Tonight! Tonight! My blog talk radio show at a new time. And with a new name.

Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou premiers for the first time this evening. A one half hour talk show. A current events show. Call in and lets talk. Should be fun!

Find the show on the internet the same way as the 7 am one. If you desire to call and talk with me, there is a telephone number listed. If not, sit back and enjoy.

If you desire to call in and chat, I suggest you call in about 10 minutes before show time. Calls are accepted in the order received. This suggestion does not preclude you from calling in during the show.

I shop at Publix. My supermarket of choice. There is one item I rarely buy, however. A lottery ticket. Maybe once or twice a year.

I should purchase them more often!

The Florida Lottery had a $17 million winner this week. Guess where the lottery ticket was purchased? You got it. Publix in Key West.

The winner has not yet been announced. Either a local or tourist. Whoever, I am thrilled for them. A lifechanger!

My day was relatively quiet yesterday. I woke to a temperature in the 50s. Had to turn the heat on. Laugh you northerners!

Visited the dentist once again. Not there yet. I am to return thursday. Some day.

I played babysitter. From 11 to 4. I think Robert and Ally baby sat me.

We lunched at 5 Guys. We had not been there in a while. I ordered and paid. Then sat down. The grandkids insisted on doing everything else. Getting the soda, ketchup and straws. Picking up our order.

It was bacon cheeseburgers for them. A plain cheeseburger for me. Plus, fires.

We talked a long time. They are both in the Wizard of Oz this week. They are taking their involvement calmly. Though their excitement is not evident, I know they consider it a big deal. Especially Robert. He has 25 talking lines. He is the Barrister. The one who directs Dorothy to the yellow brick road.

We spent the balance of the afternoon in the warmth of my home. They played with their tablets and watched TV. They watched me, also. I fell asleep.

I stayed in last night. Though no longer on the diet, I watch what and how much I eat. Since I had a big cheeseburger for lunch, I was reluctant to eat out.

Again, please join me this evening for my blog talk radio show at 9. Simply type in and I will be there.

Enjoy your day!



Hogfish for lunch yesterday. A Cuban sandwich. Good! First time I had one there. Read the newspapers.

There were very few people. I could not understand why. Then it hit me. Owner Billy Mangello opened a pizza parlor this week three blocks away on Stock Island. Everyone had to be there. The waitress agreed with me.

As I was turning onto MacDonald Road, I improperly cut around a tourist bus. I did wrong. Within seconds I heard the siren. A motorcycle officer pulled me over.

I immediately said…..I know I am wrong…..I got tired of waiting for the bus to move.

The officer and I chatted a bit. I reiterated once more I was wrong.

He was a gentleman. Gave me a warning. Told me he saved me $260 and 3 points. He told me I was wrong, but that the bus driver was slow to move. That he was in training to be a bus driver.

I lucked out.

Robert and Ally were in the pool when I returned home. With Corey’s father, Curtis. Grandmother Karen was sitting nearby. They are visitng for a couple of days.

Needed a pedicure. The last time I had one was on Mykonos. The day I got hit by the car.

I enjoy Tammy’s company. Nothing gets by her. She knew Jenna and I had been out together Saturday night. Jenna is her customer, also.

Worked on Friday’s internet show. The key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am my time worldwide.

Some interesting topics. Like the woman who tried to break into jail, babysitters averaging more than twice the minimum wage, a reason not to hide cash in the oven, woman who got butt injection with cement died / the person giving the injection charged with manslaughter, and You Tube nailing a speeder.

Plus, a run away camel on a Dubai highway, gay voters a significant block, the recent Greek election and media reports, the Postal crisis, a person pursued by police hides in a septic tank, Brazilian court orders Chevron to stop drilling or face a fine of $244 million a day, Columbus leaving Spain’s Paloa for the Indies, the first day ever opening of the Saratoga race track, and more.

A good show in the making.

Sloan visited me in the evening. We worked on the 600 pictures of my trip. We have them down to 100 for the proposed epilogue.

I thought I was done with the dentist last week. After 1.5 years. I was wrong. I am not. Have pain. Big pain. I have a 9:30 appoinment this morning for another adjustment.

Enjoy your day!


I babysat all day yesterday.

I had a morning dentist appointment. Took Robert and Ally with me. Had them sit in the waiting room while I was being worked on. They have their own dentist. They visited their dentist two weeks ago for a yearly checkup. So the surroundings were comfortable for them.

Happiness abounds! Yesterday was my last dentist visit regarding the implants. Eighteen months after starting the process, I am done. Happily so. Pleased with the final result.

The past few days have been Paula Deen time. She was here in Key West this past week. At the dentist’s office, I picked up a July 9, 2012 copy of People Magazine. Who was on the cover? You guessed it. Paula Deen!

After the dentist, the grandkids and I walked over to the Butterfly place on Duval. We had been there several times before. An exciting experience each time. The butterfllies favored Robert and Ally. Several perched on each of them at different times. I apparently was not so likable. None perched on me.

Lunch time! 5 Guys. Robert and Ally had never been there. They loved it! We all had bacon cheeseburgers and fries. I bought the small burgers. Had to buy a second one for Robert. He was still hungry.

Surprise of surprises! As I was driving on the boulevard yesterday and passing the Winn Dixie plaza, I saw some renovation work going on. At the large building to the left as you drive into the plaza. The building years ago housed some sort of buffet restaurant. It has been empty for years.

Some of the large windows were totally removed. That is what initially caught my eye.

The new tenant…..5 Guys. A WOW! The Duval 5 Guys is small. I understand this one will be larger with more seating room. A perfect location. It will be a gold mine!

The grandkids were my responsibility till 4. I still had a couple of hours to go. We went swimming at my house. Robert can now do a flip as he dives. He taught Ally how to do it.

I took them home at 4. I was dead! Babysitting requires constant attention and interaction. There is no down time for the babysitter. At least not this one.

I needed a manicure badly. Stopped at Lee Nails on the way home. Tammy did me.

Tammy and her husband work hard. They are at their business seven days a week. All day till 7:30 in the evening. They are not afraid of hard work. As a result, they are achieving the American dream. The business is successful. They are looking for a home to purchase. A large one. Typical of the Vietnamese, many family members will live with them.

Another group of hard wrokers I recently observed were the Greeks. Tourism in the warm months is their primary source of income. Whether Athens or one of the Greek isles visited, they all work seven days a week, twelve hours a day for a six month period. The Italians do not. They work much fewer hours. Many commercial enterprises like stores and restaurants are closed on weekends. Especially on Sunday.

The impression that Greeks are lazy and do not work is not true. Such is an erroneous impression developed during the euro crisis.

Again, I was shot by dinner time. I had no desire to go out. Made myself a sandwich and went to bed early.

Enjoy your day!


My yesterday started with an early morning dentist visit. My implants still not staying in. Though I did not mention it, the teeth were a real problem on the trip.

I spent two hours in the chair. The dentist concluded it had to be my bite. He reworked the hardware and my jaw a bit. Voila! I think we finally have it! They are solid as a rock. A tank could not move them.

Ability to chew everything was new. It had to be tested. Off I was to Hogfish. Fish and chips. Do not laugh. I could not chew fried fish or french fries all this time. The meal was a good test. Everything worked fine!

Started my evening at the Chart Room.

The Chart Room has a terrific pop corn machine. I have not been able to chew pop corn. Last night I did! With no problem.

JJ was bartending. He welcomed me home. Sheila at the bar. A hug and kiss.

Sheila had two friends with her. Hank and Patricia Wielgosz. They are from Melbourne. Frequent visitors to Key West.

The husband Hank is the man. He is in the Hemingway look alike contest this week. He looks like Hemingway. A terrific white beard. If he had any negative, he was a bit thinner than the robust Hemingway.

Hank goes by Hemingway Hank. He has been a candidate in the contest for 19 years. He has been a finalist 8 of those years. I think it is time he won.

Not easy to win. About 120 contestants this year. I read somewhere that it takes an average of 12 years participation before one becomes a winner. Hank is long overdue!

Hank had a bribe bag. A sort of shopping bag filled with packages of goodies. He gave me one.

Interesting contents.

A cookie. With Hank’s face on it. You eat the whole thing. A white mint. With his name on it. The mint was for for consumption, also. Other goodies like a water pistol. The pistol goes to Ally today.

I decided to grab a bite at Tavern ‘n Town in the Marriott Beachside. Glad I went. It had been a big night. I got there a little late for the festivities. It was Michael Thomas’ birthday.

Michael Thomas is one of Key West’s premier performers. He plays piano and sings.

My eyes first caught Midge and Steve at the bar. Friends. I bent over and kissed Midge on the cheek. She hesitated a bit. Like who is this guy? She did not recognize me with the beard. Steve did.

I am into beards. Steve has a terrific one. He has had it for years. White and full.

Larry and Christine Smith were there. Larry gave me a hug. Larry evidenced his respect for Michael Thomas by being there. One top performer honoring another.

Larry e mailed me several times on the trip. He thought the trip was exciting. It was.

Lovely Christine has become one of Key West’s most popular painters in the past few years. Her watercoloros are selling big time. I periodically run into Christine on a Key West street doing a painting. She will be sitting in a low slung chair. Her paints by her side. Brush in hand. A wide brimmed hat on her head. A short easel and canvas before her.

I ate at the bar. A real test for my teeth. Fried calamari. No sweat!

Tonight a steak! It has been impossible to enjoy one. It will be a delight!

Enjoy your day!


Today’s blog is late. Sorry. I had a 9 o’clock dentist appointment. I could not get the blog done before the dentist visit.

I was in the chair two hours.

The tune Onward Christian Soldiers runs through my mind. I keep going and going and going to the dentist. Will it ever end?

My implants did not hold during the trip. A problem. Did not let it spoil my good time, however.

The implants have been an ongoing problem.

I think we finally got it this morning. I just finished lunch and experienced no difficulty.

The hills and steps got to me on the trip. I did perseverve, however. Actually I had no choice. It was either walk up them or go no where.

By the end of the trip, I was in better physical shape than at the beginning. The hills and steps were responsible for my reconditioning. Unintentionally, I had improved my physical being.

My intent is to keep walking to keep me in shape. One of you recently wrote me and suggested a stairclimber. Key West has no hills. It is flat. I needed the up and down to keep in shape.

I did not want to return to the gym. Did not like it. Came up with a brilliant idea.

Use a parking garage!

The Key West hotels that have garages have huge ones. Generally at least four stories. Things are slow in the summer. Ergo, little if any traffic in the garages. I picked one and went. I was correct. No cars, no traffic. I walked up the four stories and then down. Up and down for an hour. The up was a good incline. Raised a sweat.

The parking garage is my solution. Until I get arrested for loiteering.

Needed to get out last night. My goal was La Trattoria for dinner. Wanted to see Kathy and Becha.

I started at the Chart Room. Packed. Not even breathing room. No one I knew. All tourists. I left.

Then to Don’s Place. Todd bartending. Jimmy at the bar alone. Joanie working selling tee shirts at the Green Parrot.

Jimmy and I had a couple of drinks together and a good talk. Jimmy reads my blog and knew every aspect of the trip. Jimmy had been in Europe in the 1980s with the service. He was personally familiar with Italy and Turkey. We had a great discussion about the various countries and peoples.

After Don’s Place, I headed over to La Trattoria.

There she was! Mistress of the bar! Kathy!

Love Kathy. Everyone in Key West loves Kathy. She had some heavy surgery several months ago and is on the mend. I got my kiss and enjoyed sharing words with her. She had a busy bar and got to me to chat in between customers.

No Becha. Night off. I was disappointed.

I was enjoying a drink and had not ordered yet. I looked up and there was Dottie. I have not seen Dottie in four years. She married and went to Mexico to live. She is back in Key West working. Her husband is in Mexico.

It was wonderful seeing Dottie again. An embrace and a kiss, of course. Then we started talking as if we had just seen each other last the day before. We continued the evening together dining at the bar.

Dottie is working at a jewelry store on Duval. She appeared happy. I am happy for her.

My beard continues to grow. It is now six weeks old. Looks good, looks bad. Have not made up my mind yet. Comments from others are interesting. Makes you look older, makes you look younger, are you cracking up, what happened, and the like.

I have no immediate intention to shave.

Enjoy your day!


I leave saturday for Italy and Greece. Worry not, I plan on doing this blog daily from where ever I am. I will also be doing my friday morning internet show from were ever. The wonders of modern science!

Trip preparations kept me busy busy yesterday. Included were two doctor visits. I was looking for any marching orders regarding the trip.

Last night was special. Not because of the places I visited. Rather one of the persons I talked with.


I have not seen Che in months. He was/is a Chart Room regular. In fact, his is one of the two remaining holes in the bar for receipt ashes. For whatever reason, Che has not been frequenting the Chart Room of late.

Che is not a Cuban guerilla nor a Cuban expatriate. Though his name suggests both. He is a Jewish merchant from New York who found his way to Key West many years ago.

Che is very opinionated. Dialogue with him makes for interesting conversation.

It is well known in Key West that I generally press my own shirts. To be sure they come out correctly. No one in Key West does shirts properly.. Last night Che tells me he presses his own shirts, also. Ironing for him is a “Zen moment” as he described it.

Some one at the bar was speaking loudly. He used the word “awesome” as it related to some  beer. Che was disturbed. He said the only thing he considered awesome was when God walked out of the bushes and gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

Such is Che. A Key West figure. A Key West icon.

Dinner was at the bar at Michael’s. I enjoyed the house specialty. The veal chop.

I do not know the name of the barmaid. She knew me.  I was embarrassed to ask her name.

The reason I mention her is that she brought Marty up. Yes, Marty, you are remembered!

Marty and Che used to stand at the end of the bar at the Chart Room and argue. Over everything. Every one in town knew Marty. Unfortunately, Marty is no more in Key West. He has sort of retired to his home in Fort Lauderdale. He visits Key West infrequently.

I miss you Marty.

I start this morning with a dentist visit. Certain parts of my implants were defective. Defectively manufactured. They are being replaced this morning. Will this saga ever end? I had to wait for the shipment to come in from the plant in California. There will be no pain involved. The problem is time. I still have much on my plate that has to be completed before I leave for my European trip.

Enjoy your day!



My day yesterday started with an early morning dentist visit. I followed the dentist up with Blossoms. Enjoyed Cuban cheese toast with tomato and Cuban coffee. Both to die for!

Then I headed over to Lisa’s. Ally still sick. I wanted to visit with her.

I did it again! I fell! Going up the one step to Lisa’s home. Stubbed my toe. Fell flat forward on hard tile. My chin, both knees and right elbow took the brunt of the fall. Right knee a bloody mess.

Lisa ran out. Would not let me get up. Little did she know,  I could not. Finally, I made it. Straight to the easy chair and ottoman in her living room. There we were. Ally and me. Ally on the couch. Poppa in the chair next to her. For five hours!

Lisa cleaned and bandaged my right knee. I hurt all day and all night. Feel better this morning. Surprisingly, no bruises. I ache all over this morning, but no where as bad as yesterday.

Ally finally got to the doctor late in the afternoon. She has some sort of infection. She is being treated with an anti biotic. Hopefully she will be on the mend today.

I do not know why I fall. This is the fourth time in two months. Each time it occurs, it is because I stub my toe or miss a stair. I fear an aging infirmity is upon me.

Last night I spent in bed. With the computer on my lap. I published to Amazon Kindle an article I wrote about a couple of months ago for KONK Life. Titled: Greece and Pedophilia. The thrust of the column involved Greece developing a new code. It was expected to become law soon. In the code, pedophilia is one of the listed disabilities entitling a person to a government pension.

It is a crazy world! These things cannot be made up!

My concern was and is twofold. First, something is wrong wherein a government rewards a heinous crime such as pedophilia. Second, Greece is broke. On the verge of total economic collapse. Greece cannot afford this type pension. And along these lines, such is an example of why Greece is going down the tubes. Government pensions to pedophiles!

I was comparing Apple and Google yesterday. I am in the market for a new cell phone and I Pad. I was talking about some v thing. I could not recall the word. I am losing it. It was not a v thing. It was android.

Bocce tonight. I do not know if I am going to make it. My right knee is bandaged and does not bend well.

Enjoy your day!


Education time yesterday.

I am in the market for a new cell phone and I Pad. My present phone AT&T. I visited AT&T and Verizon. Left both places with a gigantic headache. Confusing stuff to a person of my age.

It seems Verizon might be the best deal. The I Pad would be a v something. Not Apple.

I would appreciate any suggestions. All greek to me.

Speaking of Greek, I bought some new shirts at Orvis yesterday for my Greece trip. I will be leaving in about 10 days.

Then spent some time shopping for Robert’s birthday gift. Went to the to the toy store on Mallory Square. I am not sharing what I bought Robert with you. I knew his mother would be upset. She was. You would probably be upset, also.

Lunch was exciting. We have a new place in Key West. 5 Guys.

I have heard of 5 Guys in recent years. Everyone speaks well of the operation. Key West’s is located in the little L shaped shopping mall behind the ice cream and water sports booths on the corner of Truman and Duval. It has been open about a week.

I was absolutely impressed. The best cheeseburger I have ever had.

It was assembly line preparation. One employee put mayonaise on the roll. The next mustard and ketchup. The next tomatoes. And so on. It reminded me of my former wife. She helped out at the Rescue Mission on Flagler at lunch time for a couple of years. Her job: buttering the bread.

The place was packed. A winner.

Birthday party time last night. Great cake baked by Lisa! Chocolate with a white frosting. Just what Robert ordered. Robert was pleased with his gifts and his day. He was excited by my gift. I was correct. Lisa’s eyes went up when she saw it.

Ally still sick. Low grade fever and not eating. She is beginning to look emaciated.

I watched the Miami/Indiana game last night. It looked like the start of World War  III.

Dentist visit at 9 this morning. I have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!



Sunrise this morning was a fiery orange ball breaking through a bank of dark gray clouds. Pretty.

Busy day yesterday. Began with the dentist. One of my implants was screwed up. Actually, not screwed any longer. Something fell out. A tiny gasket. Took all of ten minutes to correct. These implants are amazing. I feel like the bionic man. Bionic as far as my teeth are concerned.

After the dentist, I went over to Publix. Robert was sick and had a fever. Lisa wanted popsicles for him.

I spent the rest of the day working on You Tube. The technical aspects. Like where to do the show from. It will be my home. But where specifically?  I decided to move around. Inside and out, depending on the day.

I was hopeful You Tube would be locked in by the end of this week. It will not. I now suspect it will take till the end of next week.

Lisa telephoned in the middle of the afternoon. She needed me to babysit a while. She had to pick up Ally from school. It was easy. Robert was sound asleep on the couch. He looked sick.

I spoke with Corey this morning. Robert is still aching. Still sick. But on the mend. He ate last night which was good. He was still asleep. Unusual for Robert. He is generally awake by six. It is now 8:30.

My plan was to start with the Chart Room last night. I never made it. I opted instead to stay in. I read. I am still reading Rachel Maddow’s book Drift. I dislike her writing style. Her paragraphs are loaded with details and her opinions. Too much of both. Makes for difficult reading.

The story itself is interesting, if you can hang in there. Has to do with the use of military power by Presidents. Assuming her research of the Reagan years is correct, Reagan mislead everyone as to Grenada and the strength of Communist Russia. I find it amazing that she has come up with facts to support her premise. I consider Reagan to have been one of our great Presidents. Even if what she says about Reagan is true, his results overshadow the means used to achieve them. I recall President Johnson saying once that Presidents have to be devious. He gave us Vietnam.

Enjoy your day!