Always an interesting evening. Dinner with Stephanie Kaple. Last night at the Hot Tin Roof.

She was a few minutes late. She had to park her bicycle at the Pier House and walk over. She came flying through the doors. A sight to behold. A knockout white sundress with multi colored small flowers. Her long hair flowing. She hugged me, kissed me, and kept repeating how sorry she was to be late.

Stephanie impresses me. She is 30 years old. A good two generations behind my 78. The world excites her. She is involved in everything. I am surprised she even had time to have dinner with me.

Stephanie is deeply involved with the homeless. Her vocation in life. They are lucky to have her.

She is also the Key West Shoe Girl. Loves high heeled expensive designer shoes. Last night she was wearing Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Also, Channel earrings. Stephanie saves and spends her money on designer shoes. They are as important to her as the homeless. Maybe more.

We enjoyed a drink and dinner. Both ordered the snapper. Excellent!

Stephanie started playing bocce about three years ago. She is now captain of her team. I would not have expected less. Her team is relatively new to the sport. The team is in second place. Me and my team are experienced. We have been around the block many times. We continue to play poorly in recent seasons.

I walked Stephanie back to her bicycle after dinner.

Stephanie’s mother reads this blog frequently. I am sure she is reading it today knowing I was out with her daughter last night. Mrs. Kaple, worry not! Stephanie behaved herself.

I lunched yesterday at a place I have not been to in at least 5 years. The Hurricane. An outdoor place on the water. The first road off US 1 after leaving Key West. A pleasant place. I prefer Hogfish and Geiger Key. I do not know why.

Someone told me Joy Art Gallery at the corner of Simonton and Eaton was selling Jack Baron paintings. Jack was a dear friend. I have about a dozen of his works. He died a little over six years ago.

It was noon. The gallery was closed. A sign on the door…..Back in 15 minutes. I returned fifteen minutes later. Still locked. I am going to try to stop by today.

I am ashamed. Thursday April 10 was my Father’s birthday. He would have been 99 had he not passed away last year. I forgot. Belated happy birthday greetings Dad!

I apologize. But I must ask him this question…..How is Mom?

The World Upside Down is still out there selling. I am impressed. If you wish to obtain a copy, the book is available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Enjoy your day!



Today’s Key West Citizen editorial is out of line. Its author appears uniformed.

The subject is One human Family. The term being representative of Key West for many years. The words painting an accurate picture of Key West’s people.

I have been a part of Key West for more than a quarter century. The term has always meant to me a binding together of the heterosexual and gay communities. One loving community.

The editorial lumps every today malady into the term in an effort to portray Key West as no longer that one loving family. It applies One Human Family to bicyclists screwing up traffic, Duval bars making too much noise, and so forth. None of which in my opinion fall under the umbrella of One Human Family.

A unique morning. The wind is strong off the ocean. A bit cold, also. It carries with it a clean smell. The only way the experience can be described.

One of the wonders of Key West is that on any given day we can watch the sun rise and set over water. Very few in this world are blessed with the experience.

Yesterday was a wild one! From 10 to 2, I was running around. Six separate stops in my travels. Dealing with necessary things that somehow all got lumped into yesterday. The traffic problems caused by the boulevard construction did not help. I was exhausted when I returned home.

I enjoyed a light dinner at Roostica. Ten chicken wings covered in a lemon oil and broiled.

Last night was my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I reviewed the weekly sins of the world. Post show comments indicate two the most popular.

One had to do with the dramatic rise in the cost of gasoline the past three weeks. Thirty seven cents a gallon! Yesterday alone, twelve cents. The  station near my home was $3.95 in the morning and $4.07 in the evening.

The other with Afghanistan’s opium trade. It was next to nothing when the U.S. went to war there 13 years ago. Today, it is a thriving $68 billion a year business. Thank you, Uncle Sam.

Watched the women’s NCAA final game last night. Another Connecticut  team the winner. The ladies are the Final Four Champions. Amazing! Connecticut! Both in men’s and women’s basketball!

Chamonix is in France. I have mentioned it in recent years. Chamonix is just over the border from northern Italy. A tiny village. An international ski resort. It sits in  a small valley half way up Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is Europe’s highest peak.

I have visited several times. Only in the summer. Each time I enjoyed sitting at an outside cafe, drink in hand, enjoying the view. The gigantic mountain surrounding me. Awesome!

The earth moved yesterday in Chamonix. An earthquake. A 4.8. No damage or injuries fortunately.

I did a little home work regarding Chamonix and earthquakes. Turns out there have been tons going back to before Christ. Many in the last five years. All I can think of is that there is going to be big time devastation if a larger earthquake hits. Portions of Mont Blanc could come tumbling down on little Chamonix.

Monday afternoon Stephanie Kaple telephoned. To invite me to join her for dinner. How nice! She even gave me my choice of three evenings. We will be dining together friday night.

Enjoy your day!


Time moves on. Things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

The 2007/2008 recession hit Key West hard. People did not have the money to vacation in Key West. The tourist season has been getting better the last two years, however. Last night it appeared unquestionably better!

I was having dinner at Square One. With the lovely Stephanie Kaple, The Key West Shoe Girl. She wears heels all the time. The tall ones. Even when playing bocce.

Square One was mobbed when I arrived and it stayed that way all night. Standing room only at the bar waiting for a table. Several deep. A spark of excitement in the air. I had not felt nor experienced it for several years.

Carmelo worked hard last night. I am happy for him that the new Square One Restaurant is a success.

The Key West Citizen has a daily historical part on page 2. Happenings from fifty years ago. Two items caught my attention this morning. One involved Arthur Godfrey and the other the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Arthur Godfrey was a big TV star in the 1950s and into the early 1960s. His was CBS’ most successful show.

I met Arthur Godfrey once briefly. In the mid 1950s, I was attending Manhattan College in New York City. One of the many part time jobs was as a messenger delivery boy. No bicycles then. Each messenger had a small several block area. You walked fast!

I was in and out of the CBS Building all the time. Many of which I saw Arthur Godfrey moving around. After making a delivery one day, I was in the elevator going down. Arthur Godfrey was on it, also. Just me and him. He look at me and mouthed a gruff hello.

There was a limousine waiting for Godfrey at the curb. As he was about to get in, he looked at me again. Where are you going, kid? I told him. It was about five blocks away. Get in, he said. I’ll give you a ride. It was an exciting ride for me. We chatted. He asked me all kinds of questions about myself.

An awesome experience for a 19 year old!

The other 50 years ago news item mentioned the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thirteen days in 1962 of tension for the world. We were going to war with Russia! Thank God it was avoided.

When the missile crisis occurred, I was two years into my law practice and had fathered three of my four children. Lisa was down the road.

Kenneth Keating was a United States Senator from New York. He brought the Cuban missiles to the world’s attention. He was the first one! He drummed on it daily in the Senate in open floor debate. The Senate did that then.

Keating was a good man and had done a good thing. No one was ever going to beat him. He could be U.S. Senator from New York forever.

It was not to be. Robert Kennedy claimed a New York residency and ran against Keating. Only a Kennedy could have beat him.

The election was the first time I met Robert Kennedy. I was a young active Democrat. He was speaking in Rome, N.Y. He, I and his advance man (who had slept at my home the night before) met on a stage behind a curtain for a quick five minute strategy meeting while a speaker and a political rally were going on on the other side.

My first impression of Kennedy was he was cold and calculating. His eyes never left yours. He understood the lay of the land and the way he wanted things done.

The Cuban Missile Crisis had many connections to Key West. Key West was the first line of defense. Artillery weapons and the military blanketed Smathers Beach.

President Kennedy came to visit Key West after the crisis was over. It was a short visit. One day. He lunched with the then State Senator John Spottswood. He may have been Sheriff at the time. I am not sure.

The movie PT 109 was in its formative stage. Spottswood suggested to the President the movie be shot in the Keys. Specifically, Little Palm Island. Spottswood owned the island at the time. The movie eventually was shot on the island.

John Spottswood became a powerful figure. He is one of those responsible for Key West becoming what it is today. His family has succeeded him in pursuing the best interests of Key West. I only know Robert and Elena Spottswood. Great people! Key West is their heart and soul.

Lets stay with the Kennedys for a moment. I see from the news that Kerry Kennedy was acquitted yesterday of the DUI charge. It took the jury a little more than an hour to decide. I think the charge and trial were the result of a publicity seeking young prosecutor looking to nail a big one. It would have enhanced his or her career. The whole thing was a disgrace. The woman was prosecuted/persecuted because she was a Kennedy.

Syracuse basketball today. At 4. Against Virginia. A big game! The spread has been moving. Today, Virginia is a four point favorite. I have absolutely no idea what the result will be. It has been that kind of season.

I will be watching the game at Don’s Place.

Enjoy your day!


Blog is being written late today. It is noon. Sorry. I had an early morning appointment in Key West which took up most of the morning.

Mandy Miles is a colorful writer. She pens a column each Sunday for the Key West Citizen. Front page. Always interesting.

Yesterday’s was titled Who In their Right Mind?

Mandy was at the corner of Duval and Caroline. Her car had the light. Someone walked against the light in front of her. Fortunately, Mandy was paying more attention than the pedestrian and no accident occurred.

Mandy was sufficiently upset to write the column mentioned. She referred to the walking wrongdoer as a color blind pedestrian.

I want to add my two cents to her comments.

What I am about to say pertains to locals and tourists alike. As adults they have forgotten the rules of the road they learned when young. Simple things. Like look before you cross.

Pedestrians forget there are cars on the road. As mentioned, they rarely look before crossing. Bicyclists are equally as bad. Guilty of all the same things as pedestrians, plus running stops signs and lights. Mopeds are guilty of everything. However, on a lesser scale.

Driving a car downtown can be a nerve wracking experience. I drove a cab in New York City while in college. It was a hell of a lot easier than driving Key West streets.

I rarely agree with Key West Citizen editorials. Yesterday, I did. The Citizen said it was time for America’s iron curtain to fall as regards Cuba. I have written and spoke recently to the same effect. Enough of the punishment. What happened was 50 years ago. It is time to end the embargo and travel restrictions.

I can understand the pain of the families who were forced to flee Cuba and who came to our shores penniless. That was two generations ago. The Cuban society succeeded. It is time to move on.

Bebe Rebozo. A name I have not heard in years. Bebe was President Nixon’s buddy. They traveled and fished together. Most of the time in south Florida.

I read this morning that Bebe bought a home in Key West some fifty years ago. An old conch house at 513 Whitehead Street.

Robert and Ally came over yesterday. To swim. The pool is not heated. It did not bother them. Ally wanted to go in the canal, also. Not yesterday. No one wanted to go in  with her.

It was close to the mid 80s yesterday and very humid. Great February weather! Jake looked like he could not handle the humidity. He stayed inside my air conditioned home with me. This was the first time Jake had been permitted to roam free in the house. He appeared hesitant to move about. Lisa carried him from room to room on the first floor acclimating Jake to the house. Everything was fine thereafter.

I had a dinner date tonight. Key West’s Shoe Girl Stephanie Kaple. I was unaware Syracuse was playing this evening. Called Stephanie to cancel. This is the second time I have. She knew when she heard my voice that I was backing out. We have rescheduled for Wednesday evening.

Syracuse and Maryland at 7. At Maryland. We lost 2 games last week. We have lost a total of 2 games. Maryland has lost 12. Means nothing. Boston College that had lost 19 beat Syracuse earlier last week. I suspect/hope that Syracuse will be sufficiently aggravated over the losses and come out strong against Maryland.

I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

Enjoy your day!



My cold got worse overnight. It is now in my chest. My nose runs constantly, the sneezes are frequent.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening in bed. I take care of Louis when I am under the weather. The last time I recall a cold of this severity was about 12 years ago. I was in Utica and it was the middle of the winter. Freezing cold. I had the same symptoms then that I have been experiencing the past 24 hours.

One of Key West’s most famous persons is Jean Carper. A delightful lady. Jean has authored many books about foods and the remedy they provide for common ailments. I had one of her books home with me in Utica at the time. I looked up cold, runny nose, couphing and sneezing. The answer……Eat garlic cloves! Two or three raw garlic cloves would provide immediate relief for about two hours. Then eat two more cloves.

I did it. Absolutely amazing! Within minutes, I stop sneezing, coughing and my running notes disappeared. A welcome relief especially for my poor red nose. I could breathe easily. I felt terrific. Two hours later when the cold symptoms returned, I ate two more garlic cloves.

I was home alone all day. When my former wife came home later in the afternoon, she immediately said the house stunk of garlic. What have you been eating? I told her.

She was impressed that it worked. She knew Jean, also. She  as aware that Jean was a wise woman when it came to food remedies. The only problem that arose was my wife would not sleep in the same bedroom with me that night.

Interestingly, I am not a fan of garlic. I try to avoid eating anything seasoned with garlic.

I have no garlic cloves. I am going to shower and go out today. To buy garlic cloves. I will offend no one. I will be home alone all day and all night.

The cold bothered me so much yesterday that I neither researched nor wrote. I stayed in bed all day and watched television.

An interesting homeless story. Every State in the Union has a homeless problem. Utah came up with a unique solution  eight years ago. They gave the homeless apartments and houses for free. They also gave each a social worker to assist them in getting back into the stream of life.

Utah found it costs $16,670 per person in 2005 for jail stays and emergency room services provided the homeless. By following this give them an apartment approach, the figure has been reduced to $11,000. More importantly, in a mere eight years Utah has reduced its homeless problem by 78%. It is anticipated that the problem will be totally eliminated by 2015


Stephanie Kaple take note! Though I am sure I am not telling you anything you do not already know.

Syracuse plays Miami tomorrow at one in Miami. The odds/Vegas line confuse me. In one place it is seven points, another 17 points. The important thing is that everyone sees Syracuse winning. I do, also.

I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. I can have lunch while enjoying the game.

Enjoy your day!



If anyone asks what you do when it appears there is  nothing to do, tell them to look at me.

I am going to do a blog talk radio show. It will be known as the Key West Lou Talk Show.

I have decided to start slowly. A one half hour show. Tuesday mornings at 7. My time.

Your computer is the radio. Turn it on and tune me in. Listen to the show while you eat breakfast, shave, etc. Just as you do now with the TV that you are not actually watching.

A current events show, I will make my position known. Listeners can call in, make a statement, disagree, ask a question, whatever. If it works, the airways could get hot!

Initially,  I can handle five call ins.

If the show works out, I will be thinking time change and a longer show. The time could stay morning, be mid afternoon, dinner time or late at night. It will be my option. Yours, also. I will be asking for input.

Next week, I will provide the particulars as to how to call in.

Sounds like a fun time in the making.

When I was a practicing attorney with a large staff, all personal matters were taken care of for me. Now I am like every one else. I am my own staff. Difficult to handle on occasion.

Yesterday, I wanted to renew my medicare supplemental policy and my drug policy. Both are with AARP sponsored United Health Care. Each renewal required its own call. One comapny, two separate divisions.

The drug renewal call kept me waiting 3.5 hours on the phone before a human came on. That is how it works. If you want to do business with them, you dance to their tune. The medicare supplement was not so bad. Only a half hour.

Disgraceful. United Health Care makes a ton of money. There should be no problem in putting on another 50-100 telephone sales persons.

Those four hours spent waiting conmsumed my afternoon.

I did get out to walk in the morning before the phone calls. The Marriott Beachside parking garage. Open aired. Four levels. Up and down for a half hour.

My diet is stalemated. I lost a ton the first 10 days. Twelve pounds. Gained a pound yesterday. From this point forward, I suspect the loss will be 2-3 pounds a week. I will be happy with that.

Going out to dinner tonight! How? I am on a very restrictive diet. Easy. I plan on eating my diet meal before I leave. While dining, I shall limit myself to two diet Pepsis and a cup of coffee. All the time talking with my guest Stephanie Kaple, the Island Shoe Girl. She will be stuffing herself. I will hate her by the end of the meal.

Congress in disarray. Cannot agree on anything. Has been this way for years.

This is not the first time. Two other occasions come to mind. I am sure there were more.

From 1840 to 1861, the issue was slavery. Whether new states and territories would be free or slave. As bad as the economic issues are today. So bad that one political party disappeared and a new one appeared in its place. The one that nominated Abraham Lincoln.

Another occasion was most of the 1930s. It all started with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s election. The Republicans thought he was going to ruin the country with  his socialistic plans. Things like Social Security. Bad blood and bad talk were rampant.

The bottom line is we are living under circumstances that have occurred in the past. The Nation will survive. It always has.

I would be comfortable however if these asses in Washington would get their acts together and get things done in a more orderly fashion. The items they favor are not of such importance that they should threaten the country. There are round holes and square holes. A round item will not fit in a square hole and vice versa. Both parties rely too rigidly on their basic philosophies.

I visit the doctor again this afternoon. One of those things cut off my body a couple of weeks ago came back bad. More has to be removed. No big deal. I am not concerned.

Enjoy your day!




MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: My European trip photos will start posting Monday! Finally! Thank you for your indulgence.

The pics will be spread over 12 days. Each grouping will involve a particular activity or place.

The photos are not as good as I would wish them to be. Took all of them with a couple of years old cell phone. Next time, I will do it better. A camera. In addition, I would post the pics daily rather than save them to the end.

Nevertheless, you will enjoy!

Last night was one of the most pleasant I have spent in quite a while. My evenings are always good. Some however are better than others. Last night was one of them.

I attribute the quality of the evenining to the people I ran into. All a pleasure.

I started at the Chart Room. Jean Thornton was back. Seated at the bar. Next to her, Stephanie Kaple.

Jean is known as Key West’s Golden Girl. She found gold and jewelry on a Mel Fisher dive years ago. Changed her life.

Stephanie is Key West’s Island Shoe Girl. She wears the most expensive high heel shoes. The higher the better. She may not eat well, have extra money to spend, but she does have shoes! Stephanie also writes a blog every one should read. Whatever the topic, she ties it into women’s shoes. Many of her writings involve social issues. You can find the blog under IslandShoeGirl.com.

I saw two familiar faces at the end of the bar. Dan and Nancy. We had met before on one of their previous trips to Key West. Dan is from Toronto and works for Dow Chemical. Nancy is a nurse from Detroit. She is a colonoscopy expert.

Love Nancy! She reads my blog every day! Dan is less diligent. An occasional reader. Nice people. I spent a bit of time with them chatting. They are here for at least annother week. I look forward to running into them again.

While I was talking with Dan and Nancy, Jean came over and invited me to join Stephanie and her for dinner at Hot Tin Roof. Jean specified she was paying. I could not say no.

I was a lucky man. Two ladies to dine with. Two lovely intelligent ladies.

We sat at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. Talked a very long time before ordering. One drink too many too long.

While I was sitting there, a couple stopped by. They had been looking for me at the Chart Room. Emily sent them over to Hot Tin Roof.

I am a Manhattan College graduate. A few miles up the road is Cudjoe Key. A fellow Manhattan graduate lives there. He reads this blog religiously and occasionally comments. He too is a Jasper. Jasper is the nick name for Manhattan grads.

His name Jack Kelly. Graduated from Manhattan College in 1968. A young man compared to me. I graduated in 1957.

He was with his charming wife Sabina. A real nice person.

We talked a while. I was excited to have finally met him. He likewise was excited. We are probably the only Manhattan graduates in the Keys.

Jack did the Air Force ROTC while at Manhattan. Later was a fighter pilot. Retired from the military at some point. Now enjoys Key West and the lower keys.

Jack brought back memories of Manhattan College. He was wearing a tee shirt with writing and an emblem on it. The Pershing Rifles. The organization was a gung ho extension of the ROTC at Manhattan. Meant Jack was really into the military thing while a student. Contrasted with Louis. I left the ROTC after two years. It was enough. I hated the marching, left face, right face, etc. Officers were always shouting that I was out of step. Mentally, I would respond that it was not me. It was the rest of the group.

I actually did not go on with the ROTC after two years because a four or five year committment was required upon being commissioned. I wanted to go directly to law school. A four or five year delay was not part of my plans.

We intend to have dinner together soon.

My evening out turned into a big time winner! Dan and Nancy. Then Jack and Sabina. In between, Jean and Stephanie.

I loved last night!

I finished the evening at Don’s place. Toni and Puff at the bar. Puff watched the end of the Syracuse/Pitt game with me. Syracuse won 14-13. I chatted with Kurt a bit. Don came in. Sat next to me. We talked a long while. I like Don. He is first class.

There was some day time activity, also. A haircut with Lori. A manicure by Tammy. A visit with Lisa.

Today is Saturday. I have no plans. Lets see what happens.

Enjoy your day!



I cannot believe I have been in Novara only three days. It seems like a lifetime. Especially in view of my experiences.

Earthquakes still in the news big time here. Much destruction to Northern Italy.

I reported being in two earthquakes yesterday. Turns out it was three. Maybe five. Three hours after publication, I felt another one. I was sitting at the computer at that time also. I did not consider it of any consequence. After all, I had been involved in two already that day. Last night while watching television, it was reported that Novara had suffered two more quakes around eight in the evening. I never felt them.

Many dead. Much damage. Sad. The people of Novara spoke of the earthquakes much yesterday. It was like being in Key West following a hurricane.

Speaking of hurricanes, I was thinking yesterday whether an earthquake or hurricane was worse. One is short and the other prolonged. Both cause significant loss of life and damage. They ended up equal in my mind. Better that both not occur, however.

Earthquakes are not common to this region. So I have been told. The word on the news is that whatever problem there is in the San Francisco area exists now in northern Italy. A shelf or whatever and it is moving. Italian news describes it as a mountain rising to the surface. The scientists have predicted at least 70 more earthquakes over time as a result. We shall see.

Lisa got Skype yesterday. We skyped for the first time in the morning Lisa time. The grandkids had already left for school. Corey joined in. It was exciting to see them both. I hope I get to speak with Robert and Ally soon on Skype.

Around 5, I decided to take a walk. I rambled up and down the streets of the historic centre of Novara. It was a high knowing that most buildings were a thousand years old. The first floor the best quality shops. Top floors great apartments. By the way, people live in apartments here. Homes are considered too expensive. I do not understand. Most of the apartments go for $1 million dollars plus.

My walk led me to discover the Piazzetta Delle Erbe. Piazzetta means little piazza. I am learning.

In English the Piazzetta is the Little Square of Herbs. Back when, probably a thousand years ago, growers and merchants came from all over Europe and Asia to buy and sell herbs at this market.

Close by, I made another discovery. The Broletto. I do not know what the term means. It was the place where the first market in all of Italy was established in medieval times. Everything and anything sold. It helped the Novara area at the time to gain financial independence

The best was yet to come. The Partigiani. It is at the Piazza Dei Martiri. Partigiani means partisans. The Piazza translates to the Plaza of Martyrs.

I learned the story of this special place while sitting at an outside cafe having a drink and watching the world go by. Two gentleman at the next table engaged me in conversation. They spoke English. Americans are revered here. I am being treated with kindness and respect because I am an American. It was not unusual for them to engage me in conversation. They started the conversation with…..American?

Novara was occupied by the Nazis during World War II. Some of the locals were not pleased.They became partisans. Guerrilla types working as the underground. Five were captured. They were placed against a brick wall and shot by the Nazis. In full view of the citizens of Novara.

After the war a small monument was placed near where they were killed. A tree was also planted. It still stands today. The tree. By itself against a large red brick wall.

It dawned on me that the medieval thousand year buildings I have been speaking about were in good shape. I asked were they not destroyed during World War II? Bombs, artillery and tank fire. No, I was told.There was never any fighting or bombing or what have you in and to Novara. The Nazis walked out and the Americans walked in. The people of Novara were very lucky. Other communities in the area, such as Milan, sustained significant damage.


My walk took me past many fine stores. I was particularly impressed with the shops featuring apparel for women. The most beautiful clothes I have ever seen! Absolutely magnificent! Bright, shiny and smart for summer wearing. The thought struck me it would have been nice to have a woman to take into the stores and buy a new wardrobe for.

Remember the 124 steps I spoke of yesterday. There are not 124. I counted them again yesterday. At a time when I was not suffering from jet lag and a bad stomach. There are 68. Still a lot of steps for this old man!

The fefects of jet lag are still with me. I went to bed at nine last night. Did not sleep one minute. Finally got up at 5:30 in the morning to start this blog. I will pay for the no sleep later in the day.

Never got to Milan yesterday to view the Last Supper. The trains were out of commission because of the earthquake.

I cannot let this experience pass. At the dinner party three nights ago, one of the meats was a dark one. Deep purple. Sliced thin. Everly one was going crazy over it. They loved it! A bit of lemon and they ate away!

I had a few pieces. Did not particularly like it. Other guests were surprised I did not.

Yesterday similar meat was served to me for lunch. I again was not crazy about it. I asked what is this? It was horse meat! Horse meat is legal in Italy. There are specialty butcher shops that sell horse meat. And lest I forget, donkey also. That was it. No more of for me! I explained that horse meat was not legal in the United States for human consumption. My fellow diners were shocked.

The big deal today is for me to go to the bank. I have no euros. Only American money. The exchange process should be interesting. Is cash or a credit card required? Can both be used?

Stephanie Kaple is one of the loves of my life. She lives in Key West. She is known as the Island Shoe Girl. She only wears expensive shoes with high high heels. Looks good in them!

Stephanie now plays bocce. She joined the same bocce league I play in. She wears heels while playing. Not wise from my perspective. But that is Stephanie!

She writes a blog as I do. A recent one was interesting and funny. Take a look at it if you have the time. A short read. www.islandshoegirl.com.

That is all for today folks! Sorry for the length but there is much to share regarding my trip. Tomorrow I leave for Athens to start the Greece phase of this trip. Athens, Santorini, Mykinos and some deserted island. Five weeks will be spent in Greece. Then back to Italy for a while. Portofino and Morocco under consideration for the scheduled end of my trip. If I return. I am enjoying everything so much I might stay.

Enjoy your day!