If anyone asks what you do when it appears there is  nothing to do, tell them to look at me.

I am going to do a blog talk radio show. It will be known as the Key West Lou Talk Show.

I have decided to start slowly. A one half hour show. Tuesday mornings at 7. My time.

Your computer is the radio. Turn it on and tune me in. Listen to the show while you eat breakfast, shave, etc. Just as you do now with the TV that you are not actually watching.

A current events show, I will make my position known. Listeners can call in, make a statement, disagree, ask a question, whatever. If it works, the airways could get hot!

Initially,  I can handle five call ins.

If the show works out, I will be thinking time change and a longer show. The time could stay morning, be mid afternoon, dinner time or late at night. It will be my option. Yours, also. I will be asking for input.

Next week, I will provide the particulars as to how to call in.

Sounds like a fun time in the making.

When I was a practicing attorney with a large staff, all personal matters were taken care of for me. Now I am like every one else. I am my own staff. Difficult to handle on occasion.

Yesterday, I wanted to renew my medicare supplemental policy and my drug policy. Both are with AARP sponsored United Health Care. Each renewal required its own call. One comapny, two separate divisions.

The drug renewal call kept me waiting 3.5 hours on the phone before a human came on. That is how it works. If you want to do business with them, you dance to their tune. The medicare supplement was not so bad. Only a half hour.

Disgraceful. United Health Care makes a ton of money. There should be no problem in putting on another 50-100 telephone sales persons.

Those four hours spent waiting conmsumed my afternoon.

I did get out to walk in the morning before the phone calls. The Marriott Beachside parking garage. Open aired. Four levels. Up and down for a half hour.

My diet is stalemated. I lost a ton the first 10 days. Twelve pounds. Gained a pound yesterday. From this point forward, I suspect the loss will be 2-3 pounds a week. I will be happy with that.

Going out to dinner tonight! How? I am on a very restrictive diet. Easy. I plan on eating my diet meal before I leave. While dining, I shall limit myself to two diet Pepsis and a cup of coffee. All the time talking with my guest Stephanie Kaple, the Island Shoe Girl. She will be stuffing herself. I will hate her by the end of the meal.

Congress in disarray. Cannot agree on anything. Has been this way for years.

This is not the first time. Two other occasions come to mind. I am sure there were more.

From 1840 to 1861, the issue was slavery. Whether new states and territories would be free or slave. As bad as the economic issues are today. So bad that one political party disappeared and a new one appeared in its place. The one that nominated Abraham Lincoln.

Another occasion was most of the 1930s. It all started with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s election. The Republicans thought he was going to ruin the country with  his socialistic plans. Things like Social Security. Bad blood and bad talk were rampant.

The bottom line is we are living under circumstances that have occurred in the past. The Nation will survive. It always has.

I would be comfortable however if these asses in Washington would get their acts together and get things done in a more orderly fashion. The items they favor are not of such importance that they should threaten the country. There are round holes and square holes. A round item will not fit in a square hole and vice versa. Both parties rely too rigidly on their basic philosophies.

I visit the doctor again this afternoon. One of those things cut off my body a couple of weeks ago came back bad. More has to be removed. No big deal. I am not concerned.

Enjoy your day!



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