Let the drums roll out, let the trumpets blare…..My book was published this morning!

The World Upside Down has gone on sale.

I cannot tell you how excited I am! It is the first time I have ever done anything like this.

The book is available in two versions. Ebook and paperback. It can be found on,, and In addition, Amazon Kindle.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Enjoy your day!



It is true. What goes around, comes around. Generally to bite the first doer in the ass.

Such is the situation with Boston College and its student body. Over the issue of birth control.

A war has begun. Freedom of religion the issue. I love it! All the makings of big time legal drama.

I was so turned on that I wrote next week’s KONK Life column concerning the topic. Immediately published it on Amazon.Kindle, also. Read it in either place. I believe you will find both the article and the Constitutional issue fascinating.

Did my TV/internet show yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Enjoyable for me, as always. I hope as enjoyable for you who watched.

The topic garnering the most interest based on post show comments involved banks, Cyprus, and the disparity between the rich and poor. All three tied together.

Last night began once again with the Chart Room. Emily in charge. Sheila there early on. Then left. She is nursing a big time cold.

David and Che were at the bar. We talked extensively about New York City in the late 1970s. They lived in New York at the time. I was a frequent visitor.

Enjoyed the company of a nice couple from Ohio. Pat and Jackie.

I was supposed to have dinner with Dee. She begged off. Too tired. Actually, I was also. It  was convenient for the both of us to say another time.

I grabbed a newspaper and went over to the Wine Galley. Sat at the bar and listened to Larry Smith sing. Ate a light meal.

Michael was at the bar. I had not seen him in quite a while. He is a local contractor. We chatted a bit.

Larry brought Bobbie over to meet me. She is a CPA. Newly moved to Key West and in the process of opening an office here. A charming person. I wish her well.

Later this afternoon, Syracuse basketball. Against Marquette. Whoever wins, goes on to the Final Four! A very big deal!

Once again I am not sure what Syracuse will do. Frankly, the Indiana result surprised me.

Marquette is in the Big East, also. The two teams met once during the regular season. Marquette won by three points.

My concern  is that Marquette has played Syracuse many times over the years and is familiar with Syracuse’s famed zone defense. Other teams such as Indiana were not and that is why in my opinion Syracuse won those games.

We shall see.

My lesbian wives Donna and Terri are in town. They have been here all week. Leave tomorrow. We have not had an opportunity to get together. It is dinner with them tonight at the Hot Tin Roof. I look forward to it..

Enjoy your day!


I spent an enjoyable morning yesterday doing the Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Viewers always attach to an issue or two. The topic garnering the most interest yesterday had to do with post war costs. We do not stop paying when a war ends. The costs are ongoing for many years. There are military pensions, disability pensions and ongoing medical for war inflicted wounds.

The United States spends $40 billion a year for such costs. Interestingly, we are still paying pensions to two descendants of Civil War veterans. $876 per month to each.

After the show, I visited with Lisa. I am beginning to wonder if it is Lisa I go to see or Jake.

Jake got in trouble yesterday. He got out of the fenced back yard. Today, Jake will experience his first long car ride. To Miami and back. Lisa says he will handle the car ride without any problem. We shall see.

It was friday afternoon. Time to write next week’s KONK Life column. Entitled it Our Enemy The Banks. Interesting reading. More of too big to fail and too big to prosecute tied into the Cyprus situation and how it could impact us. I was pleased with the final product. So I published it on Amazon Kindle, also.

Chart Room last night! Busy!

Chatted with Emily off and on. A smart woman. Then spent some time talking with Peter. Always a pleasure.

Ran into a couple I met a year ago. Al and Donna. We met in the Chart Room. They are Key West residents. Al works for the City of Key West as a welder/fabricator. Donna is in the State Attorney’s Office.

Nice people.

They are originally from Tampa. Wanted to live in Key West their whole lives. Finally made the move two years ago.

In came Cheryl and Roger with another couple. Cheryl and Roger. My friends from Kankakee, Illinois. Hope I spelled it right. If not, Cheryl will most assuredly correct me.

Cheryl and Roger are snow birds. Down here about 6 months a year. They have an RV. Park it at Boyd’s Campgrounds on Stock Island. Probably the nicest RV park in the lower keys.

The couple was Belinda and Ray from Michigan. They are snow birds. First time we have met, however. They reside during the season at Boyd’s. Belinda is the Social Director at Boyd’s. Ray is a retired body shop owner.

The four of them were having a drink before scooting across the street to Hot Tin Roof for dinner. The makings for a terrific evening.

I stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Ran into Hershel. He told me of Erika’s flight yesterday with the Blue Angels. I thought it was to be a small pursuit plane. Not so. It was some kind of big plane. Hershel had a photo of Erika sitting in the cockpit. Looked the size of a bedroom.

Syracuse basketball again tonight. At 9:40. Play California. I make no prediction. It has been a tough season.

Enjoy your day!




Although relative to baseball, the line can be applied to any sport. There is joy in Mudville! There is joy for Syracuse fans world wide! Syracuse beat Georgetown last night 58-55.

We came back!

Tonight Louisville for the Big East Tournament championship. Another great game awaits!

I watched last night’s game with my friend Andrew at the Big Ten Sports Pub. Andew is my neighbor. He owns the MTV home across the water. He was supposed to be in Thailand. He telephoned me to say hello, I am here, let’s have dinner tonight. A business matter required a quick return to Key West. He left wife Jas and son Kai in Thailand. In a few days, Jas and Kai will be in Sweden with Jas’ mother. Thereafter, Key West.

This is St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Actually, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. I love corned beef and cabbage. Once a year. Today or tomorrow is the time.

My mother made corned beef and cabbage frequently. It tasted better back then. Whatever my mother did. Plus, the meat was extra fatty which contributed to the great flavor. I do not recognize that taste anymore.

Schooner Wharf is big on corned beef and cabbage this holiday. They cook it special. I may stop to enjoy the meal.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour aired yesterday morning. Love doing it! Post show comments indicated the bank issue hit home. People understood. The thrust of the topic was that the same banks that were too big to fail several years ago, are now too big to prosecute. The shame of it all.

After the show, I went over to the Plantation Coffee House. Read the newspapers and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

The deadline for my KONK Life column is The article was entitled: New Pope and U.S. Catholic Social Issues…..Resolutions? I mentioned at length that I thought the new Pope was more inclined to deal with basic issues affecting the poor rather than the social issues confronting the U.S. Things like priests marrying, a woman eligible to be Pope, birth control, same sex marriage, pedophilia, etc.

The BBC this morning quoted Pope Francis as saying yesterday that he wanted “…a poor Church for the poor…I would like a Church that is poor working for the poor.”

I am sorry to say I called it correctly. I think it is time to deal with all issues. The Catholic Church has been floundering too long.

I published the KONK Life article to Amazon Kindle, also.

Jake has been part of the family all of five days. He seems to be doing well. He loves Robert, Ally, Corey and Lisa. They love him. He is out car riding this morning and walking Duval. What a life! I told lisa… green beer for him!

I was speaking with my friend Anna yesterday. I was complaining about Key West’s cold front. It was 68 degrees at the time. She told me not to complain. It is cold and snowy in Italy. A new storm had come down from Siberia. Siberia? Just the mention of it gives me a cold chill!

That’s it for this morning.

Enjoy your day!






The loss of an hour will bother me for a few days…..such is my nature!

Key West’s daily local newspaper is the Key West Citizen. It regularly prints on page 2 Today in Key West History. Yesterday, it mentioned that in 1896 Juana Borrero Pierra, poetess, Cuban patriot and painter, died in Key West at the age of 18.

My curiosity was aroused. Eighteen? I had never heard of her.

I did some research. Her story is a must to be told.

Juana was Cuban by birth. A writer. A poet. She wrote her first poem at 4. Her first published poem was at 14 in the literary magazine La Habana.

Cubans had desired independence from Spain for years. Minor rebellions would start up and stop. In 1895, Cuban rebels were on the move once again. The fight for independence was reignited.

Juana and her family had to leave Cuba immediately following the failure of the insurgency. They were part of the rebel group.

They fled to Key West.

Juana wrote five volumes of poems. One poem was Los Proscriptos. The poem described her last night in Cuba. Most of her other poems described the pain and loneliness of exile.

Juana’s works became popular with Cuban exiles in the late 1950s and early 1960s who were forced to flee Castro’s Cuba.

Juana died of typhoid fever at the age of 18. She was buried in the Key West Cemetery. Her final resting place became lost, so to speak. It could not be recalled specifically where within the cemetery she was buried. Her place of rest was finally discovered in 1972. Her remains were exhumed and buried in a special vault. The caption on the vault reads Glory of Cuba.

As mentioned yesterday, the reaction to my TV/internet show as to why Obama is so hated were well received. I wrote my thoughts up for publication in next week’s KONK Life. Yesterday people were still talking to me about my Obama dissertation. I decided therefore to publish next week’s KONK Life article immediately on Amazon Kindle. Which I did.

Syracuse lost again! Decimated by Georgetown! By around 20 points.

The second half was especially discouraging. Georgetown made Syracuse look like it had never played the game before yesterday.

I have been saying off and on this season, that Syracuse was not the same quality team as in previous years. I am sorry to say it appears I was correct. I hope I am made to look like an ass and Syracuse wins the Final Four!

Georgetown looked great! Like a #1 seed for March Madness.

There was a touching moment at the end of the game. John Thompson, Jr. sought out and found Jim Boeheim. They embraced. Better said, Big John engulfed little Jim in a bear hug!

Two giants who were there at the beginning of the Big East more than thirty years ago. The end of an era that these two greats helped make successful.

The word has always been that Thompson and Boeheim disliked each other. Vehemently. Not yesterday. If animosity existed, it was wiped away by that embrace and the look on their faces. Two old war horses who had been there and done it.

I watched the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub. I arrived just as the game was to start. Two men were sitting near the door. One asked if I was Key West Lou. They were Gordon from Cape Cod and Charles from Oregon.

Gordon told me he reads my blog every day. He and Charles had come to the Sports Pub to meet me. An honor. I was a bit impolite, however. The game was starting. I said my hellos and thank yous and went to a chair at the bar to watch the game.

I figured I would spend half time with them. It never happened. They left soon after we had our brief conversation.

I would like to sit and chat with Gordon and Charles a bit. Share a drink or two. They are visiting Key West for a month. I am sure Gordon is reading the blog this morning. Gordon, please stop by the Chart Room and visit with me. I am generally there every evening from 5:30 to 7, except thursday when I play bocce. I will not be there tonight, however, I am having sunday dinner with Lisa and the family.

My car was parked in the lot next to the Big Ten Sports Pub. When I left after the game, I noticed five roosters nearby running around and under a pick up truck. Only roosters. No hens. I thought this strange. Roosters are always seen cock a doddling and chasing after hens. The thought occurred…..these roosters must be gay!

I am going to the movies this afternoon. Playing grandfather. There is a remake of the Wizard of Oz. I am going with Robert and Ally and Lisa and Corey.

Enjoy your sunday!



Normality has returned to my life! With the demise of the diet, I was out and about yesterday. Freedom!

Last night it was the Chart Room. For about two hours. Friends like Captain Peter, Ollie, Sean, Katherine, Dave and Sheila. And the always charming Emily! I chatted with all about things important and unimportant. While enjoying two drinks and popcorn.

A glorious evening! I did not go out to eat. I did not want to push my luck.

I experienced another enjoyable Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday on TV and the internet. Apparently my viewers did also. The NRA issue attracted the most comment. The gun issue heats up more each day.

Two phases of the issue struck a chord. The one dealing with 67 million guns having been sold in the United States since Obama’s election in 2008. The other being the reponsibility of gun manufacturers and retailers for the fervor generated by the NRA. They are the power behind the scene.

After the show, I went over to the Plantation Coffee House. Enjoyed a cup of coffee and read the newspapers. Charming Diane and husband Theo were watching the shop. I avoided the Plantation Coffee House during the two months I was dieting. Normally, I would order a toasted bagel loaded with cream cheese. Not healthy for a diet.

I was pleased with myself yesterday. Even though back in the saddle, I did not order a bagel. Not even tempted.

Then to Lisa’s for a visit. Robert and Ally were home. A pleasant surprise. For whatever reason,  no school in the afternoon. Robert was outside. He has a pocket knife. His father is teaching him responsibility. Worries me. He was carving on a piece of wood. Ally was inside at the kitchen table with Lisa playing a game.

Syracuse basketball this afternoon at 4! A big game! The biggest so far this year. Syracuse plays #1 ranked Louisville. Both teams have lost one game. Statistically, the teams are evenly matched. Louisville however is a 7 point favorite on the Vegas Line.

Louisville has always been a tough game for Syracuse. Pitino who worked under Boeheim early on in his career, seems to have Boeheim’s number. Additionally, Louisville is at full strength whereas Sutherland, Syracuse’s third highest scorer, is benched for academics.

My gut tells me we are going to lose. Hope I am wrong.

I will be watching the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub along with Dan and Lisa and Don and Chris and a multitude of other Syracuse fans.

The weather was as I predicted two days ago. The cold front came in about 5 in the afternoon thursday. It always happens fast. Within ten minutes, the wind was howling, the sky black and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Dropped another 8 during the night to 62. Cold!

Yesterday and last night were cold also. Temperature in the low 60s. I wore long pants and a leather jacket while out.

Temperature is slated to return to 75 today. Already in the low 70s outside.

Enjoy your day!







Happy  Thanksgiving!

This morning the turkeys are in the oven, pies cooling, the children watching the Macy Thanksgiving Parade, families getting together. A good day! A thank you God day.

A quick  history of Thanksgiving.

The gathering of Pilgrims and Indians in 1621 is considered the first Thanksgiving. It was not. It was called a “gathering.”

There were no more thanksgivings/gatherings till 1776. George Washington called for a day of thanksgiving. The first time the word was actually used. The Revolution was in full swing. The colonies had separated from Great Britain.

The day was enjoyed. Washington wanted to continue it every year. The politicians of the day said no. Even Thomas Jefferson. It had to do with Pilgrims, Puritans, and satanic beliefs. A hot potato.

There was not another thanksgiving till 1864. Abraham Lincoln was happy with the way the Civil war was going. He had a new general by the name of Ulysses Grant who had won several battles, The Emancipation Proclamation was law. Lincoln decreed the fourth thursday of November was hence forth to be celebrated as a day of thanksgiving.

It so continued till 1941. It became a legal holiday at that time. Thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

That’s the story.

Lunch yesterday was at Goldman’s Deli with Robert and Ally. Business appeared to be half of what it normally was. I attribute it to the competition of the nearby new Five Guys and the boulevard construction.

The grandkids and I talked about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Had Santa Claus telephoned me yet this year? No, not yet. He’s busy. Soon, however.

Oh, how they believe!

Before going out last night, I had to deliver the turkey from my refrigerator to Lisa. It was heavy! Robert and Ally were excitedly waiting for me. They took the turkey from me to carry inside.

My evening out was Don’s Place. A good  crowd. Including Don, David, Herschel, Stan, Erika, Toni, Bebe, Rob, and others. The holiday spirit was in the air.

I read an article this morning that the second biggest drinking night in the U.S. is Thanksgiving Eve. The first of course is New Year’s Eve.

I stopped at Publix for a few things on the way home. The new one. The place was crowded. I was surprised. Apparently most people had waited till the last minute to shop.

Two Thanksgiving dinners for me today! With Lisa and family at 1. With friends at 6. A heavy day!

Donna emailed me yesterday. She forwarded a You Tube video of Terri made in Dusseldorf,  Germany. Terri recently appeared with the Symphony there.

The video is less than six minutes. Well done. I recommend you take a look at it.

Tomorrow is friday. Friday is The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Please watch. Ten o’clock in the morning my time. Available on TV throughout the Keys and Miami-Dade County. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide via internet.

You will enjoy!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, also!



There is news regarding Greece this morning.

The Greek government has proposed further pay and pension cuts. Part of the austerity program to help Greece pay back the euro monies loaned them. Germany being the primary lender, the bank in effect.

This will be the third pay and pension cuts the Greek people have experienced because of the loans.

As I have indicated many times, the Greek people will not stand for what is happening to them too long. Imagine Washington cutting your salary by one third and taking a portion of your pension. Futher, appreciate that the Greek government is not as here in the United States. We get mad at Washigton, say bad things about our legislators, etc. Most Greeks in government are outright thieves, however. The Greek people know it and are at the point of saying screw you!

I was in Greece this summer when demonstrations occurred. In the past twenty four hours, there have been riots.

As we slept, the Greeks began a 24 hour protest. An anti austerity protest. Greece is closed down at the moment. People not working and so forth. The people are demonstrating in the streets. Thousands of them. Four thousand additional police have benn called to control the riots. Molotov cocktails have been thrown.

I visted France on my European trip. Only two days. Only one town. Chamonix. Chamonix is also known as Chamonix Mont Blanc.

Italy and France connect via the Mont Blanc Tunnel. 11 km. A magnificent piece of construction. An architectural masterpiece. Well maintained. Beautiful views on either side. A half hour car drive Courmayeur to Chamonix.

Chamonix was the home of the first winter Olympics in 1924. It is a sking mecca. A tourist haven. Five million tourists a year visit. The normal population is 10,000.

I found Chamonix pleasing to the eye. Beautiful buildings. Many small attractive shops. Many outdoor cafes. Lovely restaurants.

I did not like the French people. Snobs. Even the merchants. Could care less about visitors. Tourists were not treated as they are treated in Key West, another tourist mecca.

My first day in Chamonix was the same day that I woke to an August snow storm in Courmayeur. It was cold and rainy when I arrived. Long pants time. Layered clothing.

I have only two photos of Chamonix. Besides me, each shows the buildings and beauty of Chamonix.

I had lunch in the restaurant behind me in the first photo. Very nice appearing. Because of the rain, I ate inside. Lovely. Comfortable.

The menu was in French. No English sub titles as I was accustomed to on the trip. What to do? I scanned the menu and recognized an item. Sausage and potatoes. In French, of course. I pointed to it on the menu. The waitress took my order.

When the meal arrived, it consisted of two boiled hot dogs and french fries. I called the waitress over. A mistake. No, she said. You ordered sausage and potatoes. She pointed to it in French on the menu. Turns out the French word sausage means hot dogs.

The manager came over. I explained the error. No sympathy. No let me get you something else. Note that the two boiled hot dogs and french fries cost $20.

I am a grandfather. I have eaten boiled hot dogs before. So I said what the hell!

I did request ketchup. For the french fries. Another tragedy! The waitress was insulted as she told me…..We are a French restaurant! No ketchup.

I enjoyed my lunch. I would not let the situation spoil my day. It was my fault anyhow. I should know how to read a French menu.

Yesterday was a lot of nothing. Enough to keep me busy, however. A haircut with Lori. Coffee and the papapers at the Plantation Coffee House. Diane and Theo working. Nice people. Back to home where I worked on friday’s internet show.

Published an article on Amazon Kindle. Hooversville, Hoover Blankets, Hoover Soup.

Hoover was a millionaire and a humanitarian. He headed the massive relief program after World War I to feed the starvinbg Europeans. He was much respected. Hoover became President in 1928. The big deprerssion hit in 1929. People were sleeping on the streets covered with newspapers, eating in soup kitchens, losing their homes, hurting big time. The federal government did not help. Hoover believed public monies should not be used to help the people. He refused to provide federal relief funds. He publically stated that people had to get out of the hole they were in without public assistance. Their problems were not a federal concern.


I compared the sitaution then to now. Though not as bad, we are experieincing difficult economic times. I compared Hoover and Romney. Two men from similar backgrounds. Birds of a feather philosophically.

Dinner was late. At the Town ‘N Country in the Marriott Beachside. Wednesday night there is a deal. At the end of your meal, the manager flips a coin. If you call it correctly, the meal is on him. I called it correctly. Heads. My prime rib was free.

It rained all night. It is raining this morning. Overcast. Much thunder. Some lightning.

Today is thursday. Bocce night. Will we be able to play?

Remember…..The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Tomorrow morning. Friday. Ten, my time. World wide. On the internet.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning!

A beautiful Key West day to rise and shine to!

Scattered clouds. Sunny. Humid. This is the rainy season. It will rain once or twice today. Hope it does not rain later this afternoon or this evening. Today is thursday and thursday is bocce!

I walked big time again yesterday. Twice up and down the aisles of Home Depot. Took about 45 minutes. I walk at a good clip.

Spent my afternoon writing. Rained off and on. So I worked at the kitchen counter next to the sliding doors. Doors open, of course.

I published another article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. It is the story of a sitting Texas judge who warns that a civil war is coming. If Obama is reelected. The judge believes Obama will turn the sovereignty of the United States over to the UN. He further believes the people will not stand for it and will rebel. The article is entitled Texas Judge Warns Of Civil War.

I published this same article in KONK Life several weeks ago. KONK Life’s distribution is limited Key West to Miami. My readers here are world wide. Thirty plus countries. That is why I republished the article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. To provide every one the opportunity to read it, if they so desire.

Dinner at Tavern ‘N Town last night. A prime rib. Excellent. Kept me on the Atkins diet.

I had a charming companion with me. Lu Kramer. An intelligent person. We discussed many things.

Tavern ‘N Town has a new gimmick to attract diners on a wednesday evening. I had forgotten. I did not go for that reason. But it was interesting. As well as a terrific customer attraction.

At the end of dinner, the manager comes to your table. He flips a coin. If the customer calls it correctly, there is no bill to pay. If not, the customer pays the bill with no penalty. Nothing to lose!

I lost. Called it wrong. Paid. It was a fun experience.

The Chart Room’s Emily had dinner at Tavern ‘N Town the week before. She won the toss. No bill.

Tomorrow, The Key West Lou Legal Hour. On the internet. World wide. Ten in the morning my time. People will be watching the show also from more than 30 countries. Watch, if you can.

Topics include the morning after pill for New York City high school students, a national fair tax, the purported benefits of castration, Florida’s amendment 8 which is up for vote, and more.

During last week’s internet show, I complained of the boulevard construction. A 2 year job. Key West is screwed up big time traffic wise because of it. One of my complaints was that no one was working. The day before in mid afternoon I drove the length of the job counting. Only 6 workers.

This morning’s Key West Citizen has several complaints registered by readers on the page 2 column for such purpose. From 2 to 4 workers. This is a multi million dollar two year job. Work it and get it over!

It is not the driving problem alone. The businesses along the way are being crucuified. Some down as much as 30-40 per cent.

The Ryder Cup starts today. A big deal in the world of golf! The competition will be played at the Medinah Country Club, Medinah, Illinois.

Upstate New York, Rochester specifically, has a golf course of international reputation. Oak Hill. The Ryder Cup was played there about 15 years ago. Oak Hill has also hosted the PGA, US Open and other big time tournamnets.

I did the last Ryder Cup at Oak hill. The whole four days. Somehow I became a guest of NBC. The hotel, meals, transportation and tent were all on NBC. I was not aware I was NBC’s guest till after the tournamnet concluded.

It was an exciting event!

I have also driven to Rochester to view the other tournaments.

The big deal in watching a professional tournament is to be corpoate America’s guest. I mentioned already I was the guest of NBC for the Ryder Cup. In previous tournaments, I was the guest of Oldsmobile and IBM.

The corporate guest thing is important because each corporation has a tent. A hospitality tent. Huge. White. Aluminum poles. Air conditioned. Living room type fuurniture. Sit back in an easy chair and enjoy. Great bathroom faciliites. All day. Breakfast. Lunch. Other foods to pick at. Liquor. Huge TV sets to watch the tournament from in comfort and cool. All free!

Andy Williams died yesterday. Of Moon River fame. He was 84. Close to my age. I spent a life time listening and dancing to his songs.

Paths have strange ways of crossing. One involves Williams and Ronald Reagan. Williams was 8 years old and was part of a singing program with his two older brothers at Radio Station WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. Ronald Reagan was the Station’s young sportscaster at the same time.

Time to walk.

Enjoy your day!