A glorious Sunday morning. Typical Key West beauty. Bright sun, blue water, blue sky.

I slept late. Sorry. It is about ten.

I had a business luncheon yesterday. My associates suggested the airport restaurant. A strange place, I thought. Nevertheless, the meeting went well. The place was quiet. A large booth. Food outstanding. I will eat there occasionally from this point forward.

Though it is September, the airport was busy. It is amazing how the airport has grown in the last ten years! A massive new building and tons more people flying in and out.

One of the bosses in Security is a friend. Her name escapes me. Old age. Her parents at one time owned Paradise cafe. That is where I first met her. We have become hugging friends.

I got a hug and gave one in return. We talked a bit.

Spent the better part of the afternoon watching golf and college football at home.

Headed over to Don’s place at 5. Everyone there. Don, David, Erika, Herschel, Angus, Toni, Boomer, Stephanie, and more. Watched Syracuse get beat by Southern Cal decidedly. It was ok. Syracuse still building. I thought Syracuse looked good under the circumstances. They were up against the #2 team in the country.

I stayed about three hours. Enjoyed everyone’s company. I became hungry and had to move on.

Stopped at the Marriott Beachside on the way home. Enjoyed the prime rib dinner at the bar while reading the newspapers. Excellent prime rib. The place was empty. Only a handful of people. A refection of the month. September is always slow in Key West.

I have not yet decided how to spend my Sunday. Have not even thought about it. I will take it as it comes.

Enjoy your day!

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