World War I. Popularly referred to at the time and immediately thereafter as the war to end all wars. Turned out to be poor judgment. Mentally reference all the wars since 1918.

To honor those who fought in World War I, President Woodrow Wilson decreed that November 11 would henceforth be celebrated as Armistice Day.

The name Armistice Day derives from November 11, 1918. On that day, the Allies and Germany signed a document known as the Armistice which as a practical matter ended World War I. Fighting ceased on day.

Subsequent Presidents and Congress decided that Armistice Day should include all veterans. Armistice Day became known as Veterans Day to reflect the change.

A  proper recognition. However, there is some sort of joke involved in the thought that World War I was the war to end all wars. Man will never be war free. It is part of his psyche to seek out/participate in war. War is intrinsic in man’s nature.

Key West will enjoy its Veterans Day Parade this afternoon. The parade route will run opposite to that of Fantasy Fest. The parade will start at the southernmost end of Duval and end at Front Street.

More significant than the parade will be the groundbreaking at Bayview Park for a Vietnam Memorial. Well deserved. Late in coming in most communities.

I remember the Vietnam war. I was practising law. Married and the father of four. The war was not a popular one. Many protests against the war. When those who fought returned home, they were greeted not with cheers but jeers. Some spit upon.

The Vietnam vets never received the glory they had earned. Time heals all wounds, however. In recent years, our country has recognized its wrongs in this regard. The people of the United States now go out of their way to acknowledge and honor these veterans who were dishonored.

The power boat races ended yesterday. It was dark and gloomy. Threatening rain. Actually did rain in Key Haven. Poured. I decided to skip the races and do something else.

The something else turned out to be a late afternoon lunch at No Name Pub. Always a good time. As anticipated, the place was packed. Rain seems to attract a larger than usual crowd to the Pub.

Enjoy your day!


A quick Russian item.

Putin invades Ukraine. Obama and the western powers try to get him to back off peacefully by the use of sanctions. The sanctions are severe. Russia is hurting. Especially when it comes to Russian gas sales which make up 75 percent of Russia’s revenues.

Putin six months ago said up yours, in effect. He announced a 30 year deal with China that involved the construction of a Russia to China gas line. China agreed to buy a certain amount of Russian gas.

This past week Putin announced another gas deal with China. A 30 year one, also. Another new gas line and delivery of more gas to China.

Putin is a tough guy. Perhaps a bully, also. He does not bend in the wind.

Russia is nowhere near the power it was as the Soviet Union. The break up of the Soviet Union in 1991 downgraded the new and smaller Russia. Russia was no longer the feared power it had been.

Putin is playing like Russia is the power of old. Russia still has a large number of nuclear weapons. Putin is also making friends big time with China.

Former Russian premier Gorbachev said yesterday that a new cold war could occur. It might already have started, he said.

I spent most of yesterday morning working on the second book in the series The World Upside Down. I have been lacking in diligence and have not been writing as much as I should. My publisher is unhappy. He had hoped to publish the book before Christmas. Looks like February now.

My afternoon was spent watching Syracuse and Duke play. I watched at home. The game was carried locally. The game went as anticipated. Syracuse got druubbed. Duke beat Syracuse 27-10. The Syracuse record now 3-7.

The Syracuse players have to feel lousy. I understand only too well. I captained my eighth grade grammar school team in basketball. An 18 game schedule. We lost all 18 games. Talk of despondency!

Dinner was at the other end of Duval. The new outside  bar at La Te Da. The bar top is new. Not sure whether it was marble or granite. Whatever, nice.

Power boat races end today. I hope to watch the races this afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday!


This morning’s Key West Citizen announced that the anchor store for the proposed shopping center at MM 9 might be a Wal-Mart. The site is the location of the former adult book store.

Wal-Mart may be at the bottom of the list of desired department stores. However, it is better than nothing. I do not see any other chains clamoring to come to Key West. The reason is simple. The volume of business is not here.

Presently, we shop at Ross which is a cheapie selling primarily clothes that are overruns and seconds. Then there is K-Mart. Can you imagine shopping for clothes at a K-Mart? We do. Finally, we have Sears. Nothing to excite.

Already, a local politician, who seems to have his head screwed on wrong, has spoken up against Wal-Mart. The newspaper quotes him as  saying he visited a Wal-Mart once and had to leave. Could not stand it. He was also disappointed because he thought Target was in the running for the site.

The lower keys are desperate for a store such as a Wal-Mart. Yes, I would prefer something better. Perhaps a Macy’s. But you take what you can get. And if it is Wal-Mart, so be it.

I spent yesterday afternoon writing next week’s KONK Life column. Growing Dope Makes Sense. An intriguing title. It raises the question why the opium fields in Afghanistan and the marijuana fields in Syria had banner years in the drug trade. At a time when both nations were being devastated by wars.

Bocce last night. We won 2 out of 3. No Don. He is in California visiting family. The weather was perfect. With the clock change, we play after dark. Lights, of course. The cold front  is a bit cooler in the evening. Playing in the boiling sun can be onerous.

No power boat races yesterday. A day off. They race every other day for three days. Wednesday, friday, and sunday.

On this day in 1918, the Bolshevik Revolution experienced a major change. The Red Russians overthrew the White Russians. Lenin was leader of the Reds. The Leader of the White Russians was Alexander Kerensky. He was the first President Russia after the fall of the Czar. Kerensky had to flee Russia at the time since Lenin’s people were out to kill him.

I make mention of this historical event because Kerensky taught me Russian history in college. A wild course. Listening to a man who was there leading up to and the actual overthrow of the Czar. Followed by his battle as leader of the Whites against Lenin and the Reds. A battle he lost.

Syracuse football again tomorrow. I can’t wait for the season to be over. Syracuse is bleeding. Syracuse fans are bleeding.

Syracuse plays Duke. Duke is 7-1. Syracuse 3-6. Need I say more?

Enjoy your day!


The power boat races began yesterday. Unfortunately, an accident occurred. The Smokin’ Tuna boat hit a wave while turning off Fort Zach Taylor and capsized. Both team members were injured. One helicoptered to Miami.

I was watching the races. Never saw the accident, however. I was too far away. Down at Schooner’s Wharf.

The power boat races are always exciting. The boats zooming by. At the same time, helicopters flying low over them. The noise from the helicopters is greater than the noise from the boats. Chilling in effect.

Child service agencies have grown over the years. They are powerful and have little oversight. Children must be protected. No argument. Sometimes not enough is done to protect a child, however. Foster parents are not thoroughly vetted or vetted at all.

An example in point is what happened in Texas. A baby girl was removed from her parents because the parents were found to have smoked pot after the child was asleep. The baby was turned over to a foster mother.

The foster mother threw the baby down head first onto the ground. The baby died. Two years old and her life over. At the hospital, the baby’s body revealed in addition to her head injuries, body bruises.  Also so much of her hair had been ripped out, that the 2 year old appeared bald.

The foster mother was arrested, tried and convicted. She is now serving life without parole.

This is not an isolated incident. Ten children in foster care in Texas in 2013 were killed.

I raise the question as to whether the child service agency that was so diligent in discovering the parents had been smoking a joint, did any significant investigation with regard to the foster mother. Or, foster parents in general.

Early in my legal career, I thought foster parents were wonderful people. They took in unwanted or neglected children. Altruistic they are not, however. It is a paying job. So much per child from the state or county. Many foster parents take in multiple children.

I was involved in a case where the foster parents had taken in six children at one time. They were farmers. They were able to make a double hit. The State paid them to care for the children. The foster parents had the children help work the farm.

Enjoy your day!



I mentioned saturday morning that another perfect Key West day was in the making. There was a cool breeze coming in off the ocean.

It was not a cool breeze. Turned out to be the beginning of a cold front. Saturday was cool. Sunday cold. Too cold. The high was only 68. Today it is cold, also. Temperature at the moment is 66 degrees. High however will be around 80. The rest of the week will be days at or near 80, with evenings around 70 degrees.

It is the beginning of Key West’s fall season. It did not begin slowly. It came almost overnight. Speaking of nights, I needed a quilt last night to keep warm.

To my dear friends up north, I appreciate you have snow already. Cold in the Keys is different. When you go weeks at 85 degrees and all of a sudden it drops to 75, you feel it. Seventy becomes very cold. The high 60s freezing. Our blood is thin.

One of the nice things about living in  Key West is that every weekend there is a new and different party. This week the power boat races. Long sleek expensive boats. Crews of several persons. Dangerous driving on the ocean.


The boats turn me on. Yesterday, I went over to the Truman waterfront to look at them. They were on display. Magnificent!

The sport is only for the rich or corporations. Reflects how much money goes into acquiring/making the boats and maintaining them.

I hustled over to Duval afterwards to catch a bit of the boat parade. A large crowd. Enthusiastic.

The boat races start wednesday and end next sunday. If you have the opportunity to watch, do it. An experience you will not soon forget.

There are sayings used to make a point. One is …..Is the Pope Catholic? Well, maybe not any more.

There is controversy in the Catholic Church. Pope Francis is trying to open the windows to let in the fresh air of change. Conservatives within the Church who oppose his efforts are doing everything to hold them closed.

A significant number of Bishops are at odds with the Pope. On issues such as gays, divorced persons being permitted to receive communion, etc. They are becoming increasingly vocal. Now there is talk of a schism within the Church. There has not been one in a couple of hundred years. Emotions run deep. One Church leader suggested the Pope is the anti-Christ.

There is talk among conservative Cardinals and Bishops of deposing Francis and replacing him with Benedict. Benedict resigned making way for Francis. However, Benedict remains within the Vatican walls. He lives on the Vatican grounds. Benedict was a doctrinaire. A hard ass. Church doctrine did not bend under him.

You thought only Republicans and Democrats fought hard.

The Bishops have come out of the woodwork in the past few years and are expressing themselves publicly in many areas such as abortion and birth control. I am not sure it is healthy.

What happened to peace and tranquility? What happened to love? Everyone fights.

Enjoy your day!



Over the years, I have come to realize how enjoyable small town parades are. In some instances, the best!

Two small town parades stand out in my mind. One is the Fourth of July parade in Chatham on Cape Code. I not only enjoyed the parade, I had an overwhelming sense of patriotic pride as I watched it. The other is Key West’s Christmas Parade. You have not seen a Christmas parade till you have seen Key West’s. It is miles long. Children everywhere.

I have never seen Key West’s Veteran’s Day Parade. Hopefully this afternoon at 4 I will.

Veteran’s Day. A special day set aside to honor those who sacrificed for our country. Actually, sacrificed for you and me. I never served. I was part of the Korean War generation. The war ended my senior year in high school and I went to college instead of into the Army. By the time Vietnam was in full swing, I was a practicing attorney with a wife and four children.

Some things bother me about our soldiers and veterans. Permit me to share a few with you.

Our government talks a good game, but plays a poor one. The number of veterans with disability claims not being paid attention to is enormous. About half a million. Money is the problem. The House of Representatives should be ashamed to have forgotten these warriors of yesterday. House members talk a good game about supporting the military. In reality, they fail.

I worry that we now have a professional army. Such makes a military take over of the government easier. Anything is possible today.

Contractor soldiers. Our shadow army. Private mercenaries in the pay of the United States. Wrong that we use them. It is the military complex having become stronger. The controls over them are significantly less than over the real military. They answer not to government. Rather to the corporations for whom they work.

Finally, we cannot fight everyone’s battles. In the last decade, we have had boots on the ground in too many countries. Many of these involvements were none of our business. We paid not only with money, but also the lives of our young men and women.

Consistent with the previous thought, we cannot bring democracy to other nations. They are and will be what they want to be. Our system of government is not for everyone. True democracy is leaving people alone to decide for themselves what type of government they wish.

I spent six hours yesterday finishing this week’s KONK Life column. Doolittle’s Raid. I wrote it for two reasons. First, it is Veteran’s Day time. The second is that most people under 50 probably do not know what Doolittle’s Raid was. It concerns me that many are unaware of their history. I learned of Lexington and Concord, the steam engine, and whatever else, in grammar school. Are students similarly taught today? What is taught concerning World War II?

Dinner last night with Lisa and the family. Always a joy!

I am a lucky man. Lunch 2 out of 3 days with the grandkids. I am babysitting today.

Enjoy your holiday!



Key West weather continues to be magnificent! Outstanding! High temperatures with no humidity. Air conditioning not  required while sleeping.

Keys’ weather changes dramatically. Next month, we could have evenings from high 40’s through mid 60’s. The issue then is not air conditioning. It is do you gave a heater or do you bury yourself under blankets.

Today is Friday. TV/internet show time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning. Join me.

Great topics. The best may be poverty. The impoverished are becoming a bigger and bigger class in American society. For example, were you aware that 1.2 million public school students are homeless. They leave for school each morning from under the bridge, the woods or an abandoned car.


I spent a bit of yesterday lying by my pool. When uncomfortable, I walk into the pool. Dunk all of me, including my head. And then come out to go through the routine again after a while.

I spent a good deal of the afternoon fine tuning this morning’s TV/internet show. It’s a good one!

Last night was bocce. I never made it. Took a shower and felt weak. Very. Thought I might pass out. Laid down. No help. Called David and told him the team would have to win without me. Ho ho! I also telephoned Lisa. My plan was to stop by before bocce to see Robert and Ally in their costumes. No way could I handle it.

I was in bed around 5 and stayed there. I do not think it is the diet. I suspect my blood pressure. You will recall several weeks ago it was running high and I could not control it. Finally, Dr. Mc Ivor got it under control. When I took my blood pressure at 5, it was 90/69. Under control plus!

This is Parrot Head weekend.  The organization is twenty two years old. Jimmy Buffet fans. They wear crazy hats, love Jimmy Buffet, and enjoy a special Key West weekend. Every 4-5 years, Buffet flies in, sings for an hour or two, and flies out. Always a surprise.

Parrot Head activities are centered at the Casa Marina.

Sunday afternoon begins the Power Boat Races.  A spectacular event! A world wide event! It lasts a week.

The boats are massive. Long thick cigar type. Fast. Expensive. Those who participate in the sport are well off financially. A boat obviously is required. Ahe rich owner to drive it. The owner and his crew, plus wives and girl friends, to enjoy the week.

They are spenders. Big time! Power boating is a millionaire’s sport. The restaurants and bars will do well. It is thought the Power Boat Races are the most profitable business wise for Key West.

It is excitement time watching the boats race. Make big time noise. Little or no mufflers. You turn your head swiftly as they race by. Her and gone just like that. An example of how fast they go.

There is another excitement. Many helicopters overhead zooming low to get pictures of the boats in action. You think you are in the center of a war zone when they sweep over.

I hope I get out tonight. I plan at starting at Don’s around 5. Then to the Chart Room. Then I do not know where. But, there will be a where.

Enjoy your day!





This is the day. Election day. Presidential election day.

After years and months of campaigning, it is over. Fortuantely! It can and does get to be a bit too much.

I am an Obama supporter. I early voted for him last week. I am not sure he will win. For the past months, I have had doubts. On the other hand, it is incomprehensible to me why people would vote for Romney. His political affiliation has nothing to do with it. The man is basically a liar. He is also a non supporter of women’s rights. If he wins, it will be because of the economy. Things are still tough. People desperate. The desperation will drive the Romney vote.

I think Romney would make an inept President. Although of some concern, it does not bother me that much. We have survived incompetent Presidents before. My concern is whether we can survive the people who will have elected Romney. I refer to the 2 per cent and the corporations. I fear they will rape the governmental process to satisfy their own economic ends.

Whatever. We shall see.

I have been invited to an election evening party. Should be fun. I am looking forward to it.

I spent a couple of hours at the Chart Rome last night. It was Monday. Mary’s night to bartend.

Fortune befell me. I met Jennifer. We had a stimulating political conversation.

Jennifer is visiting. She is a Parrothead who came to Key West for this past weekend’s festivities. She is staying a few extera days. Jennifer is from outside Philadelphia. Bucks County. She is employed by Bucks County. Its Health Department. She is a Preparedness Planner. Her job is to deal with a disaster, if one occurs.

Sandy, New Jersey and the Presdidential election all came into the conversation. She is a Democrat who plans on voting for Romney if she gets home in time tonight. I asked why. She skirted the issue a bit. When it came to push, it was the economy.

I learned a lot about FEMA and how disasters should be handled from her perspective. Jennifer believes the federal government’s involvement should be limited to providing funds. Money. Her County and State she said are ready and trained to handle disasters. However with a major disaster, more monies are required than are available at the State level.

I learned from her. I raised the issue concerning the firemen who came in from out of state to help New Jersey. The Jersey firemen would not let them participate unless they signed a paper which in effect made them a part of the Jersey firefighter’s union. I thought that sucked.

Jennifer corrected me. The reason for the signing was to protect the out of staters in the event they were hurt. Their home states had no responsinility if an injury occurred. New Jersey had none either unless they signed up to be covered by New Jersey. The out of state helpers were volunteers. Jennifer told me this problem reared its ugly head during 9/11. Many came to help from outside New York and were injured. Many of those are still waiting for compensation.

Jennifer was proud of her job and the state of readiness she and her co workers were in. She was also proud of an additional item. Her 15 year old daughter. Her daughter frequently was mentioned.

The balance of this week is big! The Power Boat Races aka Super Boat Races. The World Championships here in Key West. The races will be Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Big expensive boats. Whole teams here. Racers and crews, wives and girl friends. The races are spine chilling to watch.

My new TV show this friday at 10 in the morning my time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Comcast Channel 87. Available world wide via the internet. The internet connection for world wide viewing is important since the show is now watched in 38 countries.

I worked a bit yesterday on the show. Two additional topics have been prepared.

One has to do with the Greek vote next week to approve further austerity cuts. The people are pissed big time. The unions have called for two days of strike before the Greek legislature votes. No one works. Not even medical staff. People have already started protesting. The demonstrations are averaging 10,000-15,000 persons a day. Tens of thousands more are expected next week.

The other topic involves Pakistan. A Muslim father threw acid in the face of his 15 year old daughter because she looked at a boy on a cycle. The thrust of the discussion involves the fact that the Quaran does not provide for such a punishment. The acid thing is the result of man made law / custom which has developed in a male dominant society that considers women possessions.

Enjoy your day!