Beautiful views on either side. A half hour car drive Courmayeur to Chamonix.

Chamonix was the home of the first winter Olympics in 1924. It is a sking mecca. A tourist haven. Five million tourists a year visit. The normal population is 10,000.

I found Chamonix pleasing to the eye. Beautiful buildings. Many small attractive shops. Many outdoor cafes. Lovely restaurants.

I did not like the French people. Snobs. Even the merchants. Could care less about visitors. Tourists were not treated as they are treated in Key West, another tourist mecca.

My first day in Chamonix was the same day that I woke to an August snow storm in Courmayeur. It was cold and rainy when I arrived. Long pants time. Layered clothing.

I have only two photos of Chamonix. Besides me, each shows the buildings and beauty of Chamonix.

I had lunch in the restaurant behind me in the first photo. Very nice appearing. Because of the rain, I ate inside. Lovely. Comfortable.

The menu was in French. No English sub titles as I was accustomed to on the trip. What to do? I scanned the menu and recognized an item. Sausage and potatoes. In French, of course. I pointed to it on the menu. The waitress took my order.

When the meal arrived, it consisted of two boiled hot dogs and french fries. I called the waitress over. A mistake. No, she said. You ordered sausage and potatoes. She pointed to it in French on the menu. Turns out the French word sausage means hot dogs.

The manager came over. I explained the error. No sympathy. No let me get you something else. Note that the two boiled hot dogs and french fries cost $20.

I am a grandfather. I have eaten boiled hot dogs before. So I said what the hell!

I did request ketchup. For the french fries. Another tragedy! The waitress was insulted as she told me…..We are a French restaurant! No ketchup.

I enjoyed my lunch. I would not let the situation spoil my day. It was my fault anyhow. I should know how to read a French menu.

Yesterday was a lot of nothing. Enough to keep me busy, however. A haircut with Lori. Coffee and the papapers at the Plantation Coffee House. Diane and Theo working. Nice people. Back to home where I worked on friday’s internet show.

Published an article on Amazon Kindle. Hooversville, Hoover Blankets, Hoover Soup.

Hoover was a millionaire and a humanitarian. He headed the massive relief program after World War I to feed the starvinbg Europeans. He was much respected. Hoover became President in 1928. The big deprerssion hit in 1929. People were sleeping on the streets covered with newspapers, eating in soup kitchens, losing their homes, hurting big time. The federal government did not help. Hoover believed public monies should not be used to help the people. He refused to provide federal relief funds. He publically stated that people had to get out of the hole they were in without public assistance. Their problems were not a federal concern.


I compared the sitaution then to now. Though not as bad, we are experieincing difficult economic times. I compared Hoover and Romney. Two men from similar backgrounds. Birds of a feather philosophically.

Dinner was late. At the Town ‘N Country in the Marriott Beachside. Wednesday night there is a deal. At the end of your meal, the manager flips a coin. If you call it correctly, the meal is on him. I called it correctly. Heads. My prime rib was free.

It rained all night. It is raining this morning. Overcast. Much thunder. Some lightning.

Today is thursday. Bocce night. Will we be able to play?

Remember…..The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Tomorrow morning. Friday. Ten, my time. World wide. On the internet.

Enjoy your day!



A glorious Sunday morning. Typical Key West beauty. Bright sun, blue water, blue sky.

I slept late. Sorry. It is about ten.

I had a business luncheon yesterday. My associates suggested the airport restaurant. A strange place, I thought. Nevertheless, the meeting went well. The place was quiet. A large booth. Food outstanding. I will eat there occasionally from this point forward.

Though it is September, the airport was busy. It is amazing how the airport has grown in the last ten years! A massive new building and tons more people flying in and out.

One of the bosses in Security is a friend. Her name escapes me. Old age. Her parents at one time owned Paradise cafe. That is where I first met her. We have become hugging friends.

I got a hug and gave one in return. We talked a bit.

Spent the better part of the afternoon watching golf and college football at home.

Headed over to Don’s place at 5. Everyone there. Don, David, Erika, Herschel, Angus, Toni, Boomer, Stephanie, and more. Watched Syracuse get beat by Southern Cal decidedly. It was ok. Syracuse still building. I thought Syracuse looked good under the circumstances. They were up against the #2 team in the country.

I stayed about three hours. Enjoyed everyone’s company. I became hungry and had to move on.

Stopped at the Marriott Beachside on the way home. Enjoyed the prime rib dinner at the bar while reading the newspapers. Excellent prime rib. The place was empty. Only a handful of people. A refection of the month. September is always slow in Key West.

I have not yet decided how to spend my Sunday. Have not even thought about it. I will take it as it comes.

Enjoy your day!


My yesterday started with an early morning dentist visit. My implants still not staying in. Though I did not mention it, the teeth were a real problem on the trip.

I spent two hours in the chair. The dentist concluded it had to be my bite. He reworked the hardware and my jaw a bit. Voila! I think we finally have it! They are solid as a rock. A tank could not move them.

Ability to chew everything was new. It had to be tested. Off I was to Hogfish. Fish and chips. Do not laugh. I could not chew fried fish or french fries all this time. The meal was a good test. Everything worked fine!

Started my evening at the Chart Room.

The Chart Room has a terrific pop corn machine. I have not been able to chew pop corn. Last night I did! With no problem.

JJ was bartending. He welcomed me home. Sheila at the bar. A hug and kiss.

Sheila had two friends with her. Hank and Patricia Wielgosz. They are from Melbourne. Frequent visitors to Key West.

The husband Hank is the man. He is in the Hemingway look alike contest this week. He looks like Hemingway. A terrific white beard. If he had any negative, he was a bit thinner than the robust Hemingway.

Hank goes by Hemingway Hank. He has been a candidate in the contest for 19 years. He has been a finalist 8 of those years. I think it is time he won.

Not easy to win. About 120 contestants this year. I read somewhere that it takes an average of 12 years participation before one becomes a winner. Hank is long overdue!

Hank had a bribe bag. A sort of shopping bag filled with packages of goodies. He gave me one.

Interesting contents.

A cookie. With Hank’s face on it. You eat the whole thing. A white mint. With his name on it. The mint was for for consumption, also. Other goodies like a water pistol. The pistol goes to Ally today.

I decided to grab a bite at Tavern ‘n Town in the Marriott Beachside. Glad I went. It had been a big night. I got there a little late for the festivities. It was Michael Thomas’ birthday.

Michael Thomas is one of Key West’s premier performers. He plays piano and sings.

My eyes first caught Midge and Steve at the bar. Friends. I bent over and kissed Midge on the cheek. She hesitated a bit. Like who is this guy? She did not recognize me with the beard. Steve did.

I am into beards. Steve has a terrific one. He has had it for years. White and full.

Larry and Christine Smith were there. Larry gave me a hug. Larry evidenced his respect for Michael Thomas by being there. One top performer honoring another.

Larry e mailed me several times on the trip. He thought the trip was exciting. It was.

Lovely Christine has become one of Key West’s most popular painters in the past few years. Her watercoloros are selling big time. I periodically run into Christine on a Key West street doing a painting. She will be sitting in a low slung chair. Her paints by her side. Brush in hand. A wide brimmed hat on her head. A short easel and canvas before her.

I ate at the bar. A real test for my teeth. Fried calamari. No sweat!

Tonight a steak! It has been impossible to enjoy one. It will be a delight!

Enjoy your day!