We are in a new era, a new day!

Dishwashers are noisy. No more. They now are quiet. It is called sound damping.

My dishwasher is about 10 years old. I only run it at night when I go upstairs to bed. The racket drives me crazy. I research and write at the kitchen counter. I have difficulty doing so with the clatter from the dishwasher.

Lisa’s dishwasher died. Just like that. Not fixable. It was off to Sears for a new one. Nothing fancy. Actually, the cheapest on the floor.

Got it to Lisa’s and installed. Ran it. Something was wrong. No noise! Not a peep. Wow! A major advancement as far as I am concerned.

Stopped at Walgreens yesterday for a prescription drug pick up. My pills seem to be more expensive. Even the generics. Not my imagination. I read yesterday that insurance companies are raising the price of prescription drugs to make up for what they claim they are losing under the hospital and medical portions of Obamacare. I plan on researching this issue further.

The gentleman ahead of me in line was there to pick up drugs for Nancy Robinson. I know Nancy. Many of you do as well. A Key West icon. Now 90. Effervescent and charming. Mother of Martha and a son. It was her son I met yesterday.

Nancy is ill. Martha mentioned recently that her brother had come to Key West to assist in caring for Nancy. I asked him to say hello and extend my best wishes to his Mom.

Nancy, I believe you occasionally read my blog. I know you read my book The World Upside Down. I hope you are reading me today. All of Key west wishes you well. Get better soon. I miss seeing you around town. The world misses seeing you around town.

It was humid. I wanted a cool place to read. I headed to the Marriott Beachside. Spent an hour sitting in the lobby reading the various newspapers and sipping the free lemon water the hotel provides.

The Marriott Beachside is a touch of New York in Key West. Love the atmosphere, love the flavor.

Lisa was 50 yesterday. We celebrated with a family dinner at home. The in laws were in to join the festivities. The grandkids all excited. Robert and Ally had done paintings on canvas for their Mom. Great paintings! Lisa was pleased.

Lisa did not want to go out. She wanted to cook. The compromise was we sent out for pizzas.

Lisa did make the desert, however. A sponge cake sliced down the center and filled with lemon creme. The whole thing buried in whipped cream.

Ally was in charge as usual with the lights, singing, etc. A good time was had by all!

My blog talk radio show later last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Great fun for me once again. Hope you enjoyed listening. Those who may have missed, the show is archived and available on Facebook and Twitter also.

There is always a particular topic or two that tickles the fancy of listeners. Last night it was the one involving banks de-risking. A new game banks are playing. The word whorish might describe it best. I plan to write next week’s KONK Life column concerning the issue.

Enjoy your day!


Today is the birthday of James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851). A famous American author. Penned Leatherstocking Tales. His most well known work, The Last of the Mohicans.

Cooper spent most of his life in Cooperstown. The same community in upstate New York that today is the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. His father founded Cooperstown. A community which sits on beautiful Otsego Lake.

Cooperstown is a 45 minute drive from my hometown of Utica.

Father and son Cooper were men of wealth. The elder having come by it the old fashioned way. He worked for it. His son inherited substantial monies at age 21. Nevertheless, the younger Cooper worked hard. First as a seaman and then as an author.

Father Cooper built the family home on Otsego Lake. He called it Otsego Hall. His son James lived there after his father’s death. The home at some point burned down.

It was replaced in later years with what today is known as The Fenimore Art Museum. I have  visited the building many times. As an attendee at cocktail parties and as a tourist. The home sits on a small hill overlooking the lake.

A rural village and farm were constructed nearby. It is called Farmers’ Museum. America, 1845. A whole village. Small buildings for a doctor’s office, a lawyer’s office, a grocery store, a blacksmith shop, a home, a farm, farm animals and more. Very real.

The buildings and furnishings are the same as they were in 1845. People back then were smaller than today. The beds and furniture reflect the difference in size from today. Even the smallest of us would be too big for the beds.

The Farmers’ Museum is the home of the Cardiff giant. All 10.45 feet of him. The Cardiff giant was a hoax. Someone had this giant constructed from wood and other materials. The body was planted on a farm. “Accidentally” dug up a few years later. Touted as the discovery of a prehistoric man. It was several years before the statue was deemed not for real. It has no place at the Farmers’ Museum, but there it lies. I found the Cardiff giant interesting.

My father took me to visit the Farmers’ Museum. I took my children and most of my grandchildren.

On one of the visits, it was me and twin grandsons Mathew and Michael. They were 4. We passed a horse who at the moment had an 18 foot erection. Their eyes bulged. I said nothing. Just hurried them along.

A little later, we were in the Museum’s drug store. This was the time of the Clinton/Lewinsky matter. A radio news show was discussing the matter. Matthew looked up at me and said…..Poppa, he did something wrong. Didn’t he? I responded…..Yes, he did.

An observation. Cooperstown is small town America. Yesterday preserved. The Baseball Hall of Fame and the Fenimore sites have made the community neither touristy nor tarnished. Much of its condition is due to the care and attention provided by the Singer Sewing Machine family. They have resided in Cooperstown for years. It is their community. They are proud of it. They have controlled building on the lake, kept the area pristine clean and sparkling. Nothing happens with out their blessing. They are to be complimented for what they have preserved and achieved.

Yesterday was a normal Key West sunday. A visit to Walgreens and Office Max. Lunch outside at Salute’s. A mahi mahi sandwich and the sunday papers. A couple of hours at Don’s Place watching professional football. Don was in all his glory as Buffalo won. Spent a bit of time working on tuesday’s blog talk radio show. Dinner in the evening with Lisa and the family.

Enjoy your day!



Everything went to the side yesterday. My aching back determined my activities. Which amounted to little.

I left the house to go to Walgreen. I was out of certain heart pills. Did not want to screw around and go a day or two without. Stopped at Lisa’s on the way home for lunch and to visit with Robert and Ally. Had an afternoon scheduled with friends. Canceled it. Dinner planned with other friends. Called that off also.

I spent most of the day in bed trying to find a comfortable position. Watched college football off and on. Had a good deep sleep at one point.

Georgia impressed me. I forget the player’s name, but he was fantastic. Running, scoring, doing everything.

I noticed that the State has added an additional feature to the Boulevard. Pedestrian island stations. That is how they are called. Concrete islands in 3 or 4 spots in the center lane so people crossing have an island of protection.

A benefit? I am not sure. People have been getting across for years. I worry that the stations will invite accidents. Some turns will be difficult because of the concrete slabs.

There are no traffic lights to stop traffic so pedestrians can cross. The islands will mean people running across to a station in the middle and then waiting for an opening to hurry to cross the other half of the highway.

I am beginning to wonder whether it is old age that is causing me to be upset with new portions of the Boulevard. It could be I am reluctant to change.

IS keeps bothering me. We are told within a month London and the U.S. will suffer a terrorist attack. Obama seems to be vacillating. Maybe not. Perhaps merely a cover. Whatever, I say wait not for the terrorists to attack us on our home soil. Wait not for another 9/11 and close to 3,000 lives lost. Hit them now and hit them hard. Destroy them. Worry afterwards how a strike might appear to help Assad. Our primary concern should be for our people here in the USA.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I have played a game with my children and grandchildren over the years. The kids all participated till they became aware of the truth regarding Santa Claus.

I told them Santa Claus was my friend and that we talked on the telephone! And because of our friendship, he visited our home each year on Christmas Eve at dinner time to say hello to them. Santa was coached each year to tell the kids that Poppa was his friend. It gave credence to the relationship.

I was a big deal with all the children!

Now, there are only two left to act out this joyful charade. Robert and Ally. They still believe in Santa. With a fervor.

Yesterday, I  stopped at Lisa’s. Robert and Ally were home from school. I told them I had telephoned Santa that morning. They both got excited. Is he coming? I don’t know was my response. He could not come to the phone. He was in the factory with the elfs making toys. But…..he will call me back.

Last night, I worked till 10 finishing and fine tuning tomorrow’s TV/Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. First time in ages I have been totally prepared a day early.

A good show. Watch, if you can. Every week more and more crazy things occur world wide. I am pleased I can share them with you.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is at 10 in the morning my time. Airs via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 all the way north through Miami-Dade County. It is available in 250,000 homes. The show also airs on the internet world wide.

During the course of the evening, I also published an article on Amazon Kindle: Big Brother. In retrospect, it could also have been labeled Peek a Boo…..I See You. It is the story of cameras and microphones being hidden in television sets for third party viewing.

Walgreen and walking were my two big out of house activities yesterday. Had to wait 20 minutes at Walgreen to pick up a prescription. The Walgreen system sucks.

Key West is unusual in many respects. One is outdoor home Christmas decorations. The locals go crazy! More homes decorated than up north. And better decorated in many instances. I have always wondered why. I suspect it might be the lack of snow. Something additional is needed to contribute to the holiday spirit.

I get out of the house this morning. I have a 10 o’clock haircut appointment with Lori.

Enjoy your day!



The sunset last night was beautiful. One of the most beautiful I have seen. I was on my deck. The sun settled behind a bank of white and gray clouds. Brilliance radiating around and through the clouds.

Rained heavy during the night.

This morning the sky is gray. Very little wind. Water crawling. I suspect the gray will turn to gold and we will have another glorious day.

Needed to stop at Walgreens on the Boulevard yesterday for a prescription. The parking lot was empty. Only three customers in the store, including me. I asked the druggist if the construction was the problem. Yes, it was. How many businesses, big and small, must be hurting. We are told it will take two years to complete the work.

My next stop was Publix. What I am about to relate has nothing to do with the construction.

Saturday is a good day to shop at Publix. Went to the new one. I have noticed over the years that very few people in Key West grocery shop on Saturday. As opposed to Sunday when Publix is a mad house.

Dinner was me alone at the bar at Hogfish last night. Actually never alone on a Saturday night at Hogfish. The bar is packed with fisherman. Not the tourist type. The ones that have lived here all year long for many years. Saturday night is there time to howl. They are tough looking. Though meek. Dark skinned. Wrinkled. Bearded. Some a bit toothless. Good people all! Most are shrimp boaters.

This is Poker Run Weekend. Motorcyclists galore come to Key West. Their ladies hanging on behind them on their cycles. Beautiful bikes. Expensive. The bikers are here for a fun filled weekend.

There does not seem to be as many this Weekend. I saw fewer bikes and was subjected to much less noise. The bikes make a big racket. They come racing down US 1 20-30 at a time. I did not see that at all this weekend. Could the reasion be a forewarning of the construction?

The teachers bother me with regard to the Chicago teacher strike. Enough is enough. Settle this thing. Put it to rest. We are being told every day we are a day away. Then we are told there are a few more details and the union wants to see everything in writing.

We may be looking at a last hurrah with this strike. The teachers may have won a battle. I suspect they ultimately will lose the war. My sense also is that the leaders are a bunch of rank amateurs enjoying their fifteen minutes.

Let’s put this matter in perspective. Only 60 percent of Chicago students graduate. Need more be said?

My heart is heavy. I saw a picture on the internet this morning of Ambassador Stevens. He was in pants and a tee shirt. Apparently dead. Being dragged through the mob.

There is brief comment on the internet this morning also that the Ambassador was raped. I share this information reluctantly. It may not be true. Take it with a grain of salt.

My concern is that if he was, our government should share it with us. As soon as known and verified. Nothing should be kept from the American people. We are being attacked in 20 different places. More of our people may die. We may retaliate. The ramifications of any and all actions will have consequences. So we should be made aware up front of everything that has occurred and is occurring.

A somber note to end this blog on. Sorry.

Enjoy your Sunday!



What a lovely morning!

The sun rose with a pink back drop. The hue continued onto my neighbors’ homes. Yellow and light green houses were altered muted colors this morning. Pretty.

I spent several hours yesterday working on the trip photos. Getting there.

Stopped at Walgreen. Had four prescriptions to pick up. I am out of the donut. What was costing me a $100 plus per prescription for a few months is now in the $2 to $10 range. This donut thing is a disgrace. I understand Obamacare helps with it. I am not sure how.

I enjoyed a late  fantastic lunch while enjoying a spectacular view. At the Southernmost on the Beach. Part of the Southernmost Complex. Open aired. Great food. The water a mere 50 feet away. People, beach chairs and umbrellas between you and the beach.

Then to Don’s Place. Stayed for only one drink. The company was good. However, I preferred watching the last few holes of the golf tournament from the comfort of my bed.

Don and David there. Watching the golf tournament. Todd bartending.

Don is sponsoring a bloody mary contest tonight. I am not sure whether it is who can make the best one, or who can consume the most. I may stop in to watch.

It was a good final round for the golf tournament. Tiger hung 2-3 strokes behind. He did not falter on the last day. McIlroy won by two strokes. Tiger was third, 2 behind.

Spent the rest of my Labor Day watching old movies on TV.

Tonight through Friday, the Democratic convention. I will be glued to the TV for most of it.

Enjoy your day!

Special note: It is raining. The pink must have foretold the rain.



I was correct. I have pink eye. Dr. Lefferts confirmed it yesterday morning.

Prescribed drops. She had her office call the prescription into Walgreens to be ready for pick up at noon. I received a recorded message around 11 that it would not be timely ready and they would call to tell me when.

It was six in the evening. No call from Walgreens yet. My eye was no better. Perhaps worse. I drove to Walgreens to see if the prescription was ready. It was not. I was told the drops were rarely used and they did not stock it. The clerk told me he did not know when the prescription would be filled.

I got upset. My problem is today I told him.

I asked to speak to the pharmacist. He tried to be helpful. Said he would call around to other drug stores to see if they had it. I played that game once. A pain in the ass! And not successful.

In the end, the pharmacist screwed around on his computer a while and told me the prescription would be available tomorrow (today) at one.

Not the way to run a business! Especially one that makes Walgreens a ton of money daily.

I spent some time at the Chart Room last night chatting.

Michael bartends at Smokin’ Tuna. He recently turned 40. He was enjoying a bus man’s holiday at the Chart Room.

A few days ago Michael was watching the sunset somewhere at Mallory Square. He saw two people a distance out in the water. They were in the water waving their arms. Obviously in distress. Michael dove in and swam out to them.

It was good that he did.

One of the persons in the water had scrapped his thigh against something. It had to be a hard blow. He had ruprured his artery. Blood was flowing out rapidly.

Michael got the person to shore. He ripped a branch of a tree, took off his tee shirt and wrapped both tightly around the guy’s thigh. Soon the Coast Guard arrived and the injured person was helicoptered to Miami.

Michael does not know who the person was that he saved. The injured person does not know it was Michael. Perhaps they will learn of each other through this blog.

Michael…..A genuine hero!

JJ was bartending. Leslie at the bar aslo.

Captain Tony Days start today and run through Sunday.

Captain Tony can best be described as a son of Key West.

His biggest claim to fame was Catain Tony’s Bar on Greene Street. He ran it for almost 30 years. In addition to being a bar keep, Captain Tony was a charter boat captain, gun runner, gambler, politician and at one time Mayor of Key West. Along the way, he married four times and fathered thirteen children.

Captain Tony ran for Mayor four times before being elected. One of his unsuccessful campaigns was headed up by Jimmy Buffett. Buffet and Captain Tony were obviously close. Buffett wrote a song about Captain Tony. Last Mango in Paris. The opening lines of the song…..I went down to Captain Tony’s / To get out of the heat / Heard a voice call out to me / Son come have a seat.

The girls leave today. Donna and Terri are packed and ready to go. Their ultimate destination is Los Angeles. They are moving there permanently. They came to Key West to get their furniture out of storage. The next stop is New York to get their furniture out of the apartment there. Then onward to Los Angeles.

They rented a huge Budget truck. They are driving the furniture from Kest West to New York and then Los Angeles themselves. Their car hooked on the back.

Crazy! I wish them good luck. They will make it. I told them this morning to record the events of each day. The trip has the makings of a good book.

Marvin Hamlisch died yesterday. I feel the loss of a contemporary. The world, including me, enjoyed his music all our lives.

I was aware Terri knew and was a personal friend of Hamlisch. When I read the news of his death on the internet, I telephoned Donna. She and Terri were at Aqua. Terri was judging a singing contest.

Terri took the loss hard. She got up on the stage and sang one of his songs. What I Did For Love from Chorus Line. With tears running down her face.

May he rest in peace.

That was my yesterday.

Enjoy your today!


What a busy week!

In two days, I will be off on my trip. An adventure. I leave for Italy and Greece saturday morning. For two months!

I am excited.

Getting ready is a lot of work. I am not complaining. When I am lying around on the beaches in Santorini and Mykinosis, it will  have been worth it.

Yesterday started with the dentist. I thought I was finished.  Am not. I will be back there again at 9 this morning. Something is wrong. The implants are not working. That is the only way to describe it at the moment.

Ran around a lot yesterday. The bank. Had to figure out the euros situation. If Greece collapses and the eoru with it, the American dollar will be king. Sloan and I worked diligently preparing for You Tube.  Spent time at Walgreens getting my prescriptions in order for two months. Shopped for some incidental clothing. Key West needs more than a Sears and K Mart.

Speaking of You Tube, I now plan on starting my daily You Tube show next week. It will be a 2-3 minute commentary. Daily. One issue. It will come to you for the first time from Italy and then for several weeks from Greece. I am excited about the show!

Last night the Chart Room. I needed a couple of drinks. Then to the Hot Tin Roof. I watched a bit off the Miami/Indiana game while eating. I left before the game was over. Do not know who won. Miami was ahead by about 8 points when I left.

Another busy day ahead of me.

Yankee Jack made a funny yesterday. Yankee is a dear friend. Everyone’s friend. He is a bit over weight. Weighs about 440 pounds. No kidding.

Yankee wrote me on Facebook yesterday. We have not seen each other in a while. He sings at the Bull afternoons. He said stop into the Bull and see me. I’m the thin guy!

Enjoy your day!